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How Can You Tell When Someone Grew Up With Strict Parents? (r/AskReddit)

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What It’s Like To Grow Up With Strict Parents

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Parents, this is what could happen if you’re too strict on your child…

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How DANGEROUS Are Strict Parents?

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What To Do When Your Parents Are Over Protective?

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5 Ways Helicopter Parents Can Affect You

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If you’re too strict, your child is likely to lie in an effort to avoid punishment. 2  Your Child Has More Restrictions Than Other Kids There’s nothing wrong with having different rules than the other parents. But, if you’re always the strictest parent in the crowd, it could be a sign that your expectations are a bit too high. 16.

Your child withdraws from you. Strict parents may set up an environment where kids don’t feel comfortable coming to them about problems they might be having. 17.

Your child has no downtime. If you schedule every minute of your child’s day with chores and activities, you are probably too strict. Children need some time to themselves to pursue their own passions. Here are 16 signs that you are too strict with your kids along with suggestions for what you can do about it.

1. You make too many rules. Nancy Darling, PhD, a psychology professor at Oberlin. If you couldn’t get out of your parent’s house quick enough, it’s probably because they were strict. If you can relate to any of these signs, you were definitely raised by strict parents: 1. It’s their way or the highway. You know the frustration of always having your suggestions and opinions shut down.

2. You had a bed time. The worst. The consequences of having strict parents. Children who have overly strict parents may display the following characteristics: Perfectionism.

This depends on the parents’ character, and the personality and capacity of every child. Some children set out to meet their parents’ expectations and manage to do so through optimal performance. So, look out for these signs of a strict parent: Your child is the first one to leave a party and come back home. You set a time for your children/teens to come back home from a party, and it is so early that they are the first ones to leave every party.

You do not allow your child/teen to have a sleepover or hang out at night. Below are 15 signs that show parents who are too strict with their kids. 1. Too Many Rules.

Too many rules are never a good sign. There is no way to keep track or enforce them all! Instead, set fewer rules and focus on the important ones.

Be consistent in reinforcing and reminding. This Quiz Will Reveal How Strict Your Parents Were With You. Show of hands if you weren’t even allowed to **think** about getting your ears pierced. Confront them with respect, and let them know how you feel.

Set your boundaries and let them know, again respectfully, if they have crossed lines. Consider seeing a therapist if they still try too hard to manage your life. You can steer the relationship with your over-controlling parents if you set limits with a little tact. Reference. Do you have strict parents?

50 Comments. There are many different types of parents in the world, some are strict, some are average, and the rest are letting-loose. A few are even exceptional.

If you want to find out about the inside scoop of your parents, you’d better thank God that you.

List of related literature:

In chapter one I told you about a study finding that HS parents tended, on average, to use authoritarian (strict) or overly permissive parenting styles a little more than the ideal, authoritative style.

“The Highly Sensitive Parent: Be Brilliant in Your Role, Even When the World Overwhelms You” by Elaine Aron
from The Highly Sensitive Parent: Be Brilliant in Your Role, Even When the World Overwhelms You
by Elaine Aron
Citadel Press, 2020

For example, when I simply say to my teenage daughter, “I know that you’re perfectly capable of being responsible and sensible while I’m out of town, and I love that about you,” I remove the “authoritarian parent” label and treat her the way I’d want to be treated.

“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
from Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Hay House, 2007

Most modern parents, when asked, regard themselves as being strict.

“Teen Brain” by David Gillespie
from Teen Brain
by David Gillespie
Pan Macmillan Australia, 2019

Then, as the maturing child demonstrates that he or she can be trusted to behave appropriately, you can gradually allow increased privileges with less and less parental control.

“How to Really Love Your Teen” by Ross Campbell
from How to Really Love Your Teen
by Ross Campbell
David C. Cook, 2004

At any rate, I was thinking about this, and I came to the opposite conclusion: I think your strict parenting forced me to be more independent.

“Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua
from Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
by Amy Chua
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011

Your parents trust you when you go out on weekends, and tell you that you’re a good kid.

“Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men” by Meg Meeker
from Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men
by Meg Meeker
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It takes me a while to realize that French and American parents also use the word “strict” quite differently.

“Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting (now with Bébé Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting)” by Pamela Druckerman
from Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting (now with Bébé Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting)
by Pamela Druckerman
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When they’ve asked to stay out past their normal curfew and you’ve said no, most teens aren’t satisfied with the answer, “Because I said so.”

“Your Teenager Is Not Crazy: Understanding Your Teen's Brain Can Make You a Better Parent” by Jerusha Clark, Dr. Jeramy Clark, Earl Henslin
from Your Teenager Is Not Crazy: Understanding Your Teen’s Brain Can Make You a Better Parent
by Jerusha Clark, Dr. Jeramy Clark, Earl Henslin
Baker Publishing Group, 2016

My parents were very strict on one level; on another level they were very open.

“It's Not Only Rock 'n' Roll Iconic Musicians Reveal the Source of their Creativity” by Dr Jenny Boyd
from It’s Not Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Iconic Musicians Reveal the Source of their Creativity
by Dr Jenny Boyd
John Blake, 2013

A ridiculously early curfew will only make your teenager doubt your trust and could lead him to resent your hold over him, causing him to rebel.

