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Gifted children

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Changing the focus from perfection to personal bests 1. Play up personal strengths In a competitive society, many kids strive from an early age toward the superlatives. They 2. Play down competitions While there will always be those who talk about preparing kids for a dog-eat-dog world, when. Another way to nurture your gifted child’s talent is to supply toys and games that will stimulate his interests and enhance his or her thinking, problem-solving and creative skills.

Since gifted children likes to tackle difficult toys and games beyond their. The gifted child is still a child, no matter what his talent. That child needs to run and play and laugh and daydream just as other children do. Nevertheless, rearing a gifted child is a challenge, but the task becomes less fearful when the parent knows the school is a helpful partner.

Keep books out—in baskets, on shelves, and on coffee tables. And share what you’re reading with your child, and ask him to do the same. This will not only spark conversation but build his vocabulary and comprehension. Praise results. Stick-to-itiveness is a quality that will endear your child to teachers—and employers.

Areas Children Can Explore At-home activities are a great way to reinforce concepts being learned at school (or that your child will encounter once enrolled), but they are also a good opportunity to expose your child to a variety of ways to captivate their mind—some that you may discover they have a special talent for or interest in. 1 Chat to their teacher and expose them to community art organisations, library events, sport clubs and so on. 2 Support them by showing an interest in their hobbies and talents. For example, if your child has a knack for numbers, check their homework, or if they’re good at athletics, attend their practice sessions.

3 Let them enjoy life. • Recognize that your gifted child’s emotional and social abilities may not match his intellectual ones. When you face a sudden emotional outburst, before you react, remind yourself of his actual chronological age. • Keep in mind that asynchrony means that your child’s needs vary enormously at different times. Encourage Self-Expression While your gifted child may be a whiz at math or writing, don’t hyperfocus their lives.

Allow your child to explore the arts, music, sports, and other paths. Putting too much pressure on one area can cause a child to stress or burn-out early in life. While it’s important to nurture your gifted child’s potential and love of learning by following his interests, it’s equally important to expose him to new things. Create a learning-rich environment with loads of great books, games, and puzzles. By rotating exciting new things, your kids may discover new passions.

Talk to them about your child and ask them to help you nurture your child’s interest or talent. Such trusted adults can spend time with your child doing the activity your child loves to do or put your child in touch with a person or organisation who could help them develop their talent or interest.

List of related literature:

Social interaction and metacognitive development in gifted preschoolers.

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Gifted children usually grow up in child-centred families where parents model hard work and high achievement, provide an intellectually and artistically stimulating environment, offer their children a high level of autonomy, but expect a high level of excellence from them.

“Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths” by Alan Carr
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A broader view, reflected in the term gifted-talented, considers signs of giftedness to include specific academic aptitudes, advanced memory skills, creative thinking, ability in the visual or performing arts, and psychomotor ability, either individually or in combination.

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Conceptualizing giftedness in terms of learning rate presumes that everyone is on the same learning path, and that the gifted child just gets “there” faster.

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• Learn about the characteristics of gifted children.

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At least one study (Gaunt, 1989) found that parents of moderately gifted children differ from parents of highly gifted children in how they perceive their children’s learning characteristics, social and emotional adjustment, school experiences, and social and emotional experiences.

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Parenting Gifted and Talented Children Parenting a child who possesses untrained natural ability (giftedness) or abilities, skills, or knowledge that have been developed and subsequently place them in the top 15% of individuals (talented) can present unique challenges for parents and for teachers (Gagne, 2003).

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Those assuming the nature side of the argument emphasize the inborn, heritable ability and intrinsic drive of the gifted child (e.g., high IQ), whereas those assuming the nurture side of the argument suggest that giftedness is the product of hard work or deliberate practice (Bloom, 1985).

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Don’t be surprised if you find you have a gifted child in your class who is naughty or immature; giftedness is simply about intellectual ability, and that is only one aspect of any child.

“Learning to Teach in the Primary School” by Teresa Cremin, James Arthur
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  • Lol, I kno m useless and not gifted, I kno so many things but can’t come in like the top ten ranking kids… So, no one really cares about the things I kno…… Hah…. Life is hard…..

