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DNA Paternity Testing theory explaned

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Paternity fraud bill moving through Michigan legislature

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A legal DNA paternity test typically costs between $300 to $500, which usually include the collection costs associated with the test. Non-legal paternity tests start at about $30 for the retail kit (not including the testing) to around $200, depending on additional services such as expedited testing. Whatever the purpose, there are some queries and doubts that people may have about paternity tests.

Take a look at some frequently asked questions and the responses that will help you make informed decisions about paternity tests, if and when you require them. Do the mother and the alleged father both need to be present for the test?Below are the most frequently asked questions about paternity issues, along with general answers. Do I need a paternity test?

It depends. If you and the child’s mother were married. 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Testing March 5, 2020. Paradise Valley Oasis, Phoenix. When a child is born without a clear indication of who the father is, it can. How do I establish paternity?

How do I disestablish paternity? Who pays for the test? How may I be listed on the birth certificate as the father?

If I am under 18 and sign the Affidavit of Parentage, will I legally be the father? Can I sign an Affidavit of Parentage acknowledging paternity. The paternity testing can still proceed.

A “motherless” test could require more extensive analysis to produce conclusive results, but the results are just as accurate as those of a standard paternity test. RapidTestMe encourages mothers to participate in paternity testing so they are guaranteed to receive a copy of the test. Paternity Testing Frequently Asked Questions. Why DNA analysis? (back to top) DNA is the most powerful identity test currently available for paternity testing.

What is a paternity or parentage test? (back to top) It is a genetic (DNA) test. To get a home paternity test, you can order it online now or—if you are a U.S. resident—look for our kit at your local retail store. NOTE: Per the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), New York residents can only do a legal paternity test.See testing.

Frequently Asked Questions How much does a paternity test cost? You mention accreditation on your website. Can you tell me a bit more about this?

Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity answered by skilled attorney Elliot S. Schlissel. Call today at 800-344-6431 to schedule a free consultation if you have further questions. Serving.

List of related literature:

The most widely used of all DNA tests are paternity tests (Rothstein et al., 2005).

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FIGURE 17.15 Use of DNA typing in paternity testing.

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FIGURE 17.14 Use of DNA typing in paternity testing.

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Figure 14.18 Use of DNA typing in paternity testing.

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Paternity genetic testing (parentage analysis) DNA testing is the most accurate form of testing to prove or exclude paternity when the identity of the biological father of a child is in doubt.

“Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference E-Book” by Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana
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Paternity testing is the most common.

“Introduction to Genomics” by Arthur M. Lesk
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One must keep in mind, however, that such tests are not likely to be done unless there is doubt about paternity in the first place.

“A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis” by David M. Friedman
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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing is the most accurate form of testing to prove or exclude paternity when the identity of the biologic father of a child is in doubt.

“Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests E-Book” by Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana
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Home paternity testing kits, which may not even require a sample from the mother, are readily available and can cost under $100.

“Family Law” by Leslie Joan Harris, June R. Carbone, Lee E. Teitelbaum, Rachel Rebouche
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If more than one man seeks to acknowledge the child or if the mother refuses to recognize the man as the father of the child, the courts in most states can order blood tests to determine paternity.

“Medical Care Law” by Edward P. Richards, Katharine C. Rathbun
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  • Poor guys raising kids they didn’t father, I can’t think of anything worse… wait a second my dad isn’t my biological dad…

    But it’s ok I have a half brother so Dad got to spread his genes after all!

  • Yeah it is pretty disgusting. These women out here acting all virtuous yet sleeping with other guys but rejecting the same ones.


  • CONFIRMATION of what we always suspected but in USA, Judges still order men to pay for children not theirs! ☹️������
    Courts don’t allow DNA TESTS, OR doesn’t matter IF State can find a good Beta Provider Daddy that WILL pay!

  • It’s literally fraud why isn’t this federally mandated. You basically make someone pay for basically…NOTHING. It’s like making a person pay for a random ticket.

  • People don’t believe such a high percentage could be true, but one of the reasons is a woman is multiple times more likely to fall pregnant to another man than to her husband/boyfriend due to her developing anti sperm antibodies to her husband/boyfriends sperm. New sperm = way way way more chance of falling pregnant.

  • In Australia you are legally the father if a child is born while you are married to the woman. You are also legally the father if a child is born within 44 weeks of a woman living with you. Mandatory dna tests before a birth certificate is issued is whats needed.


