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Organizing Your Child Custody Case Files for the Judge

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Win Child Custody Fast, Easy, Simple New Pre-Trial Motion

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WIN child custody Cheap Motions for Pro Se and Attorneys

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Going into Family Court against a Narcissist in Pro Se

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Webinar: How to Represent Yourself in Family Court

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Child Custody Part 2: How to File

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Family Court IF you’re going to represent yourself. 4 things you need to know.

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The very first thing you need to do is contact your local family court and ask the clerk how you can obtain the papers you will need in order to file for child custody without a lawyer. In some states, these forms can be printed right from your computer. In other states, you will need to physically go to the courthouse to obtain the paperwork you’ll need to file for child custody pro se.

Contact the court clerk. The very first thing you need to do is contact your local family court and ask the clerk how you can obtain the papers you will need in order to file for child custody without a lawyer. In some states, these forms can be printed right from your computer.

In other states, you will need to physically go to the courthouse to obtain the paperwork. If you’re interested in pursuing filing for child custody pro se, you’ll want to take the time to research your state’s custody laws to ensure you have the proper level of understanding (and desire) to proceed. Submit your electronic payment for your pro se legal services, and your printable forms will be emailed to you and available through the My Forms link. Review your child custody papers carefully and sign. To get your child custody case started, you have to file the proper forms.

Filing is turning documents in to the court clerk to present relevant information. Custody X Change is software that makes parenting plans and schedules to file with the court. setting the Child Custody action for an earlier hearing date.

STEP 4 Setting a date for your case to be heard You must have the following documents in your file before setting an earlier court. In order to obtain a court order regarding child support, custody, or visitation, you will need to file a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, or SAPCR (“sap sir”). The links. “Custody” or “legal custody” means the rights and responsibilities parents have towards their child.

Rights and responsibilities of legal custody include making decisions about the child’s. File a Petition and other necessary documents with the Family Court requesting a child custody, visitation, and child support order. 4. Serve the other party(ies) with the necessary documents, and provide the court with proof. Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children. If you do NOT want to get a divorce, legal separation, or annulment, you can start a case called a Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children.

This lets the court make custody and visitation orders and other orders.

List of related literature:

Child custody mediation and litigation: Custody, contact and coparenting 12 years af. ter initial dispute resolution.

“Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications” by Jay Folberg, Ann Milne, Peter Salem
from Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications
by Jay Folberg, Ann Milne, Peter Salem
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Civil Code section 4607 requires prehearing mediation of child custody and visitation disputes in marital dissolution proceedings conducted pursuant to the Family Law Act.

“Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials” by D. Kelly Weisberg
from Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials
by D. Kelly Weisberg
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File To place a paper in the official custody of the clerk of court to enter into the files or records of a case.

“Forensic Testimony: Science, Law and Expert Evidence” by C. Michael Bowers
from Forensic Testimony: Science, Law and Expert Evidence
by C. Michael Bowers
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Again, provides links to all the state forms relating to child custody at

“Paralegal Practice & Procedure Fourth Edition: A Practical Guide for the Legal Assistant” by Deborah E. Larbalestrier, Linda Spagnola, Esq.
from Paralegal Practice & Procedure Fourth Edition: A Practical Guide for the Legal Assistant
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Child given into custody of wife should be returned to state to enable husband to visit child as provided by decree on husband’s payment of accrued support money.— Eberhart v. Eberhart, 592.

“The Northwestern Reporter” by Iowa. Supreme Court, Michigan. Supreme Court, Minnesota. Supreme Court, Nebraska. Supreme Court, North Dakota. Supreme Court, Wisconsin. Supreme Court, South Dakota. Supreme Court, Dakota Territory. Supreme Court, West Publishing Company
from The Northwestern Reporter
by Iowa. Supreme Court, Michigan. Supreme Court, et. al.
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First, the child’s wishes and the wishes of each parent concerning custody require assessment.

“The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach” by Alan Carr
from The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach
by Alan Carr
Routledge, 1999

You may apply for a child custody order from the court, at the address noted above.

“2019 California Penal Code Unabridged” by LawTech Publishing Group
from 2019 California Penal Code Unabridged
by LawTech Publishing Group
LawTech Publishing Group,

Imagine that you, as a mediator, were asked to help two spouses who are seeking a divorce and have arguments over the child custody and access arrangement before going to the family court.

