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Appropriate Dress for Women Going to Child Custody Hearings. Moms who would like to win child custody should ensure that they make the best appearance during all child custody hearings. Some examples of appropriate dress for women are: Dark pants or a skirt suit. At Family Matters Law Group, we’ve been coaching parents on how to dress in court for their child custody case for many years. Here’s our advice.

For The Women. Women have many options for appropriate dress. Perhaps the easiest outfit is a solid dress in a dark color. Dress comfortably, but not too comfortably. The probability of you sitting on hardwood, church-like pews inside of the court’s waiting room for several hours is very high.

When you’re shopping. It goes without saying that it is important for you to make the right impression as this is generally the most formal place that you will be appearing throughout your divorce or custody case. Business professional, and possibly business casual, are the recommended choices of attire in family court.

Parents should dress appropriately for all child custody hearings. Parents should stick to the following dress code: Parents should stick to the following dress code: Dark suit. No judge wants to see your boxer shorts peeking above baggy pants or every bump and bulge beneath a dress that is too tight (and/or too revealing). Steer clear of clothing. In resolving child custody cases, it is often beneficial for parents to create a lasting, written record of the interactions between the other parent, the children, and themselves.

Proper documentation in a child custody case is key for support in family court. The challenge in child custody cases is to get important information to the judge while following all court rules. There’s an art to asking questions to elicit great expert testimony in custody court.

Make sure the questions you ask directly relate to what’s in the best interests of your child. At a child custody hearing, the judge will hear from both parents (and in some cases, a representative for the child) and determine the parenting plan that is in the child’s best. Complete a Complaint for Custody (CC-DR-004) to ask to the court to grant you custody. File the form in the Circuit Court where the child lives or where either parent lives. Make enough copies for the other parent and keep at least one copy for yourself.

Watch a video on how to file a custody case.

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Jeans, sweatshirts, jogging suits, shorts, sneakers, and similar casual attire are not appropriate in the courtroom.

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Dress professionally for the court appearance.

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Attire in the courtroom should be professional and businesslike.

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dress in the courts.

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appropriate responsibilities • Suggest laying out the child’s clothes so that he can dress himself.

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You dress up the child.

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Blue jeans and a sweater may be fine in the private office for conveying a “low-key” image and making therapy clients feel comfortable, but they are not suitable for the courtroom.

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One issue you will want to discuss with your attorney in advance is what to wear.

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If your child is younger than about 2 1/2 years of age, continue to dress the child in

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  • My dumb ex wife wears the same houndstooth checker jacket with yoga pants and sandals…. she doesn’t have a clue on how to respect the court or anyone else.

  • I’m going to court because of an assault because I fought a girl (scratched her a bit) I went out of character I’m such an good kid and out of depression I went out of character I had no one to talk to and this girl bullied me and now Im domed Im crying everyday now and i hate myself even more now and I just need help

  • What if I’m in a child custody case.iam the party who is not allowed to have any witnesses on my side at all? Is it wrong of the other party to do that?

  • If someone took a situation and twisted it and coaches the child to lie or exaggerate being hurt does that constitute a false allegation? In other words something happened but not like they reported it.

  • I had court on the 5 and the judge didn’t care to see my evidence and the little she did look at like fecal matter left on my daughter by her father which has been a pattern since visitation over a year ago was laughed at and I was told to get a baby wipe to wipe it off. The temporary judge also didn’t care about my evidence and even mocked me. I prepared way beyond what I was supposed to. Worth nothing but it’s okay God is amazing and I was granted sole custody even though the judge(s) talked to me like garbage and the guardian who didn’t do his job at all and basically was the second lawyer to the father. After this experience this really made me see how the “justice system” is. The judge(s) had a preconceived view of me before walking in the court room given the father’s lawyer got to speak to the judge and guardian from what the father said so that’s messed up to begin with because the father wasn’t around for 6 months which was how old the child was when the first hearing took place. It’s been a year. They focused so much on me meeting him halfway when I already supply everything for every visit and disregarded the fact the father is unwilling neglecting the child based off him knowing nothing and not being proactive whatsoever. Sad world we live in and I have zero respect for courts. They are a business and then at the end of the day the state is the parent. Anyway hope anyone reading this doesn’t get court involved in anyway. Do not rely on them for help. Figure it out especially if you are having a child with someone you aren’t married to and can take care of the child without the other parent. The stress and unbelievable disgusting attitude that I received from grown people and judges and guardians who are supposed to look out for the child simply look at who has a lawyer and who doesn’t and what color someone is and who they think is a problem based off of simple one sided conversation before court even begins. The fact transportation was more of an issue than my daughter being fed and clean and happy meant nothing to them. Sick system meant to tear families apart and hurt children for a dollar.

  • Judges have no evidence the past 5 decades with 80% of decisions went to the mother and 90% of those decisions were every other weekend and one evening during the week. Practically forced child father alienation and extortion.

