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College students, young adults, even older adults can be victims of bullying. There is no reason why anyone should have to endure this kind of hostile, hurtful behavior. If your child—whether college age or in the working world—is experiencing constant harassment and bullying, there are steps to take to stop this treatment.

Moreover, among both adolescents and college students, bullying is associated with an increased risk of use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. In many cases, chemical abuse is part of the coping strategy for living with the emotional and psychological effects of bullying. The consequences of bullying are high for anyone who is impacted.

But research indicates that college students can feel even more alone and isolated especially if they are underclassmen at the university. 1  Every college student needs a circle of support, but bullied college students are in even greater need of support. The effects of bullying can be severe. There can be long-lasting impacts on the well-being of victims as well as bullies.

Even bystanders who witness bullying but don’t actually participate in it can experience feelings of fear and anxiety. College students who are bullied often feel angry, helpless, lonely, frustrated, and isolated. As recent cases highlighted in the media suggest, bullying can continue (or begin) for some in college. The degree to which a young adult in college is isolated among his or her peers may influence these issues.

How Parents Can Help. Research suggests that even if children are resilient at the time of bullying, the effects of bullying can last well into adulthood. The effects of bullying in adulthood include: Bullying can cause depression and anxiety There is scientific evidence that supports a link between depression and anxiety in adulthood, and being bullied as a child. Short-term effects of bullying for the victim. All kids are different and are likely to exhibit varying behaviors during or after bullying by a peer.

With relational aggression on the rise and cyberbullying easier than ever, it should be noted that bullying can be ongoing for long periods of time before students seek help. Bullying can be associated with significantly serious problems. Teens who bully are at greater risk for engaging in delinquent behaviors, including vandalism, as well as violence inside and outside of school.

They are also at risk of substance abuse and dropping out of school. Practice for your own safety – or coach your child or student. Every day, adults, teens, and children use these skills to avoid or end bullying at school, at work, in their communities, and online. Any parent, educator, or other caring adult can coach young people to practice these skills. You can coach one person or a group.

Effects of Bullying Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to determine whether bullying—or something else—is a concern.

List of related literature:

It affects their ability to cope with dealing with five adults in one day, to cope with moving around a large campus, to cope with interacting with a large number of students in a day.

“Culture Speaks: Cultural Relationships and Classroom Learning” by Russell Bishop, Mere Berryman
from Culture Speaks: Cultural Relationships and Classroom Learning
by Russell Bishop, Mere Berryman
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The impact of bullying on students is devastating and often leads to social isolation, emotional distress, depression, psychosomatic illness, anxiety, sleep disorder, panic, and an inability to concentrate on educational learning (Forero, McLellan, Rissel, &

“A Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology, Third Edition” by Trici Schraeder
from A Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology, Third Edition
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Students who are bullied have a higher risk of depression and anxiety that may persist into adulthood, including feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities.

“Classroom Management: Creating a Successful K-12 Learning Community” by Paul Burden
from Classroom Management: Creating a Successful K-12 Learning Community
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All forms of bullying result in negative consequences to the victims, including anxiety, depression, lowered self-esteem, impaired social relations, and school avoidance.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
from Encyclopedia of Adolescence
by Roger J.R. Levesque
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Bullying behavior on the part of peers will serve to create an unsafe school environment for these students, possibly mirroring their family experiences and triggering negative reactions, thereby negatively impacting the conditions for learning.

“Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals” by Eric Rossen
from Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals
by Eric Rossen
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Up to 70% of secondary students reported having experienced bullying at some point during their school careers.

“Stress Consequences: Mental, Neuropsychological and Socioeconomic” by George Fink
from Stress Consequences: Mental, Neuropsychological and Socioeconomic
by George Fink
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They found that participants who experienced workplace bullying reported more negative affect, as well as more symptoms of depression and anxiety and lower levels of social support, than those who were not bullied.

“Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness” by Robert J. Gatchel, Izabela Z. Schultz
from Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness
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They might incline towards alcohol and drugs, skip school, experience in-person bullying, as well as loose interect in studies, have lower self-esteem, health problems, etc.

“Essential English for Competitive Examinations 2nd Edition” by Dr. Rashmi Singh
from Essential English for Competitive Examinations 2nd Edition
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It harms the target of the bully, the perpetrators of bullying acts, and the students who observe bullying from a distance and also suffer from the negative implications of bullying.

“Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives” by James A. Banks, Cherry A. McGee Banks
from Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives
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And the trend associating increased age with higher proportions of bullying online appears to continue into college; when I looked at the nature of bullying in college, I didn’t find even one case that occurred only in person.

“Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know” by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
from Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know
by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
Harvard Education Press, 2013

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  • Having a mental break down on a Saturday while knowing I should be working on school work that was due 45 min ago and still watches this

  • I know that there are a lot of people that just have parents that do not care about their mental health, but in my personal experience, a lot of the stress is made from that student having big aspirations. A lot of these people that are in this comment section have big aspirations to go to a good college, but that is also a big part of their stress. That forces them to make them work extra hard in school to work for these good grades, and if they get a C, let alone a D or an F, they start to beat themself down over and over. I remember back when I was in 7th grade that I had to do a science test that was all open-ended. In 40 minutes, I had to answer 10-15 open-ended questions. Sounds easy, right? Not too many questions. However, some people are slow writers, and I am most certainly one of them. As you can probably tell, I was extremely stressed, as I knew that I was a slow writer and that I put a high amount of pressure on myself to do really well on that test, but for those first ten minutes, I felt so stressed and nervous that I could not work. Luckily for the next 30 minutes, I was able to do some productive work, but I was only able to do about 2/3 or the test until I gave up and cried out of extreme stress of not only knowing that I would get a bad grade, but also knowing that I was prepared for the test, but because I knew that I was a worse writer than most of my class and also a slower writer than most of my class, as well as extreme stress levels that prohibited work from being done, all culminating in not only a huge migraine, but also uncontrollable self-directed anger and sadness. Luckily, I was given extra time, as the teacher knew that I would have difficulty with finishing the test, not out of not knowing the subject, but out of time constraint, so that was a huge plus, but either way, the main takeaway is to not be so hard on yourself. That would just add extreme levels of stress to yourself.

  • I love you, Kelly. I want you to know that you inspire me and listening to your stories and advice has helped me know myself and heal a bit as well. I’m so thankful you share so much with us.

  • If you are lgbtq and struggleing if you are anythkng and struggleing just know ur life matters i love you i am proud of you and i think you are worth it just because you dont get good grades or dont look the way you want it doesnt meen you arnt smart or you arnt beautiful because you are to who ever saw this i hope i made ur day a little bit brighter

  • I once told someone about my self-harm and they said “girl me too, you’re not special.” I honestly don’t know who can truly help me at this point.

  • Actually my worries is not being successful and disappoint my parents I’m afraid coz they have high specification towards me. especially now I’ll be going to who knows what university I’ll go next year, coz in my country if you don’t finish college you’ll be a failure and If you don’t have money people will look down on you, I feel like I’m not independent enough for my age(17) compare to my peers, so this quarantine is making me really uneasy, so yeah their is alot of thing that I’m worried about not just this

  • I dont wanna be one of those people that self diagnoses but I keep researching autism and it would just explain so much about how I think/act… I was watching Community, which has a character with aspergers who is written by a man with aspergers, and there are so many scenes that are meant to play off his condition and be funny, but I started crying because he thought the same thing I would have and reacts how I would and I didnt know anyone else did!!

