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Youth sports parents: how to handle teammates who are jerks-help your kids deal with jerk teammates

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Verbal Abuse. Verbal put-downs from a coach, in front of others, are a clear form of verbal abuse. 4  For instance, a bullying coach may humiliate your child in front of others. The coach may also shout, swear, or yell on a consistent basis, or make offensive jokes at your child’s expense.

Your Child’s Coach Is a Jerk? Now You Can Let the League Know It. 09/23/2015 04:27 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2016 In my last blog I shared the story about Julie Hernandez and Stacey Vidal, the two South Florida football moms whose sons were subjected to a five-day-a-week practice schedule for six months; were verbally and physically abused by an. Your little angel can sometimes have obnoxious moments.

If your kid is a jerk, find out from WebMD when it’s just a phase and how you can teach better behavior. If you notice a coach trying to overly ingratiate themselves with you or assert themselves as another parental figure with your child, such as by spending time alone with the child, this may be a. Even if your coach is a jerk, remember that you made a commitment to ride out the season. Don’t quit the team unless the coach does something truly abusive that leaves you no choice. From Isaac Hess.

Baseball Coach & Instructor. Community Q&A Search. Question. When your son or daughter’s coach is emotionally abusive you are faced with a very difficult situation.

You’re walking a political and emotional tightrope. If you do nothing, your child is at risk of having his self-esteem further traumatized and his joy of the sport killed. However, if you say or do something, you risk the coach retaliating and punishing your son or daughter even more. 6. When a parent is concerned that an adult child for example, a college student is being bullied by a coach, parents need to support their child in making a decision about how to proceed. Coaches who use an intimidation style with adult athletes often report they are doing it in the interest of winning the game.

1. He Says Mean Things in a Nice Way. “If he says unkind or hurtful things to you couched in a kind voice, or in the name of ‘I’m just being honest,’ that’s still mean,” says Hanks. How many of the following signs of emotional immaturity does your list include? Emotional escalations: Young children often cry, get mad, or outwardly appear petulant and pouting.

Grownups seldom do. Kids, careers, living situations — hell, your relationship doesn’t even interest him! Every time you bring up something “emotional,” he freaks out.

He either gets super quiet or pissed off. Oh, and fighting with a man-child is brutal. He’s a stubborn little jerk who channels his.

List of related literature:

Other parents are overly involved and become overbearing, both with the coach and with their child.

“Successful Coaching” by Rainer Martens
from Successful Coaching
by Rainer Martens
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Responding “That coach doesn’t know what she is doing” will only undermine the coach and not help you or your daughter gain any insight about the situation.

“Changing the Game: The Parent's Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids” by John O'Sullivan
from Changing the Game: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids
by John O’Sullivan
Morgan James Publishing, 2013

If you don’t agree with the coach, never say anything disrespectful about the coach in front of your kid.

“Grooming the Next Generation for Success: Proven Strategies for Raising the Next Generation of Leaders” by Dani Johnson
from Grooming the Next Generation for Success: Proven Strategies for Raising the Next Generation of Leaders
by Dani Johnson
Sound Wisdom, 2009

If your child’s unsportsmanlike behavior is particularly egregious, let the coach know your intentions of removing her from the game.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
by Michele Borba
Wiley, 2009

One sportsmanship parents’ guide included tips for parents such as “be supportive of coaches,” “teach respect for authority,” “focus on your child as an individual,” and “be mindful of your role as a role model.”

“Sports Ethics for Sports Management Professionals” by Patrick Thornton, Walter T. Champion, Jr., Lawrence Ruddell, Larry Ruddell
from Sports Ethics for Sports Management Professionals
by Patrick Thornton, Walter T. Champion, Jr., et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

A great starting point is to ask yourself what you’d want to know if you were handing over your child to a new coach.

“Coaching Basketball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Basketball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

If kids continually receive mixed messages from you and the assistant, they can’t get a clear understanding of the game or the coach, and this detracts from the kids’ overall experience.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
from Coaching Volleyball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
Wiley, 2009

The coach can work to counter well-meaning but overly aggressive parents by meeting with them to clarify team goals and enlisting the support of other parents.

“The Sport Psych Handbook” by Shane Murphy
from The Sport Psych Handbook
by Shane Murphy
Human Kinetics Publishers, 2009

‘’ With your child’s help, put together a list of all the positives and negatives about being the coach.

“Coaching Football For Dummies” by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Football For Dummies
by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

Strong parent coaches constantly interrupt themselves and the parent to offer in-the-moment comments.

“Handbook of Attachment-Based Interventions” by Howard Steele, Miriam Steele
from Handbook of Attachment-Based Interventions
by Howard Steele, Miriam Steele
Guilford Publications, 2019

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  • LOL…. Wow…. “Red pill. Blue pill?” Sorry, I’m over here in a little place called “REALITY….” Meanwhile, you’re in Matrix fantasy land. You even SAY “matrix” in the video! �� Grow up.

  • The red pill that I swallowed earlier this year by my now ex-fiance was the hardest thing I’ve done. I denied the truths that were blatantly slapping me in the face. I lived for my women, not for myself, and I suffered without even realizing it.
    In the beginning, I felt a loss. Then I felt denial. Then I felt extreme anger. Then I felt hate. I then felt a deep depression. Through all these stages, I stepped back and reassessed everything and accepted my mistakes and realized it was myself that allowed this to all happen and that it was my responsibility to not let it happen again. Once I was freed though, it felt like a weight was lifted. It was the most profound and liberating thing I’ve ever experienced.
    I now have a mission. I want to get serious about my photography. I’ve poured my everything into it and it fulfils me more than any woman ever has. I’ve been challenging myself and it’s been a struggle at times, but in the end, it’s always worth it.
    As a former HUGE simp, I only wish I could save the other men in my life, but the truth is too much for some. I think the true way forward is to be burned so badly that it inherently shakes you to your core. You have to be completely destroyed before you can rebuild yourself better.