  • Under the guise of protecting women from their own actions. Also, this is the only level of cucking. Cuckolding is being made to raise another man’s child. From the cuckoo bird, who will leave it’s egg in the nest of another species of bird entirely to be raised from the nest. Stop letting porno define shit for us. They’re retards that like to fuck in public.

  • The problem is that even when cheating women are called out for paternity fraud, they still aren’t held accountable. The State still forces the man who is not the father to pay child support.

  • My ex brother in law took my sister to court once her youngest of 5 turned 18. She had claimed all of the kids were his, only the 2 oldest were his and we all knew this. The last 3 all have different dads. My sister only would claim her ex husband owed support. Every state she moved to I would report her for fraud. She gave all the kids to my family members and was still accepting child support. She hid his kids from him and more. My sister flipped her mind when I gave a statement against her for her ex husband to prosecute her. She shouldn’t have tried to punish and ruin him the way she did. She was mad when the judge stopped all “rear” garnishment, told her how horrible of a person she was, and more. My nieces and nephews all know the truth finally and my ex brother in law has a rebuilt relationship with his two biological children.

  • Idk about these numbers, especially since they come from the owner of the company who has a major vested interest in making it seem more common then what it actually is.

  • To learn more about Paternity Fraud watch this free documentary.

    The Red Pill: A Feminist’s Journey Into The Men’s Rights Movement” is a
    2016 Documentary by Feminist Cassie Jaye and available for Free viewing
    on TubiTV which is a legitimate free movie & TV Show website.

  • In Wisconsin the mother refused to go to three different DNA tests that were court ordered. Judge Rebecca Persick refused to enforce the court order and gave the mother a pass every turn. The Guardian Ad Litem Natasha Torrey told the judge that the accused father was not in the courtroom at our first court date with me standing 20 feet from her because even though she was the Guardian Ad Litem she had never met with or talked to me in any form. Turned out the child was not mine but I had to pay over $4,000 in costs

  • We should have laws that, you have the right to ask for a dna test at birth and if you are being asked to pay child support. This is the cross I will fucking die on!!!

  • I’m divorced and lost $750k in the process. I got my kids tested and dodged a bullet. They’re mine. Wheh! EVERYONE should get their kids tested. Tell them your getting a nutritional test to make sure they’re getting enough vitamins, the labs go along with it.

  • I’m so confused, how does someone sleep with so many men in a short amount of time that out of 12 men none of them are the father??

  • My mom cheated on her husband, with his BROTHER. Got pregnant with me..tried to kill me twice with birth control. As the universe would have it, I was born healthy. I have an older brother and a younger sister, both of which look alike, I’m the odd ball out. I asked for a DNA test and got denied. Two words…PHOTOGRAPH COMPARISON.

  • Just found out my 10 year old daughter is not mine from home dna test my heart is broken because I love her so very much my wife act like she was going to concert and hanging out with girlfriend but was cheating on me with ex boyfriend

  • women are probably more likely to cheat for 2 reasons:
    1. they get hit on all the time.
    2. if they are sexually frustrated and want it, they can easily get it from almost anywhere. It’s much more difficult for men to sneak around because they have to do a lot more flirting and more reaching out. It’s a lot more work for men.

  • Yep. So much of the backing for default female custody is that women were held for so long to be the more nurturing more domestic sex. And so much of the backing for that were mountains of studies showing that men cheated so much more than women. But all these studies relied on self reporting. Now that we have actual testing, surprise, surprise…

  • ‘eventually, millions of men left shocked as d i y paternity tests soar’. there, fixed it for u.

    get me some stock in THAT company.

  • Everyone’s cheating, so let’s just make it not cheating. Everyone just screw whoever they want and stop trying to own the other person as your personal property.

  • There are two kinds of women. There are those that fear GOD. They are chase. They willingly work with their hands. They are sober. They are good with money. You can hand them ALL of your substance and know it is secure. Unfortunately they are extremely rare. If you find one, never let her go. They are a gift from GOD. Praise YESHUA.

    Then there is the rest.

  • Bruh the most revolting thing about this whole ordeal is that she has TWO kids who are 18-21 years old. Imagine being a child whose mother ended up on Maury 9 times before you were even old enough to read and now when you’re well past your teen years and just entering your 20s, your mom decides to make a fool of herself AGAIN on Maury.
    I really don’t know what her kid’s school life was like, but I wouldn’t doubt that someone (if not multiple people) ended up reminding her of that fact at some point.

