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Courts will often make child custody and visitation decisions based on a parent’s living accommodations. The standard for acceptable living accommodations is based on the child’s and the parent’s individual circumstances. Considerations will vary by court, by state, and even by the judge.

And it is critical to note that the living conditions of a divorced parent could have a considerable influence on the child custody agreement. Parents must have a “suitable residence” to obtain custody. Every decision regarding children in family law relies on what is in the child’s best interests.

Courts and parents consider these factors to ensure tha. Living accommodations can impact child custody outcomes. Establishing child custody can be a challenge during a divorce. In many instances, courts often make decisions based on a variety of factors.

While a judge’s perception can determine the outcome, there are a few key factors they look at when making their decision. Missouri family law judges are expected to consider what’s in the best interest of the child when making such decisions. The type of living accommodations a parent has can greatly impact what type of custody decree that a judge enters. The age and gender of a child affect the type of living quarters that a court may find acceptable for them.

Living accommodations are an important factor in child custody decisions. It may be daunting if your child’s other parent has a better home or more financial capacity than you, but you can still fight to show the court why your child would be best raised by you. Talk to us at Goldman Law to see how to do this.

A significant determining factor in child custody and visitation decisions in Florida involves the living accommodations of each parent. Where each parent lives and how this may impact the child’s best interest will both be taken into consideration. Question: I am worried about my children’s living conditions when they are with my ex-wife, and I would like to know if a child custody modification is justified..

I keep a very clean home and provide a stable environment for my children, which they do not receive when staying with my ex-wife. The outcomes of these returns to court are interesting, although why the differences occurred is not known (the researchers collected only court-based data). Overall, 31 percent of joint legal custody families changed their child custody arrangements after re-litigation, compared to only 13 percent of the sole legal custody families. The living accommodations of each parent’s home.

In some cases, the courts may want to know that the children will each have their own room. Each parent’s ability to provide for the children’s physical needs, emotional wellness, and medical care. 1  The court may also consider the opinions of character witnesses on behalf of each parent. The court will also consider how many children will be living in the home. A judge may not feel that a circumstance is favorable if multiple children need to share the same room on overnight visits.

If a parent has three or four children and some of them will share a bed and others may be on a couch or sleeping in the bedroom with the parent, the judge may decide against allowing this parent to have.

List of related literature:

A review of studies of custody arrangements found that, in general, children who spent at least 25% of their time with each parent (joint custody) had better self­esteem, behavior, family relationships, and emotional adjustment than children in sole custody.

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Because of concerns about the emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of children from divorced families, judges frequently seek the input of mental health professionals to assist in making difficult child custody decisions.

“Minds on Trial: Great Cases in Law and Psychology” by Charles Patrick Ewing, Joseph T. McCann
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For instance, in approving a parenting plan, the courts often consider (1) which parent the child is currently living with and the length of time that the child has lived with that parent, (2) the role that each parent has played in caring for the child, and (3) the parents’ work and child care schedules.

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In child custody evaluations, clinicians provide the courts with evidence about the fitness of parents and about post-separation and divorce arrangements that will most benefit the children involved.

“Introduction to Clinical Psychology” by Geoffrey P. Kramer, Douglas A. Bernstein, Vicky Phares
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Research update: Children’s adjustment in sole custody families compared to joint custody families and principles for custody decision making.

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Additional stressors such as separation, divorce, testifying in court, custody and visitation disputes, constant moving or lack of stable housing, financial hardships, and so forth are likely to affect the nonabusing parent, as well as the children.

“Violence in the Home: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” by Karel Kurst-Swanger, Assistant Professor of Department of Public Justice Karel Kurst-Swanger, Jacqueline L. Petcosky
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However, research carried out on the general population of postdivorce families, which includes those cases where children’s living arrangements are agreed without going to court, strongly suggests that postdivorce parenting remains highly gendered.

“Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials” by Joanna Miles, Rob George, Sonia Harris-Short
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In the initial interviews, parties are often asked about their perceptions of the other parent and their parenting skills, time spent with the children, and other factors that could affect percentage of custody granted.

“Family Interventions in Domestic Violence: A Handbook of Gender-Inclusive Theory and Treatment” by John Hamel, LCSW, Tonia L. Nicholls, PhD
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Again, as with the effects of divorce, the research in this area highlights the difficulty of judging on an individual basis which children will fare better with joint-custody arrangements compared to sole custody.

