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Setting Minimum Child Visitation Rights for Non-Custodial Parents

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Non-Custodial Parental Rights

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Life of a Non Custodial Parent

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Non-Custodial Parents Visitation Rights

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Legal Questions: Attaining Visitation Rights for Noncustodial Parents

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Legal Rights of Non-Custodial Parents Follow the Visitation Schedule. It is extremely important for non-custodial parents to adhere to the visitation schedule Follow the. A non-custodial parent, as opposed to a custodial parent, is a parent who does not have primary custody of their child. For example, one parent may have custody of the child for.

A non-custodial parent who despite having no physical custody of the child does have joint legal custody has more rights than a non-custodial parent without legal custody. A. In addition to the rights enumerated in ORS 107.154, noncustodial parents also have the right to parenting time (or what used to be called “visitation”).

For more on that topic, please visit our. Non custodial parents must understand the law to understand their options California law is simple Both parents have a right to enjoy frequent and continuing contact with their children. Applying the laws to the facts above, the father may argue that his son’s move to Rhode Island would be burdensome on him and his rights to parental visitation as the non-custodial parent.

Massachusetts courts recognize the adverse effect of the elimination or curtailment of the child’s association with the non-custodial parent. A non-custodial parent is a parent who does not have primary physical custody of his or her children. For example, a non-custodial parent may have visitation with the child that. Remember, you are a very important part of your child’s life.

A managing conservator, or custodial parent, has the legal right to decide where the child will live. This right is commonly called. The Mother’s Rights.

Unmarried and married parents often face the same legal issues regarding their children, though the law makes it somewhat more complicated for children born to unmarried parents. As a rule, unmarried mothers are granted primary right to custody of their children. No. FERPA rights are given to both parents.

The school may assume that a parent has these rights unless it has evidence to the contrary. The school does not need the permission of the.

List of related literature:

Courts may terminate a parent’s rights regarding a child if it is determined that the parent is unfit.

“Medical Care Law” by Edward P. Richards, Katharine C. Rathbun
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At the August hearing, neither the mother nor the father appears to have contested the termination of parental rights; the only matter they argued to the court was whether the minor should be placed with the half sister (which the mother and the father preferred) or remain with the de facto parent.

“California Advance Sheet February 2012” by Fastcase
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In addition, when the court makes a child arrangements order in favour of a person who is not a parent or guardian of a child, naming him or her as a person with whom the child shall live, that person shall have parental responsibility for the child for the duration of the order.

“Family Law and Practice 2020” by Nancy Duffield
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However, if stepparents do not take the necessary steps to adopt the child of the new spouse, they may have no visitation rights if they divorce or their spouse dies.

“Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach” by Katherine A. Currier, Thomas E. Eimermann
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Noncustodial parents have a legal right to visitation, allowing them to spend time with their child.

“Encyclopedia of New York State” by Peter Eisenstadt
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If the nonbiological parent has not adopted the child, then she has virtually no rights to remain a parent if the parties dissolve their relationship.

“Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody” by Phyllis Chesler
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If the parents are divorced, the custodial parent is the legal guardian unless the court determines otherwise.

“Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics” by Susan J. Westrick, Katherine McCormack Dempski
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Such a relationship should not interfere with the parents’ rights and responsibilities, and contact may have to be phased in if the child does not know the grandparents well.

“Everyone’s Guide to South African Law: 4th Edition” by Adriaan Anderson
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Usually, both parents’ rights are recognized.

“The Principal's Quick-Reference Guide to School Law: Reducing Liability, Litigation, and Other Potential Legal Tangles” by Dennis R. Dunklee, Robert J. Shoop
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If one sees parental rights as including protective rights, for example, the parent’s right to consent to medical treatment, which gradually cedes with age to the child’s choice, it is not clear that the absent unmarried father has any part to play.

“Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials” by Joanna Miles, Rob George, Sonia Harris-Short
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  • Great video Mark you hit all the points that really impact what real people are going through. You’re doing important work! -Duane

  • 6 seconds in and I stopped this bullshit. Her voice alone proves she’s working WITH this corrupt system. A little advice people, THESE PEOPLE CANNOT MAKE YOU A NON CUSTODIAL PARENT, if it has not been proven that you are a danger to your offspring. No lawyer would EVER mention to you that these people are operating UNDER COLOR OF LAW and have NO JURISDICTION over you!!!

  • 45:20 breaks my heart…I too, am in the Illinois custody system. My ex-wife just canceled my very first visit after 2-years of fighting in court simply for TIME with my son…paying child support the entire time, attorneys fees around every corner, and no one ever even asked for my side of our situation. Does anybody know if ANY of these bills have been passed as of 7/11/2020?

  • I have a disable son diagnosed with Autism. I would probably die of an heart attack out of extreme shock if my son’s father ever decided to take me to court for visitation. 

  • I agree with this video…. But the father hadn’t excersise his parenting rights…. It does create emotional burdens, but I’ve kept my sons heart feeling good…

  • I’m a dummy i keep hoping things will get better the more i do the she disrespect. Me I hate her she’s real petty and a police manipulates everything i try to set a example for my kids but she’s evil i wish i never met her

  • These things are likely true, however, I believe there are so many stipulations as well as an extremely expensive venture. Personally I trusted the mother whole heartedly and never thought she would do this to her own and to me. She has already cut me off and out of her life with restricted court orders and when I attempted contact she pressed tellicomunication harassment charges on me. I never even got to say goodbye and never got a reason for this. Furthermore she has used her child as a weapon against me and since the judicial system doesn’t recognize me as the father, I am pretty well out of options and the damage is done. It makes me sick and has devistated me, I can only think about what this has done to my little girl who I have been there for since she was born, for 5 years, nearly every day and then all the sudden, no daddy! I can only hope that someday I have the chance to tell her the truth and pray for her safety and happiness every day.

  • These tips are so wrong lol. I know personally 90% of court orders is every other weekend if you see the child more you can get arrested. that’s facts.

  • I applaud you men and women who stand up there and spill your guts and fight for what is actually right… My heart really just go out to all. I hope after watching this video that you all have successfully got your kids back in your life…

  • My tips are
    1.) sell crack and other paraphernalia
    2.) Work under the counter because you’re suppose to rip that shit off because it has nothing to do with being a parent or anything for that matter
    3.) Walk out on your kids if they are not totally on your side fuck’em and when they turn 18 and need money knowing they can’t get it from their welfare queen mother then you tell them to get a fucking job and go fuck themselves!
    4.) If your kids want shit for Christmas and your paying child support then you explain you paid for their entire Christmas through child support and their mother is a dead beat who lives off them and spent that money probably on clothes for herself since she need to update her whordrobe every year and usually spends about 2,000 dollars on that while hardly working enough to pay her own rent and bills since the support pays for all that too because she only earns enough to smoke cigarettes and drink Starbucks coffee everyday and maybe pay half the rent after she spends all of her money she earned.

  • The thing that bothers me the most is the missed time. Missing so much of their lives. Money can always be made, time can never be made up.

  • I want to know why you will not expose the one who has a financial interest in this child support that is being committed why won’t you expose these people that is my question…. So many fit parents and so many innocent children are paying the price today because people are protecting the ones who need to be exposed….. Stop the corruption stop the fraud because we all know that it’s not in the best interest of our children. Blessings verses freestone’s plainly states that….

