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Special Education. Parents should take steps to make sure that fifth grade is a successful year for children because this typically marks the last grade students will spend in elementary school. Fifth-graders may already have their sights set on middle school. English Language Arts & Literacy. In 5th grade, your child will read widely and deeply from a range of high-quality, increasingly challenging fiction and nonfiction from diverse cultures and time periods.

Building knowledge about subjects through research projects and responding analytically to literary and informational sources will be key to your child’s continuing success. In fifth grade, the physical demands of your child’s life require him to have some important physical skills to help him navigate the change in the way extracurricular activities are organized. Whether your child’s interests lie in music, sports or both, their gross and fine motor skills should be developing fast enough to keep up with them.

As they are getting ready to go to middle school, this is the perfect time to allow your child to start owning their academic outcomes. During the last part of 5th grade, start pulling back from the consistent reminders to study for tests and complete homework. If you or your fifth-grade child is already struggling with Common Core Math concepts, Math Goodies is a great resource for showing parents in detail the lessons that are being taught in fifth grade. The Common Core Math standards are broken down into several examples with graphics and multiple solutions of how your child can reach the answer.

The Parents’ Guides to Student Success were developed by teachers, parents and education experts in response to the Common Core State Standards that more than 45 states have adopted.. Created for grades K-8 and high school English, language arts/literacy and mathematics, the guides provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade. When I express my concern that other parents are helping their kids, “The Dad Man” Joe Kelly reminds me that the main point of these projects is learning. “What your child learns is more important than the grade they get.” But many parents — like me — and like Alisha Allen of Henderson, NV, can’t pretend that grades don’t matter.

Specific reading and writing skills must be developed in fifth grade to prepare students for middle school. Reading comprehension goes beyond recognizing words to interpreting an author’s meaning and purpose. If you’re a parent of a struggling 5th Grade student, these strategies can help. Fifth Grade Reading Activities. Start a Book Club: It can include family members, your child’s friends and their parents, or just the two of you.

Select a book together and establish small reading assignments (perhaps one or two chapters per week). In 5th grade, your child will read widely and deeply from a range of high-quality, increasingly challenging fiction and nonfiction from diverse cultures and time periods. Building knowledge about subjects through research projects and responding analytically to literary and informational sources will be key to your child’s continuing success.

List of related literature:

Alert parents and teachers leavened the drudgery of memorization by making up rhymes and songs, staging contests, and awarding prizes.

“Daily Life in the Byzantine Empire” by Marcus Louis Rautman
from Daily Life in the Byzantine Empire
by Marcus Louis Rautman
Greenwood Press, 2006

• Work together with parents to find creative ways to help the child reach his or her full potential.

“Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Involvement” by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
from Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Involvement
by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
SAGE Publications, 2010

• Give parents specific feedback on the positive influence of their involvement activities (e.g., “Her spelling test results have really improved since you’ve been quizzing her two nights a week”).

“School-family Partnerships for Children's Success” by Evanthia N. Patrikakou, Amy R. Anderson
from School-family Partnerships for Children’s Success
by Evanthia N. Patrikakou, Amy R. Anderson
Teachers College Press, 2005

By working their way through several assigned problems children gain confidence in their ability to handle that kind of exercise, and they strengthen their understanding of the underlying concepts Regular practice does not mean sending second graders home with fifty problems every night.

“The Educated Child: A Parents Guide From Preschool Through Eighth Grade” by Chester E. Finn, Jr., John T. E. Cribb, Jr., William J. Bennett
from The Educated Child: A Parents Guide From Preschool Through Eighth Grade
by Chester E. Finn, Jr., John T. E. Cribb, Jr., William J. Bennett
Free Press, 1999

Encourage the parents and teachers to give frequent praise and positive

“The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner” by Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., L. Mark Peterson, William P. McInnis, Timothy J. Bruce
from The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner
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links between home activities and reading success in the first and second grades.

“Ways with Words: Language, Life and Work in Communities and Classrooms” by Shirley Brice Heath, Heath, Cambridge University Press
from Ways with Words: Language, Life and Work in Communities and Classrooms
by Shirley Brice Heath, Heath, Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press, 1983

You can focus children’s attention on a problem’s structure, pose questions to help them use one strategy or find one solution, lead them to use other strategies or find other solutions, and encourage them to generalise from one problem to other problems.

“Helping Children Learn Mathematics” by Robert Reys, Mary Lindquist, Diana V. Lambdin, Nancy L. Smith, Anna Rogers, Audrey Cooke, Sue Bennett, Bronwyn Ewing, John West
from Helping Children Learn Mathematics
by Robert Reys, Mary Lindquist, et. al.
Wiley, 2020

So, for example, if you teach a lesson on fractions eight different ways, you can note how different children respond to each activity.

“Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom” by Thomas Armstrong, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
from Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
by Thomas Armstrong, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2009

You can focus children’s attention on a problem’s structure, pose questions to help them use one strategy or find one solution, lead them to use other strategies or find other solutions, and encourage them to generalize from one problem to other problems.

“Helping Children Learn Mathematics” by Robert Reys, Mary Lindquist, Diana V. Lambdin, Nancy L. Smith
from Helping Children Learn Mathematics
by Robert Reys, Mary Lindquist, et. al.
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By praising preschoolers’ efforts and providing opportunities for new experiences, parents promote development of initiative.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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  • When will they be releasing new music? Feels like centuries since their last..��… but reallyIts interesting how music can paint these vivid images and stories in your head without a single word.