“Social Work Theory and Methods: The Essentials” by Neil Thompson, Paul Stepney
from Social Work Theory and Methods: The Essentials
by Neil Thompson, Paul Stepney
Taylor & Francis, 2017

Agency may file motion requesting permanent custody, RC § 2151.413.

“Ohio Family Law Handbook” by Publisher's Editorial Staff
from Ohio Family Law Handbook
by Publisher’s Editorial Staff
LexisNexis, 2019

Consider the cost and work involved for the ex-husband’s attorney in filing a motion for change of custody, locating the mother, serving her, setting a peremptory hearing, and then struggling with the claim of the SM-mother that the motion cannot be heard under of the SCRA!

“The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families” by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
from The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families
by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
American Bar Association, 2006

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  • my ex iscontesting the the supplement Inc what shall I do should I contesting the divorce I also a text with my ex promising me insurance

  • I have been researching and finally you are the only resource that has made any sense. I am a single dad with full custody of my daughter and I could really use any advise from you for my situation. Please, I beg of you.

    The single dad aka the tree in the forest

  • Mhmr caseloads and other s who step over the patient dad continue to end up with women judges that tells him he’s so handsome be a and every worker we have had were women

  • Exactly what she’s saying all the advice that she’s giving that’s what I did for my court case, I got myself very educated I used to go to the courts and sit and watch how everything went down, I did it over and over again I followed this to a T but my case was way before she ever made this video I just knew that it was the right thing to do and it worked… and it works very well but I’m just the type of person that’s able to represent myself and my case went fabulous��/ I recommend representing yourself if it’s not a “crazy wild case” and if you know the person on the opposing side is a little wacky then don’t worry you will win……

  • How can we find out the rules of the court? I filed an IPO on a woman in a pending divorce. I have an older case with a different judge but her lawyer made a motion to keep her divorce judge. The court approved her judge. Her lawyer is vicious and attacks even with untruths. I am defending myself, have documents to share as proof but am worried bc I am on my own. How do I find out procedure?

  • Who are you really representing yourself the flesh and blood man/woman or the legal fiction name they gave you at birth.
    The all capitalized name is not YOU it’s a fiction they gave you to USE in their world of commerce…

  • i filed a restraining order against my husband for domestic abuse he hired a lawyer two days before hearing so I scrambled to get an attorney free from local domestic abuse facility helped me obtain a lawyer as he took all the money. Minutes before we were to have our hearing his lawyer pulled a sneaky move and asked for visitation and My husband would not fight the restraining order. My lawyer told me to take the deal even though I had told her kids have seen this abuse he has been Out of control when he spanks my son and my daughter is afraid of him my lawyers Response was if there’s no evidence there’s nothing you can do at this point take the deal argue in Family Court. The very next day my husband again for the third time since the temporary restraining order now permanent has been issued my husband Uses a third-party person to relay messages to me I called the police and they told me again that he is just trying to abide by the agreement arrangement. The lawyers and him keep changing the terms of our verbal agreement. So I had to send my lawyer a long email stating all this is not what we agreed on and her response is your not making yourself look good when you go to family court. Also since he’s been moved out I also found a loaded gun in my garage and I’m afraid to tell the police about this because when I told police about him contacting the third-party I was told he’s just trying to abide by the agreement and restraining order so my thought is there going to say it’s not his gun do you have any advice for me at this point. The other factor is the agreement we verbally mean in regards to arrangement for the children suddenly change about my lawyers and and his lawyers and he wants more time than we discussed and he wants to be able to pick up the kids whatever he chooses so also i found a loaded gun In my attic in garage I’m sure they’re just going to say she’s just saying that to frame him. Any advice would be of help I’m just beside myself not sleeping and Continuously been victimized by everybody I feel even my lawyer

