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Throughout a child’s school career, there are bound to be times that they complain about school. Sometimes those complaints are fleeting, or silly, or just repeating what a friend said. But sometimes, those complaints are a warning sign that your teen is facing a significant issue or developing a poor attitude about learning.

Handling complaints during the coronavirus (COVID-19 outbreak) DfE does not expect schools to handle new or existing complaints while they are partially. Primary schoolers: A complaint of poor marks at this stage demands immediate attention – if you ignore it, your child will find it very difficult to cope with studies later. Consult your child’s teacher, and draw up a timetable for disciplined daily study.

How Can You Deal With Complaints Against Teachers? Complaints against teachers are very stressful situations! Here is a question that I received from “A” and my answer to her about dealing with a formal complaint against her..

Honey, I have been teaching for 10 years and I have recently had a “formal complaint” filed against me. There are a multitude of reasons a parent might call, or visit, your school to lodge a complaint. While most teachers and principals are aware of the guidelines for dealing with parental complaints, handling the more complex ones can be challenging. Teachers, parents and students all have the option to file a formal complaint in the state of Texas if they have an issue with their school that cannot be resolved informally.

Complaints can range from a punishment or consequence that a student and their family found to be unfair to allegations of discrimination or harassment. School complaints must be made in this order: Speak to your school first. They will work with you to fix the issue. If you are still unhappy with the result, contact your closest regional office.

Explain the issue, the Department staff member will help record your complaint and explain the steps they will take. An undertaking to review school policies in light of the complaint. Time-Limits: 7. Complaints need to be considered and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible 8. An effective complaints procedure will have realistic time limits for each action within each stage. Part 2: The Formal Complaints Procedure The Stages of Complaints.

For complaints, compliments and suggestions about schools, visit our guide for parents, carers and students. To make a complaint about a school principal or about a broader function of the department, you can use the online form or contact the Director Educational Leadership responsible for the school. Listening to constant complaints from your child will wear on your patience. Here are some strategies to help you deal with a constant complainer: 1. Acknowledge Your Child’s Emotions. How to Handle the Top 7 Complaints About School.

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List of related literature:

To get students to start thinking about the complaint, I ask them in class to generate a quick list of things they might complain about and then to freewrite.

“Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook” by Joshua Marie Wilkinson
from Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook
by Joshua Marie Wilkinson
University of Iowa Press, 2010

Another is that annual visits be made to schools when just classes one, three, and five are treated.

“Public Health and Infectious Diseases” by Davidson H. Hamer, Jeffrey Griffiths, James H. Maguire, Kristian Heggenhougen, Stella R. Quah
from Public Health and Infectious Diseases
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My complaint was very specific: I wanted to leave the Robinsons because they forced me to quit any school activity as soon as I started to have any success.

“A Chance in the World: An Orphan Boy, a Mysterious Past, and How He Found a Place Called Home” by Steve Pemberton
from A Chance in the World: An Orphan Boy, a Mysterious Past, and How He Found a Place Called Home
by Steve Pemberton
Thomas Nelson, 2012

AH three shared the same complaint—school.

“Little Girl Lost” by Drew Barrymore, Todd Gold
from Little Girl Lost
by Drew Barrymore, Todd Gold
Pocket Books, 1991

If your students like to complain about one thing or another, have a gripe session or a suggestion box in which students are encouraged to deposit their complaints.

“Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions” by Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler, Brian D. Mendler
from Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions
by Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler, Brian D. Mendler
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2008

A teacher might want to ask students to create a list of their “10 Top Peeves,” too.

“Classroom Management: Sound Theory and Effective Practice” by Robert T. Tauber
from Classroom Management: Sound Theory and Effective Practice
by Robert T. Tauber
Praeger Publishers, 2007

In Tours, a large city southwest of Paris, the director of a primary school and an instructor in the highly esteemed École Normale (Teachers’ College), told me, “The teachers here complain a lot; they say the children don’t listen anymore, they are restless.

“Endangered Minds: Why Children Dont Think And What We Can Do About I” by Jane M. Healy
from Endangered Minds: Why Children Dont Think And What We Can Do About I
by Jane M. Healy
Simon & Schuster, 2011

Schools, and particularly teachers, are unresponsive, write the critics, because they know parents cannot take their children elsewhere.