  • in online class our music teacher was still not there so another teacher came to check our class and while waiting for our teacher he made us listened to this and it kind of worked for me so im gonna do it for my assignment:>

  • G-ZUSSS!!! Anyone else feel that shot to the guy and sinking heart when he seared that image. That image of him w/2 little boys at Trina’s casket…And his Dad still being THAT Dad!…….WOW! That’s powerful……

  • I really wanna join come to this a real Mozart music concert, feel the ambience & meeting people who love this music too �� this music play alot to my brain & i love the feeling ��❤️ uhhhhh my brain like dancing when hear this music �� love it

  • Thank you for these uploads. Honestly, these videos arrived at a time when I was questioning A LOT things. Thanks for giving a bit of direction ��

  • As I watch this video I can’t help to wonder how this video can help continue my path. This video gives you faith in yourself to keep pushing even though it’s hard, it won’t last for long.

  • Assignment question-
    Dear students
    Identify the rhetorical devices used by the speaker and to reflect on what is their learning from this speech.

  • I’m doing this for online. And I need some help about Motivation. Did it make you think about your own life? What is the big takeaway from the video?

  • Only the people who are wanting to be successful and would like to expand their knowledge are true kinds of people that God created & God would want you to be successful, not many people can do that, your the one who can change your life, As long as you are believing in God & believing in yourself also having a positive mindset, you are immune to any negativity that is thrown at you, You wanna become world class? then go out there & educate yourself and become world class, only a few people one earth can do it.

  • I think that these motivational videos are very important for everyone because we think that we should go in a straight line, when reality is different and we end up staying in our comfort zone without looking for what we really want.

  • My biggest advice is to plan ahead but focus on the small scale. You’re not going to get to the top overnight but focus on each step as you go and before you know it you’ll be soaring above the clouds.

  • I want to be a successful person, travel and achieve all the things that i have in mind, learn more than 2 languages and be happy for the things that are about to come

  • I want to be a successful person, travel and achieve all the things that i have in mind, learn more than 2 languages and be happy for the things that are about to come

  • 😀 it’s sounds, like your ego had devoured you completely into the “higher stage”. I bow to you, your highness. If the world will change form I feed myself first to I feed someone else, it will cease to exists. Amen.

  • It’s crazy for me because I’ve been thinking about what am I supposed to do when I’m done with high school because it’s hard for me to choose if I want my career to be good or know how to drive like I want to work hard on working or maybe practice basketball that might be good for me but it’s just crazy how it went fast and wanted to accomplish all my hard work from it

  • Trivial subjective definitions of beds is yet another function of the lower mind, to discern personal preferences of the bed, while holding no distinctive awareness of our own self or other people or social interactions etc. Choosing the right form of bed is not a distinction, it’s a choice for survival, which has no bearing on listening and understanding the magnitude of awareness itself.

  • Absolutely Amazing. He didn’t look at notes one time all from the top of his head and his heart. He was right Good isn’t good enough thats why he is the best. Sad and strong story. Respect for you my Brother! ������������

  • “if you wanna be successful, you must be willing to do things that others don’t wanna do”
    That’s right. I keep in mind to overcome instinct with reason.

  • The first person that you see in the morning is yourself, you are the last person that you see when falling asleep, you are the person that you spend most time with. So, become the person that u always want to live up to, become your own idol

  • I want to be confident that’s it.
    I’m nervous when I talk to someone who I don’t like or u can say I hate, and I’m kind of scared of him.

  • you always have to be someone in life you have to be inspired by something or someone and always do what you want for you as long as it is the best

  • Why “F” Students Are More Successful Than “A, B, C, D & E” Students. Because he has more time to start a business than formal studies

  • I’m always trying to avoid people around me and I’m afraid of the cold gazes from people but I have a great self esteem and also I’m strong, I can deal with my fears. I’m agree with the quotes in this video, for reach our dreams we have to focus and never give up. I really like the video.

  • Wow…Phenomenal…the second guy is about to burst by not allowing himself to laugh…the thumbs down persons may need prayer due to insecurities…this is an awesome speech!!! Blessings…

  • Leo, the universe has been grooming me to leave this content. Your remaining followers sound more and more crazy, your health is suffering, and I’m sure other aspects of your life are too. It’s because you’ve lead yourself and others into such severe delusion that other elements are coming into play to intervene. Your health will get worse, your followers fewer and crazier, and your life will deteriorate if you don’t pull back and do a massive reassessment. You are going to have to admit you are wrong. But your ego is so massive, unhealthy and stubborn that you may not be able to. You’re a fucking menace to yourself and others though.

  • I am in my final year ( BT Chem Eng). I swear that these videos are the best kind of videos to start your day off and to push every day.

  • I want to be someone who doesn’t give up and who tries there best and puts there effort into something to do and someone who tries and thinks about giving up but keeps trying

  • I would say at the end of stage 9, you realize there’s a stage 10 and that is stage 0. The beginning of the end so to speak. Good luck, everyone!

  • I made this video for grandparents after hearing a lot of kids are obese due to sedentary or computer activities. Hoping Grand Parents get the grand kids outside to play Old School Yard games for their health.

