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Learning at Home Some families set up their classrooms in very traditional manners, with desks, chalkboards, and strict schedules. They adopt structured curriculums, have set assignments assignments, and test their children. Families may adopt curriculums based on traditional or less traditional. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but the regulations surrounding homeschool vary from state to state.

In most cases, you will need to contact your state’s school district to formally withdraw your child from public school enrollment. Once you are officially homeschooling, each state will have different requirements. 8 things to consider before homeschooling your child. 1. Have you got time to homeschool?

Hands up if you wish there were more hours in the day? If you’re juggling work, or caring for younger 2. Would it suit your relationship with your child? 3. What kind of teacher would you be?

4. Could you. For the average family, homeschooling means that a parent (usually the mom) assumes the role of educator. Some folks decide to homeschool when their children reach school age, while others turn to homeschooling when their kids experience problems or challenges in school.

1 day ago · However, if your child is average, then he or she may get bored and not learn to his or her potential. By homeschooling, you can tailor all aspects of education to your child’s needs. After all, parents know their child best. And the more time you spend time with your child, the more you’ll get to know them. The beauty of homeschooling is that your children can always catch up, leap forward, or take breaks as needed.

Homeschooling is meant to work with your life. So, if you realize you’ve made a mistake, here are a few steps to resolve the situation. Breathe. Remember your homeschooling inspiration and original goals. Connect with a support group.

Ask if those parents experienced. Homeschooling yields positive academic, social, emotional, and spiritual benefits for any family that gives it an honest chance. By now it’s no secret that all the research shows homeschooled children outstrip both their publicand private-school peers in every academic area. Less well known are these benefit.

6 hours ago · Homeschooling requires full commitment for both your child and yourself. Therefore, you simply need to go with your instincts and stick to your decisions. Recreate School; The whole point of homeschooling your children is. There are lots of ways to teach your children at home and you don’t have to do it the way a school would.

Homeschoolers have lots of flexibility in the way they teach their children and there are lots of different methods and approaches. The Tennessee Home School law (Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-6-3050) states: “A home school is a school conducted or directed by a parent or parents or a legal guardian or guardians for their own children.” Parents desiring to home school their own children may do so by choosing one of the following three options.

List of related literature:

It’s a solid resource to help inform yourself about homeschooling laws and your rights, primarily

“Voyaging With Kids: A Guide to Family Life Afloat” by Behan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson
from Voyaging With Kids: A Guide to Family Life Afloat
by Behan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson
Pardey Books, 2015

Parents who are interested in home schooling would be well advised to contact both their state’s department of education and a local support group to find out the requirements.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
from Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia
by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
ABC-CLIO, 2000

These pages explain the intricacies of homeschooling in plain English and show you that you can do it too, if you decide that homeschooling meets your family’s needs.

“Homeschooling For Dummies” by Jennifer Kaufeld
from Homeschooling For Dummies
by Jennifer Kaufeld
Wiley, 2011

There are now many Web sites about homeschooling, and many parents who teach their children at home use the Internet to exchange ideas and resources.

“Interchange Workbook 3A” by Jack C. Richards, Jonathan Hull, Susan Proctor
from Interchange Workbook 3A
by Jack C. Richards, Jonathan Hull, Susan Proctor
Cambridge University Press, 2005

You can find many resources online to check reviews and ratings for a homeschool curriculum, and it pays to use them.

“Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level” by Ron Hale-Evans, Marty Hale-Evans
from Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level
by Ron Hale-Evans, Marty Hale-Evans
Wiley, 2011

Should I Home School?: How to Decide What’s Right for You and Your Child, Elizabeth and Dan Hamilton (Intervarsity Press, 1997)—Offers an introduction to many of the specifics involved with homeschooling.

“The Educated Child: A Parents Guide From Preschool Through Eighth Grade” by Chester E. Finn, Jr., John T. E. Cribb, Jr., William J. Bennett
from The Educated Child: A Parents Guide From Preschool Through Eighth Grade
by Chester E. Finn, Jr., John T. E. Cribb, Jr., William J. Bennett
Free Press, 1999

Nadine worked through her elementary textbooks as Sarah and I talked about some of the experiences they have had with homeschooling.

“The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology” by Joe L. Kincheloe, Raymond A. Horn
from The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology
by Joe L. Kincheloe, Raymond A. Horn
Praeger, 2007

If your child does not have particular problems but does have particular interests, the homeschooling situation allows him to delve more deeply into those interests.

“Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education” by Laura Berquist
from Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education
by Laura Berquist
Ignatius Press, 1998

Even if you don’t home-school, the resources on Practical Homeschooling Magazine’s official Web site are useful.

“Phonics for Dummies” by Susan M. Greve
from Phonics for Dummies
by Susan M. Greve
Wiley, 2011

In addition, homeschooling magazines and websites give families the opportunity to read about others’ experiences and get ideas for different kinds of educational activities to try.

“IELTS Superpack” by Lin Lougheed
from IELTS Superpack
by Lin Lougheed
Barrons Educational Series, 2019

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  • Banning homescholing in any country is pure idiocracy. The people involved in it cleary has an agenda. Don’t let the goverment turn your kids into debt slaves!

  • I would love to at least homeschool my kids in the beginning. I’m not saying I would put that burden on you. I wouldn’t mind doing it myself. However I think going to high school and middle school could be good for socialization or whatever.

    My mom used to make me sit at a desk and read and do those dumb little booklets from like age 3. She went a bit overboard. She had me at 16, by the way. Don’t know if I ever said that. To be honest, I think my kids will have the appetite to learn independently, they’ll just need to be guided. Otherwise it might be too much too fast. Like for me.

  • I was very much formally schooled and today I have less than 0 confidence to meet strangers and even the closest people in my life. I’d absolutely faint if asked to give a speech or climb on a stage and deliver a speech or act or anything to a live audience. Formal schooling and university destroyed the genius in me and now I’m too old, single and all alone in my 30s. Maybe most kids aren’t like me as they had great parents who encouraged socializing. Mine were downright conservative and orthodox and now they don’t even realize their mistake… Feel suicidal most of the time.

    So, Home schooling for sure is the best way to go as school is only meant for kids whose parents are either not qualified enough to explain studies to their kids or very well qualified but not confident and have an orthodox way of thought to bring up a child.

  • I get so tired of hearing that homeschooled kids has no social issues. what a lie. they have absolutely no clue at all how we raise our kids. ppl need to mind there own business. too much blindness and false accusations about homeschooling

  • The best thing is that I have been in public till my tenth grade

    I am homeschooling cause I need to study a different syllabus which is not offered by schools

    Humanities+politics+maths+phycology ��

  • I actually hate socializing and I have a big problem with it and it’s usually really hard for me to socialize with people so I just hide in my room all by myself where there are no humans.

  • How can homeschooled children be intelligent unless they have very smart parents? I can’t see biology, chemistry, etc. going well, but if I’m missing something someone let me know.

  • We love Home Education. Google Classroom is amazing! We found an outstanding teacher who has been published by the Cambridge University. And she only charges £5 a week per subject. Our local Councillor supports our daughter and Home Education. He prints off her digital drawings and posts them through the door. What a HERO! http://butterflylullaby.blogspot.com/2018/05/council-support-home-education-melody.html

    I hope Councils in the UK start to follow in our Councillors footsteps. Home is where the heart is, we need to promote and protect it.

  • I wish I had been homeschooled. I had a record of special needs at school and I was BADLY bullied and ridiculed by students and teachers alike. I’m 35 now and I’m “re-schooling” (re-educating myself, via homeschooling) Unfortunately, I am an only child and my mother raised me alone but I can DEFINITELY see the benefits of homeschooling. I’m learning handwriting, cursive, math, Spanish and creative writing right now.

  • I’m starting homeschool this year and this has helped me a lot! Simple and to the point. It’s a crazy world to navigate when you have no idea where to start!

  • I’ve been in public school, I’m almost done with trimester 1. In 8th grade, I have friends who live close and I can always hang out, I’m barely friends with anyone else at school. I really want to do homeschooling, public school is trashy and hostile.

