How Religious Bullying in school Impacts Teens


Families Ask the Supreme Court to Stop Discrimination Against Religious Schools

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Video that will change your life. I have no words left.

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Every teenager NEEDS to hear this

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Parents protest LGBT issues, religious bullying in Peel schools

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I’m Not Accepted for My Religion

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Effects Of Bullying MUST WATCH

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What It’s Like To Be Bullied

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How to Address Religious Bullying at School Make discussions about different religions a priority. Begin by talking with students about any misconceptions they have Train your teachers on how to handle religious bullying. No bullying prevention program will be effective without the Encourage. How Religious Bullying at School Impacts Teens. Fact checked by Sean Blackburn 6 Examples of Victim-Blaming.

By Sherri Gordon 6 Ways Bullying Impacts the Family. By Sherri Gordon 5 Myths About Victims of Bullying. By Sherri Gordon The Effects of Slut-Shaming on Teen Girls.

One in five high school students reported being bullied on school property in the last year. Nearly 14% of public schools report that bullying happens at least once a week. Reports of bullying are highest for middle schools (28%), followed by high schools (16%), combined schools (12%), and primary schools. Bullying, pressure to do well in school, and negative feelings about their bodies all contributed to Irish teenagers being less satisfied with their lives than peers in other wealthy countries.

Several reports also indicate a rise in anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh bullying over the past decade that may have roots in a perceived association of their religious heritage and terrorism. When bullying based on religion is severe, pervasive, or persistent, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division may be able to intervene under Title IV of the Civil Rights Act. Bullying in schools is a systemic problem learn the different types, causes, and effects of bullying. See how teachers can recognize & address this issue. Unfortunately, the effects of bullying aren’t temporary, but last long into adulthood, and vary depending on the role of the person in the bullying situation. The Victim The long-lasting psychological impacts stem directly from the short-term impacts that children experience as.

Almost one out of every four students (22%) report being bullied during the school year (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2015). Rates of bullying vary across studies (from 9% to 98%). A meta-analysis of 80 studies analyzing bullying involvement rates (for both bullying others and being bullied) for 12-18 year old students reported a mean prevalence rate of 35% for traditional. The Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook is designed to help teens engage in self-reflection, examine their thoughts and feelings that lead to feelings of aggression, and learn effective tools and techniques for managing these feelings.

9. Bullying. Approximately 30% of teens in the US have been affected by bullying—either as a victim or as a perpetrator. 1 in 3 students in the US say they have been bullied at school, but now bullying happens online, too.

Many don’t know that bullying can be direct or indirect, which includes gossip and rumor-spreading.

List of related literature:

Few studies have specifically investigated the bullying involvement of youth from minority religious groups.

“Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Committee on Law and Justice, Board on Children, Youth, and Families, Committee on the Biological and Psychosocial Effects of Peer Victimization: Lessons for Bullying Prevention, Suzanne Le Menestrel, Frederick Rivara
from Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice
by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2016

However, contrary to what typically occurs for bullying of non-Muslim students, where teachers tend to serve as mediators during peer acts of bullying, school staff members are also perpetrators of bullying against Muslim students [5, 14].

“Islamophobia and Psychiatry: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment” by H. Steven Moffic, John Peteet, Ahmed Zakaria Hankir, Rania Awaad
from Islamophobia and Psychiatry: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment
by H. Steven Moffic, John Peteet, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Teachers’ beliefs concerning bullying set the stage for how they approach the children involved in bullying.

“Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, Second Edition” by William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen, Kenneth H. Rubin
from Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, Second Edition
by William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen, Kenneth H. Rubin
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On average, fewer than one in five U.S. teens reports that other students at school generally look down on teens who are openly religious, although more Jewish teens (34 percent) and fewer Mormon and nonreligious teens (13 percent each) report perceptions of such antireligious condescension among students at school.

“Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers” by Christian Smith Dr William R Kenan Jr Professor of Sociology University of Notre Dame, Candidate University of North Carolina Melina Lundquist Denton Ph.D, Chapel Hill USA
from Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers
by Christian Smith Dr William R Kenan Jr Professor of Sociology University of Notre Dame, Candidate University of North Carolina Melina Lundquist Denton Ph.D, Chapel Hill USA
Oxford University Press, USA, 2005

Years ago, while Bible and prayer were still in the school system (and seminaries), the major problems in school were talking in class, chewing gum, making noise, running in the halls, getting out of line, wearing improper clothing, and missing the wastebasket.

“Charles Stanley's Handbook for Christian Living: Biblical Answers to Life's Tough Questions” by Charles F. Stanley
from Charles Stanley’s Handbook for Christian Living: Biblical Answers to Life’s Tough Questions
by Charles F. Stanley
Thomas Nelson, 2008

One study found that by encouraging a small set of popular high school students to take a public stance against typical forms of conflict, such as bullying, overall levels of conflict were reduced by an estimated 30 percent (Paluck et al., 2016).

“Real World Psychology” by Catherine A. Sanderson, Karen Huffman
from Real World Psychology
by Catherine A. Sanderson, Karen Huffman
Wiley, 2019

Peers, education, parochial school environment, the mass media, and reading have been found to affect religious socialization to a lesser degree, though it is sometimes difficult to isolate the effects of specific causal factors.

“The Psychology of Religion, Fourth Edition: An Empirical Approach” by Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Peter C. Hill, Bernard Spilka
from The Psychology of Religion, Fourth Edition: An Empirical Approach
by Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Peter C. Hill, Bernard Spilka
Guilford Publications, 2009

I heard a radio report that students who are most likely to be bullied are gay kids, overweight kids, and Muslim kids.

“Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life” by Glennon Doyle, Glennon Doyle Melton
from Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life
by Glennon Doyle, Glennon Doyle Melton
Scribner, 2014

Postmaster Lucy Brandon and ACFA lawyers have filed a suit against the school, charging the school with outrageous religious behavior against a child, physical abuse by spanking, excessive religious instruction harmful to the child, harassment, discrimination, and religious indoctrination using federal funds.

“Piercing the Darkness: A Novel” by Frank Peretti
from Piercing the Darkness: A Novel
by Frank Peretti
Howard Books, 2012

In fact, most of this abuse involves homosexual assaults on pubescent boys, of the kind (not remotely connected with religion) that occurred at my private school.

“The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith” by Peter Hitchens
from The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith
by Peter Hitchens
Zondervan, 2010

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  • What if u being bullyied by your own family. Everyone your elder younger cousin’s, even your perents always calls you as a falure. It’s the worst things. When they’re suppose to be your side.

  • All the bully is all of my classmate and my teacher is dont care and im the only normal like the faucet on my eyes just i dont like my new classmate

  • I wish BuzzFeed called me in to talk. I was going through soo much and I have no idea if it will continue again. I am a teen who is just trying to be my own self when nobody would try to accept me. Thank you for sharing stuff like this. It means… so much getting to know that many people have faced something that I’m clearly new to.�� I wish people would support people who get bullied����

  • Why not teach faith at home? Do they get upset going to work if the work isn’t faith-based? Do they only like faith-based entertainment? Schools that teach reason, facts, critical thinking, civics and science don’t preclude having faith, being faithful or learning faith. You can learn outside of mandatory government youth education camps.

  • It is not your right to use taxpayer money to indoctrinate your children. If you wish to do so pay for it. In the end the children will pay the most.

  • “I would like to be able to teach my children that the Bible is true and also get giant tax breaks for doing so.” Reason, go home, you’re drunk.

  • My “friends” call me fat make fun of the size of my private parts even though they don’t know what there talking about (they call me chodey) they say I dated a 500 pound girl that I was actually happy with and I was forced to dump her because I couldn’t take the stress. Some days I’m on the brink of starting to hurt myself and I don’t know what to do. They say I’m sensitive but maybe I am. They also exclude me from the games that they play in and don’t let me play with them because apparently I’m annoying. But half the time I don’t even talk. My parents say I should just stand up for myself but I can’t when 6 people are targeting me at once. I cry almost every night over this because I’m probably just over exaggerating things. One of my friends have choked me multiple times at my throat. I’m probably at the lowest in my life I’ve every been and I don’t know how to get out of it.