  • ” His frost duty is to the court, and the public [ government], not to the client,and whenever duties to his client conflict with those as an officer of the court in the administration of Justice, the former must yield to the latter.” 7 corpus juris secundum four attorneys
    It’s up to you weather to get an attorney, but it’s clear how that is going to come out.
    He’s something else to kick around.
    As an American ( if you are) your are entitled to an ” article 3 court” a court outlined in article 3 of the Constitution. Which sounds a lot like a “common law court” to me. Of course there is no common law courts in This country anymore, that I no of. I can however I can guarantee you that family court is not even close to to the court outlined in article 3 of the Constitution. I’ll call it like I see it, family court is a fraud. 100%. Common law marriage is best. If the government doesn’t recognize common law marriage that’s there problem.personally I do not care what the government likes or don’t and it’s fun to piss them off from time to time. They piss me off all the time. Bar members are criminals. The American Bar Association is owned by the queen of England. And I’m not subject to the bitch. So no thinks I don’t wish to participate in family court.

  • Family court strategy.
    False claims of abuse to create contention.
    False claims = case fact
    Keep mom and dad in court as long as possible to pay lawyers, some lawyers are also judges.
    Lawyers won’t stand up to judge illegal orders Bc a judge can destroy a law practice by always ruling against that lawyer.
    $$$ for the state, for the lawyers
    No rights for fathers and destroys children, lives, families, etc

  • I DECREED AND DECLARE I LOVE YOU GOD I PRAISE YOU GOD I LOVE YOU JESUS I PRAISE YOU JESUS IN KING GOD MIGHTY NAME IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAY AMEN AND AMEN������������������������������������������������������☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ Hallelujah

  • Senior woman with men that the man are constantly having memory loss and are not being diagnosed by doctors properly..Man that has been abusive to other woman. Endless problems created from doctors not treating patient to what the man is showing mentally. I PERSONALLY lived for six years with this man who is has been so up and down with alcoholic struggle my boyfriend is always threatening myself with getting out of my home. Woman should not have to be always treated to shelters while being uprooted because a man decides be bully and abusive.

  • Thanks for the video. It was very informative. Please can you let us know if the respondent or the applicant attend the court hearing thru videoconferencing in case they are not able to travel. Thanks in advance!

  • I LOVE YOU GOD I LOVE YOU JESUS I PRAISE YOU GOD I PRAISE YOU JESUS I THANK YOU GOD I THANK YOU JESUS IN KING JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAISE AMEN AMEN��������������������������������������������������������������☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ Hallelujah

  • Kevin, I called your office and was told you are not doing consultations. I have a similar situation where ex wife had claimed sexual abuse to the child’s PCP, Counselor, and even filed a Child Abuse Report. Luckily for me nothing happened because the allegations were disproved before the mother could move forward but I’d like to find out how I can bring this information to court and possibly obtain custody of my daughter. My ex wife does crazy stuff like this all the time, to the detriment of our daughter.

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  • Prayer for equally fair court hearings for all parents thankfully in Jesus name amen
    Prayers all parents will get along be friends and be nice to each other thankfully in Jesus name amen
    Pray for conviction over my daughter’s father and his girlfriend for fornicating and taking my daughter away from me thankfully in Jesus name amen

    I claim my daughter back with me permanently September 18th in the mighty name of Jesus

    I speak this into existence in the mighty name of Jesus amen

  • I ask you dear Lord Jesus Christ to be with my dear best friend and her children at this time. Help her to stay strong and confident in you and direct her steps to getting her children back to a safe happy home. May their Father no longer be able to torment them and may he examine his conscious and repent for the serious harm he caused his children and all the people that he has ever harmed in his life, so he will go on to hurt noone anymore. Thank you Jesus Amen.

  • please pray that I get my son back, lord please hear my prayer, lord help me forgive his father please father god. I praise your holy name in Jesus name. AMEN

  • Please pray for me I am Emmanuel I have a custody fight over my sons. Please keep me in prayer that God may give me my boys so that I may lead them to Jesus! Amen

  • I agree and declare arhat I will receive full custody of my child I believe and receive and trust you my Father that you will send angels to go in my behalf to work in my favor with the family advocates that’s working in my case that I will win this case in Jesus Mighty Name amen amen �� thank you Jesus

  • Listened to this a few times before bed last night, while getting ready this morning and on the way to court. I’ve never really considered myself religious…more spiritual i guess, but everything worked out exactly how the prayer said it would. Every tactic he used was shut down, the judge saw right through him in the first ten minutes. Full custody plus supervised visitation…without even using all of our evidence against him.

  • Prayers for my real dna parents in this town get me back appropriately against the adoption parents legal guardianship custody of me I never gave the consent of and prayerfully deserve to be united in my prayers for the miracles to with them and see them again and their personal Easter Basket delivery this month to me and that the adoption parents under this roof exorcism themselves and admit truths to me and my therapist and to those close to my heart etc. Amen!����