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Further, if that same child has a writing disability, working with other learning modalities may help the child learn and retain concepts more easily than by writing alone. Motivating With External Rewards Externally, or extrinsically, motivated students may improve motivation when given some type of positive reinforcement for working on a task. Think about accommodations your child may need and decide if any existing accommodations could be changed or removed to encourage the growth of academic independence. Ask your IEP team what assistive technology they believe would help your child become more independent, and set plans for exploring and using AT.

Calmly and consistently using effective consequences is your fastest and best way to get your child motivated. Just be patient and persistent as consequences do their job and your child begins to learn better problem-solving skills. 1. Don’t let your anxiety push them to get motivated.

You will only motivate them to resist you or to comply to calm you down because they want you to leave them alone. This won’t motivate them as much as teaching them how to appease or resist you. Set the stage for learning by telling children why the material is important, what the learning goals are, and what the expectations are for quality performance.

Use specific language. Instead of saying, “do quality work,” state the specific expectations. Teach your child to accept that sometimes they will fail. Showing them how to lose or win gracefully, will give them the ability to deal with, and move on from, setbacks later in life. Encourage Interests.

Children who have a range of interests will be exposed to different opportunities. If, instead, you focus on helping your child take charge of his life, and support him as necessary to learn each new skill, your child wants to step into each new responsibility. Instead of your “holding him responsible,” he becomes motivated to take responsibility for himself. It’s a subtle shift, but it makes all the difference in the world.

1. Good teachers—teachers who encourage and inspire children, and then demonstrate the relevance of learning—can help us here. But a demoralized child is. Get your child out of her comfort zone.

When kids experience negative outcomes, they can lose the motivation to try new things. That can happen with activities outside of school, too. But taking risks and trying new things can help kids to uncover new strengths and passions.

Discovering your child’s learning differences, as well as ways to work through them, may help him to become an advocate in his education, to learn compensating strategies, to feel better about himself and his ability to learn, and to more fully reach his academic potential.

List of related literature:

Teaching learning strategies to learning disabled students in postsecondary settings.

“Self-regulated Learning: From Teaching to Self-reflective Practice” by Dale H. Schunk, Barry J. Zimmerman
from Self-regulated Learning: From Teaching to Self-reflective Practice
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To be gifted and learning disabled: Strategies for helping bright students with LD, ADHD, and more.

“Bright Not Broken: Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism” by Diane M. Kennedy, Rebecca S. Banks, Temple Grandin
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Research on motivation in young children with disabilities is limited, particularly for blind children.

“Mastery Motivation: Origins, Conceptualizations, and Applications” by Robert H. MacTurk, George Arthur Morgan, George A. Morgan
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These top tips help supporters of people with learning disabilities understand the roles they might need to adopt, for example teaching, facilitating or delivering personal care that takes them into account.

“Learning Disabilities E-Book: Towards Inclusion” by Helen Atherton, Debbie Crickmore, Jonathan Evans, Eamon Shanley
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They can also help in building the self-confidence of the disabled and encouraging their learning efforts and outcomes.

PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., 2019

Ask siblings and/or parents about the challenges and rewards of living with a person with a learning disability.

“Special Education in Contemporary Society, 4e – Media Edition: An Introduction to Exceptionality” by Richard M. Gargiulo
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• Give every learning-disabled boy a peer or adult mentor.

“The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life” by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens
from The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life
by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens
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This is a comprehensive site for information about all aspects of learning disabilities.

“Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential” by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare
from Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential
by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare
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Many of the recommendations I have made already will address the needs of many students with disabilities such as those experienced by people with an ASD, learning disability, or other invisible disability.

“Mediated Critical Communication Pedagogy” by Ahmet Atay, Deanna L. Fassett, Allison D. Brenneise, Marcy R. Chvasta, Anthony Esposito, Tabitha Hart, David H. Kahl Jr., Yannick Kluch, Lara Martin Lengel, Jeremy M. Omori, Ronald K. Raymond, E. Michele Ramsey, Giuliana Sorce, Julie L. G. Walker
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Again, this is quite likely to involve specific training of carers around the difficulties learning disabled people experience.

“Good Practice in Safeguarding Children: Working Effectively in Child Protection” by Sue Peckover, Ruth Pearson, Hilary Owen, Rosie Jakob, Liz Hughes, Karen Johnson, Emma Kelly, Gail Gumbrell, Mandy Craig, Flora Bandele, Jeff Boxer, Dipti Aistrop
from Good Practice in Safeguarding Children: Working Effectively in Child Protection
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  • My 10’year old boy. Was danceing for years untill lock down. Now he won’t do anything at home or anywhere i say his mates are doing it so you need to. Soon as I say he storms off.

