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Allow Some Extra Time. Until your child works through this phase of development, set aside some extra time in the mornings or evenings, or whenever dawdling is most problematic in your home. Set the alarm a bit earlier or begin toy clean up earlier to plan for delays.

Look at It as a Work in Progress. Prepare ahead. Right along with limiting choices, preparing ahead is a great way to save some time and avoid confusion. Make a habit of encouraging your child to pick out the next day’s outfit in advance. Have a set place for hanging coats, stowing shoes, make sure your kids get these prepared ahead of time too.

Dawdling: Patience, Prompts, and Communication Helps Kids Move Along A friend told me that one day she realized she told her child to “Hurry up,Honey” more often than she told him she loved him. It was a wake-up call. She knew then,something needed to change. Strategies For Disrupting The Dawdler An option instead of getting upset is to give your child motivation to speed up.

If you can involve them in the process of getting ready or distract them from their dawdling, then you will be much more likely to. If your child dawdles more in the afternoon or evening, perhaps a nap or bed time adjustment will perk things up. Step-by-Step Directions Instead of vaguely telling your children to “get ready,” you can give further directions in a step-by-step sequence. Most children can follow one or two step directions quite easily.

What can you do to speed them up? Most of the children who dawdle, have a hard time transitioning to the new task. To solve this problem, give your child Remove distractions and let your focus on the task at hand. Make your child aware of the time lapse by reminding him of the time gone by.

For. Effective Ways to Handle Dawdling in Kids. By Katherine Lee 5 Ways to Teach Your Child Anger Management Skills. By Amy Morin, LCSW Establishing House Rules for Teenagers.

By Amy Morin, LCSW 7 Bad Behaviors Parents Should Correct ASAP. By Katherine Lee 8 Steps to Discipline Children with Calm, Zen Love. The rule is that children will seek as much attention as you give them. You must strike a balance between how much your children want and how much you can give. Even normal attention-seeking can drive you crazy on some days.

Do not let your children’s need. The advice: “If you want kids to listen, lower your voice instead of raising it. This forces kids to focus.

Whisper, ‘If you can hear me, touch your nose.’ After a. Build in extra time when you organize your day and week. Clearly and simply tell your toddler what you want: “Put on your coat now, please.”. Remove distractions when you’re in a hurry.

Get yourself ready ahead of time, turn off the TV, put toys away, etc.

List of related literature:

After five or six minutes stop them all, sit them down, calm them, talk (maybe about teaching points), then set the children away again.

“A Guide to Teaching Practice” by Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion, Keith Morrison
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Establish an appropriate balance between extending the children’s attention span by keeping them at a task and varying activities so that they don’t switch off.

“Teaching English to Young Learners” by David Nunan, Anaheim University Press
from Teaching English to Young Learners
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Teaching them that the only real relief will come through challenge and discipline is a delicate, often lengthy and frequently unsuccessful task.

“The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth” by M. Scott Peck
from The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth
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Remind the children, for example, how naturally they concentrate on anything, if it really interests them—a good movie, for instance, or an interesting story.

“Education for Life: Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges” by J. Donald Walters
from Education for Life: Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges
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Encouraging the parents to include physical exercise in their daily routine as well as to teach them mindfulness will be helpful.

“EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment, and Dissociation” by Ana M. Gomez, MC, LPC
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Teach them how to formulate alternative ways of reacting to situations and to weigh the pros and cons of each one.

“Classroom Behavior Management for Diverse and Inclusive Schools” by Herbert Grossman
from Classroom Behavior Management for Diverse and Inclusive Schools
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Teaching them a way of being able to calm themselves, achieve their goals, and handle stress may result in a very different world in decades to come.

“The Science behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body” by Peta Stapleton, Ph.D., Dr. Joe Dispenza
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With these children it is best to explain what they have done wrong and then role-play with them to show them how it could have been done better You might also consider strategies like removing them from the room where they are acting in an unacceptable way and redirecting them to a new activity.

