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The first step is learning how to start your chore system. Write down all the chores you do in the house. Next, use Brian Tracey’s ABCDE prioritization method to organize what you need to do, what’s most important, and what others can help you with.

How to Prioritize Chores. However, if you are looking for a cleaning routine that can fit your busy schedule, then this article is for you. Here are some great tips and tricks that will help you maintain the clean look of your abode: 1. Prepare a Cleaning Checklist. Before jumping into the cleaning process, you should have a list of chores you need to perform daily or. With these cleaning hacks, you will be able to keep your house clean and organised even if you have a tight schedule.

Involve your kids and family in the household chores to get the job done on. We all love a clean home, but with a busy schedule, it can be hard to find an efficient way to keep it all under control. A clean home isn’t just a sanitary matter. Clutter can contribute to anxiety and depression, which can affect all aspects of your personal and professional life. Routines create habits, and habits can make cleaning second.

You can also mix the baking soda and vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray it onto the stain if you prefer to do the mixing yourself. Once that’s done, leave it about 20 minutes, you can soak up the extra liquid with your towels. Then place a dry towel directly over the stain. Spend time making a list with goals for each day, week and month.

The weekly cleaning schedule is a big part of ensuring these goals are accomplished. Here is an example of a realistic cleaning schedule for working moms to achieve their dream clean house. Monday – Flawless Floors.

Start with the daily tasks and work on completing them every day. If the daily tasks are overwhelming, just start with one – one load of laundry from start to put away, pick up clutter, check floors, or wipe counters. Add one every week and before you know it.

A weekly cleaning schedule shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your home and the people and pets in it. So don’t let the dust bunnies win. Streamline your housekeeping chores into an easy-to-remember routine with this printable house cleaning schedule for every day of the week.

Save the heavy-duty cleaning, like scrubbing grout, for the weekend and focus on smaller aspects of the bathroom. Clean your toilet and get rid of all the toothpaste marks on the sink and mirror. You may also want to freshen up the linens in your bathroom. Tuesday: Dust and Vacuum Common Areas. Editable Cleaning Schedule Template.

This weekly cleaning schedule printable is the weekly cleaning routine that I use. But, your busy family’s schedule may be a lot different than mine. I wanted to make sure to provide you with and Editable Cleaning Schedule Template too.

You can either type in what cleaning tasks need to be done each day.

List of related literature:

Make a list of household management tasks, (e.g., Pick a different day to change sheets; do laundry; plan menus and be consistent.)

“Maid to Order in Hong Kong: Stories of Filipina Workers” by Nicole Constable
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Have regular cleaning schedules 2.

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Organization should be a goal for everyone, and you can start with a basic daily cleaning routine that includes a ten-minute tidy-up each day.

“The Clutter Connection: How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do” by Cassandra Aarssen
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While organising a day’s work, the following steps will be helpful: • Start the day with a clean table

“Rapidex Professional Secretary Course” by Pustal Mahal group
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Set your schedule before you and as you look at the list, circle those things that go together, then re-write a new list outlined with like-tasks creating one “to-do” chore.

“Safety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life” by Liane Holliday Willey, Tony Attwood
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Schedule cleaning tasks on a weekly basis—determine which tasks you will do each day of the week, then stick to your schedule.

“Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs” by Darlene Mannix
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• Use the planner/calendar to note down chores like cleaning the fridge, degreasing the oven and cleaning certain rooms.

“Living with Dyspraxia: A Guide for Adults with Developmental Dyspraxia Revised Edition” by Victoria Biggs, Mary Colley, Amanda Kirby
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Plan and organize the day ■ Avoid multitasking ■ Families should establish structured routines (e.g., dinner at 7 pm each day, laundry is done on Saturday mornings).

“Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach” by Glen Gillen
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Establish a cleaning schedule.

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A regular cleaning schedule will need to be established and followed.

