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In addition, there is even less research available about what happens when people sever other types of family relationships in their lives, like ending a relationship with a. Generally, when a family relationship ends, it’s on the heels of a huge blowup—a heated argument, one too many critical remarks, or a tiff over an unpaid loan. Before you write off a relative, cool. Campbell’s 7 reasons to terminate relationships with family: 1. When the relationship is based in any kind of abuse, mentally, physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally.

When the relationship is based in manipulation, overt or covert, you can be sure you are being used and abused. With most family relationships there’s a triangle to consider: you + Difficult-Family-Member + every other member of your family. So be prepared for awkwardness. So be prepared for awkwardness. This means Difficult-Family-Member will be talked about at dinner by your parents, asked about at the holidays by your cousins, and you may be consistently asked to “just get.

And sibling relationships are especially tricky because they’re the longest ones you have: You had your sibling before you had friends, a spouse or kids, and you’ll have them after your parents die.”. Marriage, especially, is built on the premise that it will remain “until death do us part.” Common causes for breakups include personality differences, lack of time spent together, infidelity, lack of positive interactions between the couple, low sexual. When you’re deciding whether to cut a person out of your life, you have to take the rest of the family into account, since it may affect your relationships with them as well. However, sometimes this is unavoidable. If you’re cutting ties with one parent, it might affect your relationship with the other parent.

When relationships come to an end, there is so much emotional pain that it may seem impossible to find a way to ease the suffering. If you’re the one ending the relationship, you may be plagued. Toxic family members might try to control major aspects of your life, including your relationships and career decisions.

They might imply (or say outright) that aligning with their expectations is. The most common mistakes include “disappearing on someone without letting them know it’s over [or] telling them you want ‘a break’ when you know you actually want a ‘full stop.'” If you know the end is inevitable, follow Sullivan’s and Sherman’s expert tips to end your relationship in the kindest possible way.

List of related literature:

When you are personally able to maintain appropriate boundaries with living relatives and you’ve done some emotional healing, explore possibilities for making amends.

“Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing” by Daniel Foor
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Each family situation is different, and approaching a family without assumptions allows for respectful communication.

“Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care” by Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC),, Suzanne Hetzel Campbell, Judith Lauwers, Rebecca Mannel
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Others express ambivalent or even negative feelings about extended family relationships and keep contact at a minimum.

“Family Communication” by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
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When we do not, family-centered clinicians defer to the family’s judgment and try to maintain a relationship with the family that will make them feel welcome to come back another time, when the child’s problems, or their feelings about them, change.

“Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence: Assessment & Intervention” by Rhea Paul
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You don’t have to cut off all contact, but you may need to have an open discussion with your extended family about what type of in uence you’ll allow them to be in your lives.

“10 Days to a Less Defiant Child, second edition: The Breakthrough Program for Overcoming Your Child's Difficult Behavior” by Jeffrey Bernstein
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If you decide to reconcile with a family member who is toxic, determine how much time and frequency they can handle before their toxicity surfaces.

“The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success” by Mario Martinez, Christiane Northrup
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When we do not, family-centered clinicians defer to the family’s judgment and try to maintain a relationship with the family that makes them feel welcome to come back another time, when the child’s problems, or their feelings about them, change.

“Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence E-Book: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Communicating” by Rhea Paul, Courtenay Norbury, Carolyn Gosse
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When you feel like your family is too broken for you to be happy.

“A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free” by Dannah Gresh, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
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Often with extended family relationships, you have to step up and set boundaries with your own family.

“No More Perfect Marriages: Experience the Freedom of Being Real Together” by Jill Savage, Mark Savage, Gary Chapman
from No More Perfect Marriages: Experience the Freedom of Being Real Together
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When family members believe that communicating forgiveness at EOL is important and it does not occur, patients and family members have been shown to become depressed.

“Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life” by Marianne Matzo, PhD, APRN-CNP, FPCN, FAAN, Deborah Witt Sherman, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC, ACHPN, FAAN
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  • i dont agree entirely, i had doubt in my relationship,but they were all illusion, i was able to find this out through a colleage that linked me with a tech geek named willian who helped me access my spouse phone remotely. i am happy i did, going that extra mile can be the difference. you can reach willian on [email protected] or whatsapp +1(636)336-6581

  • This is so hard… he doesn’t listen to me. When I talk to him about something serious he is either on his phone or just telling me to leave and find somebody better. He also got physical with me twice… I know it’s the right thing to end it but I just can’t

  • This is very true. This has happened to me twice I have two children with my ex wife, the failure of that relationship is on me I wasn’t doing the right thing I was putting myself first, always going out I had a drug problem etc, we were only 19 when we had our first child. I didnt fix myself in time. Now I am engaged and have a son with her, a different girl, I think I overcompensated from before stopped all the things that ended my first relationship and put her and my son before ANYTHING else but this too seems to be an issue because in the beginning it was a dream come true hence having a child with her that we both wanted but things changed dramatically and now she tells me she hasn’t been happy for a while. Honestly I’m crushed I pray I can salvage this because to watch another family walk out the door is my absolute worse nightmare. Sorry for the rant I had to get it off my chest.

  • Mine is numero 4, but not because I fear being alone is that our personalities sort of align and you could say I’m a weird person myself lol so the things that I like never seem to go well with other guys except for my current bf (first bf). He accepts me the way I am, and he is supportive of what I do. Maybe because that’s a thing in lacking in my family setting, it’s why I wants this to work. His problem is lack of effort, I’m feeling is not enough for me, but I won’t be cruel and give him a chance and see. If not welp, I have to end it.

  • To the young people watching this video… I’m 58 years old. I was married for 15 years to my two girls’ father. (Very unhappily I might add) I divorced my husband 25 years ago. The difficulties for our young children, as well as the annihilation of our finances has been, to say the least, DEVASTATING. To think for a moment that life will be BETTER with someone new is very naïve. I was naïve… I remarried a few years later only to find my new husband could not handle another man’s children. I remarried yet again a few more years later only to find this man, who had no children of his own, was very jealous and resentful of my dedication to my children. The children are now grown and experiencing a lot of millennial issues. However, a divorce is seldom the answer unless you are being abused, or there is addiction in the house, or you are married to a chronic cheater. The standard of living for everyone goes down tenfold. The cost of two households takes up most of the discretionary income, mom doesn’t have help, dad struggles to be alone, and it is tough for the children to be bounced back-and-forth. Stay married if you can until your children are raised and through college. By then you may have grown into a different person. The damage to the nuclear family, as well as the finances is absolutely not worth it. ��

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  • I’m so miserable but can’t bring myself to let everything crumble like home our three daughters who are actually my wife’s great nieces but we have raised them for over 11 years now and I feel if I leave and sell the house that I am abandoning them too and I love them so much because I am dad I am the one who raised them since they were 6, 14 months old and four months old

  • I think everyone in a relationship or marriage ends up in misery. We were created to be fruitful and I think some jealous insecure possessive man made up this marriage crap

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  • My boyfriend once told me he felt like I loved him more than he loves me. He followed up with he felt he was 100% invested and I was 110%. It still hurt me though and I’ve never really gotten over the initial statement he made “I feel like you love me more than I love you”. The relationship has never felt the same since then although he is trying. I never bring it up ’cause I know he felt terrible but sometimes I think about it and the shock I felt. I had always believed he was as in love as I was.

