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The question isn’t whether or not you have a favorite child, since it’s pretty clear that many parents do. Typically, favoritism has little to do with loving one child more. Last week, I received a phone message from an anonymous Mighty Mommy listener asking for input on a question that many parnts struggle with: “I’m really feeling quite guilty about this—I have two children and I can honestly say that I like one more than the other.

Help!” Firstly, I’d like to thank my listener for bringing up this taboo parenting topic. Parents Really Do Have Favorite Child, No Matter What They Say Parents totally have a favorite child. Koger and her research team followed 384 families in which a pair of siblings was born within four years of each other. The research, published.

Parents Have A Favorite Child, And It’s Usually Their First. playing favorites causes rivalry between children and really affects their relationship in the future.” Favoritism is harmful if it leads you to have more relaxed rules for one child or if you spend far more time with a specific child. So, you can focus your energy on the first two steps whenever you are home on break. If you continue doing all these steps for a few months, your base should be pretty strong. The next steps are geared more to becoming the favorite child. Try in school.

Of course, it is not always possible to have straight As. Levin says the most important thing a parent can do if a child says they believe another is the favorite is to acknowledge their feelings. “Don’t just say, ‘I don’t have a favorite’ or ignore it. The favorite child can change hourly or daily, monthly or yearly. Adults, based on their own personalities, have preferences for parenting children with particular interests or at different. While parents deny it, they do have a favorite. Children often are wrong about who it is.

But having a favorite impacts the health of mom, dad, kids. Whether you’re the first-born, middle child, or youngest makes little difference, as parents tend to favour the kid that is most present in their lives. So if taking this quiz makes you realize that you’ve been unavailable for the last couple of years, you can put your newfound knowledge to the test and become BFF’s with good ol’ mom and dad.

Study Confirms Your Deepest, Darkest Secret: You DO Have a Favorite Kid Say it ain’t so! A study found that parents may, in fact, favor one child over another.

List of related literature:

Remind each child of his or her positive qualities and contribution to other family members.

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Remind yourself that the three-year-old still exists in the thirteen-year-old… the one who just told you that you could never, ever, possibly understand what it’s like to be her.

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Rejoice that the One who always takes care of you has an infinite attention span!

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You can’t have favorite children.

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Ask yourself whether that child deserves to be loved.

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Do parents really have favorite children?

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Stay the same person with your teen no matter what mood you are in.

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Do you sometimes struggle with playing favorites or with giving more attention to one child?

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Make a list of all the good kids for a change.

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Be an ally to your child and change that old scene or simply continue it, creating a new scene.

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  • Idk what to do anymore my mom loves my sister even tho she ran away 2 times and she says I wove u ur my 1st love and I’m her very last love ps. That hurt me deeply ingrained me when she said that….idk what to do anymore

  • I spent 28 years tryna do my best so my mother would love me…..i forgave her everytime she hurt me……..i was this close to giving up on my life……then i was saved ���� an shown the truth for why i choose a life like that…..theres always a bigger reason for it…dont ever give up….biggest thing for me was face the fear an walked away from her… im a happier woman… me today an no thanks goes to her….

  • The problem isn’t that they ignore you, it’s they have a favourite child and don’t give you what you deserve. The parents usually were the fav child when they were older so they don’t understand

  • For those who want a story on this topic, you’re in luck:

    So there’s been a time in my household when favouritism went too far. I was yelled at for basically the full day because I was trying to join in with my parents playing with my sister. My sister ended up getting me into trouble constantly so when it was night and everybody was asleep I was sat in my room feeling real upset. I just gave up and started creeping around my room with a bag, picking up clothes, my phone and it’s accessories and my laptop. I ended up sneaking out of the house using my window, sliding down the water pipe thing and walking across the field nearby to get to my friend’s house. I apologised to his parents but they forgave me after letting them know the full story. I ended up staying there with my friend for 3 or 4 days before my parents wanted me back home. I can say things haven’t changed but after watching these clips on YouTube and looking at the comment section plus my friend I know I’m not the only person affected by this. �� I now also make YouTube videos as a way to take my mind off the events.

