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Making Transitions Easier for Children Being raised in two houses after a divorce or separation can be a difficult adjustment for children. With a shared parenting schedule, not only do they have to. Tips from DK Simoneau Don’t talk down about the child’s other parent, no matter how frustrated or angry you become. Talking down about a Establish a special routine during transition periods. Perhaps play a game or serve a special meal each time your child Allow your child to have a transition.

2. When explaining divorce to your kids, ALWAYS make it clear that they were not the reason for your divorce. Work with the other parent to set consistent rules. 3. Your kids don’t need to know about your anger and resentment towards the other parent.

Don’t tell them about arguments or other adult issues. 4. Encourage questions from your kids. 10 Calming Techniques & Transition Strategies for Kids 1 || Make it clear to the child how much longer the activity will last.

Try using a visual timer. Bring the child’s attention to it when you. The most important things that both parents can do to help kids through this difficult time are: Keep visible conflict, heated discussions, and legal talk away from the kids. Minimize the disruptions. Learn your child’s style.

Some children become quiet and moody around transitions. Others may act out. These are usually normal behaviors for children whose parents are divorced. Give your children the understanding and “space” to make transitions in their own unique style. Put your children’s needs first.

Work to make transitions. Children often need time to adjust when they make the switch between houses. Come up with a routine to help smooth the transition. You can plan the same favorite meal, read a book together, or play.

3 Ways to Cope With Joint Custody and Missing Your Child. Here’s some of the typical advice for parenting after divorce and missing your kids: Make plans to keep yourself busy while your child is. Over the years, Billy and I have shared custody many different ways. We’ve bird nested, alternated every two days, spent time in a 2/5/5/2, and most recently, adopted a week to week schedule.While when the children change homes has varied throughout our coparenting journey, how they feel coming home on transition day has not..

Transition. Make Custody Transitions Easier on Your Kids. By Jennifer Wolf Visitation Schedules for Infants. Fact checked by Sean Blackburn How to File for Sole or Joint Custody of Your Child.

Fact checked by Shereen Lehman, MS Reasons to Request Child Custody.

List of related literature:

As parents make meaningful progress in their case plans and approach reunification, visits can be increased to build the attachment relationship prior to a transition home (as we discuss later).

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Do children adapt and function better when raised in joint custody or sole custody arrangements?

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This approach involves determining physical custody on the basis of the proportion of time the child has spent with each parent in the past.

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Research update: Children’s adjustment in sole custody families compared to joint custody families and principles for custody decision making.

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Any gradual increase in visitation must be closely supervised.

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Thus, it would seem essential to include the independent input from the children whenever feasible, especially since it is widely known that parents in dispute about custody and/or visitation often have difficulty separating their own respective interests from those of their children.

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However, the attorney notes that often in Family Treatment Courts because of the closer oversight and monitoring, judges are more amenable to returning children to their parents’ care or increasing the level of visitation and decreasing the level of supervision of that visitation.

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Beyond ensuring that parents and children feel acknowledged throughout the child custody evaluation process (specific strategies are discussed in the subsequent section), another way to increase procedural justice is to increase parents’ perceptions of the evaluator’s legitimacy.

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The lawyer who represents the parent moving away, whether a SM or a nonmilitary parent, sometimes will argue that circumstances have changed and that a review and modification of custody or visitation is needed in the new state.

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Improved visitation enforcement is warranted by the observed incidence of interference, the co-occurrence of visitation and child support problems and equity considerations.

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  • Wish I had seen this video before our parenting plan was created. I have been doing the best I can by continuing to love and support my child. This video does help me though for future issues. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  • With my experience having my daughters dad not actually being around much for her in the past 3yrs and only giving her pipe dreams and broken promises as to how as I’m a single mother with her father being a real narcissist am I better off to completely just cut him off no Contact with me of course but also for her since I mean is he ever going to be there come on what do I do please anyone who can give me any advice need some… thanks so much ahead of time we have been broken up after almost 10 plus years with him since 2018 but I have still been in touch on and off with him these past 2 years so I need real help just am I hurting her or helping her

  • Thank you so much for this video! It affirms my experiences with my children and confirms my thoughts about them. I will keep looking for an answer to this question, but if you have time, could you tell me whether it’s advisable to concisely point to out my children’s father on OFW the abusive behavior I personally witness him perpetrating? As a way of documenting the behavior?
    For example: giving my daughter the silent treatment by refusing to answer an important question she posed to him via text while she was with me? Or are my energies better spent helping her cope with his cold shoulder?