  • I love you Kelly. You are beautiful they way you are. Anybody hating on you is just pure jealously. You a have an amazing soul and that what matters

  • It’s currently 12am, I have to memorise 2 french paragraphs off by heart and say them out loud tomorrow, I started crying and breaking down because it’s too difficult, I can’t do it, and no “I can do it yet” I actually can’t do it, schools not about learning anymore, not everyone can do this

  • Usually when I try to tell my parents what in stressed, scared or annoyed about, I’m always met with the answer “just don’t think about it”. That NEVER feels helpful and mostly makes me feel like my problems aren’t heard nor important

  • They need to fix the school system and people and parents need to be more understanding to there lgbqt secrets do their own daughter or son doesn’t suicide

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s great that you’re recognizing how unfairly you had been treated and speaking out about it. It’s also inspiring for us, the viewers, to take inventory and reflect on our own experiences of being bullied (or being the bully, hopefully not the case).

  • One reason I became an Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. I am trying not to do promo, so I am referencing this slightly obscure name:) Thank you, Beyond the Scene. Thank you.

  • 1:46 This is incredibly cute and endearing. Not about crying, but the way she canderously and awkwardly explains it is exactly how I sometimes express things ��

  • Hi! From a teenager to parents who will never even bother to read this because their own ways of thinking:
    1. It’s NOT the HORMONES
    2. Constantly degrading us and using bad words with us and then wondering why we have depression. •o•
    3. If you’re gonna say you’re gonna be there, actually be there, not just physically but emotionally. You can be stuck to me like a sticker 24/7, THAT IS NOT ‘BEING THERE’ Honestly, I’d rather you be halfway across the planet and be there for me emotionally
    4. Stop judging us and saying that our problems are no big deal and then scold us about not telling you anything
    5. Don’t expect me to actually not do something bad to myself if you snatch away my phone, the only way I can sleep nowadays is by plugging my ears with my headphones/earphones and listening to music.
    6. YES! YOU CAN STUDY ON YOUR PHONE, IT’S NOT AS MUCH OF A DISTRACTION EVERYONE SAYS IT IS (btw, I’m mad at my therapist for saying that a phone will only distract me, and if anyone is gonna complain that I could be doing so many other things instead of writing this comment, well what do you know, I finally finished my homework and it’s 3:45am and I’m supposed to get up at 4:00am to study get ready for school)
    7. I finally finished my homework and it’s 3:45am and I’m supposed to get up at 4:00am to study get ready for school, this system is just awesome, sleep deprived teenagers sitting in one place mugging up textbooks

    I could probably rant on forever but I have to get ready

  • I think that turning this situation into an understanding that her artistic expression was literally a reflection of her own self hatred and while she pointed the finger at you, it was a complete reflection of all the ways that she felt unworthy, invalid, and powerless to change her own insecurities. For a brief period she felt powerful because people gave her the validation she was seeking by approving of her hatefulness. It’s gross and sad and honestly pathetic but like you said not at all your fault and not at all about you. Those pictures, no matter what she says, were a finger in the mirror, pointed at herself wishing that she could be something different than she was, and that’s real sad. I’m so sorry that that happened to you, especially in such a difficult time in your life. I will say that it seems to have made you a really kind, self aware human bean so at least you have something lovely that you’ve carried with you from that experience though I know it doesn’t take it away. Just wanted to send you some love and thanks for being brave enough to continue on your path and not let those things break you because not everyone can do that so it’s really a testament to your character and integrity����

  • I used to be so creative but now that I’m a teenager, none of the things I create interest my parents. They always want me to study. When I tell my dad that I’m learning a programming language, he just dismisses it telling me to study for school. I’ve lost interest in 4 to 5 programming languages and an actual human language that way. I was trying to learn French through duolingo and I lost interest in it after not telling anyone that I was studying it.
    I’m always anxious now and I feel guilty for no reason at all. I get sudden sparks of motivation for about 30secs but it doesn’t do much.

  • the school system is corrupt thats all i’m saying ��‍♀️ school has led to us alll teens today struggling with mental issues like depression etc… They NEVER consider our mental health all they care about is we get good grades great continue doing that…then some of us fail and then they blame the child jeeezzzz..The school system is just training us to be robots for the working world.This system Doesnt care about our mental health and this has caused many teens today to rebel and become suicidal..What matters most is our mental health it or not the reality is this system doesnt care about our mental health and it needs to stop im tired of seeing young teenagers lives go to waste ������

  • My mother only started to take my health seriosuly after 1.) slept for two days after my body getting so tired it shut itself down 2.) I spent a week in the hospital because I physically reacted to stress and my lungs were actually in the danger of collapsing from just a small cough.
    So parents. Listen to your kids. They are not doing this to gain attention.

  • You are a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL woman who I look up too; I see you do so much and I’m so grateful that you are the bigger person and amazing even if the things you are going through now to the things you went through the past. Thank you!

  • This Amy chick is the biggest loser I’ve ever heard. I feel this video is perfect showing how much of a loser she is and hopefully she’ll see it. You even-out the playing field. She can fuck right off.

  • WOW! I can totally relate to this! Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with as personal of an attack as Amy took on you, but ever since 1st grade I’ve always been bullied and mocked. Now when people laugh, I barely take any notice to them, and it’s usually my friends sticking up for me and flipping them off. The worst I’ve ever had it is being dragged across the floor by another student in the forth grade, the teacher seeing this, not saying a word, and then accusing me of being racist because I didn’t play with my friend, who was black, at recess when in actuality I just wanted to be by myself that day because I had depression (which I wasn’t diagnosed for and didn’t realize until a few months ago). Again, super sorry anyone would ever do this too you. My point of all this is you’re not alone, and we’ve got your back Kelly.:)

  • Looking at all this stuff in comment sections and Tedtalks and stuff, I’m very curious to see what Gen Z’s parenting will look like (I’m a Gen Z as well)

  • Parents who take our phones away because it’s ‘making us stressed because of social media’, no. You’re just taking away our communication with someone who understands us.

  • seriously Kelly?…boo hoo someone took pix of THEMSELVES mind you to make fun of you and that was the worst bullying you had?…look the sexual harassment I understand 100% but this was crap for real.

  • I felt this so freaking hard. School had me in such a bad place that I was in the process of dropping out when the quarentine started and now I’m stressed because I don’t even know if I’m still enrolled in school.

  • i like how she said “I see you!” i love that she said that because teens like me feel like no one can see them, so it is hopeful that someone sees me!

  • they may have tests and homework to grade, but we got seven classes of homework that counts as a grade, jobs, sports, and a social life, oh and then there’s also keeping my self healthy and getting enough sleep. So don’t tell me I’m over reacting. You don’t even know the stress.

  • So here i am like some people to talk about their own stress. So i am being overloaded with work right know. Since the no school thing started i didn’t know about an updates page on schoolagy where teachers post things like work and since i didnt know about it and it’s been past 2 weeks since my school closed when suddenly POOF I have all of this work being shoved down on me that’s due already and I’ve already been doing homework for 2 hours a day and I’ve had my first panic attack like a few days ago with everything that’s already going on. That’s all i have to say… so back to life it is then.

  • You are a good person okay don’t worry about them there might be jealous of you because you are a really great person I watch your videos and you are amazing

  • Adults say that kids have all of these mental illnesses and stress from social media, but tbh talking to other people online makes me feel better

  • i told both my parents that i was feeling suicidal, every now and again i think about how id kill myself. Alcohol (or anonymity) is the only thing that brings out how i really feel, so when i told my parents my true feelings they took it as me overreacting because i was drunk. but when i told my mum when i was sober she’d tell me that i have no idea what im talking about. the frustration made it hurt even more. eventually i got to a point where couldn’t stop drinking, i vaguely remember drinking an entire bottle of whiskey, beers and cider and after that i was finished. now i try not to drink but my parents continue to ignore how i feel and pass off my opening up to then as foolish. the pain makes me want to rip off my skin, or shoot myself sometimes i dont know what to do. sometimes i question if im even worthy of people caring because i feel so confused, i feel like im not worthy of being sad because other people have it off worse. thats just stuff outside of college too. ive been bullied about my weight or because im “weird” my entire life. i dont fight anymore either so i just soak it up like a sponge until i cant take much more. theres the pressure of my future too, studying engineering is hard and im scared ill fail and live in poverty for the rest of my life i dont know what to do sometimes. i just wish i could go back to being a toddler so i dont have to worry about the crushing force of life.