“The Defiant Child: A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder” by Douglas A. Riley
from The Defiant Child: A Parent’s Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder
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Urge them to establish realistic goals and outcomes so they can meet the rapidly changing needs of their toddler and learn to cope with typical toddler behaviors.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
from Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family
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To avoid some of the inevitable fights about a toy that two children want at the same time, parents or caregivers have to set up concrete external rules to govern behavior, for instance setting a timer and allowing each child to play with the item for ten minutes until it’s the other child’s turn.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
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  • I downloaded q wunder app immediately its such a great app i had downloaded it first but then my brother deleted it i forgot about it and now i remebered it

  • I am not a mom but I dawnloed the q wonder app and it was horendess because you have to PAY and in your last Vidio with Sofia you both said it was completely free and do not deni it I deleted It right away but l am so sorry if it came across so mean but I was so exited to play the game and listen to the catchy song so please In future vidios please explain persificly in the way of the us if you have the pay or not but now that is out of the way I love whating what’s up mom eney bey ��������❤️❤️

  • Hi I need your advice on my 3yr old son. I recently gave birth to my little girl and since i fell pregnant my sons behaviour has changed so much. He started throwing things at me when i was breastfeeding her and when i stopped eventually he stopped and was all good until she turned 7 months old as she is more lively and started to crew his has changed back and started to hit me and my husband and even pushes my baby takes everything of her and keeps saying its mine the bad thing is he started to push and hit kids at nursery as well. I dont know how to stop as he doesnt speak properly yet

  • I have so many questions. I’m a parent with a visual impairment as well as Aspergers and thanks to meditation I can curb impulses if I’m not completely overstimulated to the point that I can’t even calm down. If I can’t even calm down I walk away and breathe and then talk to him about it later, but my son hits me, his cousins, and his grandmother. And laughs about it. He’ll come up to his older cousin and just whack the snot out of him while they are playing in doing the game Rory wants to do. When he’s not getting his way with me, he grabs my glasses (the only way I see anything more than colors, and throws them to the ground. And what makes me saddest of all is he can be the sweetest child in the whole world… He helps mommy when she drops things, and they roll away or if they don’t make a sound, and stuff like that but then he can be a little monster, it’s to the point sometimes it frightens me. Because he does it to the animals too. I’ve tried being gentle with him but I can’t get him to stop acting wild long enough to even hear me. His grandmother used to be able to get him to stop because he knew he could go hide somewhere and be quiet to get away from her but even that doesn’t work now. Also, his grandmother keeps telling me to give him a small pop on the hand when he does these things, but One. I don’t like it, too, it only seems to fuel the problem, and three, logic tells me it would make it seem OK to him to hit because that was my reaction to the situation. He is highly intelligent for his age, and understands verbal instructions… Wow, because I can say a complicated sentence and he can understand it. I’ve told him to do three different things at once and he’ll go do them in the exact order (I was actually talking to his grandmother, but oh well:-) and I don’t understand if he’s just overstimulated when he does this or if he’s angry for some reason or if he’s just testing his boundaries. Usually, he only does it if somethings bothering him physically because he has a certain pattern of behavior when he’s cutting teeth that is basically been the same way since he was first starting to cut them but I’m very confused. My friend tells me that the reason he doesn’t respond is because I have no change of facial expression… but of course I don’t know how to read other people‘s expressions so I don’t know how to mirror them. He took training just to learn how to tell by voice, when I was a child myself the only reason I would respond is if adults got louder because I couldn’t read anything else. Having a child is taught me so much about how people communicate and it’s amazing, but it’s also confusing. I hope that made sense. But I guess my question is do you have any advice on what I could do because it’s like when he’s excited to play with them that’s when the behavior starts it’s like he can’t handle the feeling itself of the excitement. I just wish I knew what he’s trying to achieve by it because obviously people being upset with him is not it… ��

  • Why here every body is talking about likes????
    Why it matters to you that much if your comment is good automatically every body will like.This is just my point of you!

  • I appreciate the message Cultivating patience is so important! I discuss patience in the last video on my channel as well in the context of peace, from a parenting perspective. I hope messages like ours empower people to take control of their peace! I just subscribed to your channel too, keep it up.