  • I’m baffled that the everyone is so focused on the system and not focused on the woman that started this whole problem. Or the person that lied saying they saw him and he refused to sign. This is mind blowing.

  • Expect more laws making these covert paternity tests illegal and felonious, as the popularity and usage rises. The agenda is at stake here.
    Be well, my brothers.

  • If any woman did that to me, I’d sue her for custody. I’d love to see what the court has to say about there being no biological relationship then…

  • Her: sleeps with a bunch of dudes

    Also her: doesn’t know who the father is

    Also her: “Why is God punishing me!?��”

    Me: ������‍♀️����‍♀️

    If you can’t wait to get to truly know her before you marry her then you open yourself up to situations like these.

  • Private DNA paternity testing is illegal, including through laboratories in other countries, and is punishable by up to a year in prison and a €15,000 fine. The French Council of State has described the law’s purpose as upholding the “French regime of filiation” and preserving “the peace of families.”

  • Remember what you said about the relation between 80% and 20%? I am surprised that 80% isnt the father, with these thots and whamen out there

  • WHOA HOLD UP: defrauding a man of usually well over 100.000$ over 18 years by knowingly lying about him being the father is a fucking misdemeanor?

  • Feminist only want the kind of equal rights that benefit them. Once you start talking about being held accountable for their actions they prefer the old ways.

  • I need to do a maternity or aunt test,
    with DNA from Brest milk (frozen express milk) and my son’s DNA.
    My goal is to find out if the milk is from my son’s mother or from my son’s aunt. This could be a very important information for a court custody case. Do you know if is posible to do this test?

  • So the mother and the process server 1. lied / committed perjury. They are the first aggressors related to a crime.
    2. That caused him serious loss and injury suffering.
    Now there are 2 parties that he can sue. Is there collectability? This is what lawyers usually look for. You could win a million dollars but you get a dollar if that’s all the person has.
    Seems like the mother has nothing, BUT if he gets perjury on the server / the person who allegedly made false claims that he signed, and THEY have money THEN he should be able to collect not only all the money that he paid BUT the loss and pain and suffering of the guy perhaps not being able to buy a good car or tools or housing etc.
    Also Detroit is very evil and corrupt. It’s chaotic, a giant criminally minded fart of a town and perversely pathetic. I didn’t care to fix anything, I just left, you can’t polish a turd.
    In about 2 weeks in Detroit I was 1. Mugged
    2. Another time a guy threatened to pull a gun on me.
    3. I went to use a fast food bathroom and this guy was in there on drugs and scratching off his skin. He literally was scratching past his skin into his bones and muscle tissue.
    4. Other stupid stuff.
    5. I THEN go to fix a guy’s house in exchange to live there. Lol. BEFORE this situation there was a dead body found by a tree by the house. I slept there and the SHADOW GHOST (that’s what these ghosts are called, they just like shadows BUT are not physical bodies but are not siloettes against the wall but have full shape of their previous physical body) started attacking me.
    That ghost slammed my books on the floor, opened my door etc.
    Even the ghosts / dead people of Detroit are violently attacking me.
    I just left Detroit.
    You can’t polish a turd.
    And leaving it worked. There are normal, happy, family oriented towns to live in. There are people who have high standards, great culture and who are big on families and that’s just the opposite of Detroit.
    Evil is what Detroit does.
    Stupid is what Detroit does.
    Who cares?
    But hey, want to fix it, good luck.

  • This goes on in most states..Here in Florida they done this to my Son..$800 every month for 18 years for a child not his..Mother used his name for credit cards also..Put him thru pure hell..Florida don’t care about the father one GDAM bit..The Real father was a married cop so the lying mother screw’d over my Son!!

  • shoot fam.

    so i have an uncle. His wife got pregnant when they were together but they splitted up before she gave birth. Lets call the kid “Leo”. Theyre still legally married and cant nulify their marriage because she refuses to sign the papers.

    nearly a decade ago he discovered just after splitting up that his legal wife has had a husband and some children before him, and she married AGAIN even before their marriaged got nullified.

    for a whole lot of the decade he thought he was the biological father of Leo and gave them more than enough financial support. She uses Leo for him to pay up a huge portion of his salary even when she has a lot of other husbands she leeches off.