  • Lady go to you tube and look up Narcissistic abuse. Start listening and get help
    Start to love yourself so much that you know your worth, his a twisted sick empty soul
    Sucking all your goodness read read listen listen to the information,don’t tell him a thing
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  • Actually, my ex did just that. He kept saying that I was such a good person, as he was breaking up with me. He told me that everything was his fault, and I didn’t do anything wrong, but that he just wasn’t ready for a relationship. I cried a bit and he was crying too, So I know it was genuinely hard for him to do. Fast forward 13 weeks, and he gets into a relationship, just days before Valentine’s Day. It really hurts because he and I were so happy. We were talking about marriage and everything. And I know the woman he’s with right now is nothing like me and I know that they’re relationship will not be as fulfilling. It’s hard not to take it personally, even though I know it’s not a personal thing. I think deep down he didn’t think he was good enough for me because the woman he’s with now has problems. It just hurts because I really did love that man and I saw such a wonderful future for us. We were both falling in love. I just wish he would snap out of it. So he and I can build a happy life together. It’s really hard to let someone you love walk out of your life like that.

  • I must b a pimp cause they keep coming back for more. Hahaha ���� i treat em like the bitches they is n never take no shit from any of em. F*** disney. tnx for teaching all the punks how to b a man when theys dealing with them hoes

  • Thanks for keeping it real. Sounds like she is codependent. Poor girl, bless her heart. After 32 years being nothing more than a whore for my spouse that would use sedation to rape me, I am finally free. The sad part is the children that I raised and protected from this monster, since learning my secret, have nothing to do with me. Be careful he walks and preys among you. I have peace in knowing his final fate will not be judged by me. There is a special place in hell for him.

  • Hey, Clay. So my situation has been updated. She asked to be her best friend because she told me that she regrets the decision of breaking up because she lost the person that is very important to her. I said I’ll think about it, I became cold and talked about her rebound, and she said that she’s sorry for breaking my heart, and she said her depression is coming back. Her rebound didnt comfort her, and I was the one who did. She told me that she misses my comfort and she can’t decide on the person she wanted to be with. She wants the rebound because she wants to try out a new relationship, and she wants me because she misses the fun times and my comforts that she misses so much, but only as a friend. The next day, she saw my tweets ranting about her rebound, talking shit about them and she became so distant. She seened me in chat, and in the next few hours, she told me that I was disrespectful because of “backstabbing” her, blaming her about the break up and the rebound relationship in my rants on twitter. I keep saying that within only a few weeks they already have a rebound. But then she told me to “respect her decision” and it’s “her life”. We agreed that we become best friends again, and agreed to fix the problem, and gaining our trust again. She told me that we should continue it tomorrow, and that tomorrow is today. She greeted me “morning”, and I responded back, but after that I told her that we should continue the conversation of fixing the problem but she still seens my messages. I dont remember doing everything wrong this time. It’s like she’s avoiding me again. Edit: we normally talk now, as “best friends” she doesnt initiate contact from now on so we dont chat much often, but earlier I got a call from her, and told her that she had a bad dream. I tried calming her down and comforting her, we talked and calmed her even more, and she said she’s tired and I let her sleep. Is this a sign of mixed feelings or the hot and cold thingy? Is there a chance that she still has affection for me even just a little bit?

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  • Love your videos, ALWAYS speaking the truth! You’re the only YouTuber where ALL your videos are amazing, always full blown content ����
    Cheers Matt ��

  • One of my friends is a priest and one day a Karen entered the church and he said “ma’am, you can’t enter the church without a mask,please wear one” than here tried to give her a spare mask that he had on the church.
    She slapped his hand and started yelling at him and called him every kind of names you can think of and literally ruined the Sunday, the priest just breathed for a moment and called the other priest and said “My brothers! Stand back, our Lord Jesus has given me the mission of performing an exorcism today” and started to perform the exorcism on her, she said that she was going to put him on jail for that and storied out of the church.
    And as she leaved the priest said “Go back to your master spawn of darkness! And double not return'”

    He stood there for 4 seconds, turned and said “Oh God, it seems that the devil sent his daughters to torment us”

    After the cult I we laughed until our assess had fallen,
    Then I said “fucking karens”
    He replied “spawns of the devil”

  • Teach it brother. U speak the truth. Ive been a simp. That ends today!! Time for us to act like men. Im putting my balls back where they belong. LOL.

  • Guys like him (and my x) want tall attractive women on their arm to go out with, stoke their egos, have fun with etc but will settle for the fat frumpy ones to keep at home as those women will do ANYTHING to keep them….im done enabling his messed up behaviour….SELF RESPECT IS the key! �� ��

  • I just make sure I’m there for my son. I make sure that I communicate with him regularly. I make sure to spend time with him. and I work to keep him out of the disagreements that his mother and I have. it’s been crazy at times but I’m learning as I go. definitely not easy…..

  • One thing I can’t understand from simp men are the ones that have girlfriend that act like attention whore on social media and they stand there and look stupid as fck while other men comment on her body and sexual stuff. I just never understood how a simp men would allow that crap and try to act like they real men.

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  • Whoever this women is. I hope you are reading this comment. He doesn’t love or respect you, if he can treat you like this. Look how pathetic he is. Step back. I know you see how utterly absurd all this sounds when you say it out loud. So far, you’ve given not one reason why you would even want to be with somebody like him. however you did consistently state every reason why you shouldn’t be with him

  • The two important terms and concepts that I mention in this video are: parental alienation syndrome and parentification.

