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Courts will often make child custody and visitation decisions based on a parent’s living accommodations. The standard for acceptable living accommodations is based on the child’s and the parent’s individual circumstances. Considerations will vary by court, by state, and even by the judge.

And it is critical to note that the living conditions of a divorced parent could have a considerable influence on the child custody agreement. Parents must have a “suitable residence” to obtain custody. Every decision regarding children in family law relies on what is in the child’s best interests.

Courts and parents consider these factors to ensure tha. Living accommodations can impact child custody outcomes. Establishing child custody can be a challenge during a divorce. In many instances, courts often make decisions based on a variety of factors.

While a judge’s perception can determine the outcome, there are a few key factors they look at when making their decision. Missouri family law judges are expected to consider what’s in the best interest of the child when making such decisions. The type of living accommodations a parent has can greatly impact what type of custody decree that a judge enters. The age and gender of a child affect the type of living quarters that a court may find acceptable for them.

Living accommodations are an important factor in child custody decisions. It may be daunting if your child’s other parent has a better home or more financial capacity than you, but you can still fight to show the court why your child would be best raised by you. Talk to us at Goldman Law to see how to do this.

A significant determining factor in child custody and visitation decisions in Florida involves the living accommodations of each parent. Where each parent lives and how this may impact the child’s best interest will both be taken into consideration. Question: I am worried about my children’s living conditions when they are with my ex-wife, and I would like to know if a child custody modification is justified..

I keep a very clean home and provide a stable environment for my children, which they do not receive when staying with my ex-wife. The outcomes of these returns to court are interesting, although why the differences occurred is not known (the researchers collected only court-based data). Overall, 31 percent of joint legal custody families changed their child custody arrangements after re-litigation, compared to only 13 percent of the sole legal custody families. The living accommodations of each parent’s home.

In some cases, the courts may want to know that the children will each have their own room. Each parent’s ability to provide for the children’s physical needs, emotional wellness, and medical care. 1  The court may also consider the opinions of character witnesses on behalf of each parent. The court will also consider how many children will be living in the home. A judge may not feel that a circumstance is favorable if multiple children need to share the same room on overnight visits.

If a parent has three or four children and some of them will share a bed and others may be on a couch or sleeping in the bedroom with the parent, the judge may decide against allowing this parent to have.

List of related literature:

A review of studies of custody arrangements found that, in general, children who spent at least 25% of their time with each parent (joint custody) had better self­esteem, behavior, family relationships, and emotional adjustment than children in sole custody.

“Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement” by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
from Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement
by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
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Because of concerns about the emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of children from divorced families, judges frequently seek the input of mental health professionals to assist in making difficult child custody decisions.

“Minds on Trial: Great Cases in Law and Psychology” by Charles Patrick Ewing, Joseph T. McCann
from Minds on Trial: Great Cases in Law and Psychology
by Charles Patrick Ewing, Joseph T. McCann
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For instance, in approving a parenting plan, the courts often consider (1) which parent the child is currently living with and the length of time that the child has lived with that parent, (2) the role that each parent has played in caring for the child, and (3) the parents’ work and child care schedules.

“The Legal Writing Handbook: Analysis, Research, and Writing” by Laurel Currie Oates, Anne Enquist, Jeremy Francis
from The Legal Writing Handbook: Analysis, Research, and Writing
by Laurel Currie Oates, Anne Enquist, Jeremy Francis
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In child custody evaluations, clinicians provide the courts with evidence about the fitness of parents and about post-separation and divorce arrangements that will most benefit the children involved.

“Introduction to Clinical Psychology” by Geoffrey P. Kramer, Douglas A. Bernstein, Vicky Phares
from Introduction to Clinical Psychology
by Geoffrey P. Kramer, Douglas A. Bernstein, Vicky Phares
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Research update: Children’s adjustment in sole custody families compared to joint custody families and principles for custody decision making.

“Child Development, Third Edition: A Practitioner's Guide” by Douglas Davies
from Child Development, Third Edition: A Practitioner’s Guide
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Additional stressors such as separation, divorce, testifying in court, custody and visitation disputes, constant moving or lack of stable housing, financial hardships, and so forth are likely to affect the nonabusing parent, as well as the children.

“Violence in the Home: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” by Karel Kurst-Swanger, Assistant Professor of Department of Public Justice Karel Kurst-Swanger, Jacqueline L. Petcosky
from Violence in the Home: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
by Karel Kurst-Swanger, Assistant Professor of Department of Public Justice Karel Kurst-Swanger, Jacqueline L. Petcosky
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However, research carried out on the general population of postdivorce families, which includes those cases where children’s living arrangements are agreed without going to court, strongly suggests that postdivorce parenting remains highly gendered.

“Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials” by Joanna Miles, Rob George, Sonia Harris-Short
from Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials
by Joanna Miles, Rob George, Sonia Harris-Short
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In the initial interviews, parties are often asked about their perceptions of the other parent and their parenting skills, time spent with the children, and other factors that could affect percentage of custody granted.

“Family Interventions in Domestic Violence: A Handbook of Gender-Inclusive Theory and Treatment” by John Hamel, LCSW, Tonia L. Nicholls, PhD
from Family Interventions in Domestic Violence: A Handbook of Gender-Inclusive Theory and Treatment
by John Hamel, LCSW, Tonia L. Nicholls, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2006

Again, as with the effects of divorce, the research in this area highlights the difficulty of judging on an individual basis which children will fare better with joint-custody arrangements compared to sole custody.

“Psychological Evaluations for the Courts, Fourth Edition: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers” by Gary B. Melton, John Petrila, Norman G. Poythress, Christopher Slobogin, Randy K. Otto, Douglas Mossman, Lois O. Condie
from Psychological Evaluations for the Courts, Fourth Edition: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers
by Gary B. Melton, John Petrila, et. al.
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Another meta-analysis indicated that, on multiple ratings of emotional and behavioral adjustment and academic achievement by mothers, fathers, teachers, and clinicians, children in joint physical custody were better adjusted than children in sole custody arrangements (Bauserman, 2002).

