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How do TONGS help toddlers TALK?! Tips from a Speech Therapist

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Speech Therapy Tips to Help Your Child Speak in Sentences!

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Speech therapy also addresses the mechanics of producing words, such as articulation, pitch, fluency, and volume. When children need speech therapy, it often involves pursuing milestones that have been delayed. Some children only need help with language, while others have the most problems with the mechanics of speech.

How Speech Therapy can Help Your Child? 1. Articulation Skills. Articulation skills refer to the physical ability to move the organs of speech in the right ways 2. Expressive Language Skills. While speech is all about making the right sounds, language is about being able to.

Speech Therapy in Action. Your child’s work with a speech therapist will depend on the type of speech disorder confirmed during the diagnosis phase. One of our speech-language therapists will work with your child in a relaxed, friendly setting on a series of exercises. You may have one or more sessions per week, depending on the child’s needs. After all, that’s why they have a Master’s Degree!

But there are some basic approaches that you can try during speech therapy at home to help your child. The idea is simple: break each skill down into smaller or simpler pieces and specifically teach them to your child. Working with a speech therapist is very similar to working with a physical therapist, at least as far as the routine goes. The person receiving the therapy will have regular appointments with their speech therapist to monitor and track their progress and will be given easy exercises to work on at home to make additional.

For children with a speech disorder, the parents will be an integral part of the process. Our clinic provides speech therapy for children in addition to physical therapy, so be sure to give us a call if you require these services. Here’s a closer look at how speech therapy can help a child with a speech disorder. The speech therapist will work with your child to strengthen their speech muscles and learn to form sounds correctly.

This can help with articulation and fluency, as well as the quality and volume of their speech. By exercising their oral muscles, it. A speech therapist can help kids with different kinds of speech difficulties as well as language issues like dyslexia and dyspraxia. Speech therapists have at least a master’s degree and must be licensed to practice. Speech therapy can improve communication skills in kids with language issues.

A speech therapist can help in teaching a child new words and the way they should be used to follow particular directions, reply to questions and thus take part in simple conversations with peers and other people. Speech fluency: Speech fluency is affected by stuttering, which refers to the breaks in the flow of speech. This hampers one’s ability to talk freely. If your child has a speech disability that includes trouble pronouncing words, speech therapy may help improve language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills.

Here is all that you need to know, and how you can help your child by giving him/her speech therapy.

List of related literature:

Whenever a child is recommended for speech therapy, it is necessary to decide where the child will receive intervention, who will provide it, and at what intensity.

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In severe cases, speech therapy will be needed to assist the child in swallowing, feeding, and communication development.

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The health care professional may educate parents by making them aware of the normal dysfluent patterns in a child’s speech and by suggesting ways to encourage a child’s speech development.

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Speech therapy for such children can help them to slow the pace of speaking, improve respiratory control for phrase production, and improve the intelligibility of their output.

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Speech therapists who go to the child’s home, observing speech there, will make a better assessment and be in a position to help parents encourage speech in the home.

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Speech and language therapy interventions for children with primary speech and language delay or disorder.

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Speech therapy can also work to help the child learn to use special communication devices, such as a computer with voice synthesizers.

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For children younger than 3 years of age, therapy may be provided by an infant development program that has specific speech therapy services or a speech pathologist

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Speech therapy assists in the development of receptive and expressive language and addresses the use of appropriate feeding techniques in the child who has swallowing problems.

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Therapy techniques that comprise a gesture to remind the child of how a sound is produced (e.g. Cued Articulation; Passy, 1993a, 1993b), can be linked with the written letter and can help to promote phonological awareness in some children with speech difficulties.

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  • I want to thank you so much because i have a 3 yr old who stays at home not daycare and has some speech delay. His main problem is connectors. We were supposed to start an evaluation and therapy but with this whole pandemic its been postponed. Youre tips make so much sense and i feel like i now have a better understanding of how i can help my toddler.

  • Very informative! I have a soon to be 2 years old and right now I am a stay at home father. I got time to help him since he is not in child care at the moment and honestly, we don’t know how long he will be out due to the pandemic. I have been trying to figure out how to help him with speaking and getting across what he may want or need and these are really helpful tips! I have a question since we are both couped up, would an hour a day be a good amount of time to work with him on this? And if he has a clear issue of not wanting to try to learn or stay focused what can I do to help steer him in the right direction? Thank you! Stay safe during these crazy times!

