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5 Signs Someone Is a Fake Friend

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Selfishness – The first characteristic that comes to mind is selfishness. Fake friends will be selfish. They’ll primarily want a friendship with you because of what you can do for them.

They’re not big on reciprocating. They want discussions to be about them, their lives, their problems, and so on. Fake Friends Require Faking It. The hallmark of a healthy friendship is that kids can be themselves.

If your children feel like they have to wear a mask or cannot be authentic, then that is the sign of fake friends. In other words, if your child has to talk or dress differently in order to fit in with these friends, then they are not true friends. How To SPOT a fake friend: A relationship with them adds no real value to your life. It’s distracting more than it allows you to enjoy the present moment, draining more than it is fulfilling, and you’re always questioning everything that you say and do.

Fake friends are only capable of a. Not every person in your life will be there for the right reasons. It’s sad!

But it’s an unfortunate fact of life. Fake friends have the power to make you miserable, so it’s vital to know how to tell if your friend is fake. Then, work to cut them out of your life.

You don’t need a fake friendship. 14 Signs Of Fake Friends: How To Spot One A Mile Off 1. You Only Hear From Them When They Need Or Want Something “Oh, hey I haven’t talked to you in forever, how are you 2. They Put You Down Subtle digs in the guise of playful teasing, one-upmanship, and backhanded compliments are just a 3. 20 ways to tell fake friends from real friends 1. Pay attention to how much they talk about themselves I once had a “friend” who would call me almost every day to talk 2. How interested are they in you?

Do they ask you a lot of questions about you? Do you get to talk about your problems 3. It’s also important to be able to recognize the signs of a fake friend, and not just what a real friend is.

Below are some things to look out for if you suspect a fake friend. 1. Fake people are passive-aggressive. Fake friends are really good at speaking in a passive-aggressive way.

They always find a way to insult you with a compliment. This will slowly reduce your self-confidence and often, you. A true friend will encourage you towards the positive things in life as they are proud of your success. They want to see your smile every day.

The fake friend secretly hates you. They will show you a fake love and wish you would fail. Fake friends have a way of getting found out – that’s why they need so many friends. [Read: The biggest signs to help you steer clear of toxic friends] #11 Friends are disposable to them. In other words, you are disposable to them.

There are numerous articles which talk about narcissistic intimate relationships – you can use the signs to discover if your husband or wife is actually a toxic person. But many people never even think about close friends as being narcissistic.. A narcissistic friend can also make your life less than savory, in fact, they can make things worse instead of better when you confide in them.

List of related literature:

You end up asking yourself, “Who are my real friends?” or “Do I have any?”

“Intelligence and the National Security Strategist: Enduring Issues and Challenges” by Roger Z. George, Robert D. Kline
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This is the major difference between those people labelled ‘real’ or ‘true’ friends and the remainder.

“Understanding Cultures through Their Key Words: English, Russian, Polish, German, and Japanese” by Anna Wierzbicka
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They are my real friends, not fake friends or phony posers.

“Mastering Yourself: How to Align Your Life With Your True Calling & Reach Your Full Potential” by Corey Wayne
from Mastering Yourself: How to Align Your Life With Your True Calling & Reach Your Full Potential
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This kind of blurring of boundaries between real and faked friendship seems more likely to occur in research where the interviewing process involves repeated visits.

“Ethics in Qualitative Research” by Melanie Mauthner, Melanie L. Mauthner, Maxine Birch, Julie Jessop, Tina Miller
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You are investing in these friends by spending time with them, you know about the day-to-day details of their lives, and you probably see them fairly often.

“Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close” by Aminatou Sow, Ann Friedman
from Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close
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Again, it seems very unlikely that anyone would “fake” this as for most people it is quite painful not to have friends.

“Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment” by Brian G. Gilmartin
from Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment
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For example, they may claim you are one of their closest friends and you see them on a weekly basis, then they could leave the country for a year and not think to tell you.