    Whenever she demands money she uses the child as bait. She proceeds to threaten the safety of the child if the father does not follow. It was clear that she does the same to the rest of her husbands because she has bore children for each one of them.

    we knew it then and there that she was a gold digger and didnt care about the fathers at all.

    this made his whole extended family, my mother, and my father’s sister, question if that really is his biological son.

    we were going to take this to court when my aunt ignited the suggestion to get uncle have a paternity test to add unto the “evidences” we can have against her.
    it works for us no matter what the results are either way; if the son isnt his we can use it to solidify that shes using the child for extortion of money, if it really is his then shes breaking the natural law that gave him the right to see his child (Uncle only got to see Leo in person once).

    Shes not a great mother. She goes unto facebook to deface his past and present husbands and “sell” Leo for orphanage. She has threatened to run him over with a van. Her real name has appeared on Singapore’s most awful people list even though shes not a national citizen there. An official spy is stalking her and has talked to my mother for more information about the things shes done. A majority of the money she gets from my uncle doesnt even go to Leo’s needs.

    For the past years my uncle’s emotional well being has degraded because of her. He loved her unconditionally before he realized what a horrible woman she really is. I would understand why he doesnt want to do the paternity test. There’s the underlying thought in the back of his mind that all his hard work to win Leo for the past 8 years arent even for the son he thought he had with her.

  • You mean two men who don’t want to be blamed for knocking up a promiscuous woman who evidently had sex with (at least) 2 different men in a short span of time.

  • I want to ask u something

    Me and my siblings r A
    Even my mother is A
    But my dad is O

    Is that normal or he’s not my father?
    Pls answer fast i want to know the truth

  • Her is my suggestion at the birth of every child do a paternity test. OK the objections will flood in. If the male had a 10-15% chance of having aids or syphilus would you wish him to be tested before you hopped in to bed and had sex?

  • My wife started getting into genealogy, and she was using Ancestry.com. She bought kits for the whole family, including my son from a previous marriage. Ancestry properly linked my daughters to me, but it found no biological link to my son. He is 36, and he was shocked. I told him that it changed nothing between him and me. I reminded him of all the child support I paid all those years and that I would pay it all again if I got to have him. But the news really impacted his relationship with his mother. I am still here for him, but her status, already not so good, took a further hit.

  • 1st Man Test Jayson
    2nd Man Tested Larry (Telia’s Husband)
    3rd Man Tested Ike
    4th Man Tested Wham
    5th Man Tested Dee
    6th Man Tested Mark
    7th Man Tested Demetrius
    8th Man Tested L
    9th Man Tested Sean
    10th Man Tested Will
    11th Man Tested Dion
    12th Man Tested Dee

  • Stopped paying Tax in 2013. I only work part time for cash. Why the fuck
    would I contribute to a system that see me as a second class citizen?

  • DNA test are against the law in France. If a man has his child tested, he will be put in jail. The state doesn’t not want to spend money on these cheating women’s children.

  • Just remember guys, number one question to ask before moving forward in a relationship is, “Would you be against me getting a DNA test for our children?”

    If she is offended, seems offended, panics, or says yes, ditch the bitch.

  • If I were to find this out now, as my son turns 18, I would not hesitate to take swift and permanent action, damn the repercussions.

  • Damn..am sorry she is out of control…too loosey goosey with her coochie..shameful…in such a short period of time!!!gurl close your LEGS!

  • Well I was honest with both men once I got pregnant. Men shouldn’t be swinging thier dicks around. If you dont want kids, you shouldn’t have sex

  • Dee,you can do better than that…flying in with your cape on…she doesnt respect herself,yet alone YOU..self esteem must be low…

  • Unlike men, who can usually be convinced to change their minds/ways through rational dialogue, women only respond to force. If you 1) Make paternity tests mandatory, and 2) Make abortion without the consent of both parents illegal, and 3) Make adultery a crime that warrants the death penalty, hoes will close their legs and stop lying real fast. Those that don’t will be weeded out of the population, so it’s a win-win. Sounds extreme, but that’s what it would take.

  • in France, paternity testing has been illegal for decades.
    too many cuckoos.
    the relevant law is “Protecting the Family”.
    if it’s not yours you’re cucked.

  • We need to fight to have these laws removed. I’m ready to fight, protest, and petition if need be. If a man finds out that the kids that he’s tacking care of are not his, he has a right to leave that child. If the child suffers because of that so be it. A child’s well being does not Trump your right to not take care of them if you find out they are not yours.

  • To learn more about Paternity Fraud watch this free documentary.

    The Red Pill: A Feminist’s Journey Into The Men’s Rights Movement” is a
    2016 Documentary by Feminist Cassie Jaye and available for Free viewing
    on TubiTV which is a legitimate free movie & TV Show website.