  • Honestly, I know I am gifted (My parents and teachers just finished the observation sheet) although it has not been “confirmed” yet, but the only difference between me and other gifted students is that my emotions do not go so mad and sad when work is easy(as a matter a fact, that is a compliment for me), but I do understand why it happens to many gifted students though.

  • idk if i am gifted or not but believe it or not i always get a vision of whats going to happen in the future its like its like a deja vu i already know whats going to happen its like a glimpse it happens in less than a second like a flashback idk what to do i don’t even know if i am a gifted or if thats something else

  • Sadguru I have naturally brought up my child the way you have explained here. He is going to 9th class now and there are influences of school/teachers/friends/relatives all telling me that the way upbring my child is not right and that my child will suffer if he doesn’t follow the rules set by society. It really doesn’t matter to me coz these all will change but the connection of me and my child will be till the end of this life and beyond if the souls have liked the learnings from each other.
    It’s good that my husband understands this and so we three are being the way we are and don’t choose to change. I and my husband understand that there is a purpose why my son has entered our lives. We are just going by the flow.
    Seek your blessings to receive clear directions.

  • Sadhguru told the right thing.. our parents did their best in the way they brought up.. we are unfortunate that our before generations didn’t know this.. hopefully for future kids it should be helpful..

  • thank you for this video. It is very helpful when it comes to doing my college assignments on giftedness. There arn’t many articles that can help rather than these online videos which is a bit frustrating….oh well…better than reading!:)

  • This is what education is for to help those who don’t already know about this so they can help their kid or children successful in life. We all had to go through these stages whether they were easy or hard its so that when you see children in your facility who are behind in their language skills such as speech, or not walking at a certain age there may be some learning disabilities that may arise not because you did anything wrong but because of generics. DNA also plays a role in your child cognitive and mental growth.

  • It’s actually really hard being gifted, some people in my classes say us gifted people, have everything easy. It’s not true, it’s hard to find something in class that you don’t already know, it annoys me so much. My teachers never assign me for anything harder than the other students, I actually go to two schools, a normal one, and a one for gifted students. I don’t really like the gifted one, because it’s just hard being the only new one in the grade, but at my normal school I’ve been going to for years, everyone knows me and they all like hanging out with me.

  • I’ve got 5 kids. My older 3 are teens, and all are in AP, Honors classes and have been. Oldest is going to college now for premed soon. Next one is going for forensics, and my 14 year old is going to early college, meaning 4 years of high school at the local community college will yield a high school diploma and a 2-year college degree. My 4 year old and 1 year old are already showing huge signs of being above and ahead of their age group. I have ALWAYS been the kind of parent to work with my kids… we’ve done everything I can think of. And now with the younger two, they’ll probably do better due to what I’ve learned as a parent and can guide their learning better. We don’t train like this, but if we’re home together during the day, there’s always something to sing or play or learn, rather than watching tv all day! My son at 12 months old was doing the hokie pokie dance! They can learn what you teach them. Work with your kids. You’ll be amazed at what you can do as a parent, and how far that will go in their lives! ❤️

  • sometimes high IQ is a disadvantage completely. I have met people with high IQ and they are clueless wrecks. All they can do is quote books. They cannot generate their own information. They rely on the accumulation of data.

  • Namaskaram, Continuously giving a Parental Guidance and Enlightening ideas in my Though Process. Definitely its taken me in a Right Path in Nurturing The Children. Thanks to Almighty and Sadhguru!!!

  • Got an 18 months old baby girl who could already memorize everything inside her books, she already know all the words in her for books, will gonna share to you all in my channel if when did I start exposing her to books and everything to learn.

  • I am gifted, I always have been, but I’m just like every other kid! I like to play, run around, I. am. normal! just a bit smarter!

  • You misandrist! Men are parents too! Dont say her child, it’s his child too! You’re disgusting as a human being and you should publicly chastise yourself!

  •         What I saw in my country,is that many gifted people don’t get their “nourish” just because they are the “less gifted ones” ; maybe just because their family can’t afford money or material support,maybe their parents are less authoritative or less influential, maybe those people are gift in a way that we haven’t define yet and so forth(many cruel fact).
           I suppose a real creative people don’t give a shit about this shitty and unfair system create by humankind (They can jump out of frame which given by society).
           And last, sorry for my poor grammar and misspelling(I’m not a native English speaker).        
           An opinion from Far East.