  • I think the kids can still interact with plenty of other people when you home-school them. You just need to meet lots of different people, some with kids their age, and take your kids with you. Also you can send them to play groups, summer camps, to a sports team, a music class, etc, they will meet kids there. I think it is super important that a kid talks to tons of different people. It opens their minds, lets them practice their social skills and gives them new experience. When i am an adult, found my wife, moved to a country where home-schooling is legal (and where i can speak the language) and we have a kid, i will happily ask people of different jobs, cultural backgrounds, ages and with different ideas if i could meet them and let my child talk to and learn from them. I bet my child would love to talk to a real life bee breeder or journalist for a few hours:)

    I don’t want my children to learn the stuff from the school Curriculum, except for maths and english. I want to teach them important things based on their own interest in the topics and i want them to build a stable personality figuring out their strenghts, weaknesses, opinions, values, interests and future plans. I want them to keep their creativity and passion for things they love. Our world is changing and employers already start to notice that those qualities, and actual knowledge about the specific topic, are more important than grades and degrees.
    I have had so many negative experiences at school that i can’t imagine putting my child through this. ( i am an 11th-grader with, as one of many issues, a fear of people, who feels like the system is trying to put me in the trash can for, for example, not being a good enough team-player, and it is an awful experience that often takes away my hope of ever being successful in life. I am constantly trying to recover from the emotional damage i have suffered in school and getting better but i don’t want my kids to ever be at the point where i am now)
    It is bad that my country forbids home-schooling so I have to leave it later in life if i have kids. Too bad that canada or switzerland or a country like this will get my creative and motivated kids for their economy and not germany, but well, maybe they’ll see what they’re missing out on and dump our more-than-flawed education system:)

  • This is a great video. I work in adult education but we decided to homeschool our 7 yr old once COVOID hits. It has been a struggle as my son is bouncing off the walls, complains he’s bored, and unmotivated. I will start implementing many of the tips you suggested. Would love to see a video on the supplements.

  • I think that not only do homeschooled kid’s learn more,and are smarter then kid’s taught in a public school’s. but look at all of the other benefit’s shall we? 1.Your child is SAFER! Look at all of the violence with school shootings!,2.Less overcrowded classroom’s and more individualized attention allowing your child to be smarter and learn more because they get one on one attention…as opposed to 1 teacher to 30+ kid’s? This is crazy!,3.Way less bullying,4.Lower’s chance’s way down of your kid’s becoming to addicted drug’s or alcoholic’s,5.less teenage pregnancies, 6.You can more easily monitor who your kid’s friends are,6.Local public school’s have become nothing but indoctoinal places, and nanny state’s who baby sit your kid’s and try and force down their throat’s their gay and LBGTQ lifestyle agends,,etc,etc7.If your a Christian your child can not even pray over their meal’s without the risk of being punished, 8.As a homeschooling parent you as a parent take away this controlling of your childand the control is now back in the parent’s hand’s also if you want to pray over with them over their meal’s then you can do so,and if you don’t want your children to learn evolution and not make your kid’s believe they came from apes..you don’t have to teach them that,if you want to teach them Creationism instead you can do that..9.Chuck Norris and his wife went on TBN a few year’s ago and were telling people that it is perfectly legal that it your child wanted to take their Bible to school with them then they could, there are some school’s who offer after school Bible Curcullium classes,even some student’s forming their own prayer group’s,sadly though a lot of school’s do not inform student’s about this stuff so they never know…but this is just to further their agendas,but hurts the child

  • Thank you for both of your videos! New homeschooling mom here of 2 beautiful little girls! Jumping in with both feet and never looking back:) God Bless you both ��

  • Love your videos! I’m new here… I have just recently decided to homeschool my almost 5 year old daughter before she starts kindergarten and I’m really nervous because I literally know nothing about homeschooling nor do I know anyone who homeschools their children, so I’m just trying to do my own research and find some info out there! I’ve already looked at my requirements where I live which is Kentucky, but still trying to figure those out too. Lol! And by the way, your bloopers at the end are hilarious! �� I will definitely be watching your other videos and appreciate what you’re doing for all of us other mamas out there needing info and resources! Keep it up girl! You’re amazing! ��

  • what a lucky kid.. he cries about school for two weeks and gets homeschooled while I’ve cried about school for ten years and now I have severe depression and social anxiety and my parents still force me to go.

  • Well, I and my wife were one of them homeschooling their kids and our daughter has just got a job of her dream: Fashion Designer. Thanks to Son Welis and Cahaya Bangsa, but most of all: The Almighty GOD. I hope you don’t mind my sharing to those still questioning the benefits.

  • This will be my boys’ last year in public school for a least the next few years. We are in an EXCELLENT school district, however, my oldest is easily influenced by his peers in a negative way and his social interaction needs monitoring, and redirecting. He has the class clown mentality, and all he cares about is being cool and the social aspects of school, which is a pity, because he desperately wants to be a meteorologist, and needs a good education.. My middle son is very well adjusted and will thrive in any environment, and my yougest is Autistic. He has done very well in public school so far, but middle school is a whole different animal. He really struggles with doing things abstractly, and the transition to middle school is going to be extremely difficult for him, especially socially. He is very easily manipulated and taken advantage of, because he is so trusting, and he is very literal. Straight A student. If we are still in the best part of this school district when it comes time for the youngest to go to high school, and the oldest has come to realize the importance of an education, and being true to himself, l will consider them finishing in public school. Our state has the best public high schools in the U.S. so it is not the education that concerns me, but the negative influences of their peers.

  • People have lot of superstitions and education is one of the most biggest and widespread among them. Evolution had not designed the human brain to store or to process 2 decades of education. Education isolates the students from the practical world, so highly educateds r innocent, 2 b honest idiots. Moreover overdose of education is turning people as idiots lazy unhealthy and the list is endless, just how a plant dies due 2 over watering. World’s greatest personalities are either under educated or weren’t the bright students of the school for example Bill gates, Swami vivekananda, Einstein, srinivasa ramanujan, Steve jobs and the list is endless.
    If you want a job go 2 college any become idiot, otherwise don’t go to college and be intelligent, but u can’t get a good job. I believe in Finland’s education policy, which would be just one third of Indian education syllabus. The irony is Bill gates said a degree is a sure path to success, because idiots gets good job, and under educated can’t get a good job.

    I am not the first r last person to say. But changing the world is not so easy. In one of the India’s thelugu language long back wise people said as a dhobi (uneducated cloth washer) is better than the educated.

    Moreover history and research says higher iq people are most likely to fail and burn out in long term, and lower iq people are most likely to successful.

  • I am Homeschooled too since I was young but there was a year I went to a private school cuz my mom wants me to experience and then I went back to homeschool until now ☺ and also why are you asking about our social skills I have a lot of friends!

  • People say the stupidest things about homeschooling kids. I never did it but I went to a church where a lot of kids were homeschooled, and they did not fit the world`s stereotypes at all. They were not isolated, socially inept, or naive. They were all the opposite. Very outgoing, very confident, social and kind. In some cases athletic too, because they did sports outside of homeschooling. People accuse people in church of being ignorant; it’s the other way around. I know one woman did the homeschooling of her 2 girls, then had them go public in highschool so they could be on a swim team because they were swimmers all their lives. They competed a lot and we’re in all the advanced classes because they were so smart. They even took the bus, and were fine. Both went on to college and one became the college`s champion swimmer while there. She`s even a pt therapist now. Not sure why homeschooled kids are seen as being dumbed down.

  • hello there!! I’m so happy I found your page. I’m new to the Homeschool journey and we are so excited! I have a bunch of questions but one of my main concern will be the CURRICULUM. I was looking into time4learning for my 5th grader. My question will be… is time4learning a complete curriculum?

  • 3 seconds in. This video has better include one thing. HOW TO START HOMESCHOOLING!!! What subjects, how long, what else should be included. One more video about setup and kids being different and I’m gonna swear off these videos!!!

