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Assertiveness. Kids need to speak up for themselves by making eye contact and using “I” messages (“I felt sad when you cut me in line”). “I practice with my class, so kids learn to go to an adult only when they can’t work it out on their own,” says Julia Seligman, a. Researchers have found that 10 basic social skills such as taking turns, listening and simply being nice are just as important to children’s academic success as the subjects they study, and that students can and should be learning these skills in the classroom. “If we increase social skills, we see commensurate increases in academic learning. In fact, some social skills are quite complicated—like understanding it’s important to be assertive when a friend is being bullied, or understanding staying silent when you don’t agree with a call from the umpire.

Meanwhile, kids who have strong social skills and can get along well with peers are likely to make friends more easily. Social skills might include things like initiating conversations, making friends, having good sportsmanship, and handling bullying effectively. Social skills are one of the most important skills. Third graders need to be familiar with three-digit numbers and know which of the digits is in the “ones” place and which is in the “tens” and the “hundreds” place.

Reading is a big focus in third grade. You may have heard people say it’s when kids shift from “learning to. My goal was to discover the most important skills that students need to be successful. After speaking with hundreds of business leaders and reading hundreds of articles, it became clear that it is. These skills are important for all people, but they are particularly important for young students to master as they learn to interact with classmates, friends, and adults.

Free printable social skills worksheets offer young students a chance to learn about important skills like friendship, respect, trust, and responsibility. Inter-Personal Social Skills The ability to understand others’ emotional states, wants, and needs are critical not only for success in school but also success in life. It is also a “quality of life” issue, which will help students with and without disabilities to build relationships, find happiness, and succeed economically. Developing social skills in children prepares them for a lifetime of healthier interactions in all aspects of life. Social skills are an integral part of functioning in society.

Displaying good manners, communicating effectively with others, being considerate of the feelings of others and expressing personal needs are all important components. The ability to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a manner that’s both clear and appropriate to the situation can improve your relationships with others. If you can relate to people easily, they will be more likely to confide in you.

2. More meaningful relationships.

List of related literature:

These early skills provide a strong foundation for further social skill development in elementary school.

“Guiding Children’s Social Development and Learning” by Marjorie Kostelnik, Kara Gregory, Anne Soderman, Alice Whiren
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Teachers coached these peers in skills for initiating social initiations with children with disabilities (e.g., share, share request, play organizer, assistance, assistance request, persistence).

“The Blackwell Handbook of Early Childhood Development” by Kathleen McCartney, Deborah Phillips
from The Blackwell Handbook of Early Childhood Development
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Certain skills should be in place by fifth grade to help your kid achieve social success: knowing the routine, learning to wait, following through, developing foresight, managing time, gaining mastery over feelings, and respecting authority.

“A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey with Your Kids About Sex” by Kevin Leman, Kathy Flores Bell
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Encourage the parents to read more about how high intelli­gence and giftedness can affect academic and social func­tioning.

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Teacher and parent expectations of preschoolers’ behavior: Social skills necessary for success.

“Handbook of Evidence-Based Practices for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Applications in Schools” by Hill M. Walker, Frank M. Gresham, James M. Kauffman
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Develops social skills—Recess provides an important avenue for free play with a variety of other children.

“Balanced and Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children” by Angela J. Hanscom, Richard Louv
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If they are able to master these new social challenges, elementary-age children develop a strong sense of self-competence.

“Behavioral, Social, and Emotional Assessment of Children and Adolescents” by Kenneth W. Merrell
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Social Skills for Team Success Even though teachers work to build climate and trust in the classroom, they may also need to teach social skills.

“Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All” by Gayle Gregory, Gayle H. Gregory, Carolyn Chapman
from Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
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Social interaction and metacognitive development in gifted preschoolers.

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Using a buddy skills package to increase the social interactions between a preschool with autism and her peers.