  • I hate being “gifted” or “advanced” its so tiering I don’t know its like a big weight I have to carry everyday and if I get one question wrong or a bad test grade I start to get very anxious and I feel stupid. And I can’t ask questions because that means I don’t know something so if I don’t know something I’m automatically dumb.

    I’m In Grade 5

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  • and yet I speak 12 languages Russian happens to be my native language and Portuguese I also know so I could understand without a translator I wrote multiple books and I won the state of New Jersey in geography and got a masters in international human rights law in Queens University Belfast one of the top law schools in the UK work at the ICC I don’t need to talk just look at my channel:)

  • This is a wonderful video LOVED hearing about attachment, the need to be an active parent, playing with our babies, language rich environments, so so so much in here to give a thumbs up to… so much of this video rang true for what we are talking about on our channel as well!

  • I am in middle school and I am gifted. We are separated from the rest of the sixth grade, I don’t have class with anyone else. Some praise me, others bully me for being what they call a “nerd”. I can’t decide if I like or hate being in the gifted program

  • Absolutely spot on so much valuable info here every parent needs to digest as it is not always obvious in the fog of learning how to be parents. Thank you so much for the enriching share.

  • Exactly she’s spot on, I’ve been always saying that. Many scummy mummy only have kids for benefits and social housing. The actual development occurs during pregnancy actually. So good sleep, rest, food, interaction meaning talking to the baby bump, supplements is essential. Others can’t afford many things for the baby. Many parents go back to work as they want to live a luxury life. My sons 3months old. I’ve taken a year out uni, I don’t understand how ppl leave their 3m old in nursery n go work. It’s good idea to have some saving to live on whilst on a maternity break! I’m going back in September which will make my baby 7m old. My bro whose been there during my pregnancy helping me out with hosp appt, he also helped me out during the second month living at his n my mums to help me adjust. So the baby is use to his uncle n his agreed to help me out babysitting when I go back to uni. I’m so lucky Alhamdurillah. I was thinking of leaving the baby in nursery 1. Way too expensive £1100 per month! 2. Many undercover pedos working as child carers and 3. The baby hasn’t talked and walked properly and it’s a risk for a baby to be in a place like that. I wouldn’t trust it. Because I’m a educated bachelor I understand this in depth n gave my baby the best during conceiving, pregnancy and post partum. It’s an investment for that little person life which could be 60-90years so starting off rightly is crucial. In my opinion if u can’t then don’t have kids n many ppl have one night stands n have abortion n many keep it with their selfish intentions. Those kids are the ones making society like this mentally ill, bullying others, vandalism, youth groups, murders, rape, drunken killer etc! It should be stopped prior for these baby’s to be born as their stupid parent/s can’t be bother n born for the wrong reason!

  • Depends on what they see. Some may legitimately be douches; others may just be too tired to deal with simple antics that go on with simpler people and it may come off wrongly as condescending; in today’s definitions of smart people, you don’t really have to be emotionally intelligent to be intelligent intelligent.

  • A brain game publisher is paying $50 to smart children (payment goes to parents) for board game review done by child. google ‘smart child board game review’

  • this is what happened with my child. his teachers complain he doesnt want to follow the class,the tasks, and when get bored, he starts to disturb his classmates,but in tests, he passed very easy even though he didnt study even listening at all. what should i do?

  • In my case. My wife an I split up when our was was 8 months old. He lives with his mom full time and is now 16 months old. I don’t see him everyday. What advice can you give me.

  • Why don’t they just create separate schools for the gifted instead of mainstreaming them and trying make them adapt? What’s the matter with these morons who run the educational system? They separate out the Learning Disabled and Special Needs kids, so why not the Gifted?

  • My primary school I.Q. was about 140! Within a year I was wrongly put in remedial sets at secondary school. I am very intelligent but I found it difficult to understand what the teachers were asking from me. My highest grade at school was a GCE D in English Literature. I also failed at College when I was about 24 years old, with a GCE D grade in English. I have perhaps got Asperger’s Syndrome but have been diagnosed as being basically Schizophrenic.