  • Look past the people to find truth. It is evil using these people to disenfranchise the Fathers, (men) further empower women, and ultimately to take down the Family, which is the same as destroying the foundation of what this Country was. A good analogy is to think of the family like a ship. There has been a mutiny, inspired by both this women’s lib movement, and exploited by the Gov. for both profit, and control. The Captain (Father) has been taken out of Command. What was the “First Mate” (Mother) has tried her best to seize/takeover control of said ship. And after said attempt, and almost complete failure the children have taken over the ship. Why? Because it is the exact opposite of what God’s will is, was, and has been for thousands of years up until our arrogance has tried to turn such once sanctified, and strongly valued moral Christian-based tradition completely upside down in only a few decades. Yet we continue to be blinded by said arrogance as to why our this Nation is in such moral decline. Our ships are now adrift without direction, or moral compass. You cannot have two Captains in a house, any more than on a Ship. And our arrogance dictates that we no longer learn, and haven’t in a VERY long time. We are fast becoming a Godless Nation despite our empty claims/words of loving, and knowing God. “Pretty is as pretty does.” We all had/have a place, and contrary to our idealogical, and convenient wants, (Politically Correctness) we were NOT created equal. But rather carefully designed with our own unique diverse strengths. In order that our families, when serving as God has clearly laid out to function as a team. (Family unit) Time tested tried and true culture thrown out the window. But we MUST be right, and know better than what God laid out? Obviously not. We couldn’t be more wrong. What would our “Elders” know? That wisdom that had been passed down through so many generations was no good. Right? Wrong. We become more, and more spoiled, and arrogant, so we (the moment they become the least bit inconvenient) kick our wise Elders into the “Care Facilities” rather than valuing such precious wisdom. You WILL NOT find this in the vast majority of the Middle East, and the Far East. In fact, even if you tried to explain to them what “a Nursing Home” was/is, they’d have no clue why anyone would do/need such a thing. They respect their elders, and there is no question of doing anything other than honoring them, and in essence LEARNING from such truly valuable wisdom. We are the exact opposite. Truth.

  • I just received your book! I’m going to speak to attorney tmro. I’ve used him before and he’s good. I’ve learned this is about strategy so I plan to slap this book on his desk and see what he says. Thank you for your help!

  • I represented myself and was so thankful. My former spouse got custody, but once i followed the money trail i discovered my former spouse purchased custody. Saved thousands of dollars. Now I’m teaching others how to be pro se and making the process easier.

  • 2:50…Then what in THE HELL is the judge good for if you have to TELL them what the laws and rules are???? thats what they are there for! the system is shot!

  • True Christians will judge the world!
    1 Corinthians 6:2  Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

  • We just added new studies and links to help you argue for equal shared parenting. Go here to get the information: Let us know if you have any questions or problems with understanding any of the information. Happy Sunday everyone. You all deserve to not have to spend so much time on court crap and be able to focus your time, energy, and other resources on your children.

  • When notified you send to Secy of HHS a dispute under 45 CFR Part 32.4 and demand to review copies of proof of debt under 45 CFR part 32.4

  • You have to pay to play.  No lawyer means you will lose.  Judges do not like that you represent yourself.  It is corrupt.  When you have no lawyer, there is a lot of talk behind the scenes with the lawyer and judge.  Lies, lies and more lies are always brought up.  Even if they cannot prove it, you say it 100 times, the judge will believe it.

  • You do not Understand that can support and supporting your child are 2 different items under this program. See the court case Blessing versus Freestone Supreme Court in Minnesota

  • I’m now back on front job gone kid gone he plays dirty he gets close with money and him and Kyle Collins has a field day my brain he lerks for the right women to handle me a d tell me I’m crasy and I don’t deserve a child I speaking I’m out now nothing ever worked when we digging a man judge he was very angry and he did for another judge he jumps homes he jump city’s he’s had over 25 addresses over 2 years and right now he’s jumped addresses again within 2 weeks and I’ve never even had an address ever on the man besides the system have in it and he keeps jumping he has me spreaded all over the state of Texas psychiatrist and therapist in one city and he claims my child is in another city and now my vehicle is gone and he knows exactly where the vehicle went he contacted me the data ID disappeared in the debit card and he continues to bring up things that continues to happen to me on those very days even while he has my child now I have nothing and I’m still fighting it cuz I can’t do nothing and I’m not going to lay down for a man that takes my only child

  • It is good that your doing this, if you still are. This is 2018, now. So this is why kids do not get to come home, the family court has control over the funds that they get from the government. In 2001 on family got 40,billion dollars to take care of the cps case’s and they have immunity from Hillary Clinton and Bill, so family will get a bonce if they keep the child in the system, the cps it a bounce, and anyone who is working the cases of family court. Our government gave immunity to family court to do what they will to the cps cases. The one real reason that we represent our selfs is because we are not on the take where the cash bounce come from, we want our kids, and we want all kids to come home, our kids are not the bank for family court. If we do our court ourselfs then the family court has to listen to us. CPS lies all the time in family court, the judge allows them to lie so they can all get there bounces. You all have immunity and this year in 2018 I am sure that the money in take is well over 80 billion now. Just wanted you to know we all know what family court is all about.