  • Hi.. this is so helpful. can you recommend books and toys to practice on and use as routine. my kids are 4 and 2 and both are having issues with language delay.

  • My girl is 4 years old. She hasn’t started speaking clearly yet. She knows words. She uses sentences too that i feel she has memorized to suit the situation. But she does not follow a conversation. She seems disinterested in answering questions and responding. She is improving but it is going very slow. I do feel guilty for not giving her enough time. She hasn’t started school yet. We don’t live alone and she has plenty of interaction with everyone including her older brother, yet she is unable to communicate clearly. This is the only video that i have found closer to my problem. We are bilingual. English is not our native language. I guess that has made speaking more difficult for my daughter.

  • Oh my goodness, I never thought of those ideas before. Thank you so much for this amazing video. It’s really helpful. I’ll definitely it out. ❤️

  • My nephew had speech therapy. It was about 10 years ago but what I remember is that he would say “me” instead of “I” mix up his words and he wouldn’t be able to say certain words at his age. He progressed so well.

  • My son is 2 and half and he says maybe 5 words mostly just babbles. We were supposed to start speech therapy months ago but with Covid it hasn’t been possible. He’s also had a huge set back on his social skills now that he’s been home without any other child around since turning 2. I feel like im failing and i don’t know what to do to help my son. He has an autism evaluation by the end of September and im very nervous about it.

  • My grandson was talking before but now he’s 2 and says a word and then I never hear it again. Mostly babbles, it’s hard I don’t know when he wants to eat or need a new diaper.

  • I have a cleft palate and 18 years old thing are getting worst i’ve already have my second operation which is to cover the hole between my nose and my mouth even me sometime i dont understand my words is there still a chance for me to speak normal by consulting to speech therapy?? Because some of the doctors said that its too late for me to speak normal because i was 17 when my operation was?

  • hard part is my son got glued in his ear and his speech have lots of missing word for example “cow” but my son say “ow” just very basic…
    i fear my son got underlay issue.

  • In my speech class we built technology Ms. Grace and my speech therapy teacher new I was smarter than the rest of them they new what all u was doing to me I new to so we did it to catch all u liar theifs that used me they had me study pschology to head start new I was smart to

  • You say not to give into giving your child the bubbles, well of course there will be a meltdown. Wish you explained how to appropriately handle that

  • This is great information thank you! My little one is 15 months and I’m working on her speech and I definitely say “say…” This or that. ����‍♀️

  • Cohen is making great progress! You shared some great tips that will help other families working with their children who have a speech impediment or delay. Great topic to discuss and share your insight.

  • He had a speech delay around 2 but he was talking some what when he was att daycare sooo im confused then he stopped
    Mainly because he was repeating what he seen on tv( cartoon) but we are working on it.

  • I’m thankful for speech therapy. When i was younger i had a big speeking problem. I had trouble with r, s, and t’s. As well as a big stuttering problem. So if my speech therapist end up reading this thank you for all you did.

    Ps. For some reason people tend to think i’m british?

  • I’m 21, and I don’t have any children yet, but I know that my boyfriend of seven years and I want children in the future so this video may be helpful if one of our children has any speech issues. Congrats on all the improvement with his speech delay:)

  • My daughter has special needs and speech delay is one of them. However hers is more severe. She has a brain condition called Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyhria. She is 11 but does not speak in words. We work with a speech therapist… she is going to use an iPad type communication device to Express her words through a choice of words.

  • hi my daughter is 3yr old. and she is not speak yet. she speak mmy papa normally but when we are asking her call your mom she donot speak. but she knows who is her mother father but i donot know what is the reason behind

  • I just Subscribed to your channel. I have a son who is diagnosed with autism. He is three years old and he still does not talk. I’m hoping that this channel can help my son in some way. ��

  • “How parents can help their child…”
    Tells you to listen to what the therapist says
    20 seconds later
    Tells you to get a second opinion

  • Hey…
    i am from india..
    i am having A speech problem in letter s.
    My tongue is very tensed,it came out from my mouth when i say the letter s….. when i tried to put it in it sound very stupid..
    Can u help me?

  • Great video!My son is a „late talker“(4 1/2 y old),do you have videos uploaded on your channel that would help me learning with him?