    Parental alienation is the process, and the result, of the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent or other family members.

    Parentification is a type of role reversal, boundary distortion, and inverted hierarchy between parents and other family members in which children or adolescents assume developmentally inappropriate levels of responsibility in the family of origin that go unrecognized, unsupported, and unrewarded.

    (Definitions from Wikipedia)

    …Since the recording of this video, I’ve read the book “Divorce Poison” by Dr. Richard Warshak and frankly, it’s a MUST read for any parents that are trying to “co-parent” with a narcissist or other type of manipulative person. Here is a link to my notes on the book if you are interested (but I highly recommend reading the full book, as it’s chock full of info):

    Here are some links to the book “Divorce Poison” as well as to some boardgames that help with opening communication with children and teens:

    Divorce Poison:

    “Therapy Game Ideas”: (This is a “free” Kindle Unlimited Book)

    “My Feelings” Boardgame for Children:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Boardgame for children and teens:

    “Mixed Emotions” (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Boardgame for children):

    *All these links are affiliate links to Amazon. Using them doesn’t cost you any extra, and helps to support this site.:)

  • I will tell you another sign. The simps who comment on porn sites about how great the porn stars are and kissing the floor that they walk on pathetic!

  • 3 BLATANT SIGNS You’re A SIMP!!! ( All Beta’s MUST WATCH! ) >>> Steal 1 Month Of Coaching From M* For ONLY $1: << EXPIRES SOON >>

  • Me:*dies of laughter*
    *my 3 year old sister hearing pearl sayimg bad words and thinking its not that bad*:F****NG B*TCH
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    Me:WAIT NO
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    Mom:u too are grounded
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    Dad:SHUT UP

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    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  • my names (redacted file) but i have a ‘special’ cousen with a similar name to me and im starting to think my aunt may be a karen idk why,she wears a mask the my mum hand-made but im not sure

  • The way it looks like, women just have to be attractive, but guys and men have to know all of these god damn type of social behaviors

  • if anyone is able to complain about masks its people with glasses. you really cant see. also, this post right here officer: 33:39 also Becky and Helen are the previous evolutions of a Karen

  • Going through this now but my children have not seen their father in years so they don’t remember him. Since I’m going for child support, he most likely will get visits. I worry about the physiological manipulation so I go back and forth (in my mind) about what and what not to say to my children. Good advice in this video. Thank you!

  • Lol my brother thinks that Karen’s are hired by the government to entertain people during lock down that’s why they don’t get arrested ����

  • Matt great video and review of key points! I saw that Bezos’ ex is giving away billions of dollars in divorce settlement money that she never really had to work for. She’s trying to project what a good woman she is and SJW but her only contribution to Amazon is that she was married to the founder and the US Divorce Court awarded her billions. Bezos is one of, if not the biggest SIMP ever! He gets divorced after hooking up with a 45 year old mother when he could have any 19 year old he wanted with his resources!

  • Great Video. You are one of the few people on youtube focused on lifting men and not bashing women.
    Some of the other channels just whine and bitch about female nature all day. The epitome of weakness.
    We men should be focused on our purpose.

  • Pimpology gets so boring. No challenge. Pure unadulterated attraction is where it’s at. After sex…blah…blah…blah. it is so unfortunate when a woman only has sex to offer a man. It’s like…what do I get…???!!����������

  • I’m honestly perplexed on how if anyone else in the entire world other than Will Ferrell did this with their children they be getting so much shit for it it wouldn’t even be funny

  • If you ever encountered a manipulator. Dont backoff. Show him that you know he is a manipulator from your behaviour. Be it by anger or by cruel and ruthless eye contacts. What will this do is that he or she will not use these creepy manipulating tactics over you having knowing that you also knew these things. This will make them really works, when anyone is uncomfortable, his or her mind is not clear about what to do. Its works untill you dont met God of deception and manipulation.

  • Surprised you haven’t got any videos with you going out with students teaching this stuff like RSD would be good promotion for you