“Applied Behavior Analysis: Fifty Case Studies in Home, School, and Community Settings” by Kimberly Maich, Darren Levine, Carmen Hall
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  • Be too bad I grew up in the 70s during elementary school(I started in 1974). Back then they didn’t really look at these things and people like myself with horrible(pretty much no) social skills were shunned and urged to quit school if they could because people that didn’t have natural social skills were considered a waste of life. TRUE STORY.

  • it depends where you get your energy from. People who enjoy shopping, dressing up, partying,, friends, would be comfortable with humans around, and could be awkward with non-human. People who enjoy nature, animals/pet, reading, thinking, would be comfortable to be by themselves, or at ease with animals/ nature. Go with your heart, don’t force yourself to be the person you are not to. It’s fun to be in the city, with friends, but more stress and illness. It’s boring in the country with nature/animals, but less stress/illness. It’s your choice.

  • WARNING: Those of you who are mesmerized with Vanessa’s convincing manner may find the following offensive. But hear me out.

    I do not like the overall organization of Vanessa’s Conversational Framework. And many times in conversation the one size fits all approach stated doesn’t work.

    I think the accepted major categories for interpersonal communication would be IQ and then EQ (also EI known as emotional intelligence). This is well established from the mid 1990s.

    Social Energy, never heard this before? What she means to say is speaking using Assertive Communication techniques, the prerequisite is being self-aware.

    Oaky, how exactly do a have a strong presence? Here again Vanessa fails to mention that you need to be self-aware to project natural confidence.

    Master communicator? Public speaking is very very different than talking one-on-one or small groups. The two categories are so different that you can be very good at one, and horrible at the other.

    Sustain Lasting Confidence, what? You need to once again be self-aware. Natural confidence is who you are as a person. You do not need to turn your confidence on and off. Self-aware people can recognize, understand and effectively deal with their emotions while at the same time being able to reason.

    Let me add to her three levels, the most important being first impression. First impression is based on your complete presentation, meaning everything from what you wear to the way you walk and move, to other nonverbals and how you talk and organize your thoughts. The way you dress is not the same for all the categories mentioned; Professional, Romatically or Socially. For example, when dressing for Romantic and Social, I dress to impress women, for business, I dress to impress men. Very different in approach and look. One size does not fit all.

    She failed to elaborate on long pauses with big talk. You do not have to fill dead air like a radio DJ. If a long pause is needed for your audience or yourself, don’t feel awkward. People at times need time to think. Do not rush your partner. It is better to be patient and match your partners style or exhibit yours if the conversation warrants. Being comfortable with long pauses really means you are comfortable with yourself.

    In my opinion, actual self and real self is one of the less effective ways to describe being self-aware. The chart with the two circles is too simplistic in describing one’s journey of Recognition of self.

    I think Charisma is based on a person’s true self. It is strongly tied to their ability to seduce (In the Robert Greene sense of the word). You are able to project your complete self upon your partner. It is this authenticity which is charisma. As Vanessa has proven it helps if you are attractive. But, people with critical thinking skills in conversation will always que on if someone is attractive, you will find yourself asking, does this person actually know the theory behind what they say, or all they just an attractive presenter? Just because someone is attractive does not make them smart, or knowledgeable about their subject. If you have a hard time grasping this, replay the video with Vanessa off screen, and listen closely. When you find yourself asking well how will I do that? or there is no usable facts in some of the specifics, the presentation falls into the inspirational category, which really means from a practical standpoint unusable.

    The conversational techniques have to be targeted to audience and setting. For example; the video would have you believe that the same techniques could be used for business and dating. Which is crap. The way a man leads a meeting at work is vastly different than talking to a woman on a date. There might be at most a 20% overlap in technique.

    Vanessa, please stop with the wild hand gestures. You are making me nauseous.