  • Why dont you try this one have them look at eachother and if they laugh they are out but then they wait for the other plaer this could also help them with some thing else but i forgot what it was

  • My 3 year old hits his older sisters if i talk to them, sit next to them or hug them. He won’t allow me to show any love to anyone! Not even the dog ����‍♀️

  • My 14month old son has been hitting scratching biting and grabbing my face since he was 11months or so I’m not sure why but it seems to always b when I tell him now or try and take him away from something but what makes it harder is hez not verbal he is only saying a few words but its not alot at all so he screams n squawks n hits me I don’t know how to deal with it I was hit as a child and u don’t want to hit him but his tantrums drill my brain coz he can go all day n I mean ALL day how do I deal with this as its also when in shops etc to and I’m a single mum so its jst me and my son so I can’t jst walk away or walk out n leave the shopping etc plz give me some tips

  • Hy Dena…what to do when ur kid learn nd speak some thing bad words or abuses to their friends or outside place..and I tried to teach him not spoke these bad words but he speak again and again in home and outside gathering.kid not accept ur advice not agree to listen u what to do?please suggest me

  • I was very leggings and I fell down while I was dancing and then I and I remember I also fell down riding a bicycle and I fell down in the w position

  • It’s just so hard to stay calm sometimes �� Nit meaning to hit back or something like that, but my voice and face can’t stay calm all the time. What should I do, it’s making me so sad that I fail at this over and over again

  • omg how to do this; this typically is a problem when I’m exhausted and the toddler starts hitting… me; it’s hard to go from 1 to 5 in a calm manner imho; but good advice to try nevertheless

  • This is amazing. Thank you. So simple. Great advice. Any advice for a parent with anxiety? I go straight to yelling and my kids have a bad attitude and it’s because of me I am not calm and my anxiety when they do crazy things gets the best at me. I will work on this. I will pray about it

  • My little cousin was playing in my room a few days ago, and he apparently thought punching was a good idea, so he throws a right hook at my nose. Ever since then he hasn’t stopped.

  • Hello. My son is one and half. He has been hitting and slapping his friends and ripping toys out of their hands. I try taking toys away at playdates that they both fight over but my son by far is more frustrated than any 1 year old I have met. He has one friend that is 1 and is so nice and doesn’t hit. My son does shoe compassion by patting friends when they are crying sometimes. I hope I can get through this I am feeling so lost and he’s my first child. I’ve been so sad feeling embarrassed that other kids are acting better than him. My family tells me to put him in timeout and that doesn’t work for every kid.

  • I love watching your videos What’s up moms and what’s up Elle and those other channels that are on the same channel I guess I really like to watch your videos even though I’ve only nine years old I give this an advice to my mom cuz she works as a preschool teacher and my mom’s friend who also works at the preschool but at actual preschool almost at pre-k so I just gave this advice to all these teachers that work at this Preschool you guys Im really inspired

  • Dr Paul,
    I can’t describe or express with the written or spoken word the impact you’ve made on me and my wife since we found your videos.. You’ve made a world of a difference to me as a father of 4 kids under 6. A set of 10 month old twins are in there.

    I so appreciate your advice and kind manner as you present these principles. You’re blessed and gifted and I wish we lived in Orem. Instead we are Santa Clarita’its. In California. I have a very sensitive topic I’d love a video about. Grand parents vs grandchildren the appropriate relationship they should have, and How to handle conflicts between kids and grandparents. After my wife’s father passed away my mother-in-law moved into a room in our home and Lives with us 90% of the time. Her being there means there is tension from time to time and in some cases frequent tension. She has the desire to want to discipline my children yet it’s not her position to do that. It creates Very bad feelings from time to time with my 6 year-old And it’s difficult to repair. Would it be too much to ask if you could impart some of your God-given talent and wisdom on this subject? Thank you so much


  • My 2 and a half year old has suddenly started hitting everyone, her grandma other kids at playgroup etc. when I sit down and try to connect and ask her why did she hit she always says because I want to. I don’t know how to approach and address that.