“Handbook of Marriage and the Family” by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
from Handbook of Marriage and the Family
by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
Springer US, 2012

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  • Thank you for this information. The video was of great help to me on question I had for a similar situation that I am dealing with.

  • Can you make a video on what is to happen when a noncustodial parent acts unreasonably during their visitation, exposes the child to COVID, and violates the court order? Example, they do not allow the custodial parent to speak to the child via telephone.

  • i think it’s really, really important to emphasize the fact that as easy as it is to point and laugh and watch people’s minds explode (myself included) at how insane all this stuff is, it’s also incredibly, terrifyingly easy for anyone to get sucked into a cult. it doesn’t have to be something as brazen as qanon, and cults can take many different forms. on tumblr for example, radfems and terfs often slip in transphobic dogwhistles in seemingly innocuous feminist posts that a lot of people don’t even realize they’re circulating. i’ve even fallen for some of it before (thankfully) a friend pointed it out to me. that’s why it’s so important to be mindful of these dogwhistles and be critical of the media you’re consuming. everyone is tired of all that’s going on right now, but it’s important not to get complacent. because the minute you think you’re not susceptible to misinformation is the minute you are the most at risk. thank you for this video, particularly the emphasis on how these are mostly white reactionaries who at their core are resisting systemic change because society currently benefits them the most.

  • Hey DSD, good channel please check out about how my baby’s mother and her adopter Grandmother scammed me, I’m living in TX they are hiding out in Moreno valley, CA please check out my true story on my page about how they are doing me out in CA.

  • I have one question, what if I have witnesses who can proof that I am a good father and partner and disproof all false accusations? will they be able to help me with the custody battle? By witnesses I mean neutral colleagues and coworkers.

  • My kids dad and I live in the same state, Georgia and he keeps denying visitation because he says school is at his house and I’m not “allowed” to go to his house to pick them up. He keeps saying that in that case the court orders don’t apply but I was told by a lawyer that that wasn’t the case. He’s only letting me see them on Sunday. He also insists to be with us during my visitation. Is he violating court orders? There’s nothing on the order that says I need to be supervised. The lawyer sent a letter to inform him of this but he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Can he be held in contempt?

  • Please make an updated video with new laws in place. What to do my child is supposed to go on Monday if there is stay at home order what do we do?

  • iv’e gotten to a point where i feel like it’s a waste of time bothering to have an argument with ignorant people.
    and the thing is that i just see the world today as everybody is right. everyone’s governing their own beliefs and would do so much harm with these ideologies. like is even defending the shape of the world even necessary anymore?
    before i tried discussing it to the elderly. they never had all these scientific breakthroughs in their life and it seems as if we all just become a sticking record when we reach our limits. just literally stop learning. our brains becomes hard… and it hurts seeing your own family members just supporting these faceless cults that’s preying on their fears and biases.

    thanks for doing this. my plan is to just remain quiet and not even talk to anyone about this. just treat them like mental patients.

  • In my case I’m the mother my ex is doing false allegations against me I have 4 binders to prove my whereabouts I made a order I’m the victim of conjugal abuse me and the children. I have been threatened and the children. I have focused on the facts there’s been alienating the children I have been taking care of the children and there dentist appointments and daycare no child support trying to put the kids in counseling a program for my aggressive child in a program my ex doesn’t agree another thing to fight over in court almost in debt and my ex is lying cheating and stealing to get a head in court I have 4 binders unfollowed It’s both parents. Problem is my ex will probably pass and continuously lie it seems to be his tactics I have audios since June, but organized it and narrowed it down very difficult my kids are afraid of him they don’t want to go to him there’s abuse towards our kids neglect as well bruises on our son I have a binder of proof. It’s been very difficult not to react I have told nothing, but the truth there’s no meditation I Can’t be in room with him at all afraid for my safety I have been threatened he lied about it in court I never threatened him one I have Fibro I’m not an angry person I love my kids. When u reject them and playing games on their side I have proof on my side recordings I have over 300 I had to focus on the main ones.My ex isn’t looking at the best interest my ex has turned his family against me I have a place for them I want them to stay at their school I live close to their school. I’m losing sleep over the bills and no child support and the games and lies It’s very difficult.

  • Our case worker denied my husband and I visitation (kids are with family) because she was told that we werent following the mask order. Which she never witnessed first hand. So she said we cannot see them. Is this something that she can do? The order states 3 days a week at 3 hrs minimum. My kids are devastated since this happened.
    Is she in contempt of court? No one is under quarantine. Nor sick, nor at risk. Does she have the authority to make such a decision?

  • Imperial units just fly over my head so I looked up Denaili in Imperial units to see what “Really, really, really, really big” is.
    AND WOW 6,190 m. Holy 70% of Mount Everest batman.

  • What happens when mid-process of legal custody pending TPO, and a parent uses the school closings to hijack child from other parent & refused to give child back according to parenting plan that has been in place while awaiting TPO order? Then blackmailed not to exchange child until he gets his terms immediately? Lawyers are aware and nothing was enforced. Parent then changed his wording dictating to keep child another week then finally would exchange at different time than normal at his unilateral decision (*1/2 the month, through mom’s days and thru mom’s following weekend but eventually return the next week for remainder days less than a week.)

  • I’m glad I found your channel. I appreciate your tips. if I could suggest a video it would be your list of worst mistakes parents make. b4, during and after proceedings.

  • My 7 year old stepdaughter whom has asthma, and my wife whom has significant autoimmune dysfunction, have been self isolated in our home due to the state’s order to do so. The biological father is a local police officer and has significant exposure risks and I am concerned about my family’s health, more so because of their existing health conditions. After speaking with him, he refuses to postpone visitations until we see how this all progresses and has threatened legal action if we try to withhold visits. Does the visitation order stand regardless of his daily exposure being a significant risk to my household?