  • This advice is empowering mothers to destroy the family. This is horrible advice. Fathers should not be instant non custodial parents. An agenda teaching each every generation that dads are the visitors and only moms are the real parents. A man is only needed to donate his genes and often forced out of the home instantly. Then the States systems began their profit scheme; making mom and children incidental beneficiaries of government assistance in abundance. Even if a woman had employment before pregnancy; no need for going back to work. Its the start of a new life for mother and child, without the child’s father intentionally more times than not. A financial scheme shared by the government, legal system, stock market, incidental beneficiaries, and others for profit only. Amazing that no one desires to fix this broken system first. More important than anything is the stability of a child’s home and the wellbeing of our future. False allegations of domestic violence and fear of fathers are immediately surfaced in almost every court case now. Child abuse and neglect is ignored by the profiting agencies and services created to perpetuate the need for funding from federal dollars. How many broken families are rebelling against each other; while the few celebrate their achievements for each state’s financial scheme. There are mothers trying to figure out how to get more Government money for their Kids, instead of figuring out how to provide for themselves. Trillions of dollars are flowing through this system today. The constitution is ignored by profit seekers and following the due process causes anger and frustration at all levels of the legal system. This destruction is a financial windfall for state racketeering funded blindly by the highest levels. Imagine if both parents were treated fairly and employed to provide for their family; without the biased system. The family court and welfare system is currently a self destructive mechanism, than ignores the best interest of children for profit. All single mothers should be proud of their profit scheme; they are angry for not getting enough support. Don’t forget who get the child support first; its not the child or the mom. The dad’s who desire to and work to be in the lives of their offspring are forced or subjected to pay thousands of dollars; yet the dads may not even get one visit per year. Almost every case, children are begging and praying to know the their fathers are ignored. by mothers all across this nation. How is that fair to hide love from children’s lives for profit schemes? Btw our nation is fighting for building walls, pro abortions, and maintaining a war ready state, amongst other endeavors; and destruction is winning. Is it better to terminate a pregnancy under suspicion that it will be too difficult to raise one’s offspring? Or perhaps there are millions of other justifications that a person or persons feel abortion is an only option. New life begans truly at the moment of the miraculous conception, yet the choice is a matter for debate. In our near future; how will the courts deal with clones between married or unmarried couples? Already support is ordered for pets between divorce or splitting couples. Will welfare and wic be provided for cloned offspring, or artificial lifeforms, what next? More mothers all across America are wanting government funding for “free American Welfare benefits that pay better than a job”. Each state is required to maintain a multiple billion dollar scheme under the “color of law”. Abuse, corruption, fraud, and waste are all common throughout the process. Is that a factor for coming to the land of “opportunity”: risking the lives of one’s self and of children to enter the U.S. worth it. Many children whether they are citizens or not; are abused or worse for the desire of one parent to receive the financial benefits in some state of America. The compelling incentive that is available for seperating the home or family is: free housing, free food, free fuel for automobiles or heating, free utilities, free transportation, free day care, free medical benefits, free alcoholic beverages, free illicit drugs, SSI, SSD, and so much more for the helpless intentional single moms. Many are proud of generations of government help and resources. Often the abuse to the children allows the mothers to receive extra cash through SSD funding for the disabilities and traumas inflicted by the creation of this problem; that causes permanent mental damages to their own offspring. In addition to all other typical benefits provided; double dipping with SSI, child support, and other financial schemes makes single mom baby making and single mom baby snatching a profitable business for the sole custodial parent and all state government entities claiming to be working in “the children best interest”.
    Going forward, what is our future for this growing scheme? Will child support be charged for a clone, humanoid drone, or pet in family court order throughout this nation? Everything is up for debate in all aspects of all our lives. Our generation is advancing in science or intelligent ventures, with no concern for consequences to our offspring’s future if this system remains. The truth is more often covered with lies, and the truth is sometime more shocking than the lies. Fathers should never give up fighting for equal parental rights. There is a ultimate reason for creating and maintaining the welfare system that exists today; it’s hiding in plain sight. Double meanings and obscure language from the very moment… Other factors and other extremes also exist, and even in a biased system, both parents can be equally loving and supportive for their offspring without being destructive. Ultimately wrongdoing doesn’t always win. All children need both parents if both parents are fit and willing to be parents.

