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One on One Time with MULTIPLE KIDS

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The importance of one on one time with your kids

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The importance of having one-on-one time with your kids

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And while there’s no right or wrong way to spend time with your child, here are some strategies that can help you carve out one-on-one time for each of your kids: Aim for Quality Over Quantity You’re better off giving each child 10 minutes of your undivided attention as you wait in line at the grocery store rather than spend 5 hours in the same room using separate electronic devices. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Make a priority for mini-dates just once or twice a month with each child. Here’s the secret: Having one on one time with your children isn’t just about them.

It’s good for you too! As you spend time connecting with each child individually, you’ll feel your understanding grow. How can you make each child feel important? Have one on one time with your kids.

Devote time to JUST THAT CHILD! It really is just that easyspend time listening to your child and talking with your child say yes when they ask you to lie down with them when you tuck them. These moments of individual time all add up to a very loved child.

Sometimes things that happened at school or something they are worried about will come up. These conversations are special and and easy way to build in a tradition of one-on-one time every day. 3. One more very simple way to carve out alone time with each child is through walking.

We happen to have a pet that needs to be walked twice a day. If you are a single mother with more than one child you could arrange it so that each Saturday you spend quality time with one of your children and the last Saturday of the month you spend quality time as a family. Marking your dates down on a calendar is a great idea and shows your children you make this time a priority.

2. One-on-one time with your children — all of them — keeps your unique relationship with each one healthy and in tune. We become aware of this through the multitasking haze when it.

Make sure you plan to spend time together as a whole family. Remind clingy children that spending time all together is fun as well because it’s more people, but you can still have that special one on one time with them. With children who are aged 3 and younger, you can group them together and spend time with the both of them the majority of the. One amazing way to discover inspiration for quality time with kids is through the series of books by Gary Chapman about the Five Love Languages..

Hi, I’m Laura and on my blog Lalymom, I share a series called Love Languages Ideas for the Family to help spread the word about the Love Languages and to help people apply them in real life. Today I am talking about spending quality time with kids. Easy ways to spend one-on-one time with kids Have one child per night help you cook dinner. When possible, run errands with one child at a time. Take walks around your neighborhood (it’s free and exercise, win win).

One way to create some quality time with your kids is to be intentional about making it a priority. If I happen to have some alone time in the car with one of my kids, I do not let the opportunity for conversation go to waste.

List of related literature:

You can create one account that all your kids share, or you can set up a different account for each kid; that way, you can set up different safety restrictions for each person.

“Windows 7: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue
from Windows 7: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue
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Instead, create a Contact item for one member of the family, copy that item as many times as necessary, then edit the individual items so that each has the correct name, birthday, and other personal information.

“Using Microsoft Outlook 2000” by Gordon Padwick, Helen Bell Feddema
from Using Microsoft Outlook 2000
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To avoid some of the inevitable fights about a toy that two children want at the same time, parents or caregivers have to set up concrete external rules to govern behavior, for instance setting a timer and allowing each child to play with the item for ten minutes until it’s the other child’s turn.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
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Next, the kids agree on a set amount of time— usually only a few minutes—for using an item, and then set the device for that amount.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
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• Ask each child in their group, in turn, to add another button continuing

“Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum” by Joanne Deppeler, Tim Loreman, Lani Florian, Ron Smith, Chris Forlin
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This could be done by setting time aside to spend with the preschooler in the absence of the younger sibling.

“Human Development” by D. A. Louw
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Schedule a specific “date time” with each of your children individually.

“The 5 Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman, Ross Campbell
from The 5 Love Languages of Children
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Make a copy for each child.

“Homeschooling For Dummies” by Jennifer Kaufeld
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It is also possible to set up an arrangement whereby if the child moves the object twice in a certain period of time that means the parents must call a meeting with a particular member of the safety network.

“Working With Denied Child Abuse: The Resolutions Approach: The Resolutions Approach” by Turnell, Andrew, Essex, Susanne
from Working With Denied Child Abuse: The Resolutions Approach: The Resolutions Approach
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Each time a new program or device is added to the child’s array, remind the family to include it in the daily listening check.

“Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology, Second Edition” by Anne Marie Tharpe, Richard Seewald
from Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology, Second Edition
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  • My six month old baby always want me to be carrying him and with just one second of me putting him down he starts crying like crazy �� so I have to be carrying him a lot so he won’t cry

  • 1:44 if you were to pause the video during one of The Easter Egg Hunter’s affected pauses, and set your system clock to 6/9/75, then glitch out of bounds before he finishes his sentence, an oDd HeAd would appear in the sky and the player would hear the sound of somebody farting in an elevator

  • It’s so hard for me to get my kids in the kitchen! Not because they don’t want to but because I get so anxious �� it’s a constant work in progress!!