  • That’s how I feel when I was young and my biological mom loved my little brother more than me I felt like I’m nothing I’m adopted at age of 10 years old now I’m 16 years old now my biological mom loves my younger brother than me age of 7 years old������

  • I’m crying will watching this and I’m obviously here near with my family right now… My mom ia just so mean because she only only invite my sister to have with her and if she’s alone I tries to bond with me she cuts me out all the fucking time. When my sister broke a glass she was mad at me for puting the fucking glass on the table when I’m setting up to eat because duh, I’m not called when they are going to… Like where am I supposed to put the fucking glass. She always put the blame in me and lets me suffer even though I am obviously I’m much need of help. She just laugh whenever I call out her for being bias in some cases and she just always laugh off as if she’s not alarmed that that is how I perceive her. I wish I was adopted so I won’t be hurt this much. I need help and no one can see me.

  • My mom told me to stop talking to my brother because it was clear he didn’t want to talk to me and that If I did it would just make a fight. Then she goes on telling how wonderful he is and then when she starts talking about me she can’t find anything to say. I never realised so much things like this happened to me before and it hurts so much.

  • My name is kezaria and when I was 4 my mom had another child after he was born she gave him all the attention and never pay attention she buy him presents but not me.her mom buys all the present and my dad give us money and his mom send presents for Christmas and both smoke and drink

  • My brother was born when I was 4 my mom would not help me read and write so I Lourdes how to read and write at 10 years old but when my brother turn of age my mom sat with him helping him how to read cat and write dog

  • well, m a girl and my 2 min older bro is my mums fav, and he’s a huge jerk, he’ll call me names, and when i snap back, mom walks in and thinks im just randomy snapping at him, and she doesent evan let me tell her my side of the story. no mater how hard i try to actually impress her she lies saying “oh honey good job” then when my brother tries to impress her and shes all over him telling him good job and awesome and all that crap. it sucks balls ;-;

  • I want to send this to my dad so bad but hed never reply sitting her crying bc ik he doesnt care I’m 25 and I dont know why I still care

  • (Sry if my name is a jojo character while commenting)

    I have a sister which is 7 and my mom always treats her like she’s a queen and she gets good grades but cant read and gets a medal every quarter of school and on the other hand i try my best to get atleast one award or getting 90 average on my card but i always get 88 or 89, and when i come home every assembly my mom will ask me if i have an award and if i don’t she gets mad and yell saying im useless and ill never be successful and that hit me hard, one time i dropped a glass of water and she yelled at me saying im always in a rush because i just wanna play video games but im not because i just accidentaly dropped the glass and she went crazy about it, but when my sister does things by accident my mom doesnt care and says that its ok also when she is sick my mom is always beside her taking care of here but when i just get a cough she says its because of that phone and look what happend to you
    She treats me like im a piece of shit and makes me think im useless which gave me depression

  • Can I get that hug man I rlly need I find power from where there isn’t am tired cuz is a lot all I want is a hug and make the pain go away

  • Lol �� you have a favorite child but you remember when you were a kid and I bet your mom didn’t have a favorite child ����������������������♥️

  • Everyone saying they can relate to other middle children. And I’m over her with 3 older and 1 younger. Were do I go? Can anyone else relate here?

  • Man I’m the youngest and ima be honest I be spoiled sometimes but then my parents go and remind of my successful older brother who graduated has a good job and even his own side business and I don’t have anything to compare and it hurts… but that’s okay ig ����

  • Me and my brother went through this for seven and a half years. I still have anxiety attacks when im home alone out of fear that my mom is gonna beat me. Her religion made it so we didnt celebrate holidays. At 14 and 12 we barely celebrated our birthdays because we were so depressed amd suicidal.

