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Leaving Your Kids at Home When Going on Vacation – Part 2

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First Vacation Without Our Kids Adult Only Vacation Vlog #228

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Vacationing With vs Without KIDS!

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Is It Okay To Go On Vacation Without Your Kids?

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Leaving Your Kids at Home When Going on Vacation – Part 1

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The only thing better than a family vacation is a romantic getaway (minus the kids!) Let’s just come right out and say it: One of the biggest perks of vacationing without your kids is that the stuff that seems torturous when you’re on the road with them can be positively enjoyable when it’s just the two of you. No, a vacation is not a MUST for a parent to feel like they can survive. However, if you are the parent to an amazing, loving and supportive tribe of little people, then taking a break from reality, even if just for a day, a weekend, or a couples only getaway doesn’t make you a bad parent.

It makes you human. Vacationing without your kids allows you a little time (even if only for a few days) to gain back some of your identity that was lost after the kids were born. #10: You get to hear your own name And I mean your REAL name – I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is not hearing “Mom!” (or “Mooooommmmmyyyyy!!!”) for a few days. Yes, you can, and you should.” If you’re worried about leaving your kids or feel guilty at the prospect of taking time for yourself, please remind yourself that the best mom is a happy mom.

For me, being happy means I need time away to refuel, reset, and RELAX. 5 Reasons Why You Should Vacation Without Your Kids. April 12, 2017 March 6, 2019 / 1 Comment / On Instagram, Parenting and More / By Martha Herdendorf. This is a sponsored post.

Please say thank you to our post sponsor, Lovejoy Travel Agency! Where your destination begins. I know my trips have been good for them, too.

Time away helps your children gain independence. “It gives them an opportunity to practice being without you,” says Morin. John Cave Osborne and wife Caroline think it’s important to occasionally vacation without their five kids. Today.

A sunny beach, a cool drink, a. That Mom or Dad that finally decided that it was ok to travel without your kiddos. I know, you normally only do Family Travel nowaday. Either way you can plan on having zero alone time with your partner.

Family vacations stick the family together for the whole time. Parents need alone time too and taking a vacation without the kids is the perfect opportunity to reconnect. The chance to unwind, relax and do activities that you can’t do at home. Things to Do before You Go on Vacation without the Kids.

Leaving the children behind while you and your significant other head off for a week filled with kid free moments and dinners at tables with real cloth napkins, tablecloths and maybe even a vase full of flowers can be both an exciting and daunting event.

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This is a good idea, because you won’t get another vacation without kids for a very long time (unless you can persuade the grandparents to babysit).

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I did go on other trips with them, but I think that because it was the families, everyone would bring their children and we would stay there for a week or two.

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We do not take vacations, we rarely visit with our other children and grandchildren who live a distance away due to my daughter’s dialysis needs, and even my ability to volunteer with various organizations (which was a much-loved social activity) has also been greatly diminished.

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Vacations do take children out of their routine, but it is important to stretch and find your boundaries as a parent.

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My parents never went on vacation without their four kids, which meant we had to stay in some really cheap motels.

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There is no vacation for being a parent.

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If your children are not yet old enough to stay on their own, ask a relative or a close friend to host them for a day or two; chances are great that they will enjoy a getaway themselves!

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We are not suggesting here that you eliminate the all-important vacations together, with or without children, but simply that you take an additional one for yourself alone.

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But if you do want the full, crazy, active, week-long destination vacation with the whole family, then go for it!

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Young ones thrive on the sense of security offered by familiar toys, beds, and foods, so try to prevent needing another vacation away from your child by making sure your preschooler knows that some of his favorite things (toys, blankets, clothes) will be near and that he’ll be included in the fun.

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  • I do not understand those parents who leave their newborn at home to go on vacation, without them? In my opinion, that makes them the worst parents. I mean, is your newborn a joke to you?

  • Wow! They said it sounds crazy to travel in different planes in case something happens and they all don’t die, & look what happened to Kobe and his daughter. It doesn’t sound crazy at all now. �� RIP KOBE.

  • Ok… so when i have kids i’ll actually be going on vacation without any of them! Yes, we will have family vacations, but i’m an adult who enjoys adult activities, so i will be vacationing with my husband or with friends/family members without them. Once you are old enough to do the things i like then you are welcome to join me. Kids are a beautiful blessing, but I didn’t come into their lives, they came into mine.

  • I think when you have kids who aren’t close in age there can be different types of trips. Like taking the whole family to a theme park has a different feel then just taking the teenagers or just going with your spouse. The only thing I would feel weird about is if we were going out of state for a multi day vacation, it would feel weird just leaving the littles and taking the older kids.