  • Thank you…this is a huge thing I’m trying to learn right now. My son is only 3 right now, but I know these tools are soo important to use now, to build this foundation. It’s so scary, everytime I send him with his Dad. Our son has seen us me go through some of the most confusing emotional and mental abuse, I know it’s effected him, I feel so much guilt for allowing my toxic relationship to go so far for so long around my child. These videos, have been literally, mine and my son’s life saving advice and support. Please keep these videos coming, I’ve researched millions of videos on this topic and I find yours to be the most clear and to the point videos, and the most useful. Everyone says to just take me kid and disappear, that that is going to be the only way to protect my son from becoming a narc himself or become a victim like I had been, and well l, ill admit I still am. His father isn’t a typical narc, I’ve learned he has multiple distinctions, it’s extremely complex, and so confusing, ups and downs and back and for the, I’ve struggled for 5 yrs now just to grasp wtf he’s doing or why, so I fall back into his toxic patterns occasionally, getting wrapped up in my inability to stop emotionally reacting to his manipulation and gas lighting, all the rollercoaster head games that get me tangled up in his false reality. I just know, using the tools I’ve gained from these videos, has helped me so much grow stronger and you’ve helped me recognize what’s going on, and how to resist, and how to help my child grow the ability to know right from wrong when he’s with his narc father. I know that in choosing to keep the relationship between my son and his father, I am going to constantly be having to strategize every tool possible to protect my son and myself from the devastating effects the narc can inflict on partners and they’re children. My son is only 3, so who knows, my decision to co-parent, may end up changing depending on how well I’m able to maintain my distance,my strength and how well my son is capable of learning how to cope and understand what dysfunctions his father has, to grow healthy habits with his relationships. Totally on point with pointing out how important keeping the communication open and honest and to really put down a strong foundation for my son’s emotional security while with me, to really focus on making sure my actions match my words. Which I’ve struggled with a lot during the most difficult times trying to get away from my son’s father without having to leave my son with his dad, I was financially dependent on his father, and have been extremely stuck, I literally had to live in my car at first to get away from the emotional abuse, and i had tried taking my son at that time he was only 2, and that was the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do in my whole life, I broke down probably the second night trying to care for him and not having even a bathroom to go into to go potty or change, just was an absolute nightmare, and I ended up bringing my son back to his father’s house to have him stay there while I worked on gaining my balance back and my independence so I could have my son with me in a safe environment. Almost 2 yrs later, I’m still not completely on my own two feet, but my Mother has opened her arms and doors to me and my son to stay in a spare room, sacrificing her sewing rm,lol. So grateful. Cus the damage that’s been caused surviving this kind of abuse, has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to learn how to heal from,let alone how to stop and prevent the abuse, to regain my sanity, my stability,my confidence, to recognize I’m not a bad mother as my son’s father repeatedly kept trying to engrave in me, cus there has been so many times that I’ve had to just walk away and not take my son, cuts I had no where to take him to be with me. I can’t provide for him, and that has been an extreme weakness and vulnerability my son’s father will use against me and emphasize on to break me down, trying to get me to call back into the toxic patterns and come back to him and the home and financial security. Anyways, thank you, I just really appreciate all your videos, they’ve been so helpful in providing me the validation and assurance that I’m doing the right thing and I’m going to be capable of surviving this with the tools to provide my son to protect him from becoming another toxic human in this world. Thank you, I wish I could buy the book you’ve mentioned, i don’t find many good books on this topic at the library that I can check out for free, it seems like most lliterature on this topic is expensive and can be kind of hard to accrue.

  • I’m sorry that it’s come to this! But at this point I don’t see any other way to put a woman back in her place without backhanding
    her across the mouth like men did back in the day. Because after he did it once he didn’t have to do it again. These women are too far gone in their fight against their NATURAL place in this world. And it’s hurting everbody including themselves.

  • h clay Gt A weird situation for you to analyze. I found out my ex was cheaing on me. the girl im guessing didn’t kNOw about me and I obviously didn’t know aBout her. I wAs kind to her and explainexdc who I was dating thE Same guy the same time and gave her proof of relationship and I apologized to her. I didn’t know about her….>. her response was weird…… I got one reply I DONT TaLk to him anymore….

    these creatures got no mercy what so ever, if you think WOMEN need to be saved… you haven’t seen anything. what they request and what they answer to are different.

  • I just got shared custody from my about to be x wife who didnt want to share custody. Luckily thank god I knew more naturaly how to handle them. The thing I notice is that my daughter likes the new schedule more and now she likes her mother more. I have not touched any subject on her but I know my x and her parents are full narcissist. Im prepare because I cannot be in peace until my daughter can defend herself. I only let her know clues and give her tools so later on she knows what to do. Dont expose, kids have the ability to tell all you have to do is preserve their minds so they dont get brainwashed. Narcs dont rest until they get what they want, thats why I never quit. Mark my words, I told my x she wouldn’t take away my daughter or project what I am not and now they dont want to see me for the moment. Time will be on your side stay focus, stay strong your kids will be fine as long as you keep on it.

  • No validation whatsoever. I played that game back in the day because I was programmed to be that way. I’ll look the other way when the start strutting their stuff. Seeds. That’s the only thing I’ll give woman.

  • I have recently started reading Divorce Poison. It’s amazing and will be my bible for the years to come. My son is 2 years old and I feel so fortunate for the understanding of this personality disorder that I have aquired over the past few years so that I can be more aware and prepared for what is to come. One mom’s battle and the lemonade club are amazing resources, Tina Swithin. I can’t wait to dig into the other links too you posted Dana! thanks!

  • @ Clay Andrews How do identify someone’s feelings through text if they laugh at something you said and bonding through interest try to get on his good side vs guy is already is set he is pretty sure he will never get back with me even I didn’t make errors in the beginning when we dated almost 2 years. We broke up twice. I sounds he already sounds like its absolute sure that he will never try with me. He at least texting. Meeting up for him will seem impossible his he knows I have feelings. Age group mid 20s guy younger girl little bit older hitting late 20’s. This age group is too complex especially dealing with own aspirations, beliefs and goals. It’s hard to read feelings through text vs believing what the guy says and believe its set in stone forever?

  • hey clay, my ex indeed was acting hot and cold for 2 months, but now stopped talking after I told him I have changed and he said I can’t expect him to take my word for it to change his opinion about me. we talked for a few days after that chat (but not much) and now he is silent. I saw him listening to sad songs on spotify, so I think he is struggling emotionally which made him pulling back with talking to me? how should I interact with him again?

    we are also meeting in a month at a music festival and I just hope he isn’t going to call off. I haven’t seen him since we broke up (been 2 and a half months now)

  • Thanks Clay. This really may explain why she was so aggressive and angry while talking to me. I didn’t know what was going on because I was really nice and calm and reflected. But she didn’t even listen, she was just blaming me for things that were out of context and unfair. Then I got mad and she said „See that’s the reason it didn’t work out.“ Made me so mad and also disappointed me because that’s not the same person I used to have a loving relationship with..

