Signs That The Teen Is within an Emotionally Abusive Relationship


10 Red Flags of Abuse

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10 Relationship Red Flags of Abuse

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5 Signs of Emotional Abuse

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15 Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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7 Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse

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6 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship You Shouldnt Ignore | BetterHelp

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Lacks Empathy. Empathy is the lack of sensitivity to other people’s feelings and it’s a quality that emotionally abusive people often lack. Emotionally abusive people do not show genuine emotion or concern for other people. They may show feelings, but they are not truly sincere about them.

For starters, abuse doesn’t just mean hitting or shoving. Many other behaviors actually count as abuse, some of which may surprise you. Also, both guys and girls can be abusive.

The following signs may indicate your teen is in an unhealthy relationship: Your child’s partner is extremely jealous or possessive. Your child’s partner constantly puts them down. Your child’s partner makes all the decisions. What should you do if you suspect your teen is in an abusive relationship? You might feel angry, confused, protective, or scared.

Your instinct may be to demand information or jump into the situation to help your child in whatever way you can. If you start to notice any of the following signs, your teen might be experiencing abuse: Your child’s partner is extremely jealous or possessive to the point where your child stops spending time with other friends and family. Here are 21 signs of emotional abuse to watch for if you think you or a friend may be in psychologically abusive relationship: 1. Humiliating or embarrassing you. 2.

20 Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship An emotionally abusive relationship is harmful to your confidence and self-esteem, and you may not even be aware of the abuse. Unlike physical abuse that causes physical pain and leaves visible markings, the signs of emotional abuse are not as apparent. Have a close relationship with your support system (family, therapists, teachers, coaches, doctors, etc) that will help you in all of your relationships. Be informed.

Learn as much as you can about abuse, dating violence, and healthy relationships, so you can help yourself and others, such as. Abuse of any kind is complicated and difficult to understand, navigate, and identify, but this is especially true for emotional abuse. In physically abusive relationships, there is tangible evidence of violence and distress. Beyond that, emotional abuse can involve extremely sophisticated—and more importantly, toxic—game-playing, like inconsistent, unpredictable displays of affection or love (there’s a. Helplessness is an ever-present emotion in emotionally abusive relationships.

Often times, abusive partners will try controlling all aspects of your life, including personal items like your car and.

List of related literature:

None of these mentioned signs automatically indicates domestic abuse.

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book” by Sue Macdonald, Gail Johnson
from Mayes’ Midwifery E-Book
by Sue Macdonald, Gail Johnson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

None of the above signs automatically indicates domestic abuse.

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives” by Sue Macdonald
from Mayes’ Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives
by Sue Macdonald
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Most behavioural signs, however, are nonspecific and can be seen in any child under stress: running away from home, attempting suicide, drug addiction, involvement in prostitution and juvenile delinquency.

“Effective Child Protection” by Eileen Munro
from Effective Child Protection
by Eileen Munro
SAGE Publications, 2008

These signs may include physical abuse, sexual assault, neglect, oversedation, or financial abuse.

“Contemporary Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Rick Daniels, Leslie H. Nicoll
from Contemporary Medical-Surgical Nursing
by Rick Daniels, Leslie H. Nicoll
Cengage Learning, 2011

Physical signs vary and may include any of those listed for sexual abuse.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing9: Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong
from Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing9: Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing
by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong
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These signs generally apply to all abusive relationships in all settings.

“Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book” by Sheila A Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert, MS RN, Mary J Wilk
from Mosby’s Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

The most prominent signs of elder abuse are depression, confusion, withdrawn behavior, isolation from friends and family, unexplained injuries (bruises, burns, or scars), appearing in need of care (dirty, undermedicated, or dehydrated), having bed sores, and

“Adult Development and Aging” by Susan K. Whitbourne, Stacey B. Whitbourne
from Adult Development and Aging
by Susan K. Whitbourne, Stacey B. Whitbourne
Wiley, 2020

Other signs are: She can’t get up in the morning for school on her own, doesn’t do her homework, fails classes, and doesn’t do household chores without being threatened or punished.

“The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Model” by Roshumba Williams, Anne Marie O'Connor
from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Model
by Roshumba Williams, Anne Marie O’Connor
Alpha Books, 1999

If you see any such signs in your teen—even if you think they are manipulative or overdramatized—turn to the next chapter and be prepared to get professional help.

“The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family” by David J. Miklowitz, Elizabeth L. George
from The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family
by David J. Miklowitz, Elizabeth L. George
Guilford Publications, 2007

Table 26-3 lists numerous signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect.

“Foundations of Mental Health Care E-Book” by Michelle Morrison-Valfre
from Foundations of Mental Health Care E-Book
by Michelle Morrison-Valfre
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  • According to this, I am emotionally abused by my elder sister… believe me, I related to every point with an example of my own life just to make sure and it is indeed……. true

  • He is a narcisist, & prob a sociopath. Theyre all the same. Mine got physically abusive, he beat, raped, threatened, broke my nose, held me captive, dissed my fam & friends. O yea, he was allureing, said, & did everything perfectly. Including sexually. Untill his switch flip’d.
    Then the physical shit started. I ran in the night. Total No Contact!!!!
    Fk him. & all the other defectives that believe women are for useing & abusing in so many ways.. Stay Strong… Ive been Total No Contact
    since 5/15, just 2 yrs into our [to good to be true] relationship. He
    Betrayed, Lied, Gaslighted, Broke
    My Bones, rip’d hair, spit in my face, put out cigs on my face, Choked, Punched & Knocked me out, Cut my face, Downtalked my family, Accused me of cheating with everyone. While He was Cheating w 2 others Daily… All along….. they do that.. He with held my Heart & Seizure meds, And Raped Me After Each Attack.. 10 to 15 mn appart, for 3 days 24/7. It all started with a backhand to my face in front of
    His friends, All His Abuses took place in less than 2 weeks. Except the Cheating, that was from the start i found.
    I still hung on [believing in love] Durring that time, I was in & out of hosp, Depressed, 1 & 1/2 yrs in bed. Thru Counseling, & lots of therapy, Im better, but he still haunts me.. Nothing but Disdain for the Abusive Narcopath user now. They arent capable of loving Anything! EVER.
    It passes for the most part. Im left w Physical, & Emotional Scares, Syndromes, & Disorders Forever.
    This is All ABSOLUTELY TRUE, & There’s ALOT MORE. We Can Survive The Monsters. Be Safe Sisters…

  • Hello I have a big problem. My dad is a musician. He started maybe not forcing me (I was 3 years old I can’t remember if I asked or I agreed or if he forced me) to play piano. I don’t like piano(and I’m 13 now btw). Big problem: him and his parents love seeing me playing piano. Another problem: he kinda forces me to play and practice by threatening to stop doing the things we(fishing) like if I don’t practice. He really rarely hit me because I would not play well anymore but I was to scared to say to him that I didn’t like piano thinking him and his grandparents would be sad I had stopped. How can I say no to continuing?? Right now I’m in another phase where I hate doing piano so he said that if I don’t play at least 10min a day he would deactivate the wifi for all of the family. Although I highly doubt that mom will agree on that I think it will lead to an argument and I will get blamed for it…. Help!

  • My ex did all them things and only realised through this video he was a horrible person and being tougher only a month he has effected me so much I’m lost my confidence im insecure and scared to leave the house because of what other ppl think of me when before could give a shit. He now got with a girl he known 3 days and the same thugs gonna happen!!!

  • My boyfriend yells at me very often. Im really worried that he might even hit me one day, he did once in front of his colleagues. He did slap my neck, because he wanted to show me something. He is not jealous or monitoring me.

  • 9 out of 10… unfortunately my narcistic daughter-in-law…
    My son is too blinded by love to see what is going on and we aren’t able to make him see ����

  • My first ex boyfriend showed all the sings (1,3,5,7) mentioned in this video! Thank you for making this! Hope it helps a lot of people like it did me!

  • I was in an emotional and abusive relationship for 19th months. He would leave me trapped in his flat so I couldn’t get out. He would starve me too. I had to go to the toilet in front of him. I eventually got rid and I never thought I would find anyone decent. I blamed myself and hated myself for a very long time. I thought no one would want me because I’m damaged goods. But 3 years later I meet a lovely guy and I really don’t know what I did to deserve him sometimes. But we’re getting married later in the year. Happy endings can I happen.

  • I walked out of a 13 year (mostly emotional) abusive marriage. I can totally relate to these signs. Deciding to leave was tough but by far the best choice I’ve made ������.

  • My best friend and parents were manipulative and abusive. Thank you for making this video! I hope everyone in abusive relationships see the red flags and leave.

  • Sooo when my nan tells me to sing and I try to reject because I don’t want too sing. Then she says how she looks after me and nobody loves her then starts yelling at me. Thats not normal?

  • I m in the satiation every single word he says that’s apply to me every single santance u say my wife is same thing she do what ever she wants if I wanna do it she will get mad at me
    And yelling at me all day saying you r stupid or dump all day every day ☹️

  • I’m struggling where I stand… idk if my gf needs help or I’m doing something wrong but all my friends and family seem to think I should leave as she’s mentally drained me. I’ve always been there for her, caring and loving/supportive but her personalities change almost like BPD or something, she acts like she doesn’t care towards me even though she says I deserve the world a day before. Really stuck and need help obviously so much more has happened between us but I’ve been loyal and loving from day one and she’s just kept changing since day one…

  • Fuck! Never worried about him hitting me but jeez! All this hit me hard! I’ve not been with him for 8 months now but where we have 2 children together, he makes sure he’s laid some ground rules down about them. They aren’t allowed to be in the house if I meet another guy (never have a night off them so impossible) I’ve lost all friends thanks to him not liking anyone, he comes to mine to see the kids because his ‘mother’ don’t want the kids there. He’s moody as hell all the time which has given me bad anxiety and depression. Still calls and messages me random crap to ask what I’m doing. Just fuck! That’s hit me soo hard!

  • Need to add to the isolation also not only the spouse cause you to isolate the person.

    Ok what about isolation from spouse an parent they isolate there self to keep from getting hurt in any kind of way an disrespect.

  • I dated this girl over 1 year who had a relationship with another guy. She said she was going to leave him and never did. Told me she was pregnant with me but never actually gave me any proof of the pregnant test. In january this year, 6 months after she told me she was not going to leave her boyfriend and i had accepted the fact, i said to her i can’t be her friend anymore cause i need to move on. The same day she texted me to call her up, something important had happend. She told me in tear (first time i heard her cry) that her Dad had died that day. The next 2 months she said many different things that did not add up to me. For example the date of the funeral, she was actually in another city. I confronted her with this and she told me i’m the worst person on earth for not believing her, even tho i had seen no pictures of it ever happend or any proof that he actually was dead. She never wanted to talk about it and avoided me alot. Asking me questions not answering mine. During this time she was very needy from me and kept telling the story that her dad had passed away, counting on me for support when i tried to find my own way in life without her.

    Yesterday, 8 months after january i made a call to my goverment/taxes department and you can ask them questions about a person if that person is alive or dead. It’s a law in my country that doctors have to announce it to the goverment when someone is dead. It turned out her dad is actually alive and she lied to me and destroyed me as person just because i tried to move on, in a friendly way.

    She doesn’t know, that i know the fact that he is alive. Im not even gonna bother confronting her, i just realised that she has been a liar the whole time. I did not pay attention to the red flag from the start. But i learned alot and to trust myself. I was manipulated and mental abused by someone i thought i knew, loved and care for.

    Not anymore. Put faith and trust in yourself.

  • I try to make my boundaries clear to my parents, and I tell them when they say/do something that hurts or upsets me, but my parents always tell me “we aren’t here to care about your feelings”

  • I thank you if you use your time to read how my depression went from Almost better to Suicidal:
    My stepmom cleans my room every month and yells at me because im not perfect. One day she found a lot of candy wrappers in my room that i forgot to clean out. I (as usual because im stared as heck of her) cried and usually you rub/cover your eyes when you cry. But she kept pulling my arms away of my face. So i left my room to eat. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to my brothers room saying “look how clean he is” and such words. So tuen she dragged me back to my room and continued yelling saying “fix yourself” and “learn to clean your stuff up” and even “stop being this messy thing you are”. I could barely speak so i mumbled “why do you hate me” and she got in my face and screamed “what did you say?!”. I got mad and screamed back, ghen cried more because she screamed right in my ear ahout how she this and she that. I rubbed my eyes because i had tears all over my face, and she pulled my arms down again. I really dojt lieke being touched so i yelled at her to stop touching me. (This is the part that still [after 6 months] makes me cry, shake, and avoid her) She got mad ad me for yelling at her.. so she grapped me by my forearms, lifted me, pinned me to a wall, and screamed at me not to tell her what to do. I was crying my lungs out i was so scared, and she was digging her nails into my arms causing me to be in pain. Eventually she dropped me and told me to clean my whole room and she wont let me sleep till it is clean, and after its clean i would have to sleep in the living room floor for a month. Now she always ignores me, treats me like a maid, tells me rude things, paralizes me out of fear when she is even moving in the living room when im in the kitchen, and always looks at me like im the worst thing she ever laid eyes on…
    I hage always been stressed from loosing a few friends to suicide and half my family, but that killed me inside and made my secret depression ten times worse.

  • Just wanted to say that I made it out of a mentally and emotionally abusive marriage two years ago, and it was the best decision of my life. I’m with a loving partner who makes me feel strong and brave, and I’m thriving in my healing journey. There is hopeprotect yourselves!

