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10 Fun Indoor Activities For Everyone!! #StayHome and Craft #WithMe

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Fun Party Games for 11 Year olds

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17 Fun things to do with your kids INDOORS

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You Will Need: A bag of cotton balls A spatula A blindfold A pan A table. Fun Indoor Activities for Tweens. Get Moving.

Even if your child is stuck indoors, that’s no reason to be inactive. Many game consoles offer children the chance to dance, move, and Make a. 60 Indoor Activities at Home for Kids, Tweens, and Teens These indoor activities at home include board games, craft projects, science experiments, and many more ideas that I have divided up into younger kids, tweens and teens. Play board games or do a puzzle. Board games and jigsaw puzzles aren’t just for the younger kids, so dust off those boxes.

Challenge them to complete a mammoth puzzle with you, or play those classic games like Taboo! and Pictionary. Party Games for 12 Year Olds. 1. Catch the Candy. 2. Flying Like a Kite. 3. Wear That.

4. Commercial Birthday Game. 5. Two Truths and One Lie. Gummy Bear Contest. Fill a plate with whipped cream and hide a bunch of gummy bears in them.

Players have to hold their hands behind their back and retrieve all of the gummy bears by. Indoor planting kits are all the rage these days, and you can plant flowers, herbs, and even some veggies in the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to teach your teen about.

Fun Party Games for Tweens. #1. Grape in Flour. You will need a plate, flour, a knife and some grapes.

Put one grape balanced on top of a mountain of flour. Each child has to take a turn to. Balloon Paddle Ball: Use a fly swatter, tennis/badminton racket or make your own paddle using a paper plate and over-sized popsicle stick (or use a paint stir stick or plastic spoon ), then use.

20 Amazing Indoor Activities for Kids’ Rainy-Day Fun. Cabin fever, be gone! By Marisa LaScala. As we put this list together, we tried to round up indoor activities for every type of kid.


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Older boys and girls on occasion would participate in similar activities, playing cards, house, or school, skating, riding bikes, yo-yoing, or jumping rope.

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Early adolescents play solitary games like hopping, swinging, ball tossing, doll playing, and ladder climbing games.

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Outdoor group games are popular with the very young, including hopscotch, string figures, and board games.

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I know some outdoor activities my child likes (playing on swings, walking, etc.).

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Blowing bubbles using different speeds and rhythms can be really fun and enjoyable for children.

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  • I am 9 year old and still watching this. When I ask my mom to do some of these. She just shrugs it off and continue working.Soo I just play by myself

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  • “Fun activities to do when your bored” then they “begin to make bags out of 10 bags” also where r the games we were promised in the video title.

  • You give my kids so much fun watching these videos and even learn them thing I did not eaven know thank u so much what’s up moms thank u so so much for your help love u guys

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  • Hi I’m a Stem Teacher in Arizona I’ve never done this. But could you give me some ideas on some easy things to do with kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders. I could really use some help. It also has to be things they have at home since I’m suppose have them use things that are at home and not have to go buy them

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  • Hi �� new origami friend here! Origami is great indoor activity for kids and helps brain development and motor skills! Checkout my channel to support! Let’s stay connected and grow together! I subscribed you! Hope to see you soon at my channel!

  • Wow!

    It looked so much fun, and I will do some of them with my kids today.

    Thank you for sharing such good ideas.

    Your kid’s smile made me happy and smile. Wish you good luck.

    Aki from Japan

  • These ideas sound so fun! I can’t wait to try them with my kids! Thank you for sharing �� We copied your idea of knocking down superheroes with the nerf gun from your IG stories and they entertained a while ☺️����

  • Mom, I am bored
    What do you think can’t you just play by yourself?
    Honestly your kids are so lucky ��
    I am not telling my mom is bad but I wish she did it����

    IT IT

  • Has anyone ever noticed that 5 minute crafts has like 20 channels and sometimes they use the same life hacks in different videos on different channels.

  • If they say I’m bored say, “ perfect I have plenty of chores for you to do!” And they’ll say “ oh I have plenty to do never mind.” It works!

  • Claw clip day with kids and adult now you guys would be amazing to come up with some games and fun prizes for the family that has to deal with claw clips.

  • I desperately want to be a better and more fun parent to my 3 kids. More joy and energy for them!! GOD Bless!! Thanks for the ideas!

  • There’s barely any description of what items are used to create these cool tricks hearing especially the one with the marker and water? water soluble markers will just bleed in water. And acrylic ones will stick to the plate. Then I have no idea what the foam is that they’re using to stay in the pots. And the list goes on