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YouTube Parental Controls

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The Disturbing Reality of “Kids Videos” on Youtube

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The YouTube Elsagate Conspiracy!

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YouTube’s Disturbing “Kids” Channels #elsagate

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Why We Need To Talk About The Insane YouTube Kids Problem… #Elsagate

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The nightmare videos of childrens’ YouTube — and what’s wrong with the internet today | James Bridle

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The Dark Side of YouTube Kids Internet Mysteries (ElsaGate)

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If you do allow your child to use YouTube kids, you should consider using their parental controls feature. With this feature, you can turn off your child’s ability to search for videos, which reduces the risk that they will stumble across videos that fall into the Elsagate category. YouTube is not a safe place for children. More evidence to support this now-accepted wisdom arrived in late February when activist Matt Watson posted video showing pedophiles active in the comment section of videos posted by young girls.

If you want to keep your kids safe, make sure you’re aware of what they do online. Parents need to know and keep an eye on what their kids are watching on YouTube or other online video portals. Because Elsagate will disappear into nothing just the way it appeared, but there will be others to follow. The Conversation (0). If anything, Elsagate has shown exactly why algorithms are less of a convenience and more of an existential nightmare.

The only true way to keep your child from watching videos like this is to moderate what they see. Avoid letting your kid surf on YouTube unsupervised and. Access to any nursery rhyme or kids’ TV favourite characters with a quick search on YouTube or its safe child-friendly YouTube Kids platform is a boon to busy parents who want something safe. Monitoring what your kids see on YouTube isn’t nearly as important as keeping an eye on what they show.

You don’t want young ’uns uploading videos unsupervised, if you allow it at all. A Disney spokesman said YouTube Kids had assured the company that it was “working on ways to more effectively and proactively prevent this type of. Writer and artist James Bridle uncovers a dark, strange corner of the internet, where unknown people or groups on YouTube hack the brains of young children i. But soon after pressing play on this particular YouTube clip, the plot turns dark. A dentist with a huge syringe appears.

Peppa’s teeth get pulled out. Distressed crying can be heard on the. Entertaining & Informative RV Travel brought to you every Sunday at 7pm Central. This channel is about making dreams happen.

Starting small now is better sta.

List of related literature:

These data suggest that some parents may feel that baby videos are an acceptable way to occupy their children, because they are presumed safe and potentially educational.

“The Routledge Handbook of Family Communication” by Anita L. Vangelisti
from The Routledge Handbook of Family Communication
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They also tracked how YouTube recommended subsequent videos – and found that there’s a 45% chance of a child coming across inappropriate footage within 10 clicks of a child-friendly video.

“YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars” by Chris Stokel-Walker
from YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars
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Conscientious parents will point out that YouTube has launched a child-friendly version of its platform that omits such videos.

“The Cambridge Companion to Music in Digital Culture” by Nicholas Cook, Monique M. Ingalls, David Trippett
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This way, my kids are more likely to be watching videos only on channels that have safe content for kids.

“Minecraft For Dummies” by Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro
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If your child has her own computer, you can easily equip it with niters to block highly sexual or violent content.

“The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting” by Laurence D. Steinberg
from The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting
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Even though YouTube does contain video not suitable for children, you can make YouTube a safe and enjoyable experience for your child as long as he is at least 13 years of age.

“YouTube For Dummies” by Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello
from YouTube For Dummies
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Simply state that you want the child to watch his behavior on the video (be specific; for instance, if you want the child to watch social initiations, say that).

“Building Social Relationships: A Systematic Approach to Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Difficulties” by Scott Bellini
from Building Social Relationships: A Systematic Approach to Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Difficulties
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Every child needs to learn how to be safe online.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
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Parents, here’s how to make YouTube Kids safer.

“Handbook of Research on Integrating Digital Technology With Literacy Pedagogies” by Sullivan, Pamela M., Lantz, Jessica L., Sullivan, Brian A.
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He will not like the leakage of the video information that his has installed in his children’s room to help keep track of it.

“Quantum Cryptography and the Future of Cyber Security” by Chaubey, Nirbhay Kumar, Prajapati, Bhavesh B.
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  • I’m one of the victims at age 8 I was exposed to the videos my cousin was 11 so he was going through puberty and he took advantage of this.