  • Single mothers fucking engrave simp culture into their sons
    Its fucked up, we need to look out for our brothers, if you see him struggling, go talk and be friends with him we’re only on this earth for a short time, I’d rather have a loyal friendship with the boys and my dog than play Russian roulette with disgusting born again virgins

  • If he wasn’t on the birth certificate how could mom just put him down with the state that he was? A father needs to be present to be put on the test.

  • Let’s make it a felony. Prosecutors who knowingly lie will be disbarred and share in the repayment of any money received by their client. The money she can’t afford to repay should be put on their credit as a felony or a lien should be put on any property she owns. Men can’t leave anything to their children or grandchildren because they are taking care of someone else’s.

  • In the US here and I personally know of a girl sleeping with 10 guys and when she got pregnant she went to the one making the most money and worked her way down till one blue pilled and said ok I’m the dad. Well he wasn’t the dad either when the baby was born.

  • This is disgusting. Only 76,000 views. Should have 500 million views. Man can go to jail for a child that is not his, get out and still owe back child support. Crooked Family Court System.

  • One question Dr. Nikolay how possible will be that unrelated test positive in a paternity test, considering two thinks, there is a limited amount of A-C-T-G combinations, and a large amount of humans? It is this a real possibility, a remote one, a very rare one or merely imposible?

  • What kind of men was this woman sleeping with if the best option for her to pin the child support (fraudulently) on was in prison at the time.

  • This is all so fucking hysterical lmao. I don’t feel sorry for any woman like this. They deserve to suffer for their stupid ass mistakes

  • It was me guys, while I was pushing her head through the bed’s head board, asking her who’s your daddy, she was yelling out that it was me and how much bigger I was than you.

  • In Ohio, if you’re married to the whore, you must pay no matter what. If you’re not married to the whore, then you can’t be automatically designated as the Father.

  • Just from the title alone, it’s no surprise. Doctors have estimated (based on personal experience, not an official study) that at least 30% of dads are not the biological father and don’t know it.

    That’s why France and Germany made private paternity tests fully illegal, unless ordered by a court.

  • Countries don’t care about this. We are cash fodder for women’s hypergamy. Countries want SOMEONE to pay for kids. They don’t care who does it. If it didn’t create a revolt, the government would love to assign men to take care of women. I suppose countries prefer that money to go through them. More gov workers to employ.

  • I think it’s sad that these women get applauded for coming on a show for 15 yrs not knowing who ur child is..how could u sleep with 12 men in such a short time period n they still not be the dad..That’s disgusting n Maury needs to hire some sort of therapist who will tell these women the hard truth n Mayb help the next women not be so careless with there vagina

  • I’d get a paternity test for any child I have. No doubt. No questions asked. Ain’t ever gonna get caught up in that trap. I don’t care if that baby is my twin.

  • Family courts system (666) lack morals, they care nothing about destroying children families babies whole communities, they are irreparable indifferent evil no code of ethics, mean-spirited, base, malevolent, nasty; they lie, cheat and steal your children for profit; they don’t weigh the cost of their fiendish actions; such actions they pass as law, destroys everyone, even themselves; through their fiendish actions even they nor their children can walk the streets safely, night or day. Breaking up/destroying families is an art and science that results/nets big profits for lawyers/court personnel, city & state coffers; they use family division and masters at divorce branches of civil courts to accomplish their aim/goals of annihilating entire communities for profit, why, because they can. All family courts should be abolished eradicated and those so-called judges should be prosecuted on charges of creating catastrophes and by proxy mass murder… so says I AM!

  • Why is it that woman doesn’t know her children father. She should be ashamed of her self. I hope her daughter do not end up their mother.

  • Heh I love that, finding out the child you have raised is not yours can lead to severe emotional distress that they may not be prepared for..

    Why thank you captain no fucking shit son of who da thunk it?

  • Mothers order DNA testing to shut the fathers up???? NEVER trust whats coming from the hand of a woman. There are sites now who provide FAKE DNA tests who look legit. DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!

  • I am a victim of this as well. Any woman that does this and or responsible for this should be thrown in jail! As well as sued! Woman wants equality, well ok anti up BITCH!