“The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette” by Nancy Tuckerman, Amy Vanderbilt, Nancy Dunnan
from The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette
by Nancy Tuckerman, Amy Vanderbilt, Nancy Dunnan
Doubleday, 1995

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  • my mom is very strict on me, then complains saying i’m not independent. How am i suppose to be independent if you don’t let me do anything. I can’t do anything. If i want to have my hair a certain way or use a bandana with my braids it’s a no. I’m not allowed to wear nails, i can’t wear off shoulder tops and can’t wear shorts or anything that shows my shoulder in public. There’s so many more things lmao.

  • When your phone rings and you jump and you feel scared shitless because you think your parents are calling and for some reason that means your going to be in trouble when half of the time they’re calling for nothing.

  • So I feel like none of my friends understand my situation, so I wanted to ask you guys?
    I’ve always known my parents were overly strict, but this summer and over the course of COVID it just is getting worse. I can’t talk to them about anything cause they never negotiate, or apologize. That is probably typical for any parent (?) but they keep restricting anything and everything. Can’t go out with friends, but on the rare occasion I’m allowed to, my mom or dad is ALWAYS there. The reason being something completely ridiculous such as “they may have a different lifestyle and we don’t want you exposed to that.” Listen, I grew up thinking all their views and opinions were right, but my best friend taught me to form my own opinion before blindly believing them. That really opened my eyes and now I am so much more open minded in my opinions (accepting all genders, situations, sexualities, religions, etc.) and I really found out a lot about myself. But if I ever say anything contrary to their belief it’s me “believing the insidious lies of modern society” (this is just me talking about feminism btw). On top of any other problems with my family there is alwayyssss yelling/screaming. I was used to it since I was kinda brought up that way but like I realized it wasn’t so normal? I have the same freedoms as when I was 5, and it keeps getting more restricting. I won’t liste everything but I hope you get the idea? I feel like maybe this is why I am such a socially awkward person in general? Idk sorry for this rant, I hope someone can help (if it’s toxic, abusive, or just a normal family)?

  • meanwhile my parents are letting me go an hour away to stay at a friend’s cabin next weekend, the group composed of four guys and two girls. not that my parents are particularly lenient in general, but i think it helps to have a strong personal relationship with them.

  • My parents will never understand because ” they know better than myself” and they will say how cruel and ungrateful I am. They are very emotionally manipulative, and I am cursed to have them ��

  • This is good channel for anyone who is in trouble especially helicopter parents but in the end the parents are gonna say eh we don’t do that

  • tHe worst thing is, kids watching this video who have hElicopter parents might be unabLe to talk about it, because their Parents monitor what they say and do in the internet.

  • Hey look its mom Ah 64 apache attack helicopter loaded with 8 atgms 2 aim 9x missiles and 4 gbu 65’s circling above “skies are clear sending in bomb load”

  • What I thought was strict, was emotional abuse. Twenty years of my life, I’ve aimed to please my elders and be a good girl. They’ve gone far as controlling who I hang out with etc. Now, eventhough I don’t have a social life, my grandma suspects me of shit that I’m not even capable of doing. Nothing is ever good enough for her. Maybe one day in my 20s, I ought to have a rebellious phase. It’s been seriously delayed… oh wait, I have BPD, I’m sure that comes close. Despite how much I hate their ways and how my mood fluctuations will affect future relationships, I love them for giving me what my parents lack

  • I got protective grandparents. I’m almost 17 and still haven’t got my permit all they say is worry about school. They treat me like a little kid.

  • I developed a drinking problem to cope with a mother that is controlling, overprotective, always critizing me, talking sht about me to others. Then she tells me I’m spoiled. I quit drinking and play video games, she now complains about that. I cant do anything right

  • From what I see in the video, some helicopter parents provide affection and care. Well, my helicopter parents only provide nagging. It sucks.

  • My mom isn’t proud of being overprotective so when we go places she tells people that I’m allowed to do things by myself but when we get home she makes me sit in the house all day and I can’t talk to people outside the household

  • I really wish my parents weren’t like this. I missed out on a lot as a teen and it shows in my now 20’s. I don’t understand anything about myself or most things. It’s a heavy thing to deal with.

  • My friend once told me she could tell my parents were strict because of some of my behaviors.
    I can’t look adults straight in the eyes.
    I apologize for literally anything, even if it technically isn’t my fault. (Which is funny, as my father’s favorite saying is “Dint say sorry, just don’t do it!”)
    I’m willing to break any rule when I get the chance, but will have a full blown panic attack if I even think my parents found out.
    I’d panic when I got a B or C.
    I also can’t say no to people anymore and I don’t have an opinion. It’s whatever the person I’m talking to wants.
    Also, yelling had become a trigger for me that can make me spiral.
    Table manners are such a big deal at my house, that I was locked in my room for not having perfect manners. You can only imagine how much of a big deal manners is to me now. I have to be perfect, because my parents say so.

    Yeah, my parents kinda messed me up.
    Edit: 10:35 My mother literally did this. Points were a thing in my house until she got tired of dealing with it.

  • If it isn’t for my dad I would actually be able to go out with friends and walk around the neighborhood. I cant see my friends outside of school or go to that shop that’s 4 minutes away from my house. I am 14 and my whole life is just school and home My dad gave me anxiety without realizing it I am to scared to tell him because he’s abusive.

