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Harmful Effects Of Tobacco On The Human Body, Educational Video For Children

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Would You Prevent a Child From Smoking?

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Smoking

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The best ways to prevent your children from smoking are to: Encourage your children to get involved in activities that prohibit smoking, including sports. Keep talking to your children about the dangers of smoking. If friends or relatives have died from tobacco-related Ask your children what they.

Tips for Talking to Kids About Smoking Smoking is glamorized in movies, television shows and online, but parents are the most important influences in their children’s lives. Tell your children honestly and directly that you don’t want them to smoke cigarettes, use e-cigarettes (e.g., “vaping” and “juuling”) or use any type of tobacco product. Children as young as 5 or 6 years old benefit from hearing about the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. Start by saying most children don’t smoke (so they know it’s not normal), and then keep repeating the same message about the downsides of cigarettes as they reach their teens.

Set Ground Rules and Rewards. Anti-Smoking Tips. High levels of communication about smoking can result in lower rates of smoking among teens.Take the initiative to start conversations with your child about smoking, display empathy and give your child space—all factors that play a role in whether your child. Kids will also pay attention to the negative effects that smoking has on sports performance, and even playtime.

Tell your kids that smoking will slow down how fast they can run or how long. Teach your child how to say no. If your child can learn from an early age to assert her views confidently, she’ll be better able to withstand the peer pressure of the preteen and teen years, when smoking becomes more common. Listen to her when she states her opinions, and when you disagree with her, do so respectfully.

Very early on, children get the message that smoking is dangerous. Smoking is banned in most public places, many people don’t allow smoking in their homes, and smoking, in general, is less common than it used to be. Young children who aren’t around cigarette smoke regularly also tend to think it smells “yucky.”. So the researchers developed the Family Talk about Smoking paradigm, or FTAS, a method of standardizing the interaction and communication between teen smokers and their parents who had either.

For example: Parents can set a good example for their kids by not using tobacco and keeping their homes tobacco-free. Schools can provide tobacco intervention programs (such as INDEPTH) to educate students about the dangers of tobacco and tobacco cessation programs to help young people. It is a good idea to start talking with your children about the dangers of cigarettes when they are 5 or 6 years old. Keep the conversation going as your children get older.

Make it a two-way talk. Give your children a chance to speak openly, particularly as they get older.

List of related literature:

Children are exposed to tobacco smoke primarily through cigarettes, cigars, or pipes used by parents, other family members, visitors in the home, day care providers, teachers, or others smoking around them.

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Children may start smoking to show their independence, because their friends or siblings do, because adults tell them not to or to follow their role models.

“Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice E-Book” by Karen Holland, Jane Jenkins
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Tell them, too, to encourage family members, caregivers, and others who are around their children regularly to stop smoking.

“Pediatric Nursing: A Case-Based Approach” by Gannon Tagher, Lisa Knapp
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Advise them to refrain from smoking around others, especially children and those with respiratory distress.

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If a teen perceives that all of her friends smoke, but she states that she does not smoke, the clinician can then ask what she says to her friends when they ask her to smoke with them.

“Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery” by Tommaso Falcone, William W. Hurd
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Nominally intended for parents, the advice in these brochures was basically: “talk to your kids about smoking.”

“Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition” by Robert N. Proctor
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Further, pediatricians, obstetricians, and other health care providers should discuss with parents the importance of discussing tobacco use with their children, including conveying expectations that the child will not smoke and the importance of monitoring their children with regards to tobacco use.

“Ending the Tobacco Problem: A Blueprint for the Nation” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on Reducing Tobacco Use: Strategies, Barriers, and Consequences, Robert B. Wallace, Kathleen Stratton, Richard J. Bonnie
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We know we have a social consensus when we teach others, namely our young, that something is the truth.4 If one of your children started to smoke, the odds are very high that you would warn him of the dangers.

“How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate” by Andrew J. Hoffman
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While you’re at it, if you haven’t already had the talk with your kid about the health risks of smoking (a habit many college students take up), get on that.

“Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You're Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23” by Beth Kobliner
from Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You’re Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23
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For children who have never smoked, persuasive messages aim to alert them that they will probably encounter opportunities to smoke and advocate that they learn resistance strategies.

“Public Communication Campaigns” by Ronald E. Rice, Charles K. Atkin
from Public Communication Campaigns
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  • My parents are both heavy smokers and was when I was a kid. They explained how bad for health it is and when start will never be able to quit. As a kid I could see that they enjoyed it, liked how it looked and smelt. Started still and understood that bad for health. Still smoke, partner and family all do too, love it!

