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When you interact with the grandparents as babysitters, treat them just as you would treat any responsible adult entrusted with the care of your children. That means no subtle insults or digs and no references to past arguments. Avoid sentences that begin with, “You always ” or “You never “. However, I do think there are a few situations involving grandchildren when grandparents are justified in setting the ground rules they expect to be followed.

Use o f digital devices. Grandparents can decree “digital-free” zones and times in their own home, for example, banning texting and reading emails at their dinner table. The Grandparents’ Guide to Babysitting 1. Respect your grandchild’s routine. While your grandchildren aren’t strangers, you may not live with them on a daily. Set boundaries.

Good boundaries make good grandparents. Talk about expectations first and then set some rules that work. If there’s resistance to rigid rules, create some concrete guidelines—and be sure to present them in a positive way.

Can grandparents look after grandchildren now? Technically yes, as the new rules in the latest easing of lockdown in England state that two households of any size can meet up indoors, and people. Grandparents allowances: make sure you claim pension benefits for babysitting Many people may be missing out on future state pension benefits because they’re unaware of grandparents allowances. Your kids grandparents can be the most trustworthy babysitters.

But sometimes when your mother or father is taking care of your child it causes emotional and logistical issues. Steer clear of these five pitfalls to avoid when grandparents babysit. Not Setting Expectations Any Ground Rules.

Setting ground rule and expectations right from the start is one of the best ways to get off on the right foot. Each parent has to decide for. Robyn Barker, author of Baby Love, thinks that using grandparents for regular babysitting is a slippery slope to exploitation. by REBECCA SPARROW. Well, this is awkward. Apparently grandparents around the country are in the midst of plotting a coup.

Grandparents can certainly swaddle a newborn—after all, it’s a great way to calm a fussy baby. But it’s important to do so safely. Swaddles that come with zippers or Velcro closures make it easy to get a proper wrap, but if you have traditional swaddle blankets, take a minute to show baby’s grandparents how to swaddle correctly.You don’t want the blanket coming loose while.

List of related literature:

Explain (even if you have before) how much you want them to spend time with the baby, but how their breaking the rules you’ve established is confusing her and upsetting her schedule and the family equilibrium.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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• Before heading out on a family trip sit down with your child and his siblings and explain that there is a new house rule.

“The Three Day Nanny: Your Toddler Problems Solved: Practical advice to help you parent with ease and raise a calm and confident child” by Kathryn Mewes
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Set out the house rules Parents should have an honest and open conversation with the grandparents to explain the house rules.

“Manners Begin at Breakfast: Modern Etiquette for Families” by Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Tory Burch, Perri Klass
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For instance, don’t introduce a nice, sensible 7:30 pm. bedtime the very week you plan to let her stay up until 10:00 with the grandparents on Christmas Eve, or are going to have a horde of entertaining young cousins camping out in your backyard over the Fourth of July.

“Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook: The Sleep Lady's Gentle Step-by-step Guide for Tired Parents” by Kim West, Maura Rhodes
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Introduce the sitter as a friend “who wants to visit with you” and not as a sitter.

“The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss” by Nancy L. Mace, Peter V. Rabins
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If you are starting in a new babysitter or day care situation, stay with the baby for at least the first couple of visits, and let her see you hanging out with the caretakers.

“Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads” by Gary Greenberg, Jeannie Hayden
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You want them to get the message that they are safe in the care of the babysitter and that you leaving for a few short hours is not a big deal.

“How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler” by Natasha Daniels
from How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler
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A grandparent’s “take-charge approach” may not be welcome by new parents who are testing their own parenting roles, and family conflict may ensue.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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We also inform them that they are welcome to come into the setting at any time, that they can stay and play with their child during their settling­in time and also during their child’s time with us.

“Quality and Leadership in the Early Years: Research, Theory and Practice” by Verity Campbell-Barr, Caroline Leeson
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It won’t hurt children to be a little more respectful to the grandparents, if that’s what they want, have their meals on a different schedule, or be kept cleaner or allowed to be dirtier.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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  • I don’t know about that babysitting but I will watch my grandkids when it convenient for me. I’m getting too old to be running behind does hard headed kids that don’t want to mind. I raise my kids it 2020 I got things to do like living my life to the fullest

  • When it comes to unimportant stuff, I don’t care. But safety issues? I only let people watch my child if they care about the safety stuff as much as I do.