“Secrets of the Combined Astrology: The Full 144 Combinations of the Chinese & Western Zodiac Signs” by Zakariya Adeel
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Then list what real friends don’t do: Real friends don’t tell secrets about each other unless they think they are in danger; real friends don’t talk behind each other’s back.

“Girls in Real Life Situations: Group Counseling Activities for Enhancing Social and Emotional Development” by Julia V. Taylor, Shannon Trice-Black
from Girls in Real Life Situations: Group Counseling Activities for Enhancing Social and Emotional Development
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The more time you spend with any specific primary contact, the more likely you will be introduced to their friends.

“Structural Holes: The Social Structure of Competition” by Ronald S. Burt
from Structural Holes: The Social Structure of Competition
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I want to open up to them and tell them how hard it is to find friends and how Chelsea doesn’t even consider me a real friend.

“Reel Life Starring Us” by Lisa Greenwald
from Reel Life Starring Us
by Lisa Greenwald
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  • for my whole i keep pouring to friend but lastly they go with their other friend,they only come find me when they need something from me. im so tired. im in single circle.

  • They call for you to come to them. They don’t mind you driving for an hour once or twice a month to visit them, but they’ve never even set foot in your neighbourhood let alone your home. Chances are if they’re doing this they’ll be doing something else that is very subtly controlling you as well. Keep your eyes open.

  • I’ve had two or 3 of those in my life. I had a So called Friend once. Who stole stuff from me and even my Mom. She stole tapes, Class Necklace I had. Who knows what else. You can’t really trust anyone. Or you shouldn’t. That is one of the reasons I just keep to myself. I always get hurt in the end. I trust people to easily. I care too much.

  • Can’t we just let them know of what they are doing, like try to make them understand, help them be better. Cuz, you know they might not be aware of what they are doing is wrong and not ok

  • I have a friend asking me for stuff but she haven’t talking to me like talking about plans or what’s going but she only asking me for stuff

  • You just made me realize that one of my friends are proplay fake friends because I hang out with them alot and I was hanging out with another friend she asked if we coud hang out and I was likd not now and she was like you aren’t a real friend blah blah blah

  • I dont have any friends. Sometimes i just imagine how fun is to have a real friend.
    I wish i was not this ugly. And i wish to have a real friend.

  • Am i the only person with no real friends but having so called only fake friends?
    Laugh with everyone,but trust none
    Legends r always single������
    I dont need any signs to figure out that i have all fake friend,coz i am used to it

  • …and nowadays, it also is sicknesses which might impact, and also the divide of deeper and deeper classdifference more than ever, ditching some of us behind others, which do make a huge difference, for some of us who really cannot, invite others over on dinner, or go out on every whim we might have, as those with a lot of more money can, and always have been able to do.
    That´s also a divider between who or who not, one can spend time with.
    and Im really grateful for those real friends I´ve had through life, those who see the difference, and never divide people by status money or sickness or wellness aso. Real friends don´t judge or condemn if you are not so called “successful all your life”, and they don´t use namecalling or any other stupid mean thing many use, if you are not as they want you to be.

    Real friends stick to you no matter what life deals to us.

  • I have this lady at work that i wanna be friends with since we share the common interest. All i see is that she is just being nice for the sake of being nice and yet she keep saying that we should be friends. I keep messaging her after she added me on fb but all i got was short ended replies and even dead end replies like “haha” or “lol nice”. Is this friendship or just she added me as a backup man just in case she lost some friends? I really need some help

  • Wow! Thanks so much! I once had this friend and she was so fake! Like get this, she told me that she was gonna have a friend over and yeah but then at like 10 at night, I saw that I had 12 missed messages, so I just ignored it but then at like 12 am, I see that it was under “ unknown senders “ so basically, my flee friend told her friend ( the girl who was coming over ) to text me from her number and saying a bunch of rude stuff, so I freaked out and then I woke up my mom and dad ( yes I’m young ) and we busted her and found that girls location to freak her out just by her number, so then we called her mom and told her about the incident and yeah, and my fake friend she actually tried to message me and become her friend again, but I cut her off, but that night that we busted her was the best night ever, I felt so proud…. ALSO! Get this! So when we were first becoming friends, she had a phone and I had an iPad, but then when I got a phone that was a better model then hers, COMPLETE PERSONALITY CHANGE! She was so jealous because she felt like I was higher then her, so like I can only be her friend if she is higher then me so yeah, very fake