  • This is a very interesting case; and challenging for libertarianism too. Should children receive “faith-based education”? Is it possible that religious schools, charities etc. take over the society when the state retreats? Should children only learn creationism? Or better science? Also the freedom of children is ignored here. Should children be ruled by the state or their parents at all? One argument for (compulsory) public education was that it enables children some room apart from their parents.

  • somehow I am like a magnet for bullies. My friends, my boyfriends, my husband….Its like they all know how to hurt me and they always use it because they know that no matter what, I won’t do anything about it….

  • I was 5 years old when I was bullied…. But I’m strong please be strong too think about life. Every one will get that what someone deserve Allah sees everything… I didn’t have one best friend:( it’s hard but what should I do…..
    The only way is to believe and to think positive it makes my mental stronger:)

  • What if that god sent nobody to hell before and now because you can worship anything in life and its also acceptable but you cant say people like this you only have 3percent of going to hell

  • Where’s her husband and how did a Canadian marry an absentee hispanic anyway, if she chose to migrate to the US? Curious minds want to know…


  • I was six years old and it lasts four years. The whole time i was in primary school…At the end i was empty. Only my skin was there…My soul was death. But now 5 years later, I am nearly recovered.

  • This is what people should do normally… yet you may try to lie to yourself this happens ALOT you choose not to help and say “I forgot” or “I didn’t notice” you may be able to lie to everyone around you… but you know what happened and no matter how much you try to push that away It will always be there as a hole that you have to full fill by telling the, or sitting there depressed and wasting away.

  • I had a nice young Indonesian man come over to me out side the mall one day and light a cigaret for me when he realized I couldn’t find my lighter in my purse.Most American men don’t do those kind of things unless they want something from you…if you know what I mean.

  • That big brother shouldn’t even care if Ashley likes Ian. Like Ashley is not even kissing the big brother,And why should he be so harsh

  • For the low brain power people in the comments: The money is coming from an organization that takes voluntary donations from citizens. It doesn’t come from tax dollars. The way it’s set up actually reduces the number of tax dollars collected because people who donate to the scholarship reduce their tax owing

  • You want the government to use tax dollars to pay for religious schools…because that works so well in Iran? I you kidding me. Our founding fathers created a Bill of Rights, the FIRST AMENDMENT puts up a WALL between the state and religion period. Those are Thomas Jefferson’s words…”a wall”.

  • The problem is that these voucher systems are not a dollar-for-dollar credit. In other words, for example, if I pay $2000/year in school taxes, and it costs 3 times as much per student, then is it fair that my kids’ Christian indoctrination is funded by my neighbors? Now if I get a credit of the $2000 that I pay in school taxes to do with as I please in terms of education, then the state should have no say.

  • There is one more weird thing, everyone I knew didn’t know I was Muslim because I don’t wear hijab and after I told them, they were really weirded out BRUH

  • One of my best friends(a) accidently outed my other best(b) friend. Friend A was talking about gay pride (there bisexual) and accidentally said friend Bs name. The person A was talking to told the entire class.(shes a fake friend anyway) A and B are now in a huge fight and im torn inbetween. Please could soemone tell what i should do. I dont want to talk sides. Please help,Im desperate.

  • The correct response is to remove government from education completely. A somewhat agreeable next best solution would be a voucher program administered and funded at a level no higher than the state.

    In no case should the U.S. Federal Government be involved in the education of individual children unless the parents have voluntarily made themselves employees of the Federal Government and other options are inaccessible as a result of that employment.