  • Soooo how about when a perfectly capable child who can write neater than most adults, scribbles through there homework leaving it messy cause they just finished a 6 hour school day? Hes 8 and doesnt care what it looks like but the teacher wants it neater

  • Loved your video! Keep it up! Check out my fun adventures with my kids if you get a chance! Would love to hear from you! Please sub! I will subscribe in return!

  • This made me cry because as an educator, I have seen first hand students who have excess energy punished and it just makes the school experience so negative. I am so happy that a teacher helped him channel his energy into something that allows his tapping to becoming something that others can enjoy! Thank you for sharing.

  • Assalamu Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. Please help us Build a masjid by donating no matter how small Allah will reward inshallah

  • This video has was so inspiring to me and it brought me to tears because I was always dancing and singing and acting and I should write a play or musical about my life because my life has not all ways been grand but that changed when a teacher said you are gonna change the world when I graduated from elementary school in 2009

  • Wasn’t even fair for him to get yelled at cause they didn’t talk like what can we do to help they didn’t give any advice or anything just yelled they didn’t give him a fidget or anything

  • my grandma sent this to me on gmail i loved it i get don’t listen to mean people stay strong and figure out what is making you do that

  • I was born premature as a baby and I have Retinopathy of prematurity and myopia my right eye has less vision then my left eye and its so frustrating trying to see from far away and seeing small objects I went from being a one pound four ounce baby to a 5″8 28 year old man. I’m very blessed to be here

  • My son loves to jumpon the couch, on the bed, on his bike, trampoline, etc. He is constantly taking things apart and once in a while put things back together. What is his potential?

  • Such a beautiful story! We all have to look at what’s behind every action and word.. There’s always something more! How awesome that Mr. Jensen saw beyond what meets the eye.

  • I am proud to say that I have had my own Mr. Jensen moments throughout my career. After teaching for so many years, I would hope that I’ve had many, as I have positively effected the lives of so many of my students and their families. This is one of the best parts of being a Teacher!

  • This is just a powerful story. Teachers should have a true love for the children. And I do believe that there is some such teachers. I had one. I can not forget her. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • I love that Mr. Jenson told you that you are not a problem but instead saw your potential. As a teacher, it’s something I try to communicate every day. Thank you for being a voice of encouragement!

  • I am high functioning autistic and this video was really emotional to me. When I’m out in public, I don’t try to hide the fact that I am autistic, I never hide the fact or lie about it. If anyone wants to ask, I tell them. I just find it easier to blend in. So when I tell people that I have a hard time doing things through my day, they look at me and say “You don’t look Autistic” “I know you and you could hold down a job, you can do this”. No, you don’t know me. Yes, I can try to hold down a job but I can bet that I would not be good at it. Get to know me, get to really really know me and how I act at home or with my family and you will see that I am not neurotypical like you think I am.

  • Thank you Mr. Jensen! From someone that has never heard him play but from someone that felt valued and cared for. Mr. Jensen is a hero and thank you Clint for bringing some sunshine to my day yes there are good people in this world. Some are angels and some give recognition to angels. Two worthy hero to emulate!

  • This is amazing! I was the same way in my adolescent years, always tapping on table tops and my desk at school and never really even noticing… One day out at my dad’s place I was doing it and he looked at me and said “we should get you a set of bongos or something.” I said “bongos? Why??” He said “you’ve been tapping beats for the past hour, I think you could be a drummer.” The thought had never even crossed my mind before. He took me to his friend’s condo in the same building who was a wicked drummer, and he sat me down and gave me my first lesson, and from there I was hooked. But being 15 with little money, and living with a mother not so supportive of music, I didn’t have a chance to keep pursuing it (my dad lived out of town). But I tapped and tapped and tapped my pens and pencils throughout the rest of high school, practicing what I had learned that day. Ended up getting a few lessons a little later on from a sister’s friend, who even let me borrow a kit for a couple months (at the behest of my mother) so I could practice at home. But after those few months I was without a kit again… But, after a long time of hearing me play and talk about it, my mother came around, and her and the rest of my family gave me my first kit for a graduation gift at age 17… I’m 25 now and I haven’t looked back. In two local bands and working on an album with each one. I truly believe that I was out on this planet to drum. I only wish the potential had been noticed earlier as my only regret is not getting to play longer than I have. But ultimately I am grateful… I love this!