  • My daughter just turned 20 months and she understands almost everything we say to her and responds but not with words hardly ever she will point and shake her head yes or no sometimes she says ya. She will only day a few words and hot all the time. They are mama, dada, ya, she was saying ducky but stopped for some reason idk how to help her

  • Should I have speech therapy if I try to say a word but something else comes out? It’s always a few specific words I replace them with.

  • One aspect of SLP I acknowledge is that with younger children there seems to be a lot of tactile interaction on the face and mouth. Some children may not enjoy having their faces touched or muddled with and so maybe using solely modulation objects and imitation would compensate. There are pathologists who leave periods that are too short between the child’s input and the speaking pathologist or infer multiple vowel or consonant sequences at an unfitting speed.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else needs to find out about how to encourage your toddler to talk try talk fixer formula (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • When my son was in first grade, he was picked up for reading support services. This great reading guide has assisted a whole lot in strengthening the learning skills of my boy although he is just on grade level and his development definitely impressed his reading trainer. I hope the trainer had employed this method at school. Get this guide by Google. The reading guide’s name is Elena Readoρiz
    nice day

  • just so upset…and depressed..have just been called a bad mother by my husband,.cuz i n not able to mk my son talk who seem to be autistc…m so tired of trying hard….its so frustrating

  • i havent heard of this job/ career and I have a feeling it may have ranked high up now on the things Im interested in. I want to help people, but I still don’t know if the job maybe available in the country Im in.

  • I can’t find a video for those with severe hearing loss, I can hear others speech except my own in public. I do wish my speech therapist would be someone who went through the same thing, not those with normal hearing, it is a lot harder for those with hearing loss.

  • Does anyone know who the guy slp is? I’m trying to get ahold of him. I am a guy that just applied to a speech pathology program and I’m trying to contact him to get some advice. If anyone has his email or linked in profile or is a make speech pathologist please comment on my comment so I’ll get a notification

  • I had speeche theripy becase of my speech impediment, but when i moved towns i did not have access to a speech theripist and now my teachers are saying i need to go back again becase my impediment is getting worse, however i can say that while i did have the therapy it helped tremendously

  • I’m at the point that I give up when it comes to teaching my child…they diagnosed my son to be mild autistic at two years. I try my best to teach him words and have him try to eat solid foods…I spend days depressed and unmotivated because I just see no difference even with on going therapy and now I gotta do ABA therapy. I look up videos here to see if I can do anything different…do you have any suggestions to make a two year old eat solid food?
    I’m in tears sometimes because it’s difficult

  • Oh wow I have to try this with my grandson he is almost 3 and does not talk like he should be…he will repeat color words but not number words…

  • my baby brother doesnt know how to talk and he’s 3 so thanks this helped a lot now he understand things like
    say this
    what do you want
    let me help u
    (he actually sais that when he thinks we need help so cute owo)

  • I had to take speech in elementary school and still sometimes slip with my speech im scared my daughter will come out with the same speech problems i have i can hwar the same letter i have problems speaking she has problems with too

  • I like your clarity and enthusiasm. Thing is, a lot of suggestions I see tend to assume that the child has difficulty pronouncing words, has a limited vocabulary, etc. My 3 year-old doesn’t have those problems. She has always pronounced words and phrases clearly, since she was 1, and she knows a lot of words in a passive “identification” sense. BUT, she will only repeat words and phrases to herself from the songs she hears and storybooks I read to her. She does this all day. She NEVER uses language in a personal or conversational way, to communicate her needs and wants like hunger, thirst, sleepiness, desire for a particular item or activity, etc.
    If I ask her if she’s hungry or thirsty or needs a nap or wants grapes, whatever, she’s COMPLETELY SILENT. I’ve instinctively tried the motivation thing, e.g. she wants to go outside and I try to get her to say “Outside”, or she wants me to open a little bag of cookies, and I withhold them and try to get her to say “Open”. Doesn’t work. She’s stubborn and will walk away as if she prefers to not have the thing she wants than to say the word I’m prompting her to say. Or she becomes frustrated and has a tantrum. And these are words I’ve heard her say to herself a number of times before, in a non-personal way. It’s very frustrating because whenever she wants something or is uncomfortable in any way, she just cries and we still have to guess what she wants or what’s bothering her. I thought by now we wouldn’t have to be doing that. And with a new baby due in a little over a month, it’s going to be a lot to handle.