  • Chased her for 4 years,dated off and on,but she wasn’t just mine. Then I clean up,get my shit straight after I left without telling her why. I had to get clean and straightem my life out. I did,very well,lost weight,etc. She started seeing another guy,which I figured would happen. She cried to me when I called 4 months later. Her friends saying she’s a wreck,fell apart when I left,she needs me bad. So in may I’m in a place,she’s coming around fucked up,w a friend,tries bringing other guy by while high,I say if you want him to get beat down. I’m 6 4,265. Trained in karate and boxing, I can hit. So she stops,and acts shocked and sad. Well eventually I get a good job,money,we have ups and downs. Her friends say she’s head over heals for you but is fighting it,thinks you did all this for her. Well she comes and stays,first time near my bday,no gifts,said she ordered something,is cold af to me. She goes home and tells me she wasn’t affectionate. Sorry. Me��XT time, shesall over,my roomate n her talk non stop, he tries hitting on her, she intentionally asks to lay w him in front of me,I nearly beat both of them. He leaves for a week,she stays. Eventually going home. We had an okay time, but. Stuff was bad. I get a place solo,she stays,and finally is mine,the sex is mind-blowing,she’s never had better or bigger,ui love it. But her controlling,and attitude,like if I don’t answer fast enough,not being able to wander in a store,have alone time, is killing me. Everyone says they notice a change. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells. She wanted sex, but I couldn’t,tried kissing on me,only pecks from me,cuddles on me,but I feel trapped,wakes me to make out or stay up w her,I fake like I can’t. She has bad attitudes in am,is late all the time. Her sis and friends finally accept me, think I’m great for her,she trusts mean ton,more than any man since her ex hubby. I carebouther, but this isn’t what I wanted.idrather be sharing her,dating occasionally. I am so nerve wracked,stomach upset,always feeling like I’m going to answer wrong. We barely kiss. She referred to me as me as a friend to someone today,which pissed me off,bc if I did that,iidhave another girl,or guy,as I’m bi,and she fears me leaving for transgirls or aguymore than anything. I hate this.

  • I have a partner who is amazing and has never treated me badly but there is no passion or fire at all. I feel like we are friends more than a couple because there is no spark anymore but im finding it hard to walk away and how to because she has done nothing wrong. I feel like such an asshole but i need some fire and passion in my life and i refuse to be unfaithfull what do i do ������

  • My bf and I have been together over 2 years and we’ve never been more physically intimate than quick kisses. Ive chalked it up to is both being exhausted or not ready, but now I’m starting to think maybe I’m in denial and we just aren’t a good match. I think we might stay with each other out of desperation and fear of being alone, but maybe we actually do have the potential I’ve seen of being a great team one day, I mean we’ve got through extremely rough situations together and he is very sweet to me, but I don’t know how to convince him that we can’t keep living this lame lifestyle if we are going to stay together, I need a way to force him to move onto my parents’ farm with me but he is so stubborn and is obsessively hanging on to his dead end job that’s making him sick, I need to get real and be honest with him that we have one life, God sets our paths we don’t get to choose every part of the plot, and that we can practice faith in our higher direction. I think he might move with me if I bribed him with a BJ but I just don’t know if I can force myself because I’ve had so many bad experiences

  • I’m at this point right now…my bf promises and promises he’s gonna change and he just doesn’t….I’ve been lying to myself but like you said I’ll let go when I’m ready…as of now I feel like I’m reaching to the point already.

  • 25 years old, been in plenty of serious relationships for my age, served in the military, has a career in emergency service yet let me tell you breaking up with someone you live with is very difficult on you

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  • well, me and my bf are trying to fix our relationship constantly every time we argue which i am thankful for but it’s starting to feel like we might really be better off as individuals and it hurts because i really hoped we would work out. i still want us to work out but i dont think he feels the same anymore and this is me trying to watch such videos to enlighten myself on should i or should not hold on…..

  • I have been with my now fiancé for going on 4 years. The relationship has run its course and I don’t want to be with him anymore. But I’m scared to break up with him in person cuz he has a nasty temper. Tips please?

  • I don’t agree with this at all… These are not necessarily signs your relationship is over, these are signs you need to develop a stronger relationship with yourSELF first! Break free from codepency and when you start doing that than you can see clear about where your relationships stands. You can use your relationship as a mirror to develop yourself AND your relationship with the other.