  • I love homeschooling my children. It was scary at first, but now it’s actually pretty fab! As for socialization, my children are in different activities with people of all ages. As a matter of fact, there’s so much room to socialize with sports, gymnastics, swim classes, cooking classes, art classes, field trips, park day, etc., that I actually had to slow us down a bit. We were socializing so much that I needed us to back up, slow down and socialize a little less.:-):-)

  • I’m 12 and I’m homeschooled, to be honest I think it’s better then public school because they teach you crap things there and it’s pointless. But when you are homeschooled you still have to wake up in the morning like when you’re getting ready to go to school because you need to teach yourself how to live a life so you don’t end up staying at your dad or mums house when you’re older because at around that age you need to buy yourself a house and know how to take care of yourself. Some people say you don’t meet people or get friends but you still can interact with kids, It’s not like you have to be at school to interact with kids lmao. But I just don’t agree with people going to public school I don’t know about your opinions but that’s my opinion.

    Yeah, you probably think I’m too young but I don’t care about how old people are.

  • i would love to home school but you have to be very disciplined to do so, it seemed! I would tak my kid to a public school but will homeschool subjects that they didnt teach in the school eg. my own religion which is hellenic Polythesim, cooking and survival skills! I would more than likely even do extra tuitikn aswell if they were struggling with certain subjects!

  • Hello Heather,
    I’m a parent of 3 children. 8,7, and 1. My kids are currently enrolled in public school, but my Son is having a difficult time, and I feel the school Is not helping, so my husband and I have decide to homeschool. Thanks for this video it gave me an idea to where to start.

  • I was never homeschooled growing up, however I totally support the idea. learning should be about thoroughly digesting a subject not just making grades that can’t be defended two months later. When I have children…they are definitely going to be homeschooled.

  • home schooling is a horrible way to raise kids, it restricts them from social interaction which they need to survive and succeed in life, it’s mommy’s fears that need to be in question here. they’re raising little girly men and it’s not fair to humanity. we need tough men to take the torch. just like playing, playing was something that was free and spontaneous, now it’s rigidly planned by mommy in forms of play dates. Jesus christ, get a freaking life and stop ruining our future!!

  • Covid, school shootings, lack of funding for public education… There are many reasons to homeschool, not the least of which is the utter failure of America. We build silos and gates around our kids when we homeschool and keep them in a hothouse environmentthere is an invaluable element to being with kids who are different from you (not cherry picked by your parents). I am terrified of Trump’s America but I want to work toward something better. I might be homeschooling because of this out of control virus, but I am not a fan of being so controlling over my kids’ lives and worlds. There can be so much beauty and opportunity in public schooling and I am so sad at how badly the American system is failing at realizing this potential. This fracture of communities into tiny pods is not a good thing for civic engagement or for democracy. We are turning into principalities and tribes and some are getting left behind with no one to support them.

  • Ive been in public school all my life ive never been home schooled but tbh i really want to be homeschooled but i cant secondary in england kinda sucks because of uniform and stuff but in collage you get to wear what you want:/ im going back to school on halloween ugh and the thought of it just makes me feel fed up with it ;-;

  • I used to be homeschooled myself, and I went onto go to highschool. I often wish that I had continued homeschooling longer, but there were a couple good things about public school ( I met my 2 best friends and my fiance there and my drama teacher was amazing). But in my opinion homeschooling was incredible. I wouldn’t be who I am today at ALL if I weren’t homeschooled. I also don’t believe I would be as smart, and when I went to school part time in grade 7, I could literally feel myself becoming dumber, so I left because I value intelligence so much and because of the kids bullying me. I went on to college as well and I am working towards becoming a 3D animator. I certainly don’t think that homeschooling did me any damage, and I am certainly planning to homeschool my kids in the future, and my fiance agrees (he has only ever been in a public school system and knew nothing about homeschooling until I came along).

  • wow talk about people first of all being taught a very narrow minded dougma of the parents-!that is clearly a moral issue -!these are crazy christians who cant teach evolution like wtf does science class look like omg haha

  • and to be honest the social thing is rubbish unless you force your kids to not have friends then you wont have any friends really i made more friends now im homeschooled

  • when i was in public school i got bullied no girls liked me i could not learn but now im in homeschooling and a girl asked me out plus im alot smarter

  • I’ll be homeschooling my fourth grader next year because of the ever expanding class sizes and the removal of significant education programs such as art and music. On top of that, it seems like bullying, violence and discrimination grow worse every year. My son shouldn’t be forced to learn in that type of hostile environment, where he’s more worried about getting hurt, either physically or emotionally, than he is about making a good grade.

  • Hello, My husband and I have 3 children. One is 16 years old, 14 years old and an Pre-school you is 5 years old. I have never homeschool before. Because of the Covid-19 my husband and I want to homeschool my children…. Where to begin…Thank you

  • I was homeschooled and it was the best option for me. I’m a better person because of it! Now I would like to homeschool my little one, at least for the first few years. A friend of mine recommended Open a Preschool. A book that has helped a lot of mothers get started! I’ve begun the process and our family is very excited to get started.
    Open a Preschool

  • My 4th grader is starting homeschooling 2016. At home, we work on fraction, decimal, percent and converting them into eachother, exponents, square roots, negatives, pre-algebra, and introduction to geometry. At school they are working on 20×900… WT HELL! That is WAY too low for a 4th grader.

    We have little time to learn since we’re busy with baby school work.
    Homeschooling will allow enough time to study basic subjects and still be able to get her to her language school, tennis and ice skating coaches, start piano lessons, and private tutoring… all the stuff we barely have time to do before getting to bed at 11pm.

    “Don’t let school get in the way of your education” -Mark Twain

  • Kim Wilson that isn’t really smart if he doubt have alot of errands at first why whould you make it worse and have him homeschooled so he don’t have not one freand how douse he feel when he sees kids out side with his siblings you put him in a bad situation watch when he is a grown so lonely with no freands

  • I mean I’d be fine if a certified teacher or Mayim was teaching my kids in my home but I wouldn’t trust myself to teach my kids a well rounded curriculum. They would just be watching kurzgesagt all day lol

  • I have heard rumors of Children being taken away from their parents because of Homeschooling? That is the part that terrifies me…I feel trapped in a way

  • Hey Heather, really interesting hearing your U.S perspective on Homeschooling. We have moved from Australia to Thailand for volunteer work and have begun our homeschool journey. I promised some friends at home that I would vlog our progress. I will definitely be checking out your videos!

  • Thank you for this! I am just now starting this journey for my preschool aged son and you’ve been so helpful! I would love some help in finding a support group near me in Los Angeles ��

  • When we have children, my husband will be homeschooling and I will be working as well being the school administrator and also administer tests. I am thinking of doing the Iowa or Stafford tests

  • I am homeschooled and do it on my own. I am homeschooled online witch is easy cause it portable. I have a social life through sports and other things. Plus we travel a lot so homeschooling makes it easier. I was bullied so I got homeschooled.

  • If I were to send my child to public school, It would not be so they become socialized. From my experience students weren’t even allowed to talk to each unless we were working as groups on a.project. We had to be still and silent most of the time. I now homeschool and I love being able to ensure my children’s safety, encourage them when they need it, adjust to their way of learning, provide moral guidance, and provide a good choice curriculum.

  • I don’t see how rude and obnoxious public-schooled children are socialised. The homescholed kids also often take lessons from others (sports or music or even a second language) and they learn to communicate with adults with respect and manners. As I think about my own experience in public school, I wish that I wasn’t exposed to some of the things I was. I wish I was homeschooled.

  • The only reason why I liked public school was because it made me socialize with people, but that depends on the student. I’m sure there are many homeschooled students who are very social. If my parents homeschooled me, I probably be way to shy to talk to others.