  • Yes, when they want to babysit. When my only child have a baby w/ a nice young lady I’m going be glad to babysit. I want to be a good grandma. I wish he get it popin. I like her! Frfr��

  • Absolutely agree! Setting boundaries and ground rules are so very important even if the grandparents don’t like it they need to respect your decisions. it makes sense as you carried that baby for 9 months then gave birth and invested all that time with your body chasing and preparing for motherhood etc its your baby do as you please. But the problem is if they don’t listen and disregard your boundaries and want to tell you what to do, how,when,where and there way is better than yours then its a problem you need to remove yourself from until they respect you and your family.I can’t stand intrusive people let alone family who are overbearing and controlling,its a very quick way to loose seeing me and my family as i have no problem cutting ties until respect and trust is formed knowing my child will be safe and our values morals and principles in raising that child is practiced in a way it won’t confuse them.

  • I told my son I’m not a babysitter. I raise you and not raising no more. If they working and the child is to young to be in school I MIGHT babysit but you not going to take advantage of me. They will pay me every week. I get them when I want them. I see these grandparents raising their grandkids because the child dont want the responsibility and the grandchildren cursing the grandparents out beating them up. I know people in that situation. It couldn’t be me because I let my son know I would stomp him out and my grands will know that too.

  • Grandparents are a relic of the past. Big Momma is dead and has a weave, fake nails and 2 “ eyelashes and is in Vegas with tight leather on. They are just as “F” up as the kids they raised.

  • Some just take advantage of grand parents now R they going 2 take care of grand mom or pa when they get old N sick change their diapers? N grand parents R the only ones that love them kids the most. Some mom N pa have health Problems N keep it 2 themselves N don’t want 2 say anything about it n should not b caring 4 children. bring ur children 2 grand parents 4 advice n care cuz they no they been there. The first child young parents need help if they don’t no how 2 care 4 a baby. Grand parents will show U how. GOD bless them.

  • The village has been broken…my mother worked and took care of my two year old twins �� along with help from my sister when I moved across the country for 6 months BUT I paid her bills!!!! Lol! It’s give and take NOT just take. I would do that for them in a heart beat. Right now, my sister and I take care of my father and take turns taking him to dialysis 3 days a week that’s an hour away…We cook all his meals and make sure he’s not left alone…TAKE CARE OF YOUR PARENTS!!! ESPECIALLY IF THEY TOOK CARE OF YOU!

  • No you are not obligated to do that.. every situation is different but if I ask my mom to help me out for sometime to take care of my kiddos but still in a manner of respectful with sweetness humbling my self to help me out again and if i have big cash i will rent a nanny they will be the one who will takecare of it but along with my parents, immediate family is the best for me not the nanny..i believe Grandparents should take whatever opportunities present themselves to help parents become the best parents they can be and raise the best kids they can raise.. God bless you

  • I agree, just because your children have children that doesn’t make you a babysitter,but by the same token, just because you get old, that does not automatically make your kids and grand kids elderly care takers.

  • I’m having this problem��my grandparents are so intrusive they don’t let me go out…like they are my parents…. i’m 18 YEARS OLD NOW and i sweeear to god i have never ever went to a friend’s birthday becauuuse they don’t let me…even nooow at this age!! my mom is in another country…and my grandparents and my mom don’t get along….my g.parents never talk to me like there is no complicity or TRUST!

  • She ain’t never had the catwoman cussing lma. I watch my grandbabies on my own terms. I have a full time job and like to do things. Hot Flashes lol. Check my poem out called menopause if you want to.

  • Only if we want or NEED to. Not just because their parents want a night out and think we’re handy and don’t have a life of our own. We reared ours, you rear yours. Ask, but don’t get upset if I’m not always in the mood.

  • Heck No, I’ve did my job. However I pick up my grandson every other weekend just to give the parents a break. This grandmother still works.

  • They should not have to watch them but if the parent is focused and really taking care of those kids a parent should hopefully want to help but they have lives also and should be compensated for their time

  • Hell Naw!!!! Ask granny (or grandfather). Never ASSUME!!!! It would be cool if you give grandparents some compensation for watching them, especially if does inconvenience them. They have a life too. Willie D you are on point. You have to be responsible for your children.