“Education Research in the Public Interest: Social Justice, Action, and Policy” by Gloria Ladson-Billings, William F. Tate
from Education Research in the Public Interest: Social Justice, Action, and Policy
by Gloria Ladson-Billings, William F. Tate
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Write three complaints.

“Language in Use Pre-Intermediate New Edition Teacher's Book” by Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones
from Language in Use Pre-Intermediate New Edition Teacher’s Book
by Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones
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How would these people who complain about going to school get through life?

“Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave” by Shyima Hall, Lisa Wysocky
from Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave
by Shyima Hall, Lisa Wysocky
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014

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  • Haha, I love you dude. Found your channel through Practical Psychology and had my eyes on it even before that. You’re great, man:)

  • 0:16 The penny experiment, sometimes we mindlessly go through learning, try concentrating on certain things to learn efficiently
    1:44 The 3 R technique-with thousands of techniques, it’s easy to get confused. V.A.R.K stands for Visual, Audio, Reading & Kinaesthetic learning. People fit into each part of this learning style. Reading while taking notes with (W)riting, and then trying to retain the information without notes helps discover your learning style. (it uses a combo of all learning styles)
    5:03 Weber’s LawWe struggle with small changes in differing contexts. Imagine whispering in a loud room, you’d have to probably shout to be heard, but in an empty room whispering might be a bit too loud!
    6:08 Mental RewiringLearning and how we learn changes how we think, strengthening connections in areas and weakening in other areas. Schools teach us things, but by how it might affect us
    6:49 Cognitive upkeepConsistent practice will keep your talents intact
    7:50 Barnum effectPeople see what they want them to see, for examples things like Personality tests are general on purpose to make it seem like it labels you into a certain personality.
    9:43 A small world6 degrees of Kevin Bacon! People can trace someone else, in relation to a friend or family being the 1st degree.

  • You should add a summary of your own to help the people like me to remember all your knowledge in one go.
    I’m saying this cause I only remember the only thing I wanted to,
    That is, people see what they want to see or listen what they want to.

  • ok correct me if im wrong but it seems to me that the majority of trolling is happening from high school student and rarely any colleges or university’s? can I get some input

  • Summary:

    1.Future Blindness
    2.The 1% rule
    3.University is a scam
    4.Don’t give a fuck
    5.Mentorship is the fast-track
    6.Direct tour efforts

    The highlights on description are outdated/from a different video, that’s why I made this comment. Use it if you want.

  • I feel like this was VERY important to share-

    A lot of people who take notes on a iPad (a.k.a me) make the look aesthetic.
    But for what?
    Just so they look good?
    How much do you really appreciate it when you are cramming all that information?
    I’ve been through this phase and it is hard to get out of.
    I quickly realised that the cute notes I was making weren’t doing anything for me… they didn’t motivate me to study in anyway.
    It’s time to realise this and change.

    Here is my simple method on taking notes that ‘look good’

    1. Choose some colors that go together( this is the part where you can get creative)
    2.Assign these Colors to headers, subs, examples, definitions and what not.(depends on subject)
    3. Write your notes in black pen
    4. Color code!!!

    There, it works, got me straight A’s!

  • There are several techniques that help. Much of learning in remembering dates, times, timelines and the order of things.
    Mnemonics (method of remembering thru ridiculous association) greatly eased & at the same time my ability to memorize.

  • Can y’all raid my class?

    Thursday effective 4/7/2020 until 5/26/2020 from 12:15 PM to 1:45 PM, (UTC- 04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    Meeting number: 627 706 172
    Password: YUmkQ3nEN25

  • The title tells me….informative..proffessional and interesting video
    My eyes tell me…. yeyyyy cartoons dude!!
    My ears tell me…i feel like dancing with my kindergarden friends and just ignore the video
    The tone of voice tells me…. this guy should post sports bloopers instead
    Lost interest on the video..looking someherer else

  • tommorow will be my first day for 12th grade, thank you for tips and tricks. always grateful to you. i’ve been a fan eversince i’m in 10th grade. will always remember this! ❤

  • I’m surprised you don’t have over 100k subscribers as at the time I am posting this comment… your content is so good because you constantly make examples of yourself in real life experiences

  • When my mom says read your Quran I say I know it
    Then my mom says read it to me and I pass
    But she says I did not even read it how can I known it

  • i wish i had the ability to actually manage to put so much effort into studying, i love learning but unfortunately as a person with mental illnesses, following a set schedule and treating studying like a job is often difficult if not impossible. that won’t stop me from trying, but it’ll make it more difficult

  • I’m the only one out of my close friends who didn’t get a degree, they all loved going to Uni and they all earn quite a lot more than me. It want make you rich going to university but it helps you not having to do a low paid job.

