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Tips for Buying Used Car Seats Avoid being seduced by a typically expensive car seat that you find used for cheap. A new, affordable seat is, hands Purchase a used car seat only from someone you know, and whom you trust to give you the facts about the seat. Double-check the expiration date, which. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE SEAT.

If you were not the original owner of the seat and/or do not know EVERYONE who used the seat, you can not sell the seat safely as you will not be able to answer question #2 below. 2. MAKE SURE THE CAR SEAT WAS NEVER IN ANY CRASH. In case you missed it, Wheel Well receives donated child safety seats to create a “seat exchange”, where lower income families can receive a safe second hand car seat in return for an affordable donation.

The seats are thoroughly cleaned and checked for defects before they’re put into stock. Ensure the second hand seat has all parts present and instructions! Inspect the seat Once you know what the seat looks like new, inspect the second hand seat is the seat shell plastic, foam protection under the covers and harness in good condition, with no marks, rips, dents or tears?For related information, check our car seat buying guide.

SHARES 150. Car Seats Rated Access Ratings. Consumer Reports.

For 80 years, Consumer Reports has been testing products and working to. Here are some tips to help you find a great used car. Pick a Place to Shop. Get Financing Before You Start Exploring. Check the Ratings.

Study the Vehicle History Report. Check the Title Status. Use All of Your Senses.

Take a Friend. Check Those Seams. Match Those Colors. Magnetic Personality.

Unfortunately, some second-hand car seats can be sold damaged or may not come with all their parts. Even with family members or close friends, ensure that the car seat comes with an instruction manual and that it fits your car correctly. The practicality of your baby car seat.

Tagged affordability of car seats, are second hand car seats safe, buying a second hand car seat, car seat questions, car seat safety, Car seat usage, car seats, Eleanor Bester, Just Ella Bella, second hand car seats, tips to buy second hand seat Post navigation. If buying the car from an individual, unless the car still has some of its factory warranty left on it or you buy an after-market warranty, you are more than likely buying the car. Buy a seat that fits your child with room to grow. The manufacturer’s instructions and labels on the car seat or booster seat state the weight and height of children that the seat will protect.

Make sure your child’s weight and height are within these limits, with room to grow.

List of related literature:

Advise parents to check borrowed car seats to be sure they have not been in a previous crash, are not cracked or broken, and are not too old or without manufacturer directions (AAP, 2014).

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■ Avoid used infant safety seats if its parts are missing or if it is damaged.

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It is important that parents purchase only approved car seats, so bargain-hunting at used child equipment stores should be done with caution.

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Before buying a car safety seat, it is best to look carefully at different models.

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If your budget is tight, look for the most basic model and remember that all car seats conform to the same safety regulations regardless of the price.

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I don’t recommend buying a used car seat from a garage sale or thrift store because you don’t know the history of the car seat, and any car seat that’s been through an accident should be discarded.

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Visit to find a car seat technician near you.

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If you are buying a second­hand car seat, check that it hasn’t been involved in an accident or is otherwise damaged.

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If you must use a secondhand seat, only accept one from a family member or friend (don’t buy one from a secondhand shop, through the classified ads or online).

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Used car seats If you’re considering borrowing or buying a used car seat, make sure the car seat is safe.

“Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year” by Mayo Clinic
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  • Some people can’t afford to buy a baby or child car seat so they have to rely on charity but they always check for safty first even if some are used.

  • Yeah my 8 year old is 80 lbs she’s TALL and skinny. Wears 12 year old clothes and a size 7 shoes in women’s. She still rides in a booster or highback booster. (Depends on the car) she just started calling the high back a baby seat. Lol


  • I always tell people if they don’t know what their looking at. Take the car to a dealer (If your looking at a Jaguar, take it to a Jaguar dealership), and have the service guy do a used car inspection on it. You will pay for 1 hour of their labor rate (will usually cost anywhere from $120-$150), but they will let you know if anything is messed up, needs brakes, major leaks, any recalls, they can look up the warranty history and tell you if anything major was replaced….And if you are waiting at the dealership, sometimes the advisor can take you back there so you can have a look at the underside. And if the car is too bad, you only lost $150 rather than thousands…

  • Good video my 11 month old weighs around 28. We cannot afford another seat. So unfortunately he is forward but in my state its 20lbs or the age of 1. My son has one from baby trend its a 3 in 1 hybrid he is 31 inches and 28 pounds and the size of other ppls 2 year old.