  • About 4 weeks ago I was suggested your video on Libertarianism. I made it 40 minutes and stopped. I hated your take on it.

    Over the next few weeks I’ve watched these three parts. Thank you for your take on libertarianism.

  • What is being done through you is so unique and profound. It’s a challenge to find the words to express the gratitude. Thank you so much!!!

  • I am an effortless genius
    I only study the night of the exam or the week of it
    So I technically don’t care about grades although I get As almost all the time

  • Its not about how much you make, but how much you invest, if you save you are still loosing due to inflation, the point of making money is investing, then reinvesting, repeating so you see the magic of compound interest and having a shitload of money one day that you can’t even use, because your too addicted to reinvesting and generating even more passive income every time.
    You don’t need that supercar man¡

  • I may be just a simple art student with a tiny YouTube channel, but I’ve personally survived enough trauma to know when I need to step in and give my two cents to hopefully help vulnerable and impressionable people see when they’re being preyed upon. Leo is a predator. He is not your friend, and he is not a god or a messiah or even a self-help guru.

    Leo, do you even have a counseling license? Any PhD in psychology, cosmology, or philosophy of ANY kind? Do you even have a Bachelor’s degree? Pharmaceutical licensing? Have you TRIED to pursue this kind of accreditation?

    This video is two and a half hours of a man staring straight into a camera and talking about nothing. He talks about nothing VERY well, I’ll admit. But it’s all absolute vapid nonsense that may or may not come from a real place of compassion for you and everyone. But his complete neglect to cite research, precedence, or any other incontrovertible proof for anything he is saying is evidence to the contrary. I cannot honestly say I think Leo gives two shits about you or anyone but himself because the level of authority he speaks with is dangerous and irresponsible. The power of suggestion can be a weapon. And when you’re in a cult, the lines between responsibility for your actions and those of the cult leader’s become VERY blurry.

    This is how Charles Manson and Jim Jones grew their followings. You walk the walk and you talk the talk of someone who is wise and loves you more than anything in the world. All you have to do to accept that love is listen to him prattle on for HOURS while he maintains direct eye contact. (Oh and apparently also take generous amounts of dangerous psychoactive drugs without medical supervision or a controlled environment.)

    This is a common occurrence in cults. It’s exhaustion. You are not a fool or weak for feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of hours of content this man says you should watch in order to improve yourself. It really is absurd and unhealthy to go through all that, and all it does is indoctrinate you into his following. The stress of direct eye contact and the ceaseless discharge of big thought-provoking words for hours and hours on end are to make you mentally exhausted to the point of just shutting down all critical thinking and just go along with whatever he says.

    The disclaimer in the video info is the most slapped on band-aid half-assed attempt at avoiding accountability I have ever seen in my life. Heaven forbid any repercussions from people living off of every word that comes out of your mouth comes back to you, right? You can’t be responsible for someone ostracizing themselves from the “non-Actualized” or donating their life savings to you or suffering lifelong physical damage from long-term high DMT use because it wasn’t you who did it or forced them to… right? No. The power of suggestion is not to be underestimated, and you wield it like many have before you. Like a self-obsessed and cold-hearted prick who refuses to accept the possibility of ever being wrong. People have died because of men like you, and I’ll be damned if I don’t at least say something about it while it’s happening right here on fucking YOUTUBE.

    My family has just barely held together after getting the run-around from cults like this for decades, and I hate to see it happen to others. Please, think critically. And by that, I mean question what this man sayswhat everyone saysand draw your own conclusions. And not just because I say so, but because historically the opposite behavior is what some of the greatest tragedies in history spawned from. You may hear about the Manson family and think “how the heck did that even happen?” This is how it happens. Think about how much time you spend listening to Leo and reading his blog posts or even just how often you think about him. Don’t let your whole life slip away wasted on this one man’s so-called advice.

    If life is so dark and painful that you seek wisdom from a guy like Leo, then I implore you seek professional psychiatric help and/or counseling. I do not say that as a slight to you, nor do I see mental illness and poor living conditions as something to make fun of. I’m not well-spoken enough to be certain I don’t sound condescending or insulting when I say that you are misguided and vulnerable right now, and listening to this man doing more harm than good. Instead, seek a professional with an actual formal education and training. Leo is not that, and he knows it, and still he touts himself as such.

    I’m terrified by how many subscribers this channel has and by how many comments on every video consist of earnest unfaltering praise. I’d ask how the hell this happened, but I know how. I just wasn’t expecting to see it happen here of all places.

  • I went out and tried breathwork for the first time about year ago. During my breathing session, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love to the extent that I started crying. Is this something that we can expect from awakening, or was that just a feeling that got released from the breathwork?

  • All is consciousness! It an infinite mind! We are nothing and everything! You are infinity! It’s a dream and an illusion! Leo Gura

    Hark ye, O man, and list to this wisdom:
    where do name and form cease?
    Only in consciousness, invisible,
    an infinite force of radiance bright.
    The forms that ye create by brightening
    they vision are truly effects that follow thy cause.
    Hidden and buried, lost to man’s knowledge,
    deep in the finite the Infinite exists.
    Lost, but existing,
    flowing through all things,
    living in ALL is the INFINITE BRAIN
    Thoth the Atlantean
    I love how similarly Leo and Thoth speak about spirituality. ��❤️

  • all these motivation clips are right and I belive a human can do whatever but I’m living in a fucking stupid country which I can’t breath or even walk to my goals!!!
    eventhou I can’t immigrate to a better place too!..LOL

  • Ego-Development series and Spiral Dynamics Series is the most profound work ever to get published on the internet and explained in such a brilliant and spiritual way that it literally transforms the consciousness.

