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The good news is that many traditionally homeschooled students get a diploma from their parents, which is often accepted by most colleges and universities. For students who attend an online homeschool or take courses through an umbrella school or correspondence school, they typically get their diplomas from that institution. Creating a Homeschool Diploma. A parent-issued homeschool diploma may be created from scratch or using a template.

In addition, some services, such as, provide diplomas for sale online, allowing the purchaser to enter information such as the student’s name and receive a printed diploma. In the United States, homeschool diplomas carry the same weight as a public school or private school diploma. Instead of the diploma being issued by a public or private school, the parents of the homeschooled student issue the diploma after the student meets the homeschool state laws and graduation requirements where they live.

The signature(s) of the homeschool teacher (usually one or both parents) Although parents can create and print their own diplomas, it is advisable to order a more official-looking document from a reputable source such as Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) or Homeschool Diploma. Homeschoolers generally get a diploma issued from the homeschooling parent. However, this can vary from state to state based on Sate laws. In a state where it is harder to issue a diploma student rely on portfolios and testing scores. For states where it is possible for a parent to issue a diploma it is usually done as described belo.

Does My Homeschooler Need a High School Diploma? Posted in Homeschool View on Friday, April 15, 2016. Though there is certainly value in having a high school diploma, many homeschool families cause themselves unnecessary stress as they seek to obtain a diploma through the “proper channels.”. A Homeschool Completion Affidavit is a document that the parent/school official of a legal homeschool signs to graduate their student from homeschool. It is considered equal to a diploma from a public or private school.

It must be signed in front of a notary public. A diploma, created and signed by the parent, which indicates that the student has completed high school requirements. A transcript, created and signed by the parent, which shows the coursework that the student has completed during their homeschooled high school years. To graduate a homeschooled child: The student completes the course of study outlined by the parent. The parent presents the student with a signed and dated diploma.

The parent has a transcript that backs up the course of study. The diploma and grade records by homeschooled students from accredited schools are accepted by colleges. The difference in terms of admission between accredited school and non-accredited school graduates lies in the requirements to be given by colleges.

These requirements even vary for every college from state to state.

List of related literature:

Still other homeschooled students will receive a diploma that is created and signed solely by their parents, sometimes including a home graduation ceremony or party.

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In some states, if you have a college diploma, you simply fill out an “Intent to Home School” form and send a copy of your diploma.

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Canada is lucky to have several paths into university without a diploma and home education is one of them, but rarely can an unschooler or homeschooler simply present a parent-directed portfolio that has not been assessed by an approved source.

“Unschooling To University: Relationships Matter Most in a World Crammed With Content” by Judy L Arnall
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Homeschool Diploma Forms Donna Young helpfully provides forms for your graduating high-schooler.

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You use Bob Jones materials and submit your student’s grades, and they keep track of your child’s record, supply an official­looking transcript, and award a diploma upon completion.

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Applicants include freshmen students who plan to graduate from fully accredited high schools, have received a GED, or have been home schooled and have a diploma from an accredited high school; or transfer students who have studied at other accredited institutions.

“Complete Book of Colleges, 2005” by Princeton Review
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To be enrolled in a postsecondary institution, students had to finish high school with either a regular diploma or a GED.

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High school credentials include regular diplomas and alternative credentials such as GED certificates.

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Home-schooled students can fulfill diploma requirements through portfolios that often include national SAT I and II scores, or they can use the services of an “umbrella school” that offers the diploma.

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Requirements: Either graduation from accredited secondary school or GED.

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    High school students who are homeschooled are at a great advantage to prepare for college. CLEP and DSST exams allow homeschool students (and students in public/private schools) to earn credits toward their degrees without taking the actual course. This means you can study on your own time, and save money on your degree!

    Best of luck as you work on your bachelor’s degree!

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