Recognizing Paternity Fraud and it is Effects


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Recognizing Paternity Fraud and Its Consequences. Debrina Washington is a New York-based family law attorney and writer, who runs her own virtual practice to assist single parents with legal issues. Adah Chung is a fact checker, writer, researcher, and occupational therapist. Misattributed paternity can be devastating for men who have spent years believing. There are several consequences that can stem from a conviction of paternity fraud.

One of those consequences involves being issued a contempt order. A contempt of court order means that the person misbehaved in such a way that it prevented the judge from doing their job, which includes allowing them to properly administer justice. As of 2008, no individual has been prosecuted in a case involving paternity fraud.

A mother is permitted to not state the name of the biological father if she does not know it. Paternity fraud is a form of misattributed paternity. The split in 2002 between a couple, identified for legal reasons as Mr.

A and Ms. B, prompted Mr. For the woman looking to commit paternity fraud, she is hoping that he is filled with the overwhelming sense of responsibility to do the right thing. Paternity fraud occurs when a woman intentionally names a man to be the father of her child when she knows he is not the biological father, often for the purposes of collecting child support.

Well, there is no one answer to the problem. Paternity Fraud, unfortunately, is allowed to exist because of the way the Parentage Act in America is constructed. For example, In the New Jersey parentage act, the mother has all of the power and control once a child is conceived. Meaning, the man has no say while the mother is carrying the child.

IDENTI GENE has been working to increase awareness of paternity fraud in America whereby a woman allows a man to assume he is the biological father, even though he is not. It’s an issue with potentially serious consequences for everyone involved, from financial obligations to custody arrangements to emotional attachments. Paternity fraud is an act that leaves a throng of victims in its wake – from the real biological father who has been denied the right to know and raise his child to the child itself who has been lied to every day since birth to the extended family of all parties involved who have also been victims of daily deception. The increasingly visible problem of paternity fraud has prompted a number of states to consider passing laws on the issue. The proposed bills, commonly known as “duped dad” laws, generally address situations where a man questions whether he is the father and wants paternity testing, or where he claims he was wrongfully deceived into believing he was the.

Research confirms public-health consequences of paternity fraud, such as family breakup and violence (Bellis). Additionally, if paternity is left unverified, it leaves in question the child’s genetics, which could affect future medical treatment. A case against mandatory paternity tests.

Recognizing Paternity Fraud and Its Consequences. Fact checked by Adah Chung Documents Required to File for Child Support. Fact checked by Adah Chung Child Support Regulations for Military Service Members.

Fact checked by Sean Blackburn Different.

List of related literature:

More than half the states, however, have enacted statutes that allow a legal determination of the paternity of a nonmarital child to be set aside based on evidence that the legal father is not the biological father without additional evidence of fraud, duress, mistake, or something equivalent.

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All states have laws that provide for judicial proceedings to determine paternity of an illegitimate child and to compel the father to contribute to the child’s support.

“An Introduction to the American Legal System” by John Malcolm Scheb
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Fraudulent assertions of paternity will be much less likely to succeed, or even to arise, where the proof is put before a court of law at a time when the putative father is available to respond, rather than first brought to light when the distribution of the assets of an estate is in the offing.

“Work of the Family Lawyer” by Robert E. Oliphant, Nancy Ver Steegh
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Further, in cases of paternity fraud, the woman is obviously acting in a morally reprehensible fashion, using deception to impose certain emotional demands and expectations on another individual that deeply compromise the future health and happiness of her child and other persons.

“Men's Rights, Gender, and Social Media” by Christa Hodapp
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Claiming paternity may have unanticipated consequences –such as liability for support payments.

“The Rule of Law in Japan: A comparative analysis” by Carl F. Goodman
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The states have an interest in trying to determine the paternity of children and enforcing court orders for support, because this can result in savings of the maternal and child welfare program funds.

“Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics, Second Edition” by Howard A. Harris, Henry C. Lee
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[I]f a party is claiming paternity, it is trite that a Court of law should be allowed to determine same on proof of evidence relating to paternity, which could only be done by referral for a DNA test of the parties involved.

“An Almanac of Contemporary and Continuum of Jurisprudential Restatements (ACCJR Legalgorithms): Jurisprudence” by Oshisanya, 'lai Oshitokunbo
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DNA profile match excluded the appellant as biological father.

“DNA Fingerprinting: Advancements and Future Endeavors” by Hirak Ranjan Dash, Pankaj Shrivastava, Braja Kishore Mohapatra, Surajit Das
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This Act provides for blood tests, DNA tests, legal presumptions of paternity and voluntary paternity.

“Excel HSC Legal Studies” by Belinda Brassil, Dimity Brassil
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The person (man or woman) who has recognized the child, provided that he is not his biological parent and the recognition was the result of duress, mistake, fraud or abuse, can reverse the recognition.

“Introduction to Dutch Law” by Jeroen Chorus
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  • Hey…If I’m the biological father from a one night hook up that was perfectly consensual that just happened to impregnate to which she decided to claim as her husbands dont come to me 20 years later acting like I should of cared about something (the baby) that I had no idea or expectations to know one even existed and try to extrapolate from me feelings or monetary responsibility. Matter of fact in the divorce proceedings the woman committing paternity fraud should be held responsible for reimbursement of 1/2 the cost of raising a child, I believe the standard cost of raising a child is around 500,000 US 0-18.

  • Love how it’s only a problem when women get affected. The fact that they have to show that this hurts women too just shows how little people give a shit.
    Men get taken advantage of, but no, is women most effected.
    This should be illegal. You should have to right to a test, at and before birth to make sure the child is yours. Any time they plan on assigning child support, they should also make them take a test.
    This isn’t rocket science, and the fact that vertically nothing has been done, really shows how little society cares about men.

  • Who bright idea was that. If you take a man driver license and meaning of income how the hell you going to get the support for you. That’s a dumbass idea

  • Women hosting and narrating about “paternity fraud”, seems more of a how to do it for unscrupulous women, rather than a investigation.

  • 0:41 she said paternity fraud affects the government. Really?????? HOW????
    I thought women and government work together to go after any man with the ca$h. Isn’t the government part of the fraud??????????????????????
    Example: you are forced to pay child support for a kid who is not yours.

  • All I know is all my life I’ve seen plenty of these families where there was that one kid that didn’t look like the rest.

    Tv shows have brought to light womens’ treachery and lies however that does nothing to bring any legal or social relief to men however the good thing is, is that the word and getting out and men are learning not to even play the marriage, long term relationship/live together, make babies game.

    This is the last generation of marriage and family as men educate ourselves about the female nature and warn our sons and other young men how one mistake will destroy your life.

    It’s over ladies, you’ve won, you got everything you wanted which is total power over men in the marriage and family courts and the entire legal system concerning that and now we men have no choice but to simply walk away from it all and I guess you’ll have to find a way to explain to your daughters why they’re gonna die the same way you will; old, cold and lonely.

  • I wonder if a nurse and a mother could present a guy with false & fictitious paternity results. (Results the mother typed up herself) Believe me it happens and biased women will assist the “mother” in deceiving the man all for money ��!!!

  • People don’t give a shit what they inflict on children. Given most of the perpetrators are women, perhaps it’s time these sows start to be on the receiving end of this.

  • What hurts a man in the most painful way is that he married a woman whom he loved the most, had children with her, spent his energy, money and at least a decade to raise children, only to find out that the children aren’t his. This is part of conning game some women use on men. It should be considered a crime.

  • If you only have sex with your wife and nobody else, you don’t have these kinds of problems. It is unlikely a claim will be made, and in court you can tell the judge, you have the same chance of being the father of her kids as you are the father of the judge’s kids for the exact same reason. The judge tends to understand that logic, and may ask her if she knows who the father is.
    If she lies, ask her counsel if he advised his client about the penalty of perjury. The judge may understand that too.

  • The fact that the birth certificate only allows for man to be financial responsibility is a farce. Men should be asking for & signing a “ affidavit paternity” only. Which is what establish fatherhood.

  • I didnt even know Paternity fraud was a thing only a week ago. Ive seen this in popculture like a movie or something but i never expected this to be such an isanely massive issue that ca 33% of all test show that the father isnt the father. What a mindblowing and blackpilling concept, its scary even to think that your child isnt yours but that your wife cheated on you and cheated you out of having a biological child and cheating you out of your money. Why do so many women do this?

  • When women want someone’s money and someone else’s genes. To any women reading this. This is every bit as malevolent and sick as a man physically raping a woman. The woman who commits paternity fraud is in my opinion is the female equivalent to a male rapist. There is also much more paternity fraud going on in the western world than rape against women.

  • Paternity fraud is only superseded by Murder in crimes committed against man. It is treated in courts contemptuously and men are not protected to any extent. The action of putting the child’s rights above all else is having a permanent detrimental effect on society. Our culture and way of life will collapse

  • Why now? Should have been an issue decades ago and if they cared, women should have been the ones calling it out first. This is the same case with the divorce courts and laws itself.

  • I’m sure the women who lie about this think or at least rationalize to themselves that they are doing “the right thing” but frankly I find this kind of fraud almost as disgusting as rape.

  • Fortunately, I never suffered this kind of fraud.

    If I had ever fallen into the child support trap, & I went the legally forcible time, I would punish the system that forced me to pay by changing my legal name as often as the system would allow.

  • This is truly toxic femininity, but it’s so widespread that the government can’t afford to support the families that break up. It’s 25-30% of children that are affected.