  • Spy your partner’s phone with 0 stress and gain complete complete access to their call log, text messages, social media and everything on your phone.
    Contact or +16469263110

  • I’ve just burst out crying after watching this I’ve just broke up with my partner.i am so mad at him for doing this too me and I am so mad at myself for putting up with this.i think I’ve come to realise that I am better on my own my self esteem and confidence is at rock bottom but I’m determined to prove him wrong he has no control over me anymore he always terrified me and that’s not love xxxx

  • Please reply because I’m currently going though this but so much worse. I relate to all of this. How did you leave? And did this relationship effect how you treated or will treat your next boyfriend?

  • My family think I’m ugly.
    My teacher thinks I’m stupid.
    Most of my friends laugh at me when I fail a test and isolate me because they find me annoying.

    Only one of my friends actually emotionally support me. She doesn’t have a phone number even though she’s mature enough to have one, and all of my other friends have my number and humiliate me. One day I want to jump off the roof of a high building so I don’t have to jump off a two story building and only break a few bones. I want to die in the hospital and have my family cry tears of joy at my funeral.

  • My 20 year old daughter is in a emotional and physical abusive marriage. There are kids involved. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to experience as a mother. I’ve tried to help but she is brainwashed by her husband. She won’t speak to me, cut me off completely. I’m so afraid for her and the kids.

  • Hey I have a question so my ex was always telling me if I talked to other boys that karma would come my way or he when I tried to break up with him he would say he would kill himself or he said he would hurt me. Was that abusive like a abusive relationship? Other things did happen but I just want to knoww

  • i moved in with one of these again. sorry i noticed that your son is having extremely obvious vision problems and the eye doctor says he is legally blind. i guess that constitutes that i have no respect or boundaries and that i have an attitude problem. ������… and that when i go out you text bomb me telling me you miss me. deranged much? gladly will i leave your insanity house. you don’t have to ask twice. yes, i’m calling your bluff. living in my vehicle looks like a lot more of a safer option then living with a loon.

  • God it’s hard to hear these things and know the truth…because now that I’m not ignorant of it, I can’t stand for it. It’s so hard.

  • If you’re reading this, know you are amazing. Stay strong!

    I was in an extremely emotionally abusive relationship. Once you point out the parts that aren’t normal, you can’t unsee it. Wish I had seen this years ago!

  • My ex forced me to be in a relationship with him cause he knew I was weak and lonely. He always played the good guy in front of my parents but he never cared about what I want or how I feel.
    Once I locked myself in the bathroom cause I was afraid of him. He turned the lights of and send me messages that I will loose him if I wont come out and admit my guilt.(writing with guys he doesnt know)

  • My husband does similar things. I have medical bills and he implies it’s my fault. He also never gives me access to our savings just ignores my requests to be attached to it it’s is my money too. He verbally snaps at me in front of our kids but when I defend myself he says why do you make me look like the bad guy

  • My family is just so annoying so I stay in my room all day and she came in here today calling me different names and lazy next time she hits me hard ima call CPS she got mad because when she said I’ll never get a husband I said I don’t care so this went on for abt 30 minutes yeah so I attempted suicide by slitting my wrist but that shit didn’t work weak ass knifes ����

  • Damn. This hit so many significant points for me personally.I was NEVER allowed to hang out with just female friends, I had to block every male who wasn’t family on my FB, I was somehow always completely wrong about any *topic*. If I suggested a song, it was a stupid choice just because I picked it. And I was forced to have very limited contact with my family.

    It became physically abusive as well. I’m pretty sure I got a concussion at one point. I have a hard time remembering things.
    I got away though. I’m now dealing with the aftermath of all of that as well as the catalyst for me finally leaving. It was when my only sister passed away. I promised my mom I’d find some way to get home.

  • The main point she made here that applied to me the most was the “threats” part. My girlfriend threatens to leave me whenever I do something she doesnt like. ESPECIALLY if its something to do with other people like hanging out with friends. She’ll say things like “So youre gonna pick xyz over me? I dont want to be with a guy whos choosing everybody over me”

  • Hope everyone have a great weekend. We know we’re releasing a lot of new videos lately, but hope they all help! Also, what do you guys think of these next few topics: 1)

    Feel free to post requests below.

  • My husband dont trust my advices and he blame me that because he followed my advice on an important matter i am the reason of his loss… he always wanna make me feel guilty for everything… he try to control my emotions and make me feel worthless but i will not let it happen! Inshallah may Allah grant me a better husband! Amen…

  • just confirmed what i already knew….i have an abusive relationship with my mother. i cried till the end relating to every warning:(

  • My 18 year old sister (I’m 21) verbally & physically assaults me… DAILY!!! Even just because I look at her… Her psychiatrists say she’s stage 3 bipolar!!!! But shes a FUCKING psychopath

  • Been with someone like this for 5 years. The only thing he wasn’t was jealous. But it was in a way that made me so incredibly insecure like he wouldn’t give a shit anyway. He also seemed to want more time away from me than to be with me, unless it was me coming to his place but he wouldn’t really put any effort for me. I gave him all of me. He just took it like it was nothing. He made me so dependent on him. He broke up with me a few months ago and I am so broken. I should be happy, I’m starting to realize more and more of the way he treated me and my heart physically feels broken. But I’m not happy and I want him back and I hate the fact that I want him back in the first place

  • What I found is most men don’t understand childhood Truama and this is because they haven’t connected the dots…they need to wake up before its too late… the victims become the abusers

  • So a wife never dresses up never puts makeup on never fixes her hair before she goes into work then she starts saying stuff about Chad how he said this or that and it was hilarious and then all of a sudden she starts dressing up fixing her hair putting on makeup keeping her phone really close and you expect a man not to say what the hell are you doing I want to see your phone?

  • I don’t really speak of this much but this is what happened to me by my OWN BROTHER and his wife. My mum died and they took me in but they didn’t want to look after me, they did all these things to me instead of being there for me. This happened for just over 6 years and I let it happen. They constantly did this all the time and they took my money because they knew how much they could pocket from me. They used me as a slave and a free baby sitter constantly. I couldn’t take it any longer so I upped and left because I wasn’t going to allow it any longer because to them no matter what I did, it was always my fault ��

  • This was very helpful. I got a question. What if he turns the abuse on you? Makes it seem like I’m the crazy one? Does that make him a narcissist?

  • What if the victim is having an affair and screaming out in ecstasy during sex marathons in a motel but won’t admit it and gaslights like a champion.

    Thats just an example. There are abuses that can influence and trigger all the abuses in the video. It’s like abuse chess.

  • Am I aloud to call Child protective services for mental abuse for chronicle anger
    Enmeshment or codependence
    Being degraded
    Dominates and controls
    Public shaming to friend and family?

  • Parents should really watch this kind of videos… will make them realize where they are going wrong in their parenting and will also improve many children’s emotional health better.
    I hope my family watches this someday:'(

  • However my parents raised me with love I think I have missed some affection and attention from my father which makes me a target for the wrong men and it makes me behave codependent.

  • I’m on the verge of beating the living shit out of my mothers husband.
    He is a disgusting, condescending, prick on a constant basis.

  • yall im in a bad place right now. i mean in my house. i am adhd and i have an abusive autistic sister, but i cant do much about it since i am i minor and even her counciler said you cant really punish and austisic person and it hurts me inside and out, constantly living in anxiety. and i get punished but she doesnt!!!!!! its not fair at all. and i take the punishments too! she has a meltdown and throws a fit! I just need some support.

  • Sounds like one of my best friends.

    But I’m trying to help her because I don’t want her to be like this. She has an abusive family tho and she’s learning and listening to me so it’s good

  • My mom told me it was my fault in a way bc I stayed but I was 18 & it went on for a few years but he threatened to take my babygirl we just had from me & he would hurt me so bad that no man would ever want me again bc he would destroy my face! It was verbal & physical. I grew up in a loving family so this was all new to me. I was so scared. Finally I got a PFA which he kept violating it but then he hurt another girl & went to state prison for year’s. The cop’s would not ever get involved when I called them & they saw my nose busted & lips bleeding & the cop’s said it is basically a waste of their time bc the girl usually takes the guy back anyways.
    Thanks for the video!

  • My husband do all of those things.When I leave him he beg me to go back with him and he beat me up.I leave him again he begging me to go back with him he is a change man he never change.Same old same ol

  • I’ve been in a emotional abusive relationship for about 2 years. We are not together no more, but I still feel trapped mainly because I can’t seem to get him out my life.. I really don’t know what to do?

  • I left one a few months ago and I’m still hurting with it every day and I can’t take the confusion and the heartbreak. I want to die

  • Your too beautiful and smart to be with that mentality disturbed boy. Thanks for sharing and wishing u a new happy and healthy relationship.

  • Lol, my ex made me feel like I had to ask permission for everything. Then he says “you don’t have to ask me for permission”. So when I don’t, he’s like I wish you would’ve told me…. like????

  • What about not being allowed to change without him watching under the guise that it’s his turn on and intimate? And he gets mad and offended if I do, like makes a big deal over it and I should’ve “waited for him”. Is that normal intimacy expectations or am I not crazy for feeling like it’s controlling and what not? Just one example of several things.

  • It sux how common this is. Throughout the video, I was replaying incidents in my head & was like yup gone through that & that & that. I’m still fighting this, I need to get this “hope” out of my head. I can’t stand being treated like nothing when I’m giving all the time. I used to be so happy & glowy & now I have friends & family say I look like a different person now��. But I’m holding strong as much as I can!

  • I’m told I’m the one who has issues and need to get help, did that with better help. Was told that was not the right kind of help. So now I’m back to square one. Being told I have issues and need to get help.

  • well what the hell i might as well go fuck myself i dont give a shit about anything anymore and “its all in my head” i have every single one of these things my father was absent for now 9 years of my life and i was sexually abused at the age of 11 small noises scare me and i sit im my room at the middle of the night for hours frozen with fear and anxiety. does anyone have similar problems because i would love to talk to you

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  • A friend of mine is being abused by their partner and I don’t know how to go about pointing it out. It feels like me and my brother are the only people who motice

  • My mom used to physically abuse me when I was 6 years old, she used to pull my hair, slap me, kick me, bang my head on the wall, hit me with a cane. But now I’m 16, she still has a cane to hit me and my siblings, but she stopped abusing me physically, but it’s gotten worse because now, my whole family started to emotionally abuse me, I overheard my mother and her sisters talking today and heard that she said that when I was a kid, I never cried over a thing, not physically not emotionally, and she said that she never saw me cry (excluding when I was a newborn) but little did she know that among my siblings, I, the oldest one, cries the most, but not in front of them. I feel like I need support from someone, but there’s no one that understands me nor listens to me. My aunt is just like me, she likes to draw, likes anime, and she’s only 24, I thought she’s the one who understood me very well, but I was disappointed when I realized she’s just like them. Even when I want to talk to them, I make up a whole speech in brain to tell them, but then inside me, I say “nothat’s too long, they’ll interrupt you” the fact that I got used to all of this is just… Wow.

    and he keeps enetring my room….as ussual no concent uses my blow dryer and looks at me dead in the goes to the mirror and looks at himself and takes a glimpse at me thru the mirror and goes to the bathroom doing nothing no sound at all locked dorr idk what hes doing, and he’s walking so slowly,
    he even at one point opens the door does nothing and just stands there, and he’s been doing this for a while i told him to stop once and he started screamingggggg and hitting and throwing things and spitting at me, so i had to ignore him, and when he left he just left slowly..again
    he allways tries to expose me to my parents, but when i do it he starts getting mad kicking hitting, chasing with a knife
    a hammer, and a steel stick put a remote in my eye
    and he did something so bad once that i cant even mention
    and he’s trying to look all buff and shit and looks at the shit i have and snatches it so fast and looks at me deadly and leaves slowly he even layed down in my room randomly on the ground
    wanna know something else??, remember that day when he took a pic of us talking to each other? bcs appearantly i waas wasting time while the uber was waiting for us, HE WAS 15 MINUTES AWAYYY
    he never lets us take pics of him
    he broke my phone and hit my head and kicked me for taking a photo of him
    oh an when i got home after he took that photo os us, i told my mom he was wrong and stuff, when my mom told him not to take pics of me, he got all mad threw a metal tissue box at me and kicked me and my rabbit in to the metal cage
    yeah he killed a cat 2
    and he threw my bunny accross the room
    and he broke my window
    and he punched my tooth till it broke and bleeded
    very recent
    took my things used them then broke them all, and used half my shit for room decor
    he took my hoverboard guitar,skate board, pillow,teddy bears, headbands, hairties
    he kicked our mum punched her gave her bruises threw a shoe at her called her innapropriate names like slut/whore
    but my family swear to god when they lie especially my brother, they are hypcrites, immature, pathelogical liars
    so the police would actually think im the crazy and mental one
    oh and when we went to visit my cousins, and aunt they said he needed a mental hospital in just the 3 rd day
    and he ruins every fun moment and happy vacation for us
    he’s allways crying for no reason hitting raging making problems
    and he even yelled at our cousin in the iddle of the mall for sitting next to me, he was the only boy cousin we ha
    he was just 8
    and once he wanted to visit the hotel with me the boy cousin, but my brother didnt want to stay in aunty’s house with the rest of the girls, and so my brother made a whole problem so noone was able to go to the hotel from my cousins, so that was a day waisted of drama, BCS OF HIM AS USUALL
    OVERREACTING AND BEING DRAMATIC smh, what should i do?

  • see most of these my girlfriend relates to but i dont even want to think for a second about it but now it stuck in my head. i cant leave her. i jus csnt do anything about it.