  • What a fabulous happy family.
    Thats what accepting ppl 4 who they are, not what they’ve done does for you. Love and blessings to all ❤️������

  • Every one of us needs to write his congressMAN and try to get some legislation that favors the MEN instead of these lying, gold-digging, whores. We need to do it right now while the blood is still squirting from our ears. Can you start one of those petitions? I keep getting an opportunity to sign this or that to be sent to my representatives. This shit has to change…NOW! We need bumper stickers to spread the news about getting paternity tests. We need to act in a concerted, effective way like a movement that can’t be stopped. Lead us, Sydney. We believe in you!

  • Sad �� but glad he feels he is still her Father. He is not a simp. Just a stand up guy, who realizes that kids need a Father. I salute him. Love your Father Daughter. One Family at a time����✌

  • How about taking dna test from child and if it isn,t yours don’t tell anybody the revenge possibilities are endless from having girlfriends to draining bank accounts and hiding all the money losing your job thus no alimony making her pay for everything losing your house which she would get anyway setting her up to get arrested I could go for hours and the best part is she would never know unless and until you decide to tell her.

  • Lol btw makes sense that 20%-30% number if it’s for the UK. Probably more accurate with 40%. Uk has the biggest whores in the world.

  • The dude with the 3 kids. I seen one of the kids is actually mad at the dad? Can you believe that. That’s how strong the indoctrination is.

  • Bring the whole town in and test them. 11 men tested nope. Good God woman your cooch has be wore out. On floor like a big baby throwing a tantrum. All her nastiness out there on all these mens privates. She has be the most awful woman ever. Brought her 21 yr old nope not the father.

  • Also worth noting that people aren’t usually suspicious for no reason. Those who are motivated to get a DIY paternity test are probably a self-selecting sample, resulting in the 1 in 5 results.

  • Was braking up with a LTR who I came to find out about a year in was literally mentally disturbed and explained her boughts of craziness and her boughts of instability became unacceptable and was the reason I wished to break up as they were getting ever more frequent and more intense and I feared she would end up falsely accusing me of abuse and I end up in serious legal trouble
    When I tried to end it in a clean break over the phone as I feared doing so in person she could falsely accuse me of abuse or worse she immediately claimed she might be pregnant which being no dummy I replied then we are either in the presence of a second miracle of immaculate conception or you cheated and someone else is the father because due to the recent ever worsing of our relationship I had refrained from all intimacy since before her last period and I promptly informed her of this fact that meant it was physically impossible for me to have gotten her pregnant
    She then claimed I was lying and we had indeed been intimate I wasn’t going to prolong this BS and told her great call me in 8-1/2 to 9 months and I gladly will pay to have a paternity test performed she then became extremely upset and threatened to call my parents and then tell everyone else we both knew I had gotten her pregnant and was deserting her I replied I can not stop you from doing what ever but if you intend on dragging me to court for child support you will have to submit to a paternity test and we both know I can not possibly be the father because she had been through one quite possibly two menstrual cycles during which we didn’t even kiss let alone in gauge in any for of intimacy
    I then hung up on her and never heard directly from her again.
    Found out from a mutual friend of ours less than a year after we broke up she met a much older fat balding guy got pregnant then he married her then a few years later divorced him.
    So yes women have been lying to their boyfriend’s and husband’s for forever and having other mens babies

  • Paternity fraud should be a crime. Paternity tests should be done in all cases of child support, even if paternity is not contested.

  • Looks like they’re going to need a speed line at the family courthouse for all those dads to start filing paternity and rescinding paperwork!
    Lucy, you got some explaining to do! lol

  • Thanks again Nikolay. Your videos are great!
    Two question: 1) lets say you have AC_AC on one chromosome and AC_AC_AC_AC on the other.What happens if there is crossing over in the STR loci and for the offspring you get AC_AC_AC repeats? Can that happen?
    2) how many STR are usually tested in a paternity test?

  • If a maternity hospital gives a mother the wrong baby then they can be sued. Men, sue the hospital for giving you a baby that is not yours. The hospital can sue the mother for lying to them.

  • A friend of mine had a son with his wife, and when the boy turned about 6 or 7, he did think the child was he is. He had a DNA test and was proven that the child is not his. A judge ordered that he still pay child support!?!? WTF!!

  • Lying on a legal document that goes for state and assistance should be a felony, not a misdemeanor..what is that a good finger waging and a promise from the untruthful person to never do it again..WOW

  • There are sooooo many examples of this type of insanity going on for years and years yet nothing is ever done about it. It makes no sense at all. Someone powerful has an agenda here

  • I just finished a statistics class in college, not opinion but data statistic fact 25% of fathers arent the real father and that applies to all men in general not to a specific demographic its information gathered from Gov statistics website

  • here’s what they should do, paternity tests as soon as the woman is pregnant or as soon as it can be done. when the kid isn’t yours you are allowed to walk away scot free.