  • What if the trial has already started? Is it possible to raise these motions or a variation that would provide the same or similiar outcome?Thank you for any insight you might offer. Blessings

  • 1:13 went thru the exact scenario, only difference is I had an attorney representing me and we researched the jurisdiction for the state I’m in, didn’t matter the judge kept same decision. good luck to the guy fighting it living in a different state… really wasn’t going to comment but it touched a soft spot.

  • My now ex-boyfriend cheated on me multiple times in our relationship. Would I just be putting myself in more pain by sitting around? NO!, I contacted a hacker to help me find out everything he is hiding on his phone, this is the hacker’s email: “[email protected] Gmail. Com” If you need help too then contact him.

  • I’ve tried contacting you guys to buy your book! Plz help. I am about to hire a new attorney who I Know is good, and pushes for parental rights. I would like to present this information in a book instead of going through all your webinars. Plz plz help me to purchase your book!

  • I am a pro-se ex-wife I represented myself in my divorce and I won Permanent Alimony and I want to thank Divorce and your Money ��������

  • I call bullshit,family courts are illegally enriching them selves they are not family courts they are courts of equity corporate courts in reality,look up amen Sirus on YouTube and he will teach you how to eliminate child support and force them to pay back what they stole from you with 6% interest and never ever trust a lawyer they make millions off of fit and loving parents lawyers are LIE ERZ

  • My kids was taking to sc from Texas is no geography restrictions and I’m pro-se what I can do to my rights no be violated minimizing my time with kids

  • I think the biggest reason for reping our self is because of the fact that everyone knows you don’t want to be standing in front of a man acting like a judge and have him/her think your incompadent, which is how the court looks at a person who has their lawyer there making all there decisions. Not to mention the fact that prosecutor, judge,& your lawyer (private or public defender) all are members of the secret, private, members only club known as The American Bar Association. Speaking in legalese, with the contenous use for “fraudulent convaunce of language” I don’t trust lawyer myself

  • What do you recommend for learning a judge on you case in relation to this pandemic and not being able to sit in their courtroom currently.

  • I have a contempt order for rule to show cause of on payment next month on child support,, if i catch up the total amount owed can I motion for dismissal?

  • We have been going through hell for 13 months because my husband isn’t complying with discovery.
    To date, he has filed 16 objectively false statements to the court!
    There are no consequences. He makes out rages claims and then I spend time, effort, and energy with my attorney to provide the evidence.
    We have no kids but we have a fair amount of equity.
    $27,500 so far with no end in sight
    His attorney made fun of my multiple sclerosis.
    If that sounds hard to believe it’s because it’s hard to believe. She submitted a comment marking the ADA!
    She wrote ADA-Sigh
    ADA Sigh?

    There are no consequences for the perjury, discrimination, slander.
    None. Zilch. Zip

    It’s a joke

  • Access Legal can you post a video on how to request a legal court purges against my ex-husband for non payment of Alimony please ��

  • Okay this is 2019 and I’ve been railroaded twice by Family court System.
    First one was terrible but I won after my “wife” son and suffered so much.

    THIS TIME my children and I are on the rails.
    with my estranged “wife” now ON THE TRAIN everyone else involved remained the same.

  • The pro se law clinic at the court house in the county is a big help. And one can go to the legal library usually in the city’s District Courthouse. The librarian there will help you much to find what book you need to study and you can video record the pages to read later. The motions must be prepared exact to the rules and procedures of that county court. To do this pro se, it takes a lot of reading and staying on top it.

  • How do I word my own emergancy custody form. I put temporary primary custody. Then in my paperwork I listed the reasons why. Drugs, neglect ect. Did I word it wrong?

  • If you walk into a court with an attorney the court considers you incompetent. That’s why you have your attorney with you is so he or she can make all the decisions for you.