  • How do you deal with one parent making the child scared to go with the other parent. If the child has told you ” parent said you will take me and you will never let me see parent and grandparent ever again”��
    Or ” parent said you don’t love me you are just a judge order so parent won’t go to jail”

    Child hides under the table before child hears us knock on the door, we saw through the window.

  • Hey M, i appreciate your videos but i have a doubt.
    In today’s world marriage is out of question because of so many harsh laws and feminism propaganda but what about the kids, how to further my family tree, I want to continue my clan, So it seems like a paradoxically situation. Please reply.

  • I really hope you are right about the rapidly vanishing herd of simpanzees, I hope you are right when you say they are rapidly vanishing.

  • Once again my ex backed away from even being my friend accused me of being in his “business” just 2 weeks ago he was being my friend now he’s blocked me again and is mad with me. What is going on? Why can’t he stick with being nice to me?

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  • As a father with a 1.5 yr old, this really helps. My baby has always been happy to see me and love spending time together. One day he just didn’t respond the usual way with a smile, hug, and wanting to put his hat on (he chose this hat and loves putting it on when he rides with me). This was so alarming that he was being very clingy to her. My ex’s bf is living with them and it makes me wonder if he is the cause of this sudden change in behavior.��

  • Either this is a fake letter that was sent to you Corey or she’s most probably the most stupidest person on Earth…. No one with a shred of Common Sense would stay with someone like that… It’s one of the most absolutely ridiculous story I have ever listened to in my entire life

  • Ever since Karens started to say that Karen is a slur I have always wondered

    What do they do if they meet someone named Karen

    Aren’t they forced to say Karen, aka a slur according to them?

    Do they just refuse to call that person by their name?

  • I can relatewith this videotalk: You are so blunt this is perfect: people are so trifling: they are master manipulators. I am so glad that i am aware nowand will attract better partnersand recongnize red flags early on.

  • Star wars: The phantom menace: First Karen
    Star wars: Attack of the Clones: More Karens
    Star wars: Revenge of the Sith: Karens get revenge on the cashiers that got the order wrong

    Star wars: A new Hope: Karens get made fun of
    Star wars: Empire Strikes Back: Karens strike back
    Star wars: Return of the Jedi: Karens are gone


  • To be clearly on these is not only man that is manipulating the children is also woman. In my case for example.. I have sole custody of both children.. Now children turning to age 14th year old and 10th year.. The mother threaten me with the law of when child turn 14 and 15 that the child have right or choose who yo live with.. my oldest child’s Behavior has been changing lately by not following direction, not listening and being disrespectful to other adults.. Correcting parent know they know more then you… I feel there’s something going on but the child is not speaking out.. I need help for my expert

  • Once a woman proves to me that she doesn’t piss and ��, pick her nose and fart..can’t have bad breath and BO I’ll treat her like an Angel from Heaven.Untill then, I treat her like an earthling.

  • Oh no:( Karen is gonna report me for animal abuse My little lion is gonna be taking away for me:(((

    To Karen:

    I took this picture while my doggy was doing that by himself and he looked cute so I took a pic pls don’t take my cute little doggy away from me:(


    Girl Trying Not to get her little lion taken away

  • Ok Corey. I think your wasting your time on that email. Shes just plain stupid. Read emails that are a little more intelligent. She an idiot. And she’s probably laughing at you for reading her stupid email. This chic was raised on a barn.

  • Just as info, divorce decree/settlement is completely separate from custody orders in California. Most divorce settlements do not address custody because custody can be changed over and over and over again until the child is 18 (a divorce settlement is one and done). And unfortunately you can’t go to the courts and say my kids are a mess when they come back from my ex and get the judge to do anything about. I’ve actually had my kids calling me in tears, begging me to come get them and it doesn’t matter to the judge. Plus, remember we are dealing with a narc… they out right lie in court and will project what they are doing and actually accuse you of everything they are doing. The kids feel obligated to pledge allegiance to the messed up parent because of fear, obligation and guilt. Its a hard battle to fight, but my babies are worth it. Going on 3 years now….

  • hello coach corey I have this Filipina we have been talking to years now,shes my girlfriend I recently went to visit her also but all the time we have been together she has always had a problem showing me the password to her first facebook account but the but the second one she made for us I know the pw to that one she gave but she keeps giving me the wrong pw to the first one to make it short she eventually changed the profile pic of both of those with one with us together she said that she closed her old account out but how or why would she close the one out with most of her friends on,then second she doesn’t want me to buy her another phone and just keeps the old one and says that she doesn’t need any money from me but just love,so many red flags I just don’t know shes so confusing and there is much more please comment,i can show you her fb account now,ps shes beautiful on request

  • Men have forgotten how tf to be men. Women don’t want soft, weak couch potatoes. But society says this is what they do want. Masculinity is being threatened and it’s pathetic.

  • Sorry Corey, you are off on this one. She should not date anyone right now. What she needs is a good therapist to help her understand her worth. She will continue to make all the same mistakes and attract this exact same guy until she sees herself as worthy to love. Loving yourself first guarantees no one will take advantage of you. Confidence in yourself attracts better partners. Just my 2 cents.

  • Clay, what does it mean that during this quarantine during radio silence, my “ex’s” mom and dad start following me on social media? Much thanks. Any info is more than appreciated.