  • I think this is a bit of a misconception/exaggeration, I think it’s more like “1 in 5 men who are suspicious enough to DNA test their kid discover they are not the father” rather than literally 20% of the entire population of fathers having fake kids

  • This goes on everyday around the the country!!! I read up on him, he’s supposedly her ex or one-night stand. That’s why he got the Paternity test.
    These Mothers do this all the time and the State Governments don’t give a shit cause they profit off Federal kickback money called Title 19-D, they don’t care about us!

  • What?! Infidelity is epidemic in women?! Men are being lied to about paternity to secure them as finance mules?! Imagine my shock!

  • A little off topic but a study that finds initial evidence that men are substantially more vulnerable to coronaviruses than women. Are there any toxic feminists in the two Wuhan bio-labs that are reported to be linked to Chinese bio-warfare program? Could they and or would they release the virus to the wild? Note china has about 40 million more men than women.




  • When a woman opens her mouth to speak do only one of two things…. Fill that hole with your meat or start laughing…anything else is pointless…

  • A woman is to be believed, even when she’s lying! That’s the feminist mantra that some (simp mangina) men have picked up the ball and ran with in support of this ass backwards method of looking out for the welfare of the child (in hope’s of women’s politcal support and maybe a peepee touch).Going your own way is the best option a man can take and refusing to get involved with women romantically to avoid ending up in this type of situation.

  • This is 1 in 5 of those who already suspect infidelity so not a representative sample of the population as a whole. Broad-based DNA testing for the cystic-fibrosis gene has revealed 1 in 7 children are NOT the child of the putative father. That’s 1 in 7 chance of paternity fraud.

  • Any human being that disagrees with a mandatory paternity test before leaving the hospital are both immoral and deceitful and they are 199% likely to or have already committed this same deceptive act. Fellas! If U are playing the field I advise U guys to bring up and discuss the Richard and Kate situation. If she says anything other than that Kate was completely wrong and should have been sued. If the girl you are seeing justifies anything Kate did to Richard by deceiving him for over 20 years with not just one kid that wasn’t he is but three. DUMP HER IMMEDIATELY!

  • The REAL reason why the state governments don’t want to let go of a “good” and available “dad” is because oftentimes the state gets to charge late fees, in some cases up to 10%.

    And check this out:

    So when you or I think ten percent, we think 10% APR. But some states charge 10% per late payment or even 10% on the entire BALANCE like a credit card company would do once you are late!!! And when you do the math the way THEY DO, it’s a BOATLOAD more extra money that they would rather stick SOMEBODY with that they can get the money from easily such as a working guy who is NOT the father than going off to chase the REAL deadbeat dad who might be real good at hiding or even in some cases dead already!

    That extra 10% money is a major part of them propping up their flailing budgets for services where taxpayer dollars alone don’t generate enough money to cover all the expenses.

    It sucks really bad that they do it on the backs of hard-working and HONEST men!

    And it doesn’t just affect the falsely accused alleged fathers, it also affects the women who love them who ALSO pay the price too.

    (Not sure about where this guy is, but I know for a FACT that that’s how California sees it.)

  • Even with evidence of paternity fraud, the man will still be ‘on-the-hook’ for child-support and alimony in most US States if he chooses to leave. Again, no recourse for the man and no accountability for the woman.

  • We will never get a paternity test to be mandatory at Birth because it does not fit the feminist agenda. Thank you for all you do for us men out here

  • Sydney MGTOW in Michigan it doesn’t matter if you’re the father once you’re married & divorces you’d pay for paternity child support of another’s child.

  • My brother went to get a dna test for his ex-gf’s baby and while he was at the clinic to get the test, he met 4 other dudes who were in there for the SAME BABY!! None were the father.

  • Sounds posible….they fucking around with every man in the nightclub/bar in their vicinity. Then get pregnant and need someone to pay for the little bastard, because they are way to good to work themself and expect the gov to pay. But that money is not enough, because she cant buy her shoes or dress she so desperatly want….So they hook up a simp, let him fuck her(without condom or one with a hole in it) and confront him with a child of some other Chad Thundercock they fucked 4 weeks befor. Now we up to this….