  • My experience with custody evaluaters or supervisors it so outragious its hard to believe. But I just bring up the last ex was ordered to every single type of visitation they can orderat various point. from professional at a place that actually said to me that my ex was charming and they didnt even know why a acted so was scared. All the was to To therapeutically supervised. I was to find a therapist. I foun one who seemed great. He met with me and my daughter and he shared a lot with us. He said his only child had died in a skateboard accident. After a few strange issues like not taking payments from my ex and failing to give me a receipt he started acting as if he was starting to doubt me. Then he made a strange comment about his ex wife being a cheater. He went on to talk about his now adult son?? To clearify.. he lied. He was actually the ex husband of a very famous woman who did write several books in which her ” dead beat husband was discussed. Was even more shocked to disover he never bothered to inform the court he was the supervisor.He atooped returning call and then my child told me that they mostly talked to each other and mention my name she said they were friends.Turned out the heyed been in county jail at the same time. But the best part…his liscence had been revoked only a month earlier but he left that state and practised without it in ca. Even better. I told the the mediatore a bit of what I knew and asked to confirm. she didnt. She actually took whatever asvice or opinion he gave her…he had no sighed authorization from me at all. And the mediator ordered us to go back to him!

  • Thank you so much!

    I’m currently in this situation where the kids are supposed to fly out to California May 30th for a month-long visit with their dad. Yes, this is court-ordered, and I’m getting “bad” advice from people who are just trying to help. The first half of the video I know, thats a solid in my mind and I try to convince those people that basically my hands are tied and it is what it is.

    But that catch 22 is very good to know, and I already know that if they cannot go for the time missed, I have to offer other options for “makeup” time.

    Thank you so much!

  • I feel, law should be changed, full custody of son should go to Father and daughter to mother.
    I know some may don’t agree with this segregation on basis of gender.
    But the reason why I am bringing this point is. At present the law is bais against father and There is big money game with current law, big money transfer from men to woman in the name of child support. To avoid this, law should be changed so that Father’s will have sons and mother will have daughters and whoever having custody will bare the children expenses. If both the parties agrees to have custody vice-vera mutually, then that’s their choice. But if both parents, struggle to get custody of their kids and don’t agree with each other. Then the basic rule should apply, sons will be in fathers custody and daughters for mother. This will give fair custody for father, else the laws are going to favour only women.
    Basically sons need more attention from Father, a male role model. And also the woman will be forced to give the man fair access/visiting rights to his daughter because in turn she gets access to her son else the man will reciprocate to the woman in same way she did.

  • I’ve had full custody of my kids until july 5th of this month the father now has shared custody I live 50 min away from the father of my kids I just dont see how its fair that the kids will be going to school where I live close to my home and the father will have to come and pick them up from school and drop them off 2 days out of every work week having the kids in traffic long ways back and forth. I hired a lawyer who OBVIOUSLY didnt not do his job the court order is so unreasonable it makes no sense. Not to mention the father of my kids has a really bad record he’s violent and has a really bad record I’ve had 2 restraining orders in the past on him and during times where I have to meet up with him to pick up the kids he verbally assaults me in front of the kids and he does not follow the order.
    This has to change what should I do?

  • Hi Wendy. Your videos have provided me with an abundance of information, so thank you. I just moved closer to my 4 year old son (10 minute drive) however, mom is not used to a 50/50 joint custody and is beginning to get nasty and attack me with allegations. I have an attorney but during our mediation he didn’t provide the mediator with my supporting documentation to dismiss these allegations, so of course mediation did not go in my favor which, was me wanting equal time with our son 5-2-2 plan, our day in court is soon, we’ve already sent the missing documentation to the judge, but is it to late for me to get increased parent time due to the mistake of my lawyer? I’m in California. Thanks for these videos!!! We appreciate your commitment to helping others.

  • You’re a hero for sharing so much info. The Court system is too complex and expensive for most of us. Justice isn’t something just anyone can afford, it seems. Your info helps level the playing field. I can’t thank you enough for all you do.


  • What would I have to do now I try to get to court and the state of Alabama cant do nothing and I try to get her back and she was saying she not coming back and I feel like she have me lose my rights I have proof and I feel like she dont want me to see my daughter ever again and I feel like I dont want my daughter stay with no weed head aunt

  • My ex husband moved less than one year after divorce finalization and filed the request for modification a couple days after he got to his new residence over 500 miles away out of state!!

  • And the commissioner ordered me to send my son out of state for 5 weeks over summer consecutivelymoving was not in best interests… and now… he thinks he is going to file for primary cudtody? I have been the stability and the primary since beginning and he is the one who filed!!!!! Frustrated and sad injustice

  • What about those court ordered supervised visitations that take place at a facility? Can the facility decide to temporarily close until further notice as a result of a mandated stay in place city ordinance and/ or decide on there own to temporarily close just as a precaution out of worry until further notice. What happens in that instance when there’s court ordered supervised visitation?

  • This ain’t silly bear country, this is Serious Bear country

    (thank you for this video, I was struck by the profoud with that video footage of the lake. and got me excited about science, thinking about science, geekin about science, which I’m always thrilled about.)

  • Hi Wendy��

    I’ve tried to download the child’s best interest checklist by going to your website but I’m not receiving the download or anything in my email. Perhaps you could send it?
    [email protected]

    Thank you so much,

  • Can you be my attorney? Cps took my kids but the aligatiaons are against my 15 year and thats why they took them and said that I have neglected because I unsupervised him, I love my kids idk what these people are even talking about please take my case I love them to death

  • It is bad that I am an immigrant, so to male sure I can legally stay in US., I have to constantly search for jobs that sponsor me valid visa. My situation is complicated…sucks.