  • i also feel like i mindlessly watch these videos if i like but im very smart law thats why i finish to know how to good and bad already thats true

  • University is often a filter to exclude the less desirable, and the proof of minimum competence. This can be a valuable asset for a job seeker.

    Imagine you are looking to hire a manager. You have to choose a person from out of two pools. Highschool graduate pool has some brilliant people, but also many totally incompetent ones. College graduate pool has people that are at least capable of being accepted by a university and passing the courses. You don’t personally know applicants and all you have to make a decision are resumes and cover letters. So who would you pick?

    This is also why a Harvard degree is many times more valuable than a regular University degree. It is not that Harvard teaches students better or gives them knowledge that is not available in other universities. Harvard grads are best because Harvard only takes top students and then filters out weakest among them through difficult exams and curriculum.

  • BTW, I totally agree with you on science and pseudo science. Physical sciences are great, but when it comes to human behavior, don’t trust everything science tells you an try to see what works for you.

  • I found a funny video on emotional dysregulations:)

  • Fantastic
    could you pls review this book
    Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong by
    Eric Barker

  • Beware, wrong teaching in the video! At Weber’s law, it falsely claims that the 2 deals are equally good, and we’re just being tricked by our psychology. Totally wrong. The first deal makes you save 60% while the 2nd only 7,5%! So if you’re given $40 to buy either 1 of the more expensive thing or 8 of the cheaper one, which one would you buy?
    Weber’s law is a self-evindent thing, and this example was very bad. In this case, this very phenomenon helps us CORRECTLY identify the better deal. Weber’s law is actually the consequence of a noise/error-filtering mechanism of our brain.

  • I think learning styles have been highly discredited lately. Though I think this may be because academic education is highly focused upon auditory and visual information, and as people progress through education it promotes and reinforces this. The 3 r method sounds a lot like the Feynman technique.

  • It’s funny how I’m quite a good student without studying. I’m just paying attention in class and listening to everything the teacher says. All my friends get similar or worse grades, although they study hours a day. I guess I am just lucky.

  • I know that a lot of the university bashing comes from people in the US where it’s crazy expensive. I wonder is it worth it for computer science here in Sweden where we get a small sum every month (250$) for going to uni?

  • Very valuable! I agree wholeheartedly schools should teach students different learning techniques as when it comes to preparing for exams, many students are lost and trying methods that are both ineffective and inefficient for them.

  • The title of this video is misleading. It is more about school learning then I expected. I thought it had to do with psychology in general, not just related to learning.

  • The next question therefore should be: how to find out which kind of learner we are teaching and where are the tests to separate one from the other?

  • Honestly if kids act like that in college they are either going to get kicked out of arrested by Campus Police when the quarantine is over

  • University at a state college taught me how to be an asshole for a parking place. University online and learning for yourself is the best model because it forces you to set the agenda and doesn’t rely on any group actor or agenda.

  • What they don’t teach you in school:
    People like to add fairy dust when they tell their story.

    Example: I’m a millionaire but only work 4 hours a week
    There are no secrets in how I achieved my success
    It’s easy simple and anyone can do it

  • Are you still using NOTION? My daughther is starting her online classes in August 24th of this year I need to be prepared incase she needs my help. I graduated college in 2007 alot has updated ever since. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Homework is BS. I never did homework. When I’m at home, I’m on MY time. We’re forced to waste most of the day at a place we don’t wanna be so why would anyone wanna keep doing that boring crap at home? It’s stupid.

  • Thanks for illuminating vid about improvement of our daily life! I like the concept of your channel and love those creations you’ve made, keep it up and we’ll grow together!

  • Are you stuck inside all day because of quarantine or safety reasons? Then at least don’t ruin your posture and get injuries! Go get your posture corrector at for under 20 dollars!
    To get 10% off use code: Preventinjuries

  • When you are a highly successful student and still you condense everything in the last 2 days before an exam ��ops.
    Loved this video btw! The info about short and long term memory were so interesting!

  • Ima actually really interested in the diffrent learning techniques. I always got bad grades for paying attention because it was boring and I wanted to just solve it my own way?! The teacher would just wait for us all the pay attention T-T And 70% of the time I still got it right even though I didn’t pay attention.