  • Well this happened yesterday I told my mum aww when Cameron whines u don’t care when I whine she says AVA SHUT UP STOP WHINING SO than I told her u never hurt Cameron and that time when my brother said mother f*** she raged and he hit his head on the table and we had to go to the hospital all bc of me he had 5 stitches

  • I hate my life! My moms and dads favourite it my little sister! Me and my older sister are always left out! And I get blamed for everything she does! And I also have depression but not rlly sure but I’m always sad and lonely and cry for no reason!My little sister gets everything she wants! What should i do? ����

  • Wow this song really hurt me, my mom really mistreated me. Out of 5 kids I was the one she made fun of, hit on, made a slave out of, and never let me be a kid or a teen. I was forced to crawl on the floor like a dog after each meal and pick lose food that my bro’s and sis dropped up off the floor. I took baths not showers so my mom, and sister could make fun of the way my body developed. So I feel this song 1000,000,000,000%! It hurts so bad, I tried to end it so many times, now I am with a guy who’s got a drug addiction and have 2 children. The one is 23, he moved out at 18 cuz he couldn’t stand the way his dad treated me. An 11 year old autistic daughter who is going through it too. My life has been nothing but pain. I have no money to just up & move. Sorry for venting but this song

  • I became the eldest child after one of my brothers died in the army. Me and my younger siblings were always loved equally by both of our parents; although it has been a very long time since his death we love him dearly and would do anything to be with my bro Dylan. I was given more privileges. My siblings thought I was the favorite but as they grew, they came to the realisation that I had earn my privileges with responsibility. It turned out my parents never favoured one of us more than the other.

  • i am not the favorite my older sister is the favorite for my mom and my dad favorite my sister yesterday my sister hurt her knee and the day before that i fell and i broke my foot but they didn’t care as much as they cared about my sister skinning her knee and she got a small tattoo on her ankle and i got 2 fake tattoos on my arm and they took away my phone my sister is 17 and i am 12

  • I’m watching this video not because my parents like me less, but because my parents like me more and I don’t want that to ever happen

  • My older brother is the favourite for my mom because she goes to all of his concerts but for my games she says she will come but then she is like well I cleaned the house today so maybe not.

  • Every single word is what my mom does I and I cry every night and my little sister says she hates me when I do every thing for her I never got a birthday party but my sister get one every year �� I feel leaving this world but I can’t bc I love my mom to much

  • Ok i have a story about my Uncle family….
    Ok so my uncle has a wife and their first baby is a girl they both love her so much and play with them…but…one day they thought that she should have a sister…well Actually She (my baby cousin or the first child)doesn’t want sibling! And then they did…they gave her a little sister..and my Baby cousin’s(the first one) face was down she was acting normal a little bit..and one day they went home with her little sis her mom started caring the little sister better why? Because My baby cousin (the first one) wanted a lego from her little sister..well..since she is just 2 she doesn’t know what to do so she just grabbed it from her little sister well BECAUSE SHE IS JUST TWO HER FREAKING MOM PUNISHED HER SO BABDLY!!
    and when her little sis was 2 and my baby cous is 4 my little baby cousin(the little one) was stealing candy from her big sis then her parents just LAUGHED!!! They said”Big sister gets revenge from lil’ sis”Then my mom’s face looked angry a little then she whispered to me “your baby cousin’s mom never gets along with her! And remeber never treat your children like this,ok?” My mom was right…so My baby cousin (the big one) turned naughty because she was spoiled and jealous and my little baby cousin (the little one) is always shy and keeps crying when she see’s my dad or with no reason because she was spoiled by her PARENTS for being the favorite…
    BTW i am the only child

  • I listen to this song so many times because I sent it to my mom because when I was little she put me up for adoption because she had a drug addiction and alcohol addiction and she didn’t want me to go through the same things that my brothers and sisters had to go through because she would throw things at sister Because she was drunk and stuff but I still love my mom and I still talk to her

  • Before my mom left my step dad there was favorites picked between me and my 3 siblings he always cuddled them and gave them stuff to them and then he didn’t give me no love and I wanted to end it all but I got help

