Signs and Signs and symptoms of the very most Common Behavior Disorders in youngsters


Understanding Behavioral Disorders in Children

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Childhood Behavioral Disorders (Psychiatry) USMLE Step 1

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Treating Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Disorders

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How to Recognize Signs of Mental Illness in Children

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Signs and Symptoms of Behavioral Health Issues in Children

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Childhood ADHD: What are the signs and symptoms?

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Becoming easily angered. Behaving in a vindictive manner. Children with ODD display symptoms at home, at school, and in other environments. Their behavior usually leads to a need for frequent disciplinary action and they tend to struggle to get along with their peers.

Anxiety disorders in children are persistent fears, worries or anxiety that disrupt their ability to participate in play, school or typical age-appropriate social situations. Diagnoses include social anxiety, generalized anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Oppositional defiant disorder. Around one in ten children under the age of 12 years are thought to have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), with boys outnumbering girls by two to one. Some of the typical behaviours of a child with ODD include: Easily angered, annoyed or irritated.

Frequent temper tantrums. For example, a boy has six symptoms of hyperactivity he is very fidgety, cannot sit still, is always talking and interrupting others, and refuses to wait his turn. On the other hand, he only had four symptoms of inattention, primarily related to listening, paying. According to Gallaudet University, symptoms of an emotional behavioral disorder include: Inappropriate actions or emotions under normal circumstances.

Learning difficulties that are not caused by another health factor. Difficulty with interpersonal relationships, including relationships with teachers and peers. Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia). A chronic, low-grade, depressed or irritable mood for at least 1 year.

Bipolar disorder. Periods of persistently elevated mood followed by periods of depressed or flat emotional response. Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. A persistent irritability and extreme inability to control behavior. Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder.

This includes depressive symptoms, irritabilit. Common symptoms of Asperger’s that may impact social interaction or communication include: Problems making or maintaining friendships Isolation or minimal interaction in. Signs of Disruptive Behavior Disorders. Children with a disruptive behavior disorder will show repeated and persistent patterns of anger, defiance, backtalk, trouble managing and regulating their emotions, and even hostile or aggressive behavior toward grownups or other children. The behavior is basically what you might see in a typical child.

ADHD, anxiety, and depression are the most common mental illnesses in children. Mental disorders in children are quite common, occurring in about one-quarter of this age group in any given year. The most common childhood mental disorders are anxiety disorders, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A child with ASD has a hard time interacting with others. Problems with social skills are some of the most common signs.

He might want to have.

List of related literature:

The most commonly targeted symptom domains in ASD include irritability and aggression; hyperactivity and inattention; restricted, repetitive interests, behaviors and activities and sleep disturbance.

“Interprofessional Care Coordination for Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder: Translating Research into Practice” by Maryellen Brunson McClain, Jeffrey D. Shahidullah, Katherine R. Mezher
from Interprofessional Care Coordination for Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder: Translating Research into Practice
by Maryellen Brunson McClain, Jeffrey D. Shahidullah, Katherine R. Mezher
Springer International Publishing, 2020

In addition to overactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity, the child’s mental status should be noted for signs of affective disturbance (i.e., anxiety, depression, and irritability), autism and other developmental disorders, and general intellectual functioning.

“Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience” by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa Morrow
from Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience
by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa Morrow
Springer New York, 2010

She lists the most frequent behavior problems of children (from most common to least common): loss of temper, hyperactivity, fears, restlessness, sleep disorders, enuresis, food intake, nail biting, tics, and stuttering.

“Counseling Children” by Donna A. Henderson, Charles L. Thompson
from Counseling Children
by Donna A. Henderson, Charles L. Thompson
Cengage Learning, 2010

The interview with the parents or caregivers should cover both the core features of ASD as well as comorbid symptoms such as aggression, tantrums, hyperactivity, inattention, im-pulsivity, sleep problems and self-injury.

“Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” by Sir Michael J. Rutter, Sir Dorothy Bishop, Sir Daniel Pine, Sir Stephen Scott, Sir Jim S. Stevenson, Sir Eric A. Taylor, Sir Anita Thapar
from Rutter’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
by Sir Michael J. Rutter, Sir Dorothy Bishop, et. al.
Wiley, 2011

Common symptoms include temper tantrums, oppositional behaviour, overactivity, irritability, aggression, stealing, lying, truancy, bullying and wandering away from home/school.