  • Sometimes, is start the friendship to fall apart, no every friendship it will take for ever,sometimes they will call you just when they need you,they will say that they are you re best friend but when you need them they will make an excuse to not talk to you, they will use you re feelings just bc they know you have a kind heart and you don’t want to make anyone mad. And…. after you say one time you don’t want to be friends whit them they will beg you and tell you they will change and you belive them and after 2 times you had enough and tell them and they will say,you used them when they used you and they will say that “we can still be friends ” but you don’t want to and they think you acepted and they now just replaced you and…..
    They tell you that they WILL never
    After this I dont trust anyone just 2 persons:Myself and a person that will always help me and I am very grateful
    Oh and if somehow my ex bff see this
    I don’t regret that we aren’t friends anymore
    Hope this help you understand that if this is happening, you need to stop this friend ship

  • Again an interesting point of view. I trusted what I thought was my friend. What did she do!?
    I caught her making dates with my Nice at a family gathering. So I gray rock her, her response? NO it wasn’t me it never happened. Her own personal gray monkey was trying to get to shut up at the party but wouldn’t stop! Needless to say that ENDED the friendship but not right away. it took about six months before she realized it was never going to be the same. Pretty much I went silent and ghosted her as she used to do to me.

  • . Simmons. just being real.
    U step all on people n treat them like feces n a door mat..u lie and throw everyone under the bus..u steal others idea n claim them as your own..u praise yourself after you humiliated a person…u do nothing wrong in your own eyes..u lie on people. U fool people as if ure sweet when ure really the devil’s chameleon. Talk about fake..i think mental maniac fits you.

  • My fake friends are:1) Ramanuj
    2) Kayan
    7) Priyam
    8) Anurag
    9) Nafizuddin
    10) Bhaskar
    11) Mahi
    12) Kritika
    15) ShuvKingkar
    16) Dharitree
    19) Prince
    21) Parthajit

  • My grandmother stressed to me when I was young that you don’t have any friends. You have acquaintances, I’m 46 now she was speaking real knowledge in the eighties bro!

  • When you become sick (auto-immune illness) and your friend thinks your fatigue is depression and says “i’m not ready to give up on this friendship yet”…you just need to get over it. From my perspective, I didn’t know anyone was giving up on me or the friendship, I was just sick and couldn’t go out. Within a few months I did not hear from her again. She apparently “gave up” on me and “the friendship”. I guess she was ready. One thing to add to your list would be if there is an illness…people can’t help that. They may want to call all their good friends and they just can’t. Or they can’t go see anyone with no energy after working and raising kids. Just something to think about. Love your channel! ❤️

  • You speaking the truth I had to cut a lot of dudes off and some just faded off but I respected it I can’t lie I kinda felt some kind of way kinda hurt about it cause I always was there for them my mama always say to us and my 3 brothers that real friends are hard to come by and we have associates I called 3 three friends and a cousin of mine not of them answered or returned my calls I felt some type way about that like I thought we was cool

  • I wish I could explain what has happened to me in less than 1 page full of writing… but this is so inspiring and helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • it depends, that phrase is not always mean, i have said, because she was bullying me and told everyone shit about me,when it was her fault. She also always blames everything to me, thats why i say that.