  • i dont see how a hand full of adults can handel what they think is a critical and useful time spent trying to develop many people. COMPUTER TEACHERS, a teacher for every one person. a program will not fail them if built so it can juggle and adapt to the childs growing mind. then all teachers can participate in building the program. Maybe the students and parents themselves could improve their own education.

  • Involvement AND information are needed…the right involvement and the right information. A person can pursue their interests with great involvement but they’re going to get screwed at some point(s) if they don’t understand money, politics, history, contracts, finance, and laws, in this world. Predators are everywhere, and people have to know how to protect themselves. They should be taught how to navigate these issues from an early age. They should learn how to manage money, the credit card, and the mortgage game. They should learn the political system if they ever stand a chance to change it instead of being a victim of it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water in terms of teaching age-appropriate information along with involvement.

  • Do not understand this logic for kids that has to go to daycare. has the math been done on the hours they spend there/daycare and the toxic environment they/kids go thur there. By Alabama law it should be 1 teacher to every seven children’s. please explain when in daycare and 2 and 3 year old become stressed how does the teacher show undivided attention to that one child And at the same time watch all the others from jumping on a table or making sure another child is not bit or kicked etc. And to be in daycare without any love or the children’s not feeling love from anyone there for 8 to 9 hours a day that’s what is toxic. You have a lot of parents doing a great job raising there children’s not to act like an animal. Then you have the sorry parents that could care less there child is a bully. But these daycare’s are very toxic and have a lot to do with slowing down children’s development if kids are been mistreated by others kids and teachers

  • My passion is developed in class 5 currently in class 8 i have decided to go in the field of theoretical physics and mathematics but everyone around me wants to make me a topper in the british imprisonment educating system

  • Is Rotogenflux Methods useful to increase your IQ of 20 points? We have learn many good stuff about Rotogenflux Methods (look on google search engine).

  • Ana araf hakuk Al Nadeem I would da si guojirendaofa I love IHL he me dig я знаю международный гуманитарный права yo SE derechos humanitario

  • Why should u go to school? How about education! I think we need to stop criticising schools. U don’t send ur kid to school and come back to me after 20 years and tell me how that worked for u and ur kid?

  • Went to the University as my parents’ child. Now hearing just my thoughts (I would better listen to and trust these). Here comes the question: what should I be doing while possessing this kind of knowledge and still staying where I actually am?.

    However my life intentions are all about involvment, light and staying true. Peace, Sadhguru!

  • The clarity you speak with, surprises me in every answer you have to offer. This video should be seen by all parents, parenting organisations, education and career counseling institutes, schools and alike. ��

  • only 17 comments for the best video on early developmental stages of the human being and the effects on the long run. What is interesting about the video is that it is not only meant for one group in society but to many simultaneously. Last thing, at minute 8 or so, the comments on the genetic changes were new for me. Canadians, that explains it.. 😉

  • Namasthe sadguruji.thanq for guiding the people wanting parenting.todays ur message brings so much happiness in their life to start a family.people always have the desires n just follow without proper direction that leads to very complicated life for the parents as well as child.u r enlightening the all possible efferts of a happy family without ignorance.Helping manking is a great n grand blessings as only a few can have a greatness in them.whether it’s a small r big the message is a message to follow n to be involved with having a capacity to the people who needs a direction u r providing them what more u could do to help mankind.well I am proud of great people who directs the people in a right direction. here with ending with high respects.Om sai much luv.

  • follow me on my venture to help parents and children learn about each other as well as themselves

  • I’m gifted and examining all of these countries strategies to open a broader spectrum of education makes me very exited. We often struggle with socializing with kids who are not gifted and band together. In my schools there isn’t a way for me to truly develop my talent, writing. We end up being bored because we understand teacher antics and that we will never use a lot of what they teach in schools. I really hope some of these learning development programs make their way to America.

  • Ymca after school programs here assign one child care leader to 25 kids; if one child in the group is age three, the ratio is one leader to 15 kids which seems problematic if a child gets hurt or anything child is handicapped or adhd, behaviorally disturbed. If they are working in the best interest of children, what standard of care is this if they will not provide more support or supervision?