  • yo the offense ones weren’t that funny, but now i kinda miss them. sure, this vid still has a couple of them, but a lot of them are too innocent and boring af. sum are even fake. i think we never bitched about the vids being offense cuz 75% of these clips are lame. we need more nick kerr with flightreacts pfp

  • Hi guys. Answered your comment and send you an email here on YouTube. Hope you got it. Would love to do your podcast. Best regards, FORREST and BOB

  • in your opinion Onepercerentbetter, other than medical and engineering courses, what are other courses that are worth it to still get in college? thanks appriciate your answer, will help a lot on my future decisions. thanks a lot

  • the drasticly overpriced universities is an american thing, plus lots of american degrees amount to nothing
    Where i live a degree is your ticket into for example the business world
    (i pay 1000 euro’s per year for quality engineering education, only 300 with scolarship)

  • Mariana, Can you help me with this? I fall in love with Topic A and then before finishing the previous I find another Topic B and start working on it and continue to do so. They all look like priorities or something like “this is my chance and I have to learn these concepts in Topic X and improve myself before I get busy doing stuff I don’t like (like boring lectures)”

  • most of these things be mad fucked up, like it be funny for these kids to say but its some childish ass shit things hurt these people just trying to do their job it shouldnt be like that

  • Thanks for another great vid!
    I’m really interested in learning how to not give a f***.. could you do a video about this or could you recommend me any books?


  • Heyyyy, OnePercentBetter, can you please tell me the top 10 books you’ve read about self-improvement/business?

    I’ve been reading for a few months and these are what I’ve read:

    Think and Grow Rich
    7 habits of highly effective people
    Now, discover your strengths
    48 laws of power
    Success built to last
    Robert Kiyosaki books

    Any more suggestions?
    Please reply haha

  • I would say that the basis for all of this is a) being very curious and loving the subjects you learn, b) remembering that learning happens outside of classroom as well. I have never been the organized, prepared student who loves planning and I have gone through times that I barely did any school work, but my love for learning new has kept me on the road. I have always found something interesting in every subject I’ve learned and valued the learning process itself, and also learned maybe 50% of all my knowledge from internet, friends etc. Understanding that learning is not just school books and classroom, has helped me to think broader concepts and find causalities and links between phenomena. Never underestimate the power of discussions with people, “boring” or “unnecessary” classes or even YouTube videos. When you love learning, the tiny pieces of information you collect in your daily life will build you as a person, and you learn to learn better.

  • POint number 7 is something i have always believed in and its the first time i am hearing about this from someone else too. So you started by summing up great advise, but you are now reaching great breakthrough insights of your own too. Great stuff, Bro! Keep up the good work!!

  • That first part was BS cause I could tell you immediately the characteristics of the front and back of a penny. And I spend ten seconds on each part of my mouth rotating to the right three times. It’s how I was taught to brush my teeth. After watching that I quit watching cause clearly this is BS.

  • Самый первый момент это как мы с 7,8,9,классом там такое месиво было там было раза в два больше народу и бес крови на лице никто не ушёл, потом целый день в актовом зале сидели перед директором объяснялись)

  • TOP THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thanks for all the amazing value you share… Learnt so much from you guys! You inspired me to start and build my online business and now I am now on track to becoming an internet MILLIONAIRE. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I am currently documenting my journey step-by-step where I shoot daily videos about strategies I have learnt since starting out. Would love some support / feedback so hit subscribe on my channel to follow my journey. Peace:-)

  • Saying that university is a scam is quite a bold move. The fact is that most of the people have no idea how to organize themself, be social, have discipline, know what they need to learn, etc. They would just end up on a couch doing nothing, because they would have no clue about life. University gives you a framework, if you want to do the most out of, you have to work for it. You have open doors for internships, exchange abroad, meet all sorts of people, etc.

  • You must continue growing throughout your life. The moment you stop growing you start dying. Many people have this idea that ‘when they get rich’ or ‘when they get famous’ or ‘when they find that perfect person’ they will be happy. Ironically they decide not to be happy until they achieve their goal. Then once they do, because they are no longer growing, they inevitably become miserable. Keep Growing. Keep challenging your comfort zone. Keep improvising. Keep failing and keep succeeding.

