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Reading Comprehension Strategies: How to Diagnose Reading Problems

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Got comprehension problems?

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Dyslexia and Reading Comprehension Difficulties Dyslexia Connect

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Dyslexia and Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit

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Reading Comprehension Difficulties The Reading Tutors

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How To Overcome Reading And Comprehension Struggles!

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The Root Causes of Comprehension Problems Among Adult Learners

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Reading is a significant skill that everyone needs to possess and exercise. It is the skill that helps us discover new horizons and get in new linguistic dimensions. Teachers, before any other person, should be into reading, as reading does always.

Take Action! Identify a struggling or at-risk reader in your classroom. Consider available assessment data, and administer any additional assessments of language or reading needed to help you Think about whether the child’s difficulties involve.

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension. A set of articles and stories for students at a second grade reading level. 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension. Text for students who are reading at a third grade reading level. 4th Grade Reading Comprehension.

Non-fiction texts and fiction stories for students who are reading at a fourth grade reading level. For many learning-disabled students, reading comprehension is a major problem. There are mainly three causes for poor reading comprehension: 1.) The person has a language problem: Language plays a vital role in reading.

Its role in reading can be compared to the role of running in the game of soccer or ice-skating in the game of ice hockey. Reading Comprehension Problems: There is reliable evidence that reading comprehension difficulty occurs frequently in children who are actually good decoders and spellers. The breakdown in reading comprehension can occur for any number of reasons, several of which are detailed below.

Any of the above can affect kids’ ability to understand what they’re reading. These are barriers that can be removed. There are other ways to help your child build comprehension skills, too. I often tell my students that “reading is thinking.” This helps my students understand that good readers are active readers. Reading Difficulties You Might Be Seeing When kids struggle with reading, it can show up in unexpected ways.

They might avoid doing homework or not want to go to school. In some cases, they might act out in class because they’re frustrated. One big part of comprehension is having a sufficient vocabulary, or knowing the meanings of enough words. Readers who have strong comprehension are able to draw conclusions about what they read – what is important, what is a fact, what caused an event to happen, which characters are funny.

Those with reading comprehension difficulties, on the other hand, did not show abnormalities in this region, instead showing specific abnormalities in regions typically associated with memory. Short-term memory holds information in the mind for. Reading Comprehension Problems Reading comprehension is the heart and goal of reading, since the purpose of all reading is to gather meaning from the printed page.

If a student says words in a passage without gathering their meaning, one would hesitate to call that reading.

List of related literature:

If the teacher confidently affirms that the student can easily understand things read to him, this suggests that his reading comprehension problem is likely due to a weakness in word-level reading.

“Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties” by David A. Kilpatrick
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Which comprehension reading strategy would you recommend?

“The School Psychologist's Guide for the Praxis Exam, Third Edition” by Peter D. Thompson, PhD
from The School Psychologist’s Guide for the Praxis Exam, Third Edition
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Your second reading exercise is to proceed as before, selecting seven sentences from each chapter as you come to it, and keeping company with one of those sentences on each day of the following week.

“Learning Ritual Magic: Fundamental Theory and Practice for the Solitary Apprentice” by John Michael Greer, Earl King, Jr., Clare Vaughn
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A major reading comprehension problem for students with reading disabilities is that they tend to be passive and to wait for teacher direction.

“Learning Disabilities and Related Mild Disabilities” by Janet W. Lerner, Beverley Johns
from Learning Disabilities and Related Mild Disabilities
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If there are problems during the comprehension process, then it is before and/or during reading that learners need help, not afterwards.

“Developing Materials for Language Teaching” by Brian Tomlinson
from Developing Materials for Language Teaching
by Brian Tomlinson
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  • Your videos are a WEALTH OF INFORMATION. I WISH I CAN SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASSES….I will…give me some time. But your info is soooo appreciated! Thanks and best wishes!

  • I’m learning English and i love reading books, but whenever i pick up a book to read i have difficulty understanding what’s going on in the book, even some children’s books, like i know almost all the words inside the book but idk why i can’t understand, it’s so frustrating bc i used to reading and love books but now i hate it.:(

  • that means I have help in school with teacher assistants I get reviews on very year about how I’m doing in school in the meeting the teacher said it does not matter if I have dylexia because I still will have the Same help

  • There are other ways of getting knowledge without having to read. You can use audio-books while working out or playing video-games. Text-reader-programs have improved dramatically over the years, you can use them to read wikipédia where there’s endless knowledge. You could try go out and get knowledge from the real world. You could talk to people with experience in the field of study you are interested in etc. There are always options and it’s never as black and white as some people portray it to be.

  • Wow that’s powerful. I had the same issue was told I would not accomplish because of it. During the time when I was growing up it was plain old called dumb. But they slowly began learning it was a true issue and not just dumb. I over came and now excel. I have learned to thank the lord for making me that way I’m special. And can do anything. In fact I just completed a 10 million dollar fund raise for a project and doing an IPO for my trucking company. GOD IS GOOD.

  • That was a huge surprise to me precisely because of your passion for literature, writing and languages! I honestly cannot imagine it. Kudos to you for managing it so well!

  • A kid going to grade 3, he can’t really read and whenever he tries to, it seems so difficult. How I can help him, as this issue affects his self steam. I really need to help him before he starts his new grade in school.

  • Many thanks, I have been researching “teaching reading in kindergarten” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Miyohn Keybigail Idea (search on google )?

