Merit Badges Needed for Bald eagle Scouts


Eagle Scout Alex Kubon Accomplishes 138 Merit Badges

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El Dorado Hills Eagle Scout Earns Every Possible Merit Badge

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What are the Eagle Required Merit Badges?

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Scout Earns Every Merit Badge

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17-Year-Old Eagle Scout snags 135 badges

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Eagle In Only 2 Years Secret hack to Eagle Scout

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11-year-old becomes youngest to advance to Eagle Scout rank

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A total of 21 merit badges (10 more than required for the Life rank) must be earned for the Eagle Scout rank, including these 13 merit badges: (a) First Aid, (b) Citizenship in the Community, (c) Citizenship in the Nation, (d) Citizenship in the World, (e) Communication, (f) Cooking, (g) Personal Fitness, (h) Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving, (i) Environmental Science OR Sustainability, (j) Personal Management, (k). The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced Monday it will implement a specific “diversity and inclusion merit badge” in support of the Black Lives Matter movement that will be required. 1. First Aid. Overview: The First Aid merit badge educates scouts the skills needed to offer aid, must they witness a clinical emergency situation.

Please note that 21 total merit badges must have been earned for the Eagle Scout rank, except from 1972-1979, when 24 were needed. The number of specifically required MBs has varied from 5, (1912-1915) to 16 (1952-1965) including MBs chosen from specific groups as “required”. Of the original 1911 requirements, Eagle Scouts today still have to earn First Class, and still have to earn a total of 21 merit badges.

Of the original Eagle required list of 11 badges from 1914, today’s Eagles must still earn Camping, Cooking, and First Aid (and today’s Personal Fitness is a. The requirements listed below are the current and official requirements of the Boy Scouts of America. Occasionally, the requirements will not match those in the printed Scout Handbook, the annual Scouts BSA Requirements book, or some merit badge pamphlets because of.

COVID-19 has resulted in Scouts being unable to complete the Eagle-required Camping merit badge, specifically requirement 9b. Requirement (9b) On any of these (Scouting) camping experiences, you must do TWO of the following, only with proper preparation and under qualified supervision. (1) Hike up a mountain, gaining at least 1,000 vertical feet. The other two would count toward the optional merit badges required to make up the total of 21 merit badges.

Note that Star and Life requirements each allow two non-Eagle-required merit badges. It is the Scout’s decision, however, to earn more—or all—of the merit badges for the Star and Life ranks from the Eaglerequired list. This Merit Badge is Requiredto earn the Eagle Scout Rank. This Merit Badge is Required. to earn the Eagle Scout Rank. Do the following.

Explain to your counselor the most likely hazards you may encounter while participating in camping activities and what you should do to anticipate, help prevent, mitigate, and respond to these hazards. 13 AGE REQUIREMENT ELIGIBILITY. Merit badges, badges of rank, and Eagle Palms may be earned by a registered Boy Scout, or a qualified Venturer or Sea Scout.

List of related literature:

Eagle Scout, the culmination, required twenty-one merit badges.

“Mr. Bridge: A Novel” by Evan S. Connell
from Mr. Bridge: A Novel
by Evan S. Connell
Counterpoint Press, 2005

An Eagle Scout may, upon the earning of additional merit badges, be awarded Eagle Palms: a Bronze Palm (5 badges), a Gold Palm (10 badges), or a Silver Palm (15 badges).

“Interpreting Folklore” by Alan Dundes
from Interpreting Folklore
by Alan Dundes
Indiana University Press, 1980

Any first-class scout qualifying for twenty-one merit badges will be entitled to wear the highest scout merit badge.

“Boy Scouts Handbook: The First Edition, 1911” by Boy Scouts of America
from Boy Scouts Handbook: The First Edition, 1911
by Boy Scouts of America
Dover Publications, 2012

The first class scout may then qualify for the various merit badges which are offered in another part of this chapter for proficiency in scouting.

“Boy Scouts of Americ: The Official Handbook for Boys, Seventeenth Edition” by Boy Scouts of America
from Boy Scouts of Americ: The Official Handbook for Boys, Seventeenth Edition
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rank of the Eagle Scout Award.