  • Yeah, I remember one time when I was in high school and it was 9\11 and I said something to my parents along the lines of “I don’t see why I should be upset about it when it didn’t effect me personally” and they got really upset with me for saying that, I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I do

  • Sweats in suicidal teen who acts happy and cheerful around friends and family so they don’t know her true feelings and probably think she is happy

  • Why do we keep taking about the flawed education system here? The government won’t reform our education because too many citizens are anti big government and taxpayers don’t care about us.

  • What you learn in school
    -Basic math
    -how to read
    -how to write
    Middle school
    -life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows
    -depression 101
    -how to use a microscope
    I don’t know as I’m only in middle school but I think it goes like this
    High school
    -your parents can’t pay for everything
    how to balance work, school, and personal time
    -how to apply for college

  • She just sounds jealous and you were an easy target. That and she thought you thought you were better than her or college like you not being up to date in class was because of your modeling career not your limited funds and family troubles. You seem to have a tendency to find the worst people, worst setting, and worst teachers and teaching settings.

  • I can’t express how relieved I am to see people finally trying to understand us. This girl is so brave to speak out for teens that feel so much stress. For once on this account I can finally say, this teen is represenative of real teens. Not enough people care about how teenagers feel, which is why so many of them commit suicide to escape it all. Finally, someone is trying to stop this cycle of misery.

  • Don’t worry Evan I has bullied in 4th grade but I told my teachers and she moved away to Texas and now I have true friends well at least I hope I do

  • My dad is a computer scientist and has been for decades. Not once has he used geometrical proofs of square roots. Waste of my time in high school and college he said. Couldn’t agree more

  • You know what’s frustrating and keeps us from solving, sharing our problems? When you tell somebody that you’re stressed and feel bad (cheated, stressed, hurt, facing problems and pain) and they respond with “Stressed?/ Pained?/ Problems?/ Hurt? You don’t even know what it is. I know what it feels like!” OR simply ignore that because they’ve no answer when they themselves are at fault.

    Start listening to my problems, ask me what they are, give a trial solution. Maybe it won’t reduce my hurt or solve the problem but I would surely, definitely feel better. Ask me about my problems if you have any respect or regret or even want to behave as humane with me.

  • Hi My name is Isabella Cavienss!
    I’m apart of a non-profit called Vox and I’m doing a public speaking workshop and would love to have you speak! Thank you so much.

  • The taechers: do 4 essays, 17 pages, read this 2 books and study for the tests for tomorrow
    Also the teachers:
    “why are you sleeping in my class you had enough time to sleep, you don’t even work”
    “you have no idea of what stress is, other kids have it worse “ ( i know that other kids do have it worse but stress is stress)
    “why don’t you arrive early, you don’t even live that far “
    “oh you had no time to do your homework you just have other 8 classes and tests to study for”
    “you can’t drink water, go and die of dehydration”

  • One thing i noticed is that ppl on the higher spectrum tend to be more focused with what they are saying than saying it ‘a certain way’. So when the lady said “i define it as realness” i understood that.

  • i cried in almost all of my classes today due to stress and how anxious i was, no one cared, none of my friends asked, none of my teachers asked. during pe i was sitting on the benches in the locker rooms crying and this complete stranger who i had never met before came up to me and asked me if i was okay and she gave me part of her muffin, so a stranger cares more about me then my closest friends

  • I can’t believe the professor didn’t mediate the situation at all. This whole situation is just ridiculous and should have never happened

  • I’m so fucking tired of hearing about bullies that never experience any consequences. Mine didn’t either. I’m honestly amazed that you can find empathy for people who have hurt you this much. I know I was told to think of all the problems my bullies must have from day 1 but funny how that didn’t quite work for six years of daily abuse. I wish I could say that I’ve forgiven them but I haven’t. Probably because they never gave me reason to. I just never got closure. I’m glad you can speak about this now and can help others who might be in the same situation. Love your videos as always.

  • I got on the bus one day. There was a larger kid in the seat in front of me. I sat and read a book. The kid in front of me started poking me. I told him to stop many times. At some point I had enough. I pushed his arm away but I did it too hard. He got mad and hit me in the jaw. The bus driver couldn’t hear me call for help. I have a speech disability. The kid Slammed my head against the bus window 7 times. He punched me in the eye. I ducked so he couldn’t hurt me. I got up to slap him really hard. I don’t know how it happened but I accidentally hit the kid behind me. I was blinking a lot because my eye had been hit. The kid screamed and the bus driver stopped the bus. I told them what had happened and the larger kid got in trouble for hitting me in the eye. Fast forward 2 months later. I walk in the school and head to my locker. A group of people laughed at me. I asked them why they were laughing… a video was taken of me accidentally hitting the kid behind me. Idk who took it. The part where I was hit was edited out. It was put on Instagram. I found out. The video was taken down but 200 people already saw it. I cried and cried feeling helpless. I later found out who filmed it. The school counselor wouldn’t do crap. The person who filmed it is responsible for editing it to where I looked bad and posting it on social media. That’s cyber bullying. Yet the counselor ignored me.

  • I’ve been watching this video since 2016 and I still enjoy watching it. It reminds me of that I should be grateful that people don’t bully me that much.

  • Can you answer me something please does anyone know if autism is related to vaccines cause my cousin is a 1980s baby he’s 40 he was fine till he got vaccines I understand the best I can he’s non verbal though sensory is super intense that’s why him and I hung out and played with a lite Brite when all the kids are running around screaming… Plus my aunt his mother has cancer it’s hard for her to care for him the spectrum is so wide now I’m on it it was very hard and through this it’s been super hard and I have made live for all of you but my sensors are enlightened like crazy and the world feels off kiltered… Can someone just answer if vaccines are related to autism

  • I once told my parents how stressed I was and got yelled at because they thought I was overreacting
    Since then I don’t tell anyone about my problems

  • It’s even worse when you have to deal with things outside of school like mental health problems or family issues etc. Then you have to go to school and get homework after homework shoved down your throat and have to revise for ridiculously difficult exams and you are told ‘not to stress’. It’s so heartbreaking and is probably a factor to the increasing mental health problems in younger people nowadays

  • I don’t even have that much homework(I’m from a different country) but I feel so stressed and tired of everything nearly all the time. Right now I have holidays but because I have the 5 of the biggest Tests after, I need to study now too. I just can’t motivate myself for some things(for example Maths) because I just dont think I will ever need them later.

  • I’m a new teacher and I’m so sorry to those who’ve told a teacher about their bullying experience and nothing was done. I vow and hope to be better, to do better, and to teach myself and my students the lingering affects of bullying. Also, to take the extreme measures necessary in protecting those who need it. #imsorry

  • I was very overwhelmed by the sound of the one lady’s mouth dryness and couldn’t stand to finish the video but I really like where it was going. I think a lot of really good points were made.

  • I got bullied for my body and my personality I would always cry when this girl bullied me her name was neveah she was really rude.. But she made fun of me of my body, but I never did anything to her.
    But I always felt like she was right about my body she called me fat

  • Then there’s those parents out there that don’t believe in mental illnesses and think it’s something we have created to get attention. Yea well guess what mother, depression, bipolar disorder etc is as deadly as cancer. It’s as real as cancer. It doesn’t help telling me to go kill myself. Cuz one day I will do as I’m told for once.