    It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to teach your child to read minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.

  • I’m having heaps of trouble with English. I’m in year 10, when I was in primary school I was an excellent reader. I don’t know if I was necessarily understanding it but I was reading at a year 10 level. I’m now in year 10 and I have lots of trouble with understanding what I read and even when I watch videos I don’t seem to hear it if I’m looking somewhere else or reading something. Like selected hearing? My English teacher doesn’t seem to believe I don’t understand and thinks it’s just my confidence. I think it’s deeper than that. Someone help?

  • Great Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried Millawdon Future Ticket Trick (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for teaching children to read without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my GF got excellent results with it.

  • 1 year had passed by now since we applied this specific program, a reading tutorial. The reading capabilities of my very own girl has continually developed. Today, she can read a few textbooks. Not just that, she’s a very good speller also. What’s even more interesting is she can easily writes sentences right now. Research about this reading book by Google. The program’s name is Elena Readoρiz
    nice day

  • Hello Peter I am doing my graduation but I have still problem in reading since childhood i clear all my exams but with average marks. but I don’t know how to read properly after reading a paragraph or so I won’t be able to understand what was their in tha paragraph and some time I spell or read wrong words due to this my vocabulary is also very week sometime I change the sentence from past tense to present tense but I can easily communicate with people confidently but not exactly. Can you please help in this.

  • I have difficulties with reading and I am 37. I am trying to accomplish something I should have done when I was 19 is finishing High school. Now I am trying to get my GED and the content on test in 3 test is not easy for me. even if I am 37 and should know more vocabulary. Reading test has articles you need to read, along with old stories from old authors. For Science, trying to understand experiment context. and for Social Studies, understanding the old documents. I have difficulty analyzing, comprehend, and think out-side-of-the-box what each passage is talking about from words I have not heard or seen before. I would like to be more confident in taking these tests. Any suggestions? would like to get GED within a month or 2.

  • My son with Adhd could read and comprehend pretty well till he was 6.5 years old. In second grade he can’t understand and remember what he read. Something is going wrong.

  • There are several tips for how to learn to read
    Decide exactly why you want to learn
    Decide what method works for you the best.
    (I discovered about these and more from Pronto Learner Compendium website )

  • Hi, Erikka. Thanks for your question. There was a technical issue that did not allow me to respond directly to you, so, I hope you see this. If you are interested, our company does online tutoring for comprehension. You can find our rates and plans here: You could also try checking with the IDA to see if they know of options. They may be able to recommend something, even if you are not dyslexic. I hope that helps!

  • Hello Peter, i am riz and my age is 25, i just saw your entire video it’s very helpful for me, and i think that i have dyslexia, i face lot of problem to write the correct spelling of words and i am confused and difficulty to remember the spelling. Can you please help me to solve my problem.thanks

  • It really is remarkable to see my boy read some books and become so comfortable regarding it too! I was definitely pleased. Immediately after a week from starting this reading guidebook, she can, in fact, spell 3-letter words by her own self and not from memory! Research about this reading book on Google. The guidebook’s name is Elena Readoρiz
    nice day

  • You have hit the nail on the head with this video about my daughter. She is in 6th grade now, school started the 2nd week in August and she is not doing well in classes like humanities and science because of the reading. Do you have local places that we can have her tutored or is it on line only? She needs one on one help. Please help!

  • Thank you for sharing this, Kathryn. I think it is important for people to know about different conditions that make one’s life more challenging, and also to know how to overcome these obstacles. I believe my little brother has the same issue, though in my home country it’s not a thing to deal with such an issue. One would rather be considered stupid, and eventually crossed out of all the school life. I hope my step-mom is going to come to terms with possibility of her son having dyslexia just to risk checking that out ��

    Once again thank you for being open.

  • My daughter is 8, and so much of this chimes with her reading right now. We read a chapter of her school book last night and she could barely remember what the characters had said and done.
    She has even even said, “I’m rubbish at reading.”
    But, she isn’t a bad reader. We read a Goosebumps book for a reading challenge, and we took it in turns reading parts of the book. She had no problems. No though she is skipping words, adding them in, glossing over whole sentences sometimes, or reordering the words.
    It seems to me she starts off well, starts to lose focus, then begins focusing too hard.

  • See my son can read very very well. He reads fast and I think that’s where he’s really messing up at. He has no clue what he just when he has to answer questions.

  • Hello Peter. I just saw your entire video. But still I want to confirm if i have this problem and on what level i have this problem. I can write and read well, but whatever I just read especially a paragraph and if I read the paragraph again i feel like I am reading a new paragraph. Because I didn’t understand anything at all. While reading if I try to understand it at the same time, I get so much tired and bored that I keep the book down immediately. And also I less understand maths. I can calculate small single digit numbers using addition and subtraction but not larger digit numbers. So please tell me at what level I have dyslexia????????

  • HI. I’m 20 and recently got tested for dyslexia because I was struggling in classes and it runs in my family. I’m not dyslexic but I have a “reading comprehension disability”. Making it almost impossible for me to recall things I read but I’m an excellent reader. Do you have any videos or recommendations about those kind of learning disabilities? I’d like to learn more but I can only seem to find stuff on dyslexia. Thanks!(:

  • I think I have dylexia but I can read have have decent I skip words, I add words like and. I feel tired in English and maths but I’m fine in engineering and business.