  • And women wonder why Men are not only abandoning dating and marriage, but sex as well. When Men are saying, “It just isn’t worth it!”, they mean IT JUST ISN’T WORTH IT. The risk and damage is unbelievable.

  • Just read the wikipedia article about fraud paternity, the majority of the world is nuts. If women ever get equal rights they will turn mad, they have everything favored to them.

  • If I found out my father was not my biological father because my mother had been unfaithful, I would have cut contact with my mother for life.. The last words she would have heard from my lips would have been that I wouldn’t even attend her funeral when that time came.. Such an act is unforgivable in my eyes.

    Fortunately I am not worried about this, because I am physically very similar to my father, grandfather, uncle and that entire side of the family.

  • When you look at the potential ramifications it should be made a Criminal Offence for a woman to name the wrong man as the Father.

  • Typical feminist propaganda, twisted to turn women into victims. You are centuries away from achieving equality. With such low standards in moral values, you are continually pushing yourselves further behind men.

  • Her body, her choice, her responsibility. If the woman can not prove the man consented to parenthood then he has no responsibility for the child. Women have many reproductive rights (e.g. abortion, safe-haven abandonment) that mean she only is a parent if she chooses to be one. Does the man have an equal right to be a parent or not? Does he have any rights not to be a parent? What choice does he get? So much for equal rights the feminists claim to be championing.

  • My ex gf has three kids to three different fathers. The third father only found out after his kid was born. I feel bad for all the kids. Knowing that mum has three kids to three different dads. Mum doesn’t care. Men you have been warned.

  • You want to help with paternity fraud?

    Push for mandatory DNA tests at birth and make the doctor/medical facility legally responsible for letting the parents know the results. That will end paternity fraud.

    Around 30% of children (world wide) are unknowingly being raised by a man who is not their biological father. This is anywhere you look the number is almost always around 30%.

  • TWO years later and this video still has only 61K views. I guarantee you YouTube is suppressing and shadow ghosting TF out this one

  • France ban paternity test cause 30 50% of father supporting child are not even their children. And USA it’s 30%. Imagine how much those guys have been suffering.

  • I like how in the this video they portray the actions of these cheating whores as “when they became pregnant” like it was some sort of immaculate conception. It’s called riding the c*ck carousel. These hoes ain’t loyal.

  • 25-33% of women are guilty of paternity fraud. 1/3 of children are not the the children of their biological father in not adopted cases.

  • Fraud is fraud and illegal. Since when is the victim of a fraud crime saddled with a penalty? There should be no controversy in exposing fraud when it is discovered and remedying it.

  • A feminist once explained to me that requiring a non-father to pay child support was justified because “someone has to pay”. To wit, I said why not place every adult male’s name in a lottery for a woman to pick a name of a man to support her child. Genius!!

  • I swear if I’m not the father of my kids, I’m leaving both her and the kids. She can go find the real father herself, because she didn’t have an issue finding him for sex.

  • If this sounds messed up to you, pick up the damn phone, call your state lawmakers and your federal lawmakers and put their damn feet to the fire!

  • Western women have been utterly ruined by feminism.

    With their feminist indoctrinated minds Western women who
    can hardly cook a meal from basic ingredients or even clean a house sit
    complaining in a comfortable chair in an airconditioned or heated environment
    made by men, in factories, designed, built and run by men.

    They drive nice cars invented, built and maintained by men.

    They use a computer invented and programmed by men, built in
    a factory by men, using electricity discovered by men, transported on a
    national grid of power lines that were planned and engineered, maintained and
    made by men, using electricity generated using methods invented by men, in
    power stations built by and run by men.

    They use the Internet, which uses protocols invented by men,
    transmitted over cables laid by men, in an international network invented,
    planned, and made by men. They are fueled by food that was the result of farms
    and agriculture planned and created by men, delivered to them by global food
    networks and transport systems invented and built by men. They are diagnosed
    and healed from sickness by scientific methods and medicines in  hospitals where their new born children are
    cared for in sterile safe environments, invented and built by men, They live in
    houses that were invented, planned and built by men, They are entertained by programs
    transmitted globally by signal technologies that are beamed directly onto large
    and small viewing screens invented and built by men, They are kept warm or cool
    by technologies invented and built by men, in cities with roads, bridges,
    shopping malls, movie theatres, hospitals, restaurants and other infrastructure
    planned and built by men.

    They drink clean water piped into their houses by a national
    network planned and built by men, from reservoirs and treatment plants that
    were planned, built and run by men. They are protected by laws invented by men
    and enforced by men who risk their lives every day to protect citizens, their
    property and protect their country.

    Women enjoy the benefits of everything men discovered,
    invented, created, built and maintain and are treated with special favors (by
    law) and allowed to do anything they wish in the society men created, even if
    lives are constantly put at risk by lowering men’s higher standards to allow
    women to gain entry into the military, law enforcement, and fire services.

    And yet there are so many western women who are so
    privileged and devoid of hardship that they spend their time constantly
    complaining that all of this is not enough for them, that men should be
    ashamed, that men have too much in this society that they made, and that men
    need to give even more to women because they are entitled to it just because
    they were born a women…and emasculated men agree to it.

    Take away everything that men have done, and western
    feminist indoctrinated women would be sitting outside in the cold rain without
    anything to eat until a man comes along and offers them shelter, food, warmth
    and security.

    Women don’t create things other than drama and chaos. They
    are consumers. They don’t defend the world nor maintain it. Men built the
    world, how about we send all women to their own continent and let them start a
    civilization from scratch.

    Western women are self-entitled fat ass deluded state weaponized
    thots who routinely without an ounce of guilt steal hard working, faithful
    honest men’s children, wealth and livelihoods and plunge men into abject
    poverty, jail, or even worse suicide by divorce raping them at a whim with no
    fault divorce. Western women also wrongly think they are equal to or are
    superior to men.

    What sane man would go anywhere near poisonous parasites
    like that just for access to poon. It’s bizarre behavior for any right-thinking
    man yet these deluded women who bring absolutely nothing to a relationship
    still complain…


    Marriage is the most irrational decision a modern man can
    make if he wants to survive free and intact.

    Feminism has ruined the chance for most guys (and women) to

    have a healthy, fruitful, loving productive relationship. Of course, it’s all men’s
    fault Bwhahaha.

    This phenomenon, while incredibly frustrating for men, will
    ultimately hurt women the most. Guys have checked out of the endeavor of
    finding a wife as its just too dangerous.

    Billions of women exist on this planet, spoiled privileged
    western women are not special.

    Non feminist Women need to speak out against third wave
    feminism which is all about man hating and power. Stand up for your fathers,
    brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and sons. If you don’t, who will? Men are
    attacked if we do.

    My comment represents the beliefs of millions of Western
    men, and it’s about time too.

    And before the feminazis or the orbiting male beta boy
    feminists attack me, don’t even try. I do love women I just hate what today’s feminism
    has become…and your shaming tactics won’t work on me so don’t bother wasting
    your time.

    All credit for the above comment goes to:


  • Benefits of Marriage

    Regular sex?… Um…. Well….. I think that would be a NO!

    Clean the house?………. Of course not.

    Cook?………………. Don’t be sexist.

    “Well, you get to be with me and buy me things to make
    me happy!”

    “You get to be with me?”…. she can’t even get
    that right. As soon as she’s got your sorry ass hooked and you are at work
    working your ass off earning money to support this little entitled parasite’s
    wants and desires that has wormed its way into your life………. she’ll be
    banging all the “bad boys” she really wants behind your back.

    “You get to be with me?”… when you were dating her, she
    curled up next to you like a little warm purring kitten… now she’s always nagging
    and bitching at you to the point you don’t even want to be in same room with

    Honey I am home from working in a hot sweaty factory/stressful
    office/customer service job all day breaking my back for you, where’s dinner?….
    fix it yourself, I already ate, I got tired of waiting for you.

    Sex with  you?…. I
    am tired……… I am not in the mood……. I have a head-ache………  we just did it last week, I am not expected
    to do this every week am I…….. I thought you’d be over this by now……

  • Stay away from women, no sex, no babies, since when would women help men?
    Only to pack your sandwich’s and send you off to work or war.

  • Many women will wait out the mandatory dna time limit set by each state and gov. Then ghost the man. Then file daddy papers against him and it is then automatic win for her. The man is left with no legal rights in court. Yes mandatory dna test should be done at birth. Feelings will be hurt, yes. But the truth will save so much court costs, and the true dad cannot deny paternity. Making mandatory dna testing at birth places no “shame ” on anyone. It will be done because it will be the law. My wife agrees with the mandatory at birth tests. Also the time limit on dna tests needs to be removed. No more of the 8 years of past child support due for a child that is not yours. If the dna test shows that the man is not the father then no cost to the man. $200.00 dollars well spent for the saving in court costs.

  • My sixth sense kept myself guarded against women. They have always been bossy, demanding and full of expectations. Maybe I didn’t stand up for myself enough, but if you put a female in her place she can bring forth a shit storm of wrath which can ruin any man. Their behaviour has been learned. Femininity has disappeared, there is no grace left in the modern female. Fix yourselves now

  • man falls behind on child support and he can be thrown in jail….woman defrauds a man 18 years big deal right?? is that the male privelage i keep hearing about??

  • Mandatory paternity testing at birth will never happen because if the state already has a father on the birth certificate they dont want to go through the trouble of trying to hunt down another guy to pay for the child

  • Karen is always interesting to listen to. She has a gift for painting the big picture and underscoring the biological foundations of human behaviour. When the hosts here want to ‘get back’ to the topic of discussion, paternity fraud, they are failing follow her arguments.