  • I’m an only child but I can understand this pain bc my mom didnt seem like she loved me back then, and always talked about other people she would rather be with, it hurt me, I tried multiple times to take my life bc of that, but now we have a strong bond, tho I still see some of her actions of wanting to be with someone, like wants to be with my little niece than me, it’s a progress, I just wanted to share this

  • This hits home for me… my daughter thinks my son is my fav but it’s not that.. she treats me in a disrespectful way and he treats me in a respectful way.. I told her I treat you how you treat me because I’m a great mom!! She doesn’t NEED 4 anything.. but whenever she gets upset she says I love my son more.. I treat them both the same and whoever treats me wrong I just act nonchalant to them besides when serious situations occur I’m there regardless only difference is that she sees that side of me more because of her negative personality traits

  • It kinda makes me sad that I’m the youngest and the favourite. My sister who’s 19 gets yelled at all the time and has long lasting mental problems.

  • Ok like I ant Tryna hate but me and my friends can r ealate to this and we didn’t cry and this grown ads man is crying when me and my friends are 11 through 15 and I am a girl and 11 and still didn’t cry and in has already listen to this song and I can relate to this

  • yea my ma has a fav child (my sister) and basically i get treated like shit,yelled at everyday for no reason,and get beat for my sister lying or doing something so i can really connect to this song ive tried to commit suicide 2 times so this song really hit ��

  • I’m am the least favourite between my 2 sisters and my brother and it really makes me feel like shit and I have fuck all self esteem and feel unloved

  • My youngest brother is the favorite

    He is 48 and still gets his meat cut up and bread buttered

    He isn’t going to make it when the folks pass on

  • listenin to dat reminded me of my dad. im only 14 but he left before i was even 1. if he made a promise he wouldnt show. wouldnt pay child support and blamed everythin on my mom.. its a little thing like not doin dum u promise on ur kids birthday that they cant forgeg and haunts em forever. i have trust issues and anger problems cuz of him

  • my older sister will be super mean to me, but if I retaliate my parents get mad at me. She gets everything she wants. I am so done with her being the favorite

  • my mother favorites my younger sister every time she asks for something my mother pre -bought it or she is gonna buy it LITERALLY my mom loves and she buys me things that i dont need. but things I need or really REALLY want she never gets me. and if you think thats bad my father is WORSE. he always yells at me he makes me do everything for him and he FORCES me to talk to my sister heis so annoying. when ever i argue with him because what he doing to me is not fair he makes me clean the kitchen my mothers room etc. and my younger sister cusses at him yells at him hits him and he babys her!!! ugh i hate my family thanks for reading this i really wanted to vent, before you think”oh thats not bad people have it worse.” what I told you is nothing compared to what really goes on.

  • My brother when we were at a RESTAURANT KEEP IN MIND screamed at a game and my mom said “be quiet please” then I died in a game I was playing on my phone and i said “ah damn” and my mom said “CHILL DOWN ITS JUST A GAME IT DOESNT AFFECT YOU AT ALL JESUS” I’m in the car right now coming back from the store and my mom got my brother a switch just for him and the switch that I share with my 2 older brothers I asked for a $60 game and my mom said “hell no too expensive bud” I honestly just dont know at this points it’s really annoying I think about how he is the favourite child and I’m not good enough to be one even though my brothers cried when we left a place and I said “Thanks for the trip, mom.” She responded with a look of disgust. Like I’m just trying to be polite and I get that in return?

    it’s annoying

  • I KNOW that I’m the least favorite. My sister hits me IN FRONT of my dad, so I start yelling at him “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!” I hit her back, again, in front of his face, and I get yelled at.