  • I represented myself and I won my court case. I gathered all my exhibits and I dressed to impress
    ���� Below is My video I made about Court Case prepare and how to represent and �� dress up for Court Good Luck people I won my case but I am going back to court for hearing.
    ��My own YouTube video��

  • She says we represent ourselves…what a joke. What she is saying women get an attorney or representation for free as most men go in there and represent themselves.

  • I have many evidence copies all but then again a guardian said it doesn’t matter then most of all the women that didn’t get him what he wanted he ended up having there jobs they were already on the way out i have 1 child over n over I have evidence to tgat proves the city I was in he was in filing on top of vandalizing my vehicle every time I took pictures and turn right back around all four tires were back on flat so I had already had pictures taken prior to the incident that was happening and then the day he decided to snatch my child…but I need big money what a mhmr patients get help I’ve been that since a child I’m very sane I just really have to take medicine to focus and he knows exactly what to do to confuse me and distract me I’ve known him for 14 years and this man is much older than me with other children and other court cases he’s already been through so I had no chance to fight or win but I still share custody but he just disappears out of nowhere and nobody can do nothing about it and when I go to court I’m so confused all my papers are everywhere cuz I’m being told even the things that I did have that they were no good and they didn’t matter and those were cases ago and years ago and even the abuse didn’t even matter

  • bottom feeder here. they just want your money and they know what they are doing isnt even right look up title 4d read it and learn child support isnt even enacted into law

  • I call bullshit fathers are automatically screwed because men make more,study title I’ve-d,this is the insentivization,federal funding,I have been incarcerated 24 times by the spotsylvania,va jd&r courts even with lawyers after my 3year old son,her new husband posted he likes boys and their buttholes,and now the judge may allow this scumbag to adopt my son,I may have no choice but to end up in prison bc I’m NOT LETTING ADOPTION HAPPEN,stay tuned you may see me on national television ������������������

  • Need advice regarding false claims being brought up against me and lies told bout my character. It seems like accountability, truth, or evidence to know actual truth is even looked into. I’m fighting against a controlling women and need to know how truth can be seen. Reality would be great if just that could be seen truthfully. Tired of defending against a ghost that is not real

  • do grandparents have rights in California to have visitation rights of their grandchildren
    please answer because im told that I don’t by the absent parent

  • but what about if personam subject matter jurisdiction was challenging and they not proven and still ruling against the petitioner?

  • Could a man lose a custody case if his license is suspended and got arrested for driving with a suspended license knowingly. Silly question but I know someone currently worried that may hurt his case.

  • Sorry I can’t pay as much attention to the show tonight Wendy. I’m on vacation with my twins, and gearing up for a joint custody battle next week at the top of the year

  • A Fathers Fight for his Children
    You are speaking the truth. It took me two years of weekly psychiatric and psychological help to understand and learn the tools to break free from narcissistic abuse. Now that I have the tools and my life back I am desperately trying to get my kids out from her grasp.
    I have gone to court and lost, fought again and lost, brought for evidence of her physical and emotional abuses she does to them, and lost. Why? She is a very skilled and manipulative narcissist. My kids are learning from her and I have used every possible resource available to me to help them escape. Every government agency, the police, the schools, councillors and the courts. All the while I listen to the pain in their voices see the tears and helplessness and I can not free them.
    Perhaps it is because I am normal and fail to think her as her. I have the reasonable expectations that other people care, have empathy and are honest. These are the weapons she uses against me and my fight for my kids. And she is extremely good at it. So good in fact that she is able to openly deceive the courts and turn the tables making me the monster. The courts always give her the benefit of doubt regardless of cold hard facts while believing her innuendos and carpet of lies. My kids are suffering and what makes my blood boil is that they are learning these behaviours of hers.
    The financial tole is great, lawyers, travel, court and paying her costs is financial abuse. Which I presume is one of her goals of being in control. I must say being forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars to her because of her lies in court is wrong. Spending money on lawyers to save my kids is necessary but futile.
    It is true that a woman can accuse a man out of spite and he pays dearly because of it. With the added kick in the pants that the court never holds her accountable for that accusation. She walks away scott free with the knowledge that she can do it again.
    This is the harsh reality of having children with a narcissist and the system that has been put in place to protect our children do not have the tools to see through her deceptions.
    The real losers are our children and they need protecting. The reality is the system is broken and because of that our/my children are in an abusive home.
    I have begun lobbying the government for help. I send an email everyday to half of them describing the abuses and how they affect my kids. In these emails I also try to show them that sometimes mothers are the abusers. Along with how to unmask the abuser with staying true, sticking to the facts, with the hope that they may hear me. My voice may not be heard but I keep fighting because my kids are worth it!
    Thank you for pointing out it is the narcissists in the system, not just the men and women, that make it difficult and extremely biased. My kids suffer because of these people. As a man fighting the system be prepared to lose, to lose again and be forced to use ever penny you have fighting for you kids. This is the sad reality of having a child with a narcissist.