“Psychological Evaluations for the Courts, Fourth Edition: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers” by Gary B. Melton, John Petrila, Norman G. Poythress, Christopher Slobogin, Randy K. Otto, Douglas Mossman, Lois O. Condie
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Another meta-analysis indicated that, on multiple ratings of emotional and behavioral adjustment and academic achievement by mothers, fathers, teachers, and clinicians, children in joint physical custody were better adjusted than children in sole custody arrangements (Bauserman, 2002).

“Handbook of Marriage and the Family” by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
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  • I have one question, what if I have witnesses who can proof that I am a good father and partner and disproof all false accusations? will they be able to help me with the custody battle? By witnesses I mean neutral colleagues and coworkers.

  • My kids dad and I live in the same state, Georgia and he keeps denying visitation because he says school is at his house and I’m not “allowed” to go to his house to pick them up. He keeps saying that in that case the court orders don’t apply but I was told by a lawyer that that wasn’t the case. He’s only letting me see them on Sunday. He also insists to be with us during my visitation. Is he violating court orders? There’s nothing on the order that says I need to be supervised. The lawyer sent a letter to inform him of this but he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Can he be held in contempt?

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  • Our case worker denied my husband and I visitation (kids are with family) because she was told that we werent following the mask order. Which she never witnessed first hand. So she said we cannot see them. Is this something that she can do? The order states 3 days a week at 3 hrs minimum. My kids are devastated since this happened.
    Is she in contempt of court? No one is under quarantine. Nor sick, nor at risk. Does she have the authority to make such a decision?

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  • What happens when mid-process of legal custody pending TPO, and a parent uses the school closings to hijack child from other parent & refused to give child back according to parenting plan that has been in place while awaiting TPO order? Then blackmailed not to exchange child until he gets his terms immediately? Lawyers are aware and nothing was enforced. Parent then changed his wording dictating to keep child another week then finally would exchange at different time than normal at his unilateral decision (*1/2 the month, through mom’s days and thru mom’s following weekend but eventually return the next week for remainder days less than a week.)

  • I’m glad I found your channel. I appreciate your tips. if I could suggest a video it would be your list of worst mistakes parents make. b4, during and after proceedings.

  • My 7 year old stepdaughter whom has asthma, and my wife whom has significant autoimmune dysfunction, have been self isolated in our home due to the state’s order to do so. The biological father is a local police officer and has significant exposure risks and I am concerned about my family’s health, more so because of their existing health conditions. After speaking with him, he refuses to postpone visitations until we see how this all progresses and has threatened legal action if we try to withhold visits. Does the visitation order stand regardless of his daily exposure being a significant risk to my household?

  • My experience with custody evaluaters or supervisors it so outragious its hard to believe. But I just bring up the last ex was ordered to every single type of visitation they can orderat various point. from professional at a place that actually said to me that my ex was charming and they didnt even know why a acted so was scared. All the was to To therapeutically supervised. I was to find a therapist. I foun one who seemed great. He met with me and my daughter and he shared a lot with us. He said his only child had died in a skateboard accident. After a few strange issues like not taking payments from my ex and failing to give me a receipt he started acting as if he was starting to doubt me. Then he made a strange comment about his ex wife being a cheater. He went on to talk about his now adult son?? To clearify.. he lied. He was actually the ex husband of a very famous woman who did write several books in which her ” dead beat husband was discussed. Was even more shocked to disover he never bothered to inform the court he was the supervisor.He atooped returning call and then my child told me that they mostly talked to each other and mention my name she said they were friends.Turned out the heyed been in county jail at the same time. But the best part…his liscence had been revoked only a month earlier but he left that state and practised without it in ca. Even better. I told the the mediatore a bit of what I knew and asked to confirm. she didnt. She actually took whatever asvice or opinion he gave her…he had no sighed authorization from me at all. And the mediator ordered us to go back to him!

  • Thank you so much!

    I’m currently in this situation where the kids are supposed to fly out to California May 30th for a month-long visit with their dad. Yes, this is court-ordered, and I’m getting “bad” advice from people who are just trying to help. The first half of the video I know, thats a solid in my mind and I try to convince those people that basically my hands are tied and it is what it is.

    But that catch 22 is very good to know, and I already know that if they cannot go for the time missed, I have to offer other options for “makeup” time.

    Thank you so much!