  • My sons bio father is trying to say in court that I wouldn’t let him see his son. He took off for 11 years… Now because the father wants to quit child support he is demanding summers visitation and spring visitations…
    Hesssssss living. I wouldn’t keep my son from him. I didn’t have chains on my door.. He could of brought his visitation paperwork and a cop if he thought would be needed… Now what

  • So True! Made me cry. Because I have and do still go threw these hard daily truths! May The Lord Strengthen you and all dads going threw this BS!��

  • Amazed at how much chit chat is going on.. how can these people represent and or pass or fail any bill, when they are busy jabbering with other reps, while someone IS talking..

  • I got sick 2014 I haven’t seen my in 2 years cos I got sick and she said I was just a sperm doner I have no right s to my son my is gonna be 3 years old and doesn’t know cos of the mother and since I didn’t pay her she gives me no time to my son I told her i would pay again if I win my disability, case do I have any father’s to my son pls I need help I lost my life for 2 years God brought me back my son is a miracle son call me God 682 707 7486 she lives in Lexington ky I from texas any lawyer can help me plz or individual pls im doin better thanks to God

  • I can see why the “ women“ do not like this.. bill and the upcoming bill HB4113, but all these men, dads, potential dads…are not onboard… why? Do they not love their kids? Do they not want to be dads? Or are they IN the pockets of the people who are against it?

  • It was stated, and is fact, regarding the Steven Watkins bill, “all the effort we have put into this bill…, it’s not being enforced, law enforcement is refusing to enforce it, and judges are refusing to enforce it,…it’s a shame.”

    This makes no sense. Why make laws?

    Are our judges and police so busy, so overworked, so lazy, so corrupt that laws mean nothing? Or is that our whole system has become so screwed up that the powers and our citizens simply ignore our laws?

    SIDEBAR: For example, hands-free cell phone usage laws are a joke. Look, nothing has changed? For a few days people at least pretended to hold their phone a few inches from their mouth, that now isn’t even the case, they are back to their ears. If our governments bitch that they have no money, here’s a gold mine, an answer, yet everyone looks the other direction. Start giving out tickets, put some money in the bank, and fix this stupid problem before more people are killed.

    They say we need to educate the public so they understand. Forget education, enforce the laws and the public will get it. Isn’t it the job of our police, judges, lawyers to keep the peace to educate themselves, and enforce the laws?

    No one seems to give one rats ass about any of it. Too many lives lost and children ruined!   

    What makes us think that this law will be any different? Will it too be “a shame”? It’s time to march.

  • This guy sums up pretty well what it can be like to become a single father due to divorce. I am not posting it to point fingers or assign blame, but as an insight to all of the emotions involved in being part of this unfortunate club regardless of how you were invited. It’s a wound from which recovery will take effort, and will most likely change who you are permanently. It can undermine your role as a parent and dismount your pride as you question your value as such with the limited time the courts decide to grant you. It can plant seeds of sadness, anger, resentment, fear, guilt, loss, hatred and shame so deep into your makeup, that you may find yourself becoming defensive with anyone on any day for any reason if you fail to keep yourself in check. I’ve been blessed by God to not have had to suffer some of the hardships of his discussion, some of the others hit home very hard. After watching this video, which to be honest I stopped short once he stared expanding it into legislation, I decided to browse through some of the attached comments, a lot of which also hit close to home. I realize that this type of situation isn’t always the case after divorce, and I’m not saying all divorces turn out like this, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who can relate.

  • I truly can relate to this video because my kids father has my kids and I’m still trying to fight when my babies to come back home to me it’s really hard and numb be able to see him when the courts only gave me one day a week for an hour it really bothers me

  • Thank you for posting these videos. A lot of men go through this stuff and never talk about it. I appreciate your effort. The same thing is happening to me. I have 3 children.

  • The only way this Title IV-D unconstitutional fraud will end unfortunately, as we see what is conspiring today in the United States is bloodshed!

  • Title IV-D brother. The judge, clerks, babies mom, lawyers, they are all in on it man. So your research and call them out. you have constitutional rights and unless you recognize that they will keep intimidating you into supporting themselves, not your kids man.