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  • Great idea and suggestions!! I’m struggling being a full time teacher and up keeping these skills and habits. Now, being home and being on summer break, I do have more time to get on it and get a cleaning schedule down.
    And you’re absolutely adorable!

  • It’s funny I was curious and typed the words “cooking” and “cleaning” separately and women ran videos came up and a majority of comments from women as well. All voluntary also. Just an observation no offense

  • This video was so interesting! Thank you for creating content, I just subscribed:) I have started making videos around homemaking and femininity as well.

  • You’re literally such an inspiration to me I always come to your account for inspiration on those unproductive days:) please carry on being such a ray of sunshine!

  • I live in a middle class home so, there’s 7 bedrooms three full bath,and a dining room,kitchen and living room. We clean once a week. We dust and vacuume about 4 times a week. We also sticky roll our carpet. Then we wipe our counters every time we eat. Just us?

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  • So last year I went to a camp, it was a week long trip, and when I got back, I never actually unpacked my stuff. So one year later, last month, I found my suitcase with all my clothes in it.

  • i hand wash my dishes and its always weirdly relaxing it helps me think and refresh my mind and i love clean dishes especially when i clean them

  • Hello. Mamm������please share your full home tour in detail……..I am eagerly waiting to see your organized home as a whole��������and lots of love for you������������������

  • the only reason i ever watch elle & blair is for organization/decor vids
    nobody is as thorough as they are
    I think they should focus more on these actually…

  • A top for throwing away the coffee stuff…if at all possible, move the trash and coffee pot closer together…if you don’t have to walk to throw it away you would just do it automatically.

  • 570k ppl watched pretty much the most mundane parts of someone else’s day… lol. Kidding… you’ve got some interesting ideas and such…

  • The best organization schedule I ever seen in my life…This is really inspiring me….If consistency maintained then it keeps our life so positive and energetic…Thank you so much Raveena for sharing a wonderful schedule…

  • i loved this video! however please please avoid microfibre cloths if you can, when they are washed they release tiny microfibres (micro plastics) into the water which then end up in the ocean and can harm sea life:( reusable bamboo fibre cloths are a great alternative and you can get some very affordable ones they’re much more sustainable xxx

  • I am impressed and TIRED! With age and health, I do the cleaning on my good days and then have to wait for the next one. Thank goodness I have irobots and the robot floor washers for the hard floors. And, I buy things to make some of the chores easier, like swiffers (don’t know if you have them). You are quite a lady of the house. I am going to assume that some family members are helping with new and greatly expanded work. Bless you for being gift to them and us showing that planning does help. I am not that kind of organized now. In the Southern U.S., we do what is called Spring Cleaning and of course (not called Fall), but cleaning for the Holidays and then cleaning after the Holidays. These are big events where every window, ceiling, floor, curtains, etc. is cleaned to like new. The hard part is the day to day with eating and cleaning up afterwards. Making beds, etc. I turn my bed coverings down in the morning to air out, but leave it that way until bedtime, i.e. Oh, another great thing I bought a couple of years ago is a set of steam washer and dryer. Instead of washing things like pillows to death, I can steam them and only maybe wash them once a year. I have allergies, so I appreciate your cleanliness, but old age keeps me from doing so much. Bless you, enjoy your videos.

  • the one thing that never fails to make me feel completely refreshed is when I take the time to wash my sheets and blankets and make my bed…no better feeling in the world ��

  • quarantine atm and been feeling drain and stress lately but this vid inspires me and so uplifting i never knew watching your self-routine and cleaning vid could be so stress relieving�� firstime watching this from you�� thank you Ms. Aileen you are such an inspiration�� love you

  • I’d use a dishwasher but there’s no space in my kitchen. I’d make a banana smoothie but I don’t have a blender huhuhu
    But I always love your videos they make me more productive, refreshed and inspired, thank you!