  • Nice, there were some things I didn’t hear about from the leak. Beta Arceus was a cool idea. The shadowy figure would have worked in the game if he had been part of a larger plot, instead of being relegated to an event that was mostly inaccessible without cheats
    I think YouTube unsubbed me but I’ve fixed that

  • I mean the last building is just a classic looking Japanese apartment building. That would be the balconies. No idea where it would be put or anything but still.

  • it brought a tear to my eye hearing that the triforce and luigi were real, thats like nearly 20 years of my life that I had always spent wondering finally resolved…..thanks?

  • i still think one of the more mind blowing things that came of this gigaleak for OoT was finding beta castle town from the OUTSIDE. which we never really had any imagery of it much less a beta Hyrule Castle of any sort. and what made more mind blowing was finding out that the outside of the town was in old beta screenshots all this time, but we never knew due to lack of context. its like 3-4 different stand out images that people wondered “where would this have been? where is this supposed to be?”

  • I needed to hear this. I am only homeschooling one, the other is in private school. I always find it hard to juggle my time with each of them.

  • My daughter and I just came from playing tag and swinging outside. It was really fun. My husband plays Calico Critters and dolls with our daughter everyday. My daughter doesn’t like the way I play dolls(and I don’t like having to put my dolls to sleep every second) so I let them do their thing ��. Great video

  • Thank you for this video I absolutely believe in this theory,I grow up in a family who eat dinner together every day but I was a fussy eater and got bit till I eat it all cried almost every day now that I’m a mom of 5 let people eat wherever they want too and much better time and every time I felt guilty and made a family dinner was exactly that a disaster:)

  • Taking time to play with each of my boys each day is one of the biggest habits I implement to keep the joy in parenting. I am very “get things done” oriented by nature…but oh man, it makes a huge difference, and brings so much joy back when I just take a little bit of time to play with them every day! This is an awesome video!

  • The Yoshi’s Safari thing is something I’m sure most weebs will recognize, but getting a nosebleed is not seen as violent in Japan. It’s seen as comical because it implies that the character’s got the hots for someone, and it’s a running theme on a lot of children’s shows.

  • The second one is likely a start menu pointer
    Rather than a looping animation, I think he’s meant to point at the option highlighted

  • I’ve started making snuggle time first thing in the morning for my 5 year old. He’s so so SOOOOOOOO energetic and first thing in the morning is when I get him at a calm state.��

  • I definitely don’t have a name for it, but I try to spend time with each of my 3 kids throughout our day, usually by reading to them. My kiddos love books, and I love to snuggle up with a kid on my lap and a book! ❤️��

  • Girl, this made me feel soooo much better. My oldest daughter is just like yours and I feel super guilty sometimes, but we have late night convos when the rest of the house is sleeping and it’s so nice.

  • >progressive for almost having a black woman in a Nintendo game
    Bro who gives a fuck its another human being if anything it’s one step back to freak out over some one being brown jesus christ man

  • Hey just found your channel. We do this, but this is the first time I’ve heard to do it daily, as part of the routine. Just 10-15 min makes that seem feasible. What do your other children do meanwhile?

  • I have two little ones and try to make some time for both….they both think I should be in the kitchen but then I make sure I spend some time playing board games with the older one and running around with the little one. Nice video!!:)

  • My oldest daughter snuck out of bed last night and we made s’mores and looked through her baby pictures (since today was her birthday and I wanted to show her what I was doing this exact night 4 years ago in the hospital). I would usually be upset if she sneaks out of bed, but I so loved the bonding time we had because her younger siblings do take away so much of our quality time. I also had the same revelation that I don’t look her in the eye when she needs to talk to me lately let’s get better about that mamas! Thank you for sharing all these tips! Its always good to hear advice to improve our mothering skills.

  • Girl… I am so glad I found your channel. You seriously inspire me to be a better momma. Very insightful videos. You are a rock star mom! Thank you for being so raw and transparent ��

  • Thank you Dana for very practical ideas. My daughter turned one year few days back, and started going nursery`too. today was 7th day, of course not full day, just one or two hours, mostly in my presence. In the home and nursery too she just revolves around me, she does not play by her own. I try to bring her new toys, games and I try my best to get her play by herself. But she does not, hardly few minutes. In the nursery there are lot of toys of different varieties, around 10 other children aging 0-2. But there too she hardly finds interest in anything. She just play a minute and come back to me. Other children are playing around, even 10 months old baby is also playing by himself, in presence of his father. But my daughter dont. I am so worried because of all this. I cant work freely, I am so depressed, I dnt know what should I do to get her play by herself. Can you help me please.