  • In a world where YouTube didn’t start a war…

    I hope we all could stop telling people what to believe and go back to the days where blue is just blue.

  • my x move 5hrs from leave w his new family.judge is making me go all t way there 5rs.. back 5hrscome.tcsame day.he only req..t big holydaus..but he leave.10min.from us Friday.:(still they making me leave.tgere every Friday!!! anyway

  • The saddest thing is that I feel all tbis anxiety, and i’m probably ripe for believing in a strong man who will ”fix everything” and get the ”bad people”…but Donald Trump is literally the opposite of everything I would want to believe in in these uncertain times.

    He isn’t a Hitler who spellbinds with words or a Stalin who wields power in a way that conveys an Iron will. He isn’t even a Putin who conives and plots out his goals and just does it. He is a grifter of the highest order.

    So…if Q is real, pick a better messiah plz.

  • This guy spends over an hour dunking on the flat earth model in a very respectful and cohesive way… I usually spend 5 seconds just calling them smooth brained Neanderthals…

  • Nobody’s rights with their children should have to depend on their judge. Good advice to parents about getting them to think about how their move will affect their time with the other parent. However, it should be the move away parent who is having to take this into consideration. My husband had an order that restricted his child to the school district so that if either parent moved the child could not. That was a deterrent to both parents moving. However, we all know that courts are very unpredictable and could completely discard that order based on whatever criteria they choose to use or whatever criteria they choose to weight more. Thanks for your insights into these issues.

  • I didn’t know anything about QAnon and frankly, I’m now terrified, and glad that I don’t go anywhere near that stuff. Thanks for explaining it to me!

  • 31:10 im not a flat earther, but do you even know how many videos from real experts disappear, that debunk this covid crap with fakts? ive seen it myself how videos are just gone for no good reason.

  • Thank you for your video. Today, for the second time in a month, my ex did not allow for visitation and I filed a (2nd) police report for custody order violation. I’m considering filing for an ex parte hearing because I’m afraid that she will not comply again this Friday when I’m supposed to pick my son up again. Any recommendations for approaching this with the court?
    Thank you for your information

  • I’ve always known scientifically that the earth is round, that our little blue dot we we are born into and die on is a big oblong sphere, but actually seeing the earth’s curve in that footage is breathtaking.

  • He’s good I’m going through this at the moment. The court looks at separate rooms especially when there’s a girl and and boy my kids have their own rooms. I’m dealing with false allegations and very abusive he hasn’t been truthful I have focused on the best interests of the kids. I have been honest unfortunately I feel the kids have been manipulated by the other parent and the kids telling the evaluator that I hit the kids when I did not. I find it very sad.

  • 1:13:18 Halfway through Folding Ideas’ video, I thought he only used the Flat Earth title as a way to get people hear him talk about QAnon.
    And then the closing statement came.
    F*ckin’ genius.

  • Sorry BUT this USA concept every one Having a bedroom Please! Sharing especially same sex chikdren is fine.Yes they cab have bunk beds & maybe theurbown chair
    Opposite sex once it is not appropriate in this beleagued societymtimshate THEN put in a divider with two.single beds head to.tail if necessary
    Some of the most contented & self elegantly balanced families have shared bedrooms…..It is a question of us understanding BOUNDARIES…..Age approphate foid is NOT chicken nuggets, fish funggies & packet maccorini cheese BUT real artusan bread, blocks if cheese for snacks along with apples ( or other fruit ) NO soft drinks but freshwater, whole fat milk & casseroles…..

  • Just watched Behind the Curve. Mark Sargent and co are dangerous narcissists who have self esteem issues. Thanks to Mark, I will now go read an actual science journal and tell everyone I know that the Earth is round. ��

  • Hi Brian, would this apply for me in the UK? I’m guessing certain laws are very similar for the U.S and the UK, and thank you for taking time to make this video

  • Be very weary of these “professionals.” The evaluation (which was a strategy brought on my my ex’s attorney) where the evaluator was to be in my home with my child for 3 1/2 hours, really took place in an indoor recreational facility with my child running around and jumping on trampolines for 40 minutes. She was able to witness me speaking in close proximity with my son for 2 to 3 minutes. Despite having no problems or issues with my son, she mandated 3-6 months of therapy for everyone involved with me not seeing my son until all of this is complete. As a result, I have not seen my son in 2 1/2 years. Heed my warning: do everything in your power to stay away from these “mental health professionals.” I have already paid THOUSANDS, and I am paying someone $125 an hour to have them ask me how my day is going and if I miss my son!!!

  • Amazing court advice. Sad that people simply aren’t ready or never able to satisfy for the child. But do what it takes, and you’ll feel proud. You can fight certain entry, not too clear on that part. Sometimes it’s much simpler and sometimes he’s going to be reliable source.

  • If I don’t let my daughter travel by plane from Georgia to Florida for spring break could she get me for contempt of our ordered parenting Plan. There is an area that says whoever the child is physically with at the time I can make an emergency decision regarding safety and health.

  • It’s a nightmare nothing short of a Horror Story. Remember to tell all men the likelihood of marriage lasting your entire life is a joke. Protect yourself. Protect your accumulated wealth and assets. Do not have children.

  • What if the mother is using the child as a weapon and also doesn’t want the child to get a early education start because it’s close to the father

  • How does one do this when trying to protect their child from an abusive narcissist parent? A true narcissist is extremely dangerous and should be taken seriously.

  • Narcs pay off unethical forensic psychiatrists and yes, this made me lose custody to my ex who is not only a narc, but also a pedophile.