  • My five year old son hits everyone, his parents, other kids, strangers at the supermarket, and he does it because its fun. He tells me this. Nothing is more fun than hitting someone. When I try to punish him he laughs about it. I don’t want to give him a phone or tablet but its the only thing that will take his attention and leave me to do the shopping or anything else. I do keep calm when it happens, but he will keep hitting until he gets a reaction from someone. Kids are great aren’t they.

  • Any advice on teenagers that are past this stage? I could really use some advice on dealing with bad attitudes and not listening. My teens are driving me nuts!! New sub! X

  • My 3-year-old daughter has always had and still has tantrum episodes every single day. It’s humiliating. Bedtime is so stressful EVERY DAY! And this is not the only time she is out of control. I have tried it all; routine, stories, positive reinforcement, games, etc., still, nothing works. We can’t figure it out… We would appreciate your input… I’m all ears!!! Thanks!!!

  • I have a one-year-old boy he is starting now to hit and throw himself on the floor when he’s upset the other night he beat me up with the remote control busted my lip I need help ��

  • liked, subbed, here is the problem. thanks for sharing but you say keep a calm voice as if that is possible for everyone. let me elaborate… im a father of 3, ages 2, 2.5 and 7 months. when middle son hits oldest son, i have to scream whatever information to him over his own 110 decibel hysteria. doesnt matter how i simplify it or if the information is good or bad because he isnt hearing it

  • I need help. My soon to be 5 year old got written up at preschool today for hitting and calling the teacher stupid. I’m blown away. He is a very sweet boy but does have tantrums and if pushed too much he does hit. I’ve told the teacher that when he acts up and throws a tantrum at home I tell him “I don’t like the way your acting so go to your room and count to 20 and come out when your calm “ and I leave him alone. He then comes out calmly and apologizes to me. I guess at school she removes him from the situation by picking him up and at that point and time he gets angrier and hits her. I need to get to the bottom of this and change things around. We have already gotten threatened with getting kicked out of preschool. She wants a conference meeting ASAP. I need advice. Thank you in advance.

  • Let’s say, what they want is what I, the parent, said “no” to. I.e. Let’s say they hit me because they are angry that I took the knife away that they were excited to play with. How do I then “suggest a strategy”

  • 9. Oh my….

    8. That’s sound safe

    7. My my…safety results

    6. Kids don’t play with a fire and don’t try this at home…

    5. My lord….30 point safety

    4. Some babies wanna stay in the bath….they love baths…

    3. Good God…cris-cross applesauce

    2. Safety of bikes and all for kids…

    1. They can’t go in the passenger seat until they are 8, 9, or ten….

  • He says to say “i am not going to let you hit” to the child. It is more appropriate, because we don’t want to role model dominating behaviour but rather, co-operative behaviour, we say “Sammy, I’m sorry you got upset, I want to help you. Will you please keep your hands to yourself? Thank you. Please relax and let me help you, thank you darling. How can I help you? We don’t hit ok, thank you Sammy. I see you are feeling angry, its ok to feel angry. I can help you. I am listening, what do you need?” If the child is too young to explain why they are angry you have to guess and help them and provide consolation and solutions. This approach works 100% every time with children 10 months to 10 years old. Validate their feelings, offer help, explain how they can come to you for help instead of taking anger out. The focus in this situation is the OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH ABOUT HOW TO MANAGE FEELINGS. So be great example for your child. stay calm, trust that they will co-operate when you explain what is needed and request them politely to co-operate.

  • Adults dont need you to repeat all your words over and over. I can see th hat you would drive a child mad with too many words! The information you shared could have been relayed in 3 minutes. Just Kiss it….