  • I am considering homeschool. My oldest is 2, so I have time lol but I want to get all the information for it and be prepared. I live in Dallas Texas, no idea where support groups here would be lol

  • Im homeschooling my daughter again.She was in school for three years. I homeschool before that. Our family is against it. Their kids make fun of my kids. It’s upsetting. I could use some positive people. I’m in Chattanooga Tn.

  • Most homeschooled kids love homeschooling. But why? It’s because their parents told them that homeschooling is WONDERFUL. Every homeschool family I meet always says that the public school is a bad place. Children believe what their parents tell them.

    For example, your parents tell you the grass is green, so you grow up thinking the grass is green. But if they told you the grass was purple, you would grow up thinking that grass is purple. Same with homeschooling. Parents tell their children that homeschooling is way better than public school, thus they believe that.

    Most homeschooled children don’t ever get a chance to experience public/private schools. They miss out on a lot of things. But since they are raised to believe that public schooling is bad, they simply don’t want to experience these things, because they are “bad.” That’s why so many children just love homeschooling. Brainwashing occurs.

  • Hello great advice! I wanted to see your recommendation of kindergarten curriculum, nothing comes up. If u could let me know which one it is. thank you God Bless

  • And let’s not forget, hermetically sealed segregation from anyone slightly unlike themselves so that when they’re grown, only a compound will be a place they fit into.

  • Socialised with who? A bunch of silly kids?
    My 7 year old goes to a $6,700 a year private school and last week was sent to the Deputy head for saying BUM.
    What else are you meant to call it?
    Three years of this rubbish, I’m just about done.
    My son is a very sensitive, smart boy.
    The system is killing his personality.
    Week after week stupid crap like this. My son is biting his nails and anxiety ridden.
    Stuff the mainstream school system!

  • Came here for some actual information and tips and tricks…. Left with a whole bunch of life story and chit chat…. Thnx but no thnx

  • She’s a professional. She can do it. Others I know are homeschooling but they can barely read and write. For homeschooling, at least elementary school kids, the homeschooling parents should have at least a college degree. Teachers, like me, have to study hard to become licensed teachers. We don’t get the Teaching certificates out of a Cracker Jack box. Parents who wish to homeschool should EXCEL in language arts, math, social science and science.

  • With two boys on autism spectrum it was a no brainer for me to homeschool. Both my boys are incredibly bright but they have some behaviors that I feared would label them as problem children in school. My 4 and 6 year old are currently working at kindergarten and grade two respectively. Best decision ever.

  • For someone who did not do well in school you are fabulous and have great energy! My dilemma is my son is autistic, but high functioning. I just don’t know if it would hurt him to lose the help that he receives now. We moved to Texas and I really miss his school in MA. It’s not the same here. I’m at a crossroad here and I truly do not know what to do.

  • Thanks for the tips and resources! I am considering homeschooling… I think these resources are gonna be helpful making my decision!

  • Very informative. Gratitude.

    We are now enjoying our homeschooling journey. We shall be posting our homeschooling videos in our channel.

  • I am a father that is trying to take on the task of homeschooling. It would be awesome to ‘erase’ the idea that homeschooling is just for mothers.

    Gonna try my hardest for my little buddy to give him the best education I can provide!!!

  • We are born again Christians and desire to have my daughter home-schooled for religious reasons my daughter is noticing that not everybody wants to discuss Jesus in school and it hurts her but that’s not just the only reason so having videos like these are really helping me put my foot in the door of beginning homeschool for her thanks for sharing

  • We’re only two years into homeschooling. I saw “we,” but my bride does the daily in-and-out work. She’s realized that it’s okay to mix-and-match curriculum. It’s a struggle to find balance

  • Can you tell me, I am a homeschooling mom and my oldest is 6. I am looking for history books and I looked into David Barton and initially liked one of his videos but just read that he is not a historian and that he is a quack historian with flawed research. Can you tell me your research or opinion? Please like this comment if you reply so I can see if you replied, thank you.

  • I love how she mentioned that a particular curriculum might look AMAZING, but it may be too much for you in your current season. I have found this to be true! Thanks for sharing this excellent interview with us, Heather! ����

  • I’m live in Bangalore India and I love the idea of Homeschooling! I am truly inspired. It’s just that the concept is really really new here in India and I don’t think I will have any support groups or co ops and the facilities for children and really bad:( what do I do

  • I work with soem of the soon to be TOP ambassadors of change for schooling! Thaks for sharing we need more advocates! Highly recommended and endorsed by Dr Shefali Conscious Parenting Experta regular guest on Oprah, SuperSoul SundaysI (I’m so try to invade in this way but I want the word out so I can help as many people as I can and I’d offer you a free sessionthis I can prerecord it and send to you [email protected]) #101answersfromtheuninverse is my book too.
    “ I’ve had many readings with other people, but no one came close to Holly. She goes into the past, the present and the future and I had immediate action steps I could take and I felt so much clarity and confidence after the session.Holly is amazing. N
    Her skills set her above anything I’ve ever experienced. She has the ability to channel into your soul and does so with such kindness and respect. She has enlightened and inspired me to be the best version of myself. E
    I understand if you delete

  • Homeschooling your children is hardwork and requires a lot of determination. However, the benefits you will reap is worth it. There are many resources out there that can guide you to success.

  • I love this video! I love how you are making videos very think media/ video influencer way. Thank you for sharing. I am new to homeschooling and youtube and I just love your videos.

  • Started our homeschool journey in September and it’s been the best year of our lives (minus covid). My daughter is so much calmer and my son is loving it!

  • I do not know how anyone can make remarks about your kids and homeschooling when they have never even met your kids. Judgement much. People need to mind their own business. If it works for you then more power to ya. ��������

  • I think you’re a woman who mutilated her son and did arts and crafts with his foreskin.
    I have no respect for you as a parent,and even less as an educator.

    Learn what human rights are.

  • I was homeschooled. Last year I graduated from the university with the lowest acceptance rate of any institution of higher learning in the USA with a GPA of 3.9. I’m pretty convinced that my years of homeschooling are directly responsible for where I am today.

  • Thank you for this supersweet video. We are starting our “homseschooling life” right now after five years of regular school-life and are so looking forward to it!

  • Trust me, my single mother spent thousands of dollars and she was scanned by a private school/educational government for many years. And when it came to my final years of study, I did well and passed for the trials. However, when it came for the actual final test, the entire class failed and never got to their dream universities (because the grading was based on class average, not individual). But my individual marks were pretty average-high level on the subjects I chose. The school system is a scam, let me tell you that for sure! ��

  • So thankful I was home schooled. College was my first time in public school. I graduated summa cum laude and then went on to excel in law school and be accepted by my top career choice.

  • Hi!

    I agree that homeschooling can be the best method of schooling perhaps for most children. However, I don’t believe it’s for all children or all families. First, having had a grandchild whom my DIL homeschooled through all but one late semester of middle school (public high school with graduation with Honors and AP placement), I know how demanding it can be and how much dedication it takes to get through the material (parent manuals, text/workbooks, etc.) supplied by the Georgia Department of Education with which each child had to be registered. I presume your State requires the same procedures? It is also grueling for some family schedules to accommodate the extra curricular activity that is required. This is why homeschooling is most successful when the parent is present and can conduct the school day as if the child were in school. If both parents work, then a child is left on it’s own (Georgia requires that children actually are schooled by someone resident in their home so that homeschooling is not an outsourced venture one that can be very overwhelming). You must also take into consideration that homeschooling by parents not qualified to discuss historical, scientific, societal and other such matters can result in a shortchanged child who has only had exposure to that provided by books not that which could be afforded by classroom interaction and discussion and that offered by an experienced teacher. Additionally, are you saying that colleges now do not require the standard college prep listing of courses necessary for college admission nor transcripts of high school performance and SAT scores that were at least in my day required to be provided by our high school”s guidance office only? If these requirements have been reduced, then that might have an eventual negative impact on our educational system maybe a greater impact given that in many communities that system is already taxed and often sub-par. I think too that many people think that a homeschooled child does not have to follow a required curriculum, which is far from true. One can use here either that supplied by the State of Georgia or the often expensive homeschooling programs found in stores dedicated to that purpose. Unless a child follows such a curriculum with submission of the test results and whatever else, then that child may find that unlike the often offered “better as a result of home schooling” he/she may be expected to be, that that student isn’t prepared as should be for the grade level at which the student should be able to perform. In many cases, as I believe, homeschoolling is unfortunately an excuse… one which should not be allowed or encouraged especially in the case of children who may not fit into the “mold” and who might actually benefit from schooling by educators trained to handle what disabilities or other conditions that may exist. If there are limitations of any sort or level and home schooling is suggested, hopefully those children have parents who will be able to provide all that is required by process of registration as proper.