  • Thanks soooo much! My older daughter needs a lot of attention. I am a single mom juggling life. I have to make special time with her a couple of times a day. I normally play with both of my daughters together. Thanks for helping me to see that she needs one-on-one time.

  • 5:15 “Many commended Nintendo for the progressive choice of creating a black woman for the game, forgetting the fact that she was removed on the final release.”

  • im now in a mixxed family. and my 8 year old and i have a tradition we spend a night or two a month just hanging out and playing games and well watch a movie then fall asleep. well my girl thinks this is unnaceptable and it will destroy our relationship. 9 out of 10 nights its just her and i from 830 or 9 on. but my son needs that time for me to nirture him. he said to me he felt he was losing me. am i wrong for putting an entire night into just undivided attention to him? why should this destroy our relationship. my sons mother abandoned him 3 years ago. i cant allow him to think because i mixxed my family that hes gonna lose me to my new girl. am i wrong?

  • At 8:49 when Odd talks about the building and the Mario characters. To me it seems like it could have been an unused asset for The Sims SNES game? That’s just my guess tho.

  • 8:24 alright that’s a pretty big fucking deal (edit) there are voice tracks recorded of Luigi’s voice, too. Gotta go listen to them.

  • Feeling this so much! It’s so hard to just slow down and step away from those to-do’s! That’s another reason I’m so thankful to be starting homeschooling this year. I’m really learning to be more international with actual play time. ❤️❤️

  • Super convicted by the put your phone down and listen reminder. It’s one of those things that I know, but don’t do a lot. Overall just thankful for this reminder to think of things from their perspective and make them feel heard and loved at least once throughout the chaos of the day (we have 5 kiddos).

  • I love this video they are some great ideas here. I also have three children. One thing I love to do with them is only taking one of them in the store when my husband stays in the car with the other ones. They enjoy it so very much and they can usually just walk without having to be in a cart.

  • If you want to LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT,
    be with them with FULLY INTENTION, because our child only LIVE in the PRESENT MOMENT only.

  • so many weird things, i can’t imagine what the designers were thinking putting this stuff even in versions they never thought would see the like of day, but thanks to you guys now we get to and laugh about it:)

  • Ugh…I could do SO much better in all these areas! Especially cooking…I just want to get it done and keep mess to a minimum����‍♀️
    One area I’m feeling convinced in is the video game/tv time. I see the garbage going in and being spewed back out and I hate it! But at the same time, I don’t want to take away things they enjoy.��

  • My oldest is 13 and we still spend time talking/hanging out before bed.
    It started when she was much younger and we would read a book just for her, but still keep that tine together till this day.
    On another note I think all mamas feel like we are lacking somewhere. That one on one time doesn’t always come easy with my middle 2. Working on that though.
    Love this video!❤❤

  • The way how I clicked on this video so fast when I saw it pop up in my emaiI!! I definitely feel convicted, this video was made for me because Lord knows I am not the best at one on one time I have two kids, a two-year-old and a five-year-old and Our nightly routine is to read them a story before bed but as far as playing with them throughout the day… 1 on 1 or together I can definitely get better at that as well as stop in to looking them in the eye when they want to talk.

  • I just have to start with saying I found your channel only this week and already I’m like “ok ya, I’m watching ALL of her videos”. This was a good one, I have three kids also and struggle with this a lot. My oldest gets online time during the babies nap times, but it’s hard for the little guys. I’m going to try some of these tips! Thanks!

    P.s. what is the book in the background? The one with the goldfinch and thistle on the cover. Caught my attention, it’s my favorite bird:)

  • When my eldest turned 8 we started letting him stay up late one night each week to watch Survivor with us. He is SO outdoorsy and loves nature and learning survival skills etc. He’s also very logic-minded and loves games, strategy etc. So watching Survivor with us his absolute favourite thing in the world. That one uninterrupted hour a week fills his bucket for days!

  • Yes! This might be my favorite video you’ve done. Such great advice! We use dinner time as well for one on one and the kids enjoy! I plan on reading 5 love languages of children because I’ve been feeling lacking in that area as well.

  • Loved this video! I have twins who are 4yo and a 3yo, so finding that one-on-one is something I definitely need to work on! My babies have all had to share mama’s attention from the start. Thank you for all your videos! You have encouraged me so much as I’ve started homeschooling this year!

  • I have a similar oldest daughter in my house! She really doesn’t need me much for school but as you were talking I was thinking about how she still needs me to be her mama! Definitely feeling challenged to think about different ways to love and spend time with my kids in ways that are special to them!

    Also, yes. I’ve been feeling convicted over the past couple months especially. I think when the Covid stuff hit my fear wasn’t so much ‘what if something happens to me’ (or people in my family), but ‘IF something happens, what memories and ideas would I be leaving behind?’ It’s started me on a train of thinking about the content you posted here. Thanks for the ideas ☺️.