  • he came to my school today and told this story to me and many other students from other schools. i cried. he is a great person and i loves being able to hear his stories and have him here.

  • Hey clint! You just came to me school today and really hope you see this. You really helped me. I now can ask for a little help when needed instead of just sitting there telling myself that I need to suffer. Thank you

  • This is a really beautiful story. So glad that Mr. Jensen helped you to find your way. The saxophone helped to pay for my college education and I teach music now. I’m so thankful for my teachers that helped me to find my way too. Life is good. Spread aloha! Boom Shaka! \m/:)

  • Sooo your saying one of my active students may be a drummer too..? I have a student who like to throw himself at the floor. So how do I tell him he might be a stunt double lol ��

  • I love this guy, I’ve let my brain take control & out of control running a muck, I’m taking steps to break the adaptation of comfort my brain set bc of the chaos, I know writing my goals or to dos my body right now is cringing up at the very thought puts me in a state of PANIC Only bc I know EXACTLY WHAT TO WRITE DOWN BUT ITS OUT IF MY COMFORT ZONE ITS HARD BUT I unknowingly GAVE UP ON MYSELF & the tiny steps are not enough Bc I’m aware of who I was and can be I’m trying like hell to push myself out of my comfort zone w/my environment being my biggest problem but my brain finds comfort in it. Why I know but not able to act I don’t want live misery so just do it right

  • physically and mentally I m not in good situation… but next year I will the fittest ever in my life and crack the toughest exam of the country India…….

  • He is so inspiring and I’m a big fan of his mindset.
    I’m workong to find the sweet spot between his teaching and what Abraham Esther hicks teach. Because in the practical quantifiable thing like sports, working studying.. his teaching are the best. When it’s less practical and more intuitive I dive in the teaching of esther hicks. I love it that way.

  • This man is a beast and he isn’t some little celebrity bitch! This is who kids should look up too. Not these little bitch sports stars and celebrities! David Goggins and Leland Melvin are two people that people should be inspired by. Hooyah Chief Googins! ����⚓️����

  • So awesome! It’s amazing how some people have a true gift of reading people. I totally relate to this since I’m always singing and tapping on things. I hate keeping still and love the energy of music. I’m currently in college to be a teacher but considering music as well. Thank you for sharing and love the pic at the end.

  • Love one another as I have loved you Jesus said. John 8:32
    We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness, and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17. Visual Bible movies, and audio bible nkjv on YouTube����

  • He have a own channel? I found this man because I reached this kind of mental proportions, and needed the same mentality to feel normal. Everybody thought I wasn’t normal because I took the extra mile, the extra push and the extra scream. Pain made me this way, and I ain’t insane

  • Growing up all through life I studdered and lied to get people to like me and I always tried to fit in. I hated myself because I never loved myself and always tried to re-create somebody I wanted to become. After getting out of the military I feel back into my old ways. David Goggins sparked that “FIRE” again. I embarked down that journey of life and living in the suck of life. I cut 35lbs and started to feel great �� and then I stopped…..I gave into the comfort of life again and gained 10lbs back.
    Today is day 1 again and I’m going to do this and hit 175lbs and become the best version of me!!!


  • the distinctive function of human beings is to reason, and, therefore, the happiness of human beings is to lead a life of reason. Reason begets freedom, and freedom begets reason, and both together beget knowledge of the truth, which is wisdom, which is the highest happiness

  • Let me tell you some all the people that are watching this individual and think he some special let me tell you some he spent 10 years and upended Gentry across dark country for selling crack cocaine out of Orlando Florida I met up with this individual and Jackson Florida and taught him H back that he supposedly learned inside of the prison that he come from his family had no idea where he was placed this individual was welcome into my home as a individual that had somewhat respect but when I see him I say to you Mr. Goggins you are a lion sack a ship a new fucken know it you are supposably a golden glove I to Miami Florida which I doubt that because you have lied beyond all recognition and I have given you the equal opportunity to confess of your sins societee authors you confession but when you choose not to confess of your ignorance and you choose to accept the leadership of denial flock you I won’t even give you to respect to say brother cause you are not my fucken brother you are deceased dust to societee and you will always be looked upon as that

  • Hi have my small brother who have a car accident the 2nd of december 2018 by the grace of god he survived and he was soccer he is disable cannot move his leg his arm..full of hope he decided to start doing music..his video clips is out soon iam so proud.Im french and live in irland he live in france and in France disability is hidden just since few years now we have a show about young disable people but there is a lot things to be done because the show talk.about disable young in hospital and i think most of the actor are not disable in iam glad that my brother he is stepping in the french word music

  • As a teacher I’ve done this. I dislike conditioning. By the same token I don’t like prying. But I have felt compelled to tell students things I saw right before my eyes to help them realise and hopefully change their life, and I’ve done it. Those who were good at something, I told them that they were; in many cases they hadn’t thought about it, but I tried to instil them drive to achieve whatever they wanted.