  • someone really needs to investigate this one, 2 mins in it switches from a cartoon to a man cooking body parts??? wtf?? anyone with reddit please post it on r/elsagate

  • it disturbs me how much children watch Youtube Kids at all. any time i meet a kid, they are always a viewer of this sick shitshow. even without the violent content, there is still plenty of messed up content that doesnt break any rules. its all fast paced, seizure-inducing materialism with no morals. the videos never slow down and give kids time to breath and process things. it’s always “LOOK AT THIS!! LOUD NOISES! WACKY SOUND EFFECTS! OVER-EXAGGERATED REACTIONS!! my baby sister is so used to only watching youtube kids, that she cant pay attention to a movie if it has nothing going on for a few seconds. compare youtube kids content to the stuff YOU grew up watching as a small child. I remember watching things like care bears as a young child and thinking about the nice things that they did and wanting to be more like them. now look at youtube kids. parodies of nursery rhymes, people screaming incoherently at the camera(see jojo siwa and the sharer family) and unboxing videos. I see kids out in public not even old enough to form permanent memories sitting completely still and quietly in strollers as they stare blankly at a screen and the rage and sadness i feel in my heart is indescribable. youtube kids is a platform for people to easily get rich off of lazy content that they dont even care about. there is no effort. just endless merch plugs and screaming. i despise this stupid app and i am outraged that noone is speaking up against it.

  • Well that’s fucking disgusting. As a mother of two, one who is almost 5, I have totally cut him off of any YouTube period. He’s been off for about an year now, and I didn’t even realize how. Bad these videos really are. Like what the fuck. Initially, he was given a tablet for Christmas from a relative, for start chart rewards he could chose his prize, screen time being one of them. Which, whenever he was able to pick, of course he chose screen time. Problem being, as soon as he was through with the allotted time and he had to put it away, he would freak the fuck out exorcist shaking mad crying fit that was legitimately scary and also very sad. We only let that happen a hand full of times. My sweet angel baby was momentarily this boy o didn’t know and it was all due to the videos. So I definitely agree with you that these are sick and 100 percent should be taken down. I just have one question for you, are you a parent? Like I said I have two, and while I don’t let my son have the tablet anymore, I wish I was able to use the babysitter. This is coming from a women who hasn’t showered in five days, but my babies get bathed every night and sometimes during the day if needed. I think it would be best to ask people that you assume are just not wanting to spend time with their kids, why do they allow them to watch. AND also maybe how much time are they given. I think that the blanket of parent used here is too wide. Good parents also need help, and although I don’t have it in real life, I appreciate the information. I will definitely be spreading the video to make this more widely know.

  • Thank goodness I didn’t grow up with this crap. Well, I sort of did before this issue went full force. If I have small children, I will not allowed mine to be on YouTube.

  • I heard that some of the comments were hidden messages disguised as toddler comments. The hidden messages were… questionable to say the least

  • I blame the parents, you should rethink how you approach parenting if you stick your kid in front of an ipad and give them access to not only the internet but YT. I don’t care if it’s the kids app, y’all are fucking idiots what do you expect to happen?

  • i remember i had a neighbor who was a grandma to two young girls and i was maybe 10 and they would watch this stuff and i didn’t think anything of it until now. and these to this day disturb me, imagine how these children feel.

  • I have a little sister and when she was a toddler she would watch this kind of crap all day in her iPad. My parents would just give her the iPad and expect me to entertain her and watch that with her ALL DAY and sum WEIRD ASS SHIT CAME UP and I told my parents and they said it’s fine, It’s on YouTube Kids. I kept on telling them but they wouldn’t listen untill one day my dad came in the room to check on us as Elsa was was getting beaten by Spiderman and the hulk and Cinderella were doing it in the background. THEN my dad got mad at me for letting her watch that stuff and said it was inappropriate.����

  • Okay, helpful video!
    You can use classical parental control e.g. Time Boss, Net Nanny or others to limit YouTube by time (or to prevent porn and sex)…

  • I had seen the whole spiderman kissing elsa thing.. But uhh, the clip shown in the early part of the video, I was pretty surprised..

  • Now the COPPA actions have gone too far, even though there should not be graphic horror sites aimed at children, and nobody under 14 should be on YouTube at all, but if they are, channels need to set it up so the channel is not for kids when it has questionable content.

  • Just Post The Porn On youtube Already… Rather Than Torturing The Kids with Gullible Thumbnail but turns out To Be DeepWeb-Grade Content

    Youtube Need to Stop Being Saints

  • For anyone unaware, this is actually the way most mainstream video games make money. They have an addicting gameplay loop or some sort of micro transactions (such as the infamous loot boxes) to make the game as enjoyable as possible for the kid.

  • Terrorists: record themselves shooting up 20 schools but in a spider man costume
    Youtube: kId’S cOnTeNt
    Some small YouTuber: says “Crap!”
    YouTube: so you have chosen death
    (Sorry if this is too long)

  • No, it can’t be easily bypassed when you have a lot of people reporting the videos. It is the people behind YouTube, they like to sexualize your kids in early age.
    Videos that are exposing pedophile rings are removed because of “safety child policy” (Mouthy Buddha documentaries, Isaac Kappy videos etc.) You can see on which side they are.