  • r OMG the first one is my best friend obe time i said omg i got a the new set of clothes for my pets in roblox i told her cause she joined me and she said ok and she is in competion with me and trys to make me jelous should i drop her

  • I have friend that is literally like this. Always tells me I can’t do that or it’s too hard for me. It’s literally describing my “friends” that I have

  • I wach this video b cuz my bff is like..idk
    If im dressing up like cute outfit on online games she will say “viviane ur outfit is weird” she wont even sopport and she did a lot more i dont want this to be long so bai

  • One time at school we were doing a school project with my crush my friend who iam sure had a crush on my crush when she saw me laughing with him and talking she said: is your mom as fat as you?
    I knew she was trying to embarrass me but I didn’t care about him all I cared about is defensing my mom
    Such a rude fake friend

  • I have a friend that has been my best friend since 1st grade well atleast I thought she was a real friends but she wasn’t in reccess she would be with other people on only hang out with me if she didnt have anybody else to hang out with so pretty much i just ignored her and havent talked to her for a long time and I found new friends that are actually real friends but I am sad bc they had a fight about something and they are still friends with me but not with each other:( so I am sad bc I want them to be friends again but I dont know how to make them be friends again so if anybody has some advice or something to help me make them be friends again I would be so happy but for now the still dont talk to each other.:(

  • First of all, I’m glad when you decide to said “unless they’re introvert” because I am such a horrible friend if introvert were included ��
    Second, I’m glad I finally get the comfirmation eliminate the right one from my life forever ��
    I know I shouldn’t bad mouthing my old friend but she didn’t even contact me back, never come clean when she’s jealous or what so ever. It was heartbreaking when someone else the one who told you what she said bad behind your back.. Plus, as long as there’s someone else out there interested in hearing her life journey and totally just focus on her, she won’t disturb me. Hope she never contact me back ��

  • All of these behaviours are just as likely going to be exhibited by those who are trying to end a former friendship but the other person won’t let go and keeps trying to hoover them back into the former pattern. I am going through this. My response now is to not initiate anything, not phone, ignore phone messages, not take up invitations. Yet the other person is still trying to corner me to invite me to a party, tells me that its her birthday and so on. Truth is, she is a gossip, a manipulator and always whinging about something. I just don’t like being around her anymore. She has never asked me about my life or what is going on in day. She just wants to talk about herself and her family all the time. I don’t regard myself as a ‘fake (bad) friend’ but just someone who is trying to keep distance and not encourage the relationship.

  • I have a group of friends, but they seem to only cared for each other but not me. Whenever I tried to share my feelings, or the abuse that I received from my parents, they don’t care. They dont reply or even sympathy towards me, they continue conversation without even bother replying my text or even see it I guess.

    But on the other hand, whenever someone on my group do the same thing, they immedietly reply, “Oh my thats cruel” “No way really? Sorry boo” “its okay you had us honey”. In the group I dont even feel exist, nobody I can rely.

    I’m sorry to rambling it on here, but when I see the video pop up on my feeds, I couldn’t help to watch it and comment about what I feel.

    Pretty sure many people have experience the same thing like me, and if you got out, congrats i’m happy for you. I really hope im gonna get real friends soon enough.

  • great video bruh, i got a friend who always make fun of me for whatever reasons..

    he’s acting as if he’s a Personal Trainer while my body is far bigger, in shape, and more shredded than him.. yet he act as if I know no shit about workout.. not to mention how I always got scolded for being late while whenever he does, I’m just waiting patiently..

    the hell is this relationship

  • What do you do about a friend you been real with for years and they would rather be insecure and content with other fake people that they would be around in highschool. Chasing some fake popularity

  • Told my GC I was experiencing COVID symptoms, nobody even mEntIonEd about it. Told another GC that I stayed up until 4 AM. NOBODY cared. Everything I said was true. “Friends” nowadays…

  • I have a “friend” like that. Recently she keeps saying she is “busy”. Then I bump into her with another friend, her excuse, She has known that friend longer than she has me. Well, what has that got to do with it? She has recently been one-up manshipping me, This all started when she was telling me about someone who won a local lottery I had great pleasure in telling her that I also had won.

  • the sign someone is not your friend is when they are always broke whenever you invite them outing but then you insist that means you will take care of the bills and also they never buy you drinks or they are always trying to extort money from you.