“Senate Journal” by Wisconsin. Legislature. Senate
from Senate Journal
by Wisconsin. Legislature. Senate
The Senate, 2005

Eagle Scout/Gold Award—13 percent.

“The College Buzz Book” by Carolyn C. Wise, Stephanie Hauser
from The College Buzz Book
by Carolyn C. Wise, Stephanie Hauser, 2007

Recipient: Distinguished Eagle Scout Award 1991; Wis.

“The State of Wisconsin Blue Book” by Wisconsin. Legislature. Legislative Reference Bureau
from The State of Wisconsin Blue Book
by Wisconsin. Legislature. Legislative Reference Bureau
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, distributed by Document Sales, 1991

As a young person, Wetzel, was unable to complete the requirements of an Eagle Scout.

“Home of the Infantry: The History of Fort Benning” by Peggy A. Stelpflug, Richard Hyatt
from Home of the Infantry: The History of Fort Benning
by Peggy A. Stelpflug, Richard Hyatt
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As a Cub Scout I earned every merit badge I got except one.

“The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America” by Tommy Tomlinson
from The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
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Merit badges have been used by scouting programs for more than 100 years.

“The LMS Guidebook: Learning Management Systems Demystified” by Steve Foreman
from The LMS Guidebook: Learning Management Systems Demystified
by Steve Foreman
American Society for Training & Development, 2017

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  • Don’t want to take away from his Eagle claim, but I was actually awarded my Eagle in the minimum time possible back in 1964. Wanted to beat my older brother who was also an Eagle. Two years exactly with the wait times, and 21 merit badges, if one does the math. They actually held my award for 5 days because I joined on my birthday May 5th. Maybe the timelines have shifted since then. Anyway, achieving the rank of Eagle is a great accomplishment for any young man, regardless of the amount of time that it takes to earn it. So congrats to all of you that walked the path and a special thanks to all of the adult men that took the time to help us along the way.

  • Times have changed. In 1963, Richard Moser (Troop 440, Owings Mills, Maryland) became the youngest Eagle Scout at age 13. It required an Act of Congress (BSA is federally chartered, this was before “private acts” were banned by a change in the House Rules) for him to waiver one “oops” along the way, he had advanced from Tenderfoot to Second Class a few weeks less than required time in rank (he met the time in rank requirements for all other ranks).

  • 1Стать легионером.
    2 отслужить в будысвере.
    3 испанский легион.
    4 США.
    5чвк (телохранителем)
    6 открыт мини бизнес.
    7 сдохнуть спокойной душой лет так в 40 /60.

  • Wow 1 year to becom a eagel! So this higest rank is a joke then? 1 year also 20 nights at camping? Easy! 25 badges! Easy! Help poor people? Easy or elderley home easy!

  • Cit in the Nation boi. I went to BSA summer camp and got the merit badge in 4 days (it would be a partial due to the historical landmark requirement but i got that done back in april not even knowing it was part of the merit badge)

  • You are cool It is sad the alphas of the world cause this sort of exchange we should be able to say what we mean and means what we say. It is why things are popular for a flash and they quickly move on to the next thing. It is very expensive trying to stay on the tip of the spear. But sometimes it’s better to be that sleeper that one nobody expected to be something. The old speak softly and carry a big stick either way they will get the message. I am cool if I didn’t care I wouldn’t talk.

  • yes that is impressive.. however it is not about how many merit badges you have its about who you are as a person that make you a good scout. in this particular story the young man seems (although he has earned the right to be) boastful and slightly cocky. which are certainly not good qualities. no matter how many badges you have earned if you are an eagle scout you are equal with all other eagle scouts.

  • Mathematically speaking, that’s impossible. He needs AT LEAST (at a bear minimum) 1 year and four months leadership and activity in scouting. Yes, but apparently he started when he was 10 years old, so he could get it by 11. Although then there is the question, why did he start at 10 and not 11 like most of (or the rest of) us?