  • Who cares about a relationship be yourself who cares what other people think if they don’t like you for you then the hell with them

  • I wish I have friends to help me get through this. I didn’t feel like my ex and I connected at all on any level. But I chose to be with him because he was the sweetest guy I had ever met and even when I was ending it with him. He wanted to fight for me so hard. I know I made the right choice for my happiness but it still hurts cause I didn’t expect it to happen so fast and its all so real now. But yea I wish I have someone to talk to and spend time with right now but I guess not ��

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  • See if you need therapy before ending the relationship, especially if you’re experiencing fear of abandonment, need to control, over giving, or overly (in)dependent. Those are all issues that will follow you to the next relationship.

  • You see any of these:

    Verbal, emotional, physical, sexual abuse of you or others
    Substance abuse
    Excessive passive/aggressive behaviours
    Social media, cell phone addiction
    Criminal behaviour

    Surprising how many people are in relationships with people that do stuff like this.

  • If there were no real reason for you to be with someone, that fact will surely come out in the wash. That will reveal your life coming apart and getting worse with the relationship gliding you downhill. For some strange reason, humans think they have to be in a relationship when they really don’t. So they don’t obey the natural laws of relationships where the male has to win the heart of the female and the female doesn’t give herself away. We don’t obey that law and jump into relationships that are unreal.

  • Ask yourself if you’re ready to face the risk of perhaps achieving no more than exchanging a familiar kind of unhappiness for a new and more complex variety of unhappiness.
    Wonder whether you really want to choose hope over experience.
    Then if you still have the impulse to leave, leave.
    This is truely what I needed to hear ��

  • You seem to imply that trust is to do with cheating. My wife asked for $48K to pay for taxes and then promptly pocketed 32K and paid 16K in taxes. That is a breakdown in trust. Mind you I had previously cheated on her. Do you think we should break up?

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  • i’m in my first relationship i feel happier than ever but too many times i’m afraid i’m not a good boyfriend i try to correct my mistakes before time passes because i want to be with her forever i know it sounds too much to ask but i really love her

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  • I’m 16 and i just want to cuddle and chill with ladies. I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore, but she’s so cute and she DOES NOT deserve this pain

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  • I was talking with him…and suddenly my aunt came into my room..I just cut the call…and she started talking to me…and on the other hand she hates me…and after that my aunt went outside the room and he called me back….then just scolded me like anything…and used so many slangs…and I couldn’t take it anyway…if someone loves you why he/she would use slangs…he told me that why didn’t I mssged him…bcz I couldn’t do that so…it was so simple…he could have explained that nicely…but he just used so many slangs and I am just shocked that this behaviour is increasing day by day…every single time he promises me…but still on simple things he uses slangs…and disrespect me…he has changed so much…in tgis 3 yrs…and he has started to disrespect my mom and dad..too which I couldn’t take..he has no right to disrespect my parents…and always talk rude…and I think I should end everything now.. enough is enough

  • I ve just broke up but we still live together and he doesn t bealive in that yet, he has problem with alcohol and few times he promesed he will stop it but it was just for a while and I m sure i don t want to be with him it s just very dificult because i need to find a new place, it happens 3 days ago and now i m staying in my frind place but just for few days(he is calling all the time) and after i have to came back, it s very stressful…how should talk to him i don t want to hurt him more but i can t stay with him.