  • What if my child is getting very less time after school that is required to complete study and in learning a Language online? And she needs some free time

  • You’re right, I’ve had enough of my own excuses. I am starting my own bussiness in a few weeks, I must work harder and smarter than I ever had.

  • If you want to be someone your proud of then live your life without no regrets as men we are forced to be strong because life is a bitch so make it yours

  • Such a wonderful motivation am realy blessed by this. I also have a motivational channel…here is the link

  • his words are incredible,because the words he said are from his experience,his action and his soul. that’s why his words are so powerful, every time i listen this, i always learn some thing new. although it’s only 10 mins long, it take time to digest.

  • David you are a true inspiration and have help me so much. thank you.

     This is hard for me to share… 

    But Im going to be vulnerable and share it anyway in hope to inspire others to change their lives…

    Ive lost two cousins from Suicide…

    Over 50 men per week commit suicide in Australia alone and men are 3 times more likely to take there own lives and that’s too much.
    And I was close to being a part of that statistic… 

    5 years ago, my girlfriend who I was madly in love with fell in love for another man… 

    It crushed me and ripped my soul apart.
    I caused my emotions to spiral out of control… 

    I couldn’t sleep… 

    I drank alcohol and took sleeping tablets everyday for 12 months… ����
    Weeks and months went past and I was getting worse.

    I was having panic attacks and felt I couldn’t breath. ����

    Weeks went by and I was getting even worse!!���� I couldn’t understand it how I could go from being so confident, outgoing and fun to full of fear, anxiety and depressed!.. over something now that I look back at being so insignificant… 

    But despite that, the spiral of Suicidal thoughts became more intense….
    This led me to start taking Ketamine… a horse tranquilizer that was being used in the USA to treat anxiety and depression.����
    Things got better but I started taking more party drugs to numb the pain and be happy.����������������������

    So much that on NYE 2016 I had an overdose and ended up in hospital. ����
    I woke up with 3 nurses rushing around me….

    I remember tears continued to pour out of my eyes like a tap, not from pain but from feeling ashamed, embarrassed, disgusted in myself and felt I let myself and my family down.����‍⚕️��
    From that day, I knew I did not want to be that person anymore…

    It was the wake up call that I needed….

    I stopped taking antidepressant… 

    And I started to invested 1000’s of hours into myself and started reading books, audiobooks, 
    went to many Stuart Zadel and Tony Robbins 3-6 day seminars I could, 
    I became obsessed with personal development. ��������
    Since and during that time I managed to slowly get control of my mind and emotions back. ��⚡️⚡️

    And I made some achievements.
    ✅ Purchased first property investment with best friend/business partner.
    ✅ Invested into a crane company
    ✅ tried network marketing and failed❌
    ✅ invested in BigCoin and failed❌
    ✅ Invested in shares
    ✅ currently work as a construction manager for the biggest builder in Australia ��✅
    ✅ finally finished my builders licence ✅
    ✅ failed many intimate relationships ❌
    ✅ Purchased second house with my cuzin and did our irst big knock down rebuild renovation����✅
    ✅ went on a dating tv show��✅ (which is crazy as a couple years before I was having panic attacks! 
    ✅ volunteered/crew member at a big 5x 16hr days at Tony Robbins.����✅
    ✅ I recently joined up with Make a Wish for kids with disabilities form ages 4-18years old. ��❤️✅
    ✅ studying to become a life coach✅
    ✅ becoming the best person I can be everyday����‍♂️✅
    I say all this because I’m hoping this helps others and spread awareness as non of us are immune to mental illness

    we all go through tough times, we all struggle sometimes and that’s ok but don’t loose hope and open up and talk about it as you can come out the other side more happier, stronger and more fulfilled then you’ve ever been!⚡️��⚡️

    You know I’m always here!
    Live with PURPOSE and PASSION!