  • Can you please tell us about the discovery you made about that drug which is stronger than 5 meo dmt.I have been waiting for months. Please stick to the content you promised to deliver when you get back from your long break. Thank you

  • The King of All Cosmos would have you believe you must collect items with your katamari to get a place in heaven, but the answer all along was to deconstruct the katamari.

  • I had to do this for homework but instead, this video motivated me. Just because my parents want the best for me. They can not control what I want to be or do. Because no matter what I do nobody can stop me from it. Even if it is becoming an artist and your parents want you to be a school teacher. Sometimes you can fulfill your dream like working at a school and teaching art. My parents want me to become a doctor and you see I don’t really know if that is good for me. I really want to act. But my parents push me to become a doctor by making me take some advanced classes for smart kids. I’m very good at remembering things and actors just need to remember what line they need to say which is not hard for me to do. So, if you want to do something be someone then become that person you want to be and make a difference in someone else’s life by saying, ” Hey if you want to do it. JUST DO IT.” ���� I hope that people understand you can not push people to become someone they don’t want to be. It’s their own destiny and they can choose what kind of person they want to be. ��

  • Well, my self-assesment is that I’m somewhere between the strategist and construct aware. I’m still shit scared of the ultimate futility of meaning-making, on specially aware days I feel like I’m falling into utter insanity, every thought feels false.

  • My Dad screamed at me if I wasn’t studying or reading. Then one of my parents said that I was basing my self esteem on my grades. Well, who made me that way

  • I have watched about 90 motivational, life’s meaning, ; life’s purpose videos. Great messages, all of them. I have seen oneyes onewoman in all of the videos I’ve watched. What’s up with that?

  • You are so much more humble in the way you talk. I have been watching your videos for a long time now, and i can see a really big difference. It is a lot easier to integrate your teaching when you speak from a place of love, compassion and understanding rather than a place of arrogance. Our ego’s tend to have less resistance in this way of teaching i have found.

    Thank you for your amazing work and i look forward to continue, as you do, to ascend these ego developmental stages.

  • Im struggeling to leave the conventional fully behind me and embody the unconventional. I also had some Unitive expieriences and try to be more and more autonomus and strategig in my life. But at the same time im stuck into some conventonal and maybe even pre-conventional traits. (i refer to these lower traits of my self as some sort of demons, that try to take control over my actions and emotions from time to time. But because im aware of it more and more im starting to make friends with them and try to integrate these shadows)
    I see myself at all stages to some degree. For me this model is not linear. Its more like a Labyrinth where you have to find several keys to open the final door.
    Sorry for my english im from germany��
    And thanks leo for your work and these awesome models you present to us.

  • You know what’s an interesting point leo when you said science wasn’t invented by God but when you become one with God then you are God’s this knowledge is so interesting how everything is an oxymoron, Beautiful teaching once again ��

  • people who r commenting in this video r the true n genuine people u have earned through yr selfless n pure work..thank u for being authentic soul Leo…

  • A good book specifically targeting post autonomous levels is “Postautonomous Ego Development: A Study of Its Nature and Measurement”. You can find it an amazon guys, i read it a few weeks ago. Pure gold.

  • Bravo! I finally finished the entire series and so glad I did. Thank you! This helped me understand some things I’ve been struggling with over the last year. I had a massive ego-death from 2017-2019, at which point I adopted the motto, “Lock your doors. Lock your windows. The zombie apocalypse is real.” As an INFJ personality type, I honestly questioned If some of these ‘people’ are NPCs in this matrix. �� I struggled to understand WTF is their problem; I mean, why can’t they ever seem to evolve?! Hell, I do! ��‍♀️ Your video explained this. I realized most of the people I’ve known were opportunists or conformists. I have mostly been in the post-conformist state with some remnants of expert/achiever levels and some slight experience with transcendent. Seeing this not only helped me understand why I kept hitting brick walls with these people, but more importantly how to see the signs before it gets to that. I’ve known that my motto is pretty grim and I needed to practice selective permeability; basically, have the discernment to recognize and let in higher evolved egos. I just didn’t know how. Your video helped with this. Now, the issue is finding them, because as you also mentioned most people are in the conformist stage. That leaves me feeling still that there are zombies everywhere. Where are the non-zombies, Leo? At home, behind locked doors, like me?! �� Maybe you can do a video on this topic of how post-conventionalists (your audience) can meet more people at that ego stage in their everyday lives. Again, thanks for your very thoughtful work! ��

  • I wanna be an actor, it’s been my desire since I was a kid but my parents think acting is some “bad stuff” and instead I should become and a doctor. I really dont know what to do,sometimes I try so hard and say “just be a doctor” but my dream is being one if the most successful actors in the world. I hope you guys will help and tell what to do in the comments thank you.