  • This is a tough one. I battled my ex for 2 years to reduce his custody. I won, but it was painful. All of their worst behaviors come out because of the narcissistic injury imposed by the case. With therapy for kids, both parents have to agree if that’s in parenting plan and narcs can stop that. Psych evaluation cost thousands and don’t always help. There is a survivor/thriver named Tina swithin who specializes in helping with these situations. She had books and coaches with legal battles. I was lucky, not all Cases end up saving kids. Also, unfortunately to the detriment of the awesome dads out there, narcs like to hang out in the fathers rights movement boards to get sympathy and support and they aren’t usually detectable. It’s so complicated and scary.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else have a little voice saying, this guy is a 12th dimensional master puppeteer beta testing material for some kind of galactic programing entertainment network. Don’t get me wronghe’s on point, but reallyIs this for real?

  • If you are interested in our upcoming coaching offerings, please check out this link for an idea of what I am thinking:

  • if someone tells you that they have say they have a disability where they cannot wear a face mask and they want a manager, call the manager like this:
    “some coustermer who claims to have brain damage wants you.”

  • This man is a god! Women always go for obvious liars who use them and throw them away. I can tell from the tone of what she wrote that she most likely had plenty of young men her age who admired her when she was young and she rejected them. Women have the power to choose and she made her bed.

  • You are right I haven’t I’m going through a similar situation my ex is a complete manipulating piece of garbage and all she wants to do is keep my seven-year-old away from me I hope other dads are going through this there are watching this video and trying to build courage so that way they can sit there and deal with some of the down time I do miss my daughter I love you Jade Bella to my last breath

  • My ex has been reaching out to me now and I’m just being nice polite and showing her that I’m bettering myself and that I’m becoming a stronger person. And it seems she’s liking this and she actually wants to come for dinner. But she seems to want to take things very slow which is fine by me. Since she’s the one that cheated on me 2 times. I know she loves and misses me so at this point I’m going to keep interacting with her as long as she wants to and see what happens. I still need my space and time to heal as well.

  • When karens complain about wearing a mask, my answer in my opinion is the best
    Karens: “I am a free woman and I have my rights and I’m not wearing a mask”
    Me: “you’re right, one cannot take someone’s right to die, suicide is very normal among the spoiled brats and people who does not know how to live like a normal person”
    My father: “you see son that’s what happens when a pregnant woman falls and hits the child’s head”

  • Whe the pearl say ”A WAN’T MY MONEY BITCH!!!”a was just say…..ok she is still four or tree..?? This is getting crazy…����������when it say”momy come”the grown man say”oh no…”��������������


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  • Guys, I’m a “Karen” and this is really offensive to me. Please stop making content like this before I report it. Thank you!
    #karenisoffensive #stopthis

  • hey Clay.
    your advice has been spot on.

    6 months ago, our son was given a preliminary diagnosis of autism. it was something we had argued about for a while, with her being deep in denial.
    the day after his diagnosis, she told me she didn’t believe the diagnosis, she didn’t love me anymore, and she’s going to begin dating her boss.
    I was blindsided at the time, but thinking back now i know that i wasn’t anywhere near my best in the last 3 months of the relationship.
    the day she moved out she told me that I was her first choice and i needed to prove to her i could “do it on my own” ( she had wanted me to quit working and be full-time dad so she could take a small promotion. we had lost our childcare around this time.
    I was really resistant in leaving work as we couldn’t afford the loss of income and i get depressed and withdrawn when I’m unemployed. I caved after a month. the 3 months leading up to the breakup we struggled financially quite a bit)
    I didn’t take it well. I raged and blamed and terrorised her boss.
    I did absolutely everything wrong.
    she still makes sure we have one on one time with me and whenever we do spend time together it’s usually really good. strong connection, lots of flirtatious jokes and smiles. she occasionally tells me she loves me, yet she’s still dating her boss (and wearing his ring after 3 months).
    I’ve began following your advice, I’ve stopped acting like a tantrumy child and really focused on finding a much much better job.
    I feel as though I have a great shot at repairing the relationship as long as i truly come from a place of empathy and keep my cool whenever she tests me.
    I’ll be investing in your course in the near future as I’ve found a really well paying job ( 2.5 times what i had been earning before).
    love ya, clay.

  • Karen is an attention hog, a hypocrite, and if had a YouTube Chanel would be the only person who got immediately demonetized the instant she put up a video.

  • I thought that was a strangfe response to leArni8ng evenm if it was an Ex boyfriend cheating on you… what do y9ou THINk of thAT

  • I knew this in the 60s got old and took my hoof off the accelerator, huge mistake………………. listen to this bloke he is bang on!


    America its not a country its a continent so that makes karens more stupid cuz they are saying that just because its america everyone knows and should speak english

    KAREN: This is Asia speak japanese!!!
    (even do japanese its not the only language that people speak on the continent & Asia is the continent not a country)

  • Dude is operating within the established perimeter of their relationship and she is the other woman she accepted the role and boundaries now she wants to change the rules and the boundaries a typical woman never happy with what they have then dude will leave his wife for her and then shit will get real and this side chick wont be able to handle it and dump him she will say things like I like the way it was before she is getting off being the other woman she likes the dread game and the possibility she is gonna get caught she gets off on the situation. this dude is married and trapped with a fat unattractive landwhale and has a complaining greedy side chick����‍♂️.
    Meanwhile Corey is doing what? ��‍♂️
    being that beta guy devaluing a devalued dude for what?
    The side chick the wall is right there she is gonna run into it tomorrow.

  • Screw the mask propaganda. Not wearing a mask doesn’t make you a Karen. You “no mask = karen” people are being karens yourselves. Please actually stop. If worshipping masks is your political agenda that’s your prerogative but the bullying of people who in many cases CANT wear them due to medical conditions does not make you the good guy. PS the masks dont even work.