  • I had to break myself if the “I need to get as much of this as I can because I don’t know if I can get more” mentality. It has kind of caused me to hoard unhealthy food. Sometimes it would just go bad because I didn’t really need it. At some point you’re just like “am I getting this because I want it or because I am afraid of not being able to get any?”

  • I’m 14 years old and my mom used to abuse me and speak me and I have mental problems depression I hate relationship with my mom!!! I cuss a lot and I have low self-esteem!������

  • I was listening to study music once. The house went quiet all of a sudden an my parents noticed that i was listening and they got really mad. They wanted to take away my PC just because i was listening to study music

  • Literally nearly flipping your car cause its wet out and apologizing to the first responders. ��
    Being told your depression and anxiety is from other medical conditions. Not because your parents divorced when you were young and because your mother was a helicopter mom who yelled at you for asking for help but also for not asking for help.��

  • When your not even an adult an wasn’t allowed to watch YouTube until last year despite always being told you were mature for your age and now your here realizing that not only do a lot of these fit you but your on your way to others despite always seeing your parents in a great light and blaming your anxiety and introversion for these traits not realizing your an “introvert” because your never given the chance to walk farther then the end of the street: well shoot

  • My parents have literally ruined my life. They give me no privacy whatsoever. I can’t even go to the bathroom, change clothes, or shower without one of them bursting into my room. I used to lock my door a lot, but they said if I continued they would take my door off it’s hinges. They also are very controlling over my electronics. They read all my messages, look at my YouTube history, search history, etc. I don’t even do anything bad, I’m a kind person, I’ve never cussed in my entire life, (I’m at an okay age to do so, but it’s forbidden in my house) I watch, search, and read pretty innocent things as well. I am severely depressed, and have bad anxiety issues. And yes, I have been diagnosed so my parents are aware, but they aren’t aware that it’s because of them. So, because of my depression, I stay in my room a lot (like a lot since quarantine.) I am on my electronics a lot, playing video games, talking to my friends, etc.. Those things make me extremely happy since it’s an escape from reality. But, my parents had to ruin it by setting up screen time limits. Now, I understand they want me to get out of bed, but this did not help. I have around 25 minutes on most of my video games, and an hour on Discord, which I use (or used) to talk to my friends, lastly, I have 15 minutes on YouTube (trying to write this quickly if you haven’t noticed.) these screen time limits just worsened everything. But, it doesn’t end there. I usually take my devices everywhere to avoid my parents getting them. But one day I decided to leave my iPad and my laptop upstairs, bringing only my phone with me. Now, you see, I have one friend that I am very close with, we tell each other everything. It also just so happens that they are questioning their sexuality and gender. I totally support them, since I myself am sort of a closeted Pansexual. From my parents reading my texts, this did not go well with them (they’re homophobic). But I just shrugged it off, since they can’t really control my friends. This friend also happens to suffer from depression and anxiety as well, which made us feel safe to open up about our problems to each other. Now, the both of us have never said that this was a problem, we’ve said to each other multiple times that talking to one another makes us happy. Anyways, when I walked back upstairs I saw my dad in my room. I knew he was going through stuff. I was correct. I looked at all of my apps that were open and my messages were open on that friend’s contact. It made me really upset, especially at myself for not bringing my iPad with me. I continued on with the day though. Okay, this is where it all went wrong. The next day, was pretty normal for the majority. I woke up, talked to my friends, played video games, etc. But my life literally crumbled apart when I went downstairs for dinner. Now, this was already a rare occasion, so I was anxious just to be around my parents. All was fine while I ate, but once I got up, ready to leave, my dad told me that him and my mom needed to talk with me. I tried to act like I didn’t hear him, but he stopped me. I gave up and stood still near the stairs, waiting to hear the same thing. But it wasn’t. My parents told me that they were cutting me off from that friend I mentioned earlier because our friendship was toxic? I’m still confused about their logic. Anyway I tried to reason, which ended up in me getting yelled at. When my parents stopped talking. I ran upstairs to my room and just cried. I checked my phone, trying to text one last message to my friend, but it was too late, my parents had turned my internet off (I’m not allowed to have data.) I decided to try my laptop and iPad just in case, but nope, I had no internet. This may seem like nothing to a lot of people, but since being on the internet was my only source of happiness, it was the end of the world for me. I cried in my room for about a week or so while my parents set even more parental locks and what not on my phone and iPad. I’ve just gotten my iPad back (no WiFi.) and I’ve managed to smuggle it to my grandparents house (staying there for a few days) where there is WiFi. Sorry to anyone who actually read this, I’ve read the comments here and some people have it way, way worse than me. But, I needed to vent somewhere. Also, sorry for any typos lol.

  • Cut myself for the first time because of this, I can’t tell them anything. I always have to tell my friends online about everything, go to them for advice because I trust them more than my parents. I’m rebellious, failing in school, and they are so headstrong that they don’t realize it even when I give them examples. I just can’t, what do I do… they are involved with everything, and they make it seem less because they give such bad punishments. If I do something wrong, it’s straight to taking my freedom away, because no freedom means more results right?

  • If you explain to your parents that they are acting toxic they will just be more toxic. And I know that because my mom is a karen. Literally and figuratively.