  • I remember one time my aunt let me watch on yt (cuz our tv isnt working) and me not knowing what youtube was in the first place just typed dora(my aunt typed it for me) and she left me alone after that and i watched the very first thing that came out and what i saw is that where dora got massacred by obstacles on her adventure and as a 5yo me it scarred me i can barely even sleep so yeh dont let kids on the internet u may never know what they have been watching

  • A lot of the theories sound farfetched. Very likely people wanting to make a quick buck are the ones behind this imo. Wild content like what was displayed will get more views and cause outrage, especially due to how much people love “protecting the children”. As for the gibberish comments, that’s most likely toddlers. Only a very small minority of comments had any “secret messages”.

  • Wish there was a way to get rid of the trending tab and the ability to block Youtube channels and videos already available for anyone to use. It’s really strange they never implemented it.

  • Dude I swear, I’m pretty young and don’t want kids, but if I ever do, I’d much rather have them learn bad words from normal YouTube than watch this nightmarish trash from YouTube Kids.

  • 2020 and this video is more prevalent than ever. Because of children using this mature website, online communities are getting more toxic ��

  • Is there a way to lock the language in YouTube or YouTube kids? My daughter frequently gets lost and is often watching Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese toddler shows and while she can name colors in several languages it seems to be hindering her as it seems she thinks they are all one language.

  • I remember going through channels when I was bored and stumbled across this channel for baby’s and younger children (toddlers) now when I looked at it… It felt more like some weird acid trip.

    I think what’s probably best is rather than blaming the software or the people who create it: we sit our children down and talk to them. How many times have we just given children tech and never seen them in a couple years and then we complain the second we don’t like something? Perhaps if we just tried to help our children, not by changing what they watch but what comes out of our mouths. Children look up to parents so they’ll listen to their parents: don’t let them think they have only a machine to look up to (because sometimes the children’s stuff is just so fucking creepy that I won’t feel bad if I find out my children have watched a horror film as a horror film is actually a lot tamer than the things that people are making for children nowadays (or as far as I’ve seen… shudders never forget)

  • Not only is this kid content often lazy and lacks effort, it also ruins kids brain. This is especially bad news for people who’s nationality/mother tongue language isn’t english. Plus its making them addicted tk these videos

  • So glad grew up with this: building gundam model kits

    And not this: johnny johnny spiderman finger family mickey mouse episode 426968

  • I had a very big reminder in this update. Google gave us a feature that some of the kids videos will automatically pause in miniplayer and the comments are turned off to prevent kids from reading them. Can you please help me to turn of this feature?

  • It’s not limited to particular platforms. This idea has been around for decades. It’s not just about mental triggers with adult content, it’s about pushing small children to act more like adults. It’s sick. The world is run by pedophiles and sex traffickers. There is nothing stopping them from sexualizing children. Hollywood has been trying to do it forever. They want all little boys and girls to be receptive to the idea that being sexual is just being a grown adult. It is most def grooming.

  • I’m so glad I grew up with Dexter’s Laboratory and not this tomfrickery. I hope the kids that watch that stuff grow up to be good people…

  • YouTube Kids is already taking over YouTube. Pretty soon they’re gonna delete every video that didn’t get flagged as “Made for kids”

  • There is a video that I found on YouTube that is made by a woman that is ranting about unemployment in New Jersey and I discovered that it’s on the YouTube kids app. How did I discover this is because the ability to download the video is graded out and ability to add the video to one of your playlist is graded out and multiplayer support doesn’t work. I was surprised that a rant video about unemployment made its way to the YouTube kids app.

  • i remember being on youtube in like 2016 and stufff and i watched stuff like that i realy didnt know what was going on,what canablaisin was of or abortion.and once i showed the vidioes to my mom and dad becaus ei thought it was funny….my mom got very mad at me saying stuff like dont watch that,it turns out the vidioe was about elsa and spidermad geting a abortion

  • I was an au pair to a 2 year old, and his mum would let him watch whatever on YouTube. The shows he was watching were exactly as you described, common kids’ characters in really adult and disturbing situations. Even for a 2 year old, he was a ‘handful’: he was really violent, bratty, bullied kids at his nursery, called adults names, and would purposely defecate outside the toilet ��. I told his mum she should monitor his videos, she got mad and said it was for kids…

  • That one with Sofia the First is so messed up. First off, SPFIA IS LIKE 8 OR 9 YEARS OLD! How many 8-9 year olds have breasts that big? Also, that guy was mesmerized by her just for her breasts. That’s portraying sexual attraction to kids! That’s ridiculous!