  • I am an INTJ so please do not take my comment as a personal attack. If someone has to be be taught people skills, at what point do they stop being who they are and cross a magical line? A line where they are doing more acting and entertaining than showing their unfiltered self? It seems like a popularity contest where many people act plastic and fake. It is just my limited perspective, and I don’t have much to go on; what I do is judge people not by what they say… but their ACTIONS. Specifically the actions that reinforce what they have said.

    Many of those I know of that have highly developed people skills tend to act like used car salesmen. When the sh1t hits the fan, they aren’t there for you, but I am.
    I believe in being civil, and tactful, but what you call people skills sounds like acting. Note: I have met some rare people that are genuine, have empathy, and commit their actions to their words.

  • school does not educate, it teaches random thoughts and facts that we have to eat and then pUke them out on the test, then rinse and repeat. i hate school

  • You make some good points, but for some people it might not be as straight forward if you have a mental illness ie social anxiety depression etc.

  • I feel like the system is doing 99% things wrong with what they’re doing. There are things they’re doing right, but even those aren’t even being done right.

  • I feel I’m empathetic and I can read peoples emotions. But I feel I should let them be and let them deal with it. Because when I have problems or stressed out I don’t like people tell me what to do or tell me all this stuff to try to make me feel better. I feel I deal with my own things, and I appreciate people telling me they care and they want whats best for me. But I feel it doesn’t really help because in the end of the day I need to fix my problems. So what can I do to not feel like I’m and asshole because I care in the end of the day?

  • If you want to work for other people for the rest of your life, go into academia yourself and be, let’s say, a Professor of Biology, want to be a solicitor/barrister/lawyer, or a doctor/nurse etc then schoool, college and Uni is going to be a requirement. Other than that, school is really not the be all and end all.
    It really isn’t.

    I dropped out of secondary school here in the U.K. at the age of 14. I detested it. I could read and write English to a good standard and I had all of the basics down in maths and as far as I was concerned that was all I required. I was naturally interested in the natural world and absorbed as much knowledge and information in my spare time as I could, I loved languages and taught myself to read and write in French, later adding a couple of others to the mix. One friend remarked some years later “you didn’t bother with school and yet you’re arguably smarter than the rest of us who finished our GCSE exams”.

    I hated school, I hated how restrictive and authorative it was (and still is), I hated how all it achieved to me at least was producing thousands of little drones all convinced that going to college and then university was the benchmark of success in life, that you had to go on from uni to get a good job and work your way up the corporate ladder. In short, I realised very early on that the education system is just another tool used by the system to keep those at the top right where they are and keep everyone else subservient.

    I left school aged 14 and worked with my dad who ran his own contract commercial cleaning company. I was earning money whilst the rest of my friends were at school. When I turned 16, after all my friends had sat their GCSE exams and left school, there I was with no GCSE results. Aged 16 I joined the Royal Marine Commandos, I stayed there for 9 years and then left at the rank of Sergeant, still with no firm idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I had quite an easy ride in the armed forces because I played rugby and so spent a lot of time playing tri services rugby. I was basicslly getting paid to play the sport I love and had been playing since I was 7 years old. After 9 years honourable service in the RMC, I decided to leave and pursue something else, though I had no idea what that ‘something else’ was. I took a job in a warehouse, then got made up to team leader and during this time I developed an interest in the streetwear and clothing industry. I loved the concept of designing graphic t shirts and hoodies etc although I had no graphic design or artistic ability myself. That was easily solved, I used my wages to hire a graphic designer to bring the ideas in my mind to life.
    I started buying screen printing equipment and taught myself to screen print, I bought blank t shirts, hoodies, track bottoms and all sorts, and worked on an idea for a clothing brand of my own. After a year or so of saving, buying equipment I’d need to print the products myself, making my own branded packaging and so on, I launched my clothing brand I worked my arse off, I used low cost marketing techniques, networked with bloggers online related to my niche, I hustled and hustled and hustled some more. I went to trade shows, I gave away free products to influencers in order to increase brand exposure. If I hit an obstacle, if I failed at something, I didn’t just throw in the towel, I learned from it then tweaked and adjusted it going forward. I refused to be beaten, I excerpted sheer will and force and kept grinding forward. Eventually sales increased to a point where I could quit the day job and, even though I wasn’t earning a huge amount from the brand, I loved it. I made do with less, cutting back on anything but necessities whilst I focussed on building my brand.