  • my bully is 49 years old and his intellectually **disabled** and legitimately thinks its completely normal and okay to be violently bashing/striking me in the back of the head and I believe he hasn’t been arrested because he gets away with it every single god damn time and he wants to be my *friend* but I can’t be friends with a bully/criminal that gets a thrill from dangerously violently striking/bashing me in the back of the head and saying himself “it’s totally normal and okay” he’s constant state of him bashing me in the back of the head is personally negatively affecting my mental health and sanity and I want him incarcerated pronto and I want the Colorado law enforcement to Q&A him about he’s motives behind harming me as a way of being **best friends** in his opinion and his name is Kyle and he lives around the Highlands Ranch/Littleton area in Colorado and his a general threat towards me and my sanity and overall mental health

  • Thank you. It’s refreshing to see someone explaining the situation in a calm and rational matter. I think a lot of people will be much more open to hearing another side’s point of view when someone explains it in a calm manor and without making personal comments and/or attacking the character of the other side. Instead, just calmly saying why they feel the other side is wrong.

  • From a taxpayer’s perspective it should be simple. It costs us “x” amount to send a kid to public school. This program allows people to send their kid to a private school using donations from other people. Yes it allows for a tax credit for a small portion of the donation so it costs us in loss of collected taxes. But remember, now we aren’t paying for “x” to educate that kid.
    Its a bargain for the taxpayer.

  • Wow its hard to see how not to see that if you help people in need then you will show other people that its good to love people theat you don’t know or you do know. So loveevery body even if they are mean.

  • What it’s like to be bullied in one word: Not getting tested if I have covid-19 to spread it as much as I can for bullying me in school and high school

  • we bullied because we are indifferent then others
    normal people bully because they are sad and pathetic.
    in reality bullies have sort of weakness when you manage take down their ego they cant pissed you off get reaction of you, let them say names when you reflect they got mad and then that’s when you winning when they want to ignore you. if they choose to beat you up its 2020 call the cops.

  • What is wrong with these leaders. They took the Lord’s prayer out of our school; now, they want sharia prayers in the schools. What the heck! We need to keep fighting with every breath we take to keep our beloved Canada free! My father fought in World War I for our freedom. Our leaders need to know that it is WE THE PEOPLE who determine which laws stay and which laws go!!!!!

  • Me: is god christian or Jewish?

    God Looking Down at Me With A face: .

    Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan Christan

  • Hey person!!
    I might now know you, but I do know you’re hurting inside. Just know that I will always be here for you, You can always talk to me about your day and reach out to me if you’re upset. You’re good enough, you’re loveable and deserve to live a long life. Just stand in front of the sunshine and don’t look back at your shadow, forget the past. ��

  • Nowadays, friends are like.. That they come to us when they need a necessity from us and when they get it…. They leave……… Your all time friend is yourself.. Be with yourself.. Believe in yourself

  • me while watching this video: oh now i know how to NOT getting bullied me saying to my bully: dont mess with me. you dont wanna mess with me. i have my kitten Also me: my kitten beat my bully up ALSO me: [ DABBING ]

  • No money from the government should ever be given to any religious organisation. She could send her children to a public school and go to church on Sunday like the rest of us. When the government starts funding religion we have become like Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Are the churches going to start paying taxes if this passes? Keep theocracy away from our democracy, it’s in our constitution.

  • I’m a libertarian and agree with a lot…but not home schooling. It sets them at a disadvantage since 30%+ of school is dealing with other kids and people you will meet in society and developing the emotional and social skills to survive

  • I question Mrs. Espinoza’s statement at 08:10 in the video, “… the whole reason that they shut down the program in the first place was to make sure that nobody of religious background got a scholarship.” A fundamental principle of the USA is “separation of church and state”. I would think that shutting down the program was really to make sure that tax dollars would not support a school which promoted a specific religion, rather than denying scholarships to students with religious beliefs. [Well, if this involves “tax credits” rather than simply tax money, I’m not entirely sure of how that works, but it still seems like money funneled away from the government that would otherwise have been tax dollars.] Tax dollars should never support any religious organization; in fact, religious organizations are already largely free from paying any taxes in the USA.