  • No

    Edit: OMG 1 LIKE THANK YOU SO MUCH �� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

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    EDIIT 19-28: OMMGMGMGMGMGMMGMGMGMGMGMGMGMMGMGMGGMMG 2 COMMENTS I LUV U ALLLLLLLL PLZ PLAY ROBLOX WIT UR I LOVE U������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • It happens even in workplaces where everyone envies you for some unknown reason… Especially hard for people who get attention they do not even want in the first place… Totally can relate. And if you are cute and have a sense of amazingness they could never ever have, even if they wanted to (PS amazingness can never be borrowed begged bought or stolen)…. Yup. I can totally can relate, absolutefreakinfuckinlutely!

  • The thing that I hate in those people who are getting bullied is that they don’t protect themselves, like if I was in their place I would fight those bullies (I mean literally fight them) I just don’t know how they can’t even protect themselves like they are not kids and why are you so scared of them (the bullies) like how just like shut up and show them weakness, like of course I wouldn’t show them weakness, I just can’t understand how they’re like that….

    Edit: now don’t tell me that I never felt how it is like to be bullied, because I have

  • I can say I am amazed by how many people are bullied every single day, I never got bullied before. My school doesn’t have any bullies which is a good thing I guess. But what I can say is despite the book nerd I am, if there were bullies they would be scared of me. Honestly they are not scary at all, just shout at their face if they do it. That’s it.
    Honestly seeing these bullying films make me wanna cry. I wonder how people deal with it in real life. Just don’t let bullies bully you, why are you doing this to yourself? If you not confident tell your parents. Please.

  • I’m scared I hate carona virus and my best friends are home schooled I glad I have one of thems phone number btw a girl name grace bullies us and now in middle school I have no friends:( and I’m scared:( I like = saved me from grace ��

  • Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to stand up for myself bow and look for friends to do it for me. Cause I was ‘bullied’ since 4th grade. I also have 2 fake friends. One is he bully that’s said that she’ll be my friend but it turned around. She got friends with the popular ones and ditched me. The other fake friend is that she always lies. We’ve been friends for 3 years and I just keep on noticing that she always be nervous if I asked her a question if she already saw my new video. She will say “Oh, yeah. It was really goo when you added Goldy and Luke there!” but I didn’t. I just lied about it and mind my own business till it got out of hand. She lies about everything. ‘triplet crushes’, many YT Accounts and I can’t even find them. Then the other one from the begging makes me feel ashamed cause she would sometimes sabotage me. Now my parents know……. I feel abut encouraged now. Again, thanks.

  • I get bullied too, tbh I had this friend give me her instagram so we could talk but she started cyber bullying me and I thought she wanted to be my friend. but I have a real friend:)

  • I wouldn’t say I was bullied, but it was more of like somebody trying to get under my skin. Everytime I would ask or answer a question during class this girl and her friends would quietly giggle and talk shit under their breath over everything I did, literally everything. It turns out that she was jealous that I was on the Dean’s list and she was struggling in the class so she wanted to try and bring me down, but she failed and I laughed at her when she failed the class.

  • Disney (particularly Pixar, but all Disney is good) is my primary special interest, and I guess at this point you could say Chuck E. Cheese is a secondary special interest.

  • ……why……if you go
    though bullying don’t you can talk to me I go though it everyday even today….but I just want you to know….stop using the knife. they told you to use… won’t help take the pain away…..and when you tell an adult it still won’t help…..the best thing to do when being bullied is to block them out of your head and ry holding on to life…’s what I do….and look my arms are fine no cuts….but I still sometimes wonder why I love to myself and say in my head….”it’s gonna be alright” when it’s not…..

  • I’ve been bullied because it was racially motivated but know I’m a very successful child and when the bullies heard that I was earning so many badges and stuff they tried to be part of my success so they can take advantage of me

  • I had to deal with this in highschool. Girls hated me for dressing “sexy” I was expressing my femininity and didn’t need to apologize for that. Sucks that girls can hate other girls for just dressing a certain way or doing what makes them happy.

  • The thing is that even if I only have one or two tests a week I get so stressed because of the thought that I’ll fail. I can sit for hours studying for something I’ve known since 3rd grade but the thought of me not getting good grades make me stressed. Teachers put so much stress on student that you need to get good grades to get into a good high school/college and that things you do two years before you are applying for high school/college will matter is what makes stress go down in the ages for kids

  • I’ve been a bully and I’ve been bullied, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and I have enough understanding to know that people only do this type of thing because they’re not dealing with something in their own mind or life. Something is muddled up, hurting, or pressuring them and rather than dealing with it in a sensible, mature and empathic way, they lash out on others. They may feel justified in doing so, they might not even care for justification, but either way, something is wrong with them. I’m so fucking sorry that happened to you at college, of all places. I can’t imagine that high school level immaturity leaking into college, especially during such a formal event. I hope she’s matured since then. You’re amazingly strong, keep doing you ������

  • My freshman year of college, the exact same thing happened to me during an art critique. People can be unbelievably cruel and petty, but it’s just their own insecurity projecting out onto you.

  • When i was 5 old i cuted myself…..
    My story:

    I was 4 old and i was loved until i Moves on an awsome cool school but a girl stand up in front of me in the class, so i pick my book that my teacher gave me and i walk into my seat but the girl push me secretely, but i was with friend wo defend to myself and i still said “i dont wanna fight now go away” so he get away and i was telling all to the teacher and changed when i feeled better, i start a New life and also dont cut self like me please:(

    Stay strong when you see a bully that want your Death. Dont give up. FIGHT BACK NEVER GIVE UP!!! <3

  • The only option to beat bullies theae days is to beat them up and show them what you got. And then they will be afraid of you. Thats not what is gonna happen 100% but its the only solution these days. I am not getting bullied because the others are afraid of me but I help others who are not as strong and lucky as I am. And thats what you should do to put an end ro this. Once and for all.

  • We all love you and we think that you are very inspiring and you really do inspire me because I get bullied by someone in my class and he tries to fight me but he always embarrasses themselves by thinking that they are cool but they really are not

  • The environment of college and friends around is so important to us. Thanks for sharing the story. You made a good decision. Also you are amazing nowadays.

  • I wish no of these thing existed because how easy is to get distracted and if none of these things existed we would all study or go outside amd learn and we would all mostly be rich

  • Hey Evan plz reply umm I saw your tik tok about posting your number I tried showed my sis she says it’s a robot so it scared me so plz tell me if it actually. You

  • All the kids are getting bullied keeps making fun of you messing with you during class this all happened to me so one day I just got up and made fun of this fucking ugly ass mom until that day I kept making fun of his mom and he never ever bullied me again

  • Amy sounds like she was just an incredibly jealous person. She was clearly obsessed with you and thought you were much better than her. it sounds like Amy humiliated herself more than anything.

  • i know no one will care, but i need to get it out. i have a project due thursday, and today is tuesday. it’s a group project and the girl that is my partner is very good at keeping up with her grades and projects. i accidentally left it at school and didn’t get to work on it tonight and once i noticed i started crying. i dont know why, but i broke down. To much. i cant handle it anymore.

  • They are probably just jealous of how good of a magician you are and how famous you are dont listen to them and dont care what anyone says about you or tells you to do just be you do whatever you want and be kind and treat people how you want to be treated

  • Thank you for sharing your story!! There needs to be more dialog about internal misogyny! I bet alot of people unknowingly struggle with it, and by understanding it better one cant help but overcome it eventually ❤❤❤❤

  • You are so brave to tell it, and not because it is the internet, but because I know how hard and painful it can be. I have decided to become a psychologist after been bullied in school and being in therapy for years. Words can help us heal. I love your Youtube channel, I hope you keep telling your stories so you can feel better, talk about these important concepts and help other people too. (Sorry if there is any mistakes, english it’s not my first language)

  • I always say this to my friends when they are bullied physically and the bullies say u r ugly I tell them you r beautiful the way u r don’t listen to what bullies say

  • This sounds like this “Amy” was dealing with a lot of closeted misogyny. I’m sorry you were treated this way. You are beautiful, funny, smart, talented, and creative. I am so proud of how far you have come. I hope you are happy and healthy during this time!!