  • DNA should be mandatory at birth, period. Men should not sign or have their name put on any paper work until that test is back. This happens more than we know.

  • While mate guarding actions, like aggressive control over social contact, evolved to counteract paternal uncertainty, these are emotionally driven, and not a rational thought process, so the idea that mandatory paternity testing would curb these actions, is easily disproved. If this would work, no males would get violent or angry when their mate cheated on them while on the birth control pill, or would immediately stop caring of an infidelity at the onset of the woman’s next menstrual cycle. The thing we need to understand is that the emotional mechanisms that evolved to affect certain outcomes are not directly beholden to those outcomes. A fear of snakes is an emotional reaction, which evolved to protect against poisonous snakes, but a knowledge that a certain snake is absolutely not poisonous, is unable to repress that emotional and visceral response, we may use rational thought to override our emotional response, but not eliminate it.

  • There was a case in Australia were the man had paternity testing of all his children and it turned out that all 5 children were not his, they all had 5 different fathers. He took the case to court to not have to pay alimony for all the children but the court ordered that he was still reasonable for the children.

  • Been loving all your hangouts lately, but this has been my favourite. Right up my alley! One of the most interesting topics in human evolution, and Karen is very knowledgeable on the subject.

  • they need to just change the laws and stop complicating everything…..500 people need to stop deciding for millions of people!!!!!!

  • I am, truly disgusted by the legal system and the feminist ideaology at this point, it’s literally the black plague of the 20th and 21st centrury, it’s the thing that either will bring western civilazation to it’s knees and kill it or it will be the drug in our drink that we’ll willing take to put as to sleep while someone cuts off our head.

    I just want to slap people that hate on christianity, even though I’m an atheist, I’m not directly opposed to the idea that there may be a God, but even thought it has made a great deal of suffering it has brought more stability and guidance to society than anything else I have seen, and that goes for religions in general, even the notorious Islam.

  • Karen fucking drops science on every stream she comes on. Think she’s the only person to school Pakman on his own show, which is also a feat.

  • I’ve made the same last blasphemous comment Karen made, adding the point that women even go after the bad boy types that are most likely to be the ones that will date rape them, yet then they go and drag mattresses around campus when said bad boy doesn’t want to keep having butt sex!

  • Not sure where you get the idea that judges are the most rational members of our society. Lawyers are fairly logical, but they are technicians, not experts in rational choice theory or countering cognitive bias.

    I’m with you on your paternity testing idea. I think it would radically change things for the better.

  • Children ABSOLUTELY have a right to know who their parents are, and Men should have an absolute right to know which children he has fathered and those he has not. He should not be forced to be financially responsible for a child that is not his…. PERIOD!

  • +Friended Great convo!

    Btw, sounds like you listened to the Krauss-Harris podcast. Krauss really went full regressive at the end there, didn’t he?

  • If a woman is unsure and does not share that uncertainty, she IS defrauding the guy just as much as the woman who IS sure he isn’t the father.

  • 43:00 Labs may very well be doing that to avoid vexatious litigation, i.e. women who sue them for defamation or malpractice even though they know full well the lab is right, in a desperate ploy to continue to fool the supposed father. Even if the labs win these cases, it would still be a hassle that they would, understandably, want to avoid.

  • Oh well. It really sucks to not have a genetic legacy to live on the plantation along with 8 billion other mainly mindless reproducers.

  • I don’t see a rate of paternity fraud of 0.2% as enough to describe the differences in investment between paternal and maternal grandparents. And as to how women would change there behavior in response to paternity tests… They were banned in France. Oh and great talk by the way.

  • Start a petition to have it written into law that confirmation testing for all kids is compulsory. for decent human beings thats really not a big problem?

  • 20:41 what about those african tribes where multiple dudes have sex with a woman and they believe that all their sperm mixes to make a baby and they all take part in the fathering of the child

  • this is such an interesting discussion and unfortunately it’s almost unshareable because of a critical mistake one of Karen’s arguments at 17:30 she’s discussing cryptic ovulation and states a couple of times, in a couple of ways, that cryptic ovulation evolved to assist in facilitating what some evolutionary biologists May occasionally referred to as the “sneaky fucker” mating strategy. but I, as well as Karen, know that’s not how Evolution Works. According to the theory of evolution, heritable characteristics come about only because individuals who happen to have variations are more successful, for one reason or another, in passing on their genes. so we argument concerning how and why humans have evolved cryptic ovulation would actually be that for whatever reason the few individual females who originally had a genetic mutation which resulted in cryptic ovulation were more successful in passing on their genes then where those who exhibited overt estrus. it could also be that successful males came to prefer, for some reason, females who’s estrus was concealed. although that last one is much less likely because the belief is that sexual selection is generally driven by the preferences of females.

  • Another point: I’m not sure there are any or many cases of women having someone elses eggs implanted but I’m pretty sure there are cases of women finding out their kids are actually from eggs produced by an undeveloped twin.

  • Now we have DNA tests etc do you think uncertainty(or anxiety) may have actually increased? Now we have access to such testing and it’s regularly used to check for transplant compatibility etc I think a lot of fathers have in the back of their mind somewhere a worry about finding out a child absolutely isn’t theirs. Back in the day you would have some rumours but as long as the kids sort of looked like you you could probably brush it off.

  • Friended. When you have hit 100,000 subs you will most likely post a video that, at least some part of which, will be to thank all the supporters. On that video, I will post a comment that reads “I told you so,” to which you will respond “Kitty Litter.” By “will respond” of course I mean “could respond.” Mass confusion is undeniably entertaining. It’s in your hands, buddy!:)

  • I read that the reason human females evolved hidden estrus was so that men would give women their resources all month long instead of just when she was in heat.

  • 36:00 They’re good reason’s for the test. Your guest mentioned it at the start. Donor issue’s would be the reason to push it. Not only that, it would help psychology issue’s. Both parent’s would know the child is their child. This would create a bond past uncertainty. This would create better bond’s on both side for the grandparent’s behavior too. I don’t understand why she went against it. After giving such a great example’s. How it would help etc.

  • “whenever we realized that sex makes babies” that was like 200 years ago. evolution isn’t as old of a theory as you may think. and even despite it, due to the shortness in genetic time, there are still major religions which are built off the idea of non-pregnancy as a virtue like christianity. there was a sect i can’t find atm which was recent but was strictly abstinent.

    “women would respond immediately but men wouldn’t”
    i don’t think you can make the negative claim. i think it would require a full generation of paternity certainty to test if absolute certainty reduced male distrust or not.
    it wouldn’t eliminate it, but i don’t think men would be as uncertain. after all men are in a psuedo cucked state right now where many will allow their wives to have extra marital sex. why would that not cause agony if they didn’t have paternal certainty?

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  • Paternity fraud is represents the ultimate betrayal a woman can do to a man and it’s really despicable. Not to mention it’s selfishness as how can women get away with playing fate with men’s life by deceiving them into being fathers of their children.

  • Bless you for making videos like this. Men need to made aware of these statistics. Anything that tries to obfuscate things like this are part of the feminine cultural imperative and should be regarded as ideological shit. As it should be.

  • Noone in their right mind estimates it this high.
    This is how you undermine your integrity with reasonable people but we all know that this channel doesnt target reasonable people but the naive and manipulated instead.

  • If the man is smart, once he found out about the kid’s lung disease, he goes get a test done on himself to see if he has the gene.

  • Please don’t be dumb. This is as stupid as the gender pay gap!

    1 in 3 fathers are raising children that are not their own. This includes stepfathers who knowingly married a woman with children from a previous marriage. With the divorce rate over 50% right now, 30% seems pretty reasonable, without any paternity fraud whatsoever.

  • When the child is born its DNA is not you have to wait certain period or you are pretty much set with that incomplete DNA chain so to speak ready for that pos/neg test anyway?

  • The argument for mandatory DNA testing to ensure that both parents are the biological ones can be made on grounds of and for the safety of the baby. What if it has a congenital anomaly or condition that can only be remedied by access to the father like some blood or cells or something. I’m not a doctor but you know what I mean. Or the medical team needs to make a cell marker reference or whatever from the father to treat the baby..

  • I want to test my kids because of suspicion but at the same time I am afraid of finding out the kids are not mine. I love them both dearly and am not sure how I would feel afterwards if, indeed, they turned out not to be mine

  • The best way to get this information would be to send out test kits to homes using the Media Giants CNN, FOX, NBC, CNBC, BBC that explains an outbreak or a reason that affects.001% of the population and that it is dangerous and everyone should get tested.

  • Damn that’s awful. I hate ho shit. Especially hoes who don’t know or lie about their kids father that’s disgusting. Idk why this popped up on my tl

  • Some bird species (including several cuckoo bird species) engage in a form of parasitism called “brood parasitism”. The female will lay it’s eggs in the nest of another bird species, and the parasitic hatchlings will often kill the biological hatchlings of the their surrogate “host” parents.

  • In Germany the paternity test is illegal if the mother doesn’t approve to it! So if a man is in doubt of being the father, he can either illegally run the test abroad, or he can tell the mother he has the suspicion that she cheated on him, got pregnant and got the child and lied to him all the time about being the father.

    So two very nice options to choose from for the man. This is the state of feminism in Europe’s largest country!

  • In modern world it should be mandatory to have parents tested, to have real idea. Multiple sexual partners will be reality, more and more

  • Black men shouldn’t be talking about paternity fraud because blacks tend to vote democrat and the majority of leftist feminist that created the family courts as we know them today are democrats.

