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Be Consistent With Early Childhood Discipline

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Parenting Requires Consistency How To Parent

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Consistency is Key in Parenting

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Consistency in Parenting

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Positive Parenting Being Consistent Parenting

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How to Discipline Your Child: Keys to Positive Parenting

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The number one thing you will notice in your child as you start to be more consistent is “push back.” Push back is your child’s way of saying, “Wait a minute, I don’t like what’s going on here!” Push back comes in a lot of different forms. It can appear as. Be respectful of your child. If you show your child respect even when disciplining your child your child is more likely to respect you, other family members, and.

Mighty Mommy has 5 simple strategies that will help you incorporate positive discipline into your parenting routine and make that disobedient behavior a thing of the past: Name the Bad Behavior. Stop Nagging. Use Warmth and Understanding. Don’t Threaten Isolation. Catch Them Doing Good.

In the end, there is no “secret” to consistency—it’s just the willingness of a parent to take the time to stick to the rules they’ve laid out for their child. The benefits of consistent parenting are that your child will internalize your rules and values over time and learn to do things with simple reminders rather than conflict. Discipline that seems arbitrary to a child is because rules and expectations are not clearly defined, established in advance and reinforced daily. Solution: Create a few clear family rules.

Make sure that your simple and concrete rules (for bedtime, morning routines, etc.) are realistic, and that your expectations are realistic and age-appropriate. Many children are better behaved in school because of the consistency and rules. REWRITE YOUR GOALS EVERY DAY. To maximize your self-discipline every day, it is necessary that you keep the bigger picture in mind.

Only by remembering why you do what you do will you take the. Pick your battles. Sit down and work out what qualities you want to see in your children when they are grown up.

These qualities are the ones that are important for your family. If you need to choose battles, these qualities are the ones you should be trying to instil. Here are some ideas that will help you start to improve your consistency as a parent: 1) Choose one thing first. One of the no-fail rules to follow when you’re trying out new parenting techniques is to choose just one behavior to start with.

Try and sit down and create a plan for disciplining the children in order to keep it consistent. If you cant bear to sit down and have this conversation then do it over email. The most important thing is that a plan is created so that both parents can follow it and ensure consistency.


List of related literature:

Discipline Effective discipline strategies should involve a comprehensive approach that does not emphasize punishment, but instead promotes the development of self-control in a child (Backlin, Scheindlin, Ip et al., 2007).

“Nursing Care of Children E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan R. James, Kristine Nelson, Jean Ashwill
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Better forms of discipline include time-outs and clear explanations of appropriate behavior.

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Good discipline requires him to clean the room, and then identifies ways that the child can practice responsibility and stewardship over the coming week (for instance; by taking on additional chores without being reminded) while the child is grounded.

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The second technique, punishment, must be implemented judiciously, and parents should always remember that reinforcement results in more enduring behavior change.

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Continue stressing the principle of “positives before negatives” (rewards before punishments) when designing a behavior change strategy to use with their child.

“Defiant Children: A Clinician's Manual for Assessment and Parent Training” by Russell A. Barkley
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The manual for this model is called Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way.

“Positive Discipline” by Jane Nelsen
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Instead of focusing on trying to control what the parent who lives in another house or even in another state does or doesn’t do, each parent is best advised to develop the most efficient discipline plan that teaches responsible behaviors, encourages positive attitudes, and provides emotional strength.

“Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking: Practical Solutions to the Most Common Preschool Behavior Problems” by Jerry Wyckoff, PhD, Barbara C. Unell
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As parents, we must constantly be reminded that the purpose of discipline is to correct the wrong behavior and to help a child develop self-discipline.

“The Five Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman, Ross Campbell
from The Five Love Languages of Children
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It is easy for parents to revert to these disciplinary strategies, because they may produce behavior change more rapidly than positive reinforcement.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
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Consistency is so important, in fact, that it is generally more effective for parents to implement a consequence for a half hour and follow through with it than it is for them to take something away for a month and go back on their word after a couple weeks.

“Advanced Techniques for Counseling and Psychotherapy” by Dr. Christian Conte, PhD
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  • Great advice. Thanks for sharing this!
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  • Im suffering substance addiction, i have everything, i have all potential i need to succeed… its so frustrating, i wish it never happened….