  • My aunt her daughter wich is my cousin wear a hijab and yes I’m muslim.And I’m proud I want to wear a hijab too never juge someone without knowing their personality

  • doing lil great acts do great things,.. it’ll be contagious!! from small simple acts to a larger range of beautiful and wonderful results that will uplift the value of mankind.
    do good so others will do the same!
    by that we can say, “i’m proud I’m a HUMAN!”:)

  • its so funny to see how people oppose fearcefully to other religions and they say “my religion is different, its the only one that should be allowed”. Well is not, all religions are the same fairytale and they must stay away from the state. Im only one god more atheist than you.

  • When was the last time this woman visited a church? For that matter what Church did this woman visit? In my Church if you decided to announce a soccer game my Pastor would be the first one to throw on a pair of shorts and scream GAME ON!! Same with a rock concert heck that is what worship in some Churches is like mine included. What planet did this woman come from? Can we call her fellow aliens and send her back? If anybody in her family, that actually knew anything, was actually listening to this I would bet anything he or she is going ” I don’t know that crazy woman.”

  • This video should have been titled better as its clearly creating confusion. The real issue is mentioned at around 10:39.
    The issue here is that the law is preventing private scholarships from providing tuition for religious schools. It’s not a problem of separating church and state because donations to religious organizations are tax deductible anyway, it’s a problem of the government telling people how to spend their money. If the school itself is meeting the state’s education requirements I do not see a reason for the government to get involved past that.

  • I think the point of this is that what it takes is everyone doing a little something. Noone in this video did huge things. Still all of those little things add up to a huge impact. Just do what you can. I do not

  • Prince, dude. Your so right. I used to hang out with people like this, and to watch such a video..makes me feel so good. I miss being able to grasp to the truth.

  • I have a question what about Muslim schools were there being paid for in the funds are some of the funds are leaving the country and do not support the American way of life and principles

  • “faith” based education,wtf. Talk about your oxymorons… As Matt Dillahunty says” faith is reason you give when you don’t have a good reason”.


  • Kendra should win this case. A slam dunk. The Government already directly funds religious education. And has done so for decades. The GI Bill provides Federal money to veterans, who are then completely free to choose the educational institution of their choice.

    Under the GI Bill, the Federal Government only requires that the Educational Institution be properly accredited.

    The Federal Government then allows the veteran to freely attend a college of his choice – whether a state owned University, a private University, even a theological seminary.

    The simple constitutional issue is that only the veteran freely chooses his institution. The Federal Government does not – and can not – force the veteran to attend a religious institution.

    So long as the veteran freely chooses and the Federal Government is not involved in that choice, there is no constitutional issue.

    “Freedom of conscience” is what the founding fathers were pursuing.

    Read our long and bitter colonial history when “freedom of conscience” was a cause for severe penalties, including the death penalty. Our right to a freedom of religion derives completely from those long and bitter colonial battles.

    Kendra you will win.

  • The world would be sooo wired if everyone was married to the same sex. ( just saying tho-) also I’m just thinking that in far future people will just say their gay because everyone is but then that’s just copying and then everyone will adopte or shit. Don’t attack just think of it…weird. ( being straight isn’t bad yknow ppl:) )

  • I personally don’t see what is wrong with allowing public schools to have religion in it as long as students can opt out of those activities that are religioius. A lot of parents send their kids to catholic schools because they want them to be catholic. I don’t see why public school students should be deprived of that same opportunity to participate in religious activities on campus. A person has the right to practice their religion outside the boundary of a public school but move a few feet the other way and they are threatened with imprisonment if they do the same thing. The left has turned public schools into a no christian religion zone because they can then impose their beliefs on them without it contradicting the official dogma of that student.

  • keep in mind people who bully have probably been bullyed by family other people in school or strangers that dose not excuse there actions but just keep it in mind

  • So, let me get this right. We can’t use tax funds to support women’s health centers because they also perform abortions (tax money is not allowed for that use) but it is somehow ok for the government to force me to allow my tax dollars to be used to support a religious school? I call bullshit. Screw that.