  • I wouldn’t leave kid behind it’s not fair at all because when they get older they wouldn’t remember but probably would’ve been hurt cause you like forgot about them

  • You can take a toddler, but an infant no ma’am. They won’t even know what’s happening, they will just hinder you from enjoying the trip because they need so much care I’m sorry ����

  • I think it’s okay to have a vacation without your kids however taking some children and and leaving some behind is completely inappropriate

  • For me it would depend on who you’re leaving the baby with. If it’s with nana, I would do it. Baby gets loved on and the rest of the family gets to fully enjoy the trip. Best option is to bring grandma along to be on baby duty.

  • it called w break, all moms need them but it’s up to the mom. my mama took millions of breaks. I’m the oldest girl n I was like, ” ur at Walmart shopping n I gotta cook them lil bastards dinner, hell I need a break”

  • I really think it depends on the vacation. I’m the youngest of six kids and when I was growing up we always went camping and that’s not really suitable for babies when you need to sterilise their bottles and have space for their stroller, crib and toys. So my parents used to leave me with my grandmother when I was a baby until I started going camping when I was 3 years old. I’ve seen photos of my family having a good ol’ time while I was alone with Grandmama lol. But it doesn’t bother me because I was too young to remember it. I do see what Tamera means though. I’m not a parent myself but if I was I would be wary about leaving a baby to go on an overseas trip, it is a morbid thought, but it doesn’t bare thinking about how awful it would be for that baby if something happened to the whole family. Also what if you were overseas and the baby got sick. There’s a lot to consider.

  • When I was little my parents and my three older siblings went on a cruise without me and I stayed at my grandmas and I thought that it was a better vacation then going on a cruise and now I don’t regret that my parents made me stay at my grandmas house because I had a lot of fun.

  • Tamara said it right, despite her children’s ages, I would feel kinda guilty tbh if I didn’t bring one of my children while the rest could

  • Tamara you rather all your family dies ����. Nah. My baby will stay home so we can enjoy the vacation ����. If you can’t get on a roller coaster, then you aren’t coming ����‍♀️.

  • If you left me at home when I was 1 while my brother and my parents go on vacation I wouldn’t be mad now. Only because I wouldn’t even remember it if I did go anyways!

  • Leaving your baby at their grandparents house for a week or weekend isn’t out of the norm. Even if parents can’t afford to actually go somewhere, that 1 week or weekend out of the month is a vacation. Parents need to be healthy and right of mind to raise a healthy and right of mind child

  • Lol wait so because someone could die it’s best we all die together?! That’s even more reason to leave they little asses at home!!!

  • I don’t disagree with any of their points. I’m a mom of 2 young boys (1 & 4yrs) so I know how exhausting and hectic it is to go ANYWHERE with little ones. The smaller the child, the more exhausting lol
    I wouldn’t mind leaving my toddler with my mom while my hubby,older son and I go to a waterpark. Yet, I am the type of mom who needs to check on my child throughout the day so my mom would be getting phone calls lol
    Yet, I also agree with Tam, I want all my kids to experience things together as a family as well!
    I think it all comes down to circumstance and whether or not it would be too hectic to bring a baby to whatever place.
    But for sure I couldn’t go on a vacation where I would be gone for days and leave my child behind. No way.
    Now, when it comes to my actual personal situation, neither of us has many family members we trust who would take care of our children so we are pretty much used to going everywhere as a family and we’ve gotten pretty good at handling all types of situations anywhere lol

  • My husband and I always go to Disneyland with our friends and their kiddos. We’re at the age where we’ve done what we want so we enjoy taking the kids now

  • I don’t think she did anything wrong. Especially because they were not all babies. One was a baby and the other kids were older. Not having the baby with them would allow them to do more things older kids would want to do.

  • What’s important is having some free time. Being a parent 100% of the time is really hard mentally.
    Why are people shaming them? Do parents not have some off days? grandmother, aunt,… spending some time with their grandchild while the parents are having some quality time? why not have a few days?
    I really don’t see a problem with this.

  • My sister always goes on vacations and leaves me to babysit. She has 4 kids, I only have one and now he’s 15 and I never went anywhere without him. If he spends the night at my sisters I feel something missing at home and I worry.

