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Unfortunately, in many cases, nanny cams are used for the wrong reasons. A nanny camera shouldn’t be used to capture neglect or abuse, but rather to prevent it. Don’t purchase a nanny camera for the sole purpose of trying to outsmart your nanny. Many nannies do not mind the use of cameras as long as parents tell a potential care provider upfront that a nanny cam will be used so that they can feel comfortable and confident about their child’s care. It’s then up to the provider to accept or decline the position with a family who uses a nanny cam.

For some families, using a nanny cam can provide additional peace of mind that their children are safe while being cared for by a nanny or sitter. Sure, installing a nanny cam will bring you some peace of mind but it can also drive you crazy. You might be checking it non-stop instead of working or enjoying a date night.

No one is perfect (I know I’m not a perfect mother) and no babysitter is going to be perfect either. When installing a nanny cam, you might be ensuring that you never find a babysitter again because. Every nanny (even those that are related to you) puts on their best face when you are around. What you see is not always what you get. If you feel comfortable, you can tell your nanny that you have cameras in the house and you always keep them on.

If you do use a camera, some states only allow you to use video, but not audio without the permission of the person you are recording. While it’s one thing to buy a smart camera like a Nest Cam or Canary to monitor for things like burglary, there are considerations you need to take if you want to use your camera to watch over a nanny or caregiver in your home. To start, there are laws that may limit what you’re able to record. While installing a nanny cam is an effective way to make sure your child is safe, you should also consider the idea that your relationship with the nanny is essential. You are entirely justified in purchasing a device that keeps your child safe, and you have no firm obligation to tell the nanny that you have one.

As previously stated, it is not in your best interest to use a nanny cam or any other type of surveillance equipment. If you are tempted to do this, remember the consequences that could occur if you choose to install a video camera anyway. A great nanny cam should help put you at ease.

We did the research and found the best ones out there from top brands including Wyze, Zohulu, Blink and many more. Menu. If you are contemplating using a nanny cam because you are suspicious of a nanny who has been with you for a while, and you are concerned about what may or may not be happening, I strongly advise you to forget the cameras and either talk to your nanny directly to get answers or find a new nanny instead.

You should be able to have absolute faith in your child’s.

List of related literature:

If you do decide to install a nanny cam, don’t use it as a way of screening prospective child­care providers.

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Some parents believe that a nanny cam is necessary for their child’s safety, and that outweighs any ethical concerns.

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Camera systems in day care facilities and “nanny cams” are a fairly new application for video surveillance.

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The nanny cam can be streamed into a workplace.

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Especially cautious parents might set up a secret “baby cam” to monitor electronically the sitter’s behavior in their absence, possibly providing a live feed to a security firm.

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Or you might want to look at a webcam that shows how the babysitter and your child are doing (a very frequent use these days).

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And short of installing a nanny cam, this is the easiest, least invasive way.

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Especially cautious parents might set up a secret camera (“baby cam”) to monitor electronically the sitter’s behavior in their absence, possibly providing a live video feed to a security firm.

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Nanny cams are now marketed to literally keep an eye on the nanny.

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Check out BrickHouse’s extensive selection of affordable hidden cameras and nanny cams today.

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  • You have a nice items but witch one you can use 24/7 without even some one notice its on charger or its something witch can always be on charger or power without plugin and out every few hours

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  • Hi I need a hidden camera for my locker at work that last at least 5 hrs pls. Is there a kind that I can view wherever I go. Someone is opening my locker. Pls I need your help immediately thx.

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  • This video came at the perfect time!! I’m interviewing for nanny positions right now, and this video just helped me realize that I need to take feedback and make it my own, instead of getting butthurt about it

  • A question from a newbie…. Can an employee scan for bluetooth devices, and ascertain that there is a camera or recording device **somewhere**, even if they don’t know where it is? I’m concerned about my mother in a nursing home. We’d like to know how long it takes the CNAs to answer call button, how often they are changing her (she’s incontinent), and whether she’s getting her meds in a timely fashion. As she’s on anti-anxiety meds, and some pain meds, I have to wonder if they are being swiped. It’s a very stressful situation. Thank you

  • I know am your biggest critique,so here we go, you forgot about the headroom at the beginning, is there possibility to close the window to avoid the background noise? I’ll get you a hair clip,lol. Keep up babe.

  • I don’t have kids, but when I do, better believe I will have nanny cams. And the nanny who says “but why can’t you just trust me?” Doesn’t get it, and won’t be the right nanny for my family. I’m not going to chance interaction with my own (future) children based off of an interview. People go into interviews as their best self… not everybody works or is living as that best self. And I think that’s something to be aware of when it comes to your own children being cared by somebody.

    My comment is geared towards that comment made by one of the people you asked.
    But, I don’t blame you for letting her go.. that’s too bad that it came to that. But people need to take ownership.

  • You are the employer, you have the right to expect your employee to hold up the end of their bargain on what they said they would do if they were to be given a job by you. And then exceed the damn expectation. If she is used to interacting with kids, then she needs to be able to deal with different behaviors and pushback from kids cause they all do it. They never want to do it until you make it fun for them. The girl could have done better, period. If she wanted to chill and watch tv all day, she should work from her own home. You and I think similarly. I say let me grow, give me respectful, constructive criticism and watch me work to improve myself.

  • Do you know of any type of mini camera / voice recorder that is unnoticeable and has a long memory with good battery life that can still work with out plug in or wifi as in putting in a vehicle/ big rig truck??? Hope you can help me out……….

  • For example smoke detector is always on power so instead i can be a spy cam witch is always on charging cable without any one notice its charging from other source thanks hope you understanding what I’m trying to say