  • My daughter is 22 months old she speaks only 2-3 words. She understands everything what ever I say.if I say say Balloon she will try to listen carefully will try to say but can’t. Please help me what can I do

  • Is it true for no screen time for toddlers? Even if it’s an app that is supposed to help with speech or nursery rhymes that you sing along?Does that cause any speech delays?

  • Hello! So is the idea to get them to learn to mimic words they hear? I ask because my child does all of that when we do activities, as well as her flash cards. Unfortunately, she still does speak in sentences. She points or takes you to the object or item she wants. She sings along to songs very well. So confused����‍♀️

  • You really had some great tips:)! I have twin boys who are turning 2 in March. They’re starting to say more words, but one is more behind than the other so I will definitely try some of your tips out to see if it helps! I struggle with modeling words to them, and say a full sentence instead lol. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • My son just turn 2 and no able to talk words yet just papapa babab mamamam yayay ayee just like that and it makes me worried so much that this maybe a sign of autism

  • I have a 26 month old, she points at things and knows a lot but won’t talk. She speaks about 10 words and try’s to imitate what I say. I was even worried about Autism but she doesn’t have any of those symptoms other than the late talking

  • This was very encouraging I can’t wait to use this on my son! He’s 2 1/2 and is a late speaker yet he’s fully potty trained and feed himself with silverware lol. He is just not into talking yet.

  • So glad i found your channel my daughter is 3 years old going to turn 4 and she still talks nonsense, doesn’t have full conversation she does say alot words, follows directions, understand everything & i understand her for the most part she also did go to speech therapy for 3 months, it did help her a little and i try to yeach her at home as well but idk i just feel like am failing as a mom, it’s so frustrating:( idk what to do. It’s like if she has a jard time saying full sentences but she can says so much words whatever i tell her i could be reading to her or whatever the case it is and she repeats after me. And i know am not the only mom that feels that way seeing another kids the same age as your kids, they dont speak as clearly or good as your kid just makes me feel like I’m not doing something right.

  • Thank you for this. My son is 19 months and he says 10 words. I was worried because my nice is 19 months and she says over 50 words.

  • I know this video is so old but how do you react when a toddler really wants the activity and throws a fit or looses interest because they can’t have it themselves? I have a two year (almost three year) old she’s a great listener, and a 1 1/2 who wants to do everything herself and melts down with every no. Of course we let her have the fit and don’t give in but it kinda makes it hard when trying to teach things. Any advice?

  • “Follow through with the recommendations”/get a second opinion. Except that Insurance WILL NOT cover assessment or speech therapy for Apraxia…

  • Motivation is a good thing that I need to practice; starting an activity with me in charge of the materials and getting my son excited but making him wait for my lead.

    Also learned about the double consonant sounds being hard for him.

    Thank you!!

  • Thank you.
    My son is a little over two.
    He says please..but more like peas because he doesnt have his front teeth.

    I should add..I dont think he is behind…he understands things. He just won’t talk.
    He can say “hi” “yeah/yes” “mommy/mom/mama” “daddy/dada” “ball” “bed”…
    My mom heard him say truck. And he says words here and there.
    I think we need to start making him speak like you said..before he gets what he wants.
    We do make him say please.

    Because he has no front teeth he says da instead of “the”..

  • My family thinks because my son is 2 years old and and 6 months away from turning 3 years old that he has autism.. Could they really judge based on him not talking just throws fits when his angry.

  • I am trying your technique I’m trying to make it fun and simple for my 23 month old but she is not interested in repeating or attempting to repeat after me. She understands the word and performs the action but without attempting to say the word. Can you give me any advice please Kayla?