  • We started homeschooling 3 years ago this fall. I wasn’t happy about it because I was focused on making school at home. It took me a year to wrap my head around the freedom and flexibility with homeschooling. I am SO glad we made this choice cor our kids, especially given the current pandemic and drama around when public schools are going to open up. I love that homeschooling has given me the oppertunity to get to know my children in a way that I wouldn’t have if they were in a brick and morter classroom all day long. I get to help them, allow them to move at their own place (2 with special needs), and encourage their interests of dinosaurs, science, nature, ect. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy books…and that to me, is always fun!:) I hope you and your children have a great year!

  • Hello! New Subscriber here�� I have a 4 year old (just turned in Oct) and a baby due in May. I am trying really hard not to be intimidated by this process LOL and just want to compile information and get things organized the best I can before his time comes to start “real” homeschool (I’m not an organized person��). Your video was super helpful and love the bloopers. Thanks!

  • I’ve discovered during Covid19 remote schooling that my ASD super smart son does better at home for many reasons. We are doing remote schooling for this year and will supplement his learning with other materials while we prepare for full on homeschooling next school year, while involving him in short bursts of social activities that fit his needs. I know parents that have more than one kid that have chosen their own educational environment, so one does online schooling at home while the other does public and it works for them and their kids personalities and individual needs. It sucks that homeschooling has such a stigma attached, but I think some parents in our current pandemic induced situation are seeing the value and benefits it can have.

  • We home school too! Our sons have autism and unfortunately the schools are not equipped to give them what they need consistently. When they were in a “regular school” they were traumatized regularly due to ignorance. My husband and I fought for years to bring in training and resources for the staff in our district, but we were met with nothing but resistance. Our boys are so much more at peace now that they are home. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Around 8:15, I realized these ladies weren’t really going to tell me how to “start homeschooling”. But it was fun putting the video on 1.5X playback speed. That way, I only wasted about 6 minutes figuring out these ladies weren’t teaching me how to actually START homescooling.

  • Probably because you have a high level of education and you are rich, which allows to you provide your children everything they need from a school. Good for you!:)

  • Are you growing your kids by yourself? If yes, then how can you work and homeschool them at the same time? I wish I could do that too but it just can’t work out financially for me to stay at home…..:( I bet you are too busy to answer me but I would be so happy to see your anwser..

  • I have 3 kids ages 16, 11 and 8 and my youngest need more one on one. I love being with my baby boy and understanding what works for him. My other are in public school but I think sometimes I should have looked harder to do it for all 3. No kids is a freak. We need to work on what works for the child’s best interest. Thanks for the video. Take care ✌️����

  • When I applied (and was accepted) to college, as a homeschooled high schooler, I made myself some transcripts and submitted them along with my SAT scores.

  • If the parent isn’t good in math, biology and those subjects, how can they teach it to their kids?? Just a question. I’m not good in math (algebra) so how would I teach it to my kids.

  • Here during COVID… trying to see what homeschooling really entails in case the world starts to really plummet and parents have no choice…

  • Nearly two years later and this is still pretty much my favorite video ever. My girls have been homeschooled since the beginning, and we are now starting our sixth year. It has been amazing for our family, and we can’t imagine doing anything else.

  • Hi I’m from Laredo Texas and I’m seriously considering homeschooling starting this year. I’ll definitely check out your other videos. Would you help me find supporting groups around my area please?

  • Is nothing good in keeping children disconnected from reality/society one day she’ll be gone and they will have to blend and it might be difficult for them

  • Call it fate or whatever hashtag I may have hit because I had no idea you were a homeschool parent!!!!! Thank you for this video and sharing points that make sense, for which I would not be able to articulate as a new homeschool parent. ����

  • The homeschool structure trumps public education any day. However, the thing is not all parents can stay at home and homeschool their kids!! Who would take care of that? My stance: Fix the education system first and adopt a lot of the homeschooling methods! In addition, provide much stricter regulations in schools in regards to bullying, discrimination..etc, like expelling the bullies out of school for some time etc etc…

  • I wish that parents and politicians would come together to try to fix the US system. In many European countries homeschooling is illegal. I myself live in Switzerland, and the assumption is that school is of the highest quality for everyone. But, that type of infrastructure requires Government support. Support of flexible and experimental pedagogical approaches, stringent requirements to become a teacher, full compensation for those efforts, a schedule with breaks throughout the year and a short summer holiday and LESS school in general (two years of kindergarten is required). Creating well balanced, emotionally intelligent, happy children rests not only on parents, but on an entire society.

  • Soy profesora de una escuela pública en España. Todas las formas de aprendizaje tienen sus ventajas e inconvenientes. Lo óptimo sería poder elegir la más conveniente en cada caso. Cada familia, según sea su situación económica, cultural, laboral, ideológica, logística… debe encontrar la mejor forma de educar a sus hijos. No hace falta entrar en enfrentamiento. Siempre he pensado que lo justo es dar a cada niño o niña lo que necesita, no dar lo mismo a todos los niños y niñas. Eso es equidad. Yo misma he recomendado cambios en el tipo de enseñanza a algunas de mis familias puesto que observaba que sus hijos o hijas no eran felices o no aprendían lo que necesitaban o podían.

  • Yeah, I don’t have any concerns about YOU homeschooling your kids, but I do know several people who were homeschooled by their very religious parents who didn’t want their kids tainted by the secular world (5 of the 7 former homeschooled Xian kids I know very well are now atheists) and those parents were NOT well prepared to homeschool their kids. Now in their mid-30s 40s, they’re still behind on stuff. On the other hand, I know other grown homeschooled kids whose parents did a great job and are doing well in life.

  • Hi I am a mom of 3 but 2 of which are about to be school aged. I am planning to homeschool and found your videos on here. I watched this one and felt you were very Helpful and could probably help me a lot more. I am so stressed on how to get started I just subscribed to your channel as well. Hopefully I can get in contact with you for more help. Thank You ��

  • I was in public school, privet school, and yeah even homeschooled and from a first hand perspective.
    I wish I had home schooled earlier. I didn’t home school till my senior year in college and honestly I was they type of student who thrived with self teaching. If I could go back I would have home schooled.
    Public school education did me no favors.
    While privet schools gave me a good education I was bullied more in privet schools.

  • Heather found out my Dylan has Dyslexia and looking for info on the Ortin Gillingham Learning Curriculum, have you heard or know any mom’s that might use this method. Thank you:)

  • Your face remembered me somebody and today I realized you look like Sheldom’s girlfriend from Big Bang Theory. I google it and… it´s you!!! hahahahah. I’m glad to see you on your channel and I’m subscribed. Love your monologues.:)

  • I love the points you have made about learning speeds & concentrating on what they enjoy and might pursue later on. These are amazing points that I will take into consideration for my girls.

  • As a homeschool mom of 10 years we try were vigorously to get the kids involved in sports religious activities and outside activities so they get the full experience of being around other people. It’s a balancing act but it’s worth it and if you’re outgoing as the parent the kids are usually out going to.

  • I enjoyed homeschooling my kids. Hubby didn’t. He wanted structure.. so, after we sent the three oldest kids off to charter school, we homeschooled our youngest through K-12. It was public school inline, and it was great. Also, for middle school, our youngest went to Primavera and did well.

  • When people ask “do you miss socializing with other kids” I just think “What a stupid question, we still interact with other kids, just not in a school environment” I wish people would stop stereotyping us, no offence too anyone against homeschooling.