    LOVE deeply and be GRATEFUL!
    Thank you… 

    Chriso xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I suffer from boarderline personality disorder something I now professionally be told I was born with second everyday of the day is a struggle for me i turned to drugs from a young age cos I was just lost as to what the he’ll was going on with me my father was in the military all the time my mother was working 3 jobs and I felt so alone in this world but listening to this guy helps to in my own thought reprogram my most powerful thing we are born with im no quiter i dust myself off again and again and again this guy helps me to wake up in the morning im so thankful for people like this in this world we live in �� ive over come drug abuse, fear of life i still struggle with stress but one step at a time will still get me forward and thats all that matters.

  • I am an entrepreneur. I have been on every emotion that you mentioned. I cried. I was angry that I did not get the support I that I expected.. But my mind set was always, I am going to make it. I believe that. It worked for 3 years. Until I got pregnant with my son.. It was a new born baby or my business.. I cried a lot because I lost 100,000 dollars.. My son is nine years old now. I don’t regret a thing. God will reward me. My point. Believe in yourself.

  • Im a kid 12 years old and my parents have high expectations. I do amazing but my only problem is Im a little lazy and my handwriting resembles a doctor. I am awesome at math science english depending on the topic. My parents want me to be at the top of my grade. I get As except in things like sometimes music or sometimes art and some topics in english.

  • I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

  • Okay so what do you do when your child shows up to activities and just moped around and shown very little interest in anything that has been offered to him??? My son does NOT like to do anything but play with computers,and we have gotten him involved in boy scouts and basketball and a few other things as well. He mopes around and hangs his head and doesn’t want anything to do with any of it!!! So what do we do?? 12 years old and sits in his room on his computer every waking moment of the day. We don’t understand it at all. He will literally cry if we force him to go play outside!! No joke people, this boy will cry like a 3 year old if he is told to go play with the kids on the block who by the way, are all his age!! Atleast 10 kids on our block and he chooses to sit at his computer and usuall only come down stairs to eat or get a drink, otherwise he is on his damn computer. Can’t find any help anywhere so please help us if you can!! Thank you

  • A lot of times when we find it necessary to use a cane for stability when walking or standing for a long time we feel differently about who we are. Also people see us as easy prey. A lot of us are licensed gun owners but sometimes the gun isn’t needed or isn’t all that easy to reach. I created Patriot Canes for that reason.
    We build our canes with a solid steel lower core that basically turns your innocent walking cane into a baseball bat. It allows you to subdue your attacker so you can reach into your holster before actually being attacked.
    All of our walking canes are American Made by American Veterans in Clewiston, Florida.

  • My son is 15 years old he’s too innocent and very kind boy who cn dream of but he’s having a problem of not having a goal in his life and a target to work through. I just want him to b good in his studies and concentrate him..sometimes I think am I giving too much lectures in life to him when he doesn’t focus what he does… or whats wrong with him.. becos if he put his mind to it he can do superbly..i just want yr help cos he’s sitting for his O/L next may

  • Cn u answr m this of possible soon…..I teaching home tution for one boy who z 9 yrs old studying 3 rd actually he z good at studies…….but he nvr take interest and cocentrate on stidies I.e y his arranged home tution for him bt stl he z nt studying… a tutor.I try t motivate him as possible….bt he doesnot……vt z d solution??????

  • My brother is so lazy and completely unwilling to learn he’s only 6 so I wanna tackle it now before it’s too late but I’m not sure what to do

  • my son is so smart always get honor roll. But he so lazy don’t want to do nothing and he don’t want to make friends. so need help. he need go out. he won’t do nothing. I put him in baseball he stands there. Don’t want to do it. he don’t like to be around people he live drawing he stoped he said it to much work smh. I need all help i get.

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  • I have tried to commit suicide for 13 years and im coming on 1 year anniversary from my last attempt. People can not see my disability but thats OK too I am PERFECT just the way I am.

  • I have a disability and I wish I didn’t it’s sucked, it be making life much harder for myself and others, especially others. Because I can be saying one thing while to others it’s entirely different from I am saying. ��

  • I’m 31 years old I have ocd and adhd I have a disability I was in special ed in school my name is tiffany knox I can not drive a car because of my disability

  • I don’t use my unseen disability as a crutch, and because of this I don’t want to get over on it to get ahead. I have major depression and I don’t use it to be accepted. I just want people to know that if they assume instead of just listening, who’s the ass?