  • Fake friends are sometimes nice people that don’t want to tell you in a rude way that you get on their nerves and they feel drained after hanging out with you. They give you every clue to go away but you keep trying to make more of the friendship and you try so hard to make them be your friend and then you get mad at them because you start to finally see that you are being avoided and instead of just walking away and leaving them alone you will have to confront them and make them feel very uncomfortable and make them tell you that you are selfish drama queen that you can’t stand be around but you didn’t want to hurt their feelings and hoped that they would get the hint and leave you alone and get new friends that really wanted to hang out with you and didn’t avoid all your calls and interactions. If a person doesn’t put forth an effort to be my friend…I get the hint and back off. Some people just don’t pick up on the hints as fast as others.

  • One of the big signs I see in relatives at gatherings is the propensity to “invite us to the party so we can see them ignoring us.” For years I went to family gatherings expectantly thinking “this time will be different”, but it never was. They relatives paid lots of attention to my husband whom they saw as an accomplished engineer, but acted disinterested in me as though I just didn’t measure up. Dealing with this for many years takes its toll. After that long I began to loose hope that anything would ever be different. So after one last gathering that I attended and the people were down right rude I decided to call it quits forever. I have gone no contact and will never again be in one of those gatherings. Since then I have found some lovely, reasonable, engaging people who share my same interests. Life is getting better, now I wonder why I didn’t do this a long time ago.

  • I’ve seen all of these all my life, I guess that’s why I have no friends.
    If I have to pretend or rent a friend I’d rather be alone.

  • Here is the tips if you met a nice person don’t trust them quick or be close friends see first their personality background how they are if they have bad past or things. (btw I love you’re video)

  • i had this ‘friend’ who only called me when she needed something and every other time she was always too ‘busy’. so the last time she asked me for a favour I said I was ‘Busy’ haven’t her from her since. test all your friendships don’t only give all the time actually ask the individual for a favour sometimes and if they recipricate then it’s probably an even friendship. generally if they are meeting with you for no reason then they are real.

  • Me finding out all my friends are fake the listening to the song all my friends are fake by Tate McRae I would recommend that song

  • to be honest i love having freinds but i always try to make sure to keep distant even your best might be the one who hurts you first

  • Iiiiiiiii dontttttttt likeeeeeeee myyyyyyyy (fake) friendssssssssssss and i want to kill them really i want to kill them pls help i only have ONE TRUE Friend and we communicate like a maniac.

  • Haha this reminds me of some academics who follow/friend professors and don’t show an interest in younger people/career changers coming up the ranks and working on a lower grade (e.g. lecturer) who they perceive that they won’t get as much off. Seen this a few times. Oddly enough, many of the highest achieving professors have time for less established (but hard working/able) colleagues and don’t do it.

    That said, I think that nobody is perfect and we all have aspects of fakeness from time-to-time that we sometimes reflect on and even regret at a later date.

  • Alux thanks I also have a friend named jenish in my school he ask me for help and never offerr it to me and he bits everyone in karate period and act that he is so sorry and he talks sweetly but sometime in mischief he told someone about us at our back

  • Thank you so much for the video at least because of you I knew that my friends are was my fault to forgive them.i hope that no one could have this kind of situation ����.take care friends ��

  • What about a friend who wants to know exactly who your other friends are, and finds them all on Facebook, and messages them to tell them who they are, and ask if I talk about them? Kinda weird, no?

  • I think I have maybe 3 legit people who I can call true real friends. And we only speak to each other every 2-4 months. But when we do, it feels like nothing. That is a true friendship.

  • I hear all the signs when someone is not interested and it sucks, because you think you made great friends, you try and be there for them, your husband looked out for the guy mate at work, the guy says to us both how much he appreciated that and my husband is a rock. This couple had great energy, a good feel, I could talk in depth with the girl, because I liked them a lot I bought her son a present I do, show my love for others through gift giving, I only did it once though. They’d just moved into a house getting built and my husband suggested some bedding their son could use because we wouldn’t. The girl even said she trusted us to stick around on her life compared to this other flaky girl who she didn’t really want to get attached to the other girls son because it would hurt more if they ever split, and they’d only know each other fora month but I thought she was solid from what she was saying to be a great friend. We might just be aquaintences but it would be great to know where we stand because she seamed decent. I expected the flakiness from her partner to be truthful, not her