    Where am I now? Well we topped 500,000 sales for 2019-20 with over a million products going out of the door. I own my house outright and have purchased 3 others which are now rentals, I drive a reasonable car (cars and expensive watches etc don’t interest me) and I have an amazing team of graphic designers, printers and processing staff working with me and honestly, I truly LOVE the life I lead.
    It isn’t about the money either, it’s about knowing that I’m treading my own path in life, not the one all my teachers convinced us at school was the only one to tread (school college uni job climb the ladder retire die).

    To anyone reading this, if school/college and uni is required to pursue whatever path in life you want to pursue get stuck in. But if it isn’t and you hate school, honestly don’t sweat it. It is NOT the end of the world and the people in authority, your teachers etc are narrow minded if they tell you otherwise and show just how perfectly they fit into this broken system that they represent and promote. That’s their issue, not yours.
    Worse still, they have forgotten just how resilient, adaptable and capable human beings are, especially when they see something they want to do and work their bollocks off the achieve it.

    My message to anyone reading this is You are more capable than you release and you genuinely can achieve anything you set your mind to whether it requires an education or not.

    Good luck and please get out there and go for what you feel is yours in life.

  • 99.999999999998% of stuff taught in school is forgotten half an hour after you get home and the rest is against your future dream career

  • A video created by people who sadly fail to understand that this argument only applies to humanities (sort of), nothing else and even there it rests on the premise that success is determined by finances and that knowledge for its own sake is worthless. There are actual objective truths in sciences, in maths and formal education is an inescapable, necessary, and worthwhile stepping stone in those fields and many others. Try practicing law without a degree, will you wing it? will you arrogantly assume that you can just google the answer even if you are somehow allowed to practice it?

    Furthermore the idea that raising your hand and waiting to speak is somehow wrong is indicative of a very impolite dog eat dog aggressive society

  • Wow, a Bachelor’s Degree in people skills in less than 15 minutes! You covered a lot of territory in very little time. This is GREAT wisdom, thanks so much Vanessa! I love your videos!

  • See the thing is, I’ve been watching this and I feel like some of the problem areas some people struggle with is the person I used to be. Someone once told my Mom oh I saw your daughter, she’s very shy, but nice and my Mom looked at them like they didn’t know her daughter because that was what I used to be and now I’ve oodles of confidence. Taking me for speech lessons was the wake up call I needed, because without a stammer I could confidently assert myself. I think with alot of these questions the bottom line, is confidence. My parents as a child, taught me my times tables and I went all one way after that. When someone has a bit of confidence, a leg boost you can get to be where you want to be

  • 1 social assirtive (show your needs), can focus social energy, no people pleasing, set boundaries, can say no
    2 memorable presence, make lasting connections, built network
    3 master communicator, comfartable, effectively, know worthy of attention, presenting
    4 sustain lasting confidence, overcome fear by strategies
    5 excelent conversationalist, deep memorable talk, engage, keep it going
    6 highly likeable, show your true self
    7 exceptional and decoding emotions and thoughts, empathetic, also can translate your emotions to others.
    8 pitch yourself well confidently, get people excited to work with you, adopt your ideas
    9 charismatic, is warm and competence, knowledeable, faithful
    10 influencial leader, apathy is lack of enthousiasm and interesr, can not be ambivalent, not aimless but purposefull, built excitement, know who is on there team and who they enjoy, harness motivation
    11 productive

  • Videos like this make me mad. When it begins you might think that she’s trying to help people develop their skills but after you get to about step 3 or 4 you realize that she’s just trying to peddle the same concept of “being a people person”. Then she mentions her book and makes it clear what the intention is behind the video. 2 steps later she mentions a course and gives a link to purchase the course. Stuff like this is literally just meant to pray on the introverted and those with low self confidence. The way she talks is the exact same way self-help books read; she repeats the same idea just hits different points of it and then calls it a different idea. It’s woefully transparent and has turned me off to the entire channel.