  • Finally, the travesty that is the Illinois Family Law System is being addressed.  Call your representatives today to support HB 5425.

  • gross……. its so simple. 50 50 minimum… Strangers should not be governing over the time you can spend with your children…..

  • Good God man! Get your shit together! My kid is 17, and I’ve been the non-custodial parent for 13 years. Yeah, I’ve taken some hits, but I don’t blame my child support for it. I’ve never gone without the electricity or slept on the floor. Be creative. Get a side gig. Stop whining.

  • Last time seeing my son: June 2016. I didn’t see him until he turned one and I’ve spent a grand total of 18 hours on 7 visits with him over the course of a couple of months. I’ve come to realize she is NPD/BPD/Jezebel demonized and has two criminals for parents who enabled her theft. They three have had the benefit of my son without any impact from me. When I tried to have her served she fled. After learning about family court, I am almost glad she did because if we had gotten in there I could have lost big time. False accusations of abuse and/or rape to produce a restraining order would have come forth as is the M.O. of today’s shark lawyers. I’m glad because I was getting sick due to adrenal and auto-immune problems. Family court could have made it so much worse. Adrenal support herbs helped me a lot.

  • CPS stole my baby from hospital because gf lied to me bout drug use. Now I’m bad guy and I’ve never even had son home with me cause cps foster care her mother are money hungry liars. Phyglogical tramua after year is so horrible. Ps all I did was try to be nice and loving but I have to absorb all the pain alone(no family or friends) Im lost

  • I think that we should erase the phrase “non-custodial” because it does not show co-parenting. All men should have custody of their children.

  • GOD BLESS YOU MR. Richard Thomas! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for Fighting for those of us that have paid ridiculous amounts of money and WASTED Sooo much time trying to simply share our side. I want NO CONFLICT. I want PEACE. That’s it, that’s all that I want, is to SEE my 2-year old son. I love him SO much it makes my eyes weep and my heart bleeds. WE NEED THIS BILL FOR FAIRNESS IN OUR CHILD CUSTODY COURT ROOMS. I haven’t had any sort of full custody of my little boy, Judah since he was 1-month old. He is now 2-years old…. Today was supposed to be the First Weekend that Judah and I were supposed to have a weekend together in 2-YEARS! Can anyone guess what happened? My ex-wife tried to go off of a technicality saying that i did not produce some paperwork, that I had IN MY HAND, and she thinks that it’s ok to be in contempt of court simply because she WANTS to….Now to me, that is Absolutely Ridiculous and selfish. I had to file a police report, sending the officer the documents that I “supposedly did not produce.” It just blows my mind what these jusdges can do in giving power to these people in Illinois when I pay my support EVERY WEEK…..and you know what i dont even care enough to type what i have to do every week just to appease an UNGATEFUL HEXENBEAST OF A WOMAN THAT I Totally Screwed up and married….MY God it’s So sad. PASS THIS THING FOR THE KIDS!!!!!PLEASE!!!! This was my Very 1st Weekend after TWO YEARS! and SHE CANCELLED IT! That is RIGHT, IT IS NOT being INFORCED. They just say, “we’ll take your name, number, and documentation” and your still just fuc**ed after that. YOU DON’T SEE YOUR KID.

  • My name is Sam from csgameover YouTube channel. The child support program is destructive, not only for “non-custodial parents” but for the child as well. The child support program is a business, and the “non-custodial” parents are literately “customers”. On our channel, we expose how deep this fraud really goes! This is a system by the lawyers for the lawyers. The child support program has also injected private international law into the parent-child relationship. We as the people, need to educate ourselves of the implications of such. Thus why we wrote a book on this destructive and evil system.