“Companion to Psychiatric Studies E-Book” by Eve C Johnstone, David Cunningham Owens, Stephen M Lawrie, Andrew M McIntosh, Michael D. Sharpe
from Companion to Psychiatric Studies E-Book
by Eve C Johnstone, David Cunningham Owens, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

More common are an excess of behavioral symptoms which come together in a typical pattern of behavior that characterize very preterm children in middle childhood, namely inattention and internalizing symptoms, such as anxiety and reduced social skills.

“Neonatology at a Glance” by Tom Lissauer, Avroy A. Fanaroff, Lawrence Miall, Jonathan Fanaroff
from Neonatology at a Glance
by Tom Lissauer, Avroy A. Fanaroff, et. al.
Wiley, 2020

• Be aware of the child’s symptoms of anxiety (changes in eating habits, sleeplessness, nightmares, compulsive behaviors, shyness, defiance, physical symptoms, cruelty toward pets or younger siblings).

“The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child” by Richard Lavoie
from The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child
by Richard Lavoie
Atria Books, 2008

A majority of children with ADHD have at least one other Axis I psychiatric disorder, and the practitioner should inquire about symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD), depression, anxiety disorders, tic disorders, substance use disorders, and mania.

“Psychiatric Case Studies for Advanced Practice” by Kathleen Prendergast
from Psychiatric Case Studies for Advanced Practice
by Kathleen Prendergast
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2018

In addition to overactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity, the child’s mental status should also be noted for signs of affective disturbance (i.e., anxiety, depression, and irritability), autism and thought disorders, and general intellectual functioning.

“Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience” by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa A. Morrow
from Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience
by Carol L. Armstrong, Lisa A. Morrow
Springer International Publishing, 2019

These will be specific to the physical signs and symptoms of the child (Table 42-4).

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
from Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, et. al.
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  • Why instead of giving them treatment why aren’t their classes/ schools based around ADHD/ Disabilities instead of giving them drugs doctors are just licensed drug dealers.

  • If children are unable to see a reflection of themselves in the eyes of others, they will instinctively “find” a way to relate to those around them. And usually this ability to relate is found within their sense of humor.
    They will most likely become the class clown. The kid who never takes anything serious and jokes around about everything, and as they grow up into adults they will find themselves going in search of a answer as to “why” they’re different and “why” their unable to relate to other people…
    Most people who go in search of such things will most likely find what they are looking for online in the form of a label (a self diagnosis) something they can point a finger at, something that will answer that life long question as to “Why” it is they’re un-able to relate…
    And this is where you can run into trouble, for when you attach a label to yourself, that label can over time begin to define “who you are” & “who you’ll become”

  • I… think I need to see a doctor…
    I hear footsteps… I feel like people are behind me if there’s not something pressed against my back, like a chair, or my coat. I always feel like I’m being watched, and I’m always tired. I also think a lot about why humans exist, and why we have souls if things only exist to serve a function, and it can scare me sometimes… should I be worried about my mental health?

  • In my opinion you don’t have to drug your children up on drugs to treat ADHD. My son has ADHD and we have found that counseling and therapy work. Also his engagement in baseball basketball and swimming help him to get out his energy and stay focused on such activities!

  • I have adhd but i havnt went to the docter and i was always bullied by peeps cause they think i was werid,dumb,annoying and stuff and one day i was mad at them and when my class was in her class i asked the teacher if i can move to the computer place and she said yes so i moved there and they continued to make jokes about me and i couldnt but cry cause they didnt understand me and i wanted it to end and my teacher was so mean to me she hated me for not doing my homework and not paying attention in class i wanted to go back to being a baby and start life all over again ������

  • I believe my son has this but the doctors refuse to diagnose him after me and his two elementary school teachers stated he has these signs and all his daycares said the same. It is so hard going through this process doctors aren’t the same anymore ��

  • I had ADHD as a kid I have really embarrassing videos of me playing with myself brother I screamed a lot not a normal scream I had my own unique scream I sound like a bird eagle or something it’s so embarrassing lol but it’s ok I was just a kid so no Big deal

  • Oh boy, don’t get me started with ADHD my dad says oh I do on purpose so I wouldn’t have to do anything but really I have REALLY BAD ADHD but THANK GOD for my Teachers that understand me

  • I think I have a mental disability because I’m slow, forget a lot, and have hard time understanding things. Can you guys comment on what mental illness do you think I have.