  • Well, I fall into this category. I’m not very social and most of the time hide in my room all day. And when I do come out and want to do something out of the house, I’m limited to about 3-4 days a week, with only being out for a couple of hours. Not to mention that I hide things very well. I’ve been depressed since 6th grade(now in 10th) and have a constant mask up. All. The. Time. I have a small group of friends that I play D&D with, but other then that I don’t have many friends. I have severe trust issues because my mom, at the flick of a switch, can change her mind about anything and will use anything against you. Didn’t do your chore right? No electronics for a few months. And with having friend who for the most part don’t have a landline or minutes on their cell phone, it’s hard to keep them. Not to mention having a bedtime of 9pm and always waking up tired. Not to mention I’ve never slept over at someone’s house that wasn’t family or family friends. Not to mention that she tells me that I’ll never make it in the world, no one’s gonna care about you, you’ll be crushed within a week. I have considered a few times to moving out so I don’t have to deal with what I said above and more. I have friends who I know would gladly take me in: )

  • I feel like weeping, I never had a childhood. because I never enjoyed being a kid because I felt so depressed, neglected and ignored. I feel like my spirit has been stolen I was forced to adapt to my mothers and other families paranoia and most of the times I just stayed in my room, playing the PS or draw and just lived in my own world where I can be free in a different form.

    Seriously, if you are an overprotective parent.. I hope you can live with the fact that your children will resent you. Deep inside they will, they never know what it’s like to be young and experience opportunities for a good life.

    I don’t want relationships because I want to avoid having freedom altered or have someone call/ask me and ask where I’m at or where I’m going I become annoyed when ppl show the slightest concern towards me, wether if it’s justified or not. I want everyone who is controlling to stay away or I no longer want to talk to people who deny me something that within my rights. Simply because I don’t want to deal with anyone who display behaviour that is similar to my parents.

  • i live in a safe small town in the middle of nowhere and my mother won’t let me go anywhere unless i’m under constant parental surveillance and if she knows the parents. i am old enough to drive but i’m not allowed to walk on a sidewalk especially not when it’s dark outside. not only does she have no respect for my privacy, she doesn’t trust me even though i’ve given her no reason not to. she refuses to acknowledge my age and the fact that i’m graduating in less than two years. she “wants her little girl back” so much that i have no independence. i’m not even allowed to dress certain ways. i’m not allowed to see most of my friends because they’re all “bad influences”. she will always think that i am to young to make decisions no matter what my age is. i wish i had some control over my life. i can’t wait until i can move out.

  • i’m not allowed outside ever without them i cant see my friends, go for walks by myself, or even have my own opinions i’m constantly slut shammed by my mom bc i have always been ig rlly sexually open? idk how to explain it, ive told them many times the way they treat me is draining nd i’m both anxious and depressed, they tell me to stop being a spoiled brat and keep my mouth shut. My mom even says if i hate it so much just kill myself…

  • Now I might sound crazy but my parents are very strict with rules and limitations. I was 12 when I had a rebellious age against them for at least 4 months where things neutralized eventually. Now currently at 14 yrs old, I sometimes want to rebel on certain rules and its probably the most challenging thing to make sure I don’t rebel(for my parents). I end up doing it sometimes but it doesn’t last too long since they can calm me down. They also can’t give very strict punishements now �� because they know I’ll just rebel unless theres logic in it.

  • my parents grounded me for fighting with my brother and he didnt even get in trouble for it. they took my phone away and they went through it. that i think if completely screwed up because it is a complete invasion of my privacy

  • I’m only 13 and I can relate my mom tell me that I can’t go out with friends my dad never shows me attention until I get bad grades and he’s mad at me for some reason my brother makes him more proud and he’s only 1 my mom wants me to do so many things in life my mom is also buying cameras so that she can see if I’m sneaking out or not or she stays up all night until I go to sleep I have a timer on my phone that I just got it off for the summer I’m not allowed to do another to my hair or wear anything I want. I have to go to sleep before 2:00am. She check my phone. I can’t have friends without her knowing who they are so I have no friends. My dad said my brother was his favorite so yea.There’s more but ✌��

  • Mom’s mind: “I’m really good at this”
    kid: *sobs*
    Mom: “honey you ok?”
    Kid’s mind…

    “What the heck mom!”

  • Remember,
    HITLER’S MOTHER was a helicopter parent! Hitlers elder siblings died at a young age, so she gave him too much love when he was born. After her death, he was devastated as he was highly connected and kind of dependent on her.

  • My parents are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to controlling, they think that if I go outside alone ill get kidnapped, or might get run over by a car or something, like, seriously? How does every single one of my friends get allowed to go outside by themselves and I’m not allowed to? I don’t throw tantrums most of the time and I’m pretty sure im on stage 2, so, WHY?! Why am I not allowed to do something that an average kid is supposed to do? What should I tell them?