  • Attorneys are scum! One of the only professions that lets the service provider (attorney) charge whatever the fuck they want!!!???? Their practicing license is their license to steal. Judges are worse!!

    We have a family court judge in our district that doesn’t even have children!!! WTF!!! That’s like getting a history teacher to grade some physics tests!!!

    Attorneys write in language so that only THEY can DECODE it so that you have to hire them so that they get more money. Attorneys are never in the best interest of the client, they are in the best interest of their pocket books.

  • Heh.. how about when your in laws have kidnapped your child, refuse to give him back and now you and your husband are fighting together as a married couple because your in laws believe you are ‘dangerous’. Yeah, I had postpartum depression. But seriously? I wonder what would happen if my husband and I filed for notice of strict compliance? As the in laws accusations are entirely false and even discriminatory and we as legal parents have nothing to hide. In fact we have medical professionals I’d been seeing for my postpartum completely ready to step in, as my child is being verbally abused by my in laws right now. My husband found this out as only he’s allowed to visit our son.

  • It is hard to represent yourself especially if the opposing side has an attorney..the non judicial person or judge will usually give them the benefit of the doubt to them over you since they are in the same club..the American bar association..the theatrical show they put on is a criminal conspiracy to get you to agree to their terms which will be a profit for the attorneys n court appointed people..if they would only follow the laws which has been prescribed by the supreme court..there wouldn’t be so much corruption..the laws are not being followed and the ones who doesnt catch them committing the crimes by violating your civil rights and the laws of the land will always lose

  • If you’re a man you can expect shooting craps to pay out before facts and evidence, statutes and process does in family Court. Family court is a SCAM!

  • responding as Proverbs 3:5-6:  I need information on pro se representation in a divorce case with no children in Duplin County, NC

  • the ex parte order is a trick to get custody, it works 9 out of 10 times, hence, lying and saying you need protection from a man you felt safe enough with to open your legs to a couple years back, is the best way to secure custody. Common knowledge, but you may be hurting your daughters with your lies, they wont be able to use this tactic when they go into court because guys are wising up to the lady’s lying ways lol.
    The specific time for visitation is about title D-4 federal funds management, its a money issue.
    Trust me folks, this lady is lying for her career, family court is full of liars and thief’s and criminals, and like much else in our society its a money game, make no mistake ‘the best interests of the child’ will be the last thing considered.

  • My ex received custody of my children in 2015 while I was in jail and I was never served or notified of anything. When I was released, it took me a month to re-establish myself and find a nice place and I brought the kids home for the weekends and all summer. Last year, my ex was arrested again for abusing his live in gf and was given 90 days for violating his parole. During that time, I filled a motion for a change in circumstance and he told his uncle, who has been the primary care taker of our kids since he received custody, not to allow me to have any contact with them. When he got out, his lawyer rescheduled the hearing once, then again the day before the reacheduled date. The judge signed as “continuance until later date”. The next thing I received was a form stating I never returned a questionnaire or something. Plz help me. He’s given our 12 year old a tattoo, killed their puppy in front of them and is an extremely unstable person who has alienated me from my children. What can I do?

  • What are the steps to get a subpoena filed and served? I have been in litigation for over 2 years and my attorney was unable to get my ex husbands bank statements. My ex filed a Motion to Modify Child Support and I have no idea how much he makes and I fired my attorney. I am no pro se and have run out of time to get the bank records from my ex so I am trying to subpoena… I just don’t want to mess up the subpoena. I have already had the subpoena signed by the clerk and served the other party with it and sent it off but is anything supposed to accompany the subpoena? I read about a Notice to the Consumer but who drafts this and who is it sent to??? So many questions…

  • I’m going to represent myself at federal court on next month because i couldn’t afford more money for the lawyer after i cash payment amount $8,000 already��

  • I think I am only finding my voice now and feel that I will only really understand this once it is over and too late. One of the worst issues is I don’t understand the word “objection” and didn’t know to use it or that I should because if I spoke at all she would bristle with anger and shut me down and she mostly let everyone else hold the floor. I thought the truth would come out much sooner.

