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Youth sports parents: how to handle teammates who are jerks-help your kids deal with jerk teammates

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Verbal Abuse. Verbal put-downs from a coach, in front of others, are a clear form of verbal abuse. 4  For instance, a bullying coach may humiliate your child in front of others. The coach may also shout, swear, or yell on a consistent basis, or make offensive jokes at your child’s expense.

Your Child’s Coach Is a Jerk? Now You Can Let the League Know It. 09/23/2015 04:27 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2016 In my last blog I shared the story about Julie Hernandez and Stacey Vidal, the two South Florida football moms whose sons were subjected to a five-day-a-week practice schedule for six months; were verbally and physically abused by an. Your little angel can sometimes have obnoxious moments.

If your kid is a jerk, find out from WebMD when it’s just a phase and how you can teach better behavior. If you notice a coach trying to overly ingratiate themselves with you or assert themselves as another parental figure with your child, such as by spending time alone with the child, this may be a. Even if your coach is a jerk, remember that you made a commitment to ride out the season. Don’t quit the team unless the coach does something truly abusive that leaves you no choice. From Isaac Hess.

Baseball Coach & Instructor. Community Q&A Search. Question. When your son or daughter’s coach is emotionally abusive you are faced with a very difficult situation.

You’re walking a political and emotional tightrope. If you do nothing, your child is at risk of having his self-esteem further traumatized and his joy of the sport killed. However, if you say or do something, you risk the coach retaliating and punishing your son or daughter even more. 6. When a parent is concerned that an adult child for example, a college student is being bullied by a coach, parents need to support their child in making a decision about how to proceed. Coaches who use an intimidation style with adult athletes often report they are doing it in the interest of winning the game.

1. He Says Mean Things in a Nice Way. “If he says unkind or hurtful things to you couched in a kind voice, or in the name of ‘I’m just being honest,’ that’s still mean,” says Hanks. How many of the following signs of emotional immaturity does your list include? Emotional escalations: Young children often cry, get mad, or outwardly appear petulant and pouting.

Grownups seldom do. Kids, careers, living situations — hell, your relationship doesn’t even interest him! Every time you bring up something “emotional,” he freaks out.

He either gets super quiet or pissed off. Oh, and fighting with a man-child is brutal. He’s a stubborn little jerk who channels his.

List of related literature:

Other parents are overly involved and become overbearing, both with the coach and with their child.

“Successful Coaching” by Rainer Martens
from Successful Coaching
by Rainer Martens
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Responding “That coach doesn’t know what she is doing” will only undermine the coach and not help you or your daughter gain any insight about the situation.

“Changing the Game: The Parent's Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids” by John O'Sullivan
from Changing the Game: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids
by John O’Sullivan
Morgan James Publishing, 2013

If you don’t agree with the coach, never say anything disrespectful about the coach in front of your kid.

“Grooming the Next Generation for Success: Proven Strategies for Raising the Next Generation of Leaders” by Dani Johnson
from Grooming the Next Generation for Success: Proven Strategies for Raising the Next Generation of Leaders
by Dani Johnson
Sound Wisdom, 2009

If your child’s unsportsmanlike behavior is particularly egregious, let the coach know your intentions of removing her from the game.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
by Michele Borba
Wiley, 2009

One sportsmanship parents’ guide included tips for parents such as “be supportive of coaches,” “teach respect for authority,” “focus on your child as an individual,” and “be mindful of your role as a role model.”

“Sports Ethics for Sports Management Professionals” by Patrick Thornton, Walter T. Champion, Jr., Lawrence Ruddell, Larry Ruddell
from Sports Ethics for Sports Management Professionals
by Patrick Thornton, Walter T. Champion, Jr., et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

A great starting point is to ask yourself what you’d want to know if you were handing over your child to a new coach.

“Coaching Basketball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Basketball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

If kids continually receive mixed messages from you and the assistant, they can’t get a clear understanding of the game or the coach, and this detracts from the kids’ overall experience.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
from Coaching Volleyball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
Wiley, 2009

The coach can work to counter well-meaning but overly aggressive parents by meeting with them to clarify team goals and enlisting the support of other parents.

“The Sport Psych Handbook” by Shane Murphy
from The Sport Psych Handbook
by Shane Murphy
Human Kinetics Publishers, 2009

‘’ With your child’s help, put together a list of all the positives and negatives about being the coach.

“Coaching Football For Dummies” by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Football For Dummies
by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

Strong parent coaches constantly interrupt themselves and the parent to offer in-the-moment comments.