  • Love this video. I feel people even thinking about having children should watch this. Wish I would have seen it when I was pregnant 38 years ago. Children need interaction all the time. Their minds are like magnets. They learn what they see.

  • My baby is 5 months old I always talk to her try to make her smile. Try to keep her calm and not feel any stress. Now I play with her, but I’m trying to encourage her trying to grab on to stuff. She was born premature. So they told me she would be behind on her developmental mile stones. I’m surprised she’s trying to use her legs though. I lay her down on my chest and she pushes her legs to move. I hope I’m doing everything right for her.

  • Oh please how can he relate emotionally gifted to intellectual gifted? Emotional intelligence is subjective, and achievable through therapy. No amount of training will get your average iq to einstein level.

  • In kindergarten to sixth grade there were no advanced placement classes because of the school I went to. But my teachers tried to keep me in the better classes because I was consistently getting 101% and distinguished.
    I moved last year and we took a test at the beginning of the year called 7-365
    I got in the 99th percentile and they gave me TaG test (talented and gifted) and I got in.
    I have math1 which is 9th grade advanced math where I live and I have Spanish 1-B.
    I get annoyed because I

  • I’m sorry for the ‘non-gifted’ people out there, I totally understand you.
    But ‘gifted’ people are basically searching for these videos.

  • This video fails to mention many things though, as many others will. Gifted an emotional struggle. Every single gifted kid I interact with, even myself, we have heightened empathy. We are more sensitive to tragedy. Our Metacognition is also more developed.

  • I tell them to keep quiet in front of the teachers but…”

    The constant struggle of wanting to hide what they are capable of to avoid strange adulation and hightened empathy, and then the frustration of feeling like the instructor’s mind is stuck in molasses while figuring out ways to simultaneously solve the problem and present the information in a more efficient manner…

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  • A parent needs to be “to consistently responsive to their child’s needs.” And this situation why daycare is a bad idea in my opinion. I’ll be raising my own kids when I have them.
    It is about the child’s agenda not the parent, which is why most parents are mediocre at best.

  • …….being smart is one thing. But culture affects children as well. The level of morale affects emotional intelligence. Treatment of children based on gender, features, looks affects alotthat ties into experiences.

  • I despise the term “gifted”. It implies that the person has some ostensibly undeserved ability and as such is automatically the subject of pre-judgement, pigeonholing and forced scrutiny.

  • I am obviously supportive if i had this kind of education things would be different i wouldn’t be mentally raped and labelled with a multitude of fictious disabilities which I don’t possess 

  • Children need to interact with nature, trees, sand, mountains etc, and activities, walking, coloring, play doo. Stress of unhappy parents is critical in the development process, children mimick their surroundings.

  • I’ve thought about this, too. The issue here is: the real world won’t separate gifted people from the rest of the population, because the population needs them as much as anyone else. Learning Disabled and Special Needs kids are separated because they probably don’t have the ability to adapt like a gifted person can, and never really be able to learn to adapt to an adult world, so they’re more guided. I do agree though, that pushing gifted kids into non-challenging environments doesn’t work.

  • Very interesting indeed. I think that the help should always come in a form where children are surrounded by those of different abilities, as this is, in reality what we face in the real world. I think getting assistance is a very positive thing for a childs development but it must be in a setting with a range of peers… thanks for the information:-)

  • I love you Sadhguru, thanks, very very much, my life is now different a lot since I found you. Looking for education for my children an inner engeenering had start. Thanks Isha foundation, thanks Sadhgruru.

  • very intersting and informative those parents think about for future educator. I think getting assistance is a very positive thing for a childs development but it must be in a setting with a range of peers… thanks for the information:-)
    , please think about and share also

  • 80 percent of the shit society we live in is because of bad parenting. I feel unparented to a large extent. I never really grew up well cuz there was zero involvement with me… all I’ve ever been involved with since teenage is internet and information and I’m suffering today because of it.

  • mental conditioning from mainstream media and our completely outdated schooling system, have made most people think their kids are a burden on them and they resent that little miracle, me and my wife our those parents who spend all our free time with our son, he is it, we planned having him, he is almost walking at 9 months, and knows what the potty is he has just made his 4th potty poop and pee’s every time we put him on it i wish everyone saw this, and seems to have all the basic words down he was not interested in sign language lol