  • Ok on that practice thing everyone is thought to do the thing again and again as practice but that’s not how you get better proper practice is learning what to do and doing it again so it’s not always just you doing it to improve maybe a break was connected to the practice

  • “Being a good student means understanding that learning is a careful and slow process that takes a lot of work and will help you develop as a person”
    Just love how helpful her videos are✨✨✨

  • Awesome tips, thank you! Thanks for the great ideas! Love this. Also, just because this year is so crazythis class really helped my nephew get his brain ready for everything (run by a brain medical clinic, only 6 kids per class, all teachers licensed SLPs!). Next session starts Aug 2nd check it out!

  • Mariana:” being a good student isn’t about having a top grade and then forgetting what you’ve written the next morning”
    Me: thanks god I’m not like that �� I forget what I’ve written the moment I get out of the exam.

  • The only counterpoint i would offer for going to university for a business degree is that as an aspie it was not what was taught that matter but being forced to work in groups with 360 evaluation that forced me to develop team working skills that i would not have otherwise had the opportunity to develop. And it was a steep learning curve!

  • I love you Mariana! You always inspire me to be a better person and student. I am facing a big test next wednesday and thanks to your advices i feel ready. Saludos y abrazos desde México ����!

  • I’ve been thinking that schools should separate students into 4 different kinds of classrooms: The “sit and read” ers, the “move around” ers, the “discussion/talk” ers, and the “listen and hands on” ers. I hated school and remember very little of what I ‘learned’. I remember the things I learned in P.E. or during recess, or in art class. I hate sitting, and am on my feet 90% of the day.

  • I, myself, was the smartest student who always stood out in the class. Not to brag anything but that was true-and yet I never felt satisfied. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know what was wrong. It’s just that… I was dissatisfied despite the awards and recognitions I got from my teachers and contests that I had won. Then, I did a lot of reflection from the day I stood out and I couldn’t figure out what was missing. There’s something, like a big part of me, that didn’t sit well. It’s like I’m longing for contentment-not that I’m sure of-but I just couldn’t have it. I cannot even consider myself as a successful student since I always lose interest once the “school time” has ended. But I always got envious or jealous with those students who are continuously learning or reviewing that I tend to copy them, do the same, but it doesn’t last longer. It’s infuriating. I’m being stressed about it. Like I’m asking myself “why can’t I be as productive as them?” It’s just sad… you know? I want to learn continuously. But I also get lose interest easily. I don’t know how to deal with it anymore.

  • two of your ideas (#7)pseudoscience and (#3) university is a scam are dangerous ideas. university is necessary for maths sciences, archaeologists, geologists, accountants, robotics, surgeons, and almost any professional field. pseduoscience is dangerous too before science figured stuff out, we used to have open heart surgery with unwashed hands and smoke cigarettes with no fear of consequences. if you want to be be a youtuber or a radio host or a streamer on twitch, that is fine, but don’t downplay the stuff that is responsible for advancing society

  • I don’t know tho,I don’t get it… In school things are not given all to you,like they don’t taught you all the things that you need to know it’s actually the person itself who needs to discover it… What are actually taught in school is actually the ability to discover more about it but many students don’t like schooling cause it stresses their brain how can a student learn if they are that close minded in learning new things… In real life we are actually not taught how to handle and solve our own problems we encounter but we discover solutions by ourself… You do have a point at it but in school students are taught how to be competitive and how to develop oneself by discoveries but it’s up to them at the end… School is like they don’t give you all what you need but give you a bit of it and it’s up to you to learn more from it…

  • in theory, then, to effectively memorise and avoid interference, isn’t it better to do one subject per day in school? why do we do multiple lessons of different subjects, doesn’t it cloud our memory further that way? just a thought

  • Udemy…. You better check the reviews online before signing up to this. Many people are NOT happy with this “free that’s not free” courses.

  • This video was so helpful! I am trying to work on taking efficient notes and creating a better organization system so this video gave me a lot of ideas. (I actually took notes on this video so I could remember) Thank you for posting this!

  • Bullshit. I remember my elementary school did stuff like this for a time limit..then trade…then trade. You can learn naturally what that child is leaning towards.

  • im god stephen very good healer on my own earth is mine with all law of my original body alive 1st saved already never change 100years old to up will move to myself where place i will always protect and live and care and see all of my own people alive second saved already while dream of my favorite hobbies and colors are any for example but not happy at all times without house own or love family and other thats why bad spirits did not yet end the covid for second contiune because very bad spirits want me to have my own house land and other gifts who want to help me god stephen early if i ask or not ask for help what i need that they know what to do before. because bad spirits did not yet next new damagous for third while waiting for first to third weekday of july 2020 before. after the soul of mama mary told me god stephen listener to know myself thats true.

