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If you can’t find anyone within your circle willing or qualified to babysit your kids, you’ll have to broaden your search. Using a childcare service or website can help you meet and vet sitters with a range of experience, from casual weekend sitters to full-time nannies. How to Find—and Keep—Babysitters for Your Large Family. By Sarah Bradley How to Budget for Gift Gifting in a Large Family.

By Wendy Rose Gould Meal Planning on a Budget for Large Families. By Sarah Garone How to Create Stronger Bonds Among Siblings. By Amy Morin, LCSW. So to help you all out a little, the Divas put our heads together and came up with 10 fantastic tips to find and keep a great babysitter.

1. Get Recommendations: The Diva’s all agreed that recommended babysitters are one of the best way to find a fabulous sitter. Talk with your close friends for babysitters they have used and liked. If you cast a wide net, you’re more likely to find someone that’s a good match for you and your family. Start close. Ask friends and family if they know any babysitters they would recommend.

People in your personal network know you and your style, and they’ll only refer you to someone they trust. Trust is key. Leverage other local moms. Making sure you find a great babysitter, though, often takes a bit more work.

Use solid referrals, local resources, and reliable search engines to create a list of candidates. Then, evaluate each candidate carefully and trust your findings and your “gut” to. Of course, just because someone recommended a sitter to you doesn’t mean they’re the right one for your family. For example, you might feel nervous about a 14-year-old caring for your preemie. So ask lots of questions about the potential sitter before you even call to scope them out.

Sometimes, the sitter will click with your family right away, like one did for Megan Zander, a mom of twin boys from Danbury, Connecticut. “I knew I found the right babysitter when she came in to the house and immediately ditched her phone and bag to get down on the floor and start playing with my kids,” Zander says. It’s super easy just log out of your current account and go to our home page at, and click “find care.” You’ll need to enroll with a different email address than the one used on your caregiver account (each account is identified by a unique email), but you’ll be able to post a job describing your specific needs. Comes Prepared for Kid-Friendly Fun. The best babysitters come prepared with something to do with kids in their care. Enterprising sitters may bring a simple-to-complete craft, a special book, or even a favorite DVD or video to watch together, and some even bring popcorn or a special treat too (of course, they check for approval by parents first).

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When you are ready to start, allow time to communicate with parents seeking babysitters, contact other kids to babysit, check on babysitters while they are working, and follow up with parents to make sure they are satisfied.

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Contact local agencies that can help you find licensed child-care facilities, homes, or other providers such as nannies.

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Other babysitters can be found by word of mouth.

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There are agencies that train young women to be “nannies” (live-in babysitters) and place them in private homes (Ministry of Education, 1992; Wongboonsin, Mason, & Choe, 1991).

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• Suggest that new parents enlist grandparents, other relatives, and friends to help with cooking, cleaning, shopping, and care of other children.

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You can also find the names of babysitters in community newspapers, telephone directories, and church and grocery store bulletin boards, but remember that no one screens the people in these listings.

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Make inquiries about the availability and costs of really good child care and baby-sitters.

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Can you identify a reliable babysitter or respite provider to allow you some childfree time?

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To do so, parents should carefully interview babysitters and other child-care workers, ask for references from previous employers or families, and contact families for whom the prospective caregiver has worked.

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Often clients I’ve worked with pursue a weekly cleaning service, hire a local company to deliver food on nights particularly busy for their families, and find regular babysitters for date nights with their partners.

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