  • My teacher taught us that parenting and rules are a balance between freedom and protection. The hard part is getting the right balance. Helicopter parents don’t understand this balance, and instead go for protection too much

  • Never letting you go out without a guardian and then getting mad at you for not knowing how to navigate without one, you always have to work it up to make a demand (if you do make one at a rare ocassion), instantly getting a no without any reason when you propose something, always being told you’re wrong when you tell them something they said or did that hurt you, getting yelled at for asking something you really want to do even if you have all the justified reasons and safety precautions and everything, getting guilt tripped because “your older brother had it so much worse than you. He would get slapped so much” and so that’s why you should stay under control, being told to shut up when you’re crying of hust ignored, never learning to say no to anything anyone ever tells you to do even if your brain gets maxed out on stress because of it, also always doing something told to you because then you get guilt tripped with the “I’m asking you to do this ONE thing for me”, getting used to the yelling and shouting at the house, seeing other parents who are talking to each other normally and being nice to each other and thinking it’s odd, thinking it’s weird that so many kids are allowed things they want to have sometimes. These are just some of the things lol
    Source: me:(

  • Mom: don’t hang out with mentions friends names
    Me: why?
    Mom: don’t talk back to me. If I say no then it’s a no. You don’t need to know everything.
    Me: um…. Okay I guess

  • I once got roughly reprimanded for staying outside and riding my bike around the neighborhood for “too” long. I have a huge neighborhood though so it takes alot of time and energy to go around it. But because I guess I was 3 minutes too long, my mom thought that I had gotten in trouble, or as she said ” you need to be careful, you could have gotten human trafficked”. I literally live in one of the safest communities in the district ��( not saying that it still can’t happen tho).
    The point is, scenarios like this are one of the main reasons why I have such terrible Anxiety to the point where I can’t sleep half of the time.

  • This is why I don’t like my helicopter parent
    1.cant hang out with my friends until marriage
    2.cant move out until marriage*cause they think that women’s that move out are [email protected]
    3.have to listen to my mom or else I’m dead boyfriends until marriage makup until in in my 20s dying hair until 50 getting close to a dog
    8. Can’t touch pets
    9. I have no opion sex before marriage parents go through my phone every thing and my mum stalks my social media’s account *I wonder who told her my accounts

    There’s like 100 more but I can’t go on forever
    The sad part in my family my mom doesn’t Belive in female rights cause men can do whatever they want but in my family they always judge the females

  • not being able to make decisions is very problematic and damaging. this leads you to having intense anxiety, being overly cautious about everything, needing to learn everythinf you can about a situation and asking people for their reviews before you make a decision, not ever being satisfied with anything because of the uncertainty an fear of the unknown of what the other choice was.

  • i have life360 on my phone which is annoying because i cant really do much but i understand, i have screen time which does really really annoy me because i cant facetime friends or whatever and my phone doesnt turn on until 9am and goes off at 10pm but i only have 4 hours i can use between that time. i also am not allowed a charger in my room which is annoying and once right this is acc true i was one minute late home! even though he can track me and i got my phone taken away for a week! am i overreacting or what?

  • Perverse narcissistic parents will be in denial and reject your negative feelings over the whole situation on yourself which will only accentuate the low self esteem

  • My dad worked a lot(still does) and my mom was the helicopter parent. I’m the only girl and youngest child of three. My brothers had a lot more freedom than I did and I didn’t know how negatively my mom’s hovering affected me until now. I’m paranoid, I feel like I’m constantly being watched or talked about, and my mom tells my business to our whole family. College became a way for me to experience life and the world for myself. If i never came to college I would still be in my room, still so naive, still living vicariously through the TV, and still being constantly watched by my mom even in my twenties.
    I’ve also realized that if you are naive, even your parents will use it to take advantage of you. From this I learned to stop taking my mom’s word and just do my own research. You’ll save yourself from constant embarrassment.

  • To add onto the whole “holding back tears” thing…. what about learning how to cry silently because when you could finally let your tears go if your parents heard u would would be in trouble…..

  • Nobody relates to me, except you guys. These videos make me feel less lonely. Thank you guys, you don’t know how much this channel means to me.❤️

  • the problem is, if i were to talk to them about their helicopter parenting, they would get defensive and try to remind me of all the good things they’ve done and the bad things they’ve protected me from and make me feel bad about it.

  • Me to my strict parents:why would you strict me so much!?

    My parents: B I B L E

    Me:okay so i probaly a atheist

    My parents: SON WE NEED TO TALK

  • The only things my parents have Taught me:
    How to hate myself
    How to not feel pain
    How to fight fire with fire
    How to sneak out
    How to lie
    And how to rebel��

  • My parents are strict I’m only 13 and I can’t hang around my boyfriend I mean I get that but sometimes I just wanna go to his house just to hang out and steal his hoodies��

  • I‘m 15 years old and have some really overprotective parents. I understand why they act like this and that they want to protect me. In fact, I appreciate their love and they treated my 20 year old brother the same as me. The thing is, that my brother had a good childhood, but didn‘t really socialize with other people, because he wasn‘t aloud to go out with friends and even go to trips. I don‘t want to be treated the same. I want to be more mature, but it‘s just too hard for me ;; I always try to not get into arguments with my parents, but I just can‘t help it. I know gettin more mature is a part of growing up, but they are just asking me to do things all the time, so that I can‘t do things on my own. It‘s just so complicated ;^; I always thought, doing things my parents asked me to do, is a sign of controlling and not cooperating. I don‘t like to be controlled and I even wanted to do a job (ofc just a little job) so that I can prove, that I can be mature. I don‘t want to do things they were expecting me to do, but something way beyond their expectations. I think I just need a little motivation:> I don‘t want to sound like a rebellion, but I don’t like being obedient. I rather find a way to convince my parents to let me do more things and to trust me, even if I have to do some work. I apologize for my long text, I just wanted to share my opinion and my own experience. And i‘m also sorry for my bad english. I‘m from Germany 😉

  • I feel like this is more just normal parents…OVERPROTECTIVE parents just don’t have a chart, they also think other people are gunna do bad stuff, we literally can’t do anything about it if they trust us but not other people.