  • DNA testing in Australia is illegal except in court ordered procedures to protect family integrity, because over 30% of children are not their fathers offspring.

  • I often wonder what happened with some of my girlfriends and I had I thought the girlfriend had gotten pregnant by me and I turned around and find out that. She’s off looking somewhere else. Add something better. And like you’re saying picking the better stock out of The Brood. So I’m not worried about it so far. I haven’t got any kids that I know of.

  • You know what I’ve caught you on streams once or twice and not wandered over here to check… But the snippet Karen posted on her channel interested me to do so.

    Very well moderated discussion: by which I mean well done for keeping it on point as well as being a participant.
    If only more streams stuck to topic more rigidly, they’d be easier to watch (though sometimes the tangents and thought experiments can be interesting, too).

    On that basis I’ve subbed before watching anything else of yours, I’ll decide whether to keep it that way on the basis of whether I like your other stuff, but thank you very much for this one either way!

  • Ye my dad is a Research professor who specializes in the genes involved in Arthritis and he said that this phenomena is interestingly linked to how poor a neighborhood is. In fairly wealthy neighborhoods its between 5-10% but in poorer areas of the UK it gets to around 25%… fucking insane. Paternity test all the way no matter how much you trust the woman IMO. That stat scared the hell out of me.

  • Paternity fraud is a huge issue. Unknowingly paying for a child for 18-26 years is a huge financial burden that is unfair to put on anyone. It is akin to robbery or stealing. That is a huge portion of someone’s life that you’re taking away from them. They could be putting their time, money, and energy toward something else over that time.

    It is malicious and morally bankrupt to subject someone to paternity fraud. If he’s a beta that wants to take care of other men’s children and goes into it willingly, fine. But lying by omission and committing paternity fraud is not only wrong, but should be illegal.

    The reason it is legal is because the state would rather someone other than itself pays for the kid. Paternity fraud is a way for the state to reduce the subsidies it has to pay out to single moms applying for benefits.

  • Genetics researchers know all about this as they have to account for it in their analysis. They keep it quiet but I believe the figure they use is 15%.

  • A casual fling tried baby trapping me with contraception deception, I remained out of the country 15yrs and counting never saw the kid, exactly as I warned her, never had to pay child support, she refused my 50% of her stated costs in favor of a child support agency calculation her lawyer said was far higher, her lawyer didn’t realize my new country wasn’t a co-operating country and no obligation to pay was given. Devastated she called begging, I laughed, she auctioned her home due to irresponsible spending anticipating a large child support payment. BEAUTIFUL JUSTICE FOR A BABY TRAPPING BITCH.

  • I knew a Single Mother ® who refuses to date men with kids. She was always saying “Why do I have to raise another women’s kid?” I guess this is a good example of what Rich C and Rollo would call solipsism.

  • Just to be clear, the 1 in 3 figure is an overestimation because it comes from tests where paternity was already in question.
    The actual figure is somewhere between 4-10%

  • Most states allow an unmarried man 60-90 days and in some cases 2 years after signing the acknowledgment of paternity to contest it. But why wait? Never sign it until you do a DNA test no matter how irritating your gf feels about your decision. If you’re married and have a kid, you will automatically be presumed to be the father and things get more complicated but not impossible to deal with. Some lawyers may gbe able to get you off the hook for child support. Regardless of whether you’re married or not, ALWAYS do the DNA test shortly after birth. It is better for you to know now than later. Best thing to do? Strap on a condom and don’t become a father but that juicy pussy feels so good raw…… riiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhht!!!

  • My daughter’s class used ancestry test, it was a cluster fuck 12 out of the 28 couldn’t figure out why their dads family wasn’t on there tree.

  • Once your child is born. Get one of those commercial paternity tests for a few hundred Dollars/Euros before you sign the document with which you acknowledge the child as your own and that you are the father. Because that signature has far reaching legal consequences.

  • My ex-girlfriend recently had my child a boy and she before the child was born went on and on on how I was the father she swore I could be at the hospital and she even gave me pictures from the ultrasound and then when my son was born she turn around and put her mate name that she was seeing on the birth certificate. She went on and on and on about how I’m the father but yet she turned around and put somebody else’s name on the birth certificate. Then she turns around and neglects my son and puts him into the Foster system only then was I called in by the court to get a DNA test and it came back that I was in fact the biological father but now there’s nothing I can do because of the performance of the mother.

  • This ignores consent consent from the man for parenthood should trump DNA etc and without the result of a DNA test then it is not informed consent. We’ve all heard “Her body, her choice” well the responsibility goes with the choice so it should read “Her body, her choice, her responsibility” women have to consent to parenthood (they can choose abortion, adoption etc) so the man should have to give informed consent also.

  • Why are we even surprised that this happens. Men have known this and refuse to talk about it this enabling women to keep doing this.

  • Some father’s have to run because they might loose all inheritance because mum didn’t want a bastard to bring up it’s evil grandmas mum’s and stepmoms control all morals and money

  • They need to overhaul the whole system. You are at the mercy of many times rude people in child services not willing to work with people many times that are trying to do right by their child/children and the mom of the child. I was getting my bachelors in nursing so I got behind just a small amount and my license was stripped along with my bank account seized. The whole time I communicated with child services and the mother even contacted child services to let them know what was going on. They didn’t care. Many times in my case, they treated me as though that was their child. Luckily now I have custody of my child and on good terms with my ex. This happened after getting child services out the situation. I lose some benefits from not using child services but it’s not worth to me to use them. I understand some people are a dead beats but many times people are trying but the system is unwilling to bend. To me the family part of what child services and the system is nowhere to be found. I can only imagine the difficulty of dealing with this unprofessional system when someone has fraudulently made claims someone is a parent to a child that is biological not theirs.

  • If the kid has no physical resemblance to the dad, that should be the point to find out more. There is a couple I saw the other day they are from india, and the baby looks like a chinese kid, go figure!

  • This is true!
    As a medical student, I would agree. One day at the medical school at D.E.Ü in Turkey came this family with a son who was sick.
    The woman was in full Islamic gear, dressed like Saudi Arabia women and her husband was this strongly build Turkish man.

    After the tests and everything, the professor said that the patient (son)needed blood. And the professor chose the father as a right donor, but before the transfusion, we had to check blood type match…OMG.

    Blood type didn’t match so we told to the specialist about the results. He came in and asked the woman if the father was the real daddy, she said yes and he did the test himself again but the blood type was not matching.

    The professor came in to ask the woman if the father was ” the true father of the son” she said she needed to talk to the professor.
    She revealed that the father was” not the true father.” but she asked for confidentiality…and also for the fear of the reaction from the Turkish man who would most likely have killed both, the woman and the son, the professor played her game.

    So the professor proceeded with the treatment by getting blood from the father so that it should appear that he gave blood to his son, yet the blood which was given to his fake son was taken from the blood bank…
    The lesson of the story here:
    The bombs in this video are true even amongst religious appearing women out there.
    Check out, Peace!

  • Gentlemen a word to the wise, “Know the LAW where you live as they may vary”. Any assumption of fatherhood will put you on the hook and you’ll pay child support regardless if it’s genetically yours or not..If you don’t believe me, check out the law. A “DNA” test at birth could save you.

  • I would be happy to explain to them the horrible results of a child being lied to and betrayed by their mother regarding who their father is. Women lie about this and have for years, time for that to end. Paternity testing should be required at birth. No man or child should be allowed to be victimized by a “mother”.

  • I seriously do not know what I’d do to the thot if my kids turned out to be someone else’s. I’d have to go absolutely no contact with the thot and have a proxy arrange vistation bc cheating, getting pregnant AND lying to me for years is the trifecta of a mental illness and evil intent. Nope…she would be zeroed out and invisible to me but my kids would still be mine bc its not their fault. How do these women do this with a clear conscious? Its evil…

  • Don’t let the twitter mobs get to you. Most of those feminist have thousands of bots that like and retweet for them. It’s all bs

  • As a side product of a medical research done in Finland two decades ago, 30%..40%* of children were from different father than assumed.

    * can’t remember the accurate figure

  • The actual figure from blood banks shows
    American Family is 30% paternity fraud
    UK and French sources 45-55% is estimated it’s so high that DNA testing is illegal without the mothers express permission.

    Men don’t trust western wahmin
    Don’t date
    Don’t marry
    Don’t cohabitate
    Don’t talk to
    Don’t help
    Walk away

    You won’t have to worry about

    False rape accusations
    Divorce rape
    False sexual harassment claims
    Paternity fraud

    Maintain frame and pursue your own enlightened self actualization, say no to western wahmin.

  • Remember this saying ” Momma’s baby, Daddy’s maybe”,Women know 100% that baby is theirs (unless she’s carrying for someone else) But guys DON’T SIGN SHIT UNTIL PATERNITY TEST’S SAYS 99% You’re dad.

  • I want to say that even with men knowing that the kid isn’t their they’re starting to take on the responsibilities of another woman’s kids. Let that sink in. We’re in an age where men have been blinded by women, and some of them are comfortable living this way. I steer clear of men like this around me.

  • Really chick? She is disgusting. Once this a paternity is negative. A man’s name should be removed from the Birth certificate and be refunded his money.

  • a significant aspect of the construct that says women are smarter than men is the reality that men allow that belief to propagate….proving that women actually ARE smarter than men.

  • if 30% childs come from cheating than I can assume that 90% of women cheat. It’s just that most of them don’t keep children from their cheating partners.

  • I’ve got 1 reason to get married again and 1 GAZILLION reasons not to. 1 out of the gazillion reasons is the uncertainty about my odds of being a victim of paternity fraud. There’s too many PITFALLS for men to stay in “relationshits” These days… Hard pass!