  • There’s a Bengali proverb called
    “Khajna thake bajna beshi” which mean “too much show, too little substance”.
    And this theme is constant in most of the productivity videos which promotes wasting time over actually being productive.
    But thank you marina you’re among the few youtubers who actually do so much research and prove what productivity actually his and help us honestly. I really wanna thank you wholeheartedly.

  • Can you please make a video or some sort of list about the list of all the books you mentioned with a short introduction to all of them(optional). But please give us the list of books atleast.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Another thing is to focus on making effective notes rather than beautiful or aesthetic notes. I wasted a lot of time in that phase. That’s why i use notability now. It’s not that customizable so i can restrict the amount of prettying up i use while still being neat.

  • I live your videos so much they help me a lot. But can you make a list of supplies and where you buy them in your video or in your little information section? I think it will help since you use them in your videos, and they seem like they’re good quality and very useful.

  • Привет меня зовут Матвей мечтаю о ноже Jkomanndo “Ancient”

    Сыграть закладку бомбы (открытый) =3г��
    Зыграть мм=7г��
    Сыграть К.Б, дуэль снайперов, аркада, гонка вооружений=4г��

  • The no porn and masturbation thing is 100% true, not Pseudoscience. Why would anyone wait for scientific backing to confirm something that hundreds of thousands people KNOW to be true from firsthand experience!

  • Videos like this make me love being a student even more. Cherishing the next four!! Also, a staple for me is taking practice tests/exams before the actual ones. Worked wonders (most of the time!)

  • Thanks for sharing this subject with us, may I know the name of every apps and things that you use in this video? such as I dont know tablet, word app and stuff like that?

  • Please, if you’re not rich or white don’t listen to that ‘university is a scam’ bs. I’m a 29 year old black man, and being under-educated in America won’t make anyone think I’m some type of maverick with a vision lol.

  • Tha-tha-tha-n-Thats ALL Folks!!!! DO Correct me if I am missing something here. Though I sometimes find it amusing to observe how exactly others draw their own conclusions, i.e. “Top Thinks” reasoning (or lack there of…) I find it Troubling he would state that the $3.00 Savings on both SALE Items are IDENTICAL smfh, followed w/ that repeated excuse for an explanation!!??!?!? “most would choose first item as the better deal BECAUSE it’s harder to detect small changes in a more intense stimulus” wtf??? UM NO how about factoring in 60% Savings vs. less than 10% Savings on the pricier second item… CONCLUSION, though videos as such CAN Sometimes ENLIGHTEN, PEOPLE, ALWAYS Follow your OWN GUT and regularly pray for Discernment. 1,000% 24/7 and You Can’t Go Wrong

  • I feel that we are not utilizing the university system. If you want to open a business, a university can be a great place for the entrepreneurs. Most of us failed to utilize the university.

  • Business principles taught in university are not the same as what Gary V is teaching. There is a HUGE difference. Knowledge about the detailed aspects ot finance, banking, marketing, operations, HR is what is taught in business school. Yes, you can get all of this knowledge for way cheaper but you wouldn’t know where to start, whats the scope, what is actually relevant and you’ll face a multitude of similar problems. Saying that you can get all the information taught at business schools for free is like saying you can build a twenty story building by yourself. I am not saying the education system is perfect, but its not correct either to say that you can learn everything very easily off the internet.

  • I’ve been following this channel from the very beginning and let me tell you Mariana’s Study Corner is the best! Mariana is so informative and honest she is by far my favorite person within the study community! Much love! You have helped motivate and inspire me so much over the years. So much so that I am going to finally take the leap and start my own studygram after years of contemplation. Best Wishes everyone! P.S. Who else remembers her Alice alias?

  • After watching this video by you, and Jubbal’s video on helpful, useful, useless study techniques and he covers how you show effectively, and properly retain information for long periods of time.

    Thanks for making this video. Because many of us often forget due to interference. Instead of learning new content by making flash cards, actually taking the time to properly study the material. Preview the chapter, take notes based off the topic, review you can do synthesis questions by turning the sub headers into questions and use that to check for your understating. So much better than highlighting, re reading your notes, and summarizing. Because they’re meant for refreshing your mind.