  • It’s so great to homeschool…but you are sending three of your kids to school. Unless that was their choice, that’s pretty messed up. I would resent my mom if I had to go to school but my brother was homeschooled. 

  • Orchestra!?!? How do they attend it!?!? Boy Scouts etc r outside home activities right? Those r not popular in japan at all so I wonder….

  • is it true that home schooled kids tend to lack in social development? Or do you make sure that they spend time with other kid their age?

  • Home schooling isn’t allowed in Germany, and I somehow agree with that. It is not that I don’t trust you to home school your kids, and there surely will always be cases where it can make sense.
    First of all, not every parent is able to home school their kids. There are so many parents with a low level of education, who would never be able to do this they aren’t even able to help their kids with their regular home work. So it is something about equality. (Though unfortunately our educational system isn’t perfect still students with highly educated parents are more likely to achieve higher grades. But I guess this trend would be worse with home schooling. Please not, that we don’t really have privat and public schools in Germany. That is, we actually have private schools, but they are really rare.)
    But what I believe to be the more striking point: if you leave the children completely to their parents, they will never learn any other point of view, will they? I am not talking about folks like you, Mayim. But especially very religious people tend to homeschool their kids, and they never get the chance to look beyond the views of their own parents.
    If every child has to go to school, there are always teacher who can look after them. Children might be abused in their families. It is more likely that these cases get detected, if the children have to attend a school.
    I therefore agree with the ban of home schooling. Though I believe you that it is no bad thing for your kids.

  • I believe every family has to do what is right for them. We all have different lifestyles, parenting styles and all children are different which means they, of course, learn differently. I went to public schools growing up and loved it. I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers and still have the friends I made all those years ago. My daughter had the same experiences. I have close friends who homeschooled their kids and it worked perfectly for them. I also have a friend who has 4 children, 2 of whom are home schooled and the other 2 go to public school! They all do so well and love their choices. What works for one family might not work for another. It’s about being supportive and accepting and not making judgements. ��

  • I am a public school teacher and I homeschooled one of my children because it was a better fit for him. Check out Nitty Gritty Phonics on YouTube. It is a fun, effective learning channel for kids.

  • Hey Heather! Would you let a man other than your husband touch you around your waist? There’s this Male friend of mine who keeps doing this and it’s making me uncomfortable.

  • Socialization is a large part of me being reluctant to home school my children. Though my ex has decided to home school them without consulting me, I’m kinda glad she did with the push to send kids back to school despite the danger of COVID. I just don’t have the kind of money you do to do those kind of extracurricular with them. I worry they won’t be socialized enough, other than with each other and who knows where that could go? Lol �� ����

  • Homeschooling is the best thing I ever did, I stopped for a year and a half when we moved to a smaller town (600 people) and regretted it so badly. I still have guilt for it. Our families were not on board with me at the time though, and I felt very pressured but they have since came around… and even if they didn’t I would never let the pressure get to me again ����

  • Totally not freaks:). We started homeschooling 2 years ago (actually October 2018 lol) and it was the best decision we made. I wanted to from the get go but hubby was not on board. It has taken a lot to deschool them. They are still stressed out with certain things. School ruined my family (just my experience). They were so stressed out that came summer I only had 2 weeks where they actually wanted to be engaged with anything. We had 2 weeks a year where I felt I had good quality time with my kids the rest of the time they were stressed out non engaging and literally couldn’t get them to leave my house. In fact most of the year they refused school which was horrible. I am someone who if something is not working to find something that will work. It took 8 years (I have 2 one at the time 11 and youngest 7). Both were the same. I finally told my hubby I am done enough’s enough and he agreed. They used to love to learn things before school and its taken so long for them to actually like learning again as well. I love the flexibility and how they can pursue what they want to learn. We have been pretty relaxed which has helped. I love being home with them. Thanks for posting. Believe me we got a lot of flack but i really don’t care anymore lol. I am tired of trying to fit into a world that clearly doesn’t suit our needs. So we are making our own footprint in it our way.

  • You do have to be pretty well off to home school. Most families need both parents working full time to make ends meet. I would love to home school my kids….But it’s just not feasible for most families. You’d have to have a specific kind of job. I just don’t like how some act like it’s so easy…everyone can do it.

  • I didn’t set out to homeschool my son, but he had some physical disabilities, and public school wasn’t willing to provide any formal accommodation, since the doctors had been unable to agree on any sort of diagnosis. I had to take over. I was a single parent who worked full-time, so it was a big challenge, but we managed to make it work. I am very proud of the young adult he is today.

  • 3:41 “you don’t need an advance degree to be your child’s teacher”…. she clearly has too much hope in the American public. Home schooling might work for her because SHE DOES have an advance degree, but let’s be real most home schooling sucks and does not have the same quality than going to a school public or private.

  • I think tests are important.. especially now in the age of COMMON CORE. Home schooling isn’t to get out of testing.. It’s to benefit your children and see them grow.
    Home schooled children learn more because they can NOT be disobedient. They want to please their parents and parents can keep their own children under control if need be. MY personal experience with my home schooled daughter is that she was in home school from K-7th and then she wanted to attend public school which was fine for me. She had been in dance and music classes since she was 3 yrs old and wanted to perform on a larger scale. 
    When she came home and told me about the disobedience and unwillingness to learn from other students in her classroom, I was not surprised.  Thankfully she was skipped a grade and went directly into high school at 13 yrs old and graduated by 16… went directly into a university and finished in 4 yrs with a BA and a Math Minor. THANK GOD FOR HOME SCHOOLS! When done right your children truly succeed! 

  • I love this! I’m a Mumma to 4 wonderful children, one of which just wasn’t thriving at public school. I made the decision to homeschool him, within weeks he was gaining so much from being at home with reduced pressure, he said it made learning more enjoyable. Now I wished that I had homeschooled my older children, they may have just coped a lot better and flourished even more. You are an amazing woman Mayim, I’ve been a fan since Beaches, my all-time favourite movie. xx

  • I home schooled my three children in a time when it was “weird” and I got a lot of “looks” from other Mom’s. It was hard however I knew it was the best thing for my children and never regretted it. I am so happy to home schooling coming into the mainstream. Just another reason to love Mayim she is inspirational.

  • Anyone off the street can walk into a public school.. they cannot enter one’s home ( especially if there’s a dog there for protection ). Plus > the school system has not solved school shootings. (.. or bullying or teachers seducing students ). Now if they cannot handle 1 single depressed kid with a gun or 1 bully or an oversexed educator then how are they going to handle millions of virus molecules floating in the air?

  • Hi there. Since COVID happened I have decided to homeschool my kids. They are 8 and 5. So third and kindergarten. I work part time so I will have to work around my schedule to make this work. I could definitely use some advice insight and direction on all this. It’s all very new. Hope to hear back from you. Thank you.

  • Hi, I just subscribed because of your helpful attitude! That is so nice, thank you! I have a 1 1/2 year old right now and I am seriously considering homeschooling him. I already teach him to speak Portuguese at home (my mother tongue) and am already doing fun preschool prep with him like letter sounds, numbers, activities, etc. One thing that I’m not finding a lot of information on though is homeschooling in a bilingual household. Do you have any Youtubers or other resources you can point me to? Anyone that can show me how they homeschool bilingual?

  • I was “flexischooled” Partly homeschooled and partly public schooled (my Mom was not going to teach me Calculus ��). Definitely a wonderful experience. I especially value the relationship I developed with my mom as a result of the extra time spent with her.

  • 2 of my favorite ladies in ONE video! I have a home business, too. It can be done!! Kristi was such a huge help to me through her videos when I stared homeschooling my first year. Her organization videos are AH-MAZ-ING.

  • I want to home school my kids. My husband and I are planning to have kids soon. But ever since we moved to Oklahoma I have told my husband that there is no way our kids are going to public school. I went to public school in California and it was hell for me and seeing the kids here in Oklahoma and how the state is constantly budget cutting the schools, I just can’t let my kids be in that environment.