  • trust me, cuckoldry, hasn’t been around forever, in most case, if the man did not feel the kid looked like him, or had the same spirit or passion, the man would abandoned the kids and the woman, whores back then did not even have a chance, if a woman served her husband as a god, she and the kids had a chance

  • To all my Americans on this channel please make sure you vote November 3rd. Make sure you don’t vote for men and women with d’s by their names because this is what you will get more confusion and more lies.

  • My mom taught my brothers and I this: “When you’re ready to have kids, make sure they’re yours. Don’t get trapped into paying for a kid that’s not yours.” My mom was a G like that. My brother did this on the advice of my mom when he had my nieces and nephew. Yes, they were 100% his kids. Another great quote she told us was this: “Just because she’s doing that thing you like now doesn’t mean she won’t do it to Juan down the street.”

  • If one lives in the U.S and is saddled by child support due to paternity fraud, then one can establish residency in the State if Oklahoma and under bill 2270 one can challenge the paternity and child support payments as it eliminates the time window to challenge for paternity, your native state might challenge it but the risk is now xferred to the state

  • In France it is illegal. Also it is illegal for a French man to seek such a test outside of the country. The legal claim is that such tests are harmful to the children. I suspect they never asked what the children want

  • Men cannot believe this sort of evidence because it’s almost unfathomable that society really sees them as disposable. I fully understand men who won’t believe it cos once u get it, it’s quite easy 2 find urself at the edge of some cliff.

  • Being from New Zealand and living in the states for a year, i must say that America is completely rigged against men and set up for women to thrive, especially if you are a black man

  • i love all the female channels saying “yall men are not putting up with us anymore, we need to go back to the traditional state” like uhhh no chick we arent having it anymore and yall can “change” but we still arent marrying anymore, and we are always gonna chose the younger hotter women than yall busted 30-50 year olds lol

  • I have no regrets for not getting married because I’d rather have a good friend without all the bullsht that comes with marriage especially now a days

  • All men should have paternity test done on every child before signing the birth certificate. If your crazy enough to even have children.

  • The video is fake, covered by “It’s a gundam” channel. BUT, the situation and the reaction of ppl to the video are both real and BS.

  • If she knew that the child was not her spouses, and lied, then he could sue her. She could be charged with fraud, but he would destroy the child he’s been raising and loving, and if he’s a good person, he wouldn’t do that.

  • Paternity fraud is a special form of evil.

    DNA testing has become so reliable that it really should be the legal end-all be-all to deal with these cases.

  • Don’t know how true he was to her, but he knows if she cheated once… she could and probably would cheat again. Who wants to be in that relationship. Of course, she may have been cheating with so many fellows that she had no idea who the father was and just hoped it was him.

  • I am a woman and a woman who is the child of a woman who did this to 3 children. She lied to the man that adopted my sister and I and said we were full siblings and she had been abandoned by her first husband. The truth was that we were not full siblings and we were fathered by different men and neither of those men were her first husband. Her divorce papers from her first husband listed us as the first husbands children. My mother and her first husband separated 6 months after marrying and my sisters father was a family friend and I was a one night stand in a bar parking lot. She went on to have my brother to seal the deal with the man that raised me. She then went on to have another son who did not belong to her husband but to the neighbor who was friends with my mother and adoptive father. The man that raised me died when I was 14. He was an amazing father. The only stability that I would know growing up. My biological father was a good man who was never even told that I existed and she knew all along that I was his daughter. My sister met her biological father at our mothers funeral. My youngest brother was 4 at the death of the man that raised us. He was raised with his biological father in his life somewhat because my mother married the guy and that marriage lasted three years. When that marriage broke up, she collected social security from my dads death for him and the guy also paid full child support. This crap is never going to end until we make men equal partners and participants in the lives of children. You are a FOOL if you do not get a dna test. If she loves you, if she was faithful, she can demonstrate that by doing the test. If asking her to do the test fractures the relationship, you need to run.. not walk away from her and fast. You see, those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing and when it comes to something as serious as a child, both parents should be willing to do a test. Women can not be trusted to be truthful. There is a backup plan….. its called DNA and you are a full on idiot if you let a woman make you feel bad about proving paternity. The stakes are too high to trust anyone on the strength of their word.

  • Canada is even worse if you are married and your wife gets pregnant from cuckolding you the Canadian government still gonna force you to pay child support for it. i read an article about a Korean man who married a white woman from Canada moved there she got pregnant from a black man so had a kid that was 100% not his as it was not Asian at all even after divorcing her and returning home to Korea they still came after him for child support.

  • I saw on another channel that this was was staged and not real. DId anyone else get that? The reality is after that much time (3 years?), the court would side with her and she would get child support despite the fraud.

  • The gas lighting is disgusting. In the beginning, the dude says I had doubts, and she said “what doubts”?
    Like wtf? What do you mean doubts?

  • Get a paternity test. Whether the baby was planned, unplanned, looks like you, doesn’t look like you, etc, get the test done. Do it openly, secretly, whatever. It’s just a cheek swab. But you need to get it done, as soon as possible after birth.

  • Also if there married he has to legally support the child. If his name is on the birth certificate he has to support the child. The guy gets FD

  • Here we go again with this issue. We need to petition the White House to make this mandatory and jail time for the females doing this evil acts. Dame.

  • Paternity fraud is illegal but no one has ever been prosecuted for it
    Wikipedia: Knowingly making a false statement on a public document is a criminal offence, including naming someone who is not the biological father. As of 2008, no individual has been prosecuted in a case involving paternity fraud.

  • Her behaviour is perfectly biologically normal. Women are hardwired to get two things from men, 10 good genes for their offspring and 2) resources. Historically living in a tribal society it could be one man providing the genes and another man or men the resources. It worked well until civilisation came along and we decided that one man should do both. With civilisation breaking down women are resorting to the old biological pattern and see no shame in it. So its Chad and Tyrone for the genes and the suckers for the resources.

  • FACTS are 3 studies have been done covering this subject one in the 70’s,90’s and 2000’s and also covered in a few videos in this community and all showed the same results in that between 30-35% of all children do not come from the guy who thinks he’s the father ‘think about that’ on a world wide scale.

  • I agree that the laws are in women’s favor. But if you look at women’s right over the years You see why women now have right. Because a unwed mother is shunned and the kids are bastards.

  • When I saw this on Facebook a few days ago I died! I just loved it! More men need to wake up and handle business! Such a Silly bitch!

  • Interesting coincidence, pregnant women avoid hospitals that do mandatory DNA testing as part of the birthing package. The system is broken it can not support all of these single mothers, that’s why men are being punished.

  • Look Im a woman, I get the whole trying to get the father for child support. But I dont condone the whole idea of lying to get support for a child thats not even his biological child. You reap what you sow, and the woman who lied about the paternity shouldnt be allowed to get any child support from the person they lied to… Also the man should have the option, and not be obligated to pay child support because thats not his biological child, even if he got put as such on the birth certificate. If theres a clause that a marriage can be nullified if it is found to be fraud/coercion/duress, then it should also apply to this familial matter.The man can give money if he wants to but shouldnt be obligated, and its the womans fault, even if it affects the child. Yes it is harsh, but shouldnt we teach/show our children that actions, good or bad have consequences. She shouldve thought about that in the first place. There should be consequences to this so it wont happen and vice versa.

  • I thought this was a sketch(comedy)…..if it’s real oh myyyy. American black women. Dna should be mandatory right after the birth of a child. Marry or not marry.

  • No matter how bad your breakup is with a gf or bf it’ll never be “I cheated and pretended your were the dad to my bastard kid was yours” bad.

  • C’mon…
    Y’all know this is staged?!?!?

    Also, dude just shuts his heart to the child…

    If (and that is a huge if) this is legit, that little girl is gonna suffer far more than anyone else.

    Good info and good video though.

  • Insurance fraud is a crime but not paternity fraud. I pray before I die I can see the law make paternity fraud a crime. But of course it’ll most likely never happen.

  • Hi, shout out from the UK, you have my total sympathy, I am a woman and would never believe what some of my gender are capable of. I believe every newborn should have its DNA registered, and not just for paternity, but for a Central database. Eventually, l believe that would impact the crime figures and bring the guilty to justice. You all have my sympathy. Please know that all women are NOT the same. Peace..

  • And they always gonna act like they’re the victim. Your critics will be the only ones who hold accountable if you don’t hold yourself accountable.

  • As a woman, it’s females like this that makes me so upset. A lot of women out there who wouldn’t do this foolishness but other do this because they think of themselves and not the benefit of the child. These children then go through therapy and all type of other behavioral problems. Which stems to the fact that they have abandonment issues. For example, the person that they believe was their father isn’t that father,then they finally this other person is their father. They don’t have no connections this new father or their family.

  • Bingo! The legal system/rules aren’t going to change and all of a sudden become fair…. at least not in our lifetime. All men can do is adapt and be wise. Unfortunately most men have absolutely no control over their thirst and continually put themselves in horrible situations. Wise up gentleman and take precautions. The only people who care about us and will protect us is ourselves. We can scream up into the heavens all we want that things are unfair, but things aren’t going to change. Take care of yourselves by adapting and by making wise decisions. And for the love of God, control your thirst!

  • Perjury has been a crime in all states since inception, but is RARELY charged. No wonder paternity fraud isn’t a crime. Why would the government want to pickup the tab after-the-fact? M2C.

