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A Life Scout who has completed all of the badge requirements and served in a leadership position for a minimum of six months can complete the path to Eagle process in three to six months, depending on the time of year and any other commitments on his or her time. 2 . Eagle rank requires 6 months as a Life scout.

So it is possible to joint the boy Scouts at age 11, be 1st class by age 12 and earn the Eagle rank 16 months later at the age of 13 or 14, but this is. The BSA’s Eagle Scout database uses the Scout’s board of review date — not his application validation date — as the date he earned Eagle. That’s true of every Eagle Scout. First and foremost, in order to become an Eagle Scout, you need to have been involved in Boy Scouts for at least six months. There are 21 merit badges you must earn, 13 of which are in specific areas.

The purpose of these badges is to help scouts determine if they would like to continue to pursue one of these areas as a future career. How long does it take to become an eagle scout? The minimum is about 28 months. and 1st class can be worked simultaneously and there is no specific time required. It is generally considered a sign.

How hard is it to become an Eagle Scout? Earning the rank of Eagle should not be something a youth takes lightly. The basic requirements for the rank ate fairly straight forward.

1, Be active in your troop, team, crew, or ship for a period of at least six months after you have achieved the rank of Life Scout. Once the scout has earned the first class rank then to achieve all the higher ranks there are merit badge requirements and time in rank requirements. star ( 4 months in first class rank), life ( 6 months in star rank), and eagle ( 6 months in life rank) so total time to achieve eagle rank ( 1 year for lower ranks + 16 months for the higher ranks) = 28 months is about as fast as a scout can. So actually, following a cohort of 100 boys who enter scouting together, way more than 2, or 4 or 6 will become Eagle Scouts. in a year (not after just one year), 6% will earn Eagle, and some will. The rank of Eagle Scout may be earned by a Scout who has been a Life Scout for at least six months, has earned a minimum of 21 merit badges, has demonstrated Scout Spirit, and has demonstrated leadership within their troop, crew or ship.

Assume a kid coming into Scouts with AOL at 10 years old. They could earn Scout on the first day they join. Tenderfoot will take at least 30 days.

Not a bad assumption that a troop would have a campout at least once a month and you need to find a service project in that time, but possible.

List of related literature:

to become an Eagle Scout, a process that usually takes four or five years.

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For boys, becoming an Eagle Scout, usually in late adolescence, marks the culmination of this process.

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occasion of earning and attaining the rank of the Eagle Scout

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As a young person, Wetzel, was unable to complete the requirements of an Eagle Scout.

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Should be able to fit into two months—going to have to make it up in the scout program.

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Normally the best age to catch a recruit for the Scouts is 17 to 18 years.

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Five years of scouting would be indicated by one _ _ red stripe and two white stripes.

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Earning your Eagle Scout award took a lot of work, and a long time.

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Eagle scout Within three days your presence will be requested at a social function.

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Thereafter, the accumulation of merit badges and the satisfaction of various requirements permit a scout to attain the ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle Scout.

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  • I think in my college essay, saying that I will become an Eagle Scout which I did in December 2018 really helped me get accepted to college

  • Once you turn 18 it is not mandatory to quit scouts, you just can not obtain eagle. As a tenderfoot you should probably not have made this as allot of it is misinformation.

  • They’re plenty of benefits to being rewarded Eagle Scout, You learn what it’s like to be a man and then use that experience later in life! Helps you into good schools and it makes you look impressive it’s an awesome accomplishment!

  • This video was very helpful and nicely edited. You inspired me to create a channel just to document my journey to earn Eagle Scout in 2 years. Thank you. YIS -Mac Guzman


  • Quick question, I’m attempting to become a eagle scout in two years, I’m told this is possible but I’ll have to work my butt off. Is this true.

  • I became an Eagle Scout in December 2011. I got to say, being an Eagle Scout is a major accomplishment. If you are a Boy Scout, the advice I can give you is to go forward with your adventure, and look up to the older scouts in your troop, as they can help you on your journey to become an Eagle Scout.

  • Question: Is it possible to earn eagle in less than two years? I’m in sea scouts currently and I want to try and be one of the first female eagle scouts. The only problem is that I’m 15, almost sixteen. That will give me about two years.

  • The first time I got promoted to the rank of Eagle Scout was when I was a senior in high school. At first I had doubts about accomplishing this but with the help of my dad and other scout masters, it became a reality. Was I nervous ��? A little bit but after the accomplishment became a success, I felt good and proud of what I did.

  • dude, you should edit out that thing about looking good on your resume… that defeats the whole purpose of being an eagle scout and your whole video for that matter!

  • My lil bro is in cub scouts webeloo and they are required to cook on the camping trip he decided to make bacon and eggs when he practices he burns the bacon

  • I earned my Eagle Award in 1961. Later in my career a major part of my professional responsibility was recruiting good qualified candidates for well paying high tech electronics careers. Every Eagle Scout resume received an interview even if their apparent qualifications were not exactly what we were expecting. Never has an Eagle Scout let me down.

  • It can become more than just “a fancy badge” (per the video) as the recipient grows older. Consider it a cherished possession and source of pride and accomplishment.

  • I am not satisfied with the quality of this video. The content is good (and my 24 month plan!) but the presentation is lacking and I should have done better. So my next video I will have a more professional presentation while breaking down a portion of the video that explains the scout ranks, merit badges, and leadership positions. Stay tuned!

  • Great video. I think it will help those kids (boys and girls) that join at 15-16 years old to know it is possible to earn Eagle Scout. Good luck!

  • These guys are wimps! I could actually get all these badges! I leave in S.A. and everyone knows how to shoot a slingshot or a bow

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