  • My parents are pretty strict with grades and stuff, like when I was in 1 sr grade I got 98/100 on this really hard chinese test but I missed 2 points because I wrote 令 instead if 今 and boy were my parents MADDDDD.

  • My parents didn’t want me to have sleepovers. When I had a boyfriend,at 16 years old, my mother shouted at me and made me think that it was the worst decision I had ever made because it would ruin my future. ( The guy is a freaking angel and is really sweet and smart )
    I couldn’t go out more than once a week and I needed to be home before everyone else did.
    If I did something wrong my mom would shout at me and call me all kinds of names. She would say something like ” You are so stupid, or stubborn, or selfish”.
    However, I think I am starting to care less about what she thinks.

  • My parents have taught me that if I don’t want anyone seeing anything I type then you need to do a private tab.
    That they will always compare me to another person and when I try to show them the bad in the person they think I’m being a bad person.
    That they could care less if I lose all my friends bc they hover over me.
    I’m not allowed to talk to one of my friends bc she’s “a bad influence”.
    But the truth is that I always acted so innocent around them but at school it was normal.
    and now fricking quarantine has no time away from parents which means they are glimpes of the real me and r blaming it on my friends. ��
    But they r trying to help me but they need to watch this video, it would enlighten them a lot.

  • I’m 13 my dad would let me go places but my mom won’t let me go any where and tells my dad no and SHE KEEPS SMUTHERING ME, BABYING ME, AND FAVORITING ME BC I’M A GIRL and I don’t think that she thinks I’m capable of doing things on my own…

  • Hello, i had a fight yesterday with my parents over playing in my ps4, i had this problem with them since i was a kid they always restrict from playing video games especially console that are obvious i mean that plug in in tv, and i understand that they were protect me but now being at the age of 20 and being a college guy i study in pharmacy am in 2nd year i literally dont understand what they are thinking, beware that i live in third world country somehow arabic one so its not easy to live by myself in this age most people here leave their parent house after marriage and some even continue to live with them.
    Okay so its was 2am my dad woke up and found me playing he told me why im not asleep and just the fight started and mom woke up too and told him even to break my ps4, its just fking sad it didn’t hurt me taking away my ps4 as much as the way they treated the problem, like im 20yo not a 10yo kid we can talk and try to find a solution
    Am not a guy who to out and who would be in this corona situation i spend my whole day either studying or scrolling in my phone or playing video game
    They just dont understand that its only my source to pleasure myself i have big pressure from my study i have a lot to learn and in the end of the day i like to have 1h or gaming well u get the idea its not like i play for 15h or idk its only 1h or 2h.
    I am so sad and mentally broken i can’t even I’m in this situation they just don’t know what life its like for a 20yo there’s much worse than playing a videogame i suffer from suicidal thoughts since i was a kid and now those thoughts are growing bigger and bigger there’s other addiction, its hard to live in a 3 country because this is what 99% of people my age face they have no choice ( there’s literally no work so living alone its not achievable), �� i hope u understand my problem

    Sorry for my english its my 3rd language and sorry if i made this long

  • This doesn’t really have to do with this in particular but does anyone else’s parents sure watch what they eat ALL the time and when they eat? Like I’m a KID who is in pretty good shape and I’m also pretty active playing 2 sports (soccer on a team and golf) yet my parents always NEED to watch what I eat when I eat. Like I’ll be eating an orange at like 9pm and my dad just stares me down giving me that “disappointing” look.

    Bc of that I’m always scared to eat BUT WHEN I DON’T EAT they think I’m anorexic.

    Like what the freaken-

  • I’m 15 and my mom is sooooooooooo overprotective like I can’t even get something from the next aisle from the grocery store she acts like I’m going out of state or something and when I ask her can I go take a walk or something she starts giving me a HUGE lecture about all the things that could happen to me I’m 15 years old and she treats me like I’m 5 years old ��

  • You guys wanna know something? Well my parents are connected to my YouTube account which means they now what I’m watching commenting (lol I know my parents can see this hi dad) but I made sure that they wouldn’t know what I was doing hehe, you heard me dad! I am shisui uchiha, stealthy I know my parents moves, ninjaaaaaaaaaa

  • My mom is so overprotective. She has not let me leave the house in 3 years. I am forced to share a room with her and can’t even go to the bathroom without my mom watching me. I am turning 18 in a few months and my mom is not allowing me to move out. HELP ME

  • Traveling. Kids who like their parents talk to parents, visit often and don’t need to talk about their backstory, they are confident.

  • I try to have a civilized conversation with my mom but she cuts me off or thinks that I don’t know. I think I’m at stage 2 but I don’t get treated like it

  • hello i have a question, i hope you reply. so i have asthma and apparently covid affects me easier. in my school there is social distancing and have masks. i tried out for my drill/dance team this year but now they won’t allow me to participate because of covid. i understand that this could affect me but if i decide to quit after making the team i can’t tryout ever again and i’ll receive no credit for my class. they judged me because the said “you care more about a hat and pair of boots than your own life” yet again they make me go to the cities and towns with the highest cases and make me go to populated places to run errands. how can i convince them to let me be on my dance team? all of my friends, my whole dance team and random people in school go to school, and i can’t..