  • Very true been thru it year after year it never stops and never will even when kids are all grown up and left Home however bad the allegations are if it ain’t true then u got nothing to worry about simple as that the truth shall prevail by rising to thier malicious allegations makes u look as if u have something to hide and that’s what they want cos they will flip it on a whim and accuse u of exactly what they were accusing u of in first place because of your reaction best thing to do laugh it off cos they will expose them selves this way soon enough and it will back fire on them ��

  • this is SUCH a good video. I don’t have anything witty to say, this is just so good and every single merit stands so strong on its own and I wish everyone would see it. It’s a perfect example of deconstructing an ideology (in this case… fundamentalist religion and essentially eugenics) and attacking and debunking it in an easy to understand and foolproof way. Also existentially. Brilliant!!!

  • Ours is called a P.R.E. parental rights evaluator. Which is a lawyer and a mental health professional. We already had a CFI (child and family investigator) do an assessment and report. Hope the truth really comes out with this one. A PRE can cost 5k to 12k in my area.

  • Sounds like even after you proved your ex was a crazy psycho, you still got screwed on the custody because your a man. This is very depressing since I am facing the same issue with my soon to be ex and boys.

  • What if bbd doesn’t want to return children after we agreed on schedule,hes assuming my mother that dosen’t live with me has coronavirus,we agreed 1 week each,rotating.

  • I love this. I’ve actually never seen the perspective of objects disappearing below the earth’s curvature just because of a downward motion I could easily recreate this myself, but, you know, I just never thought of it in that moment. Mesmerising to see. Thank you.

  • Thank you…. Your video was very helpful… My wife is accusing me of being abusive and mentally ill… She called the cops on m and they told her to leave.. I don’t need her anymore… Meow do I handle this she took all my kids idk where they are she won’t let me talk or see them. She wants to come back home but I refuse her bullshit. I want my kids to be safe and to stay in school.

  • Hi Duane

    Looks like this is something I may be facing soon. Want to ask about the details of the evaluation report. How is it written? The style?

  • I want to start a flat earth group that’s totally ok with the jews, in fact i want it to be a core belief, lets see how many people join…

  • I had problems even seeing my child contacted attorneys after 3 months of not being able to see her. I thought it would hurt me but I was trying see kept telling me I could see her and not giving me a day. So just mentioned it to ex. The her attitude changed real quick. Have daughter 3 days a week now without court orders. I kept every single text, she knew that. Write everything down watch what you say watch what you do keep any proof of conversations. Keep calendars.

  • Questions. Here’s some history: My ex withheld our son on 3/19, claiming he is extremely sick and needed to self quarantine. But refused to take him to his primary dr or call the dr. I made a report with the sheriff’s(who were unable to help me get my son back) all week Dad has been posting pictures of our son out and about looking healthy as can be. If he continues to withhold him for my next pick up, I will make another report with the sheriff’s. But what happens now since lawyers offices are closed and court dates are being postponed. Will he have to answer to not following court order? Will he be able to withhold him from me the entire pandemic? What can I do representing myself?

  • Questions of Psych Evaluations & Rights To Privacy, Presumption of Fitness, or Sanity: There are debates, and various assumptions about evaluations, and warnings as well. So, can anyone please provide any formal papers (i.e. peer reviewed), or case law on the subject of evaluations and/or psychology testing used for either custody or parenting time? For example, this type of evaluation could be ordered, or strongly suggested by a judge, and can involve both the child(ren) and the parents, or possibly just one parent. Likewise, can anyone name legal case laws which clearly state that a parent has the right to refuse such an evaluation, and that action should not be used against her or him? Or is there any case law, or paper which clarifies when it is appropriate to refuse taking an evaluation? These are important since some key persons act like evaluations are either huge factors, or the only factor to make a decision about custody, or parenting time. Any help shall be appreciated. Below is a paper that was printed in a journal for judges.

  • It might be energy consuming and pricey for parents, but for KIDS it’s traumatic and significantly decreases their chances of having healthy relationships, self confidence and good grades.

  • When you say move away do you mean planning to move or the parent has already moved? Does it qualify for both? Especially if the other parent is planning to move out of the state?

  • Great video Duane.! In NY, I believe these people are called an “Attorney for the children”. They used to be called “Guardian ad litem” or “Law Guardian”. It is an attorney who represents your children in court hearings with the lawyers and Judge. In my case, I motioned the court for an attorney for the children and it went very well for me. It is expensive (not as expensive as your divorce lawyer) but in my case, well worth the money. I was battling my ex in Supreme Court for a year and a half. Once the attorney for the kid’s did her evaluation, my ex settled 1 month later to 50/50 custody. My only regret was not motioning the court sooner. Something for people in that situation to think about, especially if there is a stalemate or the other side is playing a “stall tactic”. God Bless.

  • Thanks for such great info! I have a question for weekends possessions court order gives 2 options when regular school term to bring back the kid when school resumes
    Option 2 not regular school term is from friday 6 pm to following Sunday at 6 pm which one will apply at the moment.
    I’m in Houston Texas if that makes a difference.

    Thanks so much

  • Disguise just a liar don’t listen to him he knows that men only get custody of their children 2% of the time and he’s trying to drag all you men into his door thinking that he’s going to help you and he is not going to help you he’s going to help himself to your cash

  • Hi.
    Thank you for your valuable information and time you put into creating this informative video clip. I experienced some of the points explained within the information provided. I’d really like to have a chance to speak about this with you. I learned vastly from my personal experience in the process and where some of the mistakes I made took place. If there’s ever any interest in exchanging information, I’ll be glad to share. Once again, Thank you for the valuable information provided herein.

  • shortly into the corona pandemic DOZENS of doctors were prescribing hydroxycholorquine for themselves and all their loved ones and I guess this video made me realize how many truly rich and powerful “everyday” people believe this shit.