  • Sometimes I feel like my mom and step dad’s favorite child is my older brother.(I’m a middle child and I have a baby brother who turned 1 today��)They (my mom) says they (she) loves us equally but I’m not sure because.Yes,they ask him to do stuff but I always hear questions from my parents to do stuff for them.Mom:can you give this sweater to Julian( my older brother)?Mom:can you watch Matthew real quick( baby brother)Mom:Can you sweep the crumbs on the floor?Mom:Who’s cup of milk is this?Julian:Not mine it’s Yareli’s (me).Mom:drink it Yareli.Me:it’s not mine I never grabbed milk.Julian:*stares at me like it was mine but just don’t wanna admit it*.Me:What?Mom: Yareli, just drink it.Julian:you always blame me for everything,this is yours.Me:no I didn’t I didn’t even drink milk today.Mom:Just drink it Yareli!

  • What if your parents make you do everything just because your younger siblings are “too young”. I’m the oldest out of 3 of us so does that have something to do with it?

  • let it be a white guy talk show host saying to a black audience member by what I can tell you grew up in the hood. He new they wernt trash because of how they carried themselves the point is you act like trash look like trash you will be viewed as trash love ya Harvey!

  • people r saying that their youngest sibling is the favorite but i’m the youngest and i’m their least favorite. my brother is the middle and he is

  • I’m 100 % my dad’s favorite for a nuber of reasons 1 because I’m his only child but my mom favors my 19 year old sister that treats her horribly it doesn’t make any sense

  • My sister would beat me up for no reason and there was literal video proof of her attacking me and my mom just said “Don’t do it again” and left but when I hit my sister back once my mom saw and started screaming at me. My dad once yelled at me for hitting my sister by accident with a hula hoop and said that I hit her too hard on purpose when it was honestly an accident. My sister got a giant lollipop once and I got nothing. My mom has also said she wishes I would be more like my little sister and that I can’t do anything on my own. I guess I know who the favorite is:D

  • I personally am experiencing this. This might seem innocent at first but it gets serious later on. I aleady tried cuttin myself at 13 yrs. Currently 14. I have been in constant depression for about 3 years with no one to talk to. Chatting with online services isn’t going to help as in my country there’s nobody. My dad is that kind of a person which whatever comes to his mind, you can’t change it..I tried talking to him about this but always failed as he just gets crying right now as the only time we join as a family to watch a movie i gt rejected. Now i’m alone upstairs in my room on my fucking pc with no one to talk to.

  • I watch these videos to know that i am not alone. There are other people who are being ignored like me mostly by my mom. It really hurts when your eyes are searching for the love and you are always being ignored. Then suddenly your search turns into sadness. Sadness into anger. anger into depression and depression into the state where you start hating everyone. Where you don’t care if people around you live or die. But still possessing a human heart its some where deep in there that whats the purpose of being the part of a so called family. You won’t believe i am crying while writing this. I dont know why but today i just want to write. These tears in my eyes are actually the expectations of my nears that are falling drop by drop. And thousands of such drops have already fallen……
    This is a story of my dying heart….

  • My older brother is my parents favorite because he gets what ever he wants and If I ask no you have to use your own money like what and my brother didn’t have to pay for a car but I did

  • Mayonnaise, sriracha, bbq sauce sandwich. On a good day you had extra sauce. Yep had all of those. ‘Oh you got cheese money now?’ ������

  • I want to end my life, I cant deal with this anymore. I hate myself, I hate my face, I hate my body, I hate everything. No one ever understands; “Your the oldest, you can boss your younger siblings around.” No! Its never like that, its always “Well, its your fault; your the oldest and your siblings learn from you! Do something right for once you stupid girl!” I already know I’m not the favourite, I have known this for years. Everything I want is no, everything they want is yes… I swear I hope everyone misses me when I’m gone, I have always been told “We treat you equally” no, no,no you fucking don’t! You don’t know what its like mom, dad. I get bullied in school for having a wider and bigger nose, I’m that “creep” who sits at the back of the class sitting on a table with no one there. People call me dick face, zit, momo, bogey man and everything horrible. When I go home all I do is have a smile on my face, I handle all the pain but once I go upstairs I let it all out. If I do live (I hope not) then I moving country and getting surgery to make me look better, I don’t blame everyone for hating me. I’m a ugly pencil that suffered from anorexia some months ago, I’m not recovering but I got better. I really hope and pray that one day I die, I want to leave. I’m disgusting…

