Recognizing Paternity Fraud and it is Effects


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Recognizing Paternity Fraud and Its Consequences. Debrina Washington is a New York-based family law attorney and writer, who runs her own virtual practice to assist single parents with legal issues. Adah Chung is a fact checker, writer, researcher, and occupational therapist. Misattributed paternity can be devastating for men who have spent years believing. There are several consequences that can stem from a conviction of paternity fraud.

One of those consequences involves being issued a contempt order. A contempt of court order means that the person misbehaved in such a way that it prevented the judge from doing their job, which includes allowing them to properly administer justice. As of 2008, no individual has been prosecuted in a case involving paternity fraud.

A mother is permitted to not state the name of the biological father if she does not know it. Paternity fraud is a form of misattributed paternity. The split in 2002 between a couple, identified for legal reasons as Mr.

A and Ms. B, prompted Mr. For the woman looking to commit paternity fraud, she is hoping that he is filled with the overwhelming sense of responsibility to do the right thing. Paternity fraud occurs when a woman intentionally names a man to be the father of her child when she knows he is not the biological father, often for the purposes of collecting child support.

Well, there is no one answer to the problem. Paternity Fraud, unfortunately, is allowed to exist because of the way the Parentage Act in America is constructed. For example, In the New Jersey parentage act, the mother has all of the power and control once a child is conceived. Meaning, the man has no say while the mother is carrying the child.

IDENTI GENE has been working to increase awareness of paternity fraud in America whereby a woman allows a man to assume he is the biological father, even though he is not. It’s an issue with potentially serious consequences for everyone involved, from financial obligations to custody arrangements to emotional attachments. Paternity fraud is an act that leaves a throng of victims in its wake – from the real biological father who has been denied the right to know and raise his child to the child itself who has been lied to every day since birth to the extended family of all parties involved who have also been victims of daily deception. The increasingly visible problem of paternity fraud has prompted a number of states to consider passing laws on the issue. The proposed bills, commonly known as “duped dad” laws, generally address situations where a man questions whether he is the father and wants paternity testing, or where he claims he was wrongfully deceived into believing he was the.

Research confirms public-health consequences of paternity fraud, such as family breakup and violence (Bellis). Additionally, if paternity is left unverified, it leaves in question the child’s genetics, which could affect future medical treatment. A case against mandatory paternity tests.

Recognizing Paternity Fraud and Its Consequences. Fact checked by Adah Chung Documents Required to File for Child Support. Fact checked by Adah Chung Child Support Regulations for Military Service Members.

Fact checked by Sean Blackburn Different.

List of related literature:

More than half the states, however, have enacted statutes that allow a legal determination of the paternity of a nonmarital child to be set aside based on evidence that the legal father is not the biological father without additional evidence of fraud, duress, mistake, or something equivalent.

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All states have laws that provide for judicial proceedings to determine paternity of an illegitimate child and to compel the father to contribute to the child’s support.

“An Introduction to the American Legal System” by John Malcolm Scheb
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Fraudulent assertions of paternity will be much less likely to succeed, or even to arise, where the proof is put before a court of law at a time when the putative father is available to respond, rather than first brought to light when the distribution of the assets of an estate is in the offing.

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Further, in cases of paternity fraud, the woman is obviously acting in a morally reprehensible fashion, using deception to impose certain emotional demands and expectations on another individual that deeply compromise the future health and happiness of her child and other persons.

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Claiming paternity may have unanticipated consequences –such as liability for support payments.

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The states have an interest in trying to determine the paternity of children and enforcing court orders for support, because this can result in savings of the maternal and child welfare program funds.

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[I]f a party is claiming paternity, it is trite that a Court of law should be allowed to determine same on proof of evidence relating to paternity, which could only be done by referral for a DNA test of the parties involved.

“An Almanac of Contemporary and Continuum of Jurisprudential Restatements (ACCJR Legalgorithms): Jurisprudence” by Oshisanya, 'lai Oshitokunbo
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DNA profile match excluded the appellant as biological father.

“DNA Fingerprinting: Advancements and Future Endeavors” by Hirak Ranjan Dash, Pankaj Shrivastava, Braja Kishore Mohapatra, Surajit Das
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This Act provides for blood tests, DNA tests, legal presumptions of paternity and voluntary paternity.

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The person (man or woman) who has recognized the child, provided that he is not his biological parent and the recognition was the result of duress, mistake, fraud or abuse, can reverse the recognition.

“Introduction to Dutch Law” by Jeroen Chorus
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  • Hey…If I’m the biological father from a one night hook up that was perfectly consensual that just happened to impregnate to which she decided to claim as her husbands dont come to me 20 years later acting like I should of cared about something (the baby) that I had no idea or expectations to know one even existed and try to extrapolate from me feelings or monetary responsibility. Matter of fact in the divorce proceedings the woman committing paternity fraud should be held responsible for reimbursement of 1/2 the cost of raising a child, I believe the standard cost of raising a child is around 500,000 US 0-18.

  • Love how it’s only a problem when women get affected. The fact that they have to show that this hurts women too just shows how little people give a shit.
    Men get taken advantage of, but no, is women most effected.
    This should be illegal. You should have to right to a test, at and before birth to make sure the child is yours. Any time they plan on assigning child support, they should also make them take a test.
    This isn’t rocket science, and the fact that vertically nothing has been done, really shows how little society cares about men.

  • Who bright idea was that. If you take a man driver license and meaning of income how the hell you going to get the support for you. That’s a dumbass idea

  • Women hosting and narrating about “paternity fraud”, seems more of a how to do it for unscrupulous women, rather than a investigation.