  • I’m gonna have to tell you all that I am more of an a student even though i usually get 1 or 2 Bs. But I have to say that most everything said in this video about C students describes me. And I can’t say that I entirely trust the school system or that everything it teaches is useful. But I do think that getting As is hard work. And I like to consider myself as someone who works hard. Even thought that’s not always true. But I believe that in the age we live in, anyone can be successful in the way they choose.

  • Im super grateful that you upload these to the Podcast App because I actually do a large part of my listening to this content while driving. Unfortunately, with the podcast format, I miss out on all this killer thumbnail art that Im a huge fan of! Really enjoyed this series and looking forward to sitting down to read SCG’s research paper, which I took your advice, printed it off and put it in a binder.

  • I’m a senior college student and, I still struggle with my writing skills and speeches. There are days I just want to give up or drop out thinking I’m not good enough like other students. After watching this motivation, I hope I still standing by the end of the year!

  • People need to stop making sense of concepts, and start to expand their awareness through listening. Listening to video games is not listening. Listening to gurus is not listening. Listening to your parents or spouse is not listening. I’m saying people need to start listening to the voice inside that they’ve squashed from the external noise dictating every thought, feeling, interpretation and action of their lives. Concepts are bees to honey. Bees to the hive mind. To hear your inner knowing, people need to venture out from the hive conditioning all that they believe in.

  • The limits of the human mind are assumptions that there is no such thing as true mystics. The assumption from which you interpret that I said a true mystic looks a specific way. No sir. I didn’t say that. You did.

  • Well well we’ll, I have smiled through the entire thing, yelled out loud Yes! And even clap. This is the best thing I’ve heard so far… I’ve always thought I was weird comparing myself to the world, ha… I was just Post conventional since I was a kid. Fascinating, exciting, inspirational, motivational stuff. Now I’m even noticing the language, I had just started thinking about language lately. Thanks so much for sharing. Thank you Leo.

  • this is one of the most comprehensive and important videos this channel has ever done IMO

    thank you so much for all of your work, Leo. your work has changed my life (and understanding of it) over the past several years.

  • There is no need to obtain every skill on the planet to reach high states.

    Reaching the acknowledge of being the universe is what it is.

    Drive of wholeness outcomes the need to help others. You are them, and they are you simple. That understanding is so sensitive yet so rational, and it has a healthy balance while it sounds impossible to many.

    The most capable person to help others is the least biased and most accepting person. That person has no other chance to become the most capable influencer they can be.

    So, Leo is into language. It seems like his favorite communication tool is to speak. Yet language can be explained in many ways. I guess he is trying to reach everyone he could while maintaining his reasoning of duty. There could be many other possibilities too.

    Leo can evolve to communicate better.

    Few examples for expanding our perspective a bit:

    What happens if Leo puts on a contact lens to change one of his eye colors?

    What if he comes with a new shirt? And he explains the history of the shirt, the fabric, how it made, how the color affects our perception.

    What if he shaves half of his beard? To teach us, and himself to appreciate both the beard and the shaved look.

    He can get way more primitive to tap in our intuition, and yet he can get super high intelligent and fun at the same time.

    What if the background of the video was just a pattern of literal genitals. Things that represent love can be much better, but genitals do or can mean love too. I guess you got the idea.

    Marina Abramovic is a polar example of a performance artist, but you can research her work.

    He can paint a canvas red that reminds many people with many primitive thoughts, and he can explain the difference between an empty canvas and the filled ones. He can even go live with this and give us some documents to fill while he is experimenting, so live stream becomes a therapy at that point.

    He can go further to get in touch with our senses. Just by thinking the difference between someone who listens me talking with their eyes closed and open. What if Leo does not speak at all and explain via new ways.

    There are no limits on this, and he wants to be limitless, the unity stage is that.

    What if he uses his voice in a way to hypnotize the shit out of us. Or to enhance our neuroplasticity. Or plays a note on some instrument and explains it so powerfully that we feel something else when we hear that note again. There can be many spiritual examples too.

    Love your work, Leo!

  • i am so grateful that you take all this time adding value to us and making our consciousness higher and higher video after video ❤️
    thank you leo from the bottom of my heart ��

  • So my question is this: is prof. Cook-Greuter at the Unitive stage of her own ego development? I presume she must be since she describes the entire model?

  • I’m just trying not to cry by the end of this video…this is absolutely beautiful! It gives me so much hope in humanity.No matter how bad it gets, i feel relieved when I know that there are people like this out there every day. Thank you for sharing this.

  • You know the video is good when you have to pause it to integrate and digest some of Leo’s insights and then come back after a few hours

  • Thank!!!

    I feel honored and I would like to share something here:…..

    I hope you are all doing your best inspite of the current lock-down that is everywhere……

    I just came across this SMARTCONTRACT PROJECT,very excite TECHNOLOGY and I checked out IT’S  Benefits.

    Actually it was quite interesting……..?!??

    Just check it out and give me your opinion if its is something worth your time…

    Check the link below

  • I want to be a personal development coach, and I’ve taken the first step by starting a YouTube channel. If we all have the mindset of adding value to the society, the world will be a better place for all of us

  • Leo this video series is astonishing. So high level. I would love you to make a series about practically moving from stage to stage. Like a video called, “Moving from strategist to construct aware.” Then you introduce the resources you think are catered to becoming construct aware. Just an idea, thanks!