    TIME REQUIREMENTS ADD UP TO ROUGHLY A YEAR AND HE WAS A SCOUT FOR A YEAR AND 9 MONTHS. He probably did merit badges throughout his time and he is the youngest Eagle Scout. HOWEVER this is not the scouting way, we don’t simply rush kids through to get Eagle. We encourage them to grow and learn and develop leadership. You learn from experiences in scouting and although he may be of a higher rank, that means nothing to us scouts. Experience counts for everything and I’d much rather have an 18 yr old tenderfoot than an 11 yr old Eagle Scout.

  • Their scoutmaster clearly just let him get the ranks for free, you need at least 6 months of activity and attending camputs after each rank besides the first 2 ranks, but there are still another 4 before eagle.

  • This is BS. It takes at least a year and a half because there are two 6 month waits and one 4 month wait. Plus all the time it takes to work on merit badges. Also citizenship in the nation was hard for him, I did it in almost 3 days.

  • I’m with Matt Mirmak on this. I am an eagle scout at 16. It is physically impossible to do this, you have to be in certain ranks for a minimum of 6 months. And not to mention the long and hard Merit Badges you have to do.

  • I’m a 12 year old Boy Scout, only at the first class rank. Congrats on this and all but this should be a long, unforgettable journey, learn to enjoy it.

  • Even as a SPL you still need to be Helpful. Remember a leader shows leadership by aiding. A boss stands aside and forces others to do the work.

  • This kid is what is so sorely missing in today’s world. He has pride, ethics, determination and obvious dedication. As a former Scout and Long Islander, I am incredibly proud of this young man and know he will make us all very proud in the future no matter what endeavor he pursues.

    The fact he named his grandparents just makes this so much more special. His family must be beaming with pride. This kid is so damn special

  • he can do it. with the time requirements, it only takes a year and four months total to wait from 1st class to eagle. so he pretty much had no other life than scouts for about 2 years. (he completed at 11yrs and 11 months). I myself got to life scout at 13 and was going to achieve the troop record by obtaining my eagle scout the same year, but I was heavily encouraged not to because my troop and council favor older candidates. fast forward now and I am 17 yrs old just now submitting my paperwork. I spent 3 whole years on my project clearing and establishing a roughly 2 mi trail on my school’s property. I chose to use the extra time I had left over to do something more meaningful and lasting with my opportunity, rather than just cash out with an easier project. not saying that he didn’t meet the requirements or anything like that, so those who are doubting stop because what he did was totally possible, but I am sure his project, although I’m sure, not easy, was definitely not as large as It could have been considering the time he had left.

  • I’m 16 and working on life scout, explain to me how he was able to do this because he is one of the many who gets mom and dad to sign everything off. Plus citizenship in the nation is definitely not the hardest. Try lifesaving or communication merit badge. I hate to see this kid rush through and absoutley waste his scouting experience.

  • Damn that is very impressive, this is something that he could use for anything, school, life, job applications, and is a great experience in life, people who say get a life, this is a great way of life, he can become a great job, this obviously shows he is very good at different things

  • he seems a bit off socially but that’s amazing he earned so many different badges, a truly amazing accomplishment. He seems like he’s gonna be pretty successful in whatever he chooses to do.

  • HOW SAD FOR A YOUNG MAN,, HE NEEDS TO GET A PROPER LIFE,,,,,,FIND A GIRL FRIEND, AND DO WHAT NORMAL LADS DO,, YOU NEED TO BREAK AWAY AND LIVE,,,,,,,,l am not saying this to be nastie, think about it with an open mind you are still young,,

  • LOL Impressive as it is, did you have to getEVERY single one? The idea is to give scouts a choice of an AREA of interest and pursue those.  Your grizzled outdoorsmen will go for those badges and your craftsmen, likewise, and there are plenty that fit into each “genre”, so to speak.  The Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal etc. but not Perfect.  The lack of perfection is what we want to teach in scouting, and how to do the very best you can at everything.  Merit Badges are only one point of the Scouting Method.
    To the geek who said:”get a life”: I’d have him overindulge in Merit Badges any day rather than methamphetamine.  Go turn off your console game and get a life.