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD, but my parents refused to put me on medication because they believed it a total nonsense, cause they grew up in the 70s and 80s and they seen kids with that behavior in their time. They once told me kids mature when they reach to adulthood, so it depends how parents raise their kids.

    Also my parents disciple me, and I have mature and now I’m in college studying Physiology.

  • I have adhd. Its really hard to focus in class and really hard to do homework.
    Doing a test is hard and i always take super long to do it. (Im always the last to finish anything in general) i have really low self esteem and have slight anxiety. I still live my life and im a happy guy. Never give up no matter what u guys have.

  • I have sevier ADHD and turrets syndrome and I got so much hard work from the Corona virus break and my dad gave me six devotion and hold on press keep reading ok, so they also give me maltidelcation and it took me 5 hours to do 1 page my parents are stricken and everytime i ask for help they say no and then dad said idc if it takes you a month but I need to my home work and he was so mad at me I was crying the whole time and still not getting help he said half hour break I was so exited he got my hopes up and only gave me a 2 minute break and gave me more math and im only nine I mean just because I’m 9 and adopted and the youngest doesn’t mean I have to be treated like a slave like if they ask for something I do it but if I ask then they say no everytime me or my ferret does something wrong they blame it on me and get me in trouble and threaten to get rid of him and they say everything that happens is my fault and I ruin everything I touch and they never let me finish my sentence and there always yelling and the worst part is that they don’t do this to anyone������������������else

  • this is exactly why i want to get my message out for the stigmas for the signs that people thinking its just excuses. we have to have a voice and i am here to be that voice.

  • I have ADHD and I’m fine even though I just don’t pay attention in class but yeah that’s it literally it but I don’t know sometimes ADHD can be hard because your mood can switch really easily like I get mad really easily and sad really easily with a normal and happy but I’m a dumb ass

  • Please research more into giving your child ADHD medications before actually using them, i tried different ADHD medication when i was young and it completely abolished any ability to have a proper social life or understand who i was in any way whatsoever besides what benefited my academic life, i personally cannot recommend any ADHD medication whatsoever.. not meaning you still shouldn’t research them.

  • I have adhd, I fear to tell this to my dad.

    He always scolds me for watching phone but everything happens in the phone. Everything

    I read books too but in my phone but he scolds me. I get stressed always.
    I want to be an author by he never takes it seriously

    Even if I tell him and we go to a doctor he might not believe it, he removed me from abacus classes which would have helped me
    My school teaches me 11 and 12 th grades even though I am a 13 year old

  • I usually get distracted by making up stories in my head in class. (i’m being tested for ADHD) I make them up and pretend like it happened to me. I do it at night too. I talk to myself but like mouth the words. I pretend i’m a youtuber telling a story about my bullies as a kid, i pretend i am a kid with cancer telling my story of how i survived or sometimes i pretend that i’m telling a story of a school shooter or a murderer who came in my school. No of these things (Bullying too, i was never bullied just made fun of once or twice but not bullying) have every happened to me, although i tell them like there real. Half the time i get distracted in these stories and start rambling in my head about another thing that’s never happened to me. Sometimes when i’m distracted it’s by something in a YouTube video, like something normal but with a weird shape, and i image why it looked like that, “Wonder why they made the pillow look like that, maybe it’s more comfy that way? Or maybe it’s made for your back, yes, it’s probably made for your back so you can lay more comfortably”
    This is what goes on in my head.

  • To me those sound like physical symptoms and not mental illness. I believe mental illnesses are mainly derived from extreme trauma, stress, and environment.

  • To all concerned souls,
    In order to relieve symptoms of a mental disorder take an
    eyebrow tweezers and remove the hair follicles of the body until the patients
    well being and abilities are restored start with hands, feet, and wrist.
    God bless you,
    Ron Erickson


    _Jenny Beaman-Silver (11 Years old)

  • Sometimes there are too many labels on every spectrum. I find that using their strengths and having a clean diet and healthy positive relationships with people is the best.