  • The wisest person that I have ever met also left school at an early age. He grew up during WWII and always lived life to the fullest. I owe a lot to him even though I only met him during the Christmas and summer holidays. He would tell me so many stories that would make me laugh but also stories that would make me think. He didn’t speak Italian properly, he spoke in his dialect but I was glad I could understand most of what he said. He did so many things: he was a tailor, a school bus driver, he fixed electrical appliances (ovens, washing machines), he sculpted/built tombstones and he would even make young people meet (sort of an arranged marriage). My dad told me that when he would bring the guy to the woman’s house, he’d always turn his car around before parking so that they could leave quickly if something went wrong ahaha. He was so wise, so funny and so strong. At 85, he would still climb on his fig tree to pick the figs.
    That man was my grandfather. He was so kind that my mother, his daughter-in-law, was the one who insisted I be named after him. It was one of the greatest gifts she could give to me and I’m so proud.

  • Brilliant work as usual Leo….Always look forward to your latest vid…Keep up the amazing work…shout out to you from South Wales UK.

  • My greatest fear is to lose all I’ve worked for because of a silly mistake I couldn’t notice earlier or got it fixed when I had the chance..

  • Something weird is happening leo. I’m growing at an exponential rate within the last 24 hours. Creative thoughts, emotional understanding, profound insights, realising the unspoken and the the magic.

    0=(1=2) that is the scaffolding to creating a language that cannot lie.

    P.S. the word I edited was progound.

  • why it would be good then to distinguish selfish vs selflessness.
    just before this you told: everything is “together and the same” so god is the devil, and you can be whatever, devil or not.
    the distinction is aswell. arbitrary between selfless and selfish.
    being a devil.
    trump is a god, is litteral.

    maybe trump is at the highest stage, full circle, you become the most stupid animal you can be, and you just don’t care, cause you’re god anyway.
    between trolling and being, the line doesn’t exist anymore!
    the highest truth is that life is total absurdity and all thinking is a paradox that turn to nothing.


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  • I hope you make a series about The 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness by Timothy Leary.
    It was simplified by Robert Anton Wilson and was over simplified and made even practical by Antero Alli.

    What I like about TIm’s approach, is what i would call, it’s more of a holistic, comprehensive, vast, etc, and, in somehow, you could say it was moving up, just like’s! By the Way, fun fact, the way i was able to absorb the model is through Antero Alli first! lol. Secondly, I moved up to RAW’s. Then, finally, i was able to get, just a little bit of glimpse, of what Tim’s talking about! Interesting! isn’t it? It’s like the light of this model came backwards lol. I was not ready for Tim yet at the beginning.

    To me, all three of them introduced a profound insight! I really hope you give it a look, or rather, another look! cuz u probably know about it already.
    End of Request’s and i made the request after you mentioned you don’t mind it.

    here is what i have for you from my heart:
    The way I ended up feeding you these information, about Tim, is funny to me, and I am going to share it:
    Let’s say you are a reason, or another, that, i got into psychedelics, which is true. So, in a way, or another, you, basically, sold me the idea of psychedelics. Please, for the sake of argument just go for it, ok? lol.
    In my turn, I found Tim there, in the realms of psychedelics. So, you could say, the idea of Tim is a part of the idea of psychedelics. OK? THEN, in my turn too, I brought Tim, or rather, the idea of Tim, back to you! So, in a way, you might say, I was selling you what you already sold me before, without you even knowing you are the one who sold me the idea in the first place! considering the idea of Tim is a part of the idea of psychedelics.
    you sold me whole and i sold you parts.
    Get it? no? yes? what the f i am talking about? or what?
    OMG this is funny and i would call it my fork for the day.

    I hope i am making sense! i feel like i am trolling you intellectually. not good feeling!! but LOL and ALL IS ONE. Love you!

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  • I always believed on the phrase “Don’t Let anybody tell you who or what do you have to be” the hapiness begins when people starts doing what they wanna do, whatever you do it’s gonna be worthy if you do It with PASSION.

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  • Dr. Rigsby is an awesome speaker. I got the opportunity to hear him speak and have an autograph copy of his book, “Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout.”

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  • Yeah, risk is a potential profit, but also a potential bankrupcy:). We are looking mostly only on those who were lucky and omitting those who have failed. I think that there are more people that fail on risk than those who actually succeed. If you get rich, some people must have got poorer (slight exception is when new money is injected into the system, then everybody gets poorer, because of the Inflation).

  • Great series. Thank you Leo. I’m much lower on this chart than I want to be. I’ve been in a downward spiral for months now and it’s hard to meditate. I’m worried about survival. I haven’t reached the achiever stage. I’ve had a much deeper connection w/ God in the past, and meditated daily, and have had profound spiritual moments, but it’s like that is all gone now, the motivation too. It’s been hard to make myself do anything at all. I’ve gotta save myself. I’m not suicidal, that’s not what I mean. The end part where he says, “figuring out how to do it for yourself is what makes you grow” that’s what I need to do.