  • Hello Matt Please help me, I have subscribed to your course made a payment, but I didn’t get any email nor any details, I also couldn’t find any contact for support over there,
    Please help

  • So what’s he doing wrong? He’s seeing two women who voluntarily consent to his behaviors. What, no onus for the females involved? Women do this to men way more than men to women.

  • Uuuh brah what do you think pimps do? They save a hoe and promise them things are better with me. cuz im getting all the pussy and spending no money your game bacwards my friend but i do get your point what u saying works sometimes because if she not flocking to you shes not for you.

  • My wife separated with me on feb. 14. She has been living with her mom and dad with my kids since then. She just got her first job since she was like 17. She is 31 now. She had to come to my house to get some work clothes because almost all of her things are still here. She admitted to me that while she was getting some of her clothes she stole one of my old shirts that she knew I wouldn’t know was missing. She said she had to wash it because it had been in the closet for years and it had a musty smell to it. She said that when she tried to hang it up she couldn’t and layed on her bed and berried her face in it and cried. She said she is still moarning our old relationship. She said that she didn’t want what I told her to go to my head. I recently told her that I was going through the divorce because she still refuses to try and work things out and form a new relationship. She has admittied that the man I became through out this separation is the man she wanted to be with. She still wants to be friends but she said she don’t love me anymore. But there seems like she flip flops her feelings without telling me how she really feels. When I told her I was going to give her the divorce she kinda sounded mean about it than later on she said that I was taking care of things and when I asked her what she meant she said the divorce since that what I wanted when she knows I didn’t want that and still don’t. She made it like I want it knowing I am only just trying to give her what I thought she wanted. When I asked her isn’t that what you wanted she said yes I want the divorce and she has already finnised the paperwork online she is just waiting to get the money up to pay for them but she said she is trying to prolong the divorce as long as she can and when I said why she said because she is scared what life will be like without me. Keep in mind we have been together for 16 years and married for 12. Can you tell me what you think about this?

  • here is just a note for any person named karen feeling down!

    if your name is karen, then there is nothing wrong with you.

    but if you are an idiot and protest masks and something, then you will be given the term ‘karen’

    it isnt referring to a name, its referring to a given title for someone who acts stupidly.

    so, dont worry, and enjoy these memes with us

  • Ok this is long I’ve been with this woman since March and I know I’m crazy for putting up with it but 1. She has told another guy she wouldn’t mind being in his bed had a serious convo about that she said she sorry wouldn’t do it again…. then Dec. 27 after I head home for work text a guy and says what did you come up with for nye so he says not just anything don’t wanna take you anywhere has to be romantic w live jazz that’s what she likes… so she replies let me know so I don’t make plans and know what to wear… confront her about it and she swears she didn’t so I check her phone again and she texts a friend about her going out to a restaurant they lol about it then she text the friend like a hour in a half later and ask can she bring the same guy over because she feels bad for him cause he has no friends or family where she is so soon as I bring it up she tries to tell me she didn’t do shit so the week before vday she’s saying she’s been calling and texting me and sending snaps so i thought it was odd I been on my phone and having multiple phone convos and texting ppl how your messages and snaps the only ones not to send so while we’re on the phone she bring a up a snap she sent me and coincidentally it appears as she mentions it plus I follow her location so while I was working her location wouldn’t show but all of a sudden when I see she’s home that’s when she starts to contact me so I tell her when she mentions it send me the screen shots of all the calls and text since you say you’ve been calling and texting and she has no proof claiming she has no control over that so I got tired of it and ignored her text and calls for damn near 24 hours(while she’s on Twitter talking about how shocked she is and hurt) so I get to bed around 9/10 and hear a knock at the door she drove 3 hours crying saying she didn’t do shit…. vday comes up and I go to see her so I go through her phone to find the messages I saw her send the friend about the restaurant and bringing the guy over and the messages are deleted but she sent a message to the friend during the time I ignored her saying they need to talk it’s a lot…WHAT AM I DEALING WITH…. she claims she’s serious about
    me wants me to move with her and want a future

  • When you grow up and know to deal with a master manipulator mother it will only take a couple of months to figure anyone like you meet

  • 7:12 “People who just want to go back to a normal life.”:

    My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don’t smoke, but I occasionally drink. I’m in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I’m trying to explain that I’m a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn’t lose to anyone.

  • a simp today was so excited on coffee shop patio when this woman asked to sit at our table who talks at and over men, his tongue would do weird stuff while he was talking to her like he was eating her out, i dont know if it was a nervous tick or on purpose but was as cringe as she was. i always knew he was a simp because he talks about his sexual fantasies whenever a woman walks by but i never knew he was that fucking bad and interacting with them. she normally tools with the boomer cucks, these old professors who sit and rant about politics all day, while still reading physical news papers and doing crossword puzzles, hoping for a chance to interact with a woman, any woman. but… unfortunately today i was subjected to her soapbox about a laser from outer space causing forests fires, i told her that sounds like a pile of bullshit and told her that just because she has an opinion does not make her right about shit when she said the neural link will be good for us all. she sat there with a huge smile on her face staring at me after i insulted her, then talked about her 26 year old daughter.. the simp once told me dating advice that was made by a woman. the advice was some shit like”treat her nice, and compliment her, be there for her, and be understanding…” the woman dropped the “my boyfriend” remark on him and he got all deflated.

  • I’m actually a pretty confident guy that has my shit together and I’ve gotten manipulated before. Moments of weakness I guess because I’m kind and I easily care about people. At one point in all our lives, we’ll get used and manipulated but it’s all about how long you’re willing to put up with the shit.