  • My parents give me nd ma bro same things but a lot of times I always feel I’m adopted and they don’t love me that much how much they love ma bro like I cry every month I want to seriously leave the house or suicide nd not doing this for likes I wrote all things in my diary and I feel like I’m a disease

  • not worried about being the favorite because I am older now, but I used to… anyways I’m really hear because i fear that i may favor my little cousins and I wonder how that would translate when I’m a parent ��

  • Nasty woman. She shouldn’t be having more kids. Listen to her mouth.. She’s going to mess with his heart. She doesn’t have the capability to love at all, if she can’t “bond with” her son. You fall in love with your baby IN the hospital the day you hold them. And even during pregnancy your plagued with nightmares and fear for your unborn child. The love is there even before the birth. Nothing in the world more beautiful than the day their born.(I had complicated birth/pregnancies with all 3) but the week we spent in hospital was intense and full of a love I’ve only ever felt for my kids. You don’t wonder if you’ll ever bond, the bond is so immense almost instantly after birth. The love incalculable..

  • My brother is my dad favourite because he is always over him and I am my mom favourite because we always been to together and we always hug and kiss I hate my dad

  • My little sister: harasses me
    Mom: “meh don’t do it again”
    My little brother: screams
    Mom: “that’s annoying don’t do that again*
    Me: comments on anything

    Mom: IS THAT SASS I HEAR?!?!

  • Now this is just an example.
    Me: has a pc that never works, and only wants it to work well
    Older brother: has a pc with 83 games, 2monitors, gamer keyboard.

    My pc stops working and needs a new winchester*
    Dad: i might buy it but not in the near future ( a winchester is 48-65 dollars)
    Brother: dad can you gimme 129 dollars?
    Based on a true story

  • My mother think I am of no use
    She think that if my younger sis is doing study she is best and should not do any house work but on the other hand I have to do house work ��

  • This is so different in my house I’m the youngest child but my mom loves my sister more and my dad loves my other sister mire������

  • Chorus:
    That’s what I get for having expectations
    guess I forgot where I came from
    What if I’m gone when you wake up-
    Would it at all make you wake up?

    Hey mama, just wanted to tell you I love you
    dont know if I say it enough-
    but I really been praying for usand I thank God for you
    man, I look up to you
    man, if I was in trouble and needed somebody iah run to you, yeah
    if I never told you, you was my idollike really my idol
    whatever you said to me I took it inlike it was the bible
    when you look at me, I wanna knowthe feelin inside you-
    I guess sometimes, I just wonder, if you feel the way I doremember my 10th birthday, when you apologized
    you couldnt buy a cake so you bought me McDonald’s fries
    I thanked you but you got my brother gifts alotta times-
    for me you said give you some time but never got the time
    I figured it was for the bills but forreal how you really feel-
    I know his birthday around tax time, so is that what it is? –
    I know you gotta love me mamacuz every mama love they kids
    I just really think its fucked up but I guess it is what it is
    remember recitals I played the piano I waited and you never came-
    you said you was workin but called off of work for my brother went to every game
    he never even really scored but you was just there to support-
    but I know basketball is more fun to watch than piano I’m sureI really forgive you
    and ima continue forgiving you-
    I made up a whole lotta reasonscuz I know it cant be intentionalwhen I was in the hospital, you said you hope I got better
    when he was under weather you was in the hospital till he got better-
    i dont understandwhen you look at me, I feel like you regret me
    but the look inside yo eyes when you see him sometimes affect me-
    I was tryna be so perfectjust to feel like you accept me-
    I love the way love but you love everyone except me-
    be honest ma, when nobody come through for you I’m present
    but when Christmas come around you dont think to get me a present?-
    man that’s fucked upcus I spent my whole life tryna impress youbut I guess I ain’t really special

    That’s what I get for having expectations
    guess I forgot where I came from
    What if I’m gone when you wake up-
    Would it at all make you wake up?