  • I have spent months researching into quitting smoking and discovered a great resource at Quit Smoking Crusher (check it out on google)

  • BAN all the chemical additives added to cigarettes, and while we’re at it, lift the embargo with Cuba.  Problem solved.  Smoking pure tobacco won’t kill or addict you.

  • i do not like this at all why would you smoke if you no someone in ur family that smoking and they died then u surely will not do it

  • Ridicoulus. It a shame make this video. Deep state put in our throat sigarets for ten decade and now you show me this fucking video? Go to farm and cigarettes producers and burned their fucking gold.

  • Everyone is hating on the blonde girl, but to be honest I was like that as a kid, and now I’m completely open to drugs. I think it was more of a reaction to the fact that her mother, who she thought of as a role model, could be “reckless”, and not as much about the actual drugs.

  • Kids will not switch from vaping to smoking cigarettes. That’s a complete lie. Nice try though.

    But yes, vaping is dangerous. I vaped only Juul for 4 years and I had to remove part of my right lung. If you don’t believe me, keep vaping and experience it for yourselves.

  • Smoking weed saved my life. I had no sex drive as a 21 year old guy and I felt shit all the time. Now I smoke a joint every couple days and I feel normal, horny and healthy. People need to be educated that weed (cbd) has incredible powers and is not all evil! But I will say that certain types of weed can make you very lazy and if you get bonkers high, which is fun, it can effect short term memory for a small period (couple days) Education!!!!

  • Just noticed The girl in white was the girl who took 100 tokes in the 100 ways to hit a bong, legend has it she’s still high in this video from that one

  • I’m gonna be fr I’m 13 turning 14 and I smoke cigarettes. I quit smoking everyday because of this video but I still do smoke every few days or sometimes weeks so I’m getting better. It also helps I converted from satanism to Christianity and it says in the bible that smoking is a sin so I’m really trying to quit now. I first smoked a cigarette at my friends house bc I wanted to try it and look cool. Then I started stealing cigarettes from friends parents. Then I started stealing them from family. It’s not a joke. Another way I’m trying to quit is vaping. It does disappoint and make me sad how people just juul and vape for fun. Like it’s your body and your life you do what you want and makes you happy I just don’t want other kids and teens to end up like me.

  • I personally think that parents should never tell their kid that they do drugs. Acceptable is when they tell them they try it but it was horrible and they should never do it. Otherwise the kid would like to do what his/hers parents do.

  • All the comments about the little blonde kid are so mean. She is just a kid and her view of drugs probably come from a variety of different experiences. What matters is she seems to have a really kind and non-judgemental mom. <3

  • I feel sad for the people in the comments smoking or vaping is probably so addicting that you cant even focus at school and all the kids is even worse why even start your life was fine when you didn’t smoke or vape I hate nicotine it’s just there so you can but more packs and they make even more money I’m glad I don’t vape to look cool

  • I’m 10 and I took a inhale of my sister’s Epen. I started shaking and acting crazy. I regret that stupid thing I did.. DON’T DO THEM!

  • I wish someone had talked to the kids when they were explaining and made the comparison to alcohol. It’s not the same but it might have helped some of them understand the concept of a drug that is safe in moderation for adults, as most children are familiar with alcohol being something adults can safely do, though they may not realize it’s considered a drug.

  • i was just like that blond girl and now im going into hs and im like ok no hard drugs but im definitely gonna smoke weed at least once no point in condemning it

  • You guys being mean to the blonde girl, I bet lots of you were fucking annoying when you were a kid. She hasn’t even experienced anything at all to learn from and be her true self. Stop deciding what she’s gonna be like when all she is, is just a kid. Ik it’s annoying but I really hope she doesn’t read any of it.

  • i think drug needs a new definition. Or we need to teach kids that MOST drugs aren’t harmful. You have all these perscriptions on top of weed

  • I love that blond child,yes,she comes off as judgemental but she knows what’s right and wrong and as she matures she’ll be more understanding..We don’t know what made her so adamant..her childhood..her mother…I hope she becomes a strong women

  • I would like to tell my siblings in any country to never use tobacco as an addict. I started smoking when I was 14, and now I’m 18, and I’m still smoking. I haven’t smoked for two years, but I’m back. ��������

  • The mom who told her daughter we need to be careful with drugs how much amd when we use them. Shes hella smart every parent needs to have the conversation with their kids