  • So the origin of this bastard law was to fraud low income minorities.. Class and racial discrimination. Is a well educated, well paid legal system capable of foistering this madness upon a populace? Trading up for better genetics is as stupid to the human race as killing other mens offspring to the advantage of planting our own seed. Having fun with laws is not the foundation of a country that wants to be taken seriously. Of course this cannot continue indefinately, regardless of class or racial prejudices, it’s just too mad.

  • For paternity fraud to not be recognized as a crime in America just shows how stupid politicians are. DNA tests should be mandatory.

  • “my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”

    Yours sincerely,

    Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook

    Proverbs 31:3
    Do not give your strength (or energy sex) to women, your ways to those who destroy kings
    Isaiah 3:12
    Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programing Manual by Anonymous

  • 1:38 yea the video could be staged but those Twitter comments aren’t lol. If y’all want a large dose of red pills…. I’m just saying.

  • Um…you can get a paternity test from the jump to avoid all this. If he felt the child was not his why wait? Just blaming the women is b.s. take responsibility for your action too.
    Soon as the baby is born if have doubts you can get a test before any of you leave the hospital.

  • Parents bone marrow doesn’t always match anyways Sometimes they’re lucky that any family member (aunt’s, uncle’s, cousins, siblings) is a match

  • He should be able to collect every single dime back from that heifer. And she should have to attempt to go after the real father for any compensation, assuming she even knows who it is.

  • okla.cse kim burns tulsa ok.did support 3 times/3 kids refused a dna matchup,im jammed for 20 yrs.later n she tried divorcerape i divorced her in 1998,she redivorced in 2009/fraud for my pension/ron bass in MO.





  • If a woman is court out for paternity, she should have no rights!
    Lose the kid’s, do prison time, pay child support, confess who the real father is, he should be DNA tested, just to be sure, and monitored for life for this

    Paternity testing should be law, and if the woman complains, what does she have to hide, if she moans, trying the guilt emotions on a guy.
    Women do a good talk o n trust, but a lot of them can’t walk it.


  • “Ladies, this paternity fraud can affect you”

    Hate to point out the obvious but most women DON’T CARE…big daddy government has their back no matter what. Remember, men have NO reproductive rights…NONE…

  • Don’t ever pay money to anyone demanding it as support for a child YOU KNOW not to be yours, because when the worm turns…you wont be getting it back & its gone forever. Women should STOP fucking around & getting knocked up by others, end of story.

  • I think a paternity test should be done when a women requests child support from the court. If her boyfriend or husband is not the father he should not pay I think that’s fair.

  • Paternity fraud is one of those rare cases where only a woman can be a perpetrator. As such, no law will pass to punish them for it in any sense, considering women are not the minority but majority of the voting base. You can thank your fathers for giving these intellectual infants a right to vote. It is the reason for ruin of western civilization.

  • Women who commit paternity fraud should be put to death.

    It’s claimed that some 30% of children are not the offspring of the adjudicated father.

    I’m surprised because I didn’t think women were even THAT honorable.

  • This is just human nature at its finest these woman that fraud men into rasing or paying for something that isn’t theirs happens alot becuase nobody gives them the consequences they deserve. When people don’t get what they deserve they will keep acting like this untill its to late for all of us.Mandatory paternity test are a great first step.

  • My ex wife just pulled this shit on me after raising the kid first 2 years of her life, so I took a DNA test and sure anuff I’m not the father I’m crushed my whole world has come to a depressing end

  • This is why today men are not getting married the system is destroying families. I paid child support for 11 years and am by their side every day.

  • Women do this very often with no regrets, if this doesn’t prove how selfish women are I don’t know what does they feel so entitled,women just want to be provided with support and when they want kids they don’t care who the father is as long as they have support from someone and not from the state or government support is all family court cares about!

  • I paid good money for an irreversible vasectomy at 26 and never ever regretted it. I probably saved me 400,000 dollars, but we will never know. Thankfully, I will never know.

  • Does this happen in the black community that often? Any guys have any stories of this with black women? Pregnant with another mans baby

  • I would wait until I was old, that way the state couldn’t take my time and I would take my ex and wrestle the bitch into the woods and hang the BITCH. When the law asked me why I done it, I would look at them and say FUK U.

  • America encentivizes females to be irresponsible with their vaginas. And they force men to pay for the behavior of whores. Women have no accountability, honor and truth. A certain degree of Sharia Law needs to be grafted into paternity fraud cases. I am not paying for any bitch who wants to ride the cock carousel, get pregnant and expects me to pay for her whorish behavior. HELL NO!

  • This shit makes me sick. I really do not want to believe that is possible for a man to end up having to pay child support for the baby of a woman he potentially never even knew and that he had to do so because he was never given an opportunity to defend himself against this allegation. What kind of society are we living in for this kind of stuff passes as acceptable? In what kind of monsters mind would this ever be something that is permissible?

  • I have no idea where the term originates, but the bird you are referencing is the cuckoo. Pronounced Koo-Koo, like the whimsical clocks.

  • All men MUST WAKE UP & DEMAND a DNA test which can be done before the birth of the child. It’s called an Amnio DNA test. Guys are way too anxious to sign LEGAL Documents to acknowledge a child(ren). Take time before you sign��!!

  • I find it incredibly difficult to believe that a man is forced to pay child support without DNA matching. However this is the US, and all they care about is getting themsleves, women, and lawyers money.


  • my nephew stopped speaking to me for insisting he get his maybe daughter tested after being with his girlfriend 2years NO BABY THEY BREAKUP FOR 1 MONTH SHE MOVES A MAN IN RETURNS BACK TO MY NEPHEW 6 WEEKS LATER PREGNANT! smh these men have to DEMAND THAT A TEST BE DONE DESPITE WHAT SHE SAY OR HOW SHE FEELS

  • So protecting a woman from domestic violence that could happen from her treachery is more important than actually bilking a man for 18 years?
    Sounds about right.

    And you ladies wonder why fewer and fewer of you can even find a date nowadays. �� It’s called “poisoning the well”.

  • Miserable bitch laying up making babies with deadbeat losers. She chose who to fuck, let her take her hosing! The government doesn’t step in and make the casino give you back your losses? It doesn’t make the neighbor cut your grass while you lay on your ass? It doesn’t send you a flashlite when you refuse to pay your electric bill? The government didn’t help you make the little bastard but it demands the public and folks who never got a whiff of her rotten cootie,to FooT the biLL?

  • Hospital staff know all about Mums little secret and are told to with-hold the information from the husband. The psychopaths in our Judicial system (60% of Judges are Psychopaths the rest are just outside the borderline) that endorse this situation need to be take out. It really is time to take the trash out.

  • My friend “a veteran” got divorced but paid his child support for 6 years. while in active duty and after. due to mistakes made by the the childs mother. My friend loved his kid but gets notice from the OKlahoma department of human services that a recent medical exam showed he was not the father it was the man that “caused” there divorce”s child who she was whit to this day. all matters haven’t havent transpired but it looks as if DHS will have to pay a substancile amount of money for the child support he had been fraudulently paying for 6 years. please follow this story it should set a precedent in law in this country. A paternity test must prove who the father is and until that time no child support shall be paid.that should be the law……

  • In NY there is a case where the boyfriend….not husband but boyfriend was around for the non biological child who is known not to be his is paying child support to his now EX girlfriend by court order. Bcuz the child recognizes him as his father for 6 years but when he and the girlfriend broke up she took him to court with both parties knowing he wasn’t the father. This is sickening

  • The solution to paying child support for a child that is not yours can be found here.
    Fight Forced Child Support! Get the government out of your family disputes!

  • I find it hard to believe that a hospital gives any transfusions without checking for compatability. When my grandsons were born, my son was unable to give his son a transfusion. My husband (my son’s father) was the only relative available with the correct blood type. The hospital tested both me and my husband thoroughly for compatability. They did not just trust anyone’s sayso as to who was related to whom.

  • Birth control. DNA test after birth. Get pre marital counseling and draw up a contract prior to marriage or planning a child. It’s not rocket science.

  • the woman thght of a name so now took advantage of that name cos woman are users and hold the child against if u don’t pay or she the mother brainwash the child and the child says I don’t know u because she kept the from u all this time

  • Paternity fraud is the distraction that helps conceal judicial fraud. This entire institution of “child support enforcement” is illegal. I am not saying that courts are not obligated to assist parents in seeking financial support from absent parents, however I am claiming that courts that operate the government known as “child support enforcement” are corrupted. These courts have no interest in the financial support of children. Their only interest is in collecting money for the State. This is in fact a Ponzi scheme that most Americans will never identify. For example: In the State of North Carolina, there are 2 chapters of statutes for obtaining financial support for absent parents. One for children from marriages and one for children born out of wedlock. The chapter used for “child support enforcement” is used to collect funds from one citizen against the funds given to another citizen and this is in fact illegal. The reason government can not admit it because there is no statute of limitations for murder and treason ’tis worse than murder. That’s right America, your government committed treason and you can not see because of the wickedness you have already agreed to acknowledge as honorable.

    For those who have said “if I was alive during slave times, they would have to kill me”, you lied. They just do as they did then and that is haul your ass to court and hold you in contempt until you return back to work.

  • There is involuntary cuckoldry (men doesn’t know that he is not a father) and involuntary cuckoldry (men having relationship with single mother).