  • That internalized misogyny that you mentioned helps me realize a lot. I’ve also been bullied a lot growing up but in my head it’s because I was poor and dirty and had a bad upbringing, felt like it was a normal part of childhood. The bullying I experienced as an adult hurt a lot more than all those years of being bullied as a kid because I couldn’t help but think, we’re adults now.. isn’t this something that shouldn’t happen any more. One woman on a girls weekend made it her personal goal to ruin my weekend. The comments she made to me and the way she made fun of everything I said really hurt. She’s quite popular too so I guess that made it worse since she was clearly only that way to me. She wouldn’t have friends if she was like that to others so feeling that much more targeted hurt even more.

    I hope Amy realized her mistakes and I’d love her to apologize to you again but this time be sincere about it.

  • I went through the similar thing when a girl hated me just because her ex’s liked me.. I really don’t like talking about it At all

  • They say that we don’t know what tiredness is because we’re to young to know when there the ones making us tired because we have to stay up do stuff for them

  • You handled this great. I would’ve especially told her “this is internal mysoginy showed in the most literal way, a 1st hour in art school idea. While being a superficial critique it’s also a cowardly piece. Conservative ideas aren’t art, they are the status quo.” Fuck outta here

  • my friends and I were bullied in middle school for no reason at all either and two of my best friends have disabilities so I stood up for them many times because of the bullies and we had to take it to the main office and take the girls in. they finally stopped but I agree I don’t think they felt that sorry for what they did to us.

  • I developed anxiety about 9 years old and I would sometimes lose the money my mum handed me, she would yell at me so bad it happened in a supermarket, I quietly told her I’m stressed and she said stressed? You are not a 50 year old, ever since I have been so detached from my emotions, i’m 18, I’m still suffering from it and I literally have no will to live

  • POV: Your friends with a bully and school and secretly like a bullied person.
    Q: Should you tell and get betrayed or Not tell and stay friends.

  • “Shh.. Don’t breathe.. What will people say? “
    If we think about what people think about us.. Then we won’t be us.. We would be their puppets
    What we think about ourselves matters.. People will talk about anything and everything what you’ll do..
    If we love ourselves.. People will have to love us..

  • By the time I got diagnosed (46) the stress of living undiagnosed and trying to force myself to cope like everyone else did had made me seriously ill. I really hope diagnosis of this gets better because I probably never will now.

  • I have encountered too many “Amys” and “Daniels” in all my school life… so I really understend how you feel, and I am also too used to abuse from peers with no consequences for the other person… and that sucks because, you eventually learn that there’s no use of tying to defend yourself:(

  • Ugh, what an awful thing to go through… What I find amazing though is that even with those hardships, you made it through. Just goes to show how strong you are:)

  • People act in that way most often because they’re internalizing a lot of jealousy, insecurity, Ingorance, low selfesteem, sadness, anger, etc. they insist in projecting all of that on to other people and the things they say reflect how they feel and I wish more people could see that. Life drags all of us through some sort of hell, for some of us it’s worse than others but you can always pull yourself and start making it better, only you can do that. Those people who pick on others need to look inside themselves and realize none of their behavior is ok at all. I know abt hell looks like, I’ve been down my own dark road before but there’s always going to be people even if its one person, someone is going to be willing to help you. I’m an artist aswell, I’m goth, im a metalhead.. I’ve taken a fair share of criticism and whatever else from people and it’s not worth the effort of worrying about, it took me along time to realize that. People are soo afraid to be different and nothing wrong with it. Stay strong and go through life in a blaze of glory ����✨

  • A few days ago I allowed myself to breakdown in front of my mother. I cried so much and got out part of the many things I’ve been bottling up to myself for years. I told her how I felt so useless whenever they (my family) would judge me for every single thing and call me lazy or say I didn’t care enough, I told her how I never know how to talk to people and how pathetic that makes me feel, how every time I think about my future, it being tomorrow or ten years from now, I would just be so scared and have so much anxiety that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the next hour at least, how whenever I’m thinking about school I feel so desperate about my grades even if there’s a month away from tests, how when I’m talking to someone I am always so scared of saying something that I would regret later and that makes me not want to talk to people at all.

    It didn’t really go that well, I absolutely love my mom and believe I could never live without her, but she’s not great at cheering me up. She mainly told me that I just had to loosen up and talk more even though I told her so many times how I couldn’t, she told me to not worry about things in the future even though I also told her I couldn’t NOT worry, she also kept telling me how she wanted me to be this and that and that she never meant for me to be hurt by her words, and I really do believe that she never meant it, when she told me how she wanted me to be I just kept thinking on how its obvious that she just didn’t like me how I was.

    Anyway, if you’ve read this far, I’m sorry for taking your time, I just needed to get this out. Sometimes I just feel that adults are never really going to understand what teenagers are going through and how we feel.

    Also, sorry if there is any mistakes in my English, it’s not my first language.

  • While me sitting here being so stressed about school work, eating and so on and so on, now every time I am hungry and need to eat I can’t or I eat it then throw up, I know it is because I over think everything, I just need to eat because I don’t want to get I’ll but…I can’t ��������xx

  • Lord help me lol i would have kicked her ass I’ve dealt with a lot of wemon like that and I’ve fought most of them but I don’t go out of my way to be cruel and when people are that way to me I don’t control the anger and when they have treated my friends that way I have there back. Keep your head up she’s just a tacky person without taste and sad inside probably because your pretty a good amount of wemon act that way because there jealous and it eats at them. Do u anyone can see your beauty is inside as well as out and she just doesn’t have any kindness in her but u do and u have control, me on the other hand if it eats at me what someone has done I can’t turn my cheek I never start with people but I sure do finish it I can’t turn my cheek so props to u because I’ve done it so much that I lost who I was in the process until I did something. People that are like Amy don’t deserve half of what they got and aren’t happy so they choose to belittle and degrade but years later you’ll still be a good person and happy she will not.

  • Hey Kelly, I doubt you’ll even see this. We had a class in RMCAD together before I dropped out. I think it was like… speech? I don’t know, I had a total meltdown in class, whatever. But you were always really nice to me and I’m really happy to see you thriving.

  • I feel like a lot of women are most likely jealous of you Kelly. You are gorgeous for one and also you have a very unique and beautiful style. You have an upbeat personality and aren’t afraid to be a real woman and fight for your rights to be a woman with no boundaries. I mean you are classy yet you pose in sexy pictures because you have the confidence to do so and we as women have that right to own and flaunt our sexuality and without being labeled as “whores”. That chic is a masogonustic pig. She is a sad excuse for a woman. Women should empower one another and lift each other up!!! She’s JEALOUS. You are gorgeous inside and out and as I said above you are fearless and unique. That intimidates insecure women and men.

  • What pisses me off is that if they don’t get there way they try to commit suicide or hurt themselves grow tf up this wasn’t a thing back then no one cared now it’s all ab u

  • I appreciate this talk i feel more confident now amd yes i was bullied and haveing fake friends that would talk behind my back and spread rumors about me and it made me feel bad about myself and it was makeing me depressed but when i saw this video u made me more confident about myself and thank u for that❤

  • I was diagnosed at 28 and the main reason it was discovered so late is becouse I am male but the way my autism expressed it self the way it generally does in women.

  • Being a quiet person who minds their own business always attracts bullies and loudmouth jerks. They think we are weak, but we are strong.