  • think eagle scouts boy camp keep follow at mountains valley easten the boys don’t gay who come not love ever we are work to eagle scouts to flag America not flag gay marriage never any change friend not gay scouts forever bless America our liberty,

  • Not only is this kid not a true eagle scout because of the actual requirements, but I feel like this is scripted because the guy asked the kid about the quiz and he said ok like he didnt know what he was doing instead of saying right or yes

  • Ok, first of all this guy not only earned every merit badge availed in the BSA he also earned the BSA’s highest rank. Eagle Scout. This guy will be sought after by a lot of companies/work places. He will go VERY far in life. So before you say “get a life” keep in mine that he’ll have more of a life than most people.

  • You’re right..

    Again sorry if I sounded like I was trashing the guy but I was only trying to be positive, albeit an in odd way…

    In my own defense I’ve had several of my adopted sons young friends run away from home so they could try to live with us so…I must have been doing something right.

    We were both on the same page but using different languages:)

    Later friend

  • Getting Eagle Scout is not a race I got mine just recently and I joined when I was eleven (started in cub scouts). Now first off you have to wait about six months between ranks you can’t just get star and I don’t know work for life in a month you gotta wait so I have no idea how this kid got it at his age. Either way I think Scouts should enjoy the journey of getting the rank and not rush through it

  • I was a cub scout for like 2 months my mom will be on the phone for hours and during that time I had her just sign away on the Task book, within two months i had more badges I looked like a 4 star General �� meanwhile i wouldnt last 10 min in the woods of course they found out and kicked me out,,

  • Nah this kid isnt an eagle at 11 between each rank there is a certain amount of time you must be active in the troop so that slows people down a lot it’s not possible to become eagle at 11

  • What in the world is that insignia under his Friends of Scouting patch on his left side? Looks very similar to the U.S. Cavalry insignia. I’ve never seen anything like that in the scouting program.

  • This is fraud! There is no way this kid did this following the BSA regulations! All the community service hours, merit badges, 20 camp outs, and we are not talking about camping out in the back yard either! You have do do a minimum amount of time from the rank of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class Scout, First Class Scout, Star Scout, Life Scout and then Eagle! Flat out BULLSHIT!

  • So many things are wrong here.

    In this boys own words he earned eagle in one year. Impossible.

    First the failure of the troops adult leadership for allowing this to happen. A scout is required to complete the requirements as written no more or less.

    The second is the failure of this scout to the scout law. Very clearly he short cut many of the requirements. The easiest to see is the leadership position tenure requirements. The second less obvious is the time requirements for merit badge requirements.

    It is a shame the troop, district, council and national bsa leadership failed this young man.

    There are many lessons to be had here

  • It takes one month for Tenderfoot Requirement 6b
    One monthfor Second Class 7a
    One month for First Class 8a
    4 months for Star 1
    6 months for Life 1
    6 monthes for eagle one
    Plus campouts and merit badges, leadership positions, eagle
    project, and service, this would take well over at least 3 (maby less if you just rushed and did not join the OA), not 1.

  • Bs. Parents obviously rushed him. Its a journey, not a race. They probably just forced him to get it. And almost every rank requires atleast 6 months so this is so ridiculous

  • I thought I would explain how it was possible for him to become an Eagle even at his young age. One can join the Boy Scouts program if they are eleven OR completed fifth grade/completed arrow of the light. It takes a minimum of about a year and a half to complete all the rank requirements.

  • This is physically impossible because there are requirements starting that for example you must be a star scout for 6 months a life scout for 6 more months and so on the minimum age for the boy scouts is 11 so this could not be done and is fake

  • Nice video and la no Che I went to last year in June of 2018 and I’m currently a patrol leader, only scout rank(working on tenderfoot) and elections have just happened recently in our troop, and I recently got elected as the webmaster

  • Don’t worry the Omegas have had to let you guys win not because we can’t but because we feel who cares? I heard a guy in a suicide note tell his kids not to reach for a brass ring when they can reach for a gold one? I say why reach for a ring? I reach for anything it will be something that will do me some good like some fruit. No wonder he killed himself he placed his value upon a status symbol rather than compare his life to that of a man 100 years prior. Altitude latitude/gratitude attitude?

  • All Merit badges are earned. You can’t just “snag” badges, you need to learn the skill. I know because I’m in Boy Scouts. It’s not easy to earn most Merit badges.