  • Why would you make fun of someone’s religion? It’s stupid! Im a Catholic/Christian and if it’s a Christian making fun of other religions, I would be so mad. God even said “Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.” This world needs help.

  • I’m Christian and when people are different religions I just go “I disagree but, I’m not gonna shove my religion down your throat.

  • this show that humans have the capability of good even if its a little thing it can mke a big impact on someone else and you never know if that one little good deed could help you back in a big way. or that little deed that someone saw could help someone else too.

  • School children of the future won’t be able to add 2+2, but they will all be able to recite the LGBT text book and the korangeez what a combination!!!

  • So Reason wants the government to have me pay more in taxes to support Christian schools. Interesting. This is a zero sum game, so the less someone else pays, the more I pay. I think perhaps they haven’t thought this through.

  • The government should not be running the schools. Its completely insane to believe that religious ideas are dangerous but government propaganda isn’t.

  • Im a christian and i dont hate any religon and they are so much muslims here (no hate) also my the hell are people saying all lives matter as a black i find it really mean (giving hate)

  • Someone close to me once made fun of me for being Christian and disrespected my religion and tried to convince me not to be Christian because “religion only tears us apart” they said. And they stereotyped Christians too. It really hurt because they are atheist and I don’t judge them for their religion so why did they do it to me?

  • Humanity has so much destruction, death, lies, pain,and suffering.
    But,Humanity has so much love, forgiveness, kindness, helpfulness, and peace.

  • and for more information about my bully Kyle he’s white he’s 49 years old and he’s been violently bashing/striking me on the back of the head and he’s NEVER been caught in the act and he goes to the southridge rec center located around Highlands Ranch/Littleton Colorado and he hasn’t been permanently banned YET and he bashing/striking me on the back of the head as a form of **masculinity and manhood** and his intellectually **disabled** and if any castle rock law enforcement reads this this is the guy I want to be put into a asylum and this Kyle guy has greatly and negatively affected my attitude towards going to southridge rec center greatly because his always there and every time he sees me he **physically** harms me as his form of **friendship** and he constantly disobeys orders and various restrictions and rules and he constantly **forgets** various orders and restrictions due to his so called intellectual **disability** and he’s been violently bashing/striking me on the back of the head and not gotten caught in the act and STILL hasn’t been permanently BANNED form the rec centers YET and I want Kyle entire and permanently out of my face and out of my life because I immediately know he’s a threat towards me and my overall well-being and mental health and my safety and sanity and Kyle himself thinks and believes it’s hip and completely normal and fine to be secretly and violently bashing/striking me on the back of the head as a form of **masculinity and manhood and friendship and typical “best friend” behavior** and Kyle is a legitimate threat towards my mental health and mental well-being and mental sanity that is being constantly being put at extremely high risk because of him


  • I’ve been bullied most my life and I accept I deserved it for being an easy target. Now I just laugh or smile and say things like “thanks” and “aww that’s so sweet”

  • Schools are responsible for education. math and science,, etc,, oh and uh character, and uh values. Since she says religion teaches none of that.. You MUST listen to her and her kind.. After all RELIGION is the one that teaches bias and segregation right? So. OUT with the religion and keep it segregated????? hypocrits