  • 0:41 she said paternity fraud affects the government. Really?????? HOW????
    I thought women and government work together to go after any man with the ca$h. Isn’t the government part of the fraud??????????????????????
    Example: you are forced to pay child support for a kid who is not yours.

  • All I know is all my life I’ve seen plenty of these families where there was that one kid that didn’t look like the rest.

    Tv shows have brought to light womens’ treachery and lies however that does nothing to bring any legal or social relief to men however the good thing is, is that the word and getting out and men are learning not to even play the marriage, long term relationship/live together, make babies game.

    This is the last generation of marriage and family as men educate ourselves about the female nature and warn our sons and other young men how one mistake will destroy your life.

    It’s over ladies, you’ve won, you got everything you wanted which is total power over men in the marriage and family courts and the entire legal system concerning that and now we men have no choice but to simply walk away from it all and I guess you’ll have to find a way to explain to your daughters why they’re gonna die the same way you will; old, cold and lonely.

  • I wonder if a nurse and a mother could present a guy with false & fictitious paternity results. (Results the mother typed up herself) Believe me it happens and biased women will assist the “mother” in deceiving the man all for money ��!!!

  • People don’t give a shit what they inflict on children. Given most of the perpetrators are women, perhaps it’s time these sows start to be on the receiving end of this.

  • What hurts a man in the most painful way is that he married a woman whom he loved the most, had children with her, spent his energy, money and at least a decade to raise children, only to find out that the children aren’t his. This is part of conning game some women use on men. It should be considered a crime.

  • If you only have sex with your wife and nobody else, you don’t have these kinds of problems. It is unlikely a claim will be made, and in court you can tell the judge, you have the same chance of being the father of her kids as you are the father of the judge’s kids for the exact same reason. The judge tends to understand that logic, and may ask her if she knows who the father is.
    If she lies, ask her counsel if he advised his client about the penalty of perjury. The judge may understand that too.

  • The fact that the birth certificate only allows for man to be financial responsibility is a farce. Men should be asking for & signing a “ affidavit paternity” only. Which is what establish fatherhood.

  • I didnt even know Paternity fraud was a thing only a week ago. Ive seen this in popculture like a movie or something but i never expected this to be such an isanely massive issue that ca 33% of all test show that the father isnt the father. What a mindblowing and blackpilling concept, its scary even to think that your child isnt yours but that your wife cheated on you and cheated you out of having a biological child and cheating you out of your money. Why do so many women do this?

  • When women want someone’s money and someone else’s genes. To any women reading this. This is every bit as malevolent and sick as a man physically raping a woman. The woman who commits paternity fraud is in my opinion is the female equivalent to a male rapist. There is also much more paternity fraud going on in the western world than rape against women.

  • Paternity fraud is only superseded by Murder in crimes committed against man. It is treated in courts contemptuously and men are not protected to any extent. The action of putting the child’s rights above all else is having a permanent detrimental effect on society. Our culture and way of life will collapse

  • Why now? Should have been an issue decades ago and if they cared, women should have been the ones calling it out first. This is the same case with the divorce courts and laws itself.

  • I’m sure the women who lie about this think or at least rationalize to themselves that they are doing “the right thing” but frankly I find this kind of fraud almost as disgusting as rape.

  • Fortunately, I never suffered this kind of fraud.

    If I had ever fallen into the child support trap, & I went the legally forcible time, I would punish the system that forced me to pay by changing my legal name as often as the system would allow.

  • This is truly toxic femininity, but it’s so widespread that the government can’t afford to support the families that break up. It’s 25-30% of children that are affected.

  • And women wonder why Men are not only abandoning dating and marriage, but sex as well. When Men are saying, “It just isn’t worth it!”, they mean IT JUST ISN’T WORTH IT. The risk and damage is unbelievable.

  • Just read the wikipedia article about fraud paternity, the majority of the world is nuts. If women ever get equal rights they will turn mad, they have everything favored to them.

  • If I found out my father was not my biological father because my mother had been unfaithful, I would have cut contact with my mother for life.. The last words she would have heard from my lips would have been that I wouldn’t even attend her funeral when that time came.. Such an act is unforgivable in my eyes.

    Fortunately I am not worried about this, because I am physically very similar to my father, grandfather, uncle and that entire side of the family.

  • When you look at the potential ramifications it should be made a Criminal Offence for a woman to name the wrong man as the Father.

  • Typical feminist propaganda, twisted to turn women into victims. You are centuries away from achieving equality. With such low standards in moral values, you are continually pushing yourselves further behind men.

  • Her body, her choice, her responsibility. If the woman can not prove the man consented to parenthood then he has no responsibility for the child. Women have many reproductive rights (e.g. abortion, safe-haven abandonment) that mean she only is a parent if she chooses to be one. Does the man have an equal right to be a parent or not? Does he have any rights not to be a parent? What choice does he get? So much for equal rights the feminists claim to be championing.

  • My ex gf has three kids to three different fathers. The third father only found out after his kid was born. I feel bad for all the kids. Knowing that mum has three kids to three different dads. Mum doesn’t care. Men you have been warned.

  • You want to help with paternity fraud?

    Push for mandatory DNA tests at birth and make the doctor/medical facility legally responsible for letting the parents know the results. That will end paternity fraud.

    Around 30% of children (world wide) are unknowingly being raised by a man who is not their biological father. This is anywhere you look the number is almost always around 30%.

  • TWO years later and this video still has only 61K views. I guarantee you YouTube is suppressing and shadow ghosting TF out this one

  • France ban paternity test cause 30 50% of father supporting child are not even their children. And USA it’s 30%. Imagine how much those guys have been suffering.

  • I like how in the this video they portray the actions of these cheating whores as “when they became pregnant” like it was some sort of immaculate conception. It’s called riding the c*ck carousel. These hoes ain’t loyal.