  • I was young(under 20)when I had my 2 children wasn’t sensible but we made mistakes(of the horizontal kind) but I never expected my mom or my now mother in law to take on our burden(which they wouldn’t anyway). Their father and I worked shifts him day me night because he worked nights and I worked days and it was hard and a struggle but we came through it put ourselves through college/university and 20 plus years later we have a nice house holidays and a good life unfortunately we still have 2 pain in the arse children but they’re at uni and hopefully they won’t move back when they finish(we may move country and not tell them��)

  • No, there is no obligation to babysit. If grandmom asked on her own fir the kids then ye but dont throw the kids on her. No, I would not want money.

  • No one has ever raised neither 1 of my 3 kids I have never put my babies in no daycare I don’t trust them I’m a boss I make my money at my house where my babies At/m and I’m a dam good money It’s about priorities

  • Hello if she’s only going to work I would help out but if she out doing other things than she would have to pay I’m sorry lol Happy Holidays

  • Hey there blessings to you and your family! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I’m with you sis lol! I get my grandbabies when I’m ready to spend time with them no cost to them! But if you can pay a babysitter or daycare you can pay me!! Great topic sis!❤����


  • It does not matter what the reason is…the grandmother is not responsible for babysitting there grandchildren it is up to the Mother and Father to take care of their children…I totally agree with this grand parent!!!!

  • If you think you are grown enough to have a child then you need to take care of it. Not your parents responsibility. Now if your mom offers to babysit don’t take advantage.

  • My mother learned me early she babysits when she wants to period lol she has never charged me money but I do have to do a store run most times when she keep them so hey lol

  • Great Channel.. New Subscriber here. Small youtuber myself.. �� Nice video.. and You should help but not make it a total lifestyle. If she needed help for a little thats one thing. But watching kids is ultimately your choice.

  • Understand me there’s nothing wrong if you’re a grandparent that wants to take care of her grands IF SHE WANT TO BUTTT if the child acts like her mother have to because those are her grands I have a problem with that

  • What about the dads who get to lay up and make babies then neglect their responsibilities, thank God for the women who do there best to raise kids alone but grandma was right.

  • grandparents have the option to say no. its not her fault (hopefully) that their daughters are becoming baby mamas instead of wives and therefore need to much help����‍♀️

  • You mention how in asia grandparents & uncles raise grandkids. In those cultures the children show respect to the elders 1000%. Not the same as guilting your parents to watch your kid while you party. I also doubt that they approve of single moms whoring around and bringing home fatherless babies.

  • yes, but we rarely ask. they kept asking for them, saying we need to have them before they get too old. We were latch key kids, parents were hardly home and took weekend trips, if we weren’t left alone we were at grandma’s house or aunties house who had kids.

  • I agree with grandma 100%. when i ask my mother to watch my bby while im going out to have fun, I pay her just like i would pay someone else. I appreciate ALL the help my mother gives she is not obligated to assist me.

  • I told my daughter as soon as she got pregnant that I’m not a babysitter. I can’t watch my grandson all night when I have to be up at 6am to go yo work. Everytime I do decide to watch him. She’s never back at the time she says she’ll be back. So no. I get him when I want him. Waking me up whenever she’s done whatever she’s doing

  • Grandparents should not be obligated to babysit their child’s kid. Grandparents should babysit their grandchildren when they want too.

  • You are getting the safest, most empathetic, (not to mention free) child caregiver you can get in a grandparent, you may have to deal with some schedule disruption a couple times a week.

  • New here. I think parents should give the grandparents some money for babysitting if they have it because they would have to pay for a real sitter. In order not to take anyone for granted.

  • Some grandparents didn’t raise their OWN children right. Talking about raising their grandchildren. Trust me I know some people that are like that.

  • She is absolutely one hundred percent correct I have been telling my daughter and her husband that contrary to popular belief and what other grandparents choose to do that is not the way it’s supposed to go grandparents are supposed to send for the kids you don’t automatically assume they have nothing else to do but watch your children.