  • How about in this case?
    My cousin and her brother have the same surnames although they have different fathers. She was born while her mom was still married to someone else so her mom and the husband decided to take her as the husband’s child aswell and just signed the certificate instead as biological father intead of processing adoptive papers however not so long after her “parents” broke off. The parents talked about the support and agreed peacefullythe dad is focused more on brother and the mother can voluntarily give support whenever while she’s only have full support on mom. She gets support sometimes from the dad when she visits her brother. Will it be complicated once she decides to change her to name to her supposed father’s

  • So at what point does a man get to make an informed decision to consent to parenthood? Why is there no requirement for prior consent? Is the declaration of paternity made with informed consent if the man does not have the DNA results proving he is the father of the child? Is there any action against a hospital if a man leaves the hospital with a child that he is not related to? Some hospitals have been sued by women if they are given the ‘wrong’ baby? Why do men get lesser protection from the law in this situation?

  • Wait but this will force women who lie about paternity into possible legal and civil action. YEAH it’s equal rights, just what you feminist wanted.

  • Please explain why a man has no say in the termination of his child? Why must a man be lawfully obligated financially for a child he did not father? And why does a man have no option to bring criminal charge to a woman who willfully lied to a man about being the father? Why are these congressmen and women arguing against this legislation? And society is male privileged!!??

  • 20-30% of all DNA test show Paternity Fraud. It is a slavery of men, and steals the prosperity of the victimed MEN, the CHILDREN, and the SPOUSES and GRANDCHILDREN of the men.

    Making this arguably the worst and most widespread legal domestic abuse in modern history.

    I would rather be raped, and go about my business, than to be enslaved my entire life to a liar, WHO MIGHT DO IT AGAIN!

  • maybe these mothers should stop lying and tell the truth it is fraud lf it ain’t the man’s baby then be honest you made this game you played this game and with the help of the state and federal government y’all are screwing men out of their money this has got to stop it’s wrong

  • man they just keep lying and sp what about the financial troubles that the man has to Bear because of these lying ass no-good fraudulent women

  • When discussing this issue with a feminist, she stated “well, in the end someone has to pay for the child.” To which I said, why not just have a lottery in which every adult male’s name is entered into a lottery and assigned child support for every child without an identified father.

  • It’s not unreasonable to be expected to keep track of your sexual partners. If your main partner is not the dna dad, then you should know who the other possibilities are. If a man has the possibility of being the father, he has the right to know and to prepare for the arrival of his child. People should be using protection and having less completely random hookups if they want to avoid having many possible baby daddies. It’s not rocket science. If you are embarrassed by revealing your partners and keeping track of them, that should tell you something about how appropriate your behaviour is. Don’t do things that you would be ashamed to admit. Period. Not hard people.

  • The number one thing that needs to be fought for is mandatory testing at birth for the sake of the child not mothers who lie going to jail. If a father opts out at birth and chooses to pay support, he can not come back later for a refund if he finds out later he’s not the father.

  • How hard is it to pass a law that says before anyone signs the birth certificate there has to be a DNA test done, then if the husband/boyfriend/partner/whatever decides he wants to be legally considered the child’s father he can sign as the legal father anyway or they can choose not to sign and it can remain blank.
    Then you have have “biological father #123456” in its place right below that so theres no mistaking that the person signing for fatherhood is or is not the father or that the father was not there.

    That way you have dna to prove who the father actually is in case of biological needs like blood, transplants, marrow, ect. And you have a great way to settle court disputes easily. The 200 bucks a pop for the test will easily save family courts a bunch of money.

  • So here’s the thing… if a woman is living with a man and gets pregnant, but does not know who the father of her child is, then she has no business living under his roof and should leave immediately. That would be the right thing to do.

    If a woman fears domestic violence at the hands of her cohabitant partner, then she has no business living with him and should leave immediately. That would be the right thing to do.

    This excuse of “the potential for domestic violence” is utter BS and once again blames the man for something that is not his doing and has no merit!

    There is one reason… and one reason only… for a woman to knowingly name a man who may not be the genetic father of a child… and that is because she is a bad person who wishes to deceive him. That meets the very definition of fraud and not only should that be a criminal offense, but she should also be liable for damages. Period.

    Enough with allowing women to commit fraud without consequence. It is time for TRUE equality under the law!!!!!

  • I love how we all talk about ‘equality’ when men have none here. We don’t get a choice, we get a court order. More than 20% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud. And, on another note things like the violence against women act is sexist and discriminatory. So is the women infants and children act.

  • In many instances, if you have to PROVE your legitimacy in order access funding of any kind. Misrepresenting ANY fact in your application would be considered fraud & incur penalties. Yet paternity fraud seems not to be bound to the same scrutiny. If you had the potential to have your life ruined by filing a false claim, then you would be less inclined to file such a claim, wouldn’t you?

  • Good video but it won’t change anything government makes too much money cutting fathers out of his family and collecting child support the only way it can be stopped is war on our own country only one way to handle evil and that is you must kill it

  • The proposed Federal law should look something like this:
    No father’s name shall be placed on Live Birth Certificates WITHOUT DNA testing to prove Paternity.

    No Voluntary AOP (Acknowledgement of Paternity) Forms shall be allowed by any State.
    Mothers who are:
    1. Married DO NOT have the right to refuse DNA testing.

    2. Unmarried but name a father either in a Child Support case or by applying for any SNAP/WIC/ Welfare/Medicaid or any State benefits shall not have the right to refuse a DNA test to prove paternity PRIOR to receiving any benefits from State, Local, or Federal resources or from the putative father.
    a. In 1 and 2 above Mothers who REFUSE to submit said child to DNA testing FOREVER lose the right to submit any case before any court for child support of said child or apply for any Federal/State programs mention above in 1 for said child UNTIL such time as the BIOLOGICAL Father has been identified by DNA Test at the Mothers cost solely.

    3. If married but the spouse is proven by DNA testing to NOT be the biological father he SHALL NOT ever be subject to providing any support for the child unless he voluntarily LEGALLY adopts said child. This shall also serve in ALL States as a Fault Based reason for Divorce where NO Alimony/Maintenance shall be awarded.

    4. For children born prior to the effective date of this Act:

    In divorce cases:
    1. DNA testing SHALL BE performed on every child without fail to establish paternity for the subject of child support.

    2. In the cases that children that were born and the Husband is NOT the Biological Father unless Legally Adopted there shall be NO CHILD SUPPORT for those children awarded at any time. Additionally children who are NOT the biological child of said Husband that has his LEGAL Last Name shall have their last name LEGALLY changed to their mothers MAIDEN name by the COURT automatically and SHALL lose any rights of inheritance from the Husband.
    Additionally in cases where the wife broke the sanctity of the Marriage and passed off her Illicit offspring as her Husbands biological children there will be NO Alimony/Maintenance awarded under ANY circumstances.
    Regardless of who filed for divorce and why, these cases SHALL AUTOMATCALLY be changed into FAULT BASED Divorce where all debts are split 50%/50% and any fully owned property or accounts shall be split 75%/25% in favor of the Husband and any pensions/retirements held by the Husband SHALL NOT be subject to division and SHALL be considered his SOLE and SEPARATE property.

    In case of Paternity being established without DNA testing PRIOR to this Act by any court OR Voluntary AOP:

    1. Men who are currently paying Child Support shall have the right to:
    A. Have a DNA test done to prove Paternity:
    If Paternity is disproved by DNA Test Family courts SHALL:
    Immediately stop Child Support payments, Garnishments, and back Child Support shall be dismissed in its entirety.

    B. If Child Support payer has been: Jailed, Charged with Felonies or any other Legalities connected to the Child Support case:
    These shall be PERMANENTLY wiped clean from their record in ALL FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY, MUNICIPAL, and LOCAL data bases.

    C. All monies that have been taken from Child Support Payer SHALL BE:
    Returned within 30 days by the State agency enforcing and collecting Child Support orders within each State along with Statutory interest of 5% per Annum. These monies shall not be subject to any tax of any kind by Federal, State, Local, or Municipality Taxes.

    D. In the cases of where child support payments have been made but the payments have been stopped due to the child reaching Majority age if requested by the putative father a DNA test Shall BE administered by the court and if paternity is disproven regardless of how long ago the Child Support ended all of Part C. above shall apply. Adult Children in these cases SHALL NOT have the right to refuse testing.

    E. In C and D State Child Support agencies shall have the ability to recover such monies from the mother unless she can prove by DNA test who the Biological father is. In such cases the Mother shall STILL be Responsible for 50% of Monies to be recovered by the State.
    F. Additionally in cases where divorce has happened and a QDRO order is in place the Court SHALL AUTOMATICALLY vacate that judgement and this information will be sent to the retirement plan, the Social Security Administration and all claims by the Ex wife to his Social Security Benefits shall be revoked along with any Survivor Benefits by said children. IF Spousal Support/Maintenance is being paid it also shall be AUTOMATICALLY voided by the COURT.

    States that refuse to follow this ACT:
    Face immediate termination of ALL Title IV Act monies until they come into compliance with this ACT.
    This act overrides the Bradley Amendment Act and Title IV Act parts that are in conflict with this ACT.
    Family Court Judges who refuse to follow this ACT regardless of whether the State is in compliance with this ACT or not SHALL BE:
    Subject to Arrest by Federal Officers and trial by the Federal Govt. If found guilty of subverting this ACT Shall be subject to:
    Not less than 10 years in a Maximum Security Federal Prison in General Population only AND $100,000.00 fine

  • I feel that paternity fraud is more cruel than rape. This kind of cruelty should be punished with death. I would probably kill myself I ended up being a victim of this.

  • If Americans have the “Right to pursue happiness”, when does she have the right to garnishee his cash when he’s not the actual father, thereby preventing his right to pursue his own agency as a human male by having the opportunity to corral all his funds to o as he pleases.