  • Well, your movie against their movie, I guess. I don’t think Trump is criminal, I don’t think Q is real, I don’t think the Earth is flat. I think the attachments of “progressives,” including BLM and Antifa, but not limited to that, are insane… perhaps more insane and more dangerous then either the Q stuff, or the flat Earth stuff. They’re part of the self-termination of the system that has been run by the “Blue Church” since WWII, and which is more of a mentality than a conspiracy (an obsolete mentality).

  • 42:05 dude, theres an interview with a cop that investigated child abuse in england, he clearly describes how this goes to the highest ranks and his boss had to stop him, they tried to destroy him. thats not some fantasy you can find it. he said that not drugs or guns are the big money maker, its human and child trafficing

  • Despite the obvious bad shit, the beauty of Trumps presidency is what it does to out the stupid people of the country. I mean, there’s stupid people everywhere, regardless of politics or borders, but this certainly outs a lot of the side that halts advancements of humanity. It’s like Trump is their last stand to fight for their right to keep people as stupid as they are. There’s obviously a lot of his supporters that are NOT as stupid as their peers and legit support him exclusively for the reason he’s on the Republican’s side and thus holds certain standards that match theirs. Still stupid, but not QAnon stupid… just normal stupid, like everyone else. The sad part is that unless some kind intervention happens, along the lines of a miracle, we will not see humanity be rid of people these people in our lifetimes. Well, assuming China doesn’t literally take over the world anyway. If they do, then they’ll just outright execute these people. 2020 is the beginning of a decade of weird shit in the world. We’re in for a rough time.

  • One thing that also came to my mind with Denali, and it needing to lean, is even if it was more than they made it sound… Who’s to say it’s not in that photo? The person talks like if mountains were perfect triangles, sticking straight up. But they’re not. It might be crooked normally. So from the side, rather than leaning away, it would look like it’s leaning to the side.

    So even if he was mostly right, you can’t really tell how it’s leaning just with that photograph. We would need to have a good 3d map, know where the photo was taken from, and then compare the two.

    But that’s obviously a lot more work than they want

  • I feel like since the internet, everyone has slowly been going mad, OR the ability to observe humanity’s insanity has been uncomfortably magnified. On top of Flat Earth, QAnon, “Conservatism”, and Fascism all subverting Christianity, I think I’ve had enough of this world.

  • I’m living it here:
    Atmospheric Illusions of Curvature Macro & Micro A Breakdown

    A Concept for Vision Appendix A: Bottom First Disappearance Across Flat Surfaces

    Duane…Your work is the some of the best out there. As a father, I was/am willing to spend tens of thousands to protect my daughter, and pay for a custody evaluation, as you did, bless your heart. I read this article, and I was completely shocked of what it had to say by Dr. Craig Malkin. I thought I’d share it with your channel, and all of the people you are trying to help. This DOCTOR has been on Oprah, if that has any value. Your the best man. Thank you.

  • It is egregious that the mental health industry has not put information about Cluster B’s in the public media. We have to wait for people like you to give us information about this situation on YouTube. These “professionals” are not protecting the public.

  • Funnily enough, I believe that in some sense, we all wish to bend reality to our will, the division of our country, while more complicated than I could ever hope to understand, shares some of us vs. them beliefs. So even at the calmest levels, there is always a small amount of abstraction of truth, not for malicious purposes but more for the ability to understand the ununderstandable. So is it unfair to say that at some level, we are all flat earthers? I would say no.

    I don’t say this as an existential comment but more of a though piece when thinking about the people who fall into this trap. I want the people who read this to always remember that you are not much different from the people who believe in a flat earth. So even if they shun you, try to still respect who they are because you never know how much they will need it.

  • I have dealt with an abusive drunk for 20 years and he uses cops, and anyone along with help with his mother. I havent been heard really by anyone yet he gave me the kids. He still abuses us

  • What if child might be in danger because boyfriend has a criminal record and mother is on drugs and takes to take but doesn’t feed her there

  • You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for somebody to make this video… And I get so frustrated with these people I’m fighting the urge to leave 5 minutes in.

  • Just about every ideology that, at its core, holds an endorsement of social hierarchy has to have deep basic similarities with conspiracy theories and anti-intellectualism because if you believe in any degree of unjust social hierarchy, you have to ignore plain empirical evidence of the rampant misery it causes in favor of a strong emotional sense of moral or natural essence arbitrarily imbued in that mode of social organisation.

  • Everyone is hi on
    accusations everyone is telling me what is right 

    4 me

    We was never served with a

    Its put our family in jeopardy

    Then the judge made a bad decision.know he’s gone he’s gone I
    have to learn how to face he’s gone

    what went wrong o y o y was it the devil in a sole is that
    y.  With so many lies and wrong
    understands the court took him away from me

    Every child  should be
    able to make there own decision then the court wont take them from there

    There’s nothing worse than losing a loved one it tears apart the
    family tree

    so many people have the wrong understanding 

    There’s no one to comfort me 

    When he’s gone he’s gone i have to learn how to say he’s gone o
    y o y was it the devil in a sole is that y

    He seen me cry in his company he said grandpa don’t worry about
    me you need to stay strong for me for me for me

    People shouldn’t be able to make your decision freedom’s what is
    supposed to be it shouldn’t be someone else decision to break up a family tree

  • This was magnificent, but I feel like the title is a bait and switch, given how the rest is all wonderfully sourced and the claim “They moved to Qanon” isn’t properly qualified. I don’t doubt the authors, but I wish they handled that swap better. —Regardless, this was fantastic and I commend in no uncertain terms the creators and their crew.

  • Basically let the parent see the child!! This is so messed up! Let your ex see the child!!! If they are at risk ask ex to wear a mask (I did they and my ex didn’t wear a mask). He travels and the kids are scared and my ex just thinks this is a joke so all y’all playing the courts your hurting kids that do need protection when they have health issues.

  • Petition: To introduce a law that recognises Parental Alienation as a criminal offence.

  • I really love your videos. The way you take time to properly format an argument, as well as address counter-arguments that exist, is extremely refreshing.

