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Large families also discover upsides: Older children learn independence as they do things mom and dad are too busy for and develop empathy and a sense of responsibility as they care for younger. Why moms want large families. Statistics show that big broods tend to, well, run in families: Women who grow up with lots of brothers and sisters are more likely to have lots of kids themselves. But on our Large Families bulletin board, that’s not the case. “Some of our moms are onlies, and most have just one or two siblings,” says moderator Julie V. Some people have large families because of religious reasons or cultural reasons.

Some people just LOVE lots of kids! For us, it was a calling. It has been our desire from the very beginning of our walk with Christ to follow His leading, and this is where He lead us.

Family size is a very personal decision, and not a “rule” to follow. Based on these studies, it seems that just 6-14% of families have four or more children. That would make families with at least 4 kids a large family.

Yet members of large families might take heart from some lesser-known findings about family size that I’ll share below. Analysis by the new paper’s coauthors—Chinhui Juhn, Yona Rubinstein, and C. Andrew Zuppann—suggests that the time shortage of parents with more children is one important factor behind their results. People from large families know that the youngest siblings grow up a little faster because they’re exposed to more, like the endlessly cool older sibling to first walk the family path. “I.

The family consisted of 7 sons and 32 daughters. Not only is this a large number of live newborns, but is unusual in that all but one pair of twins were single births. 35: Mrs. and Mr. Harrison Mrs. Harrison, the wife of an undertaker residing in Vere Street, London, gave birth to her 35th child by one husband in 1736.

33 Mary and John Jonas. The Duggars and Four Other Supersize Families These five American families have 84 children among them and two on the way. A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children. Interesting. There are definitely negatives to large families.

For example, I’ve researched sibling abuse and have learned it is more common in large families, so that’s a negative. But learning teamwork, realizing from an early age that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and building family relationships are positives. Something to think about.

List of related literature:

Groups with small families generally spend a lot on each child’s education and training, while those with big families spend much less.

“Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, with Special Reference to Education” by Gary S. Becker
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Hence, large families follow the small families in their search for communities with a higher percentage of small families.

“Public Finance: A Normative Theory” by Richard W. Tresch
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Those who come from smaller families (the parents of the baby boom) tend to have larger families themselves.

“Family Ties and Aging” by Ingrid Arnet Connidis, SAGE.
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Families are small because large families cannot be fed and accommodated.

“Fundamentals of Sociology” by Rajendra Kumar Sharma
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Such extended families varied in size; large ones might make up half or more of one village.

“The World and a Very Small Place in Africa: A History of Globalization in Niumi, the Gambia” by Donald R. Wright
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Large families.

“Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology” by Charles Spielberger
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Indeed, families there could be larger, but there are few people sufficiently well­off to be able to take care of such a large family.

“Montesquieu: The Spirit of the Laws” by Charles de Montesquieu, Anne M. Cohler, Basia Carolyn Miller, Harold Samuel Stone
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These large family size figures for the rural areas could reflect the presence of extended family members.

“The Sociological Souls of Black Folk: Essays by W. E. B. Du Bois” by W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, Robert A. Wortham
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Families are therefore large.

“The Egyptian Peasant” by Henry Habib Ayrout, John Alden Williams
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Not surprisingly, these larger, poor families often have a high ratio of dependent members, often children.

“Development Economics” by Debraj Ray
from Development Economics
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  • I only had one sibling growing up and a four bedroom house. We grew up understanding and respecting “privacy” and “alone time”. My husband has three siblings. We lived with his family for a bit and…let’s just say it was VERY different. Although now I have grown up to be an extremely anxious and anti social adult so…..who knows.

  • Soon the new 19 kids and counting…….anyone else notice they eat jack and the box? Never been there and don’t want to ((NO HATE!)). Also they do seem very kind:)

  • The lad Mitch crying over his dad’s past was so touching ❤️ Lee & his wife are such a great couple. The young girl Georgia, Jo’s daughter is lovely.

  • if theyre not on government assistance IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. thank you lucky stars their children will be paying taxes to SUPPORT YOU.

  • Brits are so judgmental and rude. You would never get this behaviour in Canada. It’s considered uncouth to not mind your own business. And making insulting comments to the kids is called bullying and comments directed at the parent is called harassment.

  • Such a difference from each family. But one thing both couples seem to be in love w their children, despite how many of them there are lol

  • If we come to England could we stay with you guys? It’s just me and hubby. We’ve got 5 grandbabies. But I always wanted a big family. I want to have the experience of a full house. Cheers for baby number 20.

  • Mr & Mrs Hamlin, respect to you both & your family. I’m sick of people judging, just ignore the ignorant’s. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You’re a wonderful family and it sadden’s me that you’re judged. The people that do that need to have a good look at themselves. I have tremendous respect for you all. ❤️ ������

  • Lmao Pete looks tortured! I hope he and his son bonded really well, I just hope his kids takes up some responsibility like if your 17-19 you should wake yourself up and make breakfast for yourself/ the family.

  • Parents: life is hard when you have kids and grow up it will be expensive and you can be homeless. Me: damn I don’t want kids then. This family having 20 kids and not homeless. Me: WHAT! MY PARENTS BEEN LIYING TO ME?!

  • i followed all shows with this family, at first I thought the woman has mental problems……. but in the end I cried because they are very responsible parents and full of love and very happy all together. Yes I feel bad fro the kids not having any privacy because evry normal person needs alone room and time…… but I saw they have so much others like love and laughter that compensate for what they miss. The mother also does not put preassure on the kids to help with the small ones, she has it all under control and respect to that! That Father…… bakery/Pies = morning work, evening putting all kids to bed……then in the bedroom making more babies 25 years long:-) I dont know where he has the energy from but good on him! Lovely family even if out of the ordinary, may they be blessed

  • Who cares if people want to have a big family or not?
    Why would people find this to be negative?
    As long as the kids are loved, cared for and properly raised, that and it’s no one else’s business.

  • Hi Watson Family.. I am a mom to 2 sons. I wished I could have had so many beautiful kids as all of u. An opinion is like an assh… Everyone’s got one right.
    They are just vile and ignorant. Your mom is beautiful amazing lady. I am jealous of u guys… wish u all the love and joy. Stay close, take care of your mom and each other. I am from India, living in HK.
    Married to a Mexican who comes from a big family.. we love big families

  • My grandmother had 13 kids and that was common, my mother had 4, I had one. How long till we’re extinct bc we shame folks with kids virtue signaling about the environment. Other countries will out populate us and we’ll only be in the history books