  • You’re not being a bad mother if you leave a younger child behind. I love being a mother I’ve raised four kids but it’s hard work to have a baby in a theme park that can’t get on anything. Its hot sometimes lines are long, so I would if I could leave the child with the grandmother or someone I trust if possible if not I would just bring multiple people with me and I have did this so I can have fun and the baby can be happy too. I think sometimes people judge parents too hard where Humans 2 and you can have it all if you have the right crew with you if you have the right support system

  • I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with leaving a child no matter the age at home with grandma so the parents can enjoy themselves once in a while. however, if you feel the need to leave them every other month because they “inconvenience” your fun then you have a problem and shouldn’t have kids if they bother you that much that you feel the need to leave them all the time and can’t include them in your little vacations ����‍♀️

  • It’s really great to see little ones who may not remember later, but truly believe in the magic they’re seeing. There are videos and pictures from when me or my brother were too young to remember the events, but the pictures and stories are still great to hear. My brother will never live down his two year old self telling Cinderella that he loved her, or me being scared to go up to Captain Hook because I believed the movie was real.

  • Personally, I wouldn’t travel until my children are old enough to enjoy it. Like 4 years old and it would be Disney. That’s as a family. My husband and I would go out of town as a couple without the kids but personally, I couldn’t leave my baby behind and take the other kids.

  • I don’t think you have to take your youngest baby if you want to be able to enjoy fun things with your older kids.. a baby won’t be able to remember anything so why waste the money.

  • I always think about that. What if my family goes somewhere and I don’t go and they all die.. that’s crazy. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks about that.

  • I have 2 kids a 7 yrs old n 4 year and too this point we still havent gone to disney or universal i want them to experience it get excited and remember.. We do other things but not big trips..

  • That mom is selfish. It’s a water park not Vegas. That trip should solely be for the kids. I’m pretty sure they at least have a kids pool for that toddler

  • First of all Tams kids are close in age. Its not like other families who have teens/preteens/6-10 yr olds and then a 10 month old baby. If the kid cant ride the rides or do the activities why take them and ruin the day for everyone else? Theyre babies. They wont remember the time the whole family went to the water park when they were 1 yr old. And i dont think its that serious that the kids will be hurt if they saw a picture of a family vacation where they werent there. I think tamera was being a little too serious about it.

  • Tameras kids are very close in age though, the story is about two older kids and a toddler. Im sure the parents would like to be engaged in the activities with their two kids rather than have to hang back and watch the baby.

  • Well tam,your kids are very close in age. This womans kids seem to be different age ranges. Situation is different. I have a 1yr old and a 7 year old. I couldnt enjoy disneyland with my 8 year old because my 1 yr old was WORK! Luckily my husband was able to get on the rides with my 8 year old. I spend most of the time in all of disney lands restrooms. Changing diapers and outfits ��

  • I love soty family YouTube sooo much and I have started watching soty unplugged and it’s mostly about the patents but it still sooooooo fun and hilarious

  • im like tamara, i wouldn’t want to leave my kid just because i’m like that. but i TOTALLY understand having to watch your kid or taking them somewhere they won’t enjoy at all. spending a day with her grandmother can be just as fun.

  • from the situation they talked about at the start the parents took the older kids to a water park and left the toddler at grandmas that makes sense to me. With a toddler at a water park you cant take yours eyes off of them and depending the age of the older kids you need to be near them too.

  • Adrienne with the whole “my sister does that, you sound like my sister.” NO…they sound like every MOM. That’s how you become she you’re a parent or take care of children for days at a time. You see things thru their eyes. Adrienne is that person that thinks babies are accessories and not actually mini developing human beings. This is why I have a hunch the universe isn’t letting her get pregnant yet bc she isn’t mentally ready. She only likes the idea and image of having a baby.

  • And it’s also a thought of being able to also give your older children one on one attention from the parents, which isn’t a bad thing

  • I have a little girl and sometimes I leave my husband and daughter at home �� we take family trips, couple trips and I take ME trips! We do it all! Lol as long as there is a balance and we’re all bonding while also getting personal time I see nothing wrong.

  • Water parks are dangerous. I wouldn’t take my baby with my 10 year old son. Call me a bad mom but I think it’s responsible. Or, I’d take a friend or in law to help with baby

  • When you leave your kids w/ someone please make sure they have everything they need ex Breast Milk Ext clothes etc So she put the baby to sleep Hungry ���� No wonder she gulped that bottle down the next morning

  • If you can leave the toddler at home with a trusted adult then do it. This is a perfect chance to bond with the older children. I dont see the problem.

  • I honestly think there’s nothing wrong! Mommys need breaks too. I left my baby girl w my mom two times already once I went a whole entire week to lake Tahoe. The second was a weekend for my birthday we went to last Vegas. Both times I didn’t take her because there was honestly nothing for her to do.

  • My little brother he’s 7 and he has Autism and sometimes my step mom, step sister and I always go to places without him. Only because he can’t handle lots of noise and crowds of people