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When a Gamer gets a Bad Report Card

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How yo mama be when you get a bad report card

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When You Get A Bad Report Card

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How to deal with a bad report card

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How To Explain Your Bad Grades To Your Parents

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BAD GRADES!! how to tell your parents you got bad grades!

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How to deal with a bad report card Determine whether this is unusual or showing a trend. If you are seeing a trend, it may be important to consider seeking Calmly, warmly, and non-judgmentally, ask your child to describe their thoughts about the report card. Ask how she feels Ask her opinion.

It can be very easy to just react out of emotions when you see the bad report card. The danger is that your emotions may be highly charged and cause a negative reaction from your child. It is important to take the time to think through the right strategy and approach when speaking to your child to ensure the best outcome. 3.

Because of the pressures that arise once the report card has been handed out, Lisa Huffman, the assistant professor of educational psychology at Ball State University establishes that it is important to remain supportive, while still incentivising good hard work. Sifa Umuhoza, also a student, says a bad report card disappoints both parents and friends. However, she says no one has a right to shout at her for failing her exams. “I have no problem with being criticized but I get demoralized when I’m insulted for failing,” Umuhoza argues. Remember that panicking would do you no good at all although it is normal for students to do so as soon as they see a bad grade in their report card. Stay calm when you find out that you ended up scoring a poor grade and let your parents know about it right away.

Make your parents aware of your plans to improve your grade in the upcoming semesters. How to Deal with a Bad Report Card During your child’s elementary school career you may be faced with a less-than-stellar report card. Although bad grades are upsetting, as a parent, the best thing you can do is to remain calm and take the opportunity to demonstrate to your child how to overcome difficulties. Here are a few initial tips on how to deal with a bad report card when it first comes home. Step 1: Give it some distance The first thing you want to do is to make sure you do not react in the moment.

It’s tempting to want to express your frustration (believe me, I’ve been there!), especially if this isn’t a new issue. One final tip: If you’re struggling to keep up with credit card or loan payments, don’t keep creditors in the dark. Reach out to them at the first sign of trouble to see if they offer hardship payment plans or deferments so you can avoid negative information on your credit report. It’s almost time for midterm report cards.

But what do you do if your child brings home a bad report card? Education expert Sunny Verma gives us tips on. Instead of focusing on one bad grade or even a report card full of grades, try to point out the positive aspects of your child’s report card.

For example, you could say, “This gives you something to strive for,” or “I noticed you got a ‘B’ in Math!

List of related literature:

Remember that a good report card is a fine goal, but agood education is an even better One.

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When we pressed this issue in our interviews with parents, however, we discovered that parents don’t necessarily want report cards more often.

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This is the cardinal rule for grades and report cards: Parents don’t get report cards — kids do.

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To make matters worse, imagine that the only report card you got in May

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Report cards can take many forms.

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In my experience, once a parent sees the letters on the report card, they stop listening.

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Should her report card be full of Bs and Cs, or should she get an A in each discipline and an F in time management?

“What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers across America” by Ted Dintersmith
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As with notes, letters, and phone calls, you should avoid making only negative notes on report cards.

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Imagine yourself receiving a report card with all the results that you want.

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Periodic report cards do not provide enough information for parents to know what’s really going on.

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  • Here’s some ideas to deal with bad grades

    Get at least 1 good grade and a bad grade
    Get a good grade a bunch times until a bad one comes
    Call your parents saying that you got a bad grade
    Make sure an event happened on the day you got a bad grade
    Just be honest and tell don’t lie or keep it a secret

  • Am here sitting on the bed my report card is going to be collected I 2 hours an so dead OMG WHY AM I EVEN WATCHING THIS GOOD BYE TO MY PHONE

  • i just started my first year of high school and i’ve never felt so bad about my grades�� i’ve had straight a’s my whole life and this whole school year (4weeks) so far i’ve been getting a c on every test and quiz i even got a D:(

  • I bet the little kids like the little kids that still have numbers for there grades I bet they like hmm wonder if this works

    Gets bad grades
    Me:* hi mom*
    My mom:* so I saw that you got bad grades*
    Me:* trys to remember what the ytber said*
    Me: * says whatever the ytber said*
    My mom:* get belt*
    Me:* why you bully me*
    My mom:*hits*
    Me:* waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    My mom:* you $*#$*$#*
    My mom:* oh this is how you going to play with me*
    My mom:* oh yah how about I play with you this*

  • I’m not perfect. I’m not the best student. But I’ve experienced a lot and every time when I receive a bad grade I’m worried that my classmates will think of me as a stupid person or that my parents will yell at me. And some people who go through stuff like that a lot at the end they just give up.