  • So when I was born I was sick and the doctors injected me a medicine and they said half of my brain was burnt and than they told my parents that I was going to die but some how I don’t than I want to a hospital than I when ever I walk I fell

  • To be honest, I get fed up with seeing and hearing disabled people whining about their illness or trying to tell everyone else to see them a certain way, or a different way.
    I have a mainly invisible disability and I couldn’t give a toss what people think and I am certainly not going to keep reminding others about it.
    Truth is ; if someone has a major physical disfigurement it is impossible NOT to notice it.
    Time for people to get real instead on acting like kids.

  • I freakin’ love this. Thank you for beautifully depicting in a visual way the fabulousness of people with a disability. Using this as inspiration. Would love to collaborate in the future.

  • I love that they have some who has SB ( Spina Bifida ) and is paralyzed because of it because I have SB and I’m paralyzed too. Not all people with SB are paralyzed.

  • I’m 14 and I was in Walmart and someone literally said “when are you going to be out of your wheelchair” and I just wanted her to stop talking to me so I said “I don’t know” like an idiot

  • Sometimes, we see people occupied the road which is for disabilities. I hope the world is a place where kindness is, instead of stupid.


  • MONICA, may God bless you, your brilliant Soul, and your courage.
    I have great depression
    often and you have given me hope, in very short supply in these evil Trump days.
    David Goggins this is one of the best you-tubes for me
    I am stubborn as hell.
    I love that you repeat
    That simple practice is so much more valuable than our 1000 theory self-help industry.
    Practice,practice,practice; focus, focus, focus,
    Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention;
    Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. There is no substitute, no replacement. No escape. You David, and
    Brave Monica are both
    PRACTITIONERS. As Churchill said: NEVER GIVE UP.
    And Monica, so sorry about your husband, yet heartened by your acceptance and continuing to help others. The world so badly needs people as beautiful as you and no more of the winner/loser billionaire bullies that still run the world.
    Keep fighting, keep teaching.
    God bless you both.

  • It doesn’t mean that I have a disability.. that’s how I accepted to calling as “different.” I’m deaf, I don’t care if that bother how people looked at me like that, or I didn’t like to call “dumb as person.” That’s hurt me, but most matter is I won’t let people discriminate against people or different people who they are with a good heart. People are asshole, sometimes they don’t understand what mean is disability. Stand up for yourself, then prove them wrong after you can be whatever you want.

  • I remember when I was 6 my mother worked in a restaurant and there was this man who was missing his right arm…I was so so scared of him and so ashamed because he was sooo nice to me. Once my brother was born and we found out he was autistic and would always be the age of 4 years old was when I began to really understand disabilities and people with them.

  • My mother is Puerto Rican and she has a learning disability hard for her to learn anything she move to the USA keep in mind it’s part of the USA she gets attacked called names just because she don’t speak English it’s hard for her but she’s moving back to Puerto Rico where she can speak Spanish freely. Keep and mind Puerto Rico did choose to be part of America it choose to invaded Puerto Rico who can’t accept their first language how sad.

  • I like video who inspired me when i didnt know wrong because they told I had lerning disability i needed more creative when I now finish school its teach me how over come my speech alot better now.

  • Life’s easier if you’re Disabled but conventionally attractive, as most of these people prove. For those of us born Disabled and who have misshapen bodies, life is much tougher. I grew up in England at a time when Disabled people were rarely seen and seldom heard. We weren’t given permission to dream like non-disabled people are. Many of us are jobless, without relationships and lacking in opportunities.

  • At an early age i knew i was different but don’t let my disability define me just part of who i am has a person some people may not understand us all i know is we were put on this planet for a reason

  • I agree it would be nice to see other non physical disabilities, but I needed to take the time and thank whoever posted this. See I have trigeminal neuralgia and I’m currently facing a disability hearing. I’ve been struggling to accept i have a disability…and this video is showing me that being different doesnt have to be a bad thing. I’m still at the start of this journey but i do hope thag one day i can accept me for me and be an inspiration and example to my little bro.

  • Yo Wassup YouTube!! I Started A YouTube channel for people like myself who living with Disability. Where we can come together as a small community to encourage and motivate one another. The channel called “Get Motivated with Raphael”

  • I was injured in a horrific car accident, I was in a coma and lived in the hospital for six months in intensive care. I worked really hard to be able to go back to school but I needed constant supervision unfortunately. Now I am 26 years old and for the most part I am fully functional but I still have a catastrophic brain injury and I have difficulty with some simple tasks. It really upsets me when people look at me as if somethings wrong ):

  • [1/2, 11:54 PM] I Can Do All Things ����������:
    [1/2, 11:54 PM] I Can Do All Things ����������: Fati K Samura is a gospel minster from West Africa Sierra Leone, she is based in the United States with her husband and three kids. She was diagnosed with polio at the age of 2. Despite her disability, minister Fati does not limit herself nor does she limit God. Her confidence comes from God, and She continues to work in her God given talent to bless people. Please be encourage by the video. And feel free to share it.