  • Wow it’s hard to watch, for the first 5 months of my twins I had visitation, and I was paying thousands in child support. I had to go exempt just to keep a roof over my head, put gas in my truck and have some food in my fridge and the little left I had, buy things for my twins. I went in the whole with IRS but I didn’t care I needed to have something for my twins, I eventually got pushed to fight for my rights, I did and I was shocked in how easy it was, they were only 6 months old and I had joint legal custody, she tried fighting back in court many times but I always presented everything with facts and composure and she lost every time. I’m here because she just violated one thing in our court order, she un enrolled them from their current school and enrolled them in a new one with out my consent, I’ve been searching to see what the right step is to take in this situation and I ran into this, great video.

  • You two bitches are lying through y’all teeth no matter what it should be 50/50 you people are breaking the law and have been throwing us in jail and giving the women no accountability for their actions but putting everything against the man you people need to stay out of our rights to govern our own kids and our selves cause none of these judges in all States are upholding our constitution so how is that going to work when us men get put in jail all the time

  • Its not just dads thats going through this. You have spoke exactly what i am going through. As a non custodial parent you cannot afford buying the most expensive stuff like the custodial parent can. Then the other parent makes a huge deal of the non custodial parents ability to purchase all the nice things. Tells the kids that they buy nicer things then the non custodial parent can which is usually the dollar tree or walmart clearence things. I am totally with you. Is there any thing on mothers rights or parental alienation issues?

  • u nailed it man…i lost a great son wud cry over the phone asking me to come over as promised…but my ex wud not allow me to see him..i cud not work at all….today after 6 years and after 10 court orders she still wont allow him…custody laws sucks…v need a revolution..aggressive revolution

  • I’m so happy for days after seeing my son…after 3 days it wears off and I’m sad again…u made me cry dude..really…mothers try to buy our kids love while WE try and earn his….im homeless now because of this and all for “the best interest of our child”….bullshit…

  • Why don’t you ask them to go to work for 30 cents on every dollar they earned? Challenge that and you better make it to work or you’ll be in and out of jail until the day you die so for those who do not know how to calculate that say if you had a job making 20 dollars an hour try living off of 6 dollars take home and that is what it is like then the ordinary person is so stupid they expect you to be thinking of parenting while you’re on the verge of being homeless for 18 years straight but occasionally working two jobs here and there unreported to hopefully save enough money to make it through 3 months. Most people can’t afford 22% in taxes, 49% in child support, rent, a car to make it to work then have this spare time to waste playing house with kids and that is the truth not boo hoo I can’t see my kids because that comes second to everyone’s life weather they like to admit it or not, if you have to occasionally call off of work on a payday to get that direct deposit for gas money to make it to work all next week then being worried about seeing the kids doesn’t cross anyone’s mind when their nearly dead.

  • Try not getting to spend time with your child for fourteen years because you are thrown in jail because you are not able to do pay because they have taken every single thing leaving you homeless and your health is completely drained and thinking about taking your own life daily

  • I finally have full custody of my children but it was one hell of a damn fight to get and thousands and thousands of dollars and many attorneys who are just there to screw you over just to line their pockets. maybe it’s the attorneys who have a financial interest in it maybe it’s the judges who have a financial interest in it maybe it’s associate judges. Or magistrate judges. Maybe it’s DHS. DHFS… We know the DMV hasbecause they suspend your license and we got pay a fee to get them back.. illinois child support is nothing more than a debt collection agency. And never was entered into positive law….. Stop the fraud… give us back our children and give us back our money… That These corporations have interest in. We are men and women we are not obligor obligee or custodial parents or non-custodial. We are men and women who loses the time and the rights to be at our kids because their financial. They need exposed… Just my thoughts

  • I feel you I can’t help but to shed tears while I listen to you…. my husband gets temporary custody because of false allegations I am still fighting to get my son back.