  • as a community, it would be great to have a regular babysitter (daytime when you’re at work, not night time for date night) because it saves money and gives the child a greater appreciation for their grandparents, as long as they are up to the task.

    Plenty of cultures outside of black and white Americans see grandparents as another parental unit for your children; Asians are able to stack money because they move their grandparents in and that social security becomes part of the household income. You’re spending a lot less on daycare so that’s more money goin toward the house. Generational wealth, both economic and familial, starts inside the home, people. It’s time we get aboard.

  • Grandparents get to enjoy their time with their grandchildren because at that point as an older person you have less worry and more time to enjoy them.
    I feel parents are more disciplinary and stressed because you have mortgages, deadlines and money issues.
    You love your children but others factors are in play.

  • My parents dont because I live in a different state but if I were home I would hope they would want to watch their granddaughter here and there. Lords willing.

  • Completely agree with you Willie D. on all your points.
    To answer your question: No, it doesn’t make a grandparent an automatic babysitter. I have seen young parents abuse the hell outta their own parents (mostly their moms) as you said, dropping them off for days or weeks at a time. Our family is like you said: our kids were always with us. They went to grandparents for loving visits, and mostly all of us as a family, often, as we were all part of an extended loving family. And that’s how my grown kids are now with their kids. They never expect us to babysit them, but we do as much as possible because we love them all and don’t want them in day-cares.


  • I think it takes a village to raise a child. This world is so evil and bad, who would you trust watch your most precious gifts? To help instill the family values, unconditional love, and protect them from harm? I was a responsible home owning adult, working as a R.N., when I had my daughter seventeen years ago. My mother quit her full time job to take care of grandchild while I worked, I was as blessed only family ever kept my child and they shared so much knowledge with her. How to start a garden and maintain it, how to can food, and so much more. Our family ( our village) does this for everyone. Now we’re doing it my little brother. This is not a be age concept. Look around. It’s done all over the world.

  • Grandma right, put her foot down; don’t start none and their won’t be none. Grandparents are not to be responsible for discipline, etc.., their job is love and spoil. She’s not speaking of certain situations like yours or the Obama’s. She’s coming from the standpoint where these parents think grandparents are obligated to babysit their children whenever they want them to. Grandma’s speaking of a sort of forced obligation.

  • I was raised by my great-grandparents and I am so grateful for the wisdom they poured into me. My parents were always working long hours, however, I saw them regularly AND THEY GAVE MY GRANDPARENTS MONEY FOR OUR UPKEEP. That said… I agree with this Grandmother. She’s raised her children and now its time for her to enjoy her life. When she wants her grandbabies, she’ll let the parents know. There are grandparents who want their grandchildren around 24/7 like mine… this lady is the opposite. Either way, its the grandparents’ decision on how they choose to grandparent.

  • If my grandmother aint baby sit i don’t know where i would be. She is lazy. And triffling. This individual mindset is breaking up families.

  • My mother pick my kids up when she miss them but it’s not here duty to watch them I’m with the same women I had my family with so we have our kids all the time when she at work in the morning I’m here when I work at night she got them so it’s very important for both parents to be there for them they balance out perfect

  • My grandma was still home wife and she did care about keep us. When grow up in 90’s because my grandma was run damn street and she like go church and watch TV. I love my grandma she pass away when 17 yr old my junior highschool
    . But now days some of grandma want go to the club or worry about damn man. Plus kids need both parents and grandparents raise right.

  • No you are not obligated to do that!!! Now every situation is different if I ask my mom she will but I’m old school! My Momma get sick, I’m there! when she older she ain’t going to no home!!! Now if I was not that type of child I know not to even ask her to keep them! Momma Dell

  • I think if you ask your mother to babysit your kids every week like it’s a daycare. And you know if you pay a daycare $800 to $1000 a month. (Rates in ATL). I know I will be giving my mother some money a month. No question and whatever she needs will be done. She got bills too, more lights, more water, food because you know you’re not bringing food over there. So she using her food to feed your kids. Because half the time when ask to Babysit they don’t be bringing no food. They only bring food for the babies because they need milk/formula. But for toddlers they don’t bring food. I see too many grandparents babysitting and not getting properly compensated. Then you know if you late at the daycare they charge you by the minute which can range from $10-$20 a minute. And you know you always late is there a grandma house. Stopping off having a drink with your friends. So I think grandparent you get paid something.