    Verse 2:
    you really showed me how much a parent could love they child
    so much that they forget they got another child
    man my whole life I just wanted to make my mother proudwonder if you see the difference when I cant come around (gunshot)

  • Legit think thats me am the only girl and middle child i have 3 brothers when I asked them when I was four and asked then who is your favorite the straight up said you and my brother was screamed “I CAN HEAR YOU”

  • im pretty sure my big sis is the favorite but I’m similar to my mum I’m crafty and I’m smarter than my sis like I get very good marks and she doesn’t really and when she hurts me I get in trouble and she’s always on her phone and I spend more time doing art and sometimes reading books not often tho but still no matter how hard I try I still think she favors my sis like on my sis birthday she gets her a present and €50 but on my birthday she just gives me €50 and on my 11th birthday I never even had a party she overall just listens to my sister more������ I know I sound like a brat but it’s true������Im the middle child in the house anyway so it kinda makes sense.

  • I’m the only one and they don’t love me but they only love my cousin Celine

    What is something to do with it
    I did nothing
    Mean parents
    I hate my parents like a thousand times
    I tried treating them nice
    I was the best one and my cousin can’t do nothing
    (My cousin is actually 7 months old)

    Like if you are also treated like this

  • Steve don’t say nothing about no mayo sandwich!!! That will let everybody know about it and I like to keep the good stuff on the down-low!!!! Just 1 thing about that sandwich, I like it with any kind of Mayo BUT I prefer it is made with Dukes!!!

  • It’s so obvious in my family my brother is obviously the favorite child. She treats him so differently then me and my sister. He can go to bed anytime, he never gets in trouble, and he never gets his phone taken away. If my brother actually does something wrong, she blames me or my sister not him��

  • Parents be like:
    Abuses kid.
    favorites the younger sibilings.
    punish the older kid for no reason.

    The abused kid when they are 18:I’m leaving see ya motherfuckers.i hope u have a great day with ur golden child.

    Parents:WHAT WHY?! WHAT DID I DO?
    Abused kid:Bye.
    Parents:NO DONT GO.
    Abused kid:Idc i’m moving out fuck u fuck of.

  • My mom doesn’t listen to a word I say because my OLDER sister cries and always turns the blame on me, I told her she wasn’t listening to me and only listening to my sister because she was crying ( after she punched me, which my mom verbally gave her permission to do to me) and I was unable to see out of my eye yet my mom still sided with my sister, she wasn’t even crying until my mom came into the room��

  • I love this song because this is currently happening to me):

    my mom will slap me if I say something about it, last night she told me I was defiantly not her favorite she threatened to drown me or throw me off the deck and made it clear that no one would say anything about it which sucks because it’s true. my sister is her favorite and she made that very clear, she has a job and has had two cars my parents pay for along with her gas while also paying her over $1000 a month, my mom doesn’t pay me anything the only money I get is from my relatives but my dad does love me a little more he gives me money for the holidays. all my parents do is force me to work for them and whenever I talk about wanting to get a job they just talk about how I can’t do it and that I don’t do anything when they don’t let me and when I said I wanted to play airsoft for fun and they just immediately said oh you can’t run (I really can they just don’t pay attention to me) so all I can do is sit in my room and play my games and they give me shit for it but whenever I go out there they just tell me to do stuff or my mom tries to start something and if I try to say something about it she yells at me for “talking back” and she will immediately try to cut my internet off or physically harm me. now because of Covid-19 I am stuck with them all day everyday. she beat me as a kid, and she would brag about it, how she would break everything she could get on me

  • Man I thought of running away to my friends house she told me I come whenever I want because of my mama’s bf but I thought about my mama and my sisters and my brother and I know my mama would go crazy about losing me but my mamas is not here anymore and I thought about killing myself so many times I know my mama would go crazy and my sisters and my brother would be lost In thought because it be bad that I’m around.