“Handbook of Attachment-Based Interventions” by Howard Steele, Miriam Steele
from Handbook of Attachment-Based Interventions
by Howard Steele, Miriam Steele
Guilford Publications, 2019

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    In the beginning, I felt a loss. Then I felt denial. Then I felt extreme anger. Then I felt hate. I then felt a deep depression. Through all these stages, I stepped back and reassessed everything and accepted my mistakes and realized it was myself that allowed this to all happen and that it was my responsibility to not let it happen again. Once I was freed though, it felt like a weight was lifted. It was the most profound and liberating thing I’ve ever experienced.
    I now have a mission. I want to get serious about my photography. I’ve poured my everything into it and it fulfils me more than any woman ever has. I’ve been challenging myself and it’s been a struggle at times, but in the end, it’s always worth it.
    As a former HUGE simp, I only wish I could save the other men in my life, but the truth is too much for some. I think the true way forward is to be burned so badly that it inherently shakes you to your core. You have to be completely destroyed before you can rebuild yourself better.

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  • Actually, my ex did just that. He kept saying that I was such a good person, as he was breaking up with me. He told me that everything was his fault, and I didn’t do anything wrong, but that he just wasn’t ready for a relationship. I cried a bit and he was crying too, So I know it was genuinely hard for him to do. Fast forward 13 weeks, and he gets into a relationship, just days before Valentine’s Day. It really hurts because he and I were so happy. We were talking about marriage and everything. And I know the woman he’s with right now is nothing like me and I know that they’re relationship will not be as fulfilling. It’s hard not to take it personally, even though I know it’s not a personal thing. I think deep down he didn’t think he was good enough for me because the woman he’s with now has problems. It just hurts because I really did love that man and I saw such a wonderful future for us. We were both falling in love. I just wish he would snap out of it. So he and I can build a happy life together. It’s really hard to let someone you love walk out of your life like that.

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  • Hey, Clay. So my situation has been updated. She asked to be her best friend because she told me that she regrets the decision of breaking up because she lost the person that is very important to her. I said I’ll think about it, I became cold and talked about her rebound, and she said that she’s sorry for breaking my heart, and she said her depression is coming back. Her rebound didnt comfort her, and I was the one who did. She told me that she misses my comfort and she can’t decide on the person she wanted to be with. She wants the rebound because she wants to try out a new relationship, and she wants me because she misses the fun times and my comforts that she misses so much, but only as a friend. The next day, she saw my tweets ranting about her rebound, talking shit about them and she became so distant. She seened me in chat, and in the next few hours, she told me that I was disrespectful because of “backstabbing” her, blaming her about the break up and the rebound relationship in my rants on twitter. I keep saying that within only a few weeks they already have a rebound. But then she told me to “respect her decision” and it’s “her life”. We agreed that we become best friends again, and agreed to fix the problem, and gaining our trust again. She told me that we should continue it tomorrow, and that tomorrow is today. She greeted me “morning”, and I responded back, but after that I told her that we should continue the conversation of fixing the problem but she still seens my messages. I dont remember doing everything wrong this time. It’s like she’s avoiding me again. Edit: we normally talk now, as “best friends” she doesnt initiate contact from now on so we dont chat much often, but earlier I got a call from her, and told her that she had a bad dream. I tried calming her down and comforting her, we talked and calmed her even more, and she said she’s tired and I let her sleep. Is this a sign of mixed feelings or the hot and cold thingy? Is there a chance that she still has affection for me even just a little bit?

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    Cheers Matt ��

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  • I just make sure I’m there for my son. I make sure that I communicate with him regularly. I make sure to spend time with him. and I work to keep him out of the disagreements that his mother and I have. it’s been crazy at times but I’m learning as I go. definitely not easy…..

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  • The two important terms and concepts that I mention in this video are: parental alienation syndrome and parentification.

    Parental alienation is the process, and the result, of the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent or other family members.

    Parentification is a type of role reversal, boundary distortion, and inverted hierarchy between parents and other family members in which children or adolescents assume developmentally inappropriate levels of responsibility in the family of origin that go unrecognized, unsupported, and unrewarded.

    (Definitions from Wikipedia)

    …Since the recording of this video, I’ve read the book “Divorce Poison” by Dr. Richard Warshak and frankly, it’s a MUST read for any parents that are trying to “co-parent” with a narcissist or other type of manipulative person. Here is a link to my notes on the book if you are interested (but I highly recommend reading the full book, as it’s chock full of info):

    Here are some links to the book “Divorce Poison” as well as to some boardgames that help with opening communication with children and teens:

    Divorce Poison:

    “Therapy Game Ideas”: (This is a “free” Kindle Unlimited Book)

    “My Feelings” Boardgame for Children:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Boardgame for children and teens:

    “Mixed Emotions” (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Boardgame for children):

    *All these links are affiliate links to Amazon. Using them doesn’t cost you any extra, and helps to support this site.:)

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  • my names (redacted file) but i have a ‘special’ cousen with a similar name to me and im starting to think my aunt may be a karen idk why,she wears a mask the my mum hand-made but im not sure

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  • Going through this now but my children have not seen their father in years so they don’t remember him. Since I’m going for child support, he most likely will get visits. I worry about the physiological manipulation so I go back and forth (in my mind) about what and what not to say to my children. Good advice in this video. Thank you!