  • Sorry. One does not become an Eagle Scout in there first year in Boy Scouting. There are required ranks, up to 5 before Eagle and each requires at least a year each of activities done to earn that rank.

  • He may be good at memorizing things and his parents peeped him but my troop was devolved because they were allowing this I went on a camp out and they were going to let me have 12 test. At that rate I would have been an Eagle Scout in two months

  • What about the waiting times???
    This is fake there’s no way this happened that quick it takes at least a year and a half from waiting and then leadership Ik 13 and almost at eagle and I have. To wait six months to get my life rank badge

  • I stayed up late last night to make sure I had this video set to release at noon today. I made a lot of progress so far this year. I am ahead of schedule to earn my Eagle in less than two years. Stay tuned for next week’s video premiering at Noon Saturday!

  • “helped them all get through this “rough ” omg did she really just say that?! Lady put her foot in her own mouth and she didn’t even realize it!!!! And judging from the comments it doesn’t seem anyone else noticed it either!!! Poor choice of words at best! �� hahaha Wow! I guess he earned 122 “Patches” now. You know including the “Rough Patch.” Ouch… CBS!

  • I mean it’s good to be involved with Scouts and do merit badges but the point is to guide you in different interest areas and possibly help in choosing a career, although earning every merit badge is impressive, it defeats the purpose of what the merit badges are all about.

  • Be kind. This young man has achieved more than most adults. He deserves respect for his hard work and commitment. Nobody “snags” a merit badge. All honors in BSA are earned. Congratulations. WWW (Tsisqan)

  • Glad you aren’t the senior patrol leader in my troop. Your pride seems to be directly in your way. You display a lack of serious leadership skills. As senior patrol leader you should be doing more than anyone else. You are a servant, not the “highest power”. Your whole premise goes against everything scouts values.

  • Hah this cant ever happen you need to hold 7 ranks and need to wait 6 months between them and you can become a SPL until you are at least 1st class. Nice try

  • There’s only 1 person in the UK who has all the scouting badges, there’s only 92 and she’s a girl, I was a brownie and only got 8 badges

  • The program is designed to take a boy thorough age 18, and there is a grand canyon between 11 and 18. This is not a race. Eagle and 60+ merit badges at 11 years old? No way. Can’t be done. And it will hurt him in the future because when applying for jobs, internships, or whatever, anyone who has experience with scouting and sees this is going to think, “Yeah, you’re fake.” There are always parents behind this kind of thing driving it and it’s very sad. FoxNews -you should know better.

  • Good job buddy. I’m super proud of you. I was in the scouts when I was younger but due to a lack of interest, the program was not continued in my area.

  • Not a true eagle scout….. he didn’t use the edge method… and at the age of 11, how much did his parents do and was his father the scoutmaster

  • At least I found someone who done the same thing because I earned 137 merit badges because there’s more now a days but it’s good someone done the same thing

  • Some badges are so simple that you only need a few hours, however others take years to complete.  If you question me, all you need to know is I am also an Eagle Scout.

  • I know a man who took another mans identity with the same name and became a scout leader. This man on parole after serving 5 years, ten months in Federal prison for weapons and being the Sargent of arms of a notorious motorcycle gang. This man took another mans identity with the same name who was an eagle scout. Not only did he get a duplicate eagle scout certificate, become a scout leader but he was on video at the event held by the National rifle association for the boy scouts teaching boy scouts how to shoot guns. The headquarters in Texas were notified, while investigating I was informed a background check was done and he had no criminal past. He continued to be a scout leader and eventually was transferred to Texas from Ca. The local authorities were informed that a man on parole was teaching boy scouts how to shoot guns and I was told and I quote ” I happen to know Mr……. and I think he’s a nice guy and I’m not going to do anything to help you”
    So you see believe it or not things are not always as they seem. This incident happened just a few years ago after the BSA stated on national T.V. that they now had a full proof back ground check that was impossible to pass if you had a criminal record. This man had done 85% of his adult life behind bars since youth authority.

    So I would like to thank CBS for all there hard work investigating into the corruption of the boy scouts.

  • This is 100% possible, you just have to set it up right.