  • I have a old phone that is not on any network but it is on can use the wifi. I down load a bunch of different radio apps and just let them play while I clean house. I am like you I can not have the tv going or I will sit down but with the music apps I can get jazzed up while I clean house. Amazon prime has a few play list that I really like but I also have I heart radio, Songza, Spoitfy,  Shamza radio and Pandora. So it is not like hearing the same song a million times over and over again. And I am also an Audioable fan but at the moment it is not in my budget. 

  • I have watched this video several times because I love it and you are so inspiring. I was wondering however with everything else you have going on, how you find time to do all of this. It would be super helpful and awesome if you could do a day in the life of Blair video. I know you’ve done daily vlogs but nothing involving the “boring” stuff like cleaning, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be boring at all. Please please please could you do this video!!!

  • pro relaxing tip: put a few drops of lavender essential oils in the tub before a shower. Stepping in will feel so relaxing. I don’t use essential oils a lot, but I like doing little things like that for myself.

  • Am a hand washer, I like knowing my dishes are actually clean. Everyone has their own opinions but this is mine. I also have the drainers that sit on top of the sink cause I don’t like having it on top of the counter

  • I’m definitely a hand washer gal. Just doesn’t make sense to me to wash my dishes, and then have to load them into something else to wash, then wait until the machine is full to actually wash them. ��

  • You actually inspired me to get up and start decluttering!!! This whole time I’ve been trying to start off my goals but I just can’t. My mind seems to be all over the place but then I realize that it all starts with my environment. I have to let go of the old things and welcome the new ones that sparks joy. Thank you Aileen!! ��

  • Enjoy this now (while you’re single) cause once you live with a guy/get married you can’t be totally in control of a lot of these things (this isn’t a judgement-I am a total control freak and it drives me nuts that my husband couldn’t care less).  I totally agree with your 60 second rule and about not keeping dishes in the dishwasher.  It drives me crazy cause my husband will leave dishes in there for days and I put mine in the dishwasher after I rinse them…half the time I can’t even get him to rinse them and they’ll sit in there for days and not get fully cleaned in the washer because food is caked on them.  I ask him to rinse his dish and put in dishwasher but he says he’ll do it when he “feels like it.”  Your tips are good, just sadly partly unrealistic for someone living with a guy who doesn’t give a crap about clean dishes and stuff like that. Lol. In theory I could make sure there’s not a dish in the sink ever but then I’d have to do all the dishes myself.

  • I hand wash my dishes.. I dont know why but I always feel like dish washed wishes arent clean and I feel gross about them XD just one of the weird things about me XD

  • I handwash my dishes ☺
    Another good thing to know is we’re not the only ones that have a bowl full of randoms lol Love your channel xo

  • Another Great Video �� Thank you again ��

    I am a handwasher, and i can tell you that.washing dishes by hand can be tiring a bit but gives better results than the machine.In most of the cases, the washing machine affects how ( glass-cups ) look like,they tend to seem foggy and that’s annoying.

  • A friend gave me a great tip for anyone who is struggling with the items equal memories issue. Go through those items you need to get rid of and instead of just ripping it from your life and throwing it away, take a picture of it. If it’s a clothing item you may put it on and take a picture or however you feel it will look the most appealing/reminiscent for you. Have a notebook handy to write down what each item reminds you of specifically and how it makes you feel. Then you can make a photo album pairing the picture and the memory together. I thought this was wonderful and helped when I lost my granddaddy. Now not only is my house not overly cluttered with items I don’t use, anytime I start to think about him I can go to that photo album and remember so many things at once. Hope this helps someone!

  • that is amazing the way u put it all in order and in way to make cleaning muuuuuch more easy very cleaver way to put it all down on paper 

  • I clicked to fast on this video…….. that says a lot ������

    My life is a mess and again I say this all the time your are like an inspirational queen! I look up to you I really do. ��

  • hi everyone,if anyone else is searching for how to start a office cleaning business from home try Panlarko Cleaning Profits Planner (do a google search )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got great success with it.