  • my story (almost a year later tbh)

    so i have strict parents, but honestly it runs in our families/blood. im VERY mixed but i do have a lot of carribean in me, the main method used in our families/blood was the belt (god the flashbacks i-) and if we’re lucky scolding. honestly worse than spanking. never wanna get hit by a belt again. i feel bad cuz, my parents and their parents obviously had it way worse, so on so forth, so they kinda just wanna take it out yknow? i dont blame em. ever since the ‘no child abuse’ law thingy came out, lmao it basically turned us white. i honestly would not consider it child abuse, its just in our blood kinda, but whatever. this all happened AFTER we experienced all the spanking (thanks a lot government) but hey, my lil sis wont experience it ig. but shes a lil brat and deserves it more than we did im so mad

    i do have a LOT of mental health issues, they were caused by the strict parenting but honestly i think it got worse cuz of people mainly. not my parents. but i did have quite a few traumatic experiences and they were started by them (still love my parents tho).

    i wouldnt say im aggressive or whatever, more like the opposite. i dont want to hurt people in any way, and i prefer to listen to rules (with personal exceptions ofc.) but thats just me. the strict parenting helped me in that aspect ig.

    ‘its the phone!
    a common trope in strict parenting is the electronic stuff. honestly i dont blame’m lmfao. online people are cruel, they seriously mess some of us up (im messed up if you havent gotten the hint). but then again, its on the parent for letting the child online, no? personally id say a good age for a child to have an electronic would be like 13teen years, what not yeah? not so young that they’re literally a fetus and the online world is raising them, but not so old they’re having a mid-life crisis.

    i dont think all strict parents are bad! juststrict. they wanna do smth, but they’re doing it a bit wrong. personally, i love my parents! i truly do, i know they tried their best and taught me the right-from-wrong and what not:) though their methods were a bit questionable. i was a pretty problematic child; i got mad VERY often and had lots of mental break downs, very sensitive child.. i still have those things but at least i got to control my anger:’D i dont blame them for getting mad at me haha.

  • My overprotective parents actually taught me a pretty useful thing. They unintentionally taught me to lie perfectly lmao. Unfortunately, just recently I realized that out of 100% of what I tell them only 10-15% is true. Just afraid of telling them any true details of my life since 4th grade

  • I been babied in my past and now I finally got over it and… my mom is freaking annoying because of my anger and she a little bit overprotective & half Annoying lol

  • 2 weeks ago After watching this, i took a pen and a paper and sit with my parents and made them understand the hiking idea.
    But I changed one thing, i told them
    I know you both love me and wants the best for me and you want me to see the best view ever, but if you kept forcing me to take a way that i don’t like or it’s very boring n sad for me, I WON’T enjoy the view at the end, let me take risks ( not the very bad ones ), let me taste the flavour of life
    They were choked when heard that from me, and now they became a very chill parents


  • bruh i told my mom about how you can pick up the expo marker ink and she really said “ oh you be careful with expo markers, you can die from sniffing the ink” and i know you can but is she really concerned about expo markers like

  • I used to break my parents orders and do what I wanted and I would fight with them every day and it would be so bad; they couldn’t ground me, if they kicked me out I would be happy, and I wouldn’t care. Be aware the only thing we would fight about is the time I have to be home by; I couldn’t care less because I knew what I was doing was right. I would work til 8 then go to my friends and enjoy my time till 3AM. When I started caring they wouldn’t have reasoning they just wanted what they say to be. That’s why I advise who go out and just enjoy their time without doing the things that you where brought up knowing it’s wrong to break the rules and have fun.

  • it’s getting so unbearable I can’t do anything at all anymore they’re just so controlling. I can’t see my boyfriend of two years outside of school and if I do a parent has to be in the room at all times, they won’t let me go to any of his family parties and I just give up

  • My parent doesn’t let me do what i love, my family keeps telling me to study, and I really feel like suicide, I cry almost everyday, and I don’t feel like myself at home

  • I’m 14 and I’m really scared if I won’t get freedom when am older,right now my parents treats me like I mean it’s like they won’t even let me meet my friends…

  • My mom gets mad at me for listening to the music I like. I enjoy metal and literally 90% of my family listens to some sub genre of metal. For some reason she gets mad when I listen to it which I really don’t understand. She doesn’t make me delete the songs, she just yells at me for listening to “that disturbing music”. My older brother listens to the same bands as I do and he never got in trouble for it

    I know just use the excuse “I think I should learn it in bass” then she leaves me alone. My dad doesn’t care what music I like, he fine with whatever I do as long as it’s not going to harm me or anyone. Music is the only thing my mom is over protective about. She trusts me enough to stay home alone and take care of my dog, bird and older siblings while she is gone for 3 days.

  • I’ve battled depression for many years, due in part to my mother. I told her that she is the reason, and she shrugged it off and told me she wasn’t. She’s toxic.

  • My parents: you need to spend more time with others
    Me: can my friend come over?
    My parents: no
    Me: well can I go to their house?
    My parents: no, you have to stay here!