  • I like the content and the educational message you are sending to your audience,but I would advise you to provide a summary of all points previously mentioned as a form of revision of everything you have already said. It makes the video more organised and easy to learn from. Other than that awesome video

  • 1. Find your weaknesses
    2. Create easy habit

    3. Use rewards

    4. Personal standard

    5. Look ahead
    Resist the temptation

    6. Set alarms

    7. Make adjustments

  • Thank you for sharing this, Sarah. It’s such a relief to know that we are indeed helping our children when we are firm in the way you described… because sometimes it’s so challenging and the urge to ‘give in’ gets strong! Your videos are wonderful and you are just lovely. Also our family adores Bella Luna x

  • Hope all is well. I noticed there was no Sunday with Sarah video this week. Your videos are such an inspiration for our family and provide so much wonderful and heart felt information. Thank you for all you do.

  • everyone watching this video, remember this all your life…. motivation will get you started… discipline will keep you going and repetition will give you the results…

  • I love your channel and advice. My 5 year old grandchild is consistently unkind to her soon to be stepdad and says terrible things about him to friends and teachers and even his own daughter. We all have been very patient and tell her pedagogical stories about the rewards of kindness and good deeds, but she is extremely willful and it is wearing on everyone, especially the stepdad. Any ideas on how to bring some peace to this situation?
    Thank you for any suggestions you may have!

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  • Just started working from home about a month ago. First two weeks was killing it, hitting overtime. Last week I def slacked and barely hit 35 hours, I need to get myself back motivated for this new week, if the paycheck wasn’t enough motivation

  • 11:45 and I’m procrastinating writing an essay and debating quitting my nursing course. Trying to change my life but failing miserably.

  • 1.Find your weaknesses
    2.Create easy habits
    3.Use rewards
    4.Personal standards
    5.Look ahead
    6.Set alarms
    7.Make adjustments

  • Summery
    To develop self discipline
    We have to identify our weaknesses
    We have to devolop easy habits
    We have to treat ourselves with rewards for doing productive activities
    We have to identify things and places which give strength to our addictions
    We have to make adjustments in our lifestyle which are personalized for use
    We should have to set time limits for addictive behaviours

  • Nice video but do the black peoples have to be the ones without discipline? There wasn’t any black doctors in your illustrations. It’s a small detail but has big implications on people’s perceptions of black people.

  • Thank you for this video! I’d love to know more about responding to a child after the discipline. If they are upset with saying no or the boundary that has been set, how to respond to them in that time.

  • 1. find your weakness learn to control them how to lessen
    2. Create easy habits
    3. use rewards
    4. personal standards(not a goal) limits you accept for yourself (something to do everyday) want 3000 but settle for 1500
    5. look ahead -avoid situations that allow you to misstep plan ahead to avoid bad habits
    6. Set alarms time youself (moderation) -physically acknowledge the limits
    7. Make adjustmentsbuild routine designed for yourself if you have more energy at night then workout at night

  • I have to say I used NO! when it came to hitting. If not close enough to stop the action, sometimes (especially if used very rarely!) a loud NO! can surprise a child and stop them long enough for you to get across the room and where the action is happening.

  • There’s no secret. It’s literally making the sacrifice and putting in the work. If you can’t manage it, aim lower and build it up from there. This video is worse than watching TV because at least when watching it you know that you’re relaxing. Watching this is tempting yourself into feeling like you’re making a change when really you’re just watching a youtube video.

  • Loved it!!! I’m always staying up till 3 a.m in the morning and feeling so tired �� at work!!!
    Thank you for this awesome and useful video!!! ����������

  • lost me at; the slide about standards. Why is the guy in a hoody darker and everyone else white? The message on that rubbed me totally wrong.

  • my weakness is that I overeat
    moderation may look like eating food the size of my fist and to fast some days in the week, at least four days out of seven for this week.

    My reward is to watch 5 episodes of Legend of Korra on Saturday!
    StandardTo at least do half an hour of a rigorous workout 5 days a week
    GoalTo do an hour workout four days in a week

    look aheadI like to convince my mom to buy junk food and cook me junk food to look ahead I can nap when I’m hungry or watch a movie

  • Actually, I watch these types of videos to motivate myself and for some tips to improve my self discipline.. This video helps me.. Thank you for such a motivational video and for you amazing tips ��..