  • I tried forgiving this man several times. He keeps begging me back. He keeps telling me that hell work on himself and treat me better. I do not think I can do this anymore. I muat admit, I left him several timrs. This is bc he was violent. This man has sextwd women. Still, he yelled at my dentist for having a boner. My dentist did not.

  • Accusing you of cheating or talking to other guys when you don’t! Calling you names. Telling you you could never do it on your own.

  • I think I’m in this kind of relationship, like im totally living in a seperate country from all my family and friends, and I met this guy like the first week I moved on, and I have a lot of problems with him recently. 
    Like the first week we were dating he told me really weird stuff so I decide to tell him to stop texting me or anything, but like a week later I saw him again and I told him I wanted to date him again and I guess I did that because I was feeling so lonely, because I really had no friends (just my roommates) and now I understand that I saw a person who “cared” about me, so I couldn’t feel lonely. 
    But now we are like 4 months together and I’ve watched a lot of videos of abusive relationships and like in all the videos at least like 60% of what they say has happened to me, but im just really scared of leaving him, because once I was with my friends in the middle of the night walking on the street and we were having fun, because it was vacations and we had a dinner night. Of course I told my boyfriend to come, but he told me that he needed to work all night, BUT like as we were walking I saw him with his Ex-girlfriend, and he freaked out and I started crying and my friends took me home and I called my mom and I just wrote him that I wanted to breakup w him. BUT next day he went to my apartment and beg me to stay with him, because if not he was going back to his country (cause me and him where not from the country we met) and saying me that Im everything for him etc…
    I really want to finish this chapter but I just don’t know how. I hope soon I can be strong enough to do it.

  • I was about to get into such relationship. But thanks to God I picked the first two signs mentioned here quite early and ended it right away. There is no need to waste time with such people. On the other hand, I pray to God to give him some understanding about his wrong behaviours.

  • I was abused by my husband and after he has isolate himself against me, given me silence treatment am also hurt that I need him to apologize to me how to go about it please need immediate reply because I can’t control myself anymore. Thank u

  • My mom: yells at me for not cleaning up/Threatens to break my things

    Me who’s already used to getting yelled/threatened, but also gets up and cleans while being scared because I know she’ll hit me-

  • I need help guys is there somone with me im hurting inside i get abused physically verbally and emotionally by my mother and im tired of it she hit me in my nose the other day and it started bleeding shes never home and never feeds me and i never gets to speak to Her about my problems because she never listens to me and when im right about something she will tell my brothers the situation to shame me and they will laugh at me life isnt the same but i cant show hate but i am traumatized

  • my mom makes me feel like a bad person by saying things like: your selfish, you need to stop watching videos like these(even when I told her that the YouTube I watch makes me feel accepted etc). Also when I told her I felt like she was emotionally twisting my emotions she said “well I grew up with emotional abuse so I can tell you what it is and what isn’t”
    Sometimes I feel like she’s right but I also can’t tell if it is emotional abuse
    Could someone help me out???

  • A life lesson I wish I learend sooner: you are RESPONSIBLE for your wellbeing. STOP enabling others to treat you like sh!t. Also, if you had emotional abuse growing upyou may be familiar to it and tolerate it from others. CUT IT OUT. Expect more from others.

  • I struggled a lot with a recent relationsip in which the other person was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression. I had the tendency of always overlook behaviours (such as excessive insecurity, chronic anger
    /sarcasm, disparaging humor, having a Punitive mindset, controlling nature, predominate self-centeredness and the need to be on the offense) because I thought it was the disease’s effects, never taking the other person’s accountability for hurtful actions/words. I wonder if someone with that sort of diagnosis can be responsible for such behaviours or if I should be more understang, even though my feelings/needs are not being addressed…

  • Me talking to my friend: who does this sound like?

    My friend: your dad

    Me: �� I got kicked out of the house at 18 because my dad didn’t want another divorce to happen because my step mom and I didnt get along.

  • What if time and time again your girlfriend flirts and is unfaithful and you use trust for her and you ask her what she is or who she is talking to to verify her story to rebuild trust???? You present it in defense to potential cheaters.

  • In light of this video, I fear I might be in an abusive relationship, but this is kinda not the first time I was thinking about that, but I dont know of any platform where I could currently discuss it especially in these time, I anyone could reach out that would be greatly appreciated…

  • My mom is so mean to me just today i was just watchinng youtube and then i wasnnt able to hear what she said so she sweared at me and then took my earphones away and said many mean things to me ����

  • My wife is physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally and financially abusive. She makes all the money because she won’t let me wrk so she can maintain control and be she she doesn’t want to be bothered with our 3 young kids. She can’t be trusted with them alone anyway. I have come home from the store ( just 10 minutes) and found my 3yr old wandering around outside by himself, and she had no idea, nor did she care at all. She won’t even change the kids either, so I am forced to always be with them for their safety since she doesn’t care about them at all and I feel maybe she even hates them and would hurt them or let them get hurt intentionally to spite me. When she is abusive to me physically i leave and try to stay with family to get away but she then starts threatening me with police and making false police reports to try to get the police to kill me. I’m not making this up. I literally can’t get away. I’m 99% sure she has cheated on me and is doing so now. She travels for work for weeks at a time and a few weeks ago she started having all of her money put into her sisters account so I can not access it at all. I have to beg for money for stuff me and the kids need or want or even to pay bills, because she is even too irresponsible to make sure bills get paid. I feel like a slave and I’m trapped. We have stretches that are good but she always makes excuses to treat me like shit. She joined a dating website the same day she threw me and the kids on the street last time, just a few weeks ago and started flirting with one of her former coworkers. Now she’s away for the past 6 or 7 weeks and I have no idea what she is doing behind my back. She left on good terms and was supposed to give me an “allowance,” which she had done in the past, so it was a shock to me when she started depositing all of her money into her sisters account instead. And she is making more money than most doctors, but not a dime to me. I have to beg and she still won’t give me anything a lot of times. It’s sickening to me. I was a homemaker since the kids were born and she has said she doesn’t want them but if I try to escape, she threatens me and tries to get the kids who are not safe with her. I really don’t know what to do at this point. Trying to hang in for a few more years but the kids are still young

  • I think the worst part for me has been me actually believing that he was criticizing or doing all of the things you mentioned to “help me”. He told me that he was the only person who understood me and I should let him do all of the work.:(

  • my mom emotionally and verbally abuses me. good thing is that im almost 18 and so is my friend, so we’re gonna pool our money together and rent an apartment or something like that. her parents physically abuse her so we’re gonna try our best to put our focus on other things and leave our abusers in the past. i know it’ll be hard but we’ll get through it:)

  • My friends are saying that I may be in an emotionally abusive relationship. I’m not sure what to think, but I wanted to ask you if you think it’s possible for someone who is abusive to change. I really love this girl and I don’t want to lose her, and I really want to hold onto whatever hope I can and believe that we can work.

  • I love her, but I can only be said sorry to so many times. She reminds me of my dad almost identically. I ended the relationship and she’s still flip flopping between she loves me and needs me back and I used her and never loved her. I hope she finds someone who can help her

  • I could tell my grandma shes meNtaLly abusing me then it would backfire, and she would say ive been mentally abusing her for years. And the other day i made her mad and now she wont enroll me in school ;-;

  • I can’t tell if its me or her she berates me talks down to me, calls me a failure talks bad about my kids. I can be emotionally distant because of the pain. I dont feel like I want to dominate her. I want to be equal and my opion to hold some weight. I could not be on our last house lease so we moved and she forced me into a new house with the same issue no lease for me, but she says it was for me to be closer to my job. I try to talk and she rolls her eyes so I walk away, then she’ll apologize and say its because of her A.d.d. she is mad that I have a relationship with my kids and says I don’t put her first over my kids. I gave up custody of my son to move to Florida because she made the decision to move us. I had no say now I am alone in a state with no blood family. She moved her mom in our house, for 3years now and her mom decided that my brother in law fresh from prison had to move in with us without discussing it with me. Its been 11 months and he refuses to get a job and my wife tells me she is tired of supporting me even though I contribute to the bills and pay all of my own. She makes more money than me and holds it against me because as a man I should be making more than her. I dont know if I am right or wrong but I feel so defeated. I had surgery so she bought two new hospital style beds but thats not what I want, I can’t argue because she says she is doing it for me my opinion doesn’t matter she knows what is right for us. I sleep like a 1950s couple now on a twin bed. And almost everything else I’ve experienced from this video

  • I’m crying watching this, and the man in question is sleeping right now, snoring… I am going through all dis and so much more but I just don’t have the financial resources to get out with my kids, I feel sick to my marrow…. Just praying I will one day get the support to move because he’s made sure I gat nothing, even friends and family are no where to be found because of him….I feel dead but I keep up a straight face just for the kids and him as bcos if I don’t, it gets worse

  • i have many friends like this but i didn’t call the police beacuse me and her are still to young to called at ;^; i have been hit and punched i had an abusive friend
    she is still outhere ;-;

  • The most ignored abuse is an “odious women’s, when she is married”. Proverbs 30-21-23 kjv

    She incites him to hatred….
    then turns around and cries to others. “I’m emotionally abused”.

  • My ex did…I think four of these to me, but I would add gas-lighting, by the way. He did a lot of that, too. It’s a good thing he never hit me, both for me and for him. On my end, I’m half his size (at least in weight, but he has over a foot on me, too). On HIS end, I’ve got a lot of big men in my family and I don’t think they’d be averse to mob justice.

  • I’m actually dealing with this kind of abuse right now when I was 9 yrs old my dad screamed at me so loud when I didn’t find his phone but then I biffed up and yelled back and then he put his hands around his neck then I went to time out after that I felt like suicide he does the same to my mom but it’s physical abuse like he has scars around her whole neck this is horrible I can’t wait to leave his cruel life he is a great father tho but he isn’t a great person this is why I think he is right sometimes but I don’t listen to him he is a jerk he is the reason why I cry so much at school and this is why most people like me who have been emotional abused wants to move with the other parent and don’t care if they leave there parent or not he controls me and always calls me stupid and calls me bad names and says I smell and pulls me aggressively and forces me to pick up mice for him when I’m just like 9 yrs old and calls me dumb and lazy and always brags when he is more better than me I just want this to end and he calls my mom a slut and a cheater and a hoe when she done nothing wrong

  • You hit every one of them. ��
    And usually I cry every time I watch videos like these. Most of the time, I can’t. It’s so bad at home, but I have no where to go and there IS NO help available, in my case. For all the others I see here, I know your pain. I know how bad it hurts. I’m sorry. My heart breaks for each and every one of you.

    ETA mine physically abuses me too; but I know from experience with both types, I’d “rather” be hit than emotionally abused. Don’t take this wrong; definitely not a “masochist.” It’s just that bruises heal… with the heart, it takes so much longer… I don’t know if I will ever heal from all he’s put me through ��

  • Of the two relationships I’ve been in, my second relationship was emotionally abusive. The girl I was dating would often give me a hard time about a benign tremor in my hand, mock me, insult me and call me names. She also harassed me and tried treating me like a servant. She also told me not to speak to certain people we both knew and even resorted to intimidation, plus this abuse had been going on from 2010 to roughly 2012. I’ve only now just started speaking up, so I’m ashamed that I’d kept it to myself for a while.

  • I want to know if my dad might become physical towards me. He abuses My mom, My little half brother and sister and Myself and hurt me twice(but so has my mom) and hurts my younger brother and sister more especially my brother. Because my brother is feminine he hits him a lot and hit my sister for being scared of a movie and I had to stop my self from reacting the same way she did. I’m not sure if he does any of these things to my younger siblings but he does everything in this video to me and the times he hurt me it said he was playing a game even tho i was yelling and cry while my mom watched all she said was for him to stop and said it softly like she didn’t care and told me to be quite since my grandma lives with us and it was very late. I kinda got off topic but are these signs he’ll become more physical?

  • Can a sibling be emotionally abusive? I feel so bad asking. My sister meets most of these things. I’ve always been told its just being siblings. And also because my sister has helped me see my parents can be toxic at times. And I feel like talking about how I feel about her to others is horrible because she always is talking about how depressed she is and has threatened to kill herself or cutting if I didn’t do stuff for her. I know this paragraph was long but I need some guidance.

  • Nobody likes people who dislikes videos
    But hey! Only a few people dislikes so never send hate or talk about them it’s their opinion so love everyone

    Oh btw here! even the haters! here were gonna get through this together ��

    OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoh you look cute look! ������

  • I still can’t decide if I’m dealing with this or not, but the worst part is that I’m moving in with this person (also moving to another country), and I don’t know what’s the right thing to do..

  • I’m going through the same thing (I think). He tells me whenever he gets annoyed or frustrated that I can pack my shit up and leave or I’ll find another girlfriend that wants to do this or threaten my job or threaten to break up with me.

    It’s so hard to identify if this is verbal abuse or whatever.

  • Hey does anyone feel the way I feel
    I am a positive person, but I feel like I can never do anything right. My mother, I love her a lot, always gets mad at me for not doing anything the way she wants and tells me that my sister is her good child, my brother is her cute child and I’m, idek. Why?

  • If a family member or lover tries to contact your friends or social media contacts and spread lies or rumors about you that is emotional abuse. If you are shunned by friends or family that is emotional abuse.

  • My wife is emotionally abusive and it’s taking a huge toll on my mental health. My friends and family are understanding and give me advice and it seems clear we should divorce but we have a son and I’m living in her country. I will never get custody because I have too many strikes against me, I’m male, I’m a foreigner, she makes more money and others.
    I’m happy when we are together but the emotional abuse comes hard and fast and then everything ‘wrong’ I’ve ever done is laid on me and she screws me back into my place under her overbearing, ever-present thumb of judgement and control. The hard part is I still love her.
    I’m just venting, not looking for advice or ‘likes’
    I hope others watching this video can find their path to contentedness.