  • My mom: give me a fucking reason why did u get bad grades
    Me:im in pain
    Mom: slaps
    Step 2
    Mom: says the same thing Again
    Me: im smart i got good grades but the tea hates me
    Mom: oh ok

  • For me i just tell them “Oh mom dad i study but the teacher didn’t like me so they give m bad grades”


  • You could’ve ended it real quick if you just lead with “I studied for the wrong subject” although this would’ve been a short video. What I always say is “you ALWAYS did worse than me! And you want me to follow in your footsteps! That’s what I’m doin!” Works every time

  • (Me)*mom I got a bad grade
    (Mom)*Pulls out belt
    (Also mom)*Tags my dad in and both of them corner me
    (Me)*In the corner prepared to die

  • I love how parents say we’re her to help u and then your confused you ask the, for help they help u test day comes and all the stuff you learned floats away

  • It’s the last week of school, and my last test grade for one class was horrible. It brought my grade down a lot, and I’ve had all a’s my whole life. Of coarse all this happens the last few days! Thank you for this! It made me feel better, now I juts have to get through my parents.

  • Nah it wasn’t my mom whooping my ass over report cards it was my dad if I messed up in school I would tell them to call my mom because I knew if they call my dad I was getting it

  • I never had bad grades But RN i got a rlly bad one and My Mom is Expecting a lot more and in my country the grades are from 1 to 5 and in math i always had a 5 but this time i have a 3 so I am dead

  • My dad is going to get my results today form my school I am very scared and nervous right now. If I get bad Mark’s my mom will kill me ����

  • Tip: be honest. i got a bad grade and was scared to tell my mom, so the teacher called my mom and told her about it. it’s better to be honest than lie.

  • My mother is upset with me that I received a 40 on an online assignment that I’m not able to make up because we had left on a trip that week. Which was my worst grade all year and it was just 1 daily assignment. My little brother makes 60s and 70s on the daily and he doesn’t get shit for it yet when I make 1 mistake she gets upset. She expects way too much from me and I hate it because I’m not perfect and this doesn’t change who I am. I’m not even in high school yet and I shouldn’t have to worry because my overall grade in that class is still a high 90. I’m still going to pass so what’s the deal. Ugh. I feel like leaving. She wonders why I’m upset all the time. She cant blame it on me using my phone anymore because I’m having to use it for assignments so she is just going to yell at me.

  • History is my most focused subject, but I just keep failing and failing the tests. A little while ago my teacher informed me I currently have a C I prepare so much but I just keep failing. an hour ago I looked at my grade and I have a C in french. I bawled my eyes out and I can stop crying.

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  • Today I got C in maths, and i dont know how to explain this to my parents, i had planned A-s in every subject but this C is going to ruin everything, my parents are going to be angry too, im so sad:_(

  • This is how I explain my bad grades(Lenmarc is the top student on my class-)
    Me: “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM I got 63:(((“
    Mom: “??? How????????????????? >:(((“
    Me: “it’s so hard!!1! Even Lenmarc got 75;C” (I liedLenmarc actually have more than 75:D)
    Mom: oh ok


  • I got c in math and I’m supposed to be in the top 3 in my grade. I have been dealing bad words the whole day. Thanks for this vid. I realize I should take it easier.

  • I think that what hurts most is not a bad grade but the fact that the person who got a better grade than you is not better than you, and you could have get a much better grade if you try. But when you think you try your best, you actually didn’t and you lose to the people that is less clever than your self. especially when you were the top but not now because of this mid term test, and you pride that stays in you heart just makes you pain.

  • I litterally just said “because I’m lazy as f**k!!”

    And they were like “well, thats true”
    And then just got out of my room and left me watching anime in peace��