  • My son is 4 years old, and he continuously hits me and it’s almost like he’s in superhero mode and that he thinks I’m the villain? I’ve gathered this from what he says to me. Thank you for this video I’m going to try these techniques with him because I’m struggling to control this behaviour. He also hits me when he doesn’t want to cooperate and it’s so embarrassing when he does this in front of people

  • My baby has been hitting me since he was 6 months. I have never hit him, and he is 11 months now. I’m fed up with it honestly. I can stay calm from here until the cows come home, I can speak to him in an upbeat tone and still give him hugs and kisses during the hitting… it doesn’t make a difference. He hits when he is happy, he hits when he is sad, he hits when he is angry. I get boxed in the face constantly. I’m tired. I already have post partum depression. I already have a chronic illness. I already am a full time parent with little help, and very minimal money. This is the last thing I need. He’s not even a toddler yet

  • 1. Put your own mask on first 2. Set a simple but a firm limit (not the time to have an intellectual conversation with your toddler, they are not processing it, they don’t have any comprehension of where you’re going with principals of what’s right…) 3. Present a calm adult that interacts with them (calm face, calm voice, calm body) 4. Address the strategy

  • Is anybody just watching this channel because it’s kinda teaching you to take care of annoying younger siblings?������������������������

  • Im really suprised at how little suscribers u have. Your amazing. Your videos have positively impacted many aspects of my parenting experience. You’ve given me confidence as a parent and i acknowledge u for that. Keep up the good work x

  • This video made me so emotional now that I have watched it so many times ���� I had seen your video a couple of months ago before I had the need to and I have been practicing your advice dr Paul, and everytime we succeed in coming closer and closer with my little baby boy! ����
    I am so grateful to you!
    Best regards! ������

  • Everytime we have to leave the house, my toddler starts screaming and hitting me. I always approach everything calmy, but when I’m getting kicked in the face I dont know where to go from there. I leave the room so I can cry and try again… There has to be something else I can do…

  • Thank you for this…. I will be watching this video every month from now on. It’s a helpful reminder as a parent, especially when we go on auto pilot.

  • Unfortunately I learned nothing helpful. If I remove my child from hitting her infant sister, she screams. Sometimes she has absolutely no reason, not even one ridden with toddler logic. Just walking by, smacks her.

  • DR PAUL HELP! I am 11 Years Old From London, England And My 4 Year Old Louie Has Been Hitting People In The Nursery and His Younger Brothers and they all Cry And The Nursery Provider Messaged Saying ‘Your Son Has been Hitting People And Most of them Have To be Sent home To Hospital Because Of Your Aggresive Louie, If He does it Again, He will have a Naughty Step at the Nursery, He has to improve’ And Im Really Dissapointed. PLEASE HELP

  • My 2 year old smacks all the kids at childcare and honestly I have no idea what to do anymore, he literally just ignores me.and continues to smack everyone. I honestly feel like such a failure at times

  • I will add very important note: after we move the toddler we hold him with love love love and tel him this is not acceptable with calm voice yes and calm body,, tel him I love you and put him down. Must touch him with love while talking!

  • Great video! My 2yo I believe is jealous of her 11 month old brother as she is now biting. She knows she is “naughty” but says she doesn’t know why. Does this approach work for a toddler who is biting? What if she doesn’t tell me why she does it? Thank you for your advice!

  • thank you doctor for your precious advice. if i could add something is to take care of the kid who was hit before applying step 3

  • Honestly the best video so far that is giving me results is a video where a mother was talking about how to get her infant to stop hitting, and what she did was she took the toddler’s hand, and said “gentle”. And, at the same time, showing him what that is when he touched her face. I tried this with my 12 month old daughter, and it’s working. I still have to show her but she ges it and now she is touching my face in a gentle way, and when I praise her for it, she claps:)

  • It’s annoying me how They said the kids under five can’t have grapes they can it’s just gonna be cut in half or fourths

    Only reason I know this is because my auntie works in childcare

  • Tried this…didn’t work he just continued to push and hit his baby sister. Tried to ask what he was feeling, he just ignored me and wandered off. This happens several times every hour and I’m exhausted

  • I do all of this but my significant other doesnt. I’ve expressed these idea and she gets pissed says she doesn’t appreciate being told how to parent… she has 3 wonderful girls and we have a 4year boy. I expressed that boy and girls are not the same and I also dont want my child to be raised with fear. Through intimidation or sarcasm. Communication and calm attitude are what I try to Express

  • I’m seriously overwhelmed with my kids… Both of them hit people and scream at people. I feel like poop about the behavior they display everywhere we go.