  • I studied Psychology in college. One of my Psychology professors told us that it’s a good idea to do a background check on the family of the man/woman we chose to marry. She said a history of mental illness in the family is something we should consider.

  • I really don’t know if I have ADHD, I don’t get distracted that easily in class but I do have trouble following directions, I have a lack of focus, and I get in trouble often.

    Like= I do have ADHD
    Reply= I don’t have ADHD

  • Can someone tell me if I have ADHD? I have some symptoms let me tell you them.

    So I’m not hyper at all.
    Normally for my brother it takes like 45 to do his homework to a hour, for me its like 1 hour and 30 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes to sometimes 2 hours.
    Doing math is hard for me to concentrate and focus on it, like the first page of homework is okay sorta but then i start getting trouble focusing on like the 2nd page and my mom is always fustrated.
    I do move around a lot in my seat and mess around when doing math (also why am I saying math only? because its the hardest out of them all)
    I tend to forgot easily, like where my remote went or what school work I have. or to clean my room.
    I tend to get distracted by something else in the room and end up completely fading out the teachers voices like I did today.
    I don’t really like reading and its a bit harder for me to read. but I’m not dyslexic for sure.
    I get bored with reading, or listening to the teacher.
    also my mom swears my dad has ADD because he does similar things to me. But it’s only a mom self diagnoises (idk how to spell it)

    Thanks! hopefully you can help.

  • Yeah the medication thing does not work on all kids. My son has tried so many prescriptions and they only make things worse. starts acting even more impulsive. Rolling on the floor, pica, suicidal thoughts/speech, incoherent noises. And some of these additional tips are laughable in my situation too. Preferential seating at school?: he’s just going to get up and run around the class no matter where you sit him.

  • Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30)

  • im 13 i believe i have adhd and i have for a while i used to make straight As but its gotten worse since i got into middle school and last year i was getting C D and Fs on my tests and im always fidgeting. i never can finish my homework during test i will look around at the room and when the teacher says 10 min warning i start my test and i always turn in my tests late and all my assignments i wait til the last minute to do

  • 15 pages of homework!!! wtf is going on here? 8 hrs a day of school 5 days a week isn’t enough? Something doesn’t add up the school system is broken.

  • My mom knows I have it but doesnt do anything about it so its harder for me at school because the teachers think I’m just acting out

  • This is what happens when you give your kids a bunch of unneeded shots! Immunizations are bullshit you actually only need about five different shots my daughter has over 50 on a list of shots she’s had since she was a baby and she’s only 14

  • mom: you need to stop eating alot
    me the next day: eats only half of my food
    me: woM A N –

  • I have ADHD I have it but I’m more quiet than others but I’m 10 but my uncle has ADHD I can handle not going crazy at school cause I’m 10

  • I have ADHD and it isn’t that bad tbh, it just makes my school rlly entertaining bc I can’t control my behaviour so I just make everyone laugh���� #ClassClown

  • The Dr “CAN” look for more clues as to the cause of the issue but they won’t. The modern healthcare scam involves getting the person in and out as much and as fast as possible to maximize billing and curing an illness reduces visits and dependency and thus jeopardizes their business model.

  • I talk to my friend diesel for at least an hour a day and I laugh at his jokes all the time but sometimes he tells me to do disturbing bad things and I’ve copped 6 charges this year I am 14 hrs old with bipolar schizophrenia (all of the spectrum) adhd ocd anxiety depression and an alchohalic drug addict

  • Help me..I actually need somebody to tell me somebody give me advice
    I’m not crazy but I think I am, I’m very young and I have anxiety and I listen to depressing music,
    Sometimes, I feel like I want to kill somebody or commit suicide..but I know that I won’t but I’m scared that I will.
    Like, I feel like l want to kill my bff, but not for real. I know I actually won’t but I’m really scared what’s happening….
    Am I crazy?
    Do you think I should tell my parents about this?

  • I just randomly skipped through this whole video, the words bored me, i learned nothing, i think she was speaking Spanishh, shirt looks like power Rangers. Phone drop, out

  • ADHD kids and kids in general need to have more activity in school. What’s so bad bout a child not wanting to sit and read a book they are not interested in for 1 hour because the teacher assigns it. More freedom in choice and more activity benefits all students to explore their creativity and stay happy and healthy. I would always want to get up and leave class to walk around because I was bored. Not because I was a trouble maker. Being labeled a trouble maker for wanting to move around, is what’s actually hurting children’s self esteem, not having adhd.