  • Hello! I do not know how soon you will receive this big THANK YOU! but THANK YOU! I have been searching in my community for help in my circumstances with my ex husband and learning over the past 4 years he is Narcissistic. Enduring no one believing me or meeting professional therapists who have no idea what NPD is or looks like, leaving me feeling as though I have been the crazy one. Today, watching your video, it has set a pace for me to find peace in all the isolated turmoil I have been facing. Thank you, thank you for your video. I am anxious to learn more and hopefully find full recovery to the abuse i have had to endure, until now. I have know my ex-husband (sharing 2 chileren) for 15 yrs and only now finding you for help and support. Thank you! ������

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I’m in the process of organizing my trial binder right now. I am nervous about self representing against an abusive ex with an attorney, but this helps me feel more prepared! <3

  • Rouugh day but ok. Going to beach with my Sponser tomm. morn. I’m listening to dementia or just senior stuff. My dad said words I longed for years. ” Bob don’t be hard on yourself. You didn’t abandon your son, you discarded the monster. ” that was so cool..My dad has been good person yet larger ego. So it’s a breakthrough of sorts. SVU Marathon. �� Bob

  • I exclusively Breastfeed my son. We split when my son was 5 months. Wouldn’t take a bottle for me. I was worried and reluctant but he took the bottle from dad just fine. I provided breast milk. He ended up doing a little formula too. My son was healthy. The judge didn’t care about breastfeeding and gave him weekends and overnights. My son did just fine and it gave me time off to rest since I had him the majority of the time. It’s best for mom and dad to have time with their children and their children to have time with mom and dad. I was okay with him taking him to Hawaii to visit family when he was 15 months old by himself. He’s the father. My son is now 7 and has a great relationship with his dad. He sees him every Thursday and stays the night and every other ThursdayMonday. My son is happy and that’s all that matters.

  • It shouldn’t be up to the judge (or the father for that matter) how or how long a mother feeds her baby. The judge can’t ‘order a mother to pump’. She might not be able to produce enough milk through pumping and the baby might not take to a bottle. There are so many things to consider when dealing with a breastfed baby and it’s the baby who determines what happens and how long it can be separated from its mother. The father, I’m afraid will just have to deal with it. As for being on solids at 6 months not all babies have started to take solids by then and those that have won’t have a regular routine. Every case will be different and it should not be up to a judge to dictate the feeding needs of a baby.

  • Hi I have been watching your videos and I’m currently in custody battle for my son. I have been trying to get someone to help me but no one is able to. I can’t afford a lawyer. I have been trying to do this by myself. My final court date is coming up in September to determine where is my son should resume living with me in AZ or stay with his dad in NM. I moved to AZ more than a year ago with my son and now his dad caught me off guard with this court process. I dont know what to prepare for my final court date. Does the judge look at all the documententation I submitted to court clinic?
    I relocated a year ago to AZ from NM w/my son. Now husband/ the father is taking me court. Help!

    I relocated July 2017 from NM to AZ w/my son to be w/family support from abuse & violence from husband. I gave 2 mo. notice to my husband of my plans. He agreed & we had our own parenting plan. He got upset with me in January & served me court papers in March for full custody claiming I forced him to agree to my move w/our son & did not know he had rights which is why he is doing this half a year later. We had court clinic which the interviewer said it was hard to decide b/c my son bonded well w/me, his dad & his Gf. He has a lawyer & I do not. I need help. I can’t afford a lawyer but if someone can answer some questions I have I appreciate it. I’m scared to lose my son when I moved to AZ with him & I have documentation that my husband agreed to my move, his threats, his violence, & abuse. Messages from his Gf saying its not a requirement to let me talk to my son when in her care. But the interviewer said it was still going to be a hard decision & the judge may ask me to come back to NM if I want to be with my son. I’m attending school & have a job I just can’t relocate that fast when I’ve already been established here for a year.
    Please help. Thank you!

  • My ex asked to attend all dr appointments while she was a baby. I think this was deliberate because the dr always ask if breast feeding. As soon as I stopped, and it was noted by dr, my ex filed for overnights with the courts and was awarded them