  • Emotional abuse, as the video said, is **deliberate**. If someone does these things without knowing it harms a person, it’s not abuse, it’s a misunderstanding.

  • Jehovah’s Witness sexual abuse cover up. Get out of this relationship right now. The JW’s coverall sexual abused. FBI should investigate them and arrest the Watchtower.

  • I got out of a relationship. I told them I just wanted to be friends but they decided to tell me they were going to stay committed to me. I told them I want to be nothing more than friends but they remained the same. It put serious mental stress on me and whenever I would get feelings or what to be around someone else, I felt guilt even if I wasn’t anything more than a friend. I hated it. Since then Ive mentally tried to move on.

  • My dad: why aren’t you talking to me whilst I am yelling at you
    Also my dad: why are you opposing my opinion. This cannot be right. You are a crap person and you are going to have a sad life

  • My girlfriend was exactly like this, she blamed a suicide attempt on me because I tried to end things and then when we finally ended things she dropped off every gift I’d ever given her at my house about 2 hours later, this was only 2 weeks ago and I work with this girl, every time I’m on shift with her she will keep giving me dirty looks or look at me whilst laughing and it really gets under my skin, I don’t really know how to deal with this, I want to be the bigger person but she’s really bothering me and no one else is noticing what she is doing

  • I have not heard anyone bring up the example of what you refer to as chivalry. That is very interesting about the possibility of the very helpful things or the seemingly helpful things like ordering for another, being part of the control. Even if the person chooses their own food and the other person orders, do you still think that this is a form of control?

  • So i have a wicked heroin addiction my fiancee is controlling me by telling i cant have the bankcard, makes me feel guilty when I use, says that i make her sad and am breaking her heart by using and finally gave me the ultimatum that i could be high or have her.
    I am now getting help and getting clean. Damn that abusive bitch.

    Things are way more complicated that a 15 minute video. Things are not always black and white. She saved my life.

  • Can you please, please, please make a video about emotionally absent parents? I have been looking for videos like that but nothing good popped up. (For example, signs that your parents have been emotionally absent or how it affected you) ��

  • All of these traits perfectly describe my mom’s boyfriends, mostly her first and third boyfriend. My mom’s third boyfriend are numbers 1, 7 and 10 the most. I remember when my mom’s third ex used to blow up over trivial things that don’t bother normal people and would shove Christianity down my throat when he hardly practices what he preaches, and I recall when we used to go clothes shopping at Walmart and he never approved of me wearing pants that were my regular size and forced me to wear pants that were a size or two bigger, and he hates it when I wear sneakers more than sandals. He never apologized for any of his toxic behavior. I still hate and don’t forgive him to this day.

  • I’ve been feeling some what depressed these past few days because of my grandma. I think she MIGHT be emotionally abusing me. She has always been sexist and has favored my brothers and now we don’t talk. But recently my brother was mad at me and started hitting me and then my grandma came and got really mad AT ME. So then later she’s on the phone with my uncle and tells us that I’m not a girl, I’m a monster. A few minutes pass and she comes into my parents bedroom (I’m watching a movie by myself) and she goes off and then tells me I’m nothing, and slams the door. I told my parents and said it was nothing but it really hurts me. I feel useless and a disappointment. I convince myself that I’m ok but am I?

  • OK this is cool and all but I have struggled for 5 yrs I’m 14
    Know I’m saying is there a 5 ways to kill ur parents cuz Im done and I’m not
    Gonna change a bit ����

  • My mom was abused mentally and physically when she first got married she was happy but my dad died then she married my stepdad whose not even a dad he doesn’t deserve to be called dad he’s a abuser as well and mom only agrees with him to keep him sane but when she’s not home I got to deal with his verbal abuse

  • Thank you so much. I already left him but I am having such a hard time and I want to go back. 5 years together, married for 2. Having to remind myself what I have dealt with has been abuse. Even though it feels normal. Thank you

  • when they order for you and you bring it to their attention that you would appreciate if they would stop doing that. Then your met with the partner gasligting you. Telling you, they never done that before.

  • I am guilty of all, now I lost my first love of 1 year. I am dedicated to better myself and maybe get her back in the future to show I can change. I will forever regret my decisions and I didn’t realize how much she actually meant to me until it was too late, any advice on what to do?

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  • This all happens to me and I’m only 13 she doesn’t care that I cut myself I’m in the break of killing myself im so tired of everything

  • I was with someone like this for 2.5-3 years I recently left him in March I just got fed up with being treated this way I’m still dealing with the emotional pain but I know it takes time for me to heal and get better!

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    Best of luck

  • My boyfriend never comes to visit me…hell make me miss him just to get his way i get that wondering who he is and ive been with him for a year

  • I’ve been dating a guy since I was 17 (I’m now 29) I am go away with 4 friends for the weekend (2 males 1 female) and my BF keeps saying J never told him not meet these people when he has.

    My BF DOES nothing around the house, takes my money and smokes weed everyday!

    I’m on CBD meds ((given by a doctor)) when I told him I wants to break up and he refused to leave and said he’ll kill himself. On a good note I don’t see him anymore and starting to get back to the OLD me and seeing friends who I want to see and can see male.or female without him getting in the way

  • It is going down a rabbit hole. Feels like no way out. Best to pack a bag and leave while they are at work. Block all contact. Leave and never look back.

  • Hearing the accusing and blaming really makes me laugh, because my moms insecurities in her accusing and blaming really shines through when you understand it’s insecurities

  • saying that you have a problem with suicidal thoughts when your life seems pointless and hopeless isn’t the same as being abusive and I seriously think that whoever made this video needs to acknowledge that. I have been fighting off suicidal thoughts and feelings ever since I can remember and I grew up in a very abusive household. if it is used to manipulate others then it’s abusive but it also isn’t real. if youare having suicidal thoughts and feelings then you need to talk to someone and get it sorted out. if your spouse etc brings up those topics when you say it’s time to end this or that you need a break, then it is probably just a power play to make you stay. on the other hand don’t tell your abuser these things because they will use them against you. if you feel like your partner, family and friends will be better off if you off yourself, then you are in the deep and takin on water my friend. if your spouse brings this up when you are leaving a relationship get them help as you go

  • Number 3: Guilt trip

    My dad kept doing this especially when I texted my mom i would seek out help he called me a betrayer. Ssk. So dramatic. I’d rather have no dad than that monster. He just smacks my baby brother when my brother is calm and says my baby sister (who has had cancer for 2 years and can understand English perfectly) should die. And he wanted to divorce my mum when she didn’t come to the hospital because she wanted to shower before she went (he would have had to stay with my baby sister for like an extra 15-20 minutes)

  • Ty i an alot of viewers appreciate the advice. The laws need to change. For women. Just cause she might not have black eye or fat lip does not mean she is not being abused. Could be sexually. Or any of the other things u mentioned

  • Yup I recognized: 1) highly criticism (never good enough, I have never felt so less in my life), 2) calling me almost everyday while im just out of town for less than a week (even if I am not out of town and we see each other everyday due to work, I still get a call every night)… and 3) OMG the making a twist and making things always my fault or it is never his fault. 4) Yelling at me with no respect 5) Extreme moodiness (just moody and cranky out of nowhere). He could be up at one point and upset another (like a freaking circus-I should be charging for audience $$ out of this)


    And… He’s not even my boyfriend. Though he act like an abusive one

  • I didn’t know that some of these behaviors were abusive back then. Now I see why my ex broke up with me. I thought that having a bad temper, expressing your anger with words, telling her everything you think without prudence, checking up on your girlfriend, feeling jealousy and forcing other people to do things to get them out of their comfort zone, and kissing your loved one without warning; I thought those were normal behaviors in relationships. It’s hurts to admit that I was an abusive person, without meaning to. But now I know better and I have improved my beliefs about relationships, love and people.

  • I live with an emotionally abusive woman. The way she treats our child is horrible. She is good at time, but when it’s bad, it’s real bad. This is probably 4 days a week. I have been learning to stay as calm as I can, but when I see her put our child in danger, I can’t take it. Unfortunately, we live in a society where men have no power in this situation. I have been logging the abuse, taking videos, and audio. The lawyers tell me I have no chance. Feeling helpless.

  • I literally got out of an abusive relationship yesterday….i was with a guy for 6 weeks, he was controlling and manipulating on so many levels…i woke up the other morning and told him how i felt and that yes i loved him but i could not be treated that way…..not only that but he lied to me about numerous things like how long hed been single, hed been contacting his ex constantly….he started arguing with me and literally pinned me onto the couch and would not let me get up…every time my phone beeped and i went to check it he would grab it from me…at this point i got really scared so i ran for the door to get out but he pulled my hair and threw me on the ground and when i got up he pushed me against the wall….after several more attempts to get my phone or run out the door he grabbed a knife and pointed it at me saying if i left he would kill me and himself.
    after what felt like hours he eventually let me answer the phone which i told my best friend quielty to call the police. my dad called me and asked to speak with him which eventually he let me go but smashed my laptop and stole money from me… finding it so hard to get through this situation right now….feel like im not good enough, feel like i blame myself even tho i know i didnt do anything. even tho i do still love him… just really hurts.

  • I got six out of seven and all of them are from the same person what should I do i don’t know if I should just stop being her friend or what

  • You are an intelligent beautiful young woman. You deserve to be treated well and deserve a healthy life. I’m sorry you had to go through that… being cheated is not fair

  • Please help. I am really confused.
    I caught him using tinder twice in 2018. But i forgave him thinking that it’s a new relationship, he must be not very serious. Then in early 2019 verbal abuses began. He called me a whore, slut (because we didn’t agree on a bedsheet). Few months after this incident his father passed away. Since then the abuses never stopped. He would always call me a whore and slut whenever we fought. Once he started throwing mugs, phone in anger. I was really scared that he might hurt him, so I went to the door to leave. He pushed me in inside the house and threatened me that if I tried to leave “it won’t be for good”. He wouldn’t let me cry, he screamed out of lungs to make me shut up if I cried during the time of his rage. He once disrespected me in front of his friends, i was a little upset that day and didn’t interact much with his friends so when nobody was looking he pinched me in my leg, called me a whore and asked me behave nicely, “don’t create a scene” he said. Then he would always apologize and told me that this is happening because of his father’s demise. I always forgave him. From past 2–3 months i have been trying to tell him (on phone, due to lockdown we are in different cities) that i am not happy. He doesn’t listen to me and scream at me, block me. He says you only know how to fight. Then again he apologizes for his behaviour. When everything goes back to normal he acts like the best boyfriend. He buys me gifts and flowers. He always tell me I will change, give me a last chance. I guess this is his 20th “last chance”. Also he’s veryy attached to me, if I don’t reply him he goes crazy. He screamed on me last night so I blocked him. He has called me atleast 50 times since, wrote me mails, contacted one of my friend.

  • When i was in grade 8 i was emotionally abused by my teacher she gave me severe anxiety and depression and i still have it to this day years and years later. My anxiety and depression has gotten a little bit better over the years but it’s always going to still be lingering behind me. most likely for the rest of my life. Anyone out there suffering with any kind of mental illness depression and anxiety You Are Not alone in this battle. I know you probably hear that all the time that You Are Not Alone but it’s 100% true. One thing that helps me through the years was this ”Just remember you are freaking Legend because nothing is more terrifying then going to war with your mind every single day”

  • Pls help me, im a 13 year old live in Kazakhstan and i live with my abusive uncle who doesn’t even own this house, he constantly controls me even tho im not his child, and when i don’t listen to him he will beat me up, there was one time when there was police in my house and he hided so no one would find him then came when police left, i don’t know how to prove police that he abuses me, please for god’s sake help me����
    Me and my mother are in danger…

  • 3:20 This does not necessarily mean they’re abusive or doing it on purpose though.. Yes, most of the times it is, but sometimes it isn’t the case at all. To take my boyfriend as an example; sometimes he can get angry/upset over small stuff that don’t really seem to matter at all, but it doesn’t mean he does it on purpose. He (almost) always apologises for his behaviour when he’s calmed down and wants to work on his bad temper (: So, it isn’t necessarily a form of abuse!

    and he keeps enetring my room….as ussual no concent uses my blow dryer and looks at me dead in the goes to the mirror and looks at himself and takes a glimpse at me thru the mirror and goes to the bathroom doing nothing no sound at all locked dorr idk what hes doing, and he’s walking so slowly,
    he even at one point opens the door does nothing and just stands there, and he’s been doing this for a while i told him to stop once and he started screamingggggg and hitting and throwing things and spitting at me, so i had to ignore him, and when he left he just left slowly..again
    he allways tries to expose me to my parents, but when i do it he starts getting mad kicking hitting, chasing with a knife
    a hammer, and a steel stick put a remote in my eye
    and he did something so bad once that i cant even mention
    and he’s trying to look all buff and shit and looks at the shit i have and snatches it so fast and looks at me deadly and leaves slowly he even layed down in my room randomly on the ground
    wanna know something else??, remember that day when he took a pic of us talking to each other? bcs appearantly i waas wasting time while the uber was waiting for us, HE WAS 15 MINUTES AWAYYY
    he never lets us take pics of him
    he broke my phone and hit my head and kicked me for taking a photo of him
    oh an when i got home after he took that photo os us, i told my mom he was wrong and stuff, when my mom told him not to take pics of me, he got all mad threw a metal tissue box at me and kicked me and my rabbit in to the metal cage
    yeah he killed a cat 2
    and he threw my bunny accross the room
    and he broke my window
    and he punched my tooth till it broke and bleeded
    very recent
    took my things used them then broke them all, and used half my shit for room decor
    he took my hoverboard guitar,skate board, pillow,teddy bears, headbands, hairties
    he kicked our mum punched her gave her bruises threw a shoe at her called her innapropriate names like slut/whore
    but my family swear to god when they lie especially my brother, they are hypcrites, immature, pathelogical liars
    so the police would actually think im the crazy and mental one
    oh and when we went to visit my cousins, and aunt they said he needed a mental hospital in just the 3 rd day
    and he ruins every fun moment and happy vacation for us
    he’s allways crying for no reason hitting raging making problems
    and he even yelled at our cousin in the iddle of the mall for sitting next to me, he was the only boy cousin we ha
    he was just 8
    and once he wanted to visit the hotel with me the boy cousin, but my brother didnt want to stay in aunty’s house with the rest of the girls, and so my brother made a whole problem so noone was able to go to the hotel from my cousins, so that was a day waisted of drama, BCS OF HIM AS USUALL
    OVERREACTING AND BEING DRAMATIC smh, what should i do?