  • I don’t get to see my Grands because they live half a world away…but I still couldn’t babysit..I still work a full time job as well as Hubs

  • As for me personally and a few of my close friends..Have spoiled our children over compensating and allowing 100% ourselves to be consumed by our children so now they’re entitled and controlling, which then allows other people to weaponize our children to manipulate and control us as well. It’s a cycle that you don’t see until somebody like this woman stands up and says NO! I’m their grandmother not their babysitter and demands to respectfully be treated as such. The purpose of sacrificing and being a dedicated parent is so your children grow up to be independent parents themselves.
    It doesn’t matter what culture she grew up in or what color her skin is, how loud she is, or how many F bombs she throws out there…her words are MY truth and I respect her.
    She raised FIVE I raised ONE. When you finally stop allowing your kids to run you and lay down some boundaries and stick to them, they act like you’re wrong and post your flip-outs online.

  • I watch my grandchildren when I want to.
    I may give the parents a break every now and then…But I will not be a babysitter.

    All my children are grown and some of their children are grown.
    Sometimes the parents get mad and keep the grandkids away from you because of baby mama drama control issues.

    Which is nerve wracking…But I will not tolerate no drama in my life. Being an old G I’m still
    enjoying my life. I agree with the Grandmother.

  • I will do whatever my family needs me to do, in order for my grandchildren to have a healthy relationship with parents and grandparents… In my issue may be with the parents, but I will babysit, youth sit, young adult sit, until they are a reasonable age, and make sure that what I teach them, will be responsibility and accountability…Not greed!!!

  • The sad thing is she wouldn’t be saying all this if it was her son asking her to look after her babies. I notice this from all mothers, not just blacks mothers. They are always more willing to do things for their sons than their daughters and sadly even their sons kids are more important to them than their daughters.

  • Hmm I think they should still babysit them but sometimes it not worth it because mostly kids are bad and rude and disrespectful…I know some who Dont let anyone babysit they kids

  • No! Not in the U.S. We do not have to follow the “it takes a village to raise kids” structure. Do NOT bring your kids to my house ever. Where are the childrens’ fathers?? Drop the kids off with their fathers and let these grannies live their lives.

  • the problem is is that grandparents dont want to be grandparents anymore. They want to stay young forever nowadays and party too. When i was growing people knew their age limit and buckled down. Now grandparents are in the same clubs as the teens.

  • The way I see it is, grandparents are just that, grandparents. They are not obligated to babysit. I have grandkids, and I love them but, they are their father and mother’s responsibility. I don’t mind stepping up to the plate when necessary, but it is the parents duty to take care of their children. Now having said that, sometimes the grandparent (which is in most cases is the baby’s mother) is the one that is looked to, to fill the role of the babysitter, (and I must say, bless the mother with the son that takes on this duty because they are out there) but most grandparents do this just because they love their grandkids. But sometimes (if they know their child that they raised) they know if they are being taken for granite.

  • What about when you live with the grandparents with an autistic toddler. There r safety concerns that r important to me and when I request something I am ignored. When I try to talk calmly about it I’m told by one or both of them that they won’t do anything with her anymore……like a child acts. I’m sick of my concerns or requests being discounted and treated like I don’t know anything.

  • My daughter just turned 6, and I tell her already when she try and bring her baby dolls to me, I’m not baby sitting, if she asked for them they’re hers…

  • LOL!! Don’t get her Katherine. We agree with you. It’s not right for a child to expect their parent to be a babysitter for their kids all the time and not give some form of payment. That is taking advantage of their parent. We enjoyed your video.

  • Depends on if you have an older grandparent who acts like an adult or if the grandparent is a thug…���� Also, children should not be sending their kids to the grandparents to raise them—they already did their time. ��

    My older brothers and sisters babysat me but my mother’s mom lived in the house across the street from us.

