How you can Create More powerful Bonds Among Brothers and sisters


HOW TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SIBLINGS!! || Conflict Resolution & Bonding Opportunities

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How can I improve my relationship with my siblings?

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Dealing With A Difficult Sibling

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HOW TO—Improve Sibling Relationships

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The Importance of Sibling Bonding and Activities That Strengthen It.

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How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Siblings

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How to Create Stronger Bonds Among Siblings Research on Sibling Bonds. Research shows that siblings are integral in teaching one another how to interact socially. Teach Emotion Regulation Skills. You certainly don’t need a study to know that sibling relationships are emotionally Don’t Show. Help your children develop shared passions and interests.

When you stumble upon a shared interest between your kids, maximize the potential. If two of your girls love to dance, let them take some classes or workshops together. And if it’s basketball, put up a hoop in the driveway and encourage them to have at it. Building strong sibling relationships among your children not only brings peace of mind to parents, but it also yields adults who understand how to compromise and work as a team with almost anyone.

That being said, even the most proactive parents who work feverishly to create a nurturing environment for their children sometimes have kids who. Any comparison between siblings can seriously damage their self-esteem as well as their relationship. Ensure that you convey to each child how special he or she is to you.

Also, acknowledge both children’s strengths and positive qualities. 1. Patience: Be patient with the children and teach them to be the same. Children learn from their parents and, hence, 2. Positive Parenting: We all know children learn from their elders and, hence, if you shout or scream, your elder child. “The relationships which we have with our siblings thrive on differences not only the ones we have had as children, but those which we continue to create as adults.

Difference like similarity helps to make lively our connections even when these connections are upsetting or uncomfortable. Being different makes the bond work.”. Ask your children to participate in an activity such as volunteering at an animal shelter together or offering to teach classes at their local recreation center. For younger siblings, help them make cookies to give to neighbors or make a meal for a family in need.

Play as a Family: This strengthens the family unit and kids who are taught to value the family as a whole will also value their siblings more. Dedicated family playtime also models for siblings. Many times, this early onset jealousy naturally goes away as the years go by. Other times, it intensifies. In rare cases, it never exists.

Still, whatever the sibling relationship is, it’s common for it to be characterized by a certain degree of rivalry. They say that there is no stronger rivalry—and no stronger bond—than that of siblings. How to Create Stronger Bonds Among Siblings. By Amy Morin, LCSW How to Create Roles for Kids While Cooking Together.

Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW How to Build Sibling Bonds When You’re on the Road. By Dotdash Creative How to Support Your Kids’ Involvement in Sports.

List of related literature:

However, siblings may also form strong attachment bonds and experience highly positive emotions toward one another.

“The Routledge Handbook of Family Communication” by Anita L. Vangelisti
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To build strong bonds in adulthood, siblings need to move beyond the asymmetrical relationship characteristic of childhood sibling relations, where age differences are critical and older siblings often dominate, and establish a more symmetrical relationship between equals.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
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The more positive interaction the two siblings have, the sooner a bond will develop and grow.

“Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” by Judy L Arnall
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Toward the end of reducing competition and rivalry, differentiation is thought to promote more harmonious relationships between siblings, marked by less rivalry and conflict as well as greater warmth.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
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For although sibling rivalry can cause great hardship and suffering, can follow us into adulthood, can become an emotional heritage that is transferred onto all kinds of other relationships, it can also become subordinate to continuing bonds of brotherly/sisterly love.

“Necessary Losses: The Loves Illusions Dependencies and Impossible Ex” by Judith Viorst
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Sibling relationships provide an arena for having to learn to cope with jealousy, aggression, and interpersonal conflicts.

“A Child's Journey Through Placement” by Vera I Fahlberg
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Build in sibling bonding.

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Exercise 7: RECONNECT WITH SIBLING MEMORIES One thing you’ll always have in common with your siblings is your childhoods.