  • For real? You’re giving children good reasons for doing weed. ( I’m a pro legalization of weed, but if still remains something hurtful )

  • Drugs encompasses all medicine…a lot of addicts that use hard drugs started because it was prescribed to them…but it’s important that we explain them all..all the different kinds of drugs and why weed is not considered a hard drug..it’s all about being honest and open to our children

  • They should do one about parents that drink then, weed isn’t poison especially when you use the CBD part of the plant. It’s organic comes from the earth �� they should do one with alcohol too haha

  • I dont wanna vape or smoke im not a kid but 0mg nicotine is a lot more healthy


  • I’m younger then my brother and he is 16 and is smoking weed and vaping and he is my best friend he is drinking to and he is 16 and smokes in front of me

  • Welp my friend vape he’s 10 not kidding he’s the only one vaping in our class I tried to stop him but he won’t his parent don’t even know he’s vaping

  • I’m twelve and this stuff is super popular at my school(at least when I wasn’t quarantined it was����‍♀️) I’d like to educate myself on the dangers and the harm of it and tell myself that they are supposed to be used for recovering cigarette smokers, not for pleasure so I don’t get pressured into doing something dumb and potentially fatal. I’m trying to build up my will power lol.

  • Some of my guy friends are 14 and they smoke juuls, they once asked me if i wanted to try but i didn’t. I knew the effects and what happens, they don’t listen.

  • Lmao the blond girl reminds me of Shelly from South Park and how her dad said she had a marijuana problem for always hating on it.

  • By the age 14 usually kids get their first puff. And as long as they go to school there is nothing you can do too stop it. So the best thing you can do is talk too him about smoking weed at a young age.

  • The reason I came here is because someone of my family is gaping and Idk how to confront because I looked In their pocket and saw it but I feel like if I confront there are gonna hate me for snooping but I can’t tell our parents because I don’t wanna be a snitch and she will hate me too

  • Ok so my friend know someone who is 12 years old and smoke cigarettes! And I’m just like. Well if he gets lung cancer then I don’t care.

  • I will tell you first hand, that you can get addicted to anything with a high amount of nic salts. Because I’m so dependent on it myself. I suggest if you aren’t addicted don’t pick it up. It is so hard to quit and I have noticeable changes in my lungs because of it

  • Guys, this is a video with the premise being KIDS! They aren’t saying they are worse than cigarettes and they aren’t advocating for it being illegal, they are just spitting facts. Don’t get caught up in the argument and ignore what they are saying.

  • Can I just say why the hell to people do this it’s just putting smoke in your body to affect your lungs and come back out again I mean what’s the purpose of smoking you’ll either die or die slowly by getting cancer like i dont understand why they torture themselves like this honestly

  • I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I’M subscribed to the channel and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I like video to your playlist the 33 channel is crazy and sound kids bop and I like YOU ARE 3rfugrrFRyttethgethe5ynyrynfdryyrhrh6trhrthe5hgreh45r5hr5hrh5grer6htert6hh5rhrrh5ht6rh66htrhthr6yrhstfdcdfdgddcny��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • You compare cannabis smoke to tobacco smoke although similar which is more likely to get the user addicted or dependent cannabis isn’t something a user does multiple times a day unlike tobacco it’s more comparable to alcohol in usage rates per individual except way less harmful.

  • Well personally in my opinion i think you could start smoking weed at 15 cause its never killed anybody and it helps pain and seizures

  • I kinda get how young people shouldnt use it since it affects developing brains or whatever…

    But unless it makes me retarded im still gonna do it

  • I believe the research shows that using marijuana, which isn’t physically addictive, is not in the same realm as using cigarettes and alcohol. Prior to producing an educational video, specifically for the youth of our planet, I think it’s essential that you do unbiased research. Research based statements carry much more value for all parents seeking holistic treatments.

  • Do not vape. It is being proven it is actually more dangerous. Dont do it people, kid or adult. I’m only 14. Dont do this. It is dangerous.

  • My dad and other families have this addiction when I was 5 So I wanted to help them stop smoking but it keeps getting worse and so still pray and I’m Christian now I’m 13 and it’s still the same.

  • Half these kids are gonna grow up smoking weed and if they ever get In trouble by their parents the kid will hit them with “but you smoke weed”

  • A lot of people don’t care about each other, they would let a 10 year old kid smoke like a grown man and like everything’s is normal.

  • To everyone thinking of smoking, don’t please.