  • My little girl who is the youngest will be 14 on Sunday. She has told me that it’s not what you think about yourself, it’s what others think about you. Sobbing. It is not the worst of it. Please. I don’t think i should be publicly speaking. Can’t accomplish small tasks. I have no way but the phone right now. I’m going to just post my number. 925565-2874

  • Hi Wendy how much time aprox does a judge spend reviewing a case before the court date or do they just glance through the evedence just before the hearing, in other words do they do homework��thank you so much”��

  • If you are here looking for knowledge and/or information regarding “fighting CPS”, representing yourself in court, etc. There is nothing you can do to save yourself. Judges are bias against Pro Se litigants. You will not be released from the clutches of the system until you have somehow become a benefit financially to the court. If your marriage didn’t work the court will punish you for it. To invite the court into your life you are promised they will determine the worst case scenario. This attorney is full of garbage. There is nothing you can do to save your soul. Ex Parte is one of the biggest abuses of the system.

  • I filed for Divorce with temporary orders I submitted that I already planned a vacation and already paid for with fathers approval. Could that be denied?

  • Thanks girl for thinking this is interesting enough to take your time out to make videos. This is real sh.. Girl. Keep it up! Women’s rights!!

  • When you are born and your parents registered your birth, your government created and issued a birth certificate and gave you a copy.  The birth certificate you received is in fact a BOND(age) certificate that enabled the creation of a private TRUST that you are the sole beneficiary of.  These bonds are traded on the stock exchange and treasury throughout your lifetime, with vast amounts of funds available within them.  The same applies to your national insurance – both are 8 digit account numbers to your secret hidden Trust.

    The capitalized NAME that appears on the birth certificate lowers your status to slave and converts you, the flesh/blood man/woman, into a CORPORATION (“corp” = dead” “oration” = speaking).  This is a fictional or “legal” NAME that the government (corporation) can then use to contract with you since the dead cannot speak to the living and no corporation can contract with a flesh/blood man/woman. A maxim in law is “he who creates owns”.  Therefore, your Government OWNS you, you are officially and unlawfully government property via deception and fraud and this is an act of non-consensual coercion.

  • Attorneys do not work for you, they work on you… By dishing out big bills $$$, until all assets are gone, to them… then tell you lets make a deal… this is the best we can get!

  • well done to this guy! the same abuse is consistent globally in such matters, including the UK, where it’s legal to steal, home, savings, jewellery, lock up wife in Saudi arabia and attempt to kill wife, TWICE! all ongoing court claims as a litigant in person in 16 court claims-CORRUPTION IS RAMPANT!

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  • Please level out your volume. it was so bad i had to stop 2 videod so far because it is too dificult to. Understand what you are sayiing.

  • I’m homeless again. I am living in my car. I’m so thankful for my car. I’m not going to give up on my children’s Mom and I am going to save my children and I have to start a foundation for the kids. I’m going to do it for the ones that weren’t protected. I Love Everyone Good and Bad. I have come to realize that I had to embrace both to be 1
    I’m sure you can help me. Please find a way to get to me so I can save the kids. Please

  • Step one: if you have a cock you have no rights, and you get to watch the female parent go shopping in a candy store for a couple years called family court…a court that operates illegally, by illegal sanction of the federal government. Not a joke, this is the fucking facts.

  • All I did for my custody battle was watch Wendy because at the time I couldn’t afford an attorney but the suggestions and examples Wendy made I put in action.. so when I did afford an attorney she was impressed on evidence, paperwork and classes I did with Wendy’s advice.

  • Parental alienation can happen even while you are still in the relationship. You can have custody 80% of the time and a child can be alienated from you.

  • You mentioned limited scope representation as an alternative but could you elaborate on what that actually means as to services rendered. Thanks!

  • I am currently in the middle of a custody battle with my soon-to-be ex husbands mother.