  • Good thing my mom made me watch TV instead of YouTube TV. It was also because I was born in 2006, so YouTube was just being populated

  • Oh god. I’m only thirteen and i am getting Vietnam flashbacks to being dropped of at primary school children are stupid and i am one

  • I’ve seen some shit i need the MIB neuralayser flashing my eyes 100000 times to forget what i saw…

    edit 2:

    You know what i need a googleplex of the neuralayser flashing so that i am blind, forget what i watched when i was young and forgetting all the video titles and thumbnails!!!

  • I went to the notifications and it said that it’s turned off on content made for kids, you should probably put a warning or something like that saying your content isn’t for kids

  • So helpful, thanks, but I was really frustrated to find Youtube Kids is not available in my country! Despite that fact that Youtube (obv) is. Very annoying!

  • For people who genuinely don’t have time to play catch or whatever:

    1. Curate your own set of kids videos onto a playlist on YouTube (SciShow Kids is a good one) or download those better videos onto their phones/tablets

    2. Get a Netflix account

  • Yuck, creepers online. Parents, make sure you know what your kids are watching online and have frank discussions with them about what not to look at.

  • I don’t know why “Minions Banana Baby Drinks Piss Water Funny Full Episodes! Finger Family song Nursery Rhymes.”
    sounds like something from the r/copypasta subreddit on reddit.

  • My little brother was watching YouTube and he told me he wanted to watch it with me. It was called Super Mario Bros vs Sonic the Hedgehog. It was fine until Mario kicked Sonic’s head across the screen and there was blood everywhere. Apparently my brother was so used to violent stuff on the internet that he barely had any reaction. I am very afraid of what our world is becoming.

  • Parasocial audience grooming! I do think money making is part of it and yet sexualized content for children prepares them for sexualization for sure. I don’t think that’s conspiratorial. There is a known market for this. Friggin pizzagate and everything about it. Exposing children to this type of content has a huge impact. I suggest u consider that this kind of thing is deliberate. Not just cuz it sells but because it creates the kind of culture that the elite benefit from. I have no doubt. These people have literally everything and can basically do whatever they want and ofc they would want to influence us from a young age to do as they want. Sexual, obedient, impressionable, always chasing sth ephemeral… Even in Disney the content of our goal being romantic love is so unhealthy and manipulative. Making girls little princesses. Pulling money out of our pocket of course. But let’s face it getting money is so easy. There’s always bound to be more agendas. Money buys the mood of our culture. It’s movement. It buys our attention and this shapes how we grow up to think. The younger we are the less detectable the origins of the message but also the deeper rooted it is in how we are. I think this isn’t so hard to understand and it doesn’t need to be believed. The evidence is implicitly and explicitly all over the place

  • When I was little I never got to use the internet my only screen time was playing video games with my brother watching cartoons or F1

  • I used to watch these videos as Kid at least I didn’t turn out that bad because I grew out of watching them real now I supervise what my little sister watches

  • Those are literally pedophilia grooming videos. They’re being used so children see abuse as normal. It’s so f’ing creepy and terrifying!!

  • You made me cry when you said play catch with your kid because I’m a kid and I have not played catch with my dad for about 5 YEARS because he start a company

  • All parents need to use these parental controls and more on their kid’s YouTube account. Too often do I see parents just letting their kids surf YouTube with no supervision whatsoever.

  • You want to know what’s really fucked up, the old cartoons shows of the 90s, you know, the ones who were not only entertaining, but also conveyed really preteen of childhood issues from peer pressure, to awkward or shy personality, to looking out for friends and family, the things that mold and strong middle class backbone of society.

    The comment sections for most of those are closed due GooTube wanting to “protect children and minors”. Yet they don’t bate an eyes nor shed a tear when genuine filth like these disturbing YouTube shows pop up. Methinks there is a agenda at and it doesn’t seem like a good one

  • PHILLIPE!! There is a new problem you should address on your channel, researchers are calling it monkeygate, there is a series of YouTube channels that have been posting all kinds of animal abuse to monkeys in Cambodia, sounds crazy but I urge you to look into it further. They depict hate, violence, and torture of pre adolescent monkeys in particular, they show the murder of mother monkeys and fetishize the abandonment of the baby monkeys. This is just the tip of the iceberg and researchers have been able to link the channels posting this content to possible child predators with one of the biggest channels being called “CP” Daily… PLEASE research further and if you feel inclined please make a video about this latest phenomenon. Thanks you

    I forgot to add that these channels are indeed monetized and garner millions of views just as in the case of elsagate.

  • Omg yes I grew up in that weird coming of age of the internet knowibg some stuff not too crazy but now knowing what the internet has to offer it’s scary my little cousin pees in the bed granted being almost 5 or 5 from watching horror vids with cartoon caharacters etc but my aunt doesn’t care she uses technology as a a baby sitter in order to not deal with him but then gets mad when he is watching something he shouldn’t or pees the bed from fear,why your kids it’s a scary world

  • Some kids channels: actually good and teaching kids important lessons.