  • I dont understand why this video got a thousand dislikes i mean maybe those dislikes were the people who knew they were fakes but i totally makes me see the world in another way

  • There’s been something that I used to think was an odd coincidence that now I realize is “a predictable behavior” by those so-called friends who aren’t really. They like to insist on getting together, for coffee or a meal out. You disrupt your day to go meet them and buy yourself a $5 coffee you didn’t really want, or buy a meal out in hopes it will be nice. BUT… they don’t let you get more than a sip or a bite when they let you know they’re in a hurry. They either swallow their meal in 30 seconds and then scroll their phone like you aren’t even sitting there and you sense they are ready to go NOW, or they actually do say they need to dash when you’ve only had a sip of that $5 coffee. The choice is to sit alone and sip, or leave. I’ve left, but have now learned. I avoid “so-called” friends all together. DONE.

  • Another big sign is when in the rare case that we need them the most and reach out they are no where to be found… they might text a few days later saying; “I’ve been busy, I hope your ok”…

  • Hey so i need advice is it a fake friend if she or he is giving you stuff of the blue and sending really nice text too is she just trying to butter u up so when you cut her off she has all those things ‘shes done for you ‘?

  • They really want to impress the richest powerful high status tool in the room and will toss you under the bus to do it. All mine were adopted

  • i was crying at the end because i was testing my most trusted BFF and she turned out to be a fake friend im going out right now to go to her house and saying that Ur a fake friend ��������(┬┬﹏┬┬)

  • I was really good friends with a guy we had holidays together and it ace. I got feeling for him we ended in bed and it spoilt our friendship as I wanted him more than he wanted me.
    We finished 2 months ago he still texts me morning x everyday and reply the same. We were in a ldr I don’t think we can be friends anymore as he doesn’t talk to me in day I know he’s giving me space but I can’t ignore him just wish we could go back to being just friends he said we shouldn’t have slept together.
    We really best mates before than what a shame. How do I forget him?

  • I am better than him but I never say that in a cocky way I told my friends that this kid was saying stuff about me and they wanted his @ I gave it to one of them and he messaged him to stop and to wager him and he started calling me fake cause he thought I did not know them in real life

  • You just described my Narcissist ”Friend” She would cut me off and over talk me while I was talking, Walk In front of me leaving me behind so she could be in the lead, She would switch topics and bring the focus back onto her. And when I got engaged instead of her being happy for me she became even more Jealous, Envious, Spiteful and Insecure. Whenever people would ask me about my engagement ring she would get so angry. She even started wearing random rings on her ring finger even though she is not engaged in hopes of deflecting the attention away from me. She even tried to steal my friends and It did not work. I dropped her ass like a bad habit.

  • My coworker Tracy set me up to be failure on the job by lying to me about what I should do when it’s wrong thing she making me do wrong things so she can say that I’m not a good worker she not a supervisor and the supervisor does not know what’s going on I work in Virginia Beach I told her friend Kia what she said to me and Kia cut me off said that’s my aunty u talking about my aunty can’t let you talk about my aunty like that imma have to put u in your place I left New York at 12 in2006 moved to Georgia left ga in 2017 now it’s same shit here in va I’m leaving va

  • They are not genuinely happy for us and infact are jealous when u mention ur success or new love partner.
    This continued envy is not good for friendship..and they are toxic for us.

  • Such a great video Ashley! I loved your tips and they are all extremely valuable if you’re stuck in a toxic friendship, especially without knowing it.
    I would like to add two very important signs: Fake compliments which are in fact hidden criticism, such as ( oh, your new hair color is so pretty, it suits you way better than the one you had before).
    And another one is not taking you, your life, your job/ business and your dreams seriously and trying to make you fail by always criticising you, making you doubt yourself & putting you down( sometimes in a very subtle way, sometimes in a very obvious one).
    Unfortunatelly I could write a novel about toxic friendships but I’ll stop here.
    This video was very helpful, as is your whole channel, thank you so much Ashley for sharing such valuable information with us!