    A little backstory about my situation.

    I live in Washington state

    My ex and I were in a domestic violence marriage where he controlled everything. Including myself.

    In 2016

    We were having issues within our marriage.
    My 3 boys were sent to his mothers house in Oregon. (Again against my wishes)
    So that way we could work on our marriage (dates, marriage counseling, etc)

    At this time there was a letter giving my ex’s mother medical permission ( so she could take the boys to the dr, emergency room, etc)

    A few months later there was a domestic disturbance between him and I in which my ex fled the scene before cops could arrive. The Sumner police department issued a no contact order against him to protect me from further violence.

    Shortly after I was notified that he not only fled the scene, but also the state. (he went to his mothers house where the boys were)

    Then the games began.

    After a few month of trying to figure my life out and what’s next. All while maintaining contact with his mother, I wanted my boys home.

    After contacting my ex’s mother and telling her I was ready to have the boys home, her response was inquisitive on why? Telling me that I wasn’t ready to be a mother and that she’s now “looking out for the best interests of my children”.

    Then the darkness happened.

    I was then blocked from contact on all social media.
    They changed there phone numbers.

    Which is considered parental alienation

    And then relocated without my knowledge or consent.

    Which is considered custodial interference (parental kidnapping)

    The search trying to relocate my boys for 3 years… and go to college to become a lawyer and representing myself in court.

    All of this happened in fall of 2016.

    In 2018
    After the grandmother relocated my boys. I started my search. I was getting zero help from local authorities or child protective services. So I did my own investigation.

    Using a mutual friends social media account, looking at posts and pictures online. Writing down any clues I could find. I zeroed in on their location.

    I went to the location and found my boys.

    However it’s now been 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!

    after being in the grandmothers care and residents of Oregon for more than 6 months. The state of Oregon now has jurisdiction.

    The grandmother relocated my boys again.

    In May and June of 2019
    I was able to get a few court ordered visits with my boys through a Washington state court. But ultimately it was 100% confirmed that Oregon has jurisdiction.

    On my last court ordered visit in june with my boys I was served papers while dropping them back off at the Clackamas Oregon police station.

    Since my last visit. There again has been no contact. I try to contact anyone via social media and I’m blocked right away.
    I messaged the great grandma (the grand mother’s mother) asking to talk to the boys in which I get nothing but rude and slanderous responses. Which again eventually led with being blocked.

    We had a court date today, January 10th 2020
    (The result of being served during my last visit)

    And since my ex has created an extensive criminal record in Oregon, he now currently has a warrant for his arrest therefore he didn’t show up to his own court case.

    However, his mother filed a motion to intervene.

    Pre trial hearing is set for April 3rd 2020
    Trial is June 4th 2020

    Im hoping to obtain a lawyer by then in hopes of bringing my kids home.
    I fear if His mother wins this case because I didn’t have proper representation.

    She will pack up, move and I will never see my boys again.

    Please help not make my nightmares a reality. Anything helps!

    Thank you very much for your time

  • I missed the live stream, darn. I’m subscribed but I just noticed that I didn’t have the notification on. Its done now. Thank you so much for your videos they are very much appreciated. I have a suggestion for a video, if possible. I have searched and searched with out success for a sample of how to properly write a motion, specifically a “MOTION FOR A CHANGE OF CUSTODY”. I have a template for the pleading formality. I just don’t know how organize or wording for the headings and sub headings and the best way to organized the topics so that it is presented to the judge in its correct form. Could you do a video that would help with an out line? I’ve very en trying to write one for months but I keep having to start over because I have never actually seen one to compare mine to and I loose faith and just stop working on it. I have a huge problem with my children’s father who I believe is a narcissist, and the most cunning person I have ever met. I’m to the point of giving up, I haven’t seen my kids in almost a year, and he has not allowed me to speak with them in months. I have just about gave up on the family court, but the thought of my kids being raised by him alone is what motivates me to try again but to present the case in a way that he can not dispute it or manipulate the court. Please consider a video like that it would help people like myself so much. I have read so much, laws, rules of court, case citing’s, have organized a case file, evidence, a proper motion is all I need to present the case to the courts and have a chance to see my kids. Again thank you!

  • THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy day to help needy strangers out going through the Family Court process…. (from Sydney, Australia)