  • Me
    Is beying bullied
    Me depressed and wanted to kill myself
    Bully attacks me
    My karate kid instincts kick in
    Me right hook round house anchor punch then a kick to the growing
    Beast him up

  • I think she was jealous of who you are. She envied your wild beauty and feminine freedom. She probably was internalizing alot of hate for herself and her fear of who she really was inside. You’re such a beautiful pure wild spirit and sometimes that intimidates people and/or inspires self reflecting which can lead to fear and anger and jealousy. Most people that hurt others are either hurting themselves or are trying to hurt themselves by lashing out. Keep shining bright love, you’re a strong inspiring woman and the world is lucky to have you.

  • Every time I think about 1 out of the 1,000,000 million problems I have I burst in tears. I can’t tell anyone about it because I’m used to my mom just dismissing it and being mean.

  • Jesus Christ, what a horrible, mad, crazy woman.
    You know what, Kelly, seriously, she was just jealous of your looks. You’re a beautiful looking girl and being good looking attracts horrible, scary attention sometimes. There’s a very dark side to being good looking.
    She obviously has issues and she became obsessed with you. Your photo shoots bothered her THAT much? Hmm wonder why… because you look fantastic.
    This world is full of crazy. I’m so sorry you had to go through this.

  • Im unpleasantly surpised. College is suposed to be a safe and mature place where people leave all the drama of k-12 in the past.
    Ive been strangly fortunate so far in my college career but i do Feel for those who arent so Lucky. I do relate to her painful and dramatic break up with her abusive ex that left her devistated. Something simular happend to me.

  • You know. Internal misogyny gets soooo over-used in the incorrect situations. Like, “Oh. You disagree with me. You must have internal misogyny!” OOF!
    FUCKING FINALLY someone uses it correctly.

    Also. Wow. I think I was a bit of fan of you back then. It’s weird to imagine you having gone through similar stuff I went through. Except all my bad shit happened back in H.S. Losing my adoptive father(great grandpa) who raised me like a tomboy, realizing I was going to hit rock bottom if I didn’t do something, and then yeah. Being the target of someone who never even talked to me. Your story kind of makes me saddened to realize this shit can continue even outside of H.S. Hopefully things have been going better for you.

    Annnd I miss those pink brows.:P

  • you can learn photoshop free from the help tutorials in the program.
    also adobe gives Free seminars all over the world and you get free snacks, coffee and food too!
    thanks adobe!

  • I literally love you so much. As much as someone who is a stranger over the internet can love someone. You’re a good person. You’re so beautiful. I can’t even comprehend it. Very insightful video. I just love hearing your life stories

  • I’ve been bullied.But it is only in the form of satire and writing. Want to report, but there’s no evidence. Besides, the school in my country doesn’t respond to bullying. Because of that bullying, I was afraid to meet new people, afraid to have very close friends.Maybe it’s my fault too if I’m not good at socializing.I am an introvert and sensitive person.Nobody wants to be friends with me, and I’m not good at making friends either.
    I’m bullied because I’m introverted, because I’m just silent. (Sorry if my sentence is wrong, I’m not very good at English)

  • It’s crazy that you pay for college and the teachers can just not give a shit about students difficulties.I live somewhere where higher education is free and the personnel is understanding in that type of situations.

  • YES! That’s one of my many hates of college too! You’re basically teaching yourself to pay for a piece of paper that says you know things. On top of the doom of debt. Ive put off college for so long but my dream of being a psychologist drove me to bite the bullet and do it even knowing all of this. It sucks how some careers there is no way around not going to college. I wish there was a way you could test out for something, and get your piece of paper that way. Skip the years of wasting time.

  • What a truly ugly UGLY human being! I cannot imagine how that must have felt. I am terribly sorry you went through that at such a delicate time in your life as well. Some people are just filled with poison.

    I sincerely hope the cruel girl now understands what position she put you in back then. My mind boggles at this kind of behaviour I have no time for it.

    Some people just feed off negativity like that!!!

    I grew up being bullied also so (for the most part) I understand the pain. I was bullied in college too, my whole class turned on me in support of my bully (even 3 out of 5 of our teachers!) that kinda stuff cuts so deep and it stills stings me to this day.

    Please know that you are a beautiful, loved, accomplished, strong woman and my love — Boy you proved her wrong!!!!

    x x x x x

  • Great video, that applies to many men as well as women. There are several point that this video highlighted, but my biggest gripe is the labeling of Autism, and the various labels on that spectrum, is that they are labeled as developmental disorders. It is like saying that people with autism developed in an incorrect way. I much prefer to say that people with autism developed in a different way, and that the society is not designed for people with autism.

  • The pressure of school has grown to be so great that the shift to online work broke me. I broke down, hid it from my mom, and I havent done any schoolwork yet. It’s too much. I need a nice long break, and I dont even care if I get into trouble at this point. I’m done. And my mom doesnt listen to me often anyway, so what use is it being honest?

  • I’ve been bullied for as long as I can remember, I was bullied throughout primary school there are two incidents that fucked me up. I was in grade 7 and two girls ganged up on my all year they were smaller then me in height and weight the worst thing that they ever did was throw food at me and verbally abuse me. In 8th or 9th grade I was in a laptop class (meaning all school work was done on laptops) until grade 10 anyway boys would play call of duty during class and one day they thought it would be funny to name their server which could be seen by the teachers “Lauren bleeds period gravy” the boys who did this did not get punished one boy got out of been punished because his mother manipulated the teachers (I was a larger girl I always have been) I use to also get bullied for not participating in person because of health issues (weak ankles and other medical things) I was also bullied for participating in sports -_just couldn’t win! I ended up leaving in grade 11 not once but twice and to top all this off I was living with my mother who verbally and mentally abused me from the age of 9. I’m now 21 and I have body confidence issues and suffer from depression and anxiety.

  • I kind of want Amy to reach out and try and show either her growth or try and explain her headspace at the time because that would be interesting, just because there is a lot of polarised responses, but barely anyone is recognizing the time span or the duality of the human mind. This was still clearly wrong, but, our minds make decisions for the strangest reasons.

  • I thought I was pretty much the only person who hates college. The professors usually don’t know what they are teaching. The professors usually do not care about your personal life problems/issues that affect your academics. I couldn’t afford anything and got shunned because all of my peers couldn’t relate to being poor. And the biggest factor, you have adults acting like middle schoolers. Idk. College was the worst time of my life.

  • When I tell my mom ‘I’m tired and stressed’ she says ‘well I’m even more tired and stressed’. I know she is more tired and that she has to work hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tired and stressed. It’s so irritating that parents don’t take us seriously

  • Were you not eligible for grants? I know where I am they have grants for students in need and you would have had enough left over after tuition to buy a bomb ass camera. I am sorry about your experience that fucking sucks.

  • This is weirdly relieving to hear as I too felt like I had a hard time in art school and I felt like certain peers for whatever reason simply didn’t like me or chose not to get along with me, it’s really an isolating and overwhelming experience.

  • frankly, I see both sides because I have lived BOTH sides of it =/ I see your side and I see Amy’s side. it’s quite the battle. the difference between me and her is that I keep that shit TO MYSELF XD
    a lot of it could be body image issues, body dysmorphia, jealousy, you name it. It may not even be “internalized misogyny”, it’s most likely what she hates about HERSELF. not women, HERSELF. speaking from that part of myself, I don’t hate WOMEN as a whole. it’s the hate for MYSELF that makes me bitter.
    however, humiliating someone is wrong, especially in a public setting. that classroom is meant to be a professional setting and hate or dislikes against particular persons should be removed when in “school mode”. she wasn’t there to be given a platform to openly berate you-she was there to learn things and DO HER WORK

  • Why the hell didn’t the professor do anything?! Seriously, if that is a final project before graduating that’s a pretty serious offense. I have an art degree from a state university and if someone did that when I was an undergrad they would probably have to redo the assignment and wouldn’t be able to graduate until it was re done. So sorry you went through this but I’m super proud of you making videos about all this tough stuff lately, so much growth bb girl!! <3

  • You’re lucky you can make this type of vid. I dated an nfl star back in the day and I could use his name to smash it in the mud but we were kids so it’s whatever. BUT his current wife is a super bully(whom I also went to high school with too) so I judge her harassing me in my dreams. Ugh it sucks but I always have stress dreams about it where I have to confront her every time!!