  • I think your kids will become awesome adults! Your points are solid and I completely agree with you. Public schools have changed a lot since I attended many years ago. The resources for homeschooling are huge now, and that’s so exciting! When I was in 4-H in High School, there were lots of homeschooled kids there as well, and they were totally normal and very mature. I was always surprised by this as a teen, but now I understand it. Their parents were involved and they cared enough to tailor their education to them. Don’t listen to the haters, they just don’t get it.

  • We are a homeschooling family. A couple of years ago I came home from work for lunch. I found my then elementary-aged kids fixing lunch. On their own. I sternly asked them, “What do you guys think you are doing, and where is your mother?”. One of them replied, “We got hungry, and mom is taking a nap”. I went home for lunch the other day and guess what I discovered when I walked into the house? Yup! My teenage kids fixing lunch and my wife was taking a nap.

  • Hi I’m new to homeschooling and appreciate all the tips. I’m a bit daunted by all the info but am keeping my eye on the prize. I’m interested in any help you can send my way/offered in the video. First thing, I’ve bought curriculum I’m not sure is right for us, would love feed back or other suggestions (but REALLY don’t want to not use what I bought). Also wondering what homeschool moms do for work, as that piece is also getting sorted out for me at this time.

  • I’m here cause I’m losing my mind trying to teach my youngest sister because of the virus. I literally have to take a shot�� to start….

  • Hi heather. I’m really proud of you and your school 2nd grade teaching show. Like a children. I think I’ll be already part of your list smart babe childrens you’ll selected for your story class. I’m 21 years old babe boy. never went to kindergarten and elementary school before. But, I feel interested to start my beginning homeschool kindergarten and 2nd grade with you. Please, let’s me know. What’s you requered and need to resgister for 5 days class my father said. And, to be ready, go, set, To elementary class next. My first reason is learning how to sign my name. Help me if you can. Cause, no body like me now. cause. I don’t know how to sign my last name. Thank you. And wish to hear you soon!��

  • Wife won’t let me homeschool. She is inconsiderate & ruthless. How can I persuade her?..She doesn’t want to work as a lunch-lady anymore.

  • New subscriber!! I really appreciate your videos as we start to explore homeschooling our kiddos (4th & 6th graders)! Never thought we would be here, but as Covid has impacted what public school will look like, and our frustrations with public school over the years, we are definitely, seriously looking into it now! Thanks for all the time you’ve put into your channel to help us overwhelmed parents!

  • hi am interested to homeschool for my 10yo grandson..but don’t have any idea HOW.. do i have to register somewhere to make their schooling valid..pls help..

  • i’m a brazilian and here homescholing its not a common thing, its not even alowed by law, so there’s things i dont realy get about it. For exemple: do you have to be “good” in all of the subjects to teach you Kids? How you gonna prepare appropriately then if you suck at math or phsicys (my case)? Its seems to me a huuge enterprise and such a responsability, because you basicly have to became a teacher but not have been gradueted to do so. Can someone explain how that works?

  • Do you ever wonder what you would be like if you were home schooled? If my job was like grades 8-12 were I would definitely quite, and yet I stuck it out for 5 long years! It definitely damaged me. I think I would have been better off in an alternative arrangement in the later years.

  • Great video, homeschool mama to 4 from Canada ���� here ��! I have been homeschooling for over 10 years now and these were great tips! ��

  • Turpin heaven:  No state oversight.  No one to see what you do to them.  No witnesses.  What the Bible intended and why they hate “big government”.

  • Fantastic video! I have 2 boys. The older went through public school, struggled in a high school with 4000 plus kids, and barely graduated. My youngest started homeschooling in 2nd grade. Every year I give him the option to return to public school and he chooses homeschool. Over the summer he took his first college class (he is 15) and is now on a path to get his A.A. by the time he finishes high school.

  • I homeschooled my son 25 years ago and now he is about to start homeschooling his son (my grandson) and I’m going to help him as much as I can.
    It seems that a lot has changed in the decades since I homeschooled my son. It’s almost like I have no idea how to go about it lol.
    So I’m trying to access as much information as I can starting with this video and the links I see in the drop down menu.
    Thank you in advance for all of your help, I really do appreciate it.

  • Some home schooled kida are a lil backwards acting but it sounds like u are a firm believer in them being around others n interacting as much as possible.. Plus u have a a PHd geezh if u can’t do it noone can…keep going chica

  • This video maybe older but it was a huge help for information. And your bonus tip is so true. It is the one area that I personally struggle with. Everyone I know with kids is private school parents. I only have my poor husband to talk to about homeschool. Luckily he is super supportive of it and with helping.

  • Thank you!! My husband and i just made the decision to pull our kiddo out of public kindergarten. She’s had a negative experience and i can’t let it hurt her joy and hunger to learn. She’s ALWAYS loved to learn. Now she hates going to school. I’m currently trying to pick a curriculum, but I’m a hair and makeup artist and NOT a teacher so I’m a little overwhelmed ��

  • Hi Heather! Loved your video, was very helpful! I’m currently wanting to homeschool. I decided not to send my oldest son to preschool this year. While it’s not a requirement for Indiana I want to start this year as a “trial” year homeschooling him with a preschool curriculum. I taught preschool so I’m familiar. However I would love to get in contact with moms who homeschool in my area. We live in Noblesville Indiana. So any mommas out there who are around the area, I’d love to pick your brain!

    Thanks again!

  • My son is 6 and he passed the gifted test at his public school but I would like to home school him.. I have no idea how to do that in addition to enrolling him in the gifted program can you please recommend what should I do or how? ������♥️tia

  • The school system just sucks. I think that’s the main reason people in this comment section prefer home schooling. If your child does not fit society’s standards (for example, “only” starts walking at 18 months), the public school system is not well equipped to handle your child’s needs well and personalize their teaching strategy. That being said, there are several reasons the profession “teacher” exists…so I think the public school system should be improved, I don’t think everybody should try to “fight on their own”/ think home schooling is the future.

  • Hi Heather, I’m a mom of 2 who is PRAYING and considering homeschooling. I work outside the home 20 hours a week. Your video helped me realize I can actually still homeschool by designing my own school schedule. You gave me a lot to research. Thank you!

  • I homeschool four kids, the socialisation thing always comes up. The thing is not all children want to be around lots of other kids every day. My own children are happy seeing their friends 2 or 3 days a week rather than being overwhelmed by 30 childrem in a classroom (all the same age mind you) and then 600 at recess. They know how to socialise in society and follow rules, wait in line etc.

  • Other than for to physical/mental needs, homeschooling is a bad idea. Just because your kid doesn’t fit in the first year of school doesn’t mean you should homeschool him, that’s what makes snowflakes!

  • I want to start home school but I don’t know how to start im from Indianapolis but moved to Mexico and want to start home school for my kids

  • Hi! I’m considering home schooling my child which would start off in kindergarten I feel completely lost on how to start what to use there is just so much more than what I thought.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I’m a new subscriber! I have a 7 month old and I desperately want to Home school so I’m trying g to get a head start now! ��❤

  • I am planning to homeschool my child because here in Communist California, because children are not allowed to be enrolled unless they have enough poisonous injections AKA vaccines… My child will be diagnosed as autism-spectrum upon completion of the other half toxic, cancerous shots… Please do your research…

  • Hi Heather! I’m new to homeschooling. My husband and I want to homeschool our child and I found your video to be very helpful. I just subscribed and I will be looking for more videos soon! Thank you so much!

  • So I subbed and liked and I’m extremely early on this process. My baby was just born as a preemie and we always wanted to home school. so I’m starting to piece together a curriculum and gather resources. My wife is special needs and has an effective education of a 4th grader (I know I have been home schooling her myself). But for her there was no state testing, no rush, nothing but a desire to learn on her half and a desire to teach on mine. Anyone have any advise (I’ve watched tons of youtube videos) for me?