  • I tried to put my son in daycare and the in laws got offended my wife looked at me like I told you that was not going to slide! They watch Jr while the wife and I are at work, since we work the same hours. The only thing I don’t like is they spoil him rotten then send him home, but at the same time he’s safe and he’s becoming fluent in Spanish since they don’t speak too much English. ����‍♂️

  • I’m a Grandmother would take my grandkids&care for them too but my daughter mess up and allow the state to win her kids and to set us up her black family so they can send them with stranger’s that how stuff go here in GR Michigan all these ppl think about from these black young women’s here produce a child they mess up take the child &mom let’s them take them and put them in stranger’s home thinking that where they will be better off the world we live in ����������������������

  • I don’t mind helping if they’re helping themselves ijs…..I’m about to be a Grandiva soon and I refuse to stop living….My Son is a very responsible Young Man though….I’ll babysit if you have to work or something important comes up,but I can still live at the same time…..if they need me though, I’m here
    Edit I also don’t mind babysitting to give the parents a break now and again but only if I’m up to it….I refuse to allow any and everybody to watch My Grand

  • Look this is our problem we don’t support each other like we should.. We are quick to help someone at Church or else where but not at home!! My mother was a great grandparent she picked my child up from school and did what was needed!! And when I have grandchildren I will do the same!!!

  • Willie D.
    Respectfully she told the truth.I find in today’s society when you speak the truth and it’s a problem.
    However as a people I see people we don’t treat our own people of color Right.
    Straight up it is the parents responsibility to take care of there own kids.
    You will not drop your kids off at my house and be out shaking your Ass.
    I don’t have that problem and she is old school and she told the truth.

  • She was right but it doesn’t. While is awesome to get help form Grandparents when needed, it should not be a DROP off deal. Call ahead, ASK if its okay and then make arrangements is how we do it. When we needed consistent care for our second youngest we enlisted the grands. But we also paid them for their time. You can’t just assume your parents are going to want to watch your kids all the time

  • Automatically… NO. However, agreed that it takes a village & if the grandparents are capable they should assist in raising their grandchildren. On another note, in other African/Asian cultures, the elderly assist in raising the grandchildren & even great-grandchildren, but the elderly are also financially cared for by their children. So unless Americans can adhere to those standards, I do not believe they should ‘expect’ much from their parents in raising their own children. The autonomous society of the USA is causing more chaos & strain on people than acknowledged.

  • When she had her first kid that’s when birth control should of kicked in. No excuses. This young generation if Pro Abortion but WTF ever happened to all the birth control out there?

  • My momma made me go out as a young mother, and she didn’t allow anybody to babysit her grand children…my mom was family oriented, just love being around family and especially her grand children.

  • Neither of my kids grandparents babysit. So it’s none of their business period what I choose to do with my kids. I don’t feel the need to explain every detail to them. They already raise their kids now it’s my responsibility to raise my kids the way I feel is the best.

  • My family is a little different. My mother didn’t believe in daycare and didn’t want her kids or her grandchildren in daycare so she stayed home until we were old enough to stay home alone and then she started working and when grandchildren came alone my mother insisted she take care of them.

  • I agree because what if the grandparents were not able to watch the kids? Also I get it if the grandparent just wants to spend time with the kids or they volunteer to watch the kids to let y’all have a break and save money then that’s good.

  • Honestly in my opinion they are not obligated to, only if they want to. If they are doing it I believe they should get pay. I love your spirits and your energy. You have me smiling through the video. Great video.

  • Grandparents aren’t built in babysitters… However some don’t mind if you’re going to work. But what I don’t get is folks will pay a babysitter but not their parents that give equal if not better care of your children. Plus you have that extra security and peace of mind about your children’s care and that’s priceless.

  • My mother watched my child until she passed away and I paid my mother because I believe my child was worth me paying for her then I was a stay-at-home mom until I couldn’t afford to stay at home and then my daughter had to go to a daycare after school program I didn’t have a support system because her father was working but believe it or not I’m a lot of other people support system so I understand what the grandmother is saying my mother-in-law wanted me to take my granddaughter from my stepdaughter and I was like no not unless that child is harmed and not getting what she needs out of life let her prove that she can be a good parent and not take that chance away from her and we get our granddaughter and she can stay with us for the weekends and Summers and it’s not a problem her ain’t crap or his family ain’t crap.

  • My mother was my child’s babysitter but I paid her and as far as what parents should have the child during the weekend or during the week whichever parent is more responsible enough to handle that lose during the week and or weekend and it also depends on the parents work schedule