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  • Great Video. You are one of the few people on youtube focused on lifting men and not bashing women.
    Some of the other channels just whine and bitch about female nature all day. The epitome of weakness.
    We men should be focused on our purpose.

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  • I’m honestly perplexed on how if anyone else in the entire world other than Will Ferrell did this with their children they be getting so much shit for it it wouldn’t even be funny

  • If you ever encountered a manipulator. Dont backoff. Show him that you know he is a manipulator from your behaviour. Be it by anger or by cruel and ruthless eye contacts. What will this do is that he or she will not use these creepy manipulating tactics over you having knowing that you also knew these things. This will make them really works, when anyone is uncomfortable, his or her mind is not clear about what to do. Its works untill you dont met God of deception and manipulation.

  • Surprised you haven’t got any videos with you going out with students teaching this stuff like RSD would be good promotion for you

  • Thank you…this is a huge thing I’m trying to learn right now. My son is only 3 right now, but I know these tools are soo important to use now, to build this foundation. It’s so scary, everytime I send him with his Dad. Our son has seen us me go through some of the most confusing emotional and mental abuse, I know it’s effected him, I feel so much guilt for allowing my toxic relationship to go so far for so long around my child. These videos, have been literally, mine and my son’s life saving advice and support. Please keep these videos coming, I’ve researched millions of videos on this topic and I find yours to be the most clear and to the point videos, and the most useful. Everyone says to just take me kid and disappear, that that is going to be the only way to protect my son from becoming a narc himself or become a victim like I had been, and well l, ill admit I still am. His father isn’t a typical narc, I’ve learned he has multiple distinctions, it’s extremely complex, and so confusing, ups and downs and back and for the, I’ve struggled for 5 yrs now just to grasp wtf he’s doing or why, so I fall back into his toxic patterns occasionally, getting wrapped up in my inability to stop emotionally reacting to his manipulation and gas lighting, all the rollercoaster head games that get me tangled up in his false reality. I just know, using the tools I’ve gained from these videos, has helped me so much grow stronger and you’ve helped me recognize what’s going on, and how to resist, and how to help my child grow the ability to know right from wrong when he’s with his narc father. I know that in choosing to keep the relationship between my son and his father, I am going to constantly be having to strategize every tool possible to protect my son and myself from the devastating effects the narc can inflict on partners and they’re children. My son is only 3, so who knows, my decision to co-parent, may end up changing depending on how well I’m able to maintain my distance,my strength and how well my son is capable of learning how to cope and understand what dysfunctions his father has, to grow healthy habits with his relationships. Totally on point with pointing out how important keeping the communication open and honest and to really put down a strong foundation for my son’s emotional security while with me, to really focus on making sure my actions match my words. Which I’ve struggled with a lot during the most difficult times trying to get away from my son’s father without having to leave my son with his dad, I was financially dependent on his father, and have been extremely stuck, I literally had to live in my car at first to get away from the emotional abuse, and i had tried taking my son at that time he was only 2, and that was the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do in my whole life, I broke down probably the second night trying to care for him and not having even a bathroom to go into to go potty or change, just was an absolute nightmare, and I ended up bringing my son back to his father’s house to have him stay there while I worked on gaining my balance back and my independence so I could have my son with me in a safe environment. Almost 2 yrs later, I’m still not completely on my own two feet, but my Mother has opened her arms and doors to me and my son to stay in a spare room, sacrificing her sewing rm,lol. So grateful. Cus the damage that’s been caused surviving this kind of abuse, has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to learn how to heal from,let alone how to stop and prevent the abuse, to regain my sanity, my stability,my confidence, to recognize I’m not a bad mother as my son’s father repeatedly kept trying to engrave in me, cus there has been so many times that I’ve had to just walk away and not take my son, cuts I had no where to take him to be with me. I can’t provide for him, and that has been an extreme weakness and vulnerability my son’s father will use against me and emphasize on to break me down, trying to get me to call back into the toxic patterns and come back to him and the home and financial security. Anyways, thank you, I just really appreciate all your videos, they’ve been so helpful in providing me the validation and assurance that I’m doing the right thing and I’m going to be capable of surviving this with the tools to provide my son to protect him from becoming another toxic human in this world. Thank you, I wish I could buy the book you’ve mentioned, i don’t find many good books on this topic at the library that I can check out for free, it seems like most lliterature on this topic is expensive and can be kind of hard to accrue.

  • I’m sorry that it’s come to this! But at this point I don’t see any other way to put a woman back in her place without backhanding
    her across the mouth like men did back in the day. Because after he did it once he didn’t have to do it again. These women are too far gone in their fight against their NATURAL place in this world. And it’s hurting everbody including themselves.

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