  • It amazes me how stupid people are. They use words and connect them to topics and use them out of context then tell you that something means something else. Like “illegal immigrant”. Well, if you are illegal,the next word should be criminal. Now with the Constitution they say “Separation of Church and State”. Don’t read into it. That means the State can not make any special laws against the church. So in fact when they make a law to separate church from schools that exactly the opposite of what Separation of Church and State means. When Satanist make states not allow a Nativity scene that is literally against the Constitution. You can not make a law restraining or restricting religion. Other laws that cover everything else protect people from hurtful religions like Murder ect., It doesn’t single out a religion and target it. The same way they say “Woman’s right to her own body”. Well what about the unborn woman that she is murdering? And how did anyone take her rights? She gave up her right to her body when she allowed a man to enter it and get her pregnant. (I don’t want to hear “But she was raped” or “She will die” that’s.001% of people getting abortions so the other 99.99% should be allowed to be murdered? Make a law for those specific instances,that a judge has to rule on a case by case). Now the Child has the right to life, freedom and liberty. It’s amazing how ignorant people are. The current taxes are illegal and in fact judges will admit this and say, but, you entered into a verbal agreement by paying them and now you have to abide by them. The Constitution clearly says that 1. Taxes can only be levied after a current census. 2. That they apply equally to everyone, a base tax,a set amount for everyone. 3. No tax can last longer than 3 years. It will expire and have to be instituted meaning another census ect. Just on point 3 all current taxes are illegal.

  • I’m Muslim and I didn’t know what a religions are until I was like 10 because my school is full of Christians and I’m a very pale Muslim so they thought I was christan too and when I told them I’m Iranian they all thought I was an alien in like 2nd grade ������

  • first off God hates NO ONE God is NOT of hatred he is a loving and just God. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son for whoever belives in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Christians we need to do better people already think that we hate homiphobics (which some of us don’t), people think we are super judgemental, and hypocrits and when you do that instead of bringing them to Christ your pulling them away from Christ and don’t be selfish 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 says ” Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work”. John 15:12-13. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Judging people isn’t the right thing romans 3:23 says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” you cant judge cause we all sin. in the bible it talks abt a woman named mary magdelene people wanted to stone her to death but Jesus came in and said “he who is without sin must cast the first stone” no one couldn’t throw the stone at her cause we all sin and u cant judge anyone.

  • I don’t understand this lady. She wants equality in schools but no religion. That’s kinda messed up. I do think religion does kinda mess up stuff but it can help some people. We should let people have their religion but you have to teach EVERYTHING. Equality means everyone. No hate on anyone and will be fine. No one controls or bully’s anyone and we’ll be fine. We’re all different. We believe in different things. That’s it. No one should force us to do anything. I am an Asexual Panromantic female who was born in a Christian family but is technically atheist. I don’t want people like me to hate on religious people and I don’t religious people go hate on people like me. The hate is the only thing we need to get rid of.

  • Immigrant comes here and complains about losing government money for religious schooling, lol. Maybe you should have moved to a place that wasn’t completely religious or rely on the private giving of those lovely religious people for your children’s schooling instead of the government.

  • This is a misleading representation of the case. The Montana Supreme Court didn’t ban religious schools from the scholarship program, it actually ruled that such a ban would be in violation of the Federal Constitution. What it did was say the scholarship program as a whole was in violation of the Montana State constitution which says the legislature cannot direct funds to religious schools. It’s fundamental ruling was that no such scholarship program can exist in Montana and still be in compliance with both the US Constitution and the Montana constitution at the same time. And they were correct. Logically, it’s mutually exclusive.
    But I think this brings up another issue which is making religious institutions dependent on government policy for financial survival. Montana’s program here uses legislative power to direct funds to religious schools as tangentially as possible so as not to run afoul of the establishment clause, but still the ability of these kids to go to their religious school has been put in the hands of the government. That’s a bad idea, and people who value religious freedom should think twice about advocating for it. Religion needs to be protected from the government, not in bed with it.

  • Yeah this is weird on one hand your paying taxes for schools so you want the school you want. But I’m also paying for kids and I don’t want them to be brainwashed because schools are for learning. Not to mention as much as I don’t like any government building I really hate religion in them. So I guess fuck this noise but I’m glad reason covers all this shit.

  • It’s called manners, etiquette. This video is not going to change anything. It just reminds us of a world we want to live in but unfortunately will never live in as long as we let the retched vile lawless scum continue to live.

  • I’m against state funding for private religious schools. That being said this program is not taking away from public schools. Donors are given a small tax break which is basically a charitable donation which would be tax deductible. My fear is the Supreme Court would use the case to broaden the ability of private religious schools to get money from state funding.