  • Very detailed content! Thank you.
    I think I have the ability to channel all these skills.. sometimes I’m really good and charming but sometime my introvert side felt over stimulated. Mental state is so crucial here, gotta have the inner confidence and the energy. Pump yourself up before any interactions

  • Not sure why there’s not a direct link to the quiz in the description box, unless I am blind? If anyone else is blind like me:

  • Hi Vanessa! Very interesting. I have seen some socially confident newly hired bosses who easily have people notice them and remember their name and pitch their ideas with a big excited and confidant smile. Unfortunately these same people (upper management) quite quickly revealed themselves to be shallow and lacking real substance or competence although they were great at the impactful first impressions…the result was both of these managers were eventually let go. Personally I am an AMBIVERT. Depending on the situation I will channel all of the people skills you mention, versus other times when only some of my people skills will shine due to the synergy I am picking up on or due to an unknown situation. Thank you P.s. The survey did not work using my Blackberry Passport:(

  • I love working and socializing with charismatic people and these people never fail to amaze me. They are the people who I look up to the most. As a kid, I was very quiet and shy but as I’ve observed charismatic people I’ve been motivated to put my insecurities aside and challenge myself. The topic of social skills intrigues me and I study it a lot in my spare time because I know it’s one of the skillsets I would appreciate the most in life. I know because I have lived so long without it.
    Vanessa your insights are great. Thanks for the video

  • I really hate school. I don’t understand the concepts and it makes me feel doubtful about myself. My parents force me to like school yet I hate it. They always nag that if I don’t do good at school, I won’t be successful. I still want to be successful, but don’t know how. Got any advice?

  • I was labeled as anti social since I was a small kid. I would say that my interpersonal skills took the longest to cultivate. And for a time I can exercise those skills, I feel proud of myself. Naturally, I’ll always be an introvert, but I learn to fake it for work. Sadly, I still lose steam within a few weeks, or months.

  • Just imagine having everything… Best gift ever in 2020
    Especially being a master communicator, being able to talk with anyone (and I don’t mean pushy people), on any subject and more importantly being so persuasive everybody get smashed by your point of view. That’d be soo good.
    It’s so weird bc I don’t have any problem engaging with new people in small talks, but really in public speaking, even with people I know, is soo hard ><'.
    But I mean we can all work this out, just take time and practice.

  • 1.Eye contact
    2. Smile
    3. ตั้งใจ และใส่พลังงานเต็มร้อย
    4. เอาโทรศัพท์เก็บใส่กระเป๋า แสดงความเคารพคนตรงหน้า
    5. เรียกชื่อ
    6. เชคแฮนแบบ เต็มไม้เต็มมือ,, เต็มใจ
    7. ฟังเขาทันที เมื่อเขาพูด ฟังอย่างตั้งใจ
    8. รักษาบุคลิกที่ดีอยู่เสมอ หลังตรง
    9. รับฟัง คำแนะนำ คำชื่นชม
    10. อย่าบ่น