  • The signs are usually there either subtle or direct but the best way is to ascertain if indeed you should call it quick or if you can still work together. I recommend hiring a web expert like sikhackerscloud @ gmail com to clone your partners phone, social media accounts giving you access to ascertain if they cheating or whatever it is might be worth knowing for your decision

  • I have a feeling my boyfriend is just settling with me…. just because I was a good option for him at the time. He moved on very fast after his ex and he himself told me that he was looking for love right after dumping her…
    P.s. he didnt know me before dumping her at all. We met at work and he dumped her beforehand

  • Last night. I snapped. I was calm though. There have been numerous times where I would get mad and just end up yelling.. but last night I didn’t. Every time I tried to vent to my partner, it would end up as me hurting his feeling somehow when I was looking for someone to lean on while I try to vent about my problems about my family. One time (probably half a year into our relationship), I asked “Are we still in our honeymoon phase?” my partner said no. That stuck to me. There were also times where my partner asked or even said we should break up for the times we have fights. I told my partner “We should at least try to fix” we did. The other week he threaten to break up with me because I couldn’t answer a simple question he asked. He had taken me for granted before over another girl. That stuck to me. I feel like every time I tried It’s my fault.

  • How do you “know’ if a school is right for you too? Just because the buildings there looks well built, well kept and like historic ones along with someone already there you know that is not enough to make a decision to go there.

  • I want to break up with my partner of 4.5 years. I love him, I do but I feel as if I lost myself by loving him and putting him, his life goals etc. above mine. I want to be single for a while but I don’t want to lead him on with promises that we will be together in the future. His my bestfriend and it will break him but I feel if I dont do this now I will be leading him on and wait another 2 years of feeling this way, feeling as if I’ve never moved forward in my life because I’m helping him with his (getting a job, providing resources to help him, focused on him). I think I will do it tomorrow.

  • I have several reasons for not wanting to leave. (1.) I don’t want to hurt him. (2.) I don’t know if we’re in a rocky patch or if it’s past the point of no return (3.) I don’t want to preemptively end the relationship and later regret it.

  • So my ex said she broke up with me, because she had the impression that I had not much trust in her anymore. The reason why I lost trust in her is because I had the impression that she was too stubborn to cooperate with me and was not even willing to find compromises with me. I guess i should be glad she broke up with me, because I dont want a girlfriend that doesn’t care how I feel and doesn’t care what is important to me.

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  • been with my soon to be ex gf for 8 years its time ty for the video definelty helps hearing this from a stranger kinda lets you know its the universal truth cant wait to start my life for me and my son!!!!!

  • guys I need help really badly, im stuck in a 7 month relationship online and im scared of my partner because whenever we fight and i want to leave the relationship, I get threatened to be doxxed and I’m only 13 and i don’t want my family to be in danger

  • what if you lack support from your family? any ideas. they think shes lazy and cant cook and clean cant drive. they dont like fact she has depression and takes meds

  • I’m breaking up with my boyfriend tomorrow I still love him but it’s borderline toxic and I don’t want that for either one of us.but he suffers from suicidal thoughts and I don’t want to be responsible for his death.

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  • I’m broke and i cant go anywhere else, I need to be with him in order to stay in his apt, just need a few more months to save money

  • i love my boyfriend, i really do
    i just can’t feel happiness. i used to be very suicidal and when we got back together (yes, we broke up but we got back after a year) i wanted to change. for him. i try to smile even though it hurts. i try to avoid having suicidal thoughts. i look at the mirror every single day and remind myself that i should be happy and smile. if ever i notice myself feeling depressed i slap myself and say “be happy and smile”. me and my bf have been through many ups and downs it’s mostly because of me, i just can’t help but feel depressed. i want to let go of him for his own good, but i just can’t. i love him too much but i don’t want to love him if i don’t feel happy. i don’t know what to do anymore…

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  • The fact that you’re even taking the time to look up videos like this is the REAL & ONLY TRUE SIGN that you need know to break up with your partner!!

  • can someone please tell me how to know if the butterflies just faded or i’m actually falling out of love?? please i really need advice. we’ve been together for a little over a year. i’m 17. he’s my first relationship so i can’t compare my feelings to previous people.

  • I feel like I’m watching these videos to come up with reasons that make sense. I don’t know how to explain that we aren’t compatible. Completely different values and worldviews. No hobbies in common. He has no drive and games all day, I study, workout and try to constantly learn. He doesn’t think compatibility is important, so I kind of feel stuck.