  • Do you have any videos on carseats that spin? And infant seats that can be pulled out to safe sleep mode while clicked onto a stroller?

  • Excellent video. I sold cars for about 10 years. One thing, I see a lot where I am now is scammers selling “salvage”, “rebuilt” “scrap” cars without telling the buyer they have no value, can not be financed, And can not ever be covered by “full coverage” insurance.

  • Hi Chris,Thanks for the guide and tips, It’s very helpful! I’m just wondering where can I find and download the checklist, I checked website mentioned in the description, but with no found.

  • My 10 month old is big I can hardly carry the infant car seat he was 20lbs for his 6 months checkup and shots. His next one isn’t till he is 13months do I don’t know how mu h he weighs but I’m guessing around 25lbs or more. Can I put him in the next up one.

  • Dont get emotional

    Me:buys the car same day because i definitely got emotional

    I got a 2004 dodge ram with 131k miles and its bootiful

  • Hi Sir,, can you please show me the Chrisfix form so i can clearly read all the questions on the form.. plz show the form in the video.. hope to hear from you.. i like your video.. thanks.. Antoni

  • Hopefully FIXD don’t drop support. I’ve used many apps like it over the years but they eventually stop updating the app and it becomes abandonware and I’m left with its device connected to my OBD port doing nothing.

  • Hi chris i have been interested in a 2015 Audi A3 1.6tdi with 180000km. Just wandering for some inspection tips and yeah price tips also. The car is cross state from where I live.

  • If any one is having trouble accessing the link. Try deleting the.php at the end of the web address. like so others can see this.

  • I can’t thank you enough for such an informative video. It puts me at ease about what kind of car seat I need to buy for my baby next. The way you put information about all the car seats (height range, weight range and the age range) are very helpful. What brand or brands do you recommend for a convertible seat?

  • What about the height for the convertible car seat? My son is 3 but he is the size of a 5 year old (3’8” 51lbs) so I’m confused if I have him in the right car seat.
    He is in the 3rd car seat with the 5 point harness. Is this the correct seat? I feel using a seat belt right now seems unsafe

  • thank you so much! i only have one child and was confused when he hit the weight and height of being able to switch to a booster. I will be getting the high back with 5 point harness thanks to you! Thank you for educating me and keeping my baby boy safe <3

  • hey Chris, love your videos so far. I am learning a TON. I am in the market for a used car right now, and after watching these videos on what to do when buying a used car, I was wondering something: do I still need a mechanic to check out this car? I noticed at the end of this transaction on this Jaguar, you walked home with the car the same day. Everywhere I look I hear that I should “get a mechanic to check it out”. Is this checklist you have the equivalent of having a mechanic check out the car?

    Thanks for anything!

  • Tip one.dont listen to someone constantly going on about mayo under the oil cap??(normal condensation)yet never checks the oil n water for mixed fluids.��gets on my nerves this false info(scaring people.

  • I know this is an old video now. But extended rearfacing should have been mentioned. My little girl born in 2012 is still rearfacing so the seats were definitely around in 2015 when this video was made. Poor show when it’s 10x safer it should have been mentioned.

  • At the hospital they won’t let you leave without inspecting the car seat and asked me to bring it inside the hospital so they expect an infant car seat

  • Also, don’t forget to bring your boxing gloves, you’re gonna need those when the owner wants to fight you because you went over the whole car with a magnet.

  • lol I can’t believe that children up to the age of 8 years of age are expected to sit in a baby seat!!!! hahaha that’s ridiculous. Can we bubble wrap these little shits any more than we already do?! No 8 year old child of mine would EVER be seen dead sitting in a baby seat, not gonna happen. I would rather pay a fine than have my kid sitting in a stupid seat like that. It’s just silly, it really is. Just let them sit in the damn car like a normal person. Baby seats are for babies, period.