  • Honestly, I couldn’t agree more or less, because I’ve already known what this shit is like. School is just a fucking building where your parents wake you up at 6 o’clock, then you eat your breakfast, dress up, and then you wait for a bus to carry you to where you have to go thanks to the fucking law, and then you go there for six hours and then go back on the bus at home, but what happens INSIDE of school is where it gets succulent. In school, you’re taught things like English, Math, Social Studies, and shit like that, but it’s the way that it’s taught in that is fucking atrocious. They do a shitty job at teaching their students these subjects, and expect them to get good grades so that they can get good at life since numbers somehow mean you will get good at life. English, Math and Art I would say are the worst classes of them all. It isn’t because of what they teach, I like English, Art and Math, but it’s the way they teach it that pisses me off. For English, it’s boring as hell and they make us study about fucking fictional books, as if reading books that are meant for entertainment make us smarter. Sure entertainment books do teach us life lessons, but so does any piece of media, especially video games too. But aside from that, they give us a lot of homework. Not too much, but still alot. As for Math and Art, ugh… They give us so much fucking homework that is hard as hell. Like just because you give us soooo much fucking homework that is hard, it doesn’t mean you will learn from it. The proper way of learning isn’t by doing homework and shit, but by teaching OURSELVES about it. We don’t need homework to teach us about stuff, we just need to teach ourselves about it. In 5th grade I taught myself about exponents, and now I know how to shrink big numbers. Want to shrink one trillion? Turn that into 10^12. One quintillion? Turn that into 10^18, and so on. Those lessons never left me, unlike the stuff school taught me.
    Next part is the quizzes and tests… omfg……. I hate that shit. Not only is that shit hard, but once you’ve remembered it all, YOU FORGET ABOUT ALL OF IT!!! Then after that, once you do the test, and if you failed… OH NOOO!!! YOUR GRADES HAVE DROPPED!!! OH SHIT!!!! GET THE AMBULANCE!!! SOMEONE CALL 911!!!
    I think you know what I mean. That was a hyperbole I used to demonstrate what teachers are like when you get a bad grade. And speaking of grades… -_-
    What grades determine aren’t your intelligence, but memory. If you remember the best, you get a 100 or 5 or an A+ or whatever, whereas if you remembered the worst, you’ll get a 0, F or whatever. I remembered last year I got all A’s, yet I’ve forgotten about all of the lessons from last year at that point. But THIS YEAR, however, is different. My grades have dipped, and the lowest I got this year was an F, but do I care? No.
    I think the only way we can make school better is by RESTARTING EVERYTHING ABOUT SCHOOL FROM THE FUCKING BEGINNING AND COMING UP WITH A NEW GODDAMN IDEA. An idea that doesn’t revolve around memory, but intelligence. An idea that doesn’t always teach you useless lessons that you can Google search, and mostly teaches you IMPORTANT lessons in life, and doesn’t make you do homework often, or take quizzes and tests until you’re at a certain age where you feel like doing it. An idea that doesn’t shame people for having bad grades, but instead encourages people to try again until they get what they want. After all, practice makes perfect, and in order to have a good life, you need to make good decisions, but good grades? Nah, that ain’t important in the long run.
    Anyways I’m done with my talk, and for those who might go TL;DR, I will sum it up for you: grades and homework don’t equal good life
    Other than that, cya.

  • I still go to College, and am learning some necessary things for my future career in the tech industry. But I have to take a lot of extra classes, I won’t really need. So College is still mostly a waste of money and time. Most people just go in for the sake of getting the degree; a piece of paper, because they think that’s necessary to have all good jobs.

  • Grades,grades,grades,grades grades, isn’t school meant for learning why does it just circle around grades.
    Even learning is very boring and stressful.

  • I’ve tried to take down notes but the video was too fast for me. I hope she put a pause in between discussion, just enough for me to finish what im writing. I end up pausing the video every discussion…:( It lost the momentum and drained the enthusiasm. This a great video and shouldn’t be missed watching. Really helpful but please give the viewer some time to takke note. There are people like me who learn more and remember faster when we wrote what we hear.

  • I was an unbelievable failure at school but I ended up successful in life with my relationships, finances and overall happiness and mental health.

  • Here is the dumbest equation parents had shoved down their throats:

    Real helpful equation:
    Understanding and wisdom of life=Success AND Fulfillment

  • School is prioson.
    School is depression.
    School is stress.
    School is a phobia.
    School is sickness.
    School is useless.
    School is pointless.
    School is death.
    School is suicide.
    School, Is bullshit.