  • I’m 25 years old. I don’t have kids yet, but I plan on homeschooling my children (when I have them) because I believe the public education system is very ineffective. They teach you too much useless crap in school.

  • So true. With covid, I started homeschooling my kid and aw him excel at music, painting and dancing, something he wasn’t able to get to in school.

  • Okay is it weird that I`m only 16 but already watching videos of how to homeschool because I want to prepare and get to know the methods of how to raise my children for when I`m grown up and will have kids on my own? ^^`

  • It would never work in my country because we’re way too social, like normal human beings, I’m sure this is the reason why the US has so many lonely and fucked up in the head people… and I’m sure other countries that use this system have the same problems…

  • This was sooooo helpful. You simplified this very daunting image I had of homeschooling, putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

    For the first year, I would like to use a typical public school curriculum because it’s what I grew up with and what I know. From there I can expand, but I need this as a base. Any suggestions for a curriculum that is simple, straight forward, and affordable? Thank you!

  • I’m new to you videos but I’ve been watching a couple of them here and there and thanks for the tips I home school my 4 year old son but it’s threw a homeschooling school were a teacher comes out once a week and things like that it’s been hard cause I’m bad bout planning but I do try my best for him. I just wish I could do more and be more organized and I have a 2 year old son too. I just need more help and stuff I feel like I’m overwhelmed at time’s. Thank you again for you tips and hello there since I’m new to your videos. I really enjoy them. My son gets homeschooled cause he gets sick alot cause he has allergies and asthma and he has bronchitis and he’s gotten phneumona a couple times it’s been scary at times but for the most he’s pretty healthy with everything else. I just need to try and change things around alot. Anyways thanks.

  • Literally the first video I’ve seen that’s detailed enough for me!! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a video like this for like 2 months now. Every other video I’ve seen speaks from the idea that the viewers know something about homeschooling already, which makes things confusing. Thank you!!

  • It really bothers me that a mother would even say that they need to send their child to school so they could have a “break”. Really? A break from your children for about 7-8 hours a day where you have no idea what they are doing, who they are interacting with, how they are being treated, and what bad habits they are picking up from other children of parents with lesser morals and values. Sorry. When I decided to have children, I knew that my personal time/errands were going to be more limited and all my my efforts into providing the best family upbringing would be my focus.  You are going to tell me that you trust the government-run educational system to provide the BEST education for your child?  I doubt it.  I home-school my 3-yeaold and she has already learned everything the public school system requires 6-year-olds to know at the end of Kindergarten. I home-school probably 2-3 hours a day, and that includes teaching other languages and computer studies.  My child is not gifted. So, what does that tell you? Also, my house is clean, we eat well, and all of our bills are paid.

  • New Sub! I recently moved to a new state and I hate my sons school and I hate the way they do things here. I have the worst anxiety ever dealing with everything.
    he is only 5 in kindergarten so maybe I have to get use to the whole school thing. I’m so uncomfortable not being able to personally communicate with his teacher(only app messages). I literally cried the first week he started school here because I wasn’t allowed to get to know his teacher or his school and they just made me seem weird for wanting to see how his first day was since we moved down here a month after school started here. The teacher doesnt have an assistant to help and Im finding myself teaching him anyway so Why not home school

  • Hi I will be starting my journey as a homeschool mom this year! Excited but nervous at the same time! Love your videos thanks for all the info ��

  • Hi Heather! I am a homeschooler mom with 3 children to school ages 11, 8, and 4 and my big son who is 19 and whant me to teach him how to drive:). I live in the Bahamas and we dont have a lot home schooling moms here. I just need help with my time management and curriculum. thanks forthe video! it really helped me to get it together.

  • I really needed this video today, we are new to the homeschooling world and I have a bunch of emotions right now but this video made me relax a bit

  • Has anyone used Insight? (Powered by k12) We are with California Virtual Academies. They move too quickly through math. The pace is overwhelming for us, but we’re not sure about Insight. I’m not good at organizing and am a single parent of one Son who’s 15. We’ve been homeschooling since the first grade, we’re at 10th grade now, and his grades are dropping.

  • I was almost homeschooled and i am very sad that i wasn’t. I’m never bullied or anything like that and have many many friends but tbh, the highlight of this terrible year was not going to school with 400 other kids but working and learning from home and i LOVED it. I was very focused, didn’t need any help with my school work and learned and did everything faster and better.

  • Hi, I want to put a curriculum together for my daughter, but I really don’t have a lot of money I can spend. Where can I find cheap resources?

  • That was exactly the information I was looking for. Homeschool broken down in to the different categories I need to address. Made a ‘To Do’ list for a daunting task. Thank you

  • Goodmorning I am planning to start homeschooling for my 4 kids and soon to come 5 child there ages are 4,3,2 and 1 I am in Garland TX and I wanted to see if you can help me find my support team and also please send me more information On how to start. Thank you

  • Hi Heather, your bonus tip sums it up for me. A village is paramount to walking out this homeschool journey. It has given me the affirmation and guidance needed to go the distance. New sub.

  • Just came across this video as I’m looking for any tips to help me along the way. I don’t have Facebook so not too sure on how or where to find a support group or co op in my area if by chance you could help me with that I’d be very grateful!

  • I am considering doing this! Haven’t even looked up any curriculum, co-op s etc yet. Can this be structured around a working mom’s schedule?? Have you ever seen that done?

  • I started homeschool last year and I am going to be very real… It was soooooo hard and this year I am struggling to find what curriculum I will use and how I will find the right way to teach for my boys… I love the classical method and I want to incorporate Christ in the mix of madness lol

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • First off, if it has anything to do with gov ops, avoid it at all costs, unless you like misinformation and degenerate indoctrinated and useless, damaging knowledge.
    Hear from the most intelligent teacher ever to walk the face of Earth.
    John Taylor Gotto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KZvOWrT9h4

  • hahaha i get all these exact comments and questions too. Great responses. Full time working mom with 5 sons and we love homeschooling. Would definitely not change that

  • Hi Mayim: I fully agree with you regarding homeschooling. The current circumstances dictate that online schooling and homeschooling will be educational options at least for the next 6 months. What I’d like you to help me with is how I can get my kid to become interested in the English language and world culture. Right now he’s at an age where I suggest something interesting and, bam, he says he already knows and doesn’t care about it. I get this sort of answer on a daily basis, and I’m desperately trying to make him understand the importance of being well-rounded and multi-lingual, but it simply isn’t being processed (ie.: we live in a Spanish speaking country & his 2nd language, English, is pretty good, but he wants nothing to do with any “Anglo” suggestion I give). He basically watches English programs in Spanish with English subtitles and it’s driving me nuts (imagine watching Marty McFly in Spanish with English subtitles). Please help me get through to him, as I need him to understand just how important having a high level of English is. Thanks. Oh, and by the way, I grew up watching you on “Blossom”…it was one of my faves!

  • i wish my parents would allow me to be homeschooled,the reason i wanna be homeschooled is becoz i am not treated equally at school

  • First to comment! Now I will watch your video. Hopefully it will give me ideas since I am planning to make a similar video in Spanish! BTW Love your hair like that! Blessings!

  • Cunthudson1226 what do you think occurs at public schools? Brainwashing! My children are constantly interacting with children who believe that when you die you go to heaven, that Columbus discovered America, that pilgrims and Indians got along and that if you are good all year some obese gelatinous orb of a being will shoot down their chimneys to leave presents for, pretty much, being an American. Kids in public school are a reflection of how this society is rotting from the inside out. Every parent should be responsible for educating their children. The public school system kills creativity, distorts the truth, suppresses curiosity, and most of all manifests breeding grounds for social anxiety. You should sit in on some college level education courses for those who want to become teachers. You’d be disgusted at the level of ignorance these people possess. Simple math, writing, and physics are a chore for them. Education in this country is a joke as is the validity of your brainwashing statement.

  • Thanks my son is in 6 grade and he has adhd and he take medication, my husband and I take the decision to my son homeschool I’m so scared, thanks for your video��������