  • 28:15 Lady, You need to shut up. This bill is not even ABOUT domestic violence. Yeah, they come to a “divorce agreement” after the ex-wife’s attorney RAMROD’S a dad who CARES with 100% of his being for his little boy or little girl. This woman is either A. Not a family law attorney or B. She has 0 (NO), kids. My god, she’s out of her mind. Live in all of the people’s shoes that LOVE their children to the world’s end and pay their support every week and BEG the other party to see their child…to be met by nothing but crickets. The psychologist present said that anything UNDER 35% time per week with your child, YOU CANNOT PROPERLY BOND WITH THAT CHILD! Period. Imagine that. People wanting Mom’s or Dad’s who pay all this money on attorney’s fees, and spend all this time in court JUST To SEE Their OWN KIDS….it is Shameful for a person to say that there should Not be a MINIMUM amount of time for Children to see their Mommy’s and Daddy’s. Shame.

  • I proved that my ex was on drugs cocaine through a hair follicle sample. And the family court judge still did nothing about it.. what it boils down to is if the motherscience her rights over to the state of Illinois for food stamps and insurance on the children then she automatically wins…. End of story. I’m sure I’ll have more comments as The story goes on throughout this video I wish this meeting would have gone public through the news channel and YouTube and Facebook and all the other social media I’m sure you would had a bigger out turn. At the state capital

  • I can relate. Me and my son are so close. I haven’t seen him since before Christmas. These last 6 months have caused so much stress and heartache on me that it’s hard to function, keep a job, when all I think about is missed time with my son. I don’t know how mother’s sleep at night knowing they are preventing the father son relationship. Dad’s like me see fighting to be involved, yet because your child’s mother hates your guts you are prevented from having a normal life with your son. I feel for my son, he’s at home every night wondering where his dad is. Wondering why he isn’t good enough, meanwhile his mom is lying to him and she looks like a saint and gets to spend everyday and night with him. No wonder so many kids grow up to hate their fathers. The mothers should be put in jail for what they are doing to the kids and the father’s state of mind. I miss and love you son.

  • Its not up to the parents………if your a man and have a vindictive controlling ex using your kids time with you to hurt you……….. it should be that the parent that does not want to share the children does not get to be the primary parent.

  • When i leave cause of police games and i leave for a while she’s tells my kids i left them i don’t wanna deal with her anymore im losing my mine