  • I was an F student (35%-50%) Gpa 1.00) for most of the school year this began in 4th grade and dragged on to my senior year of high school, mainly because I hated and never did homework/classwork. It wasn’t up until the last few months of the semester that I would try to raise my grade to a D and if I was lucky a C+, I did not graduate with the class though I did receive my diploma attending summer school (retake economics) those wondering. lived my life for 2 years and realized I wanted to go to college so I applied to a local community and spent 2years working on prerequisite classes I hated myself for not paying attention in math class as the burden of not knowing basic equations made it very difficult, I had to start at 5th-grade level math and work my way up. I graduated and was accepted into a 4 year now in my second year studying mechanical engineering with hopes of venturing off to the space industry. I wouldn’t say I’m successful but definitely a turn around comparable to success, it’s important to know what you’re capable of and be willing to work hard to achieve it.

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  • I’d prefer to see or hear expressions of conscious perspective, rather than reading about stages of ego development. Is awareness to memorise ideas I ask myself. With grace.

  • Your mentality is so important. If you believe in yourself, you can do it. You show you believe in yourself by taking the actions that show you do. That’s why time management is crucial to leading a successful & fulfilling life. You can get even more done with virtual assistants which can do all kinds of tasks for you:

  • I’m a inspirational speaker on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter you like to hear any of my speeches just go on YouTube type in Jesse Love inspirational speeches, Instagram jesselove010791 also on Snapchat page jesse_love2019 now on Twitter my Twitter page,

  • Getting to non-symbolic consciousness is not that rare anymore, Leo, you present it as the pinnacle, but we can get there without having developed the ego to these stages. It is a different dimension of development. Check out Jeffery A. Martin and 45 Days Challenge to awakening. You can get some form of persistent non symbolic consciousness pretty easily.

  • Just needed to say… Thank you. Thank you for sharing… well, everything. I finally feel i’m not going crazy anymore and everything makes more sense now. Or it doesn’t:)) but it feels like it anyway

  • What a powerful speech! I can relate to this story and very emotional it is. I lost my wife after staying in marriage for only 28 days having been in courtship for six years. Yes I did hit the rock bottom. But a friend and brother, a priest, challenged me and here I am. I am thankful for the piece of advice he gave me and much more to God the Almighty ������

  • Yk what i noticed? Ppl that drop out of school become rich and those who continue end up on the street or have to do normal work 8 hours a day.

  • dislike due to the background music. I want to internalize his words in its pure form without the image of the avengers popping out from time to time in my head.

  • Easy video map:

    Overview and reminder of previous episodes 0:00

    How to use this model 3:12 16:38

    Construct-Aware / Magician 16:38

    Untive stage 1:20:04

    Longer map:

    Ego’s are transparent(use it for understanding others) 9:24

    What kind of teaching you need 11:54

    Construct-Aware / Magician 16:38

    All cocepts are breaking down 23:08 27:06

    You dont know 23:53

    “The map is not the territory”

    Language shapes us, Only people of the higher stages can think beyond it

    Everything breaks down, even reality 35:50

    The self at magician stage 36:37

    Understanding Duality 39:19

    Life is A game 1:28:08

    How lower stages precive Untive stage people 1:32:44

    Unaware people lives from Leo’s precpective 1:33:44

    *Unaware people tend to only be interested in short term, in lateral development and not vertical development

    Untive way with people 1:35:55

    “all conflict in the universe is a lack of perspective”

    summing up things:

    Only at this stage and on you can start to understand what religion is

    Awareness of the ego 44:04

    At this stage as soon as one becomes aware of one’s need to sort experience to tell a good self story

    with a permanent self as a main actor

    one deconstructs any such identification, At this stage you’re not completely Transcendence of the ego

    you’re still mostly living from the ego at this stage and you followed the traps of the ego at this stage

    but the difference is, at lower stages when people are acting from ego they act from ego so fully

    and are so hypnotized by ego they don’t even understand what they’re doing

    but at this stage there’s enough distance, Detachment and self-awareness that one is able

    to understand and be aware of the ego

    “so the early stages of development you have no idea that you’re deceiving yourself

    At the higher stages of development you start to get a little bit of an idea of how much are deceiving yourself

    but you still are mostly clueless, then at even higher stage of developing you realize holyshit

    I’m so much deceiving myself and i’m aware of how much i’m deceiving myself

    but I can’t stop deceiving myself because I’m attached to it” 46:22

    Then you feel real bad because you can see yourself getting deceived by your own mind

    but you still can’t quite surrender the attachment to the deception.

    You dont know yet how to escape the deception every time, and at the Ultimate stages you will be able

    to se the the deception so quick that you will be able to stop it before it even starts

    But that’s on the Unitive stage, not here at the Magician stage 47:00

    You become aware of the self at the center of this construction process of the mind 47:30

    the self is warping all of reality to suit itself so that it can survive as a self, because the self is not a physical thing

    It’s merely the union of all of it ideas about itself, in a sense if you stop thinking about yourself, you will disappear as a self

    which is why the self is constantly thinking about everything including itself, relating everything to it self

    in order to construct it sense of self and this is how you construct your entire life, this is how you were actually “born”

    Birth is not a physical activity, it’s a process of thinking yourself as a self and therefore you create the self

    And of course death is the same thing.