  • My 2 year old always hits when he’s angry and cries and he now started stomping. I always hold his hands when he’s hitting and say no, that we do not hit. Yet it didn’t help.. I hope I can finally stop this behaviour. Thanks for your video!

  • I don’t know if you agree but when my toddler hits me I pretend to cry and then he starts to comfort me with his little hands saying “oooh oooh ooh” and I start to smile and the sad face disappears! I showed him this one time that if he’s nice I smile if he hurts me I cry and am upset! After that he doesn’t hits me anymore. And if he sees that someone got hurt he comforts them.
    Another thing is that I take his teddies and hug them, kiss them, and after seeing this one every time he takes the teddies he does it and he’s such a loving boy.
    He’s very obedient but he loves dangerous things like cables and so on I am still trying to figure out how to teach him that! Normally I just try to get him to pay attention in something else so he forget it for a while.

  • I appreciate the message Cultivating peace & positive behavior is so important! I discuss peace in the last video on my channel as well, from a parenting perspective. I hope messages like ours empower people to take control of their peace & behaviors! I just subscribed to your channel too, keep it up.

  • For many months I have been trying so calmly and gently to tell my son he can’t hit me. He used to hit himself too but now he claps when he is angry but it’s still hitting me…. I feel like I’m missing something

  • I don’t wear I helmet and I never got hurt plus helmets only protect the back of your head and not your face, it’s impossible to fall backward on a bike or scooter

  • I love that you say, “I’m not going to let you hit” instead of “we don’t hit” or “you don’t hit” (or even “no hitting!”) because it takes the onus of responsibility off the child, who was clearly feeling out of control, to put it where it belongs with the parent. Does this help relieve pressure on the child?

    My next question is how to catch yourself before you get to “out of control” mode (yelling, etc.) as a parent instead of during or after? Especially with multiple children (babies and toddlers), multiple stressors (no sleep, tight budgets, family friction, etc.). It’s easy to tell yourself you won’t pop off next time but things build up and eventually sometimes people do. What then?

  • Sir,

    With all due respect, this is easier said than done, my toddler is 29 months old and he will hit at will.

    He will find kids who are younger than him and hit them.

    Please suggest.

  • I have 2 nephews, both toddlers, and one hits the other. He doesn’t hit anyone else, only the other toddler. I want that behavior to stop!!!

  • I’m loving this positive parenting playlist and I’m learning so so much! I’m glad I found you now when my boy just turned one. He doesn’t hit yet but he bites out of frustration and he’s got 12 teeth so pretty good damage! Thanks for the food for thought

  • I’m not a parent, I’m just fed up with my brother. He’s too scared to hit me so he runs to my mom or gramdmother to smack them with whatever he’s got in his hands.

  • I just start to pretend to cry when she hits me and she starts to say sorry and give hugs plus kisses. She stopped hitting me after she realise that she was hurting me

  • OMG ��
    I’m a mom of 34mos and 13mos(both girls) and the elder tend to hit/bite her lil sister everytime. She always wants what her sister is having, like toys for instance. Even there’s a lot of toys that she’s playing already if she sees her lil sister playing with something she would usually grab it and if she couldn’t get it, she starts to hit or bite her.

  • My daughter will be fine and nice and then looks at me and hits me in the face out of nowhere. She turns crazy after I tell her to stop. It makes me feel so awful. She doesn’t hit anyone else but me. I am not sure why. I think I am a pretty fair parent and when she hits I put her in time out. When I tell her not to hit, she kicks instead. She never started to do this until she went to daycare. Now she is biting her own arm, too, and she said she learned it at daycare. I know she is testing me but working full time and stress and now she’s acting up ONLY towards me I just don’t know what to do anymore. I miss my nice, sweet little girl.