“How to Survive the Loss of a Parent” by Catherine Whitney, Lois F. Akner
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Itallows siblings to create somethingtodo, provokeinteraction, competeagainst each other, practice arguing, takeupfor themselves,testtheir power, assert

“Surviving Your Child's Adolescence: How to Understand, and Even Enjoy, the Rocky Road to Independence” by Carl Pickhardt
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Pressures and rivalries are inevitable between siblings, but if there’s a healthy balance between comradeship and independence, the bond between your children should grow and contribute to the self-esteem of both of them.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
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  • My brother lives 5 hours away and he never calls me and most of the time plays video games. I miss him a lot and like to talk to him problem is he can only carry a conversation with me for only 5min

  • Wow very profound! This is just what I needed to hear. Especially what Bethany said about viewing our own sin and selfishness as the biggest problem. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters

  • My younger sister (who is very close in age with me) treats me like a stranger. It’s been this way for about 5 years, but it’s hit an all time low this past few weeks. I would try to spend time with her and do nice things for her, but she would never do the same. She is not at all invested in our relationship and it’s incredibly hurtful. She’s also been doing a multitude of things that have been REALLY stressing my parents out. I don’t think she cares about the damage she’s doing to her ‘loved ones’.

    Recently, I’ve been trying to really distance myself and sever that relationship, but it’s hard because we live with one another.

  • Wait there is 8 children in ur family add ur parents equals 10 and 1 in 10 people are lgbtqia+ so that means at least one of u is part of the lgbtqia+ community.

  • One of my favorite sayings in the Bible is: (I’m paraphrasing) don’t look at your brother and see the splinter in his eye, FIRST take you the whole PLANK in your own eye!”:)

  • I have a 7 year older brother (27)…who’s very toxic…and he’s jobless too and doesn’t wanna do anything with life..and he’s constantly creating toxic environment in our family by mentally excruciating me and my mom…he’s constantly asking for money to my mom…and his presence only is like being in a satanic presence…i usually am a chirpy and happy girl but right now i am so lost and miserable. If someone could help I’d be extremely happy!

  • My brother and I had a heated argument and it ended with him calling me 2 words I don’t know and worthless pile of sh*t, yes he and I argued lots when we were kids (he’s now almost 15 and I’m almost 13) but we loved each other but now I think it’s burned out lately he’s getting mor easier to anger I’ve put up with him for 12 tough years and I can’t believe a mother can give life to a horrible sour mean person, I want to love him but I cant

  • I have an older brother.He’s one year older than me so we are actually like friends and we have another friend who’s more like a sibling.We call ourselves the trio!We have a great relationship with each other. My brother’s very quiet but me and my friend are not! I think communication is very important in any kind of relationship.Sometimes, if anyone of us feels hurt by the others or feels to share something with the others we do and we are very open with each other. We call it “intervention” like if we need to say something that we felt isn’t right o he/she needs to think it over again or something like helps a lot that way we don’t have any miscommunication.

  • im searching up these videos because it sucks having a teenage sister that plays video games and tells you to shut up whenever she’s playing a game and you try to communicate with her

  • Do y’all have any advice on how to build a relationship with siblings who reject Jesus? I love my brother, but it seems hard to grow closer partly because of our different stances.

  • Lol my sister n I are the middle children and we haven’t spoken to each other in years. Best thing I could’ve done. Just because they are family doesn’t mean you have to put up with them if they are toxic.

  • I’m the baby of my sister and brother
    One thing I like ummmm none
    One I don’t like my mom all in my business and she try be the boss all my life and I not a teenage I’m 20 soon be 21 in may and I still like five years to she

  • You must be joking!:D I just decided to pursue my relationship w/ my brother on Sunday. I took a first practical step but then lost ideas. This encourages me to go on. Tge first two tips are tough:O:).!

  • Needed to hear this tonight! I have a really hard time with my youngest brother. He’s 13. I’m always really confused by him. He acts like he hates me, especially when our mom isn’t around. He always picks fight and says rude thing to me, and to be fair I’m not always the nicest to him in response. He tells his friends in front of me how much he hates having an older sister. But then sometimes he will race me to the car so that he can open the door for me. I wish I could relate to him better but we are such opposites and he makes me so mad that I can hardly stand to be in the same room with him. I’ve been praying for healing in our relationship and I hope the Lord brings it soon.

  • I am the oldest of three girls and soon hopefully four because we are probably going to adopt a boy and I am so excited to finally have a brother then ��

  • Love this. Thanks. Hey, I’ve found that sometimes some siblings tend to hit it off or “flow” better together than with others. May I know your perspective on this and could you please could you do a video on this? Thanks.