  • Took me 25 years to realize I’ve been emotionally and physically abused by my sister. My mom just passed away this December which put my family in shock. Due to my sister living with my mom she’s 26 yr old I’m only 27 yrs old. I’ve been living on my own for about 6 yrs now taking care of myself. All a sudden I took my sister in but she should of been had her life together for the age of 26. My brother keeps enabling her saying she was taking care of my mom when in truth my sister was using my mom. All my childhood she has mentally abused me talk down to me cuss me out and physically has put her hands on me. In addition to that she would manipulate my mom to kick me out the house. I love my mom regardless rest her soul. 2019 was the last straw with my sister. She disrespected my place and continued to talk to me crazy. And blaming for her problems. My brothers tried to guilt trip me for defending myself I’m a grown woman and should not have to take care of a grown woman. So I told my sister to leave and that I’m done being her doormat. I know longer want nothing else to do with her just because she’s family she’s toxic. 2020 I’m focusing on my mental health.

  • 6 years, 3 kids. All my hard earned money sucked out of me, 3 visits to a psychiatrist emergency and a stitches in my head. Still wondering what I’m doing to myself…. so stupid to believe someone even after all this says they love me. Every. Single. Time.

  • the only one that seems to fit my ex partner is 8 and 10 but I just know my partner was abusive. He was highly manipulative and would pretend he care but in the end he was highly selfish and didn’t care. It got to a point where I would ask him to stop touching me and he would either cry to try to guilt trip me to continue or would stay sorry and stop but then do it again and again and again and I would get so upset all the time to a point where I never went into his bedroom and stayed in the lounge room because I felt so safe. He would also share all me and his sex life to his friends despite his friends feeling super uncomfortable and know it would upset me. He would also control my friendships such as being a dick to all my friends until they would not really talk to me and distant themselves from me or would manipulate me into not talking to them bout how I was feeling because “you should only talk to me bout how u feel and its one sided”. This relationship only lasted 10 months but around 6 months, I lost all feelings for him and didn’t let go because of that attachment and scared of being alone and having no one as a lot of friends stopped talking to me. In the end tho I started to get close to one of his friends and we both eventually liked and are together very recently and im so happy and feel so loved like a relationship should be but I still get major ptsd from my ex that does effect my relationship in somewhat. Also my friends are coming back to me and been actually getting closer and just so happy to get out of that relationship

  • Oh my fucking god.. I get called stupid, psycho, retarded, and my bf threatens to break up with me all the time. Etc etc everything

  • Im pretty sure im being emotionally and mentally abused by someone i thought was my friend.
    For example, I accidentally woke him up(it was in the middle of the day) and he said “fuck off.” So i did, and two hours later i asked if he was awake. The normal guilttrip happened with “no, not after you oh so kindly woke me up” i asked why he couldnt get some sleep after, and i also asked if it was his mum who didnt let him sleep since its light outside. Then he just fully blew up saying i always blamed his mum.

    He does this all the time, always small things. But at the same time he bombs me with art and love and shit. Is this really a sign of toxic relationships?

  • This is my current relationship right now and I’m at the breaking point where I’m so tired of being walked all over that I’m snapping back but I know that that’s not good either but I don’t know what else to do I don’t have anywhere else to go

  • The question is: how do you get over it? I have a close relative struggling with a freaking asshole who is abusing her in an emotional and psychological way, but she seems like she doesn’t WANT to get over him. What can we do to help her? She just cries all the freaking time over him (he tells her smth like “you have always been single” or “you dated someone when you were 15? you’re such a slut”or “you don’t have a life, or a friend or a job, you are a human failure, how can you look at yourself in the mirror” and so on, so she just…cries all the day and night), but then he texts her something like “come over my place, let’s make peace and spend the night together”. Then he just uses her for sex, dumps her… and here it goes, she starts crying all over again. She claims she’s fine and doesn’t need any help, but clearly she’s not even remotely fine and of course she needs help. What can we do?! This situation is INSANE. And he is clearly a psycho.

  • My brother always criticises me and judges me and tells me to stop doing things, even if it isn’t bothering him sometimes and then on the rare occasion I tell him to stop doing something, he gets all moody and says no and that he can do it. He also does things he tells me not to. It makes me really insecure and it makes me feel like I should always remain silent and just not do anything so that he can’t judge me. I also get scared to tell him to be quieter or to turn volume down on his phone/laptop if its bothering me and end up not saying anything. There are many thingd I’ve done differently ro how I wanted because of him. I don’t know if he realises this though, we get along really well when we’re both in a good mood and enjoy time together. Although whenever he’s done something wrong, he tries to hint that I did it and denies what he’s done, the blame doesn’t get put on me though because mum seems to see through it.

    I never really thought anything of it until now. Should I do something about this??

  • I feel everything you have told into this video I always end up apologizing, to him. And always getting yelled at & saying I’m sorry I didn’t mean it while he lies about cheating and lying to him when I have the truth him saying he’s gonna kill himself it’s gonna be my fault. When I have money I gotta give it to him. Even when I get mad from him talking to other girls he would say he isn’t doing anything I’m crazy I need help that he’s loyal why would he cheat even. When I found message to show wrong he would still lie about it and always talk about girls want him and want to fuck him making me more upset. Making me cry and say everything on me all the fights is my fault not his. Just made me feel like I can’t do anything without making him mad so I don’t know what to do. Him saying I’ll never find someone to put up with me or nobody better.

  • I just want him to hold me instead he scolds me. I don’t even know where to begin I feel so alone. I am just a shell of the person I use to be yet I don’t even know if I really deserve better. I’m so confused

  • My FREIND is doing all of these and I’m a little kid! I don’t know why she does it she blames it all on her sister and then she gets her sis to hate me and then she found out the truth but she still doesn’t fully believe me yet…. what should I do..

  • Hi all ��. Find out your attachment style and everything make sense after that. Most common is anxiousavoidant trap. Anxious needs closness and Avoidant runs away from it. Heal your attachment style live better Life. Much love all to you ❤️

  • Can a partner have only a few these traits? Mine has all you named, except for the financial control and he doesn’t go through my phone.

  • My girlfriend does 9 of these things…. she unfortunately has sczoprenhia and depression and hasn’t been taking her medication. She has changed significantly to the point where it has affected our relationship. I just don’t know what to do anymore

  • He very early on his words “if you love me and happy with me then why do you need anyone else?” I have a mental health condition that relies on medication more importantly anti psychotics. To keep me on a level I can function. He went on to research this and tell me that if I take this medication it will stop me loving him, he then went on to removing my medication which out me in an impossible psychological situation, I couldnt think straight, couldnt understand what was happening all on top of him screwing with my head and controlling every aspect. To which came my financial situation he completely took over and by the time I got our of this relationship he had crippled me financially, mentally, physically I every which way you could imagine. I escaped with my life thanm god! I lived in a garage for a year it took me 2 further years to finally get a home, get back into work and I struggle even now. But I thank fuck that I have my life, I now have my family back and I can look forward to making friends. This man convinced me he was perfect he was right if I dare oppose him I was nothing. And i fell for it and paid the price! Never! Ever let another person dictate to you! Who you should be how you should act, who you can talk to how you should breathe! Noone should have that power over you! You have 1 life! Dont let an arshole take that from you! Not just you! But you and your family and friends. Be strong. You can escape.

  • This was very helpful to me, thank you for making this. By the way you are very beautiful and you seem sweet, I’m glad you’re out of that relationship.

  • I’m 15. And I’m going through everyone one of your points. I feel like I don’t have the ability to say no. Especially when it comes to sex or when he asks for nudes. he even said “fuck your mom”

  • My parents are doing this to me #2 happens pretty much and #1 tries to control my life I have hardly even have friends because of this #4 happens #5 my dad is doing too much like give me your phone

  • I think I’ve got Stockholm syndrome… I know that my boyfriend is abusive, but I feel like I deserve it. I’d rather have him, than some other guy who treats me right. Wth is wrong with me

  • I can’t tell if its me or her she berates me talks down to me, calls me a failure talks bad about my kids. I can be emotionally distant because of the pain. I dont feel like I want to dominate her. I want to be equal and my opion to hold some weight. I could not be on our last house lease so we moved and she forced me into a new house with the same issue no lease for me, but she says it was for me to be closer to my job. I try to talk and she rolls her eyes so I walk away, then she’ll apologize and say its because of her A.d.d. she is mad that I have a relationship with my kids and says I don’t put her first over my kids. I gave up custody of my son to move to Florida because she made the decision to move us. I had no say now I am alone in a state with no blood family. She moved her mom in our house, for 3years now and her mom decided that my brother in law fresh from prison had to move in with us without discussing it with me. Its been 11 months and he refuses to get a job and my wife tells me she is tired of supporting me even though I contribute to the bills and pay all of my own. She makes more money than me and holds it against me because as a man I should be making more than her. I dont know if I am right or wrong but I feel so defeated. I had surgery so she bought two new hospital style beds but thats not what I want, I can’t argue because she says she is doing it for me my opinion doesn’t matter she knows what is right for us. I sleep like a 1950s couple now on a twin bed.

  • I don’t think I am emotionally abused but, I still feel so hurt by my father. I think he lacks the ability to put himself in others’ shoes. Once when I was young and upset, having some sort of panic attack or anxiety attack, he said something about me being possessed by a demon or that Satan is controlling me. It made me feel much worse. And more recently, he nearly yelled that I was selfish. All because I lowered the volume on TV so I wouldn’t get upset. I am a highly sensitive person, I could get anxiety with too loud sounds. He has bad hearing, yet he acts like the victim when I say it hurts to hear so much. I get migraines. It doesn’t hurt to not hear the TV. And multiple more small details happen. I get so much anxiety from him but I can’t escape. I don’t want to split up he and my mom but I can barely take it anymore. I have to avoid him everyday to not get upset. I eat alone up in my room so I don’t have to stress when eating. I’m crying as I write this. My heart hurts thinking of these memories.

  • Every single thing you said is exactly my ex boyfriend who I broke up with a few days ago… this shit tore me apart…it’s gonna take a long time for me to heal but I’m so happy I finally got out


    Me: oh it must be my fault. I’m such a stupid girl, can’t do anything right. I hate myself.

    Courtesy of my dad.

    I’m afraid if I go back to his house, he’ll find some way to hurt me or even kill me.

  • i’m getting abused by my mother: she took my money, shuts me out of the house, tries to fuck up my lovelife and she also tries to isolate me from my friends. She fucking ruined me! she also spread rumors about me, call the police on me because I abuse her in her mind, she even told my neighbours that I rape little girls! wtf! i’m 37 and my girlfriend is 53; goddamnit! she took my diary, destroyed my former laptop and the list goes on and on. I even have to take tranquilizers to be at ease in a sense so I can sleep. She is soooo negative and she made me losing my job three times by blocking me, getting me beat up and going to the union so they meddled in my job and I lost my job. thank you dear mama for being a total nightmare all my life!

  • Is there a video on suddenly being really attached to someone out of nowhere like to the point where you wonder what they’re doing and wanting to be around them more than usual.

  • I’m checking if my aunt is abusive or I’m just being “over dramatic” and its sad because she did almost all of these especially picking a fight i live with my grandparents and they don’t believe me or lie to themselves

  • Emotional abuse goes under the radar far too often. Emotionally abusive people thrive in humiliating others by their snarky or otherwise nasty remarks especially in front of others. Sometimes the remark is disguised as “helping”. The “stare” is another weapon. These triple A personality types are full of venom and if you so much as blush in front of them, you are in for an altercation with them. I have found the best response is flat facial expressions which can take a lifetime to master.

  • I’m currently in a relationship my boyfriend is always “sad” and he says I make him happy but when he’s sad I try to help him but he pushes me away and inside I feel like it’s my fault and he has these weird mood swings a lot but I don’t say how I actually feel..also he mostly texts me when he’s bored and leaves me on delivered most of the time and he alwats brings up his ex’s saying “we could e lasted “ but I don’t say anything and I think I’ve become so weak that when he leaves on d or r and I see him post I get so upset and automatically believe I did something wrong…. what type of relationship is this?

  • Im 15, got beaten hard by my 60 year old dad and his 26 year old son, and spat in my face for calling his daughter fat over text after she lied about me. I dont have dreams anymore, have no feelings or hope, lost taste in life, and feel no purpose to live. I hope you dont experience abuse

  • I have spoken up…it was so so hard but my father said there is no reason to move to him and his girlfriend. Im stuck with my “mom”. I’m stuck with my abuser. But noone is physically hurting me so of course people think it’s ok, right?