  • I’m struggling in this area but….. I’ve been in early labor for like two weeks irritated with baby number 5. My mommy guilt is at a all time high. I’m like we still have school so we should have more play time together.������ I do what I can with little projects and TV shows they enjoy but I always feel like there can be more one on one time for each of them.

  • I struggle with this so much! It breaks my heart because I know their cups aren’t “full”. (7,5,3). Between homeschool and cleaning and cooking and really being the only one in my marriage who gives them the attention they need I find it so impossible to get much one on one for everyone for any significant time every single day other than homeschooling.

  • I really needed this.. I’m so bad with one on one time��.. I have 6 girls and I want to but always get busy doing other things ����‍♀️ But I love your tops and will challenge myself.. Thank you for sharing��

  • Yes one on one time is so important! Each kid is an individual and their needs are so unique to them. Great tips! I definitely have to intentionally carve out time to play with my daughter or else she tries to get attention in other ways. My husband and I do the same with my oldest, we let him spend some extra time with us while the younger kids are asleep.

  • I think Super Donkey was made to try out new types of character movements and mechanics and was later used for different games such as the Rayman series?

  • This was so good.. thanks, we also love colouring together and i just learned a peaceful cooking trick, do it with 1 child at a time…i can also do better in playing with them…

  • oof, yes SO convicted! I feel its easier to spend time with my youngest (shes 6) than my oldest (9). Its easy to get one on one time with a kid who needs help with quiet reading time, but as they become more independant, which I feel my oldest alway has been, its SO CHALLENGING. And I am a single parent. I have noticed my oldest doing what you said yours does, coming out at night, and my knee-jerk reaction to finally getting some peace and quiet is “please go back to bed!” but maybe I need to work on just giving 10-20 more minutes just to her instead. I feel so overwhelmed, its hard to think straight! THank you for this (again) awesome video!

  • Man If I wanted to hear The Easter Egg Hunter terrible accent I’d watch his content instead of yours. Stop bringing other voices on.

  • I am horrible at playing. Mainly pretend play. As soon as I’m on the floor with a Barbie or dinosaur in hand I’m dozing off! I do much better playing a video game or doing something artsy. I try not to feel bad about it.

  • I have 4 kids. Ages 13,10,5,&3. The hard part is my older kids are more independent and my little kids require me to be more hands on. One of my children also struggle a lot emotionally and with depression so she requires a lot of me as well. Thanks for the tips. All my kids love to help cook, so I’m going to take advantage of that!

  • Just wondering if you have thoughts…my swwt girl is 10 months old and likes to play alone a lot but i worry i let her do it to how much is too much independent play

  • Love this topic! This is my first year homeschooling so I’m excited to see how things fall into place. One thing I love doing with my oldest who is also very independent is to take turns reading one page back and forth in a book. We share the book time and have that shoulder to shoulder time as well. I need to get better at reading with my 4 year old. He’s not much of a napper anymore so that one on one time has changed and frankly we have been so busy on our farm that the Tv became somewhat of a babysitter during those hours my daughter is napping. But I am ready for more structure again and to see how our normal enrichment with our kids can turn into a whole day of learning and growth instead of just bits and pieces (he did kinder and 1st in public). Thanks for sharing your heart. You are beautiful!

  • Number 4 is the hard one! I’ve been feeling the guilt about being “too busy” keeping up with the house and chores which makes it hard to have the mental ability to stop and just listen. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Awww ❤️I loved this video. I’ve been cooking at times and call my 2yr old daughter to cook with me and I let her smell the condiments and we name them. It’s just a really nice moment❤️

  • Yes!! Thank you for this reminder. I have 3 kids and I guess sometimes we just get carried away being “busy” with the every day things…
    There’s is one thing my husband and I started doing this year (I got the idea from a post I read somewhere, Pinterest?!). Every month each child has a especial day for extra time/ activity with just Mommy and Daddy, no siblings. We chose the day of their “birthday”. So every month each one of my kids looks forward to that especial time.

  • I have 3 kids as well. My oldest daughter sounds a lot like yours! She started coming out of her room after her 2siblings fell asleep to have me lay with her or to just hang with her dad. They even put her new desk together one night! We used to get aggravated but soon realized that she needed that. I feel my youngest (5 yr old boy) gets the most cuddles and one on one time so this video opened my eyes and heart to really see that I need to do a better job at giving all 3 their special one on one time. Thank you!! This is going to be our first year homeschooling and I love watching all of your videos!

  • Girl! Thank you for this! SO true, this has been heavy in my heart lately too. Need to be more intentional/present as a parent. Great balance you and your husband are.