  • Do not get married and do not have children. Do you realize as a man all the things that are stacked against you. You have to be insane to want to go through this.

  • 30 some years ago I visited friends in Bethlehem and the older folks (Christian Palestinians) were talking about how a lot of funding for the conflict was from outside apocalyptical Christian groups who were hoping to hasten the end times. I actually asked someone to retranslate the conversation because it seemed just that crazy… i guess they knew what was coming…

  • Interesting presentation. Thank you. Are you able to share the ‘political map’ mentioned and shown on the screen at 1:07:52 please?

  • What if you don’t have a home? Divorce and child support will bankrupt me and I will be forced to live in my parents house. I could move an hour or so away where it’s more affordable but at the same time then I’ll be an hour away. I’m sure it’s another reason I have no choice but to remain in an abusive marriage. Any ideas?

  • Okay. I know that this is a pretty insignificant detail given the whole scope of the video (and how good it is) but I’m really flabbergasted by the fact that Mike Sargent has made a video about The Last Jedi. It really says something about how toxic the discourse around the film has gotten.

  • neutral? My son’s ex slandered our family and projected onto us her issues ( and continues to do this) the tries to alienate the child from our family. Because we never discuss her with him, and we are non of the things she says, he is not turned against us. but his teachers and daycare people etc all are. She charmed the evaluates to the point that the guy never even saw the child much less talked to him. He breezed through my son’s house ( in the same condition as her’s)in 5 minutes. She has the child ( boy) sleeping in the same room with two preteen girls ( her boy friends kids) and his toddler 1/2 sister. The evaluates seemed to think this was OK.

  • I must be a bear because I couldn’t bear those bells! But seriously great material. I appreciate the approach you take. It sounds like humanity is growing tired of our mostly hollow society. I think the only way to neutralize many of these growing populist movements is to seek to first define self. Turn all your judgements and questions inward toward your self especially the parts that make you uncomfortable. If quantum mechanics gets closest to a description of physical interactions, then humans can be metaphorically related to wave interactions. Meaning we are part of a superposition of all humans entangled by the gravity of DNA. The densest form of symbolic information stored in every cell in our individual bodies. The hardest truth is no matter how much information one body can collect and categorize there is always unmeasurable hidden variables that seem to scale in all possible directions of reality.

  • My attorney is motioning for a custody evaluation because my wife will not agree to a joint physical 50/50 agreement. My question is your attorney present with you during eval? And I submitted like over 100 text messages between my ex and I regarding our kids when in my care, pic ups, school activities, dinner and bedtime routine. Will the custody evaluator look at my text message evidence to help my case? We still live in the marital home together, while trying to negotiate who keeps the house. Would a home inspection be necessary?

  • I don’t know if Earth is a ball or not and I’ve obviously seen many wooden and plastic globes of Earth and also in movies the globe is shown to us so I believed it was a fact but what really made me become sceptic about the ball theory is when I found out about Michelson-Morley experiment proved Earth is not moving, please see wikipedia. Here’s a passage of the wikipedia article: “If the Earth is traveling through an aether medium, a light beam traveling parallel to the flow of that aether will take longer to reflect back and forth than would a beam traveling perpendicular to the aether, because the increase in elapsed time from traveling against the aether wind is more than the time saved by traveling with the aether wind. Michelson expected that the Earth’s motion would produce a fringe shift equal to 0.04 fringes—that is, of the separation between areas of the same intensity. He did not observe the expected shift…”. Which proved Earth is not moving. But then Einstein came in and said light increases it’s speed if it’s heading in the same direction as an Earth that moves at a speed of 67,000 mph which is almost 10 times the speed of the fastest aircraft ever fabricated (the North American X-15) but not only it goes at that unimaginable speed but it also deflects continuously so that it perfectly rotates around the Sun, while on the other hand light very smartly and conveniently decreases it’s speed if heading in the opposite direction of Earth’s supposed movement so that both lights from opposing sources make a full circle in the EXACT same amount of time!!! Wow, just wow, how smart can light b, right? Light is apparently so intelligent that it speeds exactly the correct amount of mph in one direction and decreases the exact same amount of mph in the other direction just to please Michelson and Morley so they could observe that both light beams would take the exact same amount of time complete 1 circle. Then came Einstein who in order to justify his claim that light (299,792,458 mps) could travel faster then it should in one direction and slower in the opposing direction, he first proposed Earth is actually “dragging” the aether with it so that the acceleration and deceleration were only apparent. But then he changed he mind and decided this was too ridiculous so he finally proposed that the aether doesn’t exist at all and the increased speed in one direction is only apparent as is the decreased speed in the opposing direction. He called this idea “theory of relativity” which sounds mysterious but in plain English it translates to “I don’t give a shit! Fuck the Michelson-Morley evidence. With my wife’s creative mathematics and my philosophical physics theories I can correct any outcome and make light travel at any speed I wish. OK, so now if Earth is not moving as Michelson-Morley experiment proves, the Flat Earthers can be right that we live on a partially flat Earth disc while maybe outside that disc, the Earth is far bigger and can have any shape you can possibly image, a ball, a banana, an apple, a cube, a pyramid, whatever because if something is not moving, it can have any shape and maybe live on a a very small portion of it which seems flat like maybe a crater on a huge Moon, you see the picture? So maybe both Flat Earther AND Ball earthers are right?

  • Got my parental evaluation done the dad didn’t do his will this go in my favor of the father didn’t do his as court ordered???? I am in North Dakota.