  • Guys this is serious stuff. If you have a big home depot size bucket full of water a little kid can fall headfirst into the bucket and drown because they can’t get out. And what’s so overprotective about making your kids wear a helmet when riding a bike? Kids die every day from preventable accidents like falling out of windows, blind cord strangulation, and furniture tip-overs. All it takes is a few simple safety measures to prevent these things from happening. Keeping your child safe is not being overprotective. It’s just common sense. Think about that.

  • Stand with us to fight crime against children.
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  • Good tips, but I don’t agree with the distraction one. Many kids nowadays feel like they have to be doing something all the time. It’s nice to teach them just to wait patiently. That’s what I do with my 2 year old. I feel like distractions teaches them not to be able to sit still lol

  • This video didnt help:( my toddler things hitting is funny, he uses hitting for everything, when he is angry, frustrated, and when playing.. i have used all techniques, calm and collective, yelling, time out, spanking, removing him from the situation, shifting is attention, i tried ignoring him… nothing works, i dont know what else to do ��‍♀️��

  • I think toddler are replication our behavior. I personally feel when I was in stresses I use to slap my kid if he was not listening. Then I realised that he is doing same…

    That’s why put ur mask first…
    Thank u soooo much.

  • Thank you for this video! Really informative.
    I was also wondering if you could do a video or answer how can I deal with other kid’s influence over my toddler.
    For example, an older child in our extended family who is a negative role model and my kid imitates his aggressive behavior… Do I remove him from the situation or do I try to assert this methods only on my kid (the older kid doesn’t get reprimanded by his parents often) or wait for when they are apart to stop aggressive behavior?

  • When i was sleeping on my back i could not hold
    My neck up cuz it hurt and it felt very weird when i did the w position
    My thighs hurt alot and now it does not hurt so becareful!⚠️⚠️

  • I was a foster parent to a little girl who tried to hurt me really bad. I dealt with it for years. Now i have a sweet little toddler who when she hits.. it triggers me. I just start crying. I feel dumb. Put your own mask on is so needed.

  • It’s easy to say “take care of you” now but tough to do in the moment. Great in theory, but in practice it’s not so easy and what about when Dad and Mom have different approaches or there is no consistency there because the parents can’t agree? How to deal with that mess?

  • Thank you for this. My son is three and I just had another child, one month old now. My elder one isy sweetheart but has suddenly turned into a hitter/biter/thrower/scratcher! I love him and am shocked at how he changed. This vid made me feel a lot better. Though I’m still scared and sad, it feels good to have some tips to use

  • She was scared of reading at the start frightened of being mistaken. Yet after Two months followed this reading guideline HowToRead.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the website) she has started out beginner novels and reads by herself! The outcomes genuinely surprised me! The program is excellent for any age limit.?

  • Most of these tips are pretty good, but the pictures in the video could use some work. One baby in the carseat didn’t have a chest strap. One baby in the safe sleep part was on a pillow when there should be nothing but a flat sheet and the baby. And the rear-facing guidelines have changed, so babies and toddlers should be rear facing at least until 2, and really until they outgrow the rear-facing requirements of the seat. My kids stayed rear facing until 4.

  • I’m sitting down and I and I am a kid oh no we don’t have bars on the windows and we don’t lock the toilet and I’m about 10 and I ride in the front seat I’m never supervised around water and I cook all the time so I will dislike this video

  • What is my two boys 5 and 3.5 year old fight each other physically? If I just remove my younger child because he is lighter to lift then he will feel targeted versus his older brother

  • This is just going to make parent even MORE over concerned. I get no scarves and things that can choke them, but really. Pulling the “Slip and bruise is only a step away from a fracture.” I am 12 and have fallen off my roof, and got a few scratches, and had a physical an hour later. The doctor thought i tripped on a tree or something. and did not care. Do they really think parents would give a kid any sort of wheeled object without pads or helmet?