  • Broke up with my gf 7 months ago. Never been better. It was by far the hardest decision I had to make since I’ve loved her very much. But I had the vision that the future benefits would pay off, and ultimately It did. Your brain creates patterns making you stay, but it’s just small traps, making me feel, previously, that I was running in circles.

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  • I’ve been in a relationship for almost 8 months now, and I’m starting to doubt if I am happy or not, he just kind off brings me down and whenever I’m around him, I always feel like I have to change who I am, I know that I should leave him but I am not that kind of person who can do that, I’m just not capable of doing something like that, I am mentally tired at this point, is there someone out there who is or has been trough the same thing as me?

  • I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year on-off, we’ve been through so many breakups and each time we would get back together I would think it would go well this time. But yeah, moral of the story it never went great, I’m still with him now, but he just told me he’s gay but somehow still loves me (I’m a woman). We have no trust and support at all for each other and just act like friends since he thinks it’s “cringe” to do couple stuff. I know I should breakup, and I know I shouldve break up a long time ago when I we were on-off, but I’m too attached I can’t let him go, I don’t even know if I still love him I’m just too attached ��

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  • I love this video! So true! Time for me to go now…total misery! Verbal, psychological and financial abuse..not to mention other terrorizing…destruction of property, stolen property etc…

  • His words and actions don’t match: He SAYS he wants to (1) have deep conversations, (2) spend more time with me and (3) help out financially (a/k/a help pay living expenses while living with me), but when he is given those opportunities, he refuses or ignores or makes excuses.
    I tell myself that the reason I am still with him, is because he might find greater healing, then get with someone else afterwards, and give her a ‘better him.’ I’m literally jealous of his future potential partner (dumb, I know).
    After giving him an ultimatum (April 2020), he not only makes no moves to change or improve, but (May 2020 doubles-down and does the same things, even more / in greater ways.
    I’m just trying to find the courage and words to say. I still keep thinking that we could still improve, but after almost 2 years, it seems pretty unlikely.
    Oh, and a P.S. he used to ‘hint around’ about marriage…but on our one year dating anniversary, ignored my texts wishing him a happy anniversary and saying it’s been a great year, I’m so happy, etc. Then does NOTHING to celebrate, doesn’t acknowledge the card or gift I gave him…then later states that he was worried that I wanted him to propose to me (so, just to make sure to communicate to me that that will NEVER HAPPEN, he chose to be a complete ass to me, coupled with treating his ex like a ‘buddy.’). Frig.

  • I have never been in a relationship, getting older thinking about one makes me more nervous than being alone. Can do what I want when I want to, finances are great. I always say she better be something special for me to partner up.

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  • Iv been in a relationship for about 7 years now, and my whole family keeps saying it’s a toxic relationship. Iv checked out of this relationship and want to be single and enjoy life and my career. However I feel like if I were to tell her how i truly feel, she is going to make excuses and not leave. Plz respond if you can.

  • I finally did it. The relationship was making me really anxious and I felt like I couldn’t do anything without apologizing for it. Was a fairly short relationship (less then a year), but I realized I was just being used as therapy and a bandaid for their problems. Another major low was that they were the one who asked me out and then said I wasn’t their type. It was just really agitating to be basically called unattractive by the person who claimed to love me. I know I’m not really anyone’s type and with the amount of people making comments about my appearance, having the person who said they loved me say it struck me wrong. We had a mutual feeling about it so that helped a bit. I’m really happy being alone even though it has been a really short time since we ended it. Best of luck to anyone out there who’s watching this, in the end you’ll probably feel better about it

  • I’ve been in the same relationship since I was 15 I’m 22 now we’ll be seven years this year and the long excuse and the love one have what I’ve said to my best friend when talking to her. Idk it’s hard

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  • I know no one will read this but I just wanted a little bit to vent

    My boyfriend and I have been together for a little while now but the thing is there are other girls who have tried to get him to leave me for them and yet even though they try and try he still is friends with them thinking that I should be fine, I’ve told him that I’m not but I don’t want to be selfish and make him feel like he shouldn’t be friends with them, but as time went on he said he never wanted to not be friends with them and i honestly don’t know what to do like. I told him we should take a break but am I doing the right thing by feeling this way or am I just being selfish? It sounds childish I know, but it hurts me. But this is only one problem there are many more that pushed me to take a break.