  • Yea. Like whenever I shared to a man who I was dating how happy I felt because I made a friend at school which could help me in my studies or when I met someone while networking to look for a better part time job he would order me to not return the other man’s phone call. Since I had already begun to rely on him for help that would cause more than one person great difficulty in my family if he were to with draw that help I felt cornered for a long time.

  • As I’m watching this video, it’s become pretty clear to me my mom is emotionally abusive. I’ve watched a bunch of videos and read articles, but this one does it for me. A lot of things this video talked about sounded like they quoted my mom word for word. But at the same time, aren’t a lot of these things just parenting? Maybe I’m just blind because this is the only experience I’ve had with parenting and family, but can’t a lot of thing things just not apply since she’s my mom? Also, if it is, what do I do about it? My parents are divorced and my father lives in South Korea, so I’m pretty sure if I told someone and had to move out, I would have to move to South Korea (I live in America right now), or go in the foster care system. I don’t want to do either of those things. That is, what if I tell someone and then nothing actually happens, so the treatment from my mom just gets worse? I have no extended family that would take me in. If anyone has any advice (or you read through all of this lol), it would be greatly appreciated.

  • My mom decided to just move in, get proposed, and get pregnant by her boyfriend in just 5 months it’s stupid and I barely even know the guy

  • The whole reason for my hostility is the rumor of the man in the moon.

    If I’m being catfished, I’ll do more than tell, trust me.

    The boy is going to get seriously hurt for fucking with me

  • I was pretty relaxed and chill girlfriend. I was what you could call ‘buddy and a girlfriend’, until I discovered a web of lies pretty early in the relationship. Having developed big trust issues, my mind switched and I became ‘one of those girlfriends’, as they like to say. I was watching his every move, always wanting him to be around me and give me attention, I found myself often snooping around to find some more lies he could hide, requiring him to spend every single free moment of his day with me, etc. In a way, I tried to take him away from his family and friends, only to later tell myself the surrounding wasn’t to blame, neither was I it was him to blame for his actions, as we all own our actions and thoughts. His actions towards me were only his, not a result of anybody else’s fault.
    Instead of him understanding my position of a person who is deeply hurt, is still deeply hurting and living with it, and that his actions (that, btw, didn’t stop after my discovery) are the reason for that, he blamed me constantly. Called me manipulative, ‘a cop’, ‘obsessed with him’, making me feel worthless by degrading my position (‘I’m a man and you’re a woman and you can’t say a word’). I’ve ticked all boxes of narcissism when I started analyzing him more thoroughly, but at the time, I was only sensing something is off, I couldn’t pinpoint on exactly what. He was snappy towards me (he always had a bad temper) and one time, when arguing, he grabbed me by my wrist. Didn’t punch, put grabbed. From that day, something in me switched and it felt like a curtain fell on my eyes and I couldn’t see him as clearly as before. It was like looking at the stranger, but you’re looking at your loved one. It’s kinda sad that THAT action, the physical abuse, was the reason why I felt a change inside me, when nothing he did or said before didn’t. But what’s more sad is, that I didn’t leave him right then and there. I stayed, to fight for us some more, to make it better. I felt strongly connected to him and wanted us to work out so badly.. can’t say he completely didn’t try too (he was behaving well for a couple of weeks and then he snapped again and it was like running in circles)… honestly, even at the time all those tries to make it right coming from his side felt like breadcrumbs compared to mountains and mountains of bullsh*t I’ve suffered up to that point.
    In the end, after one final breach of my trust and after feeling disrespected for the Xth time in my life, I broke things off. It’s damn hard.. but this quarantine somehow made me weaker and stronger at the same time to do that. Made me realize that I was the victim, not the manipulator.
    I still battle internal battles of ‘why did he do that to me when he knew I loved him and when he loved me too’, ‘if I have positioned myself as colder from the beginning, could’ve I prevented this from developing any further and would it save us in the end’. Every time I get those thoughts, I end those battles by telling to myself, and that’s the truth whatever I could’ve done, I did. Tried to console him when he’s down, calm when he’s upset, give my advice when I knew he needed a guidance, understand his position better, but nothing has worked. If I was colder and stood my ground stronger from the beginning, it wouldn’t change a thing. We still wouldn’t succeed, because his problem is internal, and whatever external things there are to do, from both of us, they can’t fix the issue inside him. The best thing for me was to let go, although it is the hardest when you love someone so deeply. And him loving me, doesn’t mean he respects me. And that realization hit me like a truck.

  • My mom told me to “stop being grumpy” and yelled at me every day for being “grumpy”. She asked me why I was always grumpy, and I couldn’t give a reason which made her yell at me more. That just made me more sad and depressed because she always yelled at me because of it. It got to the point where she threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t “change my attitude” and “be happy” so now I’m just faking being happy every day and every time I mess up a little bit she’ll yell at me and I’m not allowed to be sad about it.

  • There is so much more….like pretending they are not doing the harm they are, and there are more covert ways of all of these points in the video that are abusive in a love bombing and gas lighting action….and more.

  • When I contact westhack000 on Instagram i had the feelings my problem was gone, was with a cheating wife And couldn’t bear it this was bad and I never move on, I needed proof to divorce her but no proof because I don’t have access to her phone my mind needed peace and all I could think was her cheating on me with her ex I needed a miracle and westhack000 on Instagram help me hack into her mobile phone remotely and she didn’t suspect or know she was hacked.

  • Is it still abuse if some of the behaviours described was meant to make me a better person?
    Where is the line between a parent handling the child and abuse?

  • my friend(crush) thinks i do 3,4,5,10 but like am i abusive? i dont see it but what should i do?… i dont wanna feel like im abusive…..i dont know if i am this is the first time someone telling me that also he’s my crush i dont wanna hurt him i dont want us to be friends if i hurt him but i.. i dobt know i cant go to therapy i dont have money to talk to someone online, and my family dont believe that i need therapy at all..

  • controlling not aloud to have my own hobbies guilted for wanting to have my own space she expects to me to be with her 24 hours of the day cant sleep when i want to cant go home without pemission cant go to work i quit my job she some how convinced me to quit cant see family pop to the corner shop i used to vape i really enjoyed it too she told me vaping is for idiots forced me to smoke ciggeretts instead saying i wasnt a man because i vape one time i had to prove i was sleeping i said i was having an early night searching my phone removing my friends off facebook constantly trying to start arguments over the littlest things i went home too early why are you quiet why are you watching this etc each message she sends i have to reply instantly cant listen to curtain music making demands being dumped 6 times. she always acts so nice when trying to get me back as well uses her kids not my kids by the way as a tool she will say aw the kids are crying they miss you so much they are heart broken lets start fresh 3days later arguing again its got to the point i cant say what i want to say in case she kicks off our last big argument i had insomnia i told her i had 2 hours sleep going to have some rest she went nuts swearing at me calling me selfish im a failior and always will be etc. im single and enjoying my freedom again its glorious i blocked her on all devices i say i wont go back but she is good with words and has changed my mind every single time i had to block her for good messure i even changed my phone number if she comes to my house ive all ready said it wont end well my sister wants to kick the shit out of her she knew something was going on for months but wasn’t until i showed the messages she didnt realize the full extent of it.

  • Okay, a lot of this did describe a lot of people I know but like they arent abuseing me. They just have that personality and I shouldnt judge them for it.

  • A message to all the girls/guys who are in an abusive relationship:
    You are STRONG, and DESERVING of unconditional love. Real LOVE. Love that is not jealous, love that does not judge, love that aims to LIFT YOU UP to your highest potential, instead of tearing you down. DO NOT SETTLE. Do not stay in something that doesn’t make you feel safe and respected ALWAYS. You are not to blame. You are not at fault, and you are not alone. I love you, and I know you can get to the other side of this situation stronger, wiser, and at peace. I love you.

  • Can you become emotionally abusive after being physically, mentally, and emotionally abused? Because I’m still in my relationship and I’m starting to think I’m just as bad. I get terrified of him lying and manipulating me again.

  • I was emotionally abused by family and friends. It was so hard to have nobody to talk to and sadly still to this day. I won’t go into family stuff since it’s way to complicated but my friends would always ignore me. When ever I would speak they would look at my, look at each other and start talking again like I wasn’t there, it was like I was a ghost. This went on for years. This not only happened at school but during the summer for when I used to go to camp. One year they decided to hate my for no reason and the next year act like nothing happened. This happened in 2015 and along with some major stuff happening with my family I was so mentally and emotionally drained, which lead me to having major depression for 5 years and still. It definitely makes it so much harder to deal with when you are and (HSP). I would also be there for when ever they had a problem. When I needed them however, they were too busy with there own things and ignored me. What made it so much worse was as I got older it went from kids my age to adults. As of now I’m doing better, but trust me there still is a lot of healing that needs to be done. Thank you for listening to a little part of my story. And I just want to say to people who are going through emotional abuse. Things will get better I promise. Experiences like this will make you a stronger person hope you have an amazing day and have this virtual hug �� because I think we all need it ☺️

  • Sometimes people monitor finances because

    their partner would leave them in the poor house if they didn’t
    PAST partners have squandered or stolen their money
    they are trying to work under a budget, or looking closely at spending to come up with a budget.

    Finances, being one of the major stressors in a relationship, has many facets. So if your sig other seems to be monitoring the finances closely, consider what you, or someone in his/her past, may have done to create a level of fear or mistrust.

    It’s wisest to come up with a shared financial vision, along with a shared budget, if you’re in a situation of pooling your money. If you’re not pooling your money, it’s best to have enough financial integrity to pay your share of the bills without your sig other having to ask. Financial maturity is crucial for most couples who are in a situation where they are sharing the cost of living.

    But if you’re paying all the bills and your sig other wants to control your money, yeah, that may be a red flag.

  • The saddest part, is when it gets to a point where you start to wonder if maybe you do deserve all of these things after all, or maybe I did do something to deserve that comment, etc:/

  • Dear Kati.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I’ve been with my dad for the past month during COVID and for 12 years I wasn’t living with him and he came off being decent when I didn’t live with him. But now that I’m here, he’s been doing all five of the things you listed and this is where I’m at now and I’m trying to leave soon. I’m suicidal right now and my mom and brother plan to take me in if he tries to throw me out for speaking up against his abuse.
    My conversation with them and this video gave me hope.

  • I can’t really tell its just started happening she just keeps talking bad untill i start cryingg or yelling at her but then after comes and hugs me but then says something like clean you room and you just sit around. When I try to help she always get mad if I mess up alittle then i say “ok next time I wont help then”and then she says im a rude little girl i honestly dont knkw we have fun times but its more fighting the love. They buy me a phone a tv, cook foood for me but idk if it abuse idk…

  • If you’re a parent and your spouse verbally abuses your kid, but you don’t do anything about it or help your kid, you’re just as bad as your spouse. Your kid will hate your guts one day, and they’ll cut you out of their lives. Change it now.

  • So if your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to talk to her ex you should be ok with it? This sounds a lot like ill be watching her get fucked by Chad.

  • I’m stuck with an emotionally abusive family, and I minimize it every time because I don’t want to be judged or pressured to make decisions I’m not ready to make.

  • My ex used to steal my phone, and then when I needed it, I was “allowed to use it” but then he’d check my call logs and messages and interrogate me. Eventually I decided to just start erasing my messages and deleting individual calls, like if my male friend called me.

    That eventually progressed to “cancel therapy, you don’t need that” over and over again, until I gave up on it. I had to give up church for the same reason. The first few weeks I was going he’d start a big fight and say “if I’m in ��, I want you laying next to me; you may get up when I get up. Eventually I just gave it up.

  • Hella true this broke my heart cause it was hella relatable, ion trust people with my emotions for this very reason. Thanks Kate❤ really helpful.

  • so my husband and i have been married for 4 years and he dosent like me talking on the phone, follows me in his car when i go out, has mood swings, and wont own up to anything he does wrong. these are just a few things he does out of the many

  • Thank you Mary Kate. I’ve have been in an abusive relationship for 10 years. Everything you said is exactly what I go through. We separated a week ago and I’m still suffering from it. He was physically abusive as well.i have many scars from him.

  • My bf always yells at me, treats me like a child and expect sex wenever when i say no he makes me feel bad he makes me so uncomfortable im so grossed out.

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  • Wow I’m guilty but I do see it.,she just told me I’m pathetic and go kill my self in my box cause I’m dependant financially.she pays people to help her being t she gets everything she pays out cause she rents to she is in a win loose situations but claims she needs no one,I’m her nooner

  • Oh, and social isolation, eh. He tried to make me distrust my friends. Good luck with that: I on’t have my head on backwards and neither did they. My best friend in particular, she never outright said to me “You might want to consider getting out of this”, but when I broke up with him, she was there to help me cry but also there to tell me that she wished I had done it sooner. She could tell he wasn’t good for me. I’m not a drinker and the only times I’ve ever been drunk were with him. he also took me out to eat a LOT, and I mean a lot. he likes bigger girls, I suppose, an I’m fairly petite. My parents especially disliked he drinking thing. They don’t have anything against drinking, but they didn’t think it was good for me, him getting me drunk every Friday night. I’ve got heart condition, see.

  • It is very pleasant watching you explain all this in a light manner though this is a very damaging and personal topic. This makes it much easier to face my abusive past

  • Can compassion fatigue be a symptom at all from this?
    My mom doesn’t like my hair the way I wear it or when I don’t shave etc, telling me I’m gross though I bathe and have good hygiene. She says my bf is lying when he says he loves my choices like those.

  • Is it normal to have anxiety when your leaving a relationship that’s mental abuse? Everything she said is what I’m going through 8years I been dealing with this. And I’m so ready to leave and move on. I have to love my self again before I love anyone again.