  • In CA they call it Family COURT or FCS or Mandatory mediation. In other words if you don’t compromise in the
    (1 hr max) metting and come up with a complete parenting plan that you both agree on, the worker now has the right to decide custody. Did you think that was the Judge? I did to. But here’s the truth….I have never seen an FCS report be ignored or dismissed. I’ve seen judges make minor adjustments like times or swapping days but they always adopt the the plan suggested by the FCS worker. That wouldn’t seem that bad unless….the repors are set up to be inaccurate. How? Well consider that each worker sees about 10 couple or guardians a week, that about 40 a month. If the couple can’t meet together (no, cases involving abuse, are not exempt) then it’s 12 or 48. They have about 1 to 2 months to get the report done in time for court appearance. So they typically use a template or a pre-typed Report that they just replace with the information for each case. Now, there is nothing for you allowed in to document or record what is said except hand written notes by the FCS only. Recorders are not permitted. The worker takes hand written notes only and does talk, listen on and write at the same time. Then actually does the report for your case typically 1 to 3 days before court. So chances are, they’ve now talked to another 80 people after you. I have never had a report actually come out accurate, my ex had taken me to court so many times I’ve had 8 meetings and 3 workers. I’ve also been in front of 7 different judges. The reports have had errors that were silly like my child’s DOB or the years we were together wrong. Really bad, like they forgot to delete sections from the template that didn’t belong or added stuff. To really bad, like stating that I no showed, when it was actually him that no showed or that my daughter said that she was afraid I would think she love me less if she wanted to see her Dad. (When she was young her Dad went to jail and she was mad, but also torn. She wasn’t sure how I felt so she wondered. So I sat down and we talked. Dont underestimate my kid she very aware. She understoid things most kids didnt. When she was 3 she asked if I was mad at Daddy and if she should be to. I told her no. Along with saying he was making amends and so we should be supportive I also reassured her that I would never think that she didn’t love me or loved him more when she got to see her Dad and never to worry about that. The worker just assumed that there was PAS because DV cases must have PAS and misquoted her.
    Theyve also attributed things one said, to the other person, Or that I stated my ex and I met it drug rehab…I have no idea where she got that. I was clean and sober 10 years before we met and I still am. But here’s the best part. You cannot dispute FCA at all, unless you are actually having a full trial and you call them as a witness and even then confidential. My ex has lied about everything from how many rooms in his house to submitting his fake drug results to the worker instead of directly to the court. That meant that it was included in the report so no one questioned it. So they didn’t know that the lab listed didn’t do drug screens any more, the tech name didn’t exist and the place the sample was taken was his work and he was the big boss. It means when I told the worker that the therapist that supervised visits was not supervising, had nothing signed, wasnt collecting payment from my ex, just me, (I wasn’t supposed to have to pay at all) and was working on a revoked licence, she didn’t bother to check Any of it, instead, she just ordered me to take my child back for more! His licence was formally revoked through criminal action one year later for exactly what I told her. But he was given unsupervised visits anyway. Maybe my case is extreme, maybe just one of these things can happen in your case but be aware.

  • What a beautiful video. Being someone who’s recently left evangelicalism, grappling with the chaos and complexity of existence as a fledgling agnostic has been a sort of culture shock. This piece really hit me, and I’m better for it. Thanks bro.

  • Hi Dwayne,
    I’m in Prince George’s county, Maryland. In our custody hearing the judge ordered a custody investigation. I was fine with that. However this weekend my child’s father (who is a narc) was told to leave supervised visitation because of his on going nasty attitude with staff. He has also violated my mother’s protective order against him, he has also been using my image on social media and creating a smear campaign for about a year against me. Our child turns 2 in January. Question: With all this evidence against the father is there a way to get out of the custody investigation?

  • Intense is the anchoring theme of the video, the metaphor. Intense music at the start, foreshadowing the development affirmed at the ending, an intense road trip through the forest, the intense voyage through the twisted tactics of power elites.

    I can’t resist to add a thought: Flat Earth, QAnon, Antivaxx, Intelligent Design, are just accessory vessels to a more profound phenomenon. Underlying the Aesthetic of the movements, what is happening is that the Elites have realised that a major part of the population live under an orphaned system of thought, one that leaves them vulnerable to predators and parasites of the Thinking. This system of thought, this Episteme, is Theology, a teleological understanding that seeks Truth about the Order of Things through the Signs scattered throughout the Natural and the Written, interpreting and reinterpreting the Signs untill the Occult is finally revealed. Given that Religion has been dead since the Illustration and even before, its now Secular Authorities have the freedom and power to fed their followers with reactionary “truths” that satisfy their Episteme without resistance.

    Nor Knowledge nor Method have the capacity of freeing the followers from this epistemic prison, but only a reformation of religious thought, one that is already taking the form of “Postmodern Christianity”.

    I really loved the video, amazing work!

  • Like you, I’ve been watching flat earth content for the same reasons. I’ve seen maybe hundreds of shows or videos that are trying to explain this very effect and your camera shots are the best I’ve ever seen on this subject. Nicely done man, they are profound. No cutaway, just a lovely transition that shows the curve in all its glory.

  • There’s a little more to the story. It’s very easy to throw the baby away with the bathwater. It’s very easy to dismiss the real pain of others that you don’t feel. It’s very easy to dismiss true facts of the social reality, of which you don’t see or understand.

    Example: Drinking bleach and all meat diet aren’t really comparable or equal in any way.

  • You are providing a lot of helpful advice here. One thing that I would disagree with is the likening of a custody evaluation to a job interview. A job is something you either get or don’t get. That is not the objective a custody evaluation; or at least should not be the objective. A parent who looks at custody as an either-or proposition either better have entirely convincing facts about the other parent’s unfitness OR be aware that the judge and custody evaluator will see that she/he is unable and/or unwilling to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent. That is very important to understand.

  • I’ve had zero interest in even looking into the details of QAnon for laughs so I’m glad you made a video on it because I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have break it down for me. Loved your stuff since you were a little cardboard puppet man. ❤ This was the first time I’ve ever seen any videos Proving the earth was round. You’re right, that footage is so simple yet so powerful.