  • In a weird spot because there is nothing wrong with her at all I’m just not really invested in the relationship anymore. It’s tough because she’s really gotten her life back on track since I’ve been with her both career and health wise and I’m worried by leaving her I might send her into a spiral that will undo all the progress she’s made. I like taking care of her and being around her but if it ended tomorrow I honestly could care less and I feel really shitty for feeling that way

  • I ended my relationship with her… I understand her parent is sick and she is caregiving him. With the words she told me it made me feel like I am asking so much from her. I always tell her about my feelings.. She says I need to be open, but she doesnt really take note or focus of what the problem is. We are in a long distance relationship and it is even harder… I couldnt even have one smooth flowing decent conversation with her. She would be online but she wont reply to my message.

  • My girl likes going out a lot and most times she only calls after leaving the club. So I’ve been cheating on her cuz I felt she been doing the same, I don’t know tbh but. Does it mean that there’s no point in this relationship & it’s better to break up?

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  • its both comforting and also painful how much all these comments have shown me how much so many of us are going through the same thing

  • Hi there
    Let me share my story here in order you guys get my point and help me out I am a refugee here in Indonesia that have been living since 2014,I have married years ago and I proudly have a daughter so I left my country because of war unfortunately I didn’t bring my family with me because of lack of financial support so I entered in Indonesia since 2014 the lack of support that I had I should to detention center in order to get food and water so I did,I almost spent 4 years in detention center, it was tough and hard the other side Iearnt a lot about life so much, the one thing i would like to say that i have been very religious,I have ever slept with anyone except my wife so after nearly 4 years I got freedom and released from IDC and came out everything was new and fresh a little bit so I got a girlfriend it was the first experience of my life what it feels to have girlfriend I was foolish, I was thinking about my moment honestly I didn’t think about the impact and outcome of having a second woman in your life behind my family,I am a very kind person by the way it was fun to cook for my girlfriend and do things that feels good,oh let me tell that before we dated I told everything about my background I was authentic and genuine so we kept continuing our relationship,during this long period of time she has always been discussing and making me so sad when I have chat and call with my family, a month ago she said that she is gonna marry with me I always say that actually it is hard to be with each other I have wife and I told her I will be with you during the time and i am In Indonesia so didn’t listen and understand me she forced me to marry with her I accepted because recently I knew that she has breast lumps on her breast so I kind of feel sorry for her,and kind of agreed what she asked me for so now we married but she always makes me sad why because I kind of care with my family I call them she feels jealous and she doesnot behave nicely I am really tired with here,now I am under support of an organization if leave her should I go to another city of Indonesia if I go I don’t have support systems I don’t know what to do please please help me,by the way I stick with her because I was thinking maybe I can help her but it is going worse,I am under pressure please help me help me
    May God bless you all!

  • Today it will be the day that I break up with my boyfriend. We have been on a break for 2 weeks and in those 2 weeks I realized that I need space to work on myself so that my next relationship can be more stable. Wether it’s with him or someone else…