  • Thank you all for coming out with this topic. I have 2 teenage kids who are finding it difficult to get along. It’s been hurting me soo much. Recently i could make my daughter to understand the need for building a relationship with her brother…we are even praying together about it. My son seems to be too distant and critical about her mistakes. As you said it is necessary to pursue and this video will encourage her. I am praying my son too will awaken to the will of our Lord and find grace to build relationships.

  • LOVE this vlog!! Great job girls!! Suzannah is so cute, I love seeing her in the vlog!

    btw…I really like Bethany’s shirt in this vid!

  • Thank you for sharing this. I always wanted a stronger relationship with my siblings but never knew how. You all are so inspiring ��

  • Not so much a comment but a question… How do you deal with a sibling the takes 0 responsibility for their lives. Doesn’t raise their child, pets, can’t even renew their drivers license without someone else doing it for them? Like how can you have a conversation that says “I love you but you’re really really bad at being an adult”

  • I have two older brothers and it’s the best thing ever. They are so caring and fun interesting people. I recommend big brothers to everyone lol:D

  • Awesome video! I am the second youngest of 10 and my relationship with each sibling is so different. And 3 of them just got married this last year so things are changing so much! Also, how old is Sue?

  • I love this! I have a fraternal twin brother and we don’t communicate, literally maybe 2-3 times a year. In listening to this it was so convicting as I want to say he’s the problem but this is calling me to take the lead and look into myself more as being the one that needs to change. Great video! <3

  • I had no idea you guys had a family of 8. That’s insane!! Could you guys maybe post some sort of sibling tag or a Q&A with all of your siblings so we could get to know all of them a little bit?

  • Can you do a video about how to build relationships with your parents. I’m actually pretty close to my siblings but my Mum and I could be closer, I had it as a goal for a while but I’m not sure how to actually do it.

  • My brother is way older than me so sometimes it’s difficult because we are both in different stages in our life. It makes it harder to find things to talk about or relate to. I’m sometimes even feel intimidated because of this age Gap and scared of talking to him, even tho that sounds bad.

  • I come from a family of the youngest… I was the youngest, my dad was the youngest, and his dad what’s the youngest…. and it may even go on and on, I don’t know! LOL

  • My brother calls me ugly and fat all the time always pulls my hair and hits me all the time for no reason like today he got home from school and pours water on me he is almost 13 and is really rude I dont try to be rude but it always comes out wrong

  • My little sister has the nerve to disrespect me and treat me like trash like i didn’t give her a deep cut in the face last year, but anyway any tips?? I really need them cuz im �� close to letting her feel my wrath.

  • damn I’m the angry sibling, but I get angry at my sibling because he passively aggressively criticises me and makes me lose my temper. Now he doesn’t want to talk to me at all, and we live in the same house. but on the other hand I feel better when he isn’t talking to me, less drama I guess. But its still awkward.

  • In islam.. distancing yourself from your family or a member of your family is a huge bad thing.. as the knot of your relationship with your family is tied to God directly so cutting anyone out is like doing that with God. I believe there’s a big wisdom behind it.. we were born to different to be patient with each other and learn from each others differences by choosing peace. And your deed isn’t tied to if your sibling will respond in the same positive way or not.. God will recompensiate you for choosing to do good by yourself.
    We can see that clearly in the story of the sons of Adam “Habil and Qabil”.. when one of them tried to kill the other.. (google it you will find more about the story) ��
    P.S: thank you for your honesty in the video.. we all have struggles with our siblings hopefully we can find common grounds with them some day. ❤️

  • I find the toxic person label very problematic, because just because someone else is toxic it doesn’t mean we are innocent either. everyone has the potential to be toxic.

  • I have a toxic little sister. She is annoying and rude and think she’s so good at everything. She doesn’t leave me alone or mind her own business and acts like she cares. She breaks my phone. Steals my stuff. I just hate her and wish she could just leave me alone and stay out of my life. I hate her and I don’t like her so can anyone give me advice?