  • Mee imma disable person inborn polio thats whats they called here coz since birth i cant stand,walk or run.. im always bullied and rejected��

  • Clint, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Can I please use your video in my course? I teach Introduction to Exceptional Learners at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and would love to share with my students!

  • Takes courage to go to a nightclub in a wheelchair, showing up to a meetup in a wheelchair, or going on that first date and being worried the place might not be accessible (even if they say they are on the phone). The toughest part about my disability is not the disability itself but how the rest of the world either reacts to it or makes it impossible for me to do what everyone else does.

    Mysterious cry an anthem for inclusivity. Can’t stop loving this. First of its kind in India Inclusive music. #VFU #THEDCFBAND #STANDFORINCLUSIVITY

  • I think with this ideaolgy, people with disabilities appreciate life more than most able bodied people. I know myself that I complain about the most pathetic things sometimesI should be greatful for everything I have.

  • Thank you for doing this. I used my channel to try to wake people up to “invisible disabilities”. I hope what we do helps others…

  • I thought my terrible childhood as my family’s scapegoat and black sheep set me back or made me weak. I realize now that I possess something most people don’t have the balls to put themselves through: pain.

    I endured and overcame this pain for 18 years. Now I’m 21 years old, I have my own apartment, a happy relationship, multiple business opportunities I’m pursuing and a baby on the way. I wonder now that I’m out of the dark place that was my childhood and succeeding, if people look at me and think “how the hell is she doing this?”. How is she finding success and happiness even though the last time I saw her I ain’t notice nothing special about her.

    It’s because I learned to control my mind in the darkest of my hours and now that I’m at peace Ive come to realize you need the same grit to chase your dreams. What felt like being held back was actually God giving me a head start.

    Thank you ���� for putting me through hell so I could have dominion over my own heaven ⛅️✨

  • Disabilities be it of various diagnosis from Mental to Physical and more be it they are in crutches, canes, wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters have a tough time getting around people with Down Syndrome especially stand out among others.

  • My cousin came home from school one day crying because someone had pushed her from her walker and was beating on her and no one helped her�� and I cried with her because all she said was “it’s because I’m not normal.” And all I told her was what is normal? She has cerebral palsy and a mild case of Autism. Growing up I never looked at her differently because she always pushed through. I love her and thankfully she is in a great place in a loving environment with our family

  • Buddhism in one sentence………Train your Mind..
    Because untrained mind is very dangerous for our life, bring sorrow to humand kind.

  • Dear SP,

    My name is Renata Grell andi I work at Talento Incluir.

    Talento Incluir is a consulting firm specializing in the inclusion of people with disabilities. We were founded in 2008 in Brazil and we are also developed by people with disabilities. For 10 years, it has implemented customized and sustainable diversity and inclusion programs in medium and large companies throughout Brazil.

    I found your video “DISABILITY | How You See Me” and I would like to know if we can translate and publish your video in our website here in Brazil.

    Here is our website for you to know our work:

    Best regards, Renata Grell

  • A lot of immigrants have become Americanized by modern technology. No work ethic. My Japanese oncologist took his kids smart phones away, because they were making Bs. They now have flip phones and are A students. He said that the American school curriculum is so watered down compared to Japan.

  • AND NOT ALL PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIRS ARE PARALYZED!!! I’m in a wheelchair but have use of my legs. My legs only act like assholes when I try to walk.

  • THIS IS MORE URGENCY! and my retirement of the urgent good wishes; to help with like and collaboration to the person of the link folowing:
    At some moment the ministries will better the limits for the human development in the countries? (to write the link in the web searcher or in the URL searcher),
    God blessing! and good luck!

  • THIS IS MORE URGENCY! and my retirement of the urgent good wishes; to help with like and collaboration to the person of the link folowing:
    At some moment the ministries will better the limits for the human development in the countries? (to write the link in the web searcher or in the URL searcher),
    God blessing! and good luck!