  • my kind of bff…i relate 100%, love you. and i love listening to chill,bar, electro chill indie moods, ibiza beats..i find this music inspiring without been connected to any lyrics emotions etc so i can focused. Im currently doing a refresher list for the house and came across your vid. Thanks gal

  • I just made a cleaning schedule, and now watching these types of videos after lol. Mine is:
    -Monday: Hoover throughout. Laundry.
    -Tuesday: Meal plan & grocery shopping. Clean litter trays. Empty all indoors bins & put outdoors bins out for colection.
    -Wednesday: Dust & polish. Steam kitchen floor. Bring bins back.
    -Thursday: Hoover as needed. Laundry.
    -Friday: Day off as I volunteer AM and do online course PM.
    -Saturday: Clean bathroom. Change bedding. Wash towels & bedding.
    -Sunday: Day off.
    EVERYDAY (normally in the evening): Scoop litter trays. Wash up & spot clean kitchen as needed. 10 min tidy up.
    Making my bed is not included as I get up befroe my husband, so it is his job:)
    This is only things I do daily and monthly. Things that nedd doing less frequently I honestly just do them as I notice they need it. I get a lot of anxiety about housework having to be done and my house havi g to be clean. Using this schedule I just do an hour or 2 in the morning, then my everyday stuff takes between 15-40 mins after dinner. I am no longer doing housework like a crazy person 24/7:)

  • DO NOT put the lemon peels in the disposal… They don’t grind down all the way and can cause it to get clogged… Sorry for the dramatic caps but I had to learn the hard way:(

  • I think you can get a mini trashcan from JCPenny or Amazon. You could just stick that next to your Keurig and empty it when it’s full?

  • Yep, love Audible audio books! I also like listening instrumental music, of any kind, while cleaning & do art or crafts. It’s enjoyable especially because it is uncluttered with lyrics.:)

  • not hating but you eat out alot, how come you don’t cook? btw your chart sounds, it seems like you don’t have enough time to learn how to cook and or cook, cause i am telling you now if you eat out alot when you gt older your gonna have a lot of wrinkles and be fat from all of that grease! (if you don’t workout or anything )

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve been having a had time staying motivated to keep my place clean and remembered this video, an inspiration!

  • This is such a good video! I’ve been watching a LOT of cleaning schedule videos trying to plan out my life but I can’t really follow the schedule of others, I needed my own. Your method to plan will work perfectly. I have 5 little ones plus I have 1-3 extra most day. All I do is clean. I don’t even have time to relax after my morning coffee. I am very grateful you made this video! It will help so much.

  • For my home made cleaning spray, I actually mix 1/2 distilled water, with 1/2 vodka, essential oil and a tablespoon or 2 of castille soap (I like the almond scent) and a sprig of rosemary. The vodka acts as a disinfectant and doesn’t affect the smell like using white vinegar would. As the rosemary breaks down it adds oils to the mix that can polish wood. It’s worked wonders for me.

  • Both. I handwash them and then I put them in the dishwasher, in my opinion, the dishwasher doesn’t do much to get the dishes clean.

  • oh my, you live alone, no kids, how messy can one person be? So messy to necessitate a cleaning organization list? Why not just pick up as you go… “Holy Grail Saviour?” REALLY???  “flush toilet” needs to be on the list? Seriously?  I’m baffled

  • Wowww i never plain so much!!! Y work all day in an office and my cleaning day is saturday and i clean all my house only saturday! And is my supermarkey day too!!

  • I handwash my dishes. Once I prep soap water and soak them for a couple of minutes, I don’t turn the water on until I’m about to rinse a batch. So I feel like I’m saving water, power, and time instead of using the dishwasher. Plus I know they come out clean when I handwash. Maybe if there was a special occasion with a ton of dishes, then I’d use it.

  • nice vid and good points but try cutting the word like from your vocabulary a bit….  you use it too much….  and it’s needless…..  but again very nice vid….  thx.

  • Beautiful �� ❤️. I am sorry I am your subscriber but I don’t get notefecatio when you upload a video I just checked on the bell icon. You have a great idea ������

  • With that stuff you got with your friend maybe when you do decide to give it away give it to a charity you know she would love. In that way it will make you feel better and it’s a good deed.