  • Things I learned from my strict parents:

    How to be introverted

    Respect a man even if he disrespects you

    If a man hits you it’s ok

    If you don’t clean you are disgusting

    If you put baggie clothes you are a whore (I’m not kidding)

    If you get a septum pricing you are a pig

    The man is in charge (jokes on them I’m a lesbian)

    If your children are misbehaving you have the right to beat them

    So far I don’t agree with the things I said so far

  • This is me and my brother. I moved out of my parents home at age 21. But my mother still continued to hold manipulative, abusive power over me. I got married at age 24, and even then I still allowed my narcassistic, horrible mother control over me. My husband and I bought a house in another city, over an hour away from my parents, and that helped IMMENSELY, but it wasn’t until I got pregnant with my first child (at age 27) that I began to realize that my mother was an abusive, narcassistic, manipulative, selfish and greedy woman. I realized my mother did not have my best interests at heart. I cut off all contact with her, as well as contact with my father, who enabled her because it was easier than going against her. When I think of my own daughter, I can’t even imagine doing to her what was done to me. Always remember: a REAL mother wants the best for their children. A narcissist, abusive mother just WANTS. For herself.

  • My parents do spunk me but how they treat me when they are having fun with me is awesome and it’s given me higher self asteem and better friends

  • My parents: “You aren’t going out by yourself or go with friends because I don’t trust you!”

    Me: “ok…”

    My parents: ” Why can’t you order food for yourself?! Why can’t you do anything by yourself?!”

    You’re raising a human being, not a dog. By being so strict, you’re essentially castrating your kids into having no social skills. Everyone needs to learn how to be independent, so don’t infantilize your child to keep them on a tight leash.
    I love my parents, but I resent them for that…
    and saying that “physical discipline” is necessary for raising a child.
    It’s stuff like this that makes me never want to have kids. Not because I hate children, but I’m scared of becoming EXACTLY like my parents.

  • I’m 16 and I dont think I’ve been to a freinds house my whole teen life. My mom is worried I will be abducted or will try to do anything without my phone when I go outside becuase she has a tracker on me and if it’s off for any reason I get a angry phone call. She wants to personally meet the parents of my freinds before I do anything with them but she hates people and doesnt want to meet strangers

  • My mom keeps forcing me to go out with the family and I keep telling her I don’t want to go out to eat in public during a worldwide pandemic… �� I barely make my own decisions now

  • I’m a helicopter parent and I resent most of what you say. It’s not bad to watch over your child and make sure they don’t get hurt and help them prevent making mistakes. On top of that, you have left out what helicopter parents do. We prevent our child from getting hurt and we then tell them what they did wrong and how they can prevent it in the future. Other parents let their kids run free and wild and meet the wrong kids and questionable adults while we keep the child safe and let them grow up in a safe environment. Yeah, we give the kid virtually no freedom for there entire childhood, but would you give your child freedom when taking into account the world you live in? when you have a five-year-old or seven-year-old child, then come talk to me. but before then, go fu*k yourself.

  • 3:19 I’m quite introverted and don’t tend to like the big high school parties. I go to an all girls skl and don’t take the bus �� and do a lot of remote hobbies (as in just like me and a teacher or something) so I don’t rlly meet boys and stuff or talk to them much. So does that make me you know socially inept is that a problem? I don’t really think it is but it might be ����‍♀️

  • i cant ride a bike i cant meet with friends i cant go to school without a mask i can’t go to the store,

    if im more than 30 seconds late from somewhere im grounded i can’t stay home alone i can’t have tik tok,instagram i can’t stay up after 21:00 i can’t make my own breakfast i can’t drink to much i can’t be out after 16:00 i can’t go for walks alone

    im 13

  • Trust parents are strict to the extent i get goosebumps and dizzy when they shout.not to talk about the trauma they left me with…

  • My parents are to overprotective of me having the video game fortnite because it is too addictive please can you help me to try to persuade them to let me have it.

  • But what do you do if you try to cooperate but you parents go back on their rules? My mom has always said my whole life “I don’t care if you go out just telling me where you’re going and around what time you’ll be home” so I tell her I’m going over my boyfriends house, where she has his address and his phone number in case she cant get ahold of me, and tell her I’ll be home around 12-1am like I normally do. Well then I go and do that and I come home and she gets mad at me for hanging out with him or being out too late even though she’s never given me a curfew and I was home during the time I said I would. Or the time I told her the night before I was going to hang out with my boyfriend and she yelled at me because ” I have to tell her days in advance” even though that was never the rule. How do I cooperate when she changes the rules when its convenient for her? (I’m 20 years old btw if that helps)

  • I am 12 right now, my parents literally are trying to ban every single video game, trying to convince me to do something “constructive”. Banning me from Discord and trying to cut my YouTube time, forcing me to focus solely on academics. They aren’t even giving me any time. Just excuses. I am beginning to hate my life. My dad is mocking me whenever he gets the chance, and they have banned me from watching gaming videos on YouTube. Please help.

  • I’m 14 turning 15 in August, and I’m at stage 1 still, and I’m thinking of being more mature and studying more and learning more. They always make me “turn in” my phone at 9 pm. I don’t like it because I want to wake up early. What do you think I should do?