  • I feel really concerned because my baby will be 2 in January but I feel his vocabulary isn’t where it should be. He says his name and ma, what uh-oh etc. But I saw a video that said they should be saying up to 10words by 24mnths

  • what can i do for my 2yr and 5month old, he doesnt talk AT ALL like he babbles and immitates play and hes great with eye contact and everything but doesnt say any words! he has been retested for his hearing and he passed and he does have speech terapists and ive have seen alot of progress with his attention and playing and sharing with you his toys and very good progress but he doesnt say any simple words like mom dad or animal sounds nothing! im just giving up hope that he wont talk at all! The terapists have talked to me about Autism but at the end they said that that could not be the case because he does everything a normal child does but still just that the talking is not going good, he does his “more” signs and well all he does is comunicate with signs or grabs my hand to take me of what he wants, and sometimes he does gets frustrated like he wants to communicate with words but he doesnt know how, and i do repeat EVERYTHING and the terapists are exellent but he doesnt speak yet please help on what i can do, thank you so much

  • Hy
    My daughter is almost 4 years she is just speaking few words like mama papa but not clearly.even can not speak full sentences she is speaking in her nasal way.she is very intelligent she knows to learn all numbers counting shapes food fruits animal what should i do for my kid to delay speech improvement.kindly advise me.

  • We taught my 18 month old sign language right from the get go and now i feel like shes using it as an excuse to to not talk. Like she understands words, she knows what she wants to say, hell she even makes up her own signs, but she wont talk, wont even try

  • idk I have a student who would benefit from these so called benefits but she still raises fits to people isn’t intergated with other non sped students and I think the system is failing her. Seems like all they are doing are playing games.

  • My son is going to be 2years old in 3months and he isnt talking yet. Ive tried phonic card reading tv programmes reading books etc. Boys talk later than girls.

  • My son is 18 and points to everything! My daughter has speech delay and it’s tough I was really hoping not to go through the same thing with my son.

  • My son is3yr. Old he is late talker. When I ask him questions. He repeat this not answer. Like… u want rice or roti? He repeat. Can you pl suggest me something. Waiting for ur reply mam. Pl

  • My daughter only speaks about 5 words and is 19 months old. However, she is advanced in all other areas. She understands everything I say, and responds with hand motions. She runs, climbs and interacts with her surroundings. I don’t understand why she’s not talking. My husband and I were both very advanced as children and we work in engineering and genetics. Do you think I should be concerned about her speech delays? Do you have any suggestions?

  • I had a speech therapist in primary school because I ripped all my teeth out to get money from the tooth fairy. I made like £ 2:50 and it wasn’t worth.

  • My girl is scared to make mistakes that’s she`s fearful to read at first. Yet right after 2 months followed this reading guide, she has started beginner novels as well as reads by herself! It’s spectacular to see the outcome and results of the training. Whatsoever grade level your boy is in today. Get this guide on Google. The program’s name is Elena Readoρiz
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  • Hi my baby is 25 months old she can say ball,blow,please and so on but i usually ask her to speak like baby say thankyou.. She is really good in sign language is that normal?

  • My youngest is turning 3 and half and is not absorb at a nursery class because he cannot talk and has having a hard time expressing himself. I got him sit-in at the same class for months hoping he would cope up some activities and words with children at his age. It’s killing me to think that he is way behind other kids but still hopeful that this is just a temporary thing.

  • I wish I could take speech therapy, I’m a 16 year old boy who is unable to pronounce my Rs I wish the guy in the video could help me, but I’m alone on my journey. Thank you for showing the guy very inspiring.

  • My son as 4. He use to not say anything at all but now he saids a few words but only when he wants something or sings but I cant get him to converse with me. He just doesn’t care. He does speech therapy but I wish he cared enough to want to converse with me

  • Just a nun taking care of 4 years baby boy he can count Alfa bets,,he knows furniture’s by name..,he counts 1_100, now the problem is he doesn’t listen to anybody nor talk to anyone…, and he can’t repeat anything you tell him to…actually whatever he knows he just learned from the YouTube… What might be the problem?

  • My Daughter is 3.5 years. She can only speak limited words. She has no problem with her motor skills, able to understand and able to follow instructions. But just that she used more actions than words.

  • I have my son 4 now he can speak some words.but he cant make a sentence straight.and he can demonstrate while he’s talking,.thats the time i can understand what he said,what do you think is missing for him? Why he cant construct the full sentence?thank u hope you can see my comment. Thank u

  • Moms don’t beat yourself up. Look into early intervention in your state. NY provides it for free. I was worried about my 2 yr son not speaking. He was evaluated. He is going to get speech, developmental and occupational therapy 2xs a wk. Best of luck to all mommy’s out there. I know it’s not easy raising these little ones

  • Hi, my baby 12month old but she doesn’t understand anything she understands just give five that’s it(( it makes me feel bad, what can I do please answer my question thanks so much.and one more thing maybe she is confused?we speak 2 language is it make her confused?maybe thats why she doesn’t understand?