  • What about mentally disabled?
    I have a learning disability, even though its not too bad
    I feel strongly that this video sums up disabled people that are all physically disabled

  • when she said ”and we literally love when we see heads just turn” <3 I never thought about making head turns could be positive, I just felt like ''oh stop looking'', I will change that from today.

  • All of these people are awesome, beautiful, and amazing! I love how that lady at the end busted out dancing! She got those awesome moves!

  • see this video for humor on the same subject.

    Suzanne Michelle Bencho
    Yesterday at 12:32pm ·

    If the president would take my advice he may not need to cut infrastructure. Instead of redistributing the wealth yet again to construction workers, the government needs to increase the Social Security benefits to the totally disabled. This will spark the economy just as redistribution to the blacks did in the 90s. We do not use roads and bridges anywhere near what healthy people use so the high end workers have been living high on the hog on our backs for eons. If anything, cut their salaries and other high end blue and white collar workers, increase our Social Security, and build the infrastructure. We use buses, Access, and people like me just stay off the road. Furthermore, healthy people are waging a new war against us on the road, in our yards, and even in our own homes through road rage, vandalism and mental and physical harassment. Once again I am being forced to eat less food by my family, neighbors, drivers on the street and shoppers when I barely even get out to do my shopping. People need money to be able-bodied enough to protect themselves or hire others to do so.

    People do not split the loaf. They must be forced. The healthy have been living high on the hog and now the entire country is expecting us to take another break from food as they have been forcing through the forced use of drugs and alcohol to deal with emotional issues instead of food which helps the brain washers create your beloved shooters. I was ostracized for eating properly since before I was born and I still am. This Elizaschwitz/Econoschwitz program is Hitler, Machiavellian and any other despot you can name.

    Your bridges are falling down America because we are your weakest link and you do not care about us. We are the last vestiges of slavery for you and that is what you care for, the freedom to enslave. You put so much pressure on us, a health nut like me can’t eat. If our Guinea Pig job shouldn’t pay then nobody’s job should pay because we are all Guinea Pigs. Every job in America is refined everyday by people like me that care enough to want a life outside of the office. Just because you don’t use those refinements doesn’t mean that you are not a Guinea Pig.

    There will never be harmony while construction workers live high on the hog. Even on workman’s comp my brother made at least 25K. The foundations of society, the totally disabled, are oppressed in poverty even with a Social Work degree. The greed will get worse making the infrastructure worse because that is what happens when the greedy know they can take every excuse to raise the stakes on your greed. Every new raise in inflation and every new illness that is created because of our poverty raises the greed and lowers the quality and the percentages of people who will win the next lottery into the lushic and lushy world of the greedy. We are your foundation because we are the lowest level of slavery in this country. Make no mistake about it; we are crumbling.

    I didn’t need that much money to start, but, that was all I was forced into by starvation. I had to work because my family didn’t. Yet, I could have been vocationally successful earlier despite the horrible anxiety and depression I have, but, my family, husband, and community would not give me the social support I needed or even protection from abuse. One of the reasons I was ostracized and divorced was because I would not have children in this condition, a pregnancy that would have surely born another disabled slave. At SmithKline Beecham I did not receive enough protection from the abuse by my co-workers, so, I did not last. I tried social work hoping to become a drug and alcohol counselor because I had an intense passion for healing myself and others and, still, could not find the social support I needed. Even at the University of Pittsburgh the emotional bullying was too much to bare, yet, I was the valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude. Just like any other living thing, though, that is abused constantly my nerves could take no more so, now, I am completely disabled from even socializing due to the greed in this country. Thank you America! The disabled community and The Disabled Revolution (Facebook) thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If this feels still feels like a live wire, it should because that is all you give us. There is no catharsis when the abuse never stops. My nerves are proof.

    Pay us for our work, please!!!!!

  • I’m a daughter of a disabled father…who has Cerebral Palsy and walks with crutches. But people stare at us all the time….and sometimes I feel like saying ‘take a picture it last longer’..But that doesn’t stop my dad from doing the things he loves…And doesn’t effect me one bit and,has actually helped me become a better person and to be more thoughtful and courageous!��

  • I feel your guys pain because if it wadn’t for my mother and my doctor I would of be in a wheel chair and I am still going to go in a wheel chair because I can’t walk long distances, what I have is CP (Cerebral Palsy) but it only effects my left side and If I didn’t go through 4+ surgeries then I would of been in a wheel chair gor the redt of my life, I would feel not wanted at some points of my life and scared that no one would except me for who I was.