  • Well, recently learned why my messages were being sent, but “not received” on messenger. They hit ignore on all their accounts for me. Because it only, and consistently happened when I messaged them.

    When I asked about my messages not going through, they just said “oh. That’s weird. It’s working now tho”.
    But it’s still on ignore. They just checked their message request section to pretend they were getting it like normal.

    They also give big compliments often. Including how I’m their apparent favourite person. And how much all their friends love & say kind things about me. Which set off a red flag to me already.
    But lately they’ve started interacting a lot less. And now give those big compliments to other new people.
    It felt a bit sucky, but didn’t surprise me. I was ready for it to eventually happen.

  • I’ve resorted to being a homebody. Short social events only. Some outdoor sports and gardening. Limited people in my circle. I’ve put up boundaries on toxic relatives. Eliminated the toxic friends. My radar is on at all times. I don’t waste my time. I’d much rather read and educate myself then shallow conversations.

  • What? Short text responses are very well due to someone actually being busy living their life (actual real life then and there), rather than being distracted by someone who feels entitled to everything (including you and your precious time) through their smartphone. Why befriend someone who wants to Facebook their life into the toilet?

  • All my childhood bffs and other bffs and friends betrayed me and turned my
    Life at school a living hell ������
    And I know next year they will do worse

  • what do I do, if I tell them “I think it’s better if we are not friends.” They they ask “why?!”

    I say, “cuz I watched a video, to see if u were ACTUALLY my friend.”
    Then they say, “you are just gonna believe a video?!”

  • I asked my “friend” to hang out and she told me that she was busy that day but then I got on Snapchat and saw her hanging out w sb else. So yeah, I don’t have any friends now…

  • I was sitting with a girl that’s my friend but I didn’t know any of the people she sat with and she just told me today they didn’t want me to sit with them anymore

  • Every arrests have their social media’s to showing…. They can always download to look at it…. with their arrest films… In that ways to only fair to police officers…. Sometime people who panic attacked by their psychological shocks….

  • i stopped restarting communication after they stopped talking to me not on purpose just got real sick no one cared one tried to bring drama in 2019 (my bye fakes resolution) i told her to leave me alone she said i was on my period or what but something was wrong with me and blah blah she busy with her family she blessed has it all and i dont

  • i wish i knew this before i got older.

    my friend can be like this ( but who isn’t) i try to understand her because when im mad i tend to say some mean things since we are still young we can’t avoid it but now that im a teenager im learning to be mindful of my words im kinda ashamed that i used to be kinda bad because everytime i hear them talk smack about me i do the same thing ( i was immature still am today) trying to change and trying to be more mindful of things:) im sure my friends will change as well

  • Thank you Ashley! I always felt I didn’t have good friends for the reasons mentioned but I thought that is how everybody is. I was mad at myself because I thought I was pessimistic. Now what came up for me in this video is I was not a good friend. Thanks for the deep questions

  • How i see if a friend is real is i send a fake suicide note and see how they react. I saw some that did not respond and some that responded immediately.

  • So now I have to watch all the movies you mentioned in your video to understand all the examples.
    Though I understood the points but not the examples. Lol!!!

  • Girl, Thank you for this advice! I was just dealing with a “friend” and found out all this time she was just leeching off me and putting me down (Telling me my interests are shit, my taste in music is bad, my friend’s artwork is bad) but here is my silly ass supporting this girl. Smh. Girl thank you i’m going to take this and roll with it. Life’s too short for fake people.

  • Anytime you’re opinions are different or you stick up for someone else or yourself, you get booted out of what you thought was true friendship.

  • I’m gonna confront her bout it
    She’s hanging out with my toxic ex friends and they trying to steal her and I’m pretty sure she gonna leave

  • So I don’t know what to do because I think I have a fake friend but I’m to nice to cut her off because whenever she says she has something like a dress and I say I’m gonna get a dress as well she would say dont her a dress better then me and I always ask why and she says that she wants to be better then me and sometimes I say I want to do this in my life and she would say I could never fo that that like I’m to dumb to do that in my life and stuff like that and sometimes she says some really rude things and I’m just there crying in my bedroom and whenever my real friends back me up and tell her to say sorry she would always say she didn’t do anything and she doesn’t have to say sorry so pls comment and tell me if I should cut her off or stay friends with her?