  • Tbh, primary school is importants ngl. It teaches us the basics like proper grammar, basic math formulas and basic understanding on how and why things happen. But like, they focus too much on the numbers. U feel me. They need to change that in my opinion. Cuz some ppl have talent in other things not related to the school curiculum. But becos they didnt get good grades, they didnt get to develop said talents. I just dont like that pressure of having to do well. Its just not my thing

  • I would take every word from Vanessa’s mouth VERY seriously. She’s done the research and the hard work. I will be teaching this to my GED Prep class. ��

  • Vanessa I love you, you are so amazing, your advice is solid, I recognize and completly appreaciate your female opnion and scheer knowledge and research is something else. I’m so proud of you, I’m just now digging into Captivate, <3

  • There is a Chinese idiom: Wài yuán nèi fāng. The literal meaning is “outside circle inside square”. It’s a good philosophy about interacting and cooperating with people harmoniously but at the same time having your own values and principles.



  • I think ya’ll a being a little hard on school. It’s where we learnt to speak and write, showed us some new ideas. Sure most of it is boring as fuck, but even when I’m painting or playing the guitar there are boring aspects. It is where I meet my best friends and learnt philosophy for the first time. I’m sure some of you must have great school stories.

  • All your ideas and key facts are so useful and great to be informed about no matter how much we know. We can all learn more, so thank you.

  • After 4 months of doing homework at at home and being able to schedule my whole day by my own, I had one week of school and it felt like hell. It‘s all about waking up at times that are waaayyyyy to early for your brain to work, stress, people commanding on you and feeling like a failure. When you say „I‘m tired“ everyone says „all the kids to through school, it‘s not that hard“, „what are you tired from, wait until you have to work“ or just a „the go to bed earlier“. And then people wonder why the depression and suicide rates are do high…

  • As someone who excelled at school (3.96 GPA, 5 honors *lays on horn*) yet has gotten 0 interviews after hundreds of applications (while watching all my classmates get hired), I had a rude awakening. I sit here, 2 years after receiving my degree with so many cords and medals I’d make Flavor Flav blush only to learn that none of it mattered. Absolutely nobody cares that I excelled at college, and if I had to do it all over again I’d have gotten C’s like everyone else. At least then I’d have a well-paying job in my field of finance.

  • you can’t fight your own mind and that is where they’re fighting you

    Luckily for me im extremely different to the average human so im able to see through it all

    It’s not brainwashing it’s more like a brain pleasing and you cannot help taking it and living without your own ideas you do as everyone else does in a neat flock

    Asking them for help or being forced onto help is the problem and it begins at a very young age starting nursery

    I luckily made the right choices and became a lot more powerful both physically and mentally than my friends who went through school with no problem staring and sitting all day i could always sense tv programs likened to school aswell and had a severe aversion to it and learned anyway wile watching the stuff i enjoyed and boy did google learn me a lot im afraid ive ran out of questions to ask… they call this not respecting adults enough to listen to them and it’s one thing they was correct about im happy and healthy which is all the money i need plus i get payed by the tax payers (which is amazing) and just save 100% of my minimum wage i get for doing nothing by living with my loving family and that allows me to buy anything i want

    My condolences about my punctuation and grammar I can do it but I don’t type freely while using it….use your brain to decipher it! That’s what i do.

    Ps my condolences for the above average length reply also but it’s just the information needed to be conveyed… remember it and don’t look down on a smoking teen wile driving your car comfy in a chair staring at the road blowing a cloud out of your tail pipe.

    TL:DR you got locked up, controlled and setup for the normal life.

  • If the world changed, education must be changed too, to always leading the world. Don’t stuck with your sucks style lmao. To the government please make an alteration. This is Industry 4.0. Teach the kids how to learning hard skill to get a better job.