    It is true that you cannot join scouts until you are 11, but if you are a Webelow scout and you earn your arrow of light (the highest Cub scout rank), you can join a scout troop as soon as you turn 10. As soon as you join, you have exactly 8 months to bum rush to first class rank. Why? Let’s do the math

    Ranks scout, tenderfoot, second class, and first class have no time requirements.

    Once you are a first class scout, you must remain one for at least 4 months before you can earn the next rank of star. Once you are star, you must remain one for at least 6 months before you can become life. And finally, you must remain life 6 months before you can become eagle.

    So that’s the math. 6 + 6 + 4 = 16. 24 months is the time you have before you turn 12, so 24 16 = 8.

    Now, it does take a lot of paperwork to advance that fast, and I am 100% sure that his parents and scoutmaster played a massive part in his accelerated advancement.

    Now, should we be concerned about that? Personally, I have never seen an eagle scout that quit scouting before 18, so as long as this kid stays in his troop, which I’m sure he will, his growth will be just fine, so there is no need to bash the poor kid for getting his eagle at Jimmy John’s speed.

    Personally, I am glad I took my time with rank advancement. There is so much more to scouts than just merit badge trivia and knots. If all you worry about is ranks, you could miss out on the other amazing things scouts has to offer.

    But that’s just my two cents.

  • When I was a Boy Scout my goal was to earn my Eagle Scout and all of the merit badges. Fortunately I earned my Eagle Scout but sadly I didn’t have time to attain all of the badges. All I can say for him if that he is one of the most accomplished Eagle Scouts out of all them in the United States. Good for him

  • “Snag” is not a word I would use for a Scout who has “Earned” merit badges. I’m surprised CBS would use such a word for a positive action.

  • Mailing the representatives and the senators will be the easy part for me because I am truly obsessed with politics. A scout working on his Eagle rank said that the personal management and family life merit badges are the hardest to get.

  • I’m surprised about them saying there were quite a few that accomplished what this young man as done. That is a lot of hard work. Be interesting to know when the others earned theirs and if it was more so in the distant past or more so now. Also I wonder if he ever tried to do the things of the badges no longer been required and if any one else has done so.

  • I’m not a Eagle Scout, but I was heavily involved with scouting, mostly order of the arrow was a big thing for me, but it’s not a adventure if you rush through your requirements, it’s a disgrace to see this

  • I’ve undergone some trainings and tests to become a successful Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Phases 1 to 3 and Pre Board and National Board…
    And… I failed.

    Trainings and tests like these are way above the standards of what a scout has to undergo here. But we’ve been assigned to help out in war here in the Philippines (of course I’m not one of them, plus it was Eagles stuff. The ESC (Emergency Service Corps.) Does it all.)
    Salutations to this scout!

  • For those who think its impossible and fake, yeah its impossible NOW, but rules changed pretty recently, not much, idk how recent, anyway it wasn’t like where you needed to be a star or life scout for this many months so that’s how these guys could get it done so quickly. I’m about to earn the eagle rank myself in a week or two (just waiting for a BOR), but my dad had a buddy when he was younger, he earned his eagle in about 15 months. Although, even back then, without all those restrictions we have today, that must have been a huge grind. Just saying it WAS possible, but now, yeah, impossible.

  • Nice, 1/220. Me and my buddy got the full amount. It changes often. I got 131. Buddy got 138. I learned so much in my 7 years of Scouts (Of course am an Eagle too)

  • The youngest you can join boy scouts is at age 10 if you have completed the 5th grade.Even if he did all the scout, tenerfoot, second and firs class requirements really quickly, one of the requirements for star is to be the previous rank for 4 months, then you have to be a star for 6 months to become a life, and a life for 6 months, at least, to become an eagle.

  • I’m a life scout 16 years old, I started 4 years ago I got 69 currently and working at 6 more for summer camp I got all my eagle done but I want to get all the badges but I know I can’t ������

  • I question this for several reasons.
    1 leadership time requirements obviously
    2 the religion medal takes a great deal of time, it’s not something you can rush thru.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble you said you Have Nine out of the 21 badges Meanwhile you actually only have eight because swimming and cycling is an either or So one of them does not count as an eagle merit badge

  • If you were a good parent you’d understand that I made the comment for several reasons…

    For one thing I figured he’d show up & it would make him laugh, also that it make his friends laugh.