  • What if you took so many blames on your. That it drives me nuts when he does this to me I’m sorry to say that but it’s true feels like he’s ignoring my mom’s device on life I want my brother to change I love him is life looks today he looks all fat with cigarettes in mouth and it’s a sad life for me and my mom and my dad

  • My little sister just turned 14 (I’m 18) and now she won’t even talk to me anymore ��. We used to be best friends and it just makes me sad that I don’t have that connection anymore ��.

  • Kristen would you ever minister for your slightly older viewers about the pain and struggle of infertility? Such a need for this perspective. Phil and Alex (vloggers) are a great example, but would be comforting to hear your story

  • How can i be the bigger person and not let my oldest sister who acts immature get on my nerves and trigger me and sent me down into a negative spiral. How do i protect my sanity and mental health and peace? I have become so hopeless and desperate to find a solution since i am not able to distance myself physically from her yet so i am practicing on emotional distancing but it def aint easy and requires so much energy and effort to avoid her since our house is so small and too easy to bump into each other

  • I am the second out of 11! My brother Robby (#3) was killed by a drunk driver 2 months ago, and I miss him so much. He was a very strong believer and I know he is with Jesus. He was 29 and he had a passion for the Lord and for music. He was a perfectly healthy person and a newlywed. It was so unexpected. I’m grateful we were close and had intimate conversations that have shaped me. Y’all please keep up with relationships with your siblings because life is incredibly fragile. Cherish them. A practical tip is to start a group text or a Group Me and include all your siblings, and then another one that includes parents too. Just use it to voice what you are going through, ask for prayer, to pray for each other, and to make everyone feel included even when they are the quiet type. Thank you for this video. I’m so thankful that I have 9 other siblings I can love on.

  • Your family reminds me of mine. I’m the 2nd of 8 kids. Ages 28-13! Thanks so much for this! Love y’all! Your little sister is so precious!

  • My sister is a real pain in the ass but this helped a lot!!! Doing these things made her realise that annoying people is weird and stupid and she has stopped! Now we have a much better relationship!!!

  • Definitely the toughest lessons I’ve learnt are from loving your family everyday, every hour! I’m the eldest of three! Great video!

  • Can we please have a video where you can discuss why older siblings are jealous of their younger siblings and why they like to embarrass them in front of other people?

  • my brother always tells me to die,and i get bullied so he says no wonder you get bullied,ALWAYS wishing death on me, he hits me and im styck

  • My sister and I are really close, but my brother moved back home after college and he’s really ignorant, borderline bigoted, and disrespectful to me and my mom.

  • My sister and me fought like cat and dog when we were younger (she’s 5 years older than me) but when I turned 11 years old, everything changed. We suddenly became very close and stayed that way. However, in 2008, just after we’d lost Mum, my sister emigrated to Florida (I’m in the UK).

    I was lost. I suddenly found myself with no family (Dad died 3 years before Mum). It took me a long time to start to get my head around what had happened. I was very messed up for a long time.

    A couple of years ago she came back to visit me for a fortnight and much was done to make things better. We’d been in touch via email since she emigrated but it’s obviously not the same when someone you love is effectively reduced to lines of text on a screen.

    Last year I went over to Florida to see her and had an amazing time. We’re making a point of seeing each other at least every couple of years and she’s planning to come back to the UK either this year or next. We’re both a lot happier now we’ve got this to look forward to.

    I’ve inadvertantly made my sister sound like the villain of the piece who just upped and offed but like most things in life, it wasn’t as simple as that. A relationship and long planning to emigrate (since long before Mum even became ill) were involved.

    We’re in touch daily via email but now it’s different. Now, my sister isn’t just text on a screen, she’s that same person I always knew and loved and although we’re 4,500-ish miles apart for now, I feel closer to her than I have for years.

  • I feel like I was the “difficult” sibling growing up. As a child, I had a lot of anxiety issues that often lead to emotional meltdowns, which caused my parents to fight (because they did not know how to help me) and my brother to go hide in his room. Our relationship, now that we are older, is great though! I know that I am very blessed.

  • Hat nem erted hogy nincs gyerek a gomromba inkabb egy lusta lajhar vagyok csak lustizok az agyba es iszom a szodabikarbonas vizet na persze eszem is