  • 0:30 “Friend comes from “Freund” = to love” this is just false. “Freund” is a german word which is at first a noun and not a verb, besides it just means “friend” and nothing else.

  • Religious schools have every right to exist. But NO school should be supported through taxation.
    NOTHING should be supported through taxation, as it is a form of extortion.

  • I actually want to thank the Trees for giving us something to breath in. That would also include all the other plants that gives out this substance, that enables us to push forward.

  • Oh boy. this is the last thing we need. We already have an all out assault on science and critical thinking. 40% of American adults are skeptical of climate change, the same percentage of adults that believe in psychics. The last thing we need, is to be sanctioning ignorance.

  • I was bullied for 4 years from older people not kids that why it hurts so much the bullying began when I was 12 years old it’s horrible. STOP BULLYING

  • im a christin and theres nothing wrong with that. my mom has close friends that are jews i have two jewish friends and five muslim freinds…

  • sure the case has merit but this is some karenesque shit like u really saying school in rural montana is not christian enough is a new level of bible banger i didnt know existed

  • I don’t think any school employees​ should impose any sort of idealogy but kids should be able to express their religious beliefs, with certain limits of course.

  • too bad the world lives in a myth that everyone competes with each other, in fact life isnt about who is richer or owns more things, its all about experiences…good, nice experiences….some of the richest people in the world look poor in everyone elses eyes.

  • I was bullied really bad in school I was even harassed by some teachers and I survived but even after highschool I still got harassed by some random teenagers that I didn’t know at my job and the Police helped me out there

  • politics and religion are nothing more than brainwashing kids into believing into what the school or teachers believe. That should not allowed. My kids are grown. But if one would have come home and told me how great islam is. They be out of there so fast their heads would spin..

  • these LGBT want separation of church and state? how about separation of IDEOLOGY AND STATE TOO!! get the lgbt and feminists out of the school system as well since schools should be about learning and not about indoctrination!

  • Is it not educating to see religious people practice their religion without coercion? I don’t have a problem with Muslims praying during school. I don’t have a problem with Christians expressing their faith in schools. I don’t have a problem with comparative religious studies, and intelligent design being and elective. Why is she so afraid of education?

  • Taking Christian children out of public schools could work for Christian parents for short term. However, in the long run, moral values in general will deteriorate with the absence of the presence of Christian families.

    It is like giving up on the system.

    Jesus said: Ye are the salt of the Earth.

  • “i believe that because the montana supreme court struck down the entire program to ensure that no students of religious affiliation were to receive these scholarships it felt like discrimination because the whole intent of them the whole reason that they shut down the program in the first place was to make sure that nobody of religious background got a scholarship”

    this right here is a pristine example of circular logic. this woman is surely going to lose the case if her lawyer doesn’t come up with good evidence of discrimination

  • All religions should be taught in free thinking schools, cover the basic beliefs, bring in representatives in their communities, let a parent speak, and the child who follows that faith, and let the children decide for themselves what think about them.

  • Story booth: relatable stories

    others:My mom married Walter and gave birth when she was 400 years old and told me that I was adopted and now I’m Walters cousin

  • I am called names for being ‘fat’, I personally don’t think I am fat. They call names such elephant, pig and fatass. It hurts man. Like I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Why do people hate me?

  • As a Muslim born and raised in the US, secularism is extremely important to me. My father left his home country in part because of religious wackos. I wouldn’t want my children to be practicing christianity, judaism, or hinduism or whatever in school and I would not not want Islam to be shoved down other children’s throats. When I was in school, I was allowed to leave the school grounds for Friday prayers at the mosque or go home to pray and then come back. Learning about religion in school in an objective manner in a social studies class is fine but actually allowing the practice of religion in schools to the point where it hinders other students access to the facilities is unacceptable. To cry discrimination over not being able to use a computer lab as a prayer room is just pure insanity. These Muslim will demand tolerance and understanding in our nation but will never do the same for you in their home countries.