    I can go into other psychological aspects of why I would make such a comment or the understanding of certain teenage social structures but
    it was all for his benefit.

    You don’t have pets I hope?

  • See I’m a Staff sergeant in the marine corps and have given everything to achieve this rank and to defend my nation and I can’t get 10 likes on Facebook and this dick gets mad clout

  • What the comments fail to mention is that this guy also completed NYLT. As an Eagle with 3 palms who also completed NYLT I know that’s a huge deal. About 2 scouts every year get all the merit badges. I know someone who was a counselor at Resolute last year who now has all of them.

  • I’m 16 almost 17 and am gonna get my eagle by the end of the summer, this kid annoys me, my troop makes you hold ranks in the troop like senior patrol leader for a year and you need 4 positions if responsibility minimum to get eagle to 4 years.

  • That is very impressive such a humble and courages teen…seems so honorable and humble truly a great example of how a american citizen should be…i want all my kids to be in the boy and girl scouts i want them to learn and become responsible since young age…

  • If you follow the program as written by the guidelines then it’s 1 year to first class, 4 months to star, 6 to life and 6 to eagle. That is 2 years, 4 months. However, many camps offer a trail to eagle to cut down the time to first class, which could really be done in 3 months. I am surprised we don’t see more 12-year-old eagles. Good job.

  • The minimum amount of time it takes to earn Eagle Scout is 1 year and seven months. It is impossible to meet the requirements without being in scouts for that long. So there is no way he got Eagle Scout at 11. By earning eagle this early, he has most likely the skipped some of the requirements and has definitely not learned the values that an Eagle Scout should have.


  • +SublineDD the Boy Scouts of America are preparing youth for there day to day lives, I’ve learned knife safety to how to tie knots to how to solder an electrical joint. Scouting offers more then just sitting there doing nothing every day!

  • When everyone is talking about how difficult it is to earn badges in boy scouts and like half the badges I earned in girl scouts were given to me just for showing up.

  • I have recently turned 15 and am a life scout with one merit badge left, and that is camping. I’m almost done with it, and am currently deciding what I want to do for my project, of which I have two options: #1 this is what I came up with, there is a lake on the edge of town and there are two docks on one side and, I was thinking of installing one on the other. #2 the church my troop meets at always has something it wants done and we are happy to do them as eagle projects, and now they want a gazebo on the front turf and I’m deciding which one I should do.

  • Of course, BSA regs say you can only wear one sash no matter how many merit badges you have. I guess he’s the reason they have that reg now.

  • no way this kid got it, there are waiting periods between Star, Life, and Eagle, which are 4, 6, and 6 months. so you need to be in scouting for at least 18+ months to get Eagle, so if you join at 10 and a half, you can be earning it as young as 12, personally I got it young at 14 years and 2 months.

  • I am a scout and I joined when I was 11! I am 12 and I am Star. I rushed that first year and I am taking it slow until Eagle. This kid was almost 9 when he joined Boy Scouts. I was still a Weblos at 11!

  • One thing I dont understand, is the fact he has almost 50 merit badges on his sash, I made eagle at age 15 and finished scouts with only 30 badges, some of the badges require lotssss of work, there is no way this is legit

  • Yeah for star you need 4 months, life and eagle is 6, so that’s already 18 months not saying that hes not finishing all of his camping trips in one night, all the cit in the community you need a decent amount of service hours, and even for the other ranks you need service hours and some fitness requirements that take a month or 2 I’m just sayin lmao

  • There is no minimum age. However, there are time-in-rank requirements: Four months for Star, six months for Life, and six months for Eagle. There is also a 30-day fitness requirement for Tenderfoot. A scout who worked at a frenzied pace could theoretically earn his Eagle rank 17 months after joining

  • how the crap did he get chess merit badge i tried it today,not knowing how to play chess and i didn’t even learn so i decided to drop the merit badge

  • You obviously have not been in scouting! It helps a LOT with job applications. For example, if you make Eagle, it proves that you can lead others. Scouting helps people learn about our Earth and how to take care of it, leave no trace. So please don’t ever say that scouting does not help prepare young boys for the future.

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