  • I am trying to only say no for a good reason, however, my daughter wants a different toy every 2 minutes (she does not have access to all at the same time so the mess is manageable). This does not fall under any of your reasons, or does it? She is not hurting anybody and not hurting property. Would you give her new toys all the time? She is done playing with one thing so quickly. I make her clean up the last toy before she can have a new one, but it is so much work for me to constantly deal with this. She will be 4 soon. Thanks for your videos!

  • Thank you for being a voice of reason! It is so foolish that parents believe they should refrain from using the word “no” at all! They are setting their children up for a world of disappointment and greater difficulty. Just today a friend commented she heard a mother say to another adult in the grocery store that they do not use the word “no” at all with their children. Ohhh boy. I also really appreciate your advice on using “no” in a positive manner. Great video! I watch them all:)

  • the video was going good until you had to make the guy on the end a black guy on the ground with a hoodie & the rest white businessmen describing it as making unrealistic goals…

  • What if the standards of the person is too low. Won’t the best person feel like damm i didn’t feel like i try my best today. What if that happens.?

  • I’m 20 year old preparing for life threatening exam for past 2 years n every once in a while YT recommends me these type of Vids. By now I’ve atleast watched 50+ of these and don’t know what to do with all this extra info stuck in my tiny brain which really seems to hate study material/ Thankew for your time. Don’t reply I’m not gonna respond.

  • Amazing content, thank you very much ���� I know it’s unpopular to say but I have to admit that I use the word NO too much and I really struggle with maintaining calm and positive presence when they act like the little girl you described… Have you got some suggestion on being calm when feeling really angry? Thank you ����

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  • I’ve struggled with lack of discipline my whole life. Right now I’m at an age where I believe I’m still young enough to make a fast and lasting impact if I can develop the goals, habits and commitment to succeed. Though I’ve never been a person to look for self-help resources, I think this video is a great, fast and easy way to understand the basics of how to start this journey. So thank you!

  • This is going to be hard if you live with roommate or parents. If you want to set a alarm. People is going to dislike that and you might feel bad about this. But don’t worry about them. Remember this is for you and you need to do this to improve.

  • Great video Sarah! I was hoping you could talk about motivating students. I have a 4th grader that I homeschool and there’s been times I can’t get him excited for school. He doesn’t want to do the writing in the MLB. Some days he’s great and gets into the work other days he just gets upset. Any advice would be appreciated Sarah!

  • But it is using a reward over and over again can led them. Doing that thing just for the reward? Isn’t that a bad thing if that is how you keep thinking. What if there is no reward that you can reward Yourself. What is the best reward that satisfy you without doing anything that might be bad. For example if your reward is a soda or 1 hour video game. Even thought it only 1 hour. Isn’t putting more stress to person to resist more. Since a person is already having a hard time resisting.

  • In other words you restrained thde child against her will all because she couldnt go out woithout shoes? Are you kidding me? let the kid learn what shoes are for. All you did was force compliance. She was likely faking being nice out of fear of being held back again. You only think you are doing good, but only in your mind.

  • the secret is your daily habits… start of by motivating yourself.. then start your habit.. then maintain that habit.. before you know it… that habit will become a part of your daily life and it’s gonna benefit you so much inshallah.
    For example if you wanna start drinking 5 litres of water a day then work hard for 20,30 days and then after it’ll become your daily everyday habit. you would instinctively want to drink water by yourself. The hardest part is the early stages

  • Being a Waldorf kid, I value not using the word no. And had successfully gotten my husband on board and Still maintain it. But…one Christmas with my family, my much much younger sister told my young one, no no no. And it took us about 3 months to break the game my little one had started to play. And even after hours of father daughter conversation my father still doesn’t get why it upset me a little, and why I don’t like to use the word no in my parenting. It did show me how much Steiner school has impacted me. And showed a clear definition between generations and our teaching methods. �� It’s so important to be mindful of the vocabulary we use when addressing our children and for a stay at home homeschooling mom, it’s crazy stressful with a 3 yr old.��

  • With regard to the reward part, I found it too contradictory to, say, reward myself with a burger for a week of eating well, and I couldn’t enjoy the reward knowing it deducts from the week’s success. I still eat that reward burger, but it’s my reward for finishing a book, and my reward for eating well throughout the week is spending $50 on shopping.

  • Great video, if you are interested in how you can use discipline to improve your health watch my videos, cheers