  • My story is a long one, (15 years up till now) and I never could have imagined that I would be dealing with a person/people that are so mentally ill as the ones I am dealing with which whom would abuse a child to the point of turning him against his own father (parental alienation syndrome)for no reason and stifle and manipulate him to such an extent that now at 10 years old he is afraid of his own shadow and cannot be out of sight of his mother. When he used to be such a brilliant, brave, little boy who (basically) had no fears at all and had the whole world in front of him for his taking.  I am in short, the perfect victim for a narcissist, a co-dependent from head to toe.  I am not perfect. I have made some mistakes in the past, but I have admitted to all of them and have apologized many times and have tried to move on, but of course to no avail because of who and what I am dealing with in this relationship between my son, my self, his mother, and her mother. I have to add grandpa in here too because he is also a victim of these 2 women as well. He is also a co-dependent and is stuck in the house with them because they have trapped him with the fear of being abandoned amongst other things. Now, on to the 2 women…mommy and grandma. They are classic obsessive covert narcissistic mothers and when I first figured out that is what they really are just a few months ago. I began printing out all of the information on their mental illnesses and began highlighting everything that I knew to be true of them, and let’s just say it would have saved me many hours to have just highlighted the few things that didn’t describe them in the definitions instead of highlighting the things that did. The things that I now know for sure that are going on are: Parental alienation syndrome, Stockholm syndrome, Munchausen by Proxy, Attachment Conditioning, Mental, Physical, and Emotional Abuse, and from what I have read there is a good chance there could be sexual abuse as well. I cannot say for sure about the sexual abuse, but the rest I know for a fact is taking place. Back in September I rented a house across the street from mommy and grandma to be closer to my son. I was there for about a month and half when I was given the opportunity to purchase a home and 7 acres for a price I could not pass up. Just prior to that My son was over at my place across the street from them and as we were going to bed I noticed that he had a couple of bruise on his thigh. so I asked him what they were from, and he hesitated and then told me his mom had punched when they were in the van on the way to school one morning because she got mad at him. So I talked to him about it and he told me it wasn’t the only time she had did something like that and I told  him we should do something about it because she was going to keep doing it if we didn’t do something to stop her. The whole thing scared me beyond belief and I didn’t sleep at all that night. the next morning he was hesitant about telling the police, but he finally did after some coaxing from me that it would be alright, and that hopefully if nothing else it would stop her from ever doing it again. I did not tell him in any way shape or form what to tell the officer. I just told him to tell the truth and he did. As soon as we went back home I told his mother what we did and she played it off fairly well. That night though I made a huge mistake and let him run across the street to say good night to her even though I had a horrible feeling I shouldn’t, but I thought that it would make things worse for he and I if I denied him. so he ran across the street and returned a few minutes later saying “dad, dad, come over here and look at what you did to mom” so reluctantly I went over there to try and talk to her, and she was on the back porch dry eyed and spitting venom at me. What she had done though when the boy ran over there by himself was to totally freak out and bawl in front of him and scare the crap out of him by saying things like oh my god they’re going to take you away from me and put me in jail etc etc etc. He did come back to the house with me and spend the night, and then the next day DCFS got involved and swept it all under the rug within 36 hours. After that, and then me moving out to the country away from them she really turned on the manipulation and scare tactics and I have had to stop calling and communicating with my son because she was using him to argue with and abuse me. I filed for visitation because at the time I didn’t know exactly what was going on for sure, and being a single working man I really have no way short of going on welfare and not working to take care of my son. Which now that I am completely of aware of exactly what is going on I will do to be able to rescue him from them. They have about $250,000.00 that I know of to fight in court. I am the working poor living pay check to pay check. They have already spent ten to fifteen thousand on a lawyer all together and I have spent almost none and will still get visitation as far as I know. The judge has ordered us to mediation beginning April 4th. Them spending that kind of money for basically no reason is to me quite telling of how sacred they are of their secrets being exposed. I’ll add some tid bits here to kind of fill in the whole picture. The grandmother is about 80 years old, the mother of my son is 40 and has never worked a day in her life and other than playing house for a couple of years with me has never left home. She is shall we say less than attractive and was teased in public school so her mom bought her education and high school diploma at a small Christian school in town where all she really did was help the teacher. Another interesting thing is a classic element of narcissist, is that when she was very young her hips were mal-formed so they had to be surgically broken and re-set and she wore a partial body cast for a while. I know I’m dealing with 2 generations of narcissists and maybe more. I have al this information and have highlighted everything they are doing and have done and all the proof is in my son…. as sad as that is to say. I will consult with a very good family attorney that has already helped me in the past, but I am also seeking help from anyone that is willing to help me to try and break her down or make her snap and expose her true colors while we are in mediation. I’m not asking so I can be mean to her or hurt her, this is to help me rescue my son. If I had full custody of him right now, I would not deny her at any time to see him or talk to him at all. All I have ever wanted was for us to be a family and raise him together. Even though it seems as if it will never happen… I still have hope. Thank You,

  • Of course two women OPPOSED… no surprise. lame lame lame.. kids want and need both at the police station.. simply.. what a lame ass statement. Another GU in power.. shame on her and her “ group“.

  • Have to disagree with your last comment that Court’s love involved parents, the family court system and these attorneys purposely create forcibly absent parents. The parents already have equal rights to their children. Family court will terminate most of one parent’s time with the child so they can reclassify that parent as a noncustodial parent, then force that parent into a Title IV-D contract. No Due Process of law taking place in these kangaroo courts.

  • We are currently in process to get HB4113 passed.. we need more sponsors.. 50/50 SHARED parenting time is the only way for children to bond with BOTH parents and extended family.

  • My problems my wife do to me restraining order idont know why I’m not bad parent and she make step divorce and I’m now pay for visitation cost me much much