    There is a reason why everyone in the world says it, you are basically walking into a trap of death by smoking, you arn’t realizing you’re slowly killing yourself, while you are smoking you begin to realize what the reality of smoking is, if there is clear evidence it is bad then you already know its bad, it dosn’t make you look cool for smoking, it dosn’t help with your problems, and IT IS NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER something to do.

    I know I can’t hold someone back because it is your opinion, but I hope my comment helps you to realize the bigger picture.

  • I feel so bad! It’s just sad to hear that young children smoke these days! I know what smoking can do to you, because my aunt dies of lung cancer. I miss her so much! So I made a promise to myself to not do anything bad to my body. And Ryan is a hero. I can tell that he has a really big heart!

  • As far as I have tested it myself tobacco leaves cures wounds and leave no scars, it cures anything as far as the skin is concerned, the juice of dried tobacco leaf clears blurred vision. Is it harmful? 100% NO. But cigarettes are. Why? Because they contain more than 600 poison chemicals

  • Dude, I understand that there are just a bunch of smokers that disliked the video… have you ever tried to not vape for more than a month or two? Why would you condone putting any toxins in your body unless it was life or death?

  • I love that people are feeling for Ryan but the guys at 1:05 took a great step to make him stop. They took a lil more aggressive route prolly to scare him straight. They deserve to be praised too in my opinion

  • I mean we can all just benefit from a grown up discussion about taboo subjects but tbh drugs and kids don’t mix.. No matter how hard you try.

  • Ok I know your not a doctor but u have to help me get my dad to stop.. I’m scared for him… please he already has a collapsed lung PLEASE!! I BEG YOU!

  • The person in the red and white lumberjack shirt was just rude. Like cussing to a kid and hitting him like why could have been a little easier on him not hit him

  • My life really was depressed last month. I don`t think I have ever been so low. It was all because of my bad breath. I noticed it had been a problem when I noticed people at work shying away from speaking to. I cannot believe how well this foul breath treatment worked well. Now I have a much improved breath.! Guidebook name is Kαyden codomab, I found it on Google.

  • I’d bet that “Healthy Harold” over here just made this to brag about his “flawless skin” and “Perfect hair” and every other aspect of his body that is clearly superior to every other human being

  • if Harold is smoke free how is his lung not Dark if he is talking to sally is he second hand smoking.

    DISLIKE cap he is second hand smoking

  • If you smoke always eat cancer free foods that remove cancer and brush your teeth compulsive and don’t take multiple cigarettes and eat apples and oily fish to make your lungs and heart okay

  • Why these people denying the kid while they are smoking?? If they know smoking is dangerous for health then why don’t they care about themselves!!

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  • Cheers for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you thought about Tarbbatigan Beyond Dreams Tip (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive product for quitting smoking minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate finally got amazing success with it.

  • What the heck!!!!!!!!!! I watched this in class and I wanna know why did smoker Sally cough without covering her mouth����������������������������������!!!!!!! I think this video makes me feel really weird when smoker Sally loves his breath����������������������������������������������������������������������!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Parents that smoke ought to be criminally prosecuted for child abuse. Gee, why not be an alcoholic too while you’re at it? Parents that smoke are the image of diseased irresponsible suicide. Yeah, that’s just great for your kids to have to witness a walking repulsive addict. Smoking cigarettes is complete dumbfuckery!

  • 1 cigarette a day really isn’t bad for you. It gives your lungs time to recover from the tar. It only could become a problem when you start to smoke a pack a day, then your lungs don’t get enough time to recover after each cig. Believe it or not, the human body has the ability to heal itself. So a cigarette every so often is perfectly fine.

  • Smokers don’t have a higher chance of cancer that’s just made up, cancer can happen to anyone at any time it’s a mutated gene that can lay dormant for years you either have the mutated gene and you will most likely get cancer one day when it pops or you don’t end of

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “how to quit smoking for good” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

  • Yesterday i was high and i forgot to keep the remaining weed it was at my pocket while iam sleeping and today morning the weed slipped through my pocket while i wake and my dad seen it, iam done now. Be carefull guys dont be a fool like me.:(

  • OH MY GOD OH MY GOD:( IM 10 AND MY BIG SIS WITH HER FRIEND SMOKES EVERYDAY TODAY MY SIS AND HER FRIEND SMOKED IN THE TOILET AND MY HAMSTER WAS IN THE TOILET (in the cage) Good that i saved him…but…something bad…im trying to tell my mom that my sis with her friend smkoes but im too shy and…i have to smell smoking everyday �� im starting to caught �� ughh