  • 5:16 i myself wear glasses and can confirm that masks + glasses are a just like that and it sucks, BUT i deal with it to keep others around me safe

  • Unfortunately I’m currently in a difficult situation in life. I’m living with 2 ppl who are so called “Christians” and I have no problem with Christian ppl it’s the hypocrites that bothers me. They put on a fake image for there fellow church ppl using them for money and looking for a handout. As soon as they walk out those church doors there whole demenor changes and they are complete assholes. They use the “poor me” self pity excuses. One is a pathological liar and the other is a manipulator. They are very difficult ppl to deal with on a daily basis especially living with them.

  • I’ve met many women that are master manipulators and to be honest I enjoy them because I play dumb with them, til they think they got me locked down, then I block their number and cut them off completely and guy’s that drives them crazy ��

  • Nothing wrong with appreciating a women’s beauty or even telling her she looks good. But to say shes perfect & have no flaws is simp mentality. Nice video Man���� we should consider repealing the 19th amendment.

  • nah, this girl is clearly withholding important information from the email.
    all the simps here saying how they’d do a better job at being her boyfriend. lmao

  • So my ex & I broke up back in January, she’s in a new relationship, don’t know how long it’s been but made it public about 3 weeks back she posted on every social media we follow eachother on calling him her boyfriend (Facebook, IG, Twitter & Snapchat) I said nothing. She reached out to me recently after asking around about my new job promotion and we got to talking and talked about meeting up. She’s reached out a few times over these last few months and was coming to me about her problems all while she had this guy in the picture, he’s always been around cause it’s her cousins best friend so he’s been to family events before. So this Sunday she snapchats me a picture of in the gym, then says right after I didn’t mean to send that to you…lol, Then monday night she FaceTimes me and we get to talking for about an hour and she tells me how she didn’t intend on being with him it just happened, when we broke up she meant to be by herself for awhile she said he was a mistake (assuming he still is a mistake?). Basically said the only reason why she was with him is because he lost his dad at a young age like she lost her mom so they have that in common and can relate on that as morbid as that sounds (her words) Then was talking about how I was the best boyfriend ever and I did nothing wrong and so on and so forth and just talking about our relationship in general and what went wrong and what I’ve worked on and changed since then & then was telling me some family problems that she hasn’t told anyone including her current boyfriend. Saying how she still cares for me. Still wears the diamond earrings I bought her everyday. Then the next morning comes around after the FaceTime call says she was really happy she got to talk to me but said she doesn’t think it’s fair to me or her current boyfriend if we meet up and doesn’t want to worry about stressing out other people in her life she has enough stress going on right now. Then ends the text message with I’m so happy and proud about your promotion and how good you’re looking. I responded back with I respect not meeting up and said maybe sometime in the future we can meet up and catch up, cya around. Is their still a chance at another shot with her?

    Sorry I know it’s a lot, Hope to hear back, thanks clay!

  • The freaking scrambler technique dumbass that advertises EVERY time on M’s videos is so damn annoying. I watch 35 seconds of his ads every time so I cost him money

  • What happens when it’s too late and your kids are teenagers who have been poisoned against you as you were sleeping in a toxic relationship. I woke up to my horror last month and realized my husband was a cerebral narc. I thought I had a great relationship with my kids. I asked for a divorce and my husband has told them that I am breaking up the family and am trying to destroy the family. They have all turned against me and told me that they are staying with him. They are 23, 18 and 13

  • The last price of advice was on point! Try to relocate if you can, it won’t be easy and youll still have to go through some of the stunts they pull but the healing is definitely faster. The piece of mind is awesome!!!

  • It took me 26 years to finally figure him out but thank God I did!!! Absolute master at manipulating emotionally weak people but after that confusion, I listened, finally, to my intuition! I cut him out and he’s now stuck with his 400 lb mistress in his self created Jerry Springer episode from hell. �� ��

  • This is why recognizing self worth is so important if we could all do more of that there would a whole lot less bullshit in the world.

  • having so many cluster b’s in my family growing up & learning what I now already know & the process I’m going thru to “go back” in order to fix ME….finally making the difficult decision of going no contact with my cluster b mother was the one most important action that gave me the clarity to think for myself & get past the stuck phase & stop the victim mentality…if ur a victim, & u continue to be a victim then ull always feel like a victim & how could u move frwd…I couldn’t…& for myself I know that letting go was what finally saved me & I’m 52…I wouldn’t wish anyone to feel inside the way I did all those years….I would think keeping the cluster b’s influence as minimal as possible is the one most healthy thing to do for ur child….MOVE!!! if it’s at all possible…save ur babies so much grief as an adult & give them clarity…I know clarity was the key thing to be able to finally see my mother’s manipulations for what they were & this finally happened last month; at age 52 I’m starting my life

  • Karen: I participate in the presidency
    Me: The end of the world is very soon
    Planet: it’s over guys and girls we all are going to die in Black hole

  • I feel so much better after hearing this story. I ‘m letting go of the younger man BS and do not like him anymore. I was not sure how to say ” I don’t want to see you anymore” Not as bad as this I am a catch. Oh well, thanks and I pray any woman that is allowing this behavior from any one needs to stop this. This is Self Abuse.

  • lmao @ “the more i give him oral sex the closer we will become” feeling sorry for this woman is feeling sorry for a burn victim who keeps jumping into camp fires over and over again. at some point you gotta stop being a victim and put your learning cap on lol.

  • what if the grammas had tempory custody of the children till i got my shit together like 5 yrs n now she against me having them back,n her bs, brainwashing them, n she adopted me wen i was 6 months old,is court the only appropiate way?

  • this sounds like trauma bonding. She isn’t aware about some wounds from her past yet, but this experience can teach her a lot. She needs to stay away from men for a while and do some healing. If you want to be loved, love yourself!