  • +Friended Hey Friended, just wondering, from a signalling standpoint, where do you stand on abortion? I’ve always been pro-choice and especially when the Freakonomics hypothesis about crime and abortion came out I felt vindicated, but now with all the other metrics for social cohesion like marriage rates and fertility etc. falling, I’ve started to doubt my position somewhat.

  • I remember a case where the man was never contacted / never knew the child existed and was not even in the country ( military deployment) several months before the child was conceived and did not return to the US until the child was 4 years old ( for those who are not good at math it means there is mathematically absolutely no way he could have fathered this child).
    If you think any of that made one millionth of an ounce difference to the judge and the family court you would be wrong, he was ordered to pay current and back support from the time the child was born, he was denied any visitation as the mother and her attorney stated it would “not be in the child’s best interest”.
    There is a somewhat happy ending… the child grew up being told the father was a dead beat but once they were an adult they did a little investigating and looked him up to get “his side of the story” and thankfully the man kept every court document and receipts from every child support payment ( side note: the mother kept and used the money on herself, telling the child he never paid a dime in support).
    After that the man and the child got to know each other and formed a loving family relationship, the child later married and had children who call him Grandpa, and as far as the mother goes the child cut off all contact and refuses to allow her mother anywhere near the children as the mother was very abusive emotionally to the child, how do I know all this you ask…because I was the (not)father

  • The women get a free chk and the government gets hidden tax on a innocent man. The prisons get room and board while the “prisoner” is forcefully detained in slavery. Is this isn’t a scheme straight from hell then Satan has had a change of heart and went to providing air conditioning?

  • As Forest would say
    ” Jenny was a whore!”

    Don’t get married and don’t have children. Society has become antiman and anti business and competitiveness.

    All women do is create debt slaves for the government. Women make bad decisions and that’s why we have the problem that we do.

  • i lost 30gs to child support, the hearing was held in my absence in was in another state, but with the 10 day appeal window it took me 10 yrs. to finally get a court to order a dna test..yes PA. sux, i was never married, but the plaintiff was at the time she filed against me,how legal is that.?, but what laws prevent a bitch from doing this shit?

  • I am a victim of paternity fraud…with 2 children! Thank god California makes DNA test to prove paternity a must b4 granting child support!

  • But it is fraud. That’s why we call it paternity fraud.

    Oh noes! Women would have to take some goddam responsibility for their actions and behaviour! We can’t have that!

  • Paternity fraud is fraud and must be stopped because it promotes women continuing to lie for profit and hide their cheating ways and not taking responsibility for their bad deeds. Oh that is right Vagina innocent and always to be believed and protected but Penis always wrong, bad and must pay for vaginas mistakes

  • We as Men keep hoping and praying women/government will change and do the honest thing. That’s never going to happen, why would they voluntarily cut off their gravy train? As hard as this is Men are going to have to keep it in their pants or find another way to get thier rocks off besides women. I’ve yet to read the news article of the Man that died from not reproducing.

  • If they want to fix marriage then this is a necessary step, not that I think anything done at this point makes marriage a good idea for a man.

  • Any Bill requiring women to tell the truth will fail.
    Gynocentrism demands that a woman be able to lie as much as needed for whatever reason, to suit her own purposes, and not be held accountable at any point.

  • Another scary part is that men have children out there they don’t know about. What if that is the only child he’ll ever have and would be grateful to be part of their lives?

  • This is why you CANNOT take a woman’s word for anything. Men demand a DNA test at the hospital and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, NO PRESSURE from the girlfriend, parents, friends, DO NOT SIGN ANY BIRTH CERTIFICATE because you will be required to pay (bond) child support via the corporation. It’s right there in black & white.

  • When society has become this insane to where the question of paternity is a normal occurrence, then it’s time for Islam to take over. Muslims know how to put these thots in their place. True freedom is impossible without institutions that can be trusted and a social fabric that is worth living in.

  • So what happened did this Bill pass?
    I googled it and could find nothing.

    “People lie all the time in Family Law”
    Male liars must be imprisoned
    Female liars must be exempt.

  • Governments that promote a “corrupt anti-male justice system” tells us a lot about modern society and the people running it……who would have thought

  • Woman starts dating a guy who’s got a great job. she’s got a decent paying job, so she gets plastic surgery to live tuck change a few things. The procedure is completed she puts his name down as co-payer. Then simply refuses to pay, leaving the burden on him. How come we say this is wrong when forcing men to pay child support to children they had no voice in keeping or not. Until women are held accountable for protecting their bodies against unwanted pregnancies no men should have the responsibility of caring for her bodily functions if he wasn’t on board at the start.

  • Mandatory DNA TESTING for every birth, prior to the birth. If the woman is carrying another man’s child, the poor bastard she cheated on and who is married to her shouldn’t have to raise the child, unless he steps up to the plate and agrees to do so..
    What is just about a man unknowingly raising another man’s child for 18 years? Men have been duped for a long time, but now there is a foolproof way to determine a man’s progeny, and government is too fucking lazy to mandate it, or too complacent to initiate things to protect the mens rights. SMH

  • I appreciate you putting this together but I think you would have been better served if you had stated what your position is at the beginning of the video and providing context instead of jumping from video to video. That jumble made for a confusing experience. In addition, taking the time at the beginning to explain your position and why you are right in detail would be greatly helpful. Thank you and best of luck. I hope you make more videos.

  • Lying becomes a protected right, which trumps knowing the truth, which is prohibited? These people know what’s best for children, parents and society?

  • This has been going on since the dawn of time. A fact of nature. You know what you are potentially signing up for. I think I pay enough in taxes to these parasites. Let the responsible men take the hit for this one. Otherwise the government will start coming after all our pay checks if it passes. lol

  • The argument that “a child will be deprived of a parent they have a established a long term relationship with.” is completely tone deaf to the fact that this relationship was built on a lie. Any government official who says that this is about the child is missing the point. If this were really about the child, you would do everything in your power to find the truth about who the biological father of the child is.
    There are two people in the scenerio of paternity fraud that completely escape any accountability; the mother who falsely represented who the father was on the birth certificate and the ACTUAL biological father of the child who got away with not paying child support. The victims are the man who was lied to and the child who is also being lied to and this lie is being sponsored courtesy of the legal system.

  • Fraud is fraud. A Paternity test should be mandatory for every birth so the wrong man doesn’t get stuck with the bill. A slut is a slut. Women trap Men with a so called unplanned pregnancy on purpose for money and their resources. MGTOW is the only choice for a man these. Learn from other mens mistakes.

  • I don’t mind child support. But when the child reaches 18 yrs old, graduated or not. The child support should stop. Only if it’s his own kids. Not pay on someone else’s kid that the gold digger cheated with. I say it should have to be mandatory that dna test should have to be done before the dad’s puts their name on the child contract to see if the child is his or not. I don’t trust American gold diggers at all.

  • “It would essentially deem a woman to have committed criminal fraud if a man is named on a paternity affidavit and he does not turn out to be the genetic father of the child”

    Yes David. Not essentially. It most definitely is fraud. What else would you call it when a woman has lied on an affidavit in order to legally extort money from a man?

    If you are worried about children knowing who their parents are, then perhaps you should ask these mothers to stop lying about it. If she can’t name the man that actually impregnated her, then she should not be raising a child.

    I can’t believe this video was posted three years ago and I am just now hearing about it.

  • As a dad in my teens living in saskatchewan, i effectively had no parental rights guaranteed, because of the provinces long mormon history. And with no violence in the home all visitation, and parental rights were taken from me, not because i was unfit, but because i was a man in family courts eyes. The grandmother ended up getting custody, the mother went on to have 4 other kids with 3 different dads, ended up in prison a while, and to this day is a bum on welfare in saskatoon ( Hi Renee Tweet)

  • How many times have politicians given in on BS Laws to supposedly protect women? In the attempt to pander to women especially in area were most men have been convicted of felonies or can’t vote. And the way the system is setup signing the birth certificate is an unbreakable contract even when it’s was found that the person that signed it was not the father, but still made to be financially responsible. That’s not justice that’s Fraud. And if the father didn’t know,Fuck what about the Financial and Mental damages done to him. The same for these CRAZY women that run off with the kids.

  • People need to understand that it’s the programs the mother signs on to that enslaves men. The state just provides the attack mechanism to retrieve money for reimbursement of federal welfare funds. The program is ran in illegal fashion and is actually child trafficking and human slavery. This is the government democrats want, people can’t see through the handouts.

  • what about the right to hear the video without Music? No, I can`t catch that because your stupid music does not let me. you get thumbs down

  • When a woman gives birth to “another man’s baby” the entire system supports the DECEIT. Even at the hospital, in many cases there is clear evidence, like conflicting blood type. It happens so very often and there are established rules. The Doctor simply keeps the secret from the man and the rest of the hospital staff pass the responsibility to the doctor. The mother, doctor and many staff know. Everyone knows but the cuckolded man AND nobody tells him.

  • Women have the right to tell who is the real father of the child and should face jail time not less than 10 yrs! Pathernity test should be mandatory in all of americas state! Women want equal rights they must first step up to paternity rights

  • an argument point that is missing is why not fear of domestic violence from biological father who was denied experience with the child the potential is there

  • My son is still paying child support for a child not his. He doesn’t have the thousands of dollars needed to go through the court system to get his name off the birth certificate. The state attaches his wages. He is a slave to another man’s child.

  • God I hope this bill passes!! Men deserve to have their kids know them and be in their lives. Women should be held responsible for all the lies they tell about their kids too!