  • Feeling like if you do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing you’re gonna set them off so you constantly think about what you’re doing. Worry that you’re not enough. Getting messages of him cheating and him denying it. Telling you you’re crazy and say you did or said something but YOU know that never happened. If you won’t do it for them they flip and then turn it on you that you’re a horrible person. Making your feelings invalid.

  • I called the local police and the verbal abuse was covered up and covered over yet again! The psychological, financial, verbal abuse, and stalking is “allowed” to continue! All illegal!

  • the guy is friends with people who stalk me.
    he would say you can’t have something you love because of the stalkers.

    Thanks for the videos

  • I’m in a really tough spot right now. I was dating someone exclusively for 3 years. He ended it because he thinks I’m toxic and emotionally out of control. During our relationship he choked me once or twice, punched me and hit me a few times. He would tell me though he takes responsibility for those things, It didn’t help that I was the instigator. After he ended it, we have stayed very close. We were still having sex and we would hang out all of the time. It’s because, he says, he sees my potential. I suffer from severe PTSD from sexual abuse during childhood and during teen years. It makes me very insecure, anxious and timid. At times I don’t communicate well, or I get very nervous and I act weird. This is really frustrating for him but I understand. He constantly asks me to put more effort, I see 3 different therapists. During our time not in a relationship, he has slept with other women. I haven’t been with anyone else. I moved in with him 3 months ago because he lost his job and needed help with rent, and my name was on the lease because i helped him get the apartment. Things have been hard, to say the least. In march we had a huge fight. He was asleep, I went to the store and bought trash bags. I cleaned the kitchen and changed the bags. When he awoke, he heard me and asked me what I was doing. I told him, but he got annoyed that I didn’t tell him I was going to the store first and I didn’t check to make sure I was purchasing the right bags. I got annoyed that he was annoyed with me, for what I thought was a positive thing, and he said I was treating him unfairly. After this, it turned in to hours of arguments and me in tears. I screamed at him and told him I hated him, so he ripped my bedroom door off the hinges and stomped on it. He told me to go to my moms and leave. I did. Since then, he has been waiting for me to make up for that day. It’s been 3 months. He won’t have sex with me till I do. I tell him sometimes that I find it hard to believe that everything in our relationship is my fault. He tells me I shouldn’t look at it as fault or no fault, but he hasn’t contributed to how things are. Only I have. But, I know how difficult it is being in a relationship with me. And I don’t know if I am the one at fault. Sometimes I wake up believing that It’s me, it has to be me, but then I go to sleep after a 6 hour argument thinking… this doesn’t seem right. Today, we argued and fought for 6 hours. I offered to cook dinner and be there for him to make up for it. He told me that was nice that I was finally considering him, but it wasn’t enough. We ate, he was nice, appreciated the meal, we watched a movie. After the movie he was a different person, moody again. We talked about what he was dealing with. At 2am I told him I was tired, I wanted to go to sleep. He stood up and stormed out the room, saying he’ll see me whenever. I ignored it but when I went to the bathroom, he asked me if that’s all I was going to do. I asked him what more he needed, but he hates when I ask him what he needs because he thinks It’s abusive of me to ask. That I should know. He said I didn’t contribute to our conversation, that I talked about myself. That I had no good responses. When I told him that that wasn’t true, that him saying that hurts my feelings. He says, of course I would make it about myself. That hes telling me so it’s true and that I shouldn’t have asked what was wrong if I wasn’t prepared for the truth. I don’t know what to do anymore. No ones going to read this, but sometimes late at night I imagine walking up to the roof and jumping off.

  • I’m here looking for help on an abusive mother and all you can talk about is an abusive partner ����‍♀️. My partner is wonderful. Sometimes that’s not the only abuser.

  • hey, sorry for this but, I’m in this relationship that is emotionally abusive and it’s taken me 2 years and one of my best friends to talk to me to realise it. ive never been allowed friends without her getting jealous, she tells me if I leave she’ll give up and commit suicide, and im just tired. emotionally drained. it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t wanna talk to her, and now she’s making me out to be a dick now that I’m being shorter with her antics and shit. my best friend is a girl, that I’ve had to keep secret fron her because she despises her. she slags her off, tells me how much she hates her, but I have to say I agree and I feel so bad because she’s honestly the bestest friend and I just, I don’t know man. i mean you can tell how desperate I am if I’m coming to a YouTube video to look for help. so yeah, if anybody reads this, any help would be appreciated.

  • I’m actually currently in therapy cuz my mom is sooo emotionally abusive towards me and the funny thing about it is I’m a therapist in training and for years I never once considered her behavior towards me to be emotional abuse. It was just so everyday that it just came off as normal and now I’m 28 yrs old and coming to realize how controlling and emotionally abusives she has been to me. I just have been in so denial about it and always rationalize her attitude and behavior towards me and now I’m like starting to pay attention and realize that damn I’ve been dealing with the woman’s emotional abuse for 28 yrs and never knew it and still trying to break away but it’s near impossible cuz she’s my damn mom.

    Now I feel I’m turning into her cuz I grew up around her so I just trying to work on myself.

  • OMG, this is the pure definition of the relacionship I was in. Holy crap, I suffered a lot, and I’m still damaged from it. It lasted 7 freaking years.

  • I have a principal I am very close to. She does everything on the list and says if I tell, the feelings I have for her will be shared throughout the whole school. What do I do then?

  • Manipulation and reverse phycology are oftentimes used and I have experienced this in my relationship/marriage. The person leads you to believe you are the problem until you start believing it, belittle you and make you feel like you are a nobody, this lowers your self-esteem.

  • Me too is emotionally and verbally abuse by a relatives where in the fact that it hurt me so much that i can not forgive that person until now, my mother tried and keep explaining the situation to just ignore her but my brain can not accept it, even my mother too is insulted thru her call. Days pass by i keep my distance that i dont want to see and talk to her coz she is very insulting and it push me thru my limit that i cut the relationship betw. her and there family, my cousins wonder why? That time i dont even know that it is a trauma,im glad that i have a mother who is very understanding. Just sharing what i have been thru.

  • my parents Don’t let me have friends outside of school I can’t play with dam have to park or horse say anything personal with friends

  • Abuse can be: phisical, emotional, mental.

    10 red flags of abuse (not complete):
    1. Controling behaviour
    2. Humiliates you (often in front of other people).
    3. Guilt trips
    4. Forces you to take responsibilty for their feelings (meant to push the victim to keep the abuser happy at all times)
    5. Ultimatums
    6. Physical violence
    7. A bad temper (short fuse)
    8. Forces you to do things you don’t want to do
    9. Constantly checks up on you
    10. Picking a fight

  • I’m Watching This Cause My Happiness Only Happen In A Second I’m Trying Not To Be Sad But The Word Memories Is The Saddest Word I Can Say So Yeah ����

  • I have two older sisters and I’m the only man in the family and the youngest. My eldest sister is very abusive and always loves to control everything. She manipulated my other sister which caused her to turn her back against me.

  • Checked off 10/10 of these.
    Sad part is we’ve been married for 1 year and have a newborn.
    I saw red flags while dating. And during my pregnancy.
    But today I have decided to leave him. I just picked my stuff. And I was thinking about my decision and searched this up just to fully convince myself of it and not regret my decision.
    If you see red flags while dating LEAVE. They won’t change and it will only get worse �� I love him with all my heart but I can’t live like this and I won’t let my baby be raised in an abusive household ��

  • My married life is not too abusive.. But he holds me too tightly.. And it actually hurts..!! The next few moments after hurting me he begs me not to leave.. And whatever he does to me
    I ��Love�� my Husband

  • 6. They want to exploit you.
    I’ve been used a lot by people and “friends” whenever they needed me. And at some point I knew it was already too much but till this date I find it hard to say no, also because I know how it feels to get a no.. but again I’m someone who don’t like asking others for help or favor because I don’t wanna annoy them.

  • I use to say that as well. Mine was knock it off your pissing me off an try to walk away no respect for boundaries so. Once u violated my space an emotions u had better damn well fix it just like i had just about forgot how to cry everything was beginning to turn into anger an depression everytine id cry. Would say sonethng so retarded an hurt ful to put attention on self. That i began to have anger. Outbursts of throwning things. Breaking this. Flipping tables i had no out let. Any longer. I did that blowning up over. Little things. Cause i didnt deal with the issues of bigger thibgs he had done an wasnt allowed to either. Cause he would threaten suicide leave. Gaslight so i had no choice but. Hold it in.

  • I don’t know how to explain this but I happen to argue with my Little sister alot and I end up saying things I regret,she’s only 10 years old(our arguments started when she was only 4). I don’t want be an emotional abuser. I’m so ashamed of myself. I have depression and I know how hard it is to live with that and I fear I might be the reason my sister will become depressed and that horrifies me. I dont wanna be the cause of someone’s bitterness. I sometimes scuff her too and even if I’m 8 years older than her I argue with her like a child…my parents are disappointed and I can feel it. Theres something seriously wrong with me and I’m very sorry

  • I would rather be hiteasier to leave and get help. People will not believe you much of the time with this because they do it behind everyone else’s back.

  • The fact that my father has done all this things to me since always, it’s hard to stop feeling bad about it
    I used to think that it was normal to be treated like this (sorry any mistake, English is not my first language,I just want to talk about it because I don’t know what to do to feel better)

  • My bf calls me names over simple things. (Like stupid, retarded, dumbass, claim I’m getting fat.) And If something bad happens he blames me fully even if I had no control over it…. Instead of taking any form of blame it’s always my fault…. He doesn’t do constant check, he doesn’t try to control me….. So is this still emotionally abuse? He doesn’t stop me from hanging out with my friends tho he makes fun of them behind there backs….

  • Can a sign of emotional abuse be felling scared or panicked when you hear the persons voice, or seeing them, or even someone mentioning them?

  • Been in an emotional abusive relationship for 2 years plus and I’m telling you all five of those was present she would tell me I have to go to bed when she’s going to bed I can’t stay up at all. I would have to get up when she gets up no matter how late I came in from work. She would resent the car mileage to keep track of me
    And the only way I could get the car was if she reset it. And if I spoke up about it I would have to walk to work and back in the snow even snow storms. I could not see my friends or call or text my friends she made me stop talking to my best friend because she didn’t like him she called him shady. Trust me people I was never even suspecting it until one day my boss told me I was in an abusive relationship and I called the abuse network and they opened my eyes to everything I cried as a man I cried my entire self being was ripped I felt as tho my whole manhood was removed from me

  • In case anyone who knows me is reading this, I hope you realize what is happening. If it’s my parents, thanks a lot for doing this. Thanks for giving me anxiety attacks and make living such a chore for me. There. I said it. Four years and I finally did it, even if indirectly.

  • Most of the sign fit for my partner i don’t know what to do always she finds a way to put everything on me. Has a big problem when m out with my friends and keeps a list of things which i have not done for her and things keep on adding. Pushing me big time to move my parents out of out house every hour she just keeps telling me this.
    Can anyone guide me a little i have a beautiful year old daughter that i don’t want to suffer at all ��

    Now she has separated me from my parents promised me that if this happens our lives would be happier. It’s been 7 days since we move and each day she’s picking up a fight with me. Blaming me more than she use too. Now she can easily scream and yell at me cause there is no one living with us. Told me a couple times to leave her.
    M just dying here with all this emotional abuse ��

  • A few days ago, I heard my older brother and his gf fighting. It was my brother who’s in fault. They were fighting for hours, and then he told her that if she leave him he will kill himself.

    Yesterday I had a conversation with my brother’s gf and I told her that if that happened again, she need to leave my brother asap. Even if my brother kill himself for real, I won’t blame her. Why holding onto a relationship that is full of physical and emotional abuse? What’s more important is her safety.
    I’m so done with my brother’s shts. I can’t believe that there are still women who falls in love with him, he should’ve focus on his 2 sons instead. I’m tired of taking care of them.

  • I’m glad I came across this video. I’ve been through abuse since childhood. From my father, fake friends, bad boyfriend’s. I just got out of a toxic relationship last year. Everything you described, including the name calling, put-downs and been keeping tabs on me. I been through it so much to the point where I’m extremely violent. And I’m more afraid of myself than I am of them. I’m at a point where I’ve had enough. And I’m focusing on myself. If a person can’t be genuine, then I don’t want them around me.

  • Thanks for this video, l have learnt a lot. When ever we ague with my husband, he makes sure that his faults becomes mine and never talks to me till l ask for forgiveness.

  • Stonewalling in response to something they don’t like and purposefully keep doing things you told them made you deeply uncomfortable

  • Is it still abuse if instead of saying “you’re not allowed” they just act moody and then burst into anger if you go ahead and do it? So that you know they’ll get upset if u do something but they’re not explicitly saying they want to control you? He says “go ahead I’m not stopping you, maybe we’re just not right for each other after all”

  • Am I the only one who thinks that even I have turned into abusive man after prolonged abuse from a partner and the signs apply to me too…

  • I need someones help.

    I’m a thirteen year old, got ripped from my only real LOVING family two years ago by my abusive mother.
    She wont let me contact them no matter how many times I’ve tried and I’m too afriad to tell the police or any sort of adult because ive been with her so long and abused for so long that ive started to become paranoid without her there. I get multiple panic attacks and beg to go home if I spend the night at someones house.

    She constantly yells at me for every little thing though she doesnt PHYSICALLY hurt me since ive already told the cops once before that she punched and dragged me by my hair.

    I have severe depression diagnosed by a doctor (for all the people that might say I’m lying, which I cant blame you) and she never takes me to the hospital if I fall sick or if I feel like I need to atleast get a checkup.