  • I bet Amy will always regret what she did to you. Spending all her time to bully you and then in front of everyone have you break down and cry. I think now when she looks back, it’s probably really humiliating for her.

    I also was bullied, for being shy and looking like a “Barbie”, the people didn’t even know me, just spread rumors and turned so many people against me. Anyways, you’re beautiful and loveable, thanks for sharing your story

  • THANK YOU KELLY! So much.
    I’ve been bullied too throughout all of school, and the last years I’ve entered and exited my first three romantic relationships, one abusive, and realized I am pansexual, polyamourous, gendernonconforming and I’ve gotten my high functioning autism diagnosis.
    I did not imagine that to be a list, it’s very strange to see it all rounded up like that. Guess I’m leaving this comment here because I’m grateful. And yes, internalized misogyny is definately a thing. Very much.

  • Im so sorry this happened to you Kelly �� this person sounds very immature. I got bullied in elementary and high school….but never in college. I cant believe bullying like this happens in college….bullying is a terrible thing and ive been through it many times.

  • I don’t understand why she would make her final, most important piece, something so terrible. I’d love to know where she is today. If someone works so hard to make fun of others, in a time where you’re working toward the rest of your life, what’s the rest of that life going to be? I know that all parents say this, but she was just so obviously jealous. I mean there is disliking someone, but to sink so low, so against all your own interests, it, I don’t get it. * hugs * to college you.

  • I’m a few months late on this, but I’m stressed not from school work(I’ve had to quit my favorite extracurricular activity to make room for homework), keeping my grades up and studying so I can get into a good college, and a Girl Scout Gold Award that my mom wants me to do. I don’t personally want to do it but it’s a big deal and I don’t want to let my mom down.

  • Guys plz dont hate me but back in 2018 i was a bully…then the girl i was bulling said she was gonna commit suicide after she told me that i stopped and we became friends

  • A lot of us are isolated because if you’re 120 lb pretty female youre victim of of it, but 6ft 200 lb man is a potential danger to the public with no previous evidence or precedent

  • UGH i fucking hate this nonsense nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GuRlzzz bs that ran rampant a few years ago and Amy sounds like the embodiment of that. You’re allowed to hate whoever you want but DAMN the best revenge is being better than your enemies, not pettily attacking them from one side. I pray Amy doesn’t still live as the person she was in college. Fuck that

  • The worst time i was bullied..i was bullied so bad i went home and tryed to kill myself but i sat there thinking what i was doing but now im ok now kelly iv been picked of all my life but im glad you are you kelly i love the person you are and please dont change. Love bri

  • OMG this is my life to the max but I never had a friend who saved me at the end so I ended up taking my medicine and ended up on a 72 he hold at the age of 13. I was bullied most of my school life seemingly because of my face and tbi. I will never know if I can trust anyone else in my life.

  • I experienced that kind of behaviour a lot in the Alternative/goth Szene when I was younger. There are a lot of attention seekers and toxic judgmental behaviour. I think I was sucked into this toxicity for a while, always felt the pressure to look great and special all the Time to be able to compete. Luckily I realized at some point how unhealthy this lifestyle is, especially because I’m very sensitive and felt like an object, not a person anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to express myself through clothing and it’s nothing wrong about that!…..I just ended up doing it for the wrong reasons. Jealousy sounds like a clichee explanation for bullying but in this case it might be true! Maybe you lived (at least on the surface) the lifestyle she secretly wanted to live…and maybe she thought you are a better artist than her and that made her jealousy worse. And yeah…abusers are (in my experience) more likely to be celebrated than punished for their actions!

  • I’m on the spectrum myself. I was diagnosed when I was very young. I always like to say that I’m autistic, and I’m proud of it. I have had trouble socializing, but over time, I have learned to overcome that. I too was in special ed when I was in school. I was also in speech therapy, because I have a stuttering issue. I was also in occupational therapy to improve my motor skills. I don’t have good fine motor skills. I also have a lot of interests. When I was growing up, I was fascinated with weather. Then it changed over time. Now my new obsession is trains. I could talk about trains all day. I am also fascinated with music. I listen to a variety of things. I mostly listen to contemporary jazz. The one thing I’ve been trying to do is to find a girlfriend. I had a girlfriend when I was in high school, but we broke up. It was hard, but I got through it. The one thing I would like to do is to find a girl who is on the spectrum as well. I think it would be very nice to date someone who is on the spectrum, and share our differences and similarities.

  • I’m so sorry You had to go through that Kelly. People are the worst sometimes, and that Amy sounds like she was a very jealous person and must hate herself so bad to have done that to you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Bullying is the worst, I’ve been through it as well and it’s never easy. hug

  • I’m 15 and have autism and ADHD
    The only reason I was able to even be diagnosed was because of when I used to hit people when I was in reception.i got diagnosed when I was 7 years old and that was just because I used to hit people.basically I was only diagnosed because of my ADHD.

    I definitely agree that we are more into obsessing over bands and fantasy novels since I tend to obsess of those things too.

    Sometimes though I used to think that life might have been easier if I hAdnt been diagnosed because life is so hard for me sometimes.

    I had alot of friend in year 7 and well primary school but tbh most of my friends have either used me or caused me to do stupid things.

    I love what I have because it’s what’s makes me me

  • Hi my name is Georgia. It’s really nice hearing that there’s others who have found there way to be successful even through what people have done to stop you. With all honesty, I have done magic and cardistry for 4 years and in my public school, I was punched, teased, and bullied for it. I remember buying the first version of virtuoso (really rare) and a group of people took it and threw it in the mud. (2 years ago). I soon went to private school for people with learning differences and I spent 5 to 6 hours a day practicing. Even now I’m still learning that there are always haters, but after coming back from heart surgery, I’ve noticed that I at least have the privilege to live and do what I love. So thank you for reminding me that I’m not the only who has fought through bullying due to magic (cause now I feel way less alone��). Keep going (seriously) people will always need the card guy!

  • I really relate to this because ever since I got boobs girls always bullied me for being curvy and I was in ballet and I was one of a very few who were very curvy and I got bullied by not only my fellow dancers but my teacher too and I’m so happy all that is behind me

  • Wow my photography teacher was so chill. He was like, “Y’all got a phone right? Then congratulations ya have a camera! You can use that if you want. You’ll still have to know how a DSLR camera works for the written tests but you’ll be judged on composition and white balance for photos”

    Also wow, what a child. By the time someone reaches college they should be mature enough to just move on with their day and not obsess.

  • Wonderful women. And I don’t see anything wrong with them. Mature. Self-introspective. Intelligent. You ask me, the world can do more of that… Happy they’re on top of Maslow’s pyramid now.

  • My parents always find time to fit in their tuitions. It could help me but I need to do my homework. They feel appalled when I get debits because I didn’t do my homework. Their excuse? Everyone else has more than you. I don’t know how they know(they probably don’t) but they don’t realise how much homework I have and what I have to do and on top of that I have extracurriculars and my parents also expect me to watch documentaries while them shouting at me for watching tv and then my homework should be completed by 2 hours max. No that is not how that works. And I am doing fine compared to my other classmates

  • I’m 31, all of this makes so much sense. I am going to see a psychologist next week. I never had access to that resource because my parents think psychologists help weak people who need to suck it up. I have a sweet, talkative child who can easily overwhelm me and I need to know how to get better, for her.

  • That poor woman is probably so nervous since she’s rocking back and forth. Is that correct? I’m not autistic but I really try to understand it.