  • 8:16 you fergot to say that they don’t even try I have a fake friend and I listen to her and she never even try’s to here me she changes the subject

  • I was on the other side being a fake friend. I just could not say the words ‘I don’t want to see you any more’. So I acted this way so that the person would get the message. She still didn’t. What should I do?

  • To anyone reading. Please do not think that these things only occur in high school and or end when you graduate from high school. Finding good friends and genuine friendships are hard to come by. No matter what stage you are in life do not be afraid to walk away from people who are parasitic to your life.

  • I feel like as I’m growing into my full potential some of my friends are jealous and have stopped talking to me and don’t support my endeavors at all.

  • A true true true friend s a friend in need a friend will there help em to see the light that true true frieeeeend… Twilight sparkle


  • If my friend starts fights a lot and wants me to leave my best friend and she gets sad when I am talking to my best friend does it mean she isn’t a real friend…..


  • So Im friends with my cousins lol and my cousin is kinda jelly of my other cousin that I love 1000000% so ima tell her ty for this���� if I’m doing anything wronge mabye advice? Ur amazing btw:)������

  • I love this woman she’s such a bright happy person that will do anything for anyone her effort brings a massive smile on my face don’t give up I love u and so does ur fans family friends and everyone around u god bless her ❤️❤️����������

  • So last time i was like i finally finished the city map she was like cool and i was like friends congrat other friends and then she was starting to say congrats in my head i was like bruh

  • Everytime I would talk to one of my friend they are like k constantly, and guess what they did to me?? They sent me a meme that said: K card: when someone sends you a longass text message, activate this card to escape safely.

    You really think being sarcastic is going to continue our friendship?? No way..
    It’s not funny. I then blocked them and stopped talking to them.

  • Thank you, I really watched a similar video like this…….Signs Someone Is a FAKE FRIEND…

  • I’m tired of always pouring onto ppl. I’m at a point where, if I’m giving more than I’m getting back, I’m not going to give at all. Baby sitting gets old real quick! The more I read and research, the more I can see things. Knowledge is power. My best friend is myself, and my very close relatives starting with my mom. Everyone else is just someone that I know. I’ve mastered the art of being independent. Free Agent lifestyle!

  • yes ok im a girl im just using my dads account my names jaelisa her name is Lilly I feel like im always in a contusion with her and my sepsister is worst she agrees with her when she talks bad about me I have 2 real friend there was a big fight at school I was not involved in the fight I wanted to John and one of my best best best friends he told me no jaelisa dont do that and he was right cuz the boys who were fighting they got expelled thx arsha my best friend love my 2 best friends forever shout out to Maddy and arsha! love y’all

  • Facts bro I really appreciate the confirmation that having fake friends is extremely dangerous.My brother was robbed and killed by his fake friends. I told myself I don’t want nobody fake around me. When I discover people are fake to me I go from being warm hearted to cold and send the message I don’t mess with them anymore.I have received opinions that say I should take people who smile in my face but trash me behind my back as a grain of salt.But the opinionist is three years younger than me and haven’t really experienced more than high school so it’s hard to explain to someone with a semi perfect life drama free. But having fake friend is so dangerous because of the jealousy and envy and hatred that I know are very strong wicked spirits that love to sneak attack because they are cowards. But I peep so many friends that come and go because I don’t tolerate that energy around me. I’m just thankful that I seen this video because I watch a lot of videos and none of them hit that point. I don’t have many friends for the lack of conscious people that understand what’s really going on and how we supposed to treat each’s wolves everywhere and they like to wait to attack and For your guard to be down when u least expect it it can be ten years later then they get you.just think how life could’ve been different had you read the flags and cut them off the moment that you seen the energy.

  • Am just asking what happenes if like they ask if you can call but you can’t and they say why because my friend just keeps calling me over and over again