    Everythings horrible. I just want to die so I dont have to be a burden and deal with this any longer. The things I listed are nowhere near how bad it truly is. I need advice asap.

  • Omg that was me when I went out he ordered I was quiet and he would always say I want to have you on lock I want full control over you and ignored it then it got worse being mean as hell and then very be very nice and with gifts and I would stand up to him and we would argue and he would say more mean things it felt like he was legit stepping on me until I walked away

  • my father: controls me, yells at me, body shames me, embarrasses me, is homophobic and ableist
    me: ceases communication with him
    him: WHY WONT YOU TALK TO ME?1?1?

  • It has always amazed me how many females, no matter how intelligant they may be, will tolerate, as well as stay with, an emotionally abusive partner-often defending their abuser and/or expressing that they somehow deserved the abusive behavior.

  • I may have mad a mistake dating this one guy, he seems to get mad really quickly, uses guilt trips and monitors my social media, should I be worried for myself?

  • I’m a 20 year old women and I’m not allowed to talk to anyone or go anywhere I’m not allowed to wear wht I want nail color and all and he told me if I try n leave he will kill me what do I do can I just walk out when he’s at work ����

  • Add:
    Silent treatment if you speak up for what is right and correct.

    Feigned suspiciousness if you fail to cover for them with excuses and support for their irresponsible behaviors.

    Passive aggression whenever you dare to break one of the unwritten rules, or challenge their control.

    Limitless ability to hold on to a false narrative/excuse, even well beyond being proven illegitimate.

  • my dad was like this. when i relized he was abusive i put cat sh*t in all his pillows, blankets. under his mattres, in his clothing, and on his phone screen. i do this every day. and ill continue to do this every day until i move out in 17 months.

  • 8 things have been told that my stupid, asshole ex did. + He thought he was smart and extremely handsome, that shitty guy said it.��

  • i’m exhausted, this is so tiring, my whole family just abuses me emotionally. no one really understands me when i am upset for being yelled at by my mother, i may be used to her acts, words etc, yet it still stings so much, i love my mother with every ounce of my body, it hurts me when she can’t see the love i have for her, im slowly driving myself insane, i don’t know what’s real what’s not real. i feel as if i’m not even in control of my own emotions anymore, i’m so done with everything, i don’t wanna be here anymore yet i still am for my mother, with out me she wouldn’t know what to do. it’s funny. i know im also a troubling kid, but im still a teenager don’t force me to act so grown already.. i never speak about what’s on my mind, it weirds me out, but i speak now cause i have not one clue on how to get help or what the fuck to do.

  • I went for a haircut yesterday. It was last minute, I didn’t schedule it, so my barber did me a favor. My girl lost her mind. She even left the house lol. I was literally coming home when she realized I stepped out. She stalks my phone. Literally woke up to her screaming and punching me in the face. If she doesn’t get her way she makes scenes until the police come. She breaks things in my house when she’s angry. I cancelled an appointment with my contractor, so I could attend her cousins wake. She just looked me in my face and said “I know you don’t want to come, so I’m leaving” lol. I wish she could just calm down and analyze the situation. Im a good guy and I love her, but I love myself too. I know I have to tap out, but I want to settle down already. I’m 36 years old and paying 30k for a woman to carry my child is looking like the only way ��.

  • This is all fits perfectly to my current relationship, he’s blaming me for lying to him about me life before him and he always says that am a lair i want to leave him but I don’t have the enough strength for it, am very hurt and broken that I always think that i am a bad person and I don’t deserve love��

  • This is what my family has done to meet most of my life. Now I choose to go no contact. At first I thought I would die.
    And to my surprise I have learned to live..

  • Those kind of people will always do what they do best and that is usually manipulation. Tearing you down and making you weak so that you feel like they are the best you’ll get. Turning you against your family and friends because they do not want any possible voices of reason to be in or enter your life. In order for their master plan to work they need to isolate you to the point that all of your attention and affection is solely on them. I have dealt with these kinds of issues and it is never a pleasant experience. It’s becomes a very complicated relationship when your in it for love and the other half is pretending/faking in order to get what they want out of an individual. I never truly understood what I was dealing with until I did some research into narcissistic/sociopathic type of people and what signs to look for there and it was very scary how much of it lined up. I am so glad to hear that you was able to escape from such a terrible situation because it is very hard to feel like you can while being emotionally torn down. The healing process is very difficult as well but you were definetly stronger than you would ever know just making it through a situation like yours. You are only stronger now and like anyone else that has gone through this type of situation/relationship you now have the wisdom and knowledge now to understand that there are people out there like this and it helps us to pick up on them better and to avoid them. Also for those that are still struggling with similar issues that no matter how isolated or lonely you feel, you are never alone. There are good people out there that care and do want to help you. I found that journaling and music got me through my rough times as well and was curious of any coping mechanisms or tactics you may have used that made you feel better. Loved your video �� Thank you for sharing your experience. It helps me heal from listening to others and hearing their stories. Thank you

  • Why some videos dont have legends in all languages? I’m from Brazil and can’t watch it all cuz i dont understand:( but I would like…

  • I saw a men beating his wife I told him to stop he said no so I let my dog bite the shit out of him and I beat him and the wife moved to another country and the men had life in prison

  • My mom does ALL of these things. I’m not spoiled she does all of them and manipulates other people I know to say I’m crazy. This is a cry for help. Please. No one will listen to me except my dad. And my mom has taken everything away from him so he is powerless.

  • I’m here for my friend and her ex. I’m sure it was abusive bc me and my bffs friend group including the gf all got bit by the gf for no reason and I got hit for crossing a road loads of times
    1: yep
    2: yep. And also told my bff to KYS and made fun of me being bad at maths..
    6: once again bit us. And hit us. They bit my bff most bc she didn’t always want hugs
    8:i think it happens only like once or something

  • My mom is going through and has been going through for 15-16 yrs (since I was 4). And i am now 21 and its affecting me to watch my mother go through this. Also recently last week on Christmas my moms boyfriend threatened to kill her because she wouldn’t allow him to go somewhere with her. It sucks because now i realize why my mom reacts the way she does with me. But its not fair for me and idk what to do. ��

  • There are several forms of abuse: financial, religious, psychological,(gaslighting, manipulation, guilt trips, constant antagonizing, name calling-degrading/demoralizing behavior) physical, sexual (physical+psychological), and neglect none of which should never be ignored! For many of us, we have been subjected to many abuses…and now justice will finally be served…

  • I’m a stay at home mom and he pays all the bills. His thing is he is very good at making it seem like it’s something wrong with me and I’m missing something that other women have. He can be very viscous with his name calling. In his mind he is this great guy that can never catch a break and always gets screwed. He has a huge heart in his mind, but I believe he doesn’t do the things he does for others, but more for how it makes him look. My kids from a previous relationship are coming out for christmas and he basically said he is buying the gifts so he doesn’t look like an asshole. He makes good money, but he is also someone to use the things he buys against you. Like threatening to take it away etc or to stop paying things like car insurance. No matter how hard I try it’s never good enough. Sometimes he is great and I know in times of stress especially financial stress he takes it out on me. He has a massive ego and he thinks much higher of himself then he is really is. He makes up a decision about you and how you feel and he is unwilling to change that perspective. Most of the times it’s not even how I feel or how I think at all. When he is calling me names I feel helpless. I wonder why I’m not good enough and why this happening. Then I act out desperation or anger for something that I can have control over in the situation. In my mind I have tried to do everything that he wanted me to do and the way he wanted me to, but yet I end in the situation where he is saying mean awful things about. I run the scenario over over again afterwards wondering what I could of done differently. Sometimes I realize after I could have reacted better and others times there was nothing I could have done differently. We have been together for nine years and have a 2 year old and 3 year old. I have always wanted a family with him. I stay for a couple of reasons one I have no way to support my kids on my own. Another reason is I always have in the back of my head the hope that things will get better and if I lose the weight or after I finish getting my nursing degree things will get better. I will finish prerequisites this upcoming semester to apply for nursing program.Also I’m 100lbs overweight and 33 years old, I dont know how I would start over again and I just dont want to. I also dont want think about him being with someone else. Sometimes when I look into his eyes the love is still there and other times when he says these awful things I dont know how I feel. Anyways long post thank to anyone who reads it all.

  • I couldn’t even go to Subway alone & anytime I argued with him about his marijuana (coke on one occasion, with his friends I obviously wasnt present) there was always an extreme punishment, including break up. He did use physical violence & knives on 2 occasions. I was young but I did have a child with him & didn’t have the money for a lawyer so he has her now & abuses/uses her. Because of his drugs he cant make any adult parent decisions on his own without having every step chosen for him plus hes super paranoid so I’m guessing that has something to do with having (crazy people as well & why trust other people with your Child anyways) make decisions for him & my daughter. I understand some people use marijuana to help them thru an illness but there are those who use it to simply get high & if you step between them & their high, be warned because they’ll stop at nothing to get that high! p.s. yes I reported some of it to CPS & called the police as well as told a then “trusted” family member who didn’t even validate the fact that I was clearly distraught, especially in comparison to previous relationships plus she was a nurse. I now have my Bachelors degree & am aware of what to look out for in relationships & family(kinda have to laugh at that one). I dont trust her anymore & in fact, am glad for the learning experience. Shes a nurse but not a good person in general. So clearly, you can get away with alot in some states in comparison to others…obviously I’m moving out of my state. And please, learn from the above & stay away from drugs unless their prescribed!

  • I used be emotionallyb abused by my teacher when I was 6 years old. I’m 25 years now and still suffer the consequences. I have major failure fear, perfectionism, suffer anxiety disorder and I used to have a depression all connected to school. I still want to whack that woman her face for ruining my fucking life. Nobody realises the impact of a teacher on children

  • All this is what im going thru but its hard cuz hes an alcoholic and we have 2 kids so its hard to walk away when he’s threatening to hurt me or my kids ����������

  • umm so my parents are abusive my mom is more but they both are anyway umm.. sometimes it feels like they have different personalities its just scary….. specially when others are around even though they insult me but they make it seem like awoke but when I’m alone they ask me if I ember what they said in a violent way it’s just one of a lot that happens normally…. so yea I don’t know what to do

  • Yeah this is my partner 4 years and I finally realized he’s bad gem not a good one. all these he does and I’m about to go to jail because him.

  • Isolation…make you feel bad about your family-your best friends-your job-your place, name calling, you can not go out like you use to go, you can not dress up or make yourself look pretty because he will call your name or mad at you.. he does not want to see you pretty or look good, he put camera all over your place, track you where ever you go, punishment-can be about sex in the way u don’t like or afraid, complaining about your action.. make you feel bad about yourself, digging your past to blame you…make you feel bad about your past—be careful do not let he knows about your past, check your social media and force you to give him password-he will use your social media chat with your ex or your boy friends to get information about you and use it to blame you, make you quit your job or can not keep your job or make you unhappy with job you have, too jealousy…even you talk to coworker or taxi driver normal way.. he is very mad at you and call you name, push you down even you have high education or have good job.. threaten you…will post your nude pic on social media if you leave him or send all your nude pic to your work, he always says you owe him, create new bad story about you for example-blame you that you had sex with your coworker or your dad..and you know it is not true but he force you admit it..He wants to make you pregnant because you will be so weak if you pregnant with him…RUN AWAY ONLY!!!!!! He such a devil person!!!

  • What do i do if they are emotionally unstable and a sensitive person in general and when you say you’re leaving they threaten to kill themselves or someone. I just have a feeling they would probably actually do it because they are different then others

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  • When my mom is mad at me, she will humiliate me in public that’s why I get scared and embarrassed easily when someone corrected me even in a nice way

  • Wow. I always feel ashamed when i think about it. I had a 9 year friendship which basically was exactly everything this video talks about. And i still can’t believe how stupid i was and how i just let it go for so long. I feel like I can’t even think about it because of how ashamed i am of myself for letting it go that far. I was completely isolated she managed to make stuff up about me to the people around me, and made stuff up about them to me so that i had no one but her, and she always threatened to leave and die, everything was my fault; somehow her lying was my fault and me apologizing for idk what.
    she faked cancer for 3 years with machine sounds and nurses voices I honestly have no idea how she did it but she’s psychotic to say the least.

  • I never realized all of this was happening to me since 3 years was all about abusing. I only thought it was my husband’s nature and his family followed the same direction as his. I always felt suffocated and chocked up everyday. Thanks for making this video, now I understand what was happening with my relationship.

  • This is clearly my situation.

    I need to get away. But, it will be very difficult.

    Because I wouldn’t get any help from my children or family.

    I don’t work and things in my country is very expensive.

    I have no place to go to.
    I really don’t know where to start.

  • Oh God! I have been Hammered with emotional abuse since childhood ��
    I have fought all my life and now i am left with no strength at all my soul is severly injured

  • Literally in that right now… Only mistake is I married him and now I’m stuck cause of a child involved… Totally screwed. Girls and guys; please please vet your partner and listen to those red flags. Seriously, otherwise you may screw up the rest of your life

  • Can you do a video on how to cope with living with someone that is emotionally abusive? Especially right now during Covid-19?
    Before the pandemic, I would eat out in restaurants or parks to avoid being close to my toxic family and now that I am furloughed, the abuse has increased and I can’t leave the house as often.

  • Thanks for the information. Unfortunately for me I learned these lessons the hard way. Everyone listen to this man’s signs so you don’t end up in a bad relationship. If you see 2 of the 5 signs RUN AWAY. Don’t think the other person will change. An abuser has plan to get what they want from you.