  • Hi. My child is almost 4 and only speaks limitedly with 2 to 3 words at the most in a sentence. She also cannot use a spoon and fork without struggling. Is this normal? There is a lack of understanding. I asked her to get her chair and she was lost and went to her closet. She babbles a lot and it is soo difficult to understand her when she communicates. Is this normal for a 3 year old who is 4 months away from being 4

  • Hello thank you so much. I have a 2 and a half year old baby. He knows his colors abc some counting and animals, but refuses to repeat words after le. What do you suggest?

  • Glad he is able to communicate better so he can feel less frustrated. What an improvement! Good job momma! That is so hard to drop saying “say.” I will definitely have to work on that. My daughter would pick the Kleenex ��thanks for sharing. I loooove stuff like this! Watched the whole thing! Anything to better our babies! ����

  • Hey! My girl is 17 months old and doesn’t speak like don’t communicate with us. She just say mummmm bubbbb that means nothing as she doesn’t know to call us as mama or dada. She is my first child and brought up in isolation with less social circle. Is that normal?

  • My daughter just turned 3 and she’s still very behind all of the other kids her age. We try everything to get her to talk and repeat the simple words like; cup, food, more, etc. but we aren’t really getting anywhere. So I was wondering if you would give me some tips on helping her out. Please and thank you

  • Some great tips thank you, I will be keeping these all in mind, I’m not sure if I need them fully yet but they surely can’t hurt. Hannah x

  • My daughter will be 2 next month and says about 10 words but understands what im saying and follows what i ask her to do. Do u think i should take her to a speach therapist

  • Wow… Amazing.
    My child is 8years, he started talking at age 5. He still finds it had to read and pronounce clearly. What do I do?

  • My 3 year old could read like a grade 1 pupil and my 5 year old boy read some books just like a grade two to 3 pupil soon after Four months. The outcomes genuinely exceeded my anticipations. My own youngsters were able to achieve this reading level through this reading tutorial. The guideline is systematic. This makes the guideline uncomplicated to check out by the youngsters. Get this reading guide by Google. The guidebook’s name is Elena Readoρiz
    nice day

  • Can I ask why you sign the words to the child? For example, you were signing “more” for the bubbles. Doesn’t that hinder the child from speaking further because they can just sign rather than speak the words? I ask because my 18 month old speaks only a handful of words and very much only on his terms. They do teach some sign language at his daycare and in place of saying “please” when I ask him to say it, he just signs to me and won’t even try to say it. Thank you in advance!

  • Hi keyla.. It’s really helpful watching your videos.. Please let me know how to teach forming sentences… My 4.5 year old talking in word fragments

  • I want to learn english and that is the reason why I’m here (I think my level is basic) but i would like to be fluent �� that is one of my dreams!!!

  • Do you have any suggestions for helping a child who does daycare in one language and home in a completely different language (no overlap). He will be 3 in October and speaks minimally. His comprehension in both languages is excellent and he is very verbal, just not really words.

  • Gracias por el vídeo y es muy cierto que con los niños se aprende hablar ingles, ademas que el niño tiene fluidez en el idioma también inocentemente te dirá donde te estas equivocando

  • My son is almost 3 but he can only read 1 to5 n he tries to sing like cartoons or any music but he is too energetic he can push a sofer away while an adult person is seated on he normal very much stressed

  • Hi, My 2 y/o daughter can and does speak. She will watch the educational vids on YT and repeat. a a a a alligator, b b b b b ball etc etc. But no interaction speech, eg she knows the word cookie but will not ask for one. She knows mummy/daddy but has only used it, without prompting, once. How can I get her to speak more? I talk and read to her all day trying.

  • Best advice ever and THANK YOU Sooo much. CONGRATULATIONS to your son talling more. I have my son and he is about to 4 in May ��������❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I think it’s great to see how to grow language with everyday items, parents don’t have to go out of their way to purchase something! They have it right in their kitchen.
    It often seems so simple to talk about these objects and yet it requires some creativity and exploration. Parenting, itself isn’t always as “intuitive” as one would think, it requires some brain power! and Sometimes you have to look to other people to give you ideas and tools to get it done! ��������