  • Ill give a dolyar and what if I tell you id Stomp on it,would you Take it?,yes! Because the value is still the same hasn’t changed and don’t let anyone change your value,sorry not my comment I just wanted to say it

  • I’d ask in the future for my French teacher to kindly not dim the lights in the morning during class. You know how hard it is to keep your eyelids open when you’re that tired?

  • Kelly thanks so much for posting this ); I think I saw this when you originally posted it but now I can actually relate. I’m being bullied by someone in one of my college classes and I was searching for something to relate to since it’s given me so much anxiety.

  • I gotta stop watching these disability videos. They make me feel pretty worthless for never having had a significant obstacle to overcome.

  • I don’t know how many of teens do feel like I do, but the thing that I don’t fit into any “group” in my class, cause I have anxiety about social interactions so much, I have no friends to talk with, and parents never understand what I try to say, and all this combined to give me a huge amount of depression, moreover realising that it’s my final year in high school, and next year I am going into college and I still didn’t have completed my course properly makes my depression more worse

  • What I dont understand… is how adults with ASD but no cognitive impairment take expressions literally. One comes across expressions in movies/books their whole lives, and seems like many ASD women are into poetry, art etc… All it takes is seeing one meme of “netflix and chill”, or literally one book or adult explaining “its raining cats and dogs”, and then that expression is understood, and it is also understood that when nonsensical things are said theres a likelihood of an expression being used. I mean how can you program computers, write poetry, mask to the point of appearing socially graceful, etc… But not realize the daily occurrence that when someone normal says something crazy, its not literal. How could an asd adult with normal cognitive abilities not understand that when its raining hard and a normal person says its “raining acts and dogs”its probably just another of those tricky expressions doesnt take much cognitive ability to put that together.

    absolutely not trying to doubt anyone about anything i just cant understand

  • one time I stayed up almost all night writing my power point that my teacher said would depend on your whole grade. Turns out it wasn’t even important, it was just a side thing.

  • My beautiful girl was diagnosed at age 8-9. She smart, hilarious, artistic, and perfect to me. She’s not disabled, she’s different and perfect the way she is.

  • Wow I have experienced so much of what they have. I dont read between the lines well. I do tend to believe what people say. Im not thinking of the negative or what others might be thinking at all. I don’t want to become so untrusting or hard that I have to think about what harmful or mean thoughts about every person and every situation. JEWEL Sensitive

  • When it comes to expressiveness, I couldn’t cry of joy when I was proposed to but I cried when (*JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Spoiler Part 1*) Johnathan Jostar died in JJBA.

  • It is crazy how bullying can follow you throughout childhood to adulthood. My worse bullying experience was also in college, cosmetology school to be exact. The haters can suck my invisible nuts xD!

  • I feel like as much as I like story times, the amount of self pity on this channel is interesting.
    I stopped watching years ago for a variety of reasons and recently tried to start watching stuff again. Honestly, it appears there’s a lot of ‘everyone is against me’ or even a lot of ‘poor me’ which begs me to believe there is some soul searching to be had. Some self reflection.
    And this isnt meant to be cruel in anyway. Just when you start listening to all these stories and they all involve some sort of self pity Or the message behind so many of these stories it makes at least me wonder that,if these situations are occurring all the time where everyone is against you, it may be time to evaluate your surroundings and self explore what makes you feel this way and why it’s happening. Not talking about the bullying specifically. Just as someone coming back to this channel that’s all I seem to find.

  • Boi I study 10+ hrs everyday (including hs) and some extra hours to study for tests (I have 2tests everyday) and with other activities that I participate in (football, sketching, martial arts) trust me when I say I don’t even get the time to eat let alone sleep. This is making me depressed

  • I use to be naive like that tell I learned as well as through friends. A guy was trying to hookup and I wound up getting raped. I was molested a lot through my childhood and adolescence.

    Everyone thinks I’m fine and I can socialize. Really it’s agonizing to talk to people. I still don’t really have friends. I did in the past but that died. Even my mom wishes I had just 1 real friend. I’m not a committed friend. I’d rather text then call. I feel super awkward in social situations.

  • Ugh, I hear about so many people getting bullied, but I can’t do anything to stop it. In person, I’ve only witnessed bullying once. I wish the incidents that happen at least happen in front of people who are willing to help and stop such situations.

  • My grandma worked since she was 5 years old had also to make homework worked hard rased 3 childs and build a house and never complained that she is stressed or has depression…

    Todays youth is spoiled and raised not by family values but by multinational corporations, social media and leftist cultural marxists!!!

    PS: iam not a boomer…

  • Imagine all the people with autism, who’ve gone a lifetime or existed at one point that had no help or support, we need more care and support facilities for people in this country!

  • Something that broke my heart once. I was under a lot of stress and feeling really down, so I called a teen suicide prevention/teen help line at 4 am on a random wednesday. I called four times between 4 and 4:30 am on that random wednesday, and each time, the lines were all busy. People, we need to find where it’s all coming from and stop it. Something is causing so many teens so much emotional and mental stress that they have to call a suicide prevention line, an anonymous person on the phone, just to feel listened to. We need to find that something and fix it. The first step, is make sure your child feels listened to and loved

  • This video is really making me consider getting tested on autism… I’m a guy btw, but can relate to quite a few things they are saying…

  • I’ve had insecurities about how i apply my movements most of my life. Not on the spectrum (as far as i know). But i find it useful to use reflections as guides. I start by mimicking other males typical movement and interpret it using my personality (using my personality to bring it out fluently) and go with it. No matter how wierd and awkward it gets, i use reflections in Windows, mirrors, etc. to see how i look while moving.

  • my guess is if she was like a punk chick that she felt a specific hate towards girls that are more “preppy”. I dont agree that you are this braindead just ohh pink pink pink unicorns rainbows life is so perfect type of girl that some people wuld be annoyed with, but I bet she assumed you where like that, maybe cuz of your estetic. like sailor moon, pink hair yada yada. I’m not defending her cuz even if she didnt like you for some reason she shuldnt bully you. I’m a metalhead chick and sometimes preppy girls annoy me too just because they are super loud, braindead, just overal super annoying, always over the top happy claiming life is so perfect so that me as a depressed person just wants to slap them but yeah bullying is not okay… I still treat people with respect even if I don’t like a person, and I try not to talk shit about people either cuz then it just feeds the negative and it’s better to try to stay positive, like if a person has been nice to me I will be nice back. Also don’t take this comment as a critique towards you cuz I like you, I was just trying to give an explanation.:) <3.

  • No one will be my friend or accept me they snub me my parents don’t accept me I don’t have any friends I was born in 83 no one on Facebook will talk to me I’m avoided I live in a clicky small town and I’m completely ignored and ostracized why can’t I just make a friend why is it so hard people act like I’m disgusting contagious revolting and Evil I wish I was a different generation I’m too old to have this syndrome I was born in 1983 and no one accepts it there way too old

  • My mom always makes sure that we know that she is „overwhelmed and is going to die“ and if we don’t help her we are making sure that she is going to „ die“.

  • Thanks for this video. People need to know more about autism and the struggles autistic children, men and women face. Please, help me and my two autistic sons if you can:

  • I love how honest they are so one can trully try and imagine what it is like. And that absolutely gorgeous girl… Very interesting mind. Very analytical. Her voice, something in her intonation and the way she speaks relaxes me so much. I can listen to that for hours. Instant crush.

  • what is the difference…seriously.. i am mentally sick..allways… my niece has down sindrome…that obvious…is autism obvious…omg so many questions… sorry for bad spelling btw

  • Austism Spectrum is a created construct in order to cover for purposeful neurological damage by vaccines.
    When that is finally addressed then this will be recognized as a military assault rather than a ‘developmental disorder’.