    “Once you reach this stage you will understand that even this model itself and all of all such models

    like spiral dynamics and any kind of model of enlightenment and awakening, that all of these models

    are still gross over simplifications and ultimately are just a map and not the territory itself

    and you are gonna have to let these model go if you want to go even higher, reach even higher levels

    Going beyond the human mind” 51:30

    There is a sense of isolation that comes at this stage as almost nobody is able to understand you and your complexity

    everybody else seem so simple minded and naive, dealing withe the loneliness of the spiritual path and self actualization

    At this stage you begin to understand the limits of models, maps and theories and you

    understand that you got to surrender them to advance to the next level 54:00

    you start to transcend the symbolic and the mental domain

    you start to get little glimpses of what it’s like to go beyond language Consciousness Beyond language

    non-symbolic consciousness

    Of course as you’re dealing with all this this it can create a lot of suffering

    because you’re hitting up against the limits of the human mind

    and you’re not quite sure how to go beyond it, you don’t have a lot of good role models and examples of people

    in your life who have done this and who can talk to you genuinely about the real obstacles and questions that need to be addressed

    in order to go beyond the limits of the human mind

    You realize at this stage that it necessary a different relationship to “knowing”

    you start taking Epistemology, philosophy and questions more seriously,

    you start to question what know is and more at 55:20

    “all meaning is created by the self for its own purposes” 56:40

    “every thing you want to do is a selfish thing because you want to manipulate reality to be some way

    so just go with the flow” me adding

    “everything you feel/see/ect is filtered through the lens of the ego mind and distorted by the ego mind”

    At this stage you realize how deeply stuck you’re in the ego nd now you’re almost helpless and powerless

    to break out of it, The ego at this stage starts to desire ego transcendence but it feels stuck even in its own desire

    The more ones tries to break free the more one gets stuck

    As you go through that struggle consciously, mindfully you learn to let go and surrender and to take

    a different approach rather then to control

    You realize how stupid judging is and how much unhappiness and suffering it creates for you

    A Person at this stage seeks deeper compassion for self and others

    A Person at this stage is living at the edge of meaning and meaninglessness and he os sort of in the middle

    because he will have problems on both edges

    There is an awareness of ones own emotional, rational processing and patterns,

    you realize how much emotions, rationality and logic manipulates and really you can’t trust either

    yet at the same time you have to use them both

    There’s a lot of sense of: “well, here my ego goes again” and you watch yourself mindfully

    At this stage you must learn to live in a tension between paradox, relativity, meaning and meaninglessness

    All habits of mind, thinking and theory making start to be seen as elaborate defense mechanisms

    against knowing the impermanence of the embodied self

    There is an awareness of pseudo-reality created by words, rational and objective explanation of reality

    and self are seen to be futile and impossible.

    Language itself is seen as a tool of the ego constructing and defending itself

    There is an awareness of fundamental limitations of all rational thought and of language 1:08:50

    There is a capacity now to do draw from and appreciate insights from non-rational sources

    these capacities significantly increases beyond earlier stages

    The access to intuition, bodily states, feeling dreams, archetype and other trans-personal material increases

    These trans-rational, non-rational, non-quantifiable sources of insights and knowledge become more

    than rational deliberation and logic.

    You interfacing with reality by integrating feeling, intuition, visions, dreams, experiences, hunches

    and even rational deliberation, all of it get integrated together to create the best of all those possible modalities

    and you are able to be flexible and fluid in how you use this entire mechanism of understanding

    in different situations in reality 1:10:00

    At these stage there are momentary experiences that the knower and the known merge

    and the personal self disappears, these are first glimpses of mystical/untive/non-dual experiences

    They are not permanent, and there is a desire for such experiences

    There are temporary moments of freedom from the ego’s constant efforts at control

    There is a trap where a spiritual ego starts to develop here.

    As leader, people at construct aware stage tend to build their own novel organizations

    and to work alone to make the best contribution to humanity that they can

    They take the form of catalyst and transformers inside of organizations

    These people tend to be consultants, mentors, therapists and coaches

    People at this stage are seriously open to not knowing unlike previous stages

    There is more comfort in not knowing, with the mystery of life and reality 1:12:45

    There is less of a need to defend yourself and look good, this need melts away

    There is an ability to be open and vulnerable about one’s own flaws,

    less of a need to impress others or to manipulate others

    Depression at this stage is about man’s existential aloneness

    and inability to create lasting meaning through the rational process, sort of the depression of hitting

    the limits of the human mind

    4 Categories of The Ego:

    1. Pre-Conventional(5% of adult US population):

    1) Symbiotic (Beige)

    2) Impulsive (Purple)

    2/3) Opportunist 4.3% (Red)

    2. Conventional(75%-80% of adult US population):

    3) Conformist / Diplomat 11.3% (Blue)

    3/4) Expert 36.5% (blue.Orange)

    4) Achiever 29.7% (Peak-Orange-orange.Green)

    Bringing Orange into Green

    3. Post-Conventional(15-20% of adult US population):

    4/5) Pluralist 11.3% (Peak-Green-Green.yellow)

    5) Autonomous / Strategist 4.9% (green.Yellow-peak.Yellow)

    5/6) Construct-Aware / Magician 1.5% (Yellow.turquoise-Turquoise.coral)

    4. Transcendent(Less than 1% of adult US population):

    6) Unitive 0.5% (Can start from Turquoise.coral+)

    Every stage in SD has 3 levels:

    *The stage is determined by the stage name with the upper case




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