    Also flash cards are alright. I actually distant myself from flash cards entirely. Because I feel like it’s too simple, and I’m thinking of watching flash cards videos.

    The best ones was by JaniceStudies and she aced her past exam using the writing prompt type of flash card.

    Anki and close deletion (I think it has to do with getting rid of the cards you already studied, in that way your not studying the same cards.)

    Honestly I think synthesis questions, and bit of flash cards works best for me. But synthesis questions works best for me.

  • 1. Another example: I drive for 20 minutes on a road I know well, and when I arrive I don’t remember anything, unless something uncommon happened.
    6. I wanted to confess to a girl. She likes fortune telling, so we tried. “Failure, heavy heartache, but it will make you stronger.” Guh…

    But something like this is far to little to stop me.:)

  • I came across your channel when I was in my 3rd year of college and it has changed my life ever since! I’m now going to med school and I need to right all of my academic wrongs ���� Thank you for this Mariana! Can’t wait for the next video!

  • Timestamps for anyone who’s searching Sth specific

    1:11 they treat studying as their job
    1:54 they don’t attempt to memorize everything the night before ( 2:58 to transfer information from your short term memory to your long term memory)
    4:33 they set goals for themselves despite their grading system
    5:33 they stay organize and spend time finding the best methods
    6:58 they aren’t afraid of making mistakes
    7:33 they learn how to master their time
    9:08 they don’t take information for granted

  • This video is so good (like all of your videos I’ve seen so far), but i have to ask…..were you were you listening to music from Animal Crossing???? Lmaooo it’s at 4:04

  • i’m starting uni this september, and i’ve been binge watching back to school videos like this, but so far this was the only one that was more about the actual reason we’re studying and how to do that, rather than how pretty notes can be. thank you. i’m gonna be a history teacher, so getting all the new information into my long term memory will be very important. it also means 5+1 years of school, so i will have time to figure out what works best�� thank you for this video, i’m gonna try my best.

  • Please keep doing these! My college is doing mostly online as many are and I’d love some more tips and resources to succeed, I’m not very good online:/

  • Thank you so much for these amazing videos. I’m not a native speaker, but my English is B2 and that’s enough to understand you. You inspire me to work more ☺️

  • Number 4 is something that a lot of people struggle with in my opinion and I serioulsy do NOT understand why. WHY worry what others think of you? WHY do you care? If I have to worry about what OTHER yes OTHER people think of me, wouldn’t that be the greatest fucking energy waster on the entire planet? Like seriously, the moment you stop worrying about what ‘others’ might think of you, you’ll instantly feel this feeling of freedom rise up in your whole body and you feel like the world is yours to take.

    Great vid Brandon! Just wanted to get that off my chest:)

  • If any teacher reading this..

    We need to spend time with others and our family not study our entire life, homework is like school at home so technically we are always at school.

  • I like how they aren’t even self aware enough to know that everyone can tell when it’s staged and that it being staged makes it so cringe.

  • Hi amazing video!!! ���� What is your ipad? 11 or 12,8 inches? Do you like taking your note on your ipad or do you prefer write on paper? �� ❤️

  • The most motivational Europa he’s an American & German artist with new music. Give him a chance and if you feel it subscribe to he’s channel to keep up with him. Germany got Bars.

  • so pseudoscience is the reason why people perform these stupid rituals and customs in india…
    thank you.. i was really confused for so long..

  • May I ask what size of iPad Pro do you use? and why? I wanna buy one for productivity but I’m afraid I might go with the wrong size:(… Thanks in Advance:)

  • If a person is taught properly in an ‘optimal schooling system’ from age 5.5 years (2,000 days) to 15 years (5,500 days) of age, then at 15 years they will be mentally ready to handle fulltime-work and start the journey of entrepreneurship if they desire. Those who want to study regulated fields like law/medicine/engineering can choose to do so from age 15 to age 19 (7,000 days) and attend a university and hence at age 19 they will be ready to enter the work field and those requiring extra specialization can study a further 2 years from 19 to 21. Universities teach so much useless things and waste students time that they can easily offer better designed courses that save time. Human’s are very smart and if they have the proper guidance from 5.5 yrs to 15 yrs they are easily ready to face the world at age 15, and those who need extra attention or develop slower than others then they can have some extra mentorship from age 15 to 19 so that they get to a stage of maturity socially and mentally

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  • School isn’t for majority and the others are wasting 12 years lol. Shocking needs a better system. Although THEY have created it as such for reasons