  • Here’s my issue, I’ve been with my lady for 6 years with 2 kids. When I first met her, we were cool and now I know for a fact we weren’t meant to be. We have nothing in common, she sucks at being independent. But also she’s not a bad person, very trusting does and respects me. But at the same time she sucks at keep the house and the car clean, she’s really strict with our kids and we both have different parenting. Short story, when my lady takes my daughter tablet away she throws a tantrum because of “kids shouldn’t be using devices” as much. But when I take the tablet away from her, I fill in that space to play with her and find different things to do with her besides the tablet, In other hand my lady just lets her have a tantrum. But other than that, I feel like I’m living miserable. I work 12 hrs a day, and I still at times cook and clean, but I’m also a clean person regardless. Let’s just say I’m very independent, but should I leave my kids mother? I can say the good and the bads and I think I have more bads than good. She doesn’t appreciate enough and someone needs to show her. Look at it this way, we were moving to a different house, I packed everything and moved everything into the uhaul after coming home from a 7:30pm to 7:30am in the morning and then working at home moving all that shit into the truck DURING summer time. WOULDNT you think that your lady should be like “damn he’s out there busting ass in the sun let me make him something to drink” but no nothing like that and it’s the simplest shit that people can leave you for. Another example i bust my ass all day at work and she’s at her grandmas house and then when I wake up there’s no food made? I can cook for my self, but should I? Why have a lady if I can do it myself? But then again, I think she has a lack of independent. Ya we talk about these things and it’s hard for her to realized a hard working person, to know a hard worker you have to be a hard worker, to know a Hustler you gotta be a hustler. Only reason why I don’t want to leave cause I can’t just leave my family, I don’t want to separate, should we see counseling? Maybe so.

  • Im on an Eight month relationship. I really love him. Gave everything on him. Money, all. But i feel like he is being too comfortable that i won’t leave, so he is treating me like a trash. He stops paying attention to me, get mad if i’m clinggy, we fight often, plays more with his phone. Yesterday i asked him if he could just stop playing so we can cuddle more? And this guy just told me it’s better for him to play a lot than see another girl. Like. I don’t know what to do. And just a note this guy tried to break up with me twice, but since i f*cking love him? I begged him not to.

  • I meet a guy whos nice to me and adores me, but I’m not in love with him or physically attracted to him, like he’s ok but I don’t like when touch me. I just don’t want him like that. I can’t let go because I’m afraid I will regret leaving him:(

  • I’m back to watch this video again after 3 year’s but still did not breakup with my boyfriend. Maybe it’s time for me to leave for real��

  • I think what makes it hard to leave is if you because to attached or codependent. I know I should leave because it’s a toxic relationship I believe my that he’s a narcissist but, I am to emotionally attached and my heart won’t let me leave but, my mind is saying run. Ughh I wonder if I am the only one with this issue.

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  • i’m in a relationship with someone but i’m just unfulfilled. it’s just that i have commitment issues and can’t settle down with one person. yes they give me attention and all but i just can’t deal with their dependancy. their so clingy and i’m just not attracted to them like that ��. i tried leaving but they keep on coming back to me and involve their family to communicate wit me����‍♀️ what do i do please respond i need help asap

  • I’ve been reading everyones comments, I am struggling with the same thing. I just don’t want to let go, it seems like the most painful and hardest thing to do. I’ve been in this relationship for 2 years and I feel like he is part of me, part of my daily life, I don’t want to change that, but I keep hearing it’s the right thing to do. I hope we all have the strength one day to do what is right for us and our partners.

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  • Watching this over and over until it sinks in. Love, attachment, fear, and time, all of it are the excuses I’ve been making to stay in this mess of a relationship. Thank you Amy!

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  • I’ve dated the same guy 3 times. He’s really happy with me but I’m not happy with him anymore. But I can’t hurt him anymore. I keep doing the same thing to him. And I can’t come up with good reasons to give him taht don’t hurt him.
    If I break up with him, I don’t know what the fuck to even tell him. I just. Don’t love him yah yeah anymore.
    I like the sex and I love him as a friend
    I’ve found a best friend that I feel so happy being around. But I don’t think my boyfriend would want me basically moving in with my dude best friend.
    And we’re long distance and I’m finally got a foot in the door of working on myself but being in this relation is hurting me and holding me back.