  • So like I just turned 18 and my parents now told me they think I have adhd I use to be super hyper as a child but I mellowed out but I have major difficulty concentrating so I’m just here to see if There right

  • Im really scared because I get voices screaming at me and I tell my mum and she says its just me I don’t know what to do and I get it everyday, I never sleep, Im cant control my anger and when Im stressed I cant control my body I just punch things and I need help but my mum doesnt do anything:(

  • Psychiatrist disorder = 5 dsm books fraud fake terminology false story false labeling people! Get awake people or stay stooopeth?

  • 15!?!?!?!?!? whatttt im about to finish high school and i cant even finish 5 in one sit down without getting up or doing something else

  • Great video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried Trentvorty Kids Science Theorem (just google it)? It is an awesome exclusive product for becoming an excellent parent minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin after many years got cool success with it.

  • Every school had those few psycho ADHD kids that would go ape shit and flip desks or swear at the teacher. They always made school entertaining and were crazy fun to hang with. I’m still best friends with one of them kids 20 years later and would catch a bullet for him. It was kind of sad to see him drugged in a zombie state, hanging out for the weekend until he didn’t have to take kiddie speed. I wish I was a bit more understanding of his ADHD back then. I always kind of saw it as a bit of an excuse to get away with stuff but as time went on, I learnt how challenging ADHD really is.

  • I was so hyperactive when I was young and the docs wanted to put me on meds my mom said nope ‘n I grew up fine turns out I was just extremely active and needed an outlet so I took up sports.. Track ‘n field…. Gave me something to focus on ‘n look forward to.. ‘n got plenty awards too

  • Thank you for highlighting this issue. I am a stay-at-home mother who lives with her own mental illnesses. I know my children will also struggle. It’s important to be prepared and recognize the signs. Thanks for your advocacy. I do the same on my channel. Have a great day!

  • Treatment for Children with ADHD how you can best help your child Think medication is the only ADHD treatment? Learn about all the effective treatments and how you can best help your child.

  • Keep them away from humans from “adults” stupid people the rush them so they can be hangers….don’t raise kids in Tyler texas creeps

  • I was a child with schizophrenia, I had all the symptoms my parents really just thought I liked too make things up. I’m so proactive with my kids, my oldest son is adhd possibly bi polar, he is a compulsive eater. We’re watching closely for signs of schizophrenia none soo far but thanks for this great video.

  • I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. ��❤

  • What do I do if my mom doesn’t believe that my sister has a mental illness? She gets offended when I mention it to her. Something is seriously wrong with my sister. She used to be in special ED and my mom took her out because she doesn’t believe something is wrong with her, even the school has told her and still she’s not listening.

  • When you ADHD but can’t get hype and don’t have to take pills cus nothing cool or hype isn’t happening also have you seen the new nvm I forgot what I was saying

  • So it couldn’t be the case that he is exhibiting the symptoms of being a curious 6 year old kid who is engaging with the world around him, and who doesn’t want to be bogged down in pointless unnecessary office-cubicle-slavery training, by doing all this pointless and unhelpful busy-work to ensure his full compliance as an order-taking slave in the future, during perhaps the most stimulating time in human-history? Seriously, who needs to be medicated here? I’m thinking the adults. They need a solid dose of common-sense to be taken as a big suppository.

  • I’m a freshman in highschool, I’ve struggled in school even if I didn’t show it in elementary school my whole life, I was given the title of a gifted kid, I would always have to fidget and shake my leg, finally my mom connected the dots and realized every teacher at my conferences said I have trouble focusing and she’s finally considering helping and finally getting me medication that I’ve been thinking I could really use for years

  • Today I almost. Died cause my 8 year old brother was playing with matches in the back of the car and it smelt like smoke so we all got out and my brother was just laughing what should I do I am 12 years old

  • There is no fuckin cure for mental illness. U just usin those poor victims as money makin machines! Doping them, controlling them, takin away their rights, makin them stay against their will! Why don’t U take those medicines! U Doctors don’t take it, U fuckers know the side effects! Not too mention shock treatments! No wonder some of them become killers or commit suicides! U bunch of Fuckin Killers!

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