  • Please to anyone get out from comfort zone, get out from general path, if you wanna success. I know I wanna do that but I can’t, I just get stuck on this old and ancient education system right now.

  • In my opinion, it’s not that school is bad but it’s the fact that the education system hasn’t evolved to modern times unlike jobs have, the education system needs a big upgrade.

  • The teachers are usually wrong. They want you to listen to them. It’s harder to try to get a whole group of people to listen if they don’t listen. I’m 17 and never used anything.

  • Half the world: Dying from Coronavirus
    Businesses: Are losing money

    Schools: Can I offer you a billion piles of homework in this trying time?

  • Improve Your Academic Success with Fun Although the main focus of education needs to remain firmly fixed upon learning, there is a social aspect of the process that needs to also be considered. For example, students must be engaged in learning, and there is ample research to support the value of..

  • i personally think that your achievements and grades in school wouldn’t define your future, but i’m not saying that you should just ignore your studies lmao

  • A must watch. Surprised when I got to know the creator of The School of Life is Alen deButton, who created the Philosophy A Guide to Happiness documentary. Great work

  • This video made me depressed because I have none of these skills. I don’t see any improvement in the future. Should I just end it?

  • I am in high school and I sometimes feel abnormally towards studies than others in my class although I am a straight A student and this really showed me a new light.

  • High school was such a wast of time, we had robotics class that only taught us how to build with legos!!!

    Instead I would have rather have a coding and robotic engineering class where we learn how to make the robot start.

  • Oh hell yeah ive been outwardly obedient and internally rebellious for my whole life cuz I was lucky enough to meet a
    Group of real people who weren’t my parents and I have been “enlightened”

  • You have natural raw talent for interacting. I find that when people like you learn the science behind their interpersonal intelligence, it’s a game changer for their success.

    You can turn your social skills into a superpower with the right frameworks.

  • You know the nice thing about uni is that you pay massively to get good education. The teacher explains you something and if you don’t understand it they’ll give you a link ton kahn academy or the free available lectures from other universities online.

    That’s a business model not education.

  • I love learning. I love being smart. I dream of one day being that old wise man who lives peacefully alone, reading and writing books. But, currently, I just cannot get on board with the school system. I have pushed myself to get As and it never pays off in the end and I’m often plagued with mental health issues.
    I excel in creative writing assignments, but my teachers mark me down because it never correlates with what they asked for. They say, ‘it really is amazing writing you have here, but you completely missed the topic.’ And I respond angrily, ‘I didn’t write it to please you.’
    Why do we need grades to justify our intelligence? It’s so wrong!

  • School is like they force feed you and then when the tests come you just throw it up on the test.�� Is this the meaning of learning?����

  • I failed miserably at school and college, while others believe that I am a good student. What they don’t know is that my school life is a train wreck despite scoring A from time to time. But I never enjoyed a bit of it. I sometimes wonder what youth actually is because I don’t think I’ve ever tasted it. I hope I can brave the hardships of adulthood. And I wish the same for you, too.

  • 50% kids go school

    50% adults should go somewhere horrible like school because they have kids themselves first so why don’t both them & kids go there because it’s a horrible fucking place after all

    100% teenager depressed because’ve

    200% I despise Horace Mann

  • What i feel at school

    37.5% hates adults & teenagers

    12.5% stay in the quiet room

    25% feels stupid for still wearing uniform but the teachers threading threatening you

    25% threatened by the bully at school by mentioning to people about the teacher who left school even though the bully who says that is wearing no uniform himself when I’m just looking out the window

    25% decide to have no kids when I’m older

  • I like money �� more than school. School are traitors for giving us homework in primary school & then blackmail us by doing our work it’s self in school but then still get no ducking money for it

  • Strongly disagree. An exam about german literature can be pretty creative, whereas introducing numbers on a database or answering telephone calls it isn’t. Perhaps it depends on what every single individual thinks it’s funny.