  • Sounds like a 1950’s housewife’s routine. How dumb it is to a have a written schedule to clean your one BHK apartment, and you are the ONLY one who lives in it. Man! it is gonna be hard when you have family. Not for you but for them. Gosh!! i feel sad after watching this video.

  • I prefer handwashing actually, I am 16 and we had a dishwasher for most of my life, but we moved to a foreign country and they dont have them here so now I am in the habit of washing my dishes by hand and I don’t mind it. Much more convenient and faster!

  • If you make your bed in the morning, the heat will be retained and the mites will multiply like crazy. It is recommended to leave the bed to cool.

  • I take it you don’t have kids
    When you have kids you have nappies bottles their beds to make get them ready for nurseries and no time for makeup. Let’s wake up to reality a little alot of people out there have kids and parents. They not only have that to deal with school runs packed lunches n so much more. Including a revised time table for their homework n reading.

  • this video was such a big help! i went and made my own cleaning schedule to keep my house clean and i hope to see how it works out:)

  • I just heard a tip and I live by it now, NEVER LEAVE A ROOM EMPTY HANDED! There’s always a coffee cup, a magazine, book, some papers, shoe’s, just something in almost ever room that it doesn’t belong in, say a glass in the office, a book in the living room. If you look around and there’s nothing that doesn’t belong in that room, say the bathroom, don’t leave it without doing something, a quick wipe down, hanging a clean towel, take out the trash, pick up something from the floor. If you stick to this habit, you home / room will always stay clean without much effort!

  • I don’t think I can EVER be as organized as you but I love the 1 min rule, clean clothes bin, bowl for essentials tips!! Also listening to books while cleaning! I’m getting into audio books these days! 

  • Want to get your life together in 2020? �� Check out the 2020 Artist of Life Workbook to set your intentions & goals in all areas of life for the new year →

  • Nice video. I’m ur subscriber and I like ur videos. I started my channel bala’s passion. If u like the content do consider subscribing. Tk u

  • omg I gave my boyfriend a tray to dump his stuff too because he leaves random stuff all over the place! He comes home from work and just dumps his pockets and it drives me crazy lol

  • Hi raveena really love your mom,who broad u up,love you,for loving your parents & lot’s of love for daughter because she’s trained by your mom & you…
    Really inspiring……
    Just very humble & loving request plz tour us your new home in detail very queries to see your home sweet home.

  • Mam The program you use to make these planners are really good.Can you please make a tutorial video on how to do the planner.It would be really appreciative

  • Hi dear, honestly you inspire me a lot….will you please share printables for your cleaning schedule as it can be very useful…. Many Thanks in advance…lots of love and blessings ������

  • I love hearing how other homemakers do things it’s so interesting! I used to be able to do all the cleaning in one day, in my other house. In my new house I find it is easier to do 1-2 hours of cleaning per day. Merry Christmas Victoria ������

  • My boyfriend and I live in his parent’s retirement home & his mom wants him to ONLY use the dishwasher lol? Before that I would handwash simply because I loved washing the dishes. Using the dishwasher is pretty convenient though bc we don’t have to wash right away. We just put them in the dishwasher and wash when it’s full.

  • Everything you do is beautiful outstanding amazing outstanding prefect ������ ���� ��. I can’t stop taking about you and your family.. Congratulations ❣️❤️❣️��❤️. All the best wishes..��������������

  • You are amazing, perfect planning for house hold chors. I don’t have big home like you but you are my inspiration ��. So many things to learn from you. ������

  • I Love this video girl!!!! I’m glad I found your channel. New subscriber here!!!
    I’m a stay at home mom of 2 boys under the age of 4. And this just gave me the motivation to create a schedule so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with chores.

  • I learned that thumbnails may be showing incorrectly for viewers so click on the following link for the correct thumbnail and additional organizing tips!