  • two decades ago, parents that kept anything challenging or dangerous for the sake of being needed by their kids were considered bad parents. This is because people knew that in order to know how to joyfully overcome challenges you need to have experience facing them. And danger is inherent to a child’s idea of fun. It is in fact necessary for them to know what good boundaries are for the rest of their life.
    Two decades ago, a parent who was consumed and therefore motivated in their parenting by whatever the crowd thought about their parenting was considered to be a bad parent. This is because they are more concerned with opinions than their own child. Duh.

    Kids aren’t fragile. They just need to be taught what danger is and what it isn’t. A playground is NOT the type of danger any loving and sane parent would want their child to be wary of. But here we are.

    Two decades ago, if a parent removed large chunks of a normal child’s experience from their child’s experience simply because they “couldn’t take it” if something happened to their child, they would be considered a bad parent. Because this is selfish and controlling and passes on irrational fears to their child.
    Its AMAZING that here we are having to seriously explain this to a growing majority of Americans.

  • My sister ate sausage and shes 3….OMG IM A BAD SISTER!! And my sister always does that position but now she just does the applesauce

  • thank you so much it’s really help for me most of all teaching young kids.Hitting could not be just control by any younger child but adult must be the one to assessed them and give them advice to change their behaviour.

  • And for the Lacey situation I keep telling her to sit with her legs crossed. (We are schoolfriends) And she does not cross her legs

  • I actually had a siuation with my son occur yesterday. My son just wanted to play and the older boy shoved him from the chair. My son roared like a lion and I could see his fists forming from 15 feet away… I quickly yelled “J, don’t even do that”… then said excuse me to my friend, and walked over quickly and quietly. I went to my son and said” I saw the boy shove you, baby, I’m sorry he did that” His demeaner changed and he became my happy three year old pretending and jumping, I was proud of myself for undrstanding his feelings… but I was also so happy that he was able to get past his sadness. I did learn this technique because of something you mentioned in another video about not being angry… I really appreciate your videos, very much.

    From a first time, newly made single mother, Tasha

  • Anyone know if this is normal? My brother is HORRIBLE with my family (meaning me, my mom, and dad) but my sisters and brothers who have already moved out came today and he didn’t say a word to them and just hid behind my mom the whole time

  • You are saying so calmly when you are uttering the word Calm too which definitely makes a difference in behavior after watching you.. will try my best to apply the idea as I used to lose my calmness so quickly to control my child’s anger which probably caused him more trouble…
    Thanks a lot Sir…

  • Hello Dr Paul, I try to talk to my 3 year old son and set the limits before we get to a place where he will have to play with other children. I tell him not to hit anyone but play and enjoy the moment and if anything upsets him he should never hit but come to see me… He keeps doing it! And I talk to him again once we get home and it goes on when he’s around other kids again… I have to say it makes me feel quite ashamed although I don’t let it show, besides my son is very sweet and helpful at home… Is there something more I could do? Or something wrong I should stop?
    Thank you so much for your time

  • The first tip is very helpful. I have an almost 3 yr old little girl who sometimes takes out her frustration or anger on her 9 month old brother. As his mom, the fight or flight definitely kicks in. I have lightly slapped my daughter’s hand after she literally almost killed her brother. It’s so hard to stay calm when something like this happens. I was calm when I slapped her hand but I could tell it probably was not helpful. I apologized and explained I was afraid her brother had been very hurt and we were able to patch things up. I’ve told her before that sometimes we do things we dont want to do but we can ask forgiveness and try harder to do better next time. I know hitting to resolve hitting doesnt seem very productive but at the time I let my fear get the best of me. My son was fine but I showed my daughter that hitting is ok at times. I should have put my own mask on first. I am much calmer now than I was before though. It’s so scary to see a newborn in the hands of a jealous 2 yr old. Now I see they are a little more resilient than I thought, haha.

  • Your advice on a crying baby in the nightmy 3rd child started this at 7-8 months old. Our pediatrician gave the same adviceif he’s not in need of a bottle, is dry, and not in pain, leave him. He will stop. Took a week or so, but he did!

    I’ve just shared this video on Facebook for all my mom friendsit’s gold!! Thank you!