  • Okay” let’s say a dad and mom had sex in December and she never had sex after December and then she got pregnant in March! How without ever having sex at all” is this possible? Now” let’s say the DNA SHOULD UP IT WAS THE DADS! and the DAD HAD NOT HAD ANY SEX WITH HER sense December”” would that mean let’s say it’s a possibility that the dad can carry the same gen pool and similar DNA test results too the actual biological father that had sex with her in February too make it seem like it is biologically the dad’s that didn’t make them unless there 12 months old inside the mother that is” that’s my question? Can the DNA test mess up and claim it’s biologically his child” even if it’s not his and is another person’s that’s very similar too him in DNA and lineage like let’s say both were Cherokee and both were German and both were Norwegian both the same percentage as well” sort of like a cousin but but” and even looked similar” could the DNA mess up and miss read the test results full well knowing them man that’s not the dad impregnated her!??? Just curious????

  • It shows when laws are set up to hide the truth and protect the guilty, people fighting against mandatory paternity testing in hospitals are likely afraid of the truth they know.

    Chances would more likely place the worlds rating 1/10 of children are not your own.

  • there should be a mandatory dna test on every live birth this will eliminate any doubt to the man.
    If the wife or girlfriend are complaining about it chances are she has been impregnated by another man these are the people who are very against this.

  • Many women who have kids by men that don’t support these kids know that the state is their cash cow, they know that in order to get support the state needs a male to list in the application, it is at that point the woman control the man, one call that the man isn’t paying (for any reason good or bad) the state steps in from there everything goes downhill for the man, there needs to be a clause saying (and sign it) and warning lying on this application is a felony, not a misdemeanor.

  • Mr. Alexander, bravo sir!
    Keep your head high, do not bend to their
    Everyone should defy law enforcement at every opportunity.

  • 12:30 response: there are instances of babies being switched at birth. Sorry, love ya Sydney! Great work you’re doing Down-Under. ����

  • Its hard to understand how any woman could distroy there husband and child. Problem men getting these suspects so that will raise the odds. But heartbreak finding out your baby is not yours. Men cheat they dont get pregnant. A child is a gift moron. They have feelings u know. If i raised a child id never abandon them.

  • This guy lost me in the first 30seconds with his moronic scenario. Total manipulation to make women look good, who simply are either lying to one or more men in poor character, or so promiscuous that she honesty doesn’t know and is guessing to avoid shame and embarrassment, while the suspicious man or men in sniffing this out, want the test in order not to be economically and emotionally raped by a less than long term female who can later weaponize the legally system against him if there is a large enough income disparity between accused dad and trash mom.Yes I said trash. For any women to think that this is okay to do to another human being is criminal. Lies to look good and get sex are like prayers of Mother Teresa compared to “ It’s your baby and pay me for the next 2 decades.” This act on violence against men goes back several millennia. So let be kind to one another and please…take the undeserving mothers of Hilter, Stalin, Mao, Hussein, Bin Laden, Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, every rapping, murder, serial killer…off the pedestals please. To know the tree, just taste the fruit. Some on that list had fathers around and some didn’t, but most if not all had mothers around. Put two and two together. Wanting equality of opportunity is far different than wanting to neutralize a group then take over its resources and-or position. This guys lame scenario perpetrates a socially damaging lie about the innate goodness of females. They are no better or moral than men.

  • So…now before they take money from you for child support, a DNA test is required. I don’t know when they started doing this but 5 years ago when my niece applied for child support, they did a DNA test to prove he was the father…and HE WAS PISSED because he told everyone who would listen that he wasn’t my nephew’s father. No more you wanting to play but don’t want to pay! ������

  • A DNA test should be a standard legally required procedure before any birth certificate can be signed. It will prove paternity or paternity fraud. There can be no questions then.

  • Honestly I get it okay a lot more people nowadays are not good partners and can destroy your life if you marry them but reject all women and therefore optic of building families?? It might sound dumb but maybe if people tried to really learn more about someone BEFORE they coupled up by hanging out, talking with their relative, looking deep in their social media most of the time you can see the red flags beforehand and avoid a bad relation. Maybe you get bad experience in the beginning because you didn’t learn how to spot those red flag but if that happens juste live right when it gets ugly and you will know what to look for next time. True love and partnership is too precious to be so easy to found:/. I hope you will find trust in someone again. Peace & Love.

  • Think we have been blind to the actions of woman we thought were so sweet….. my girl would never do that?? Well we now are discovering what they are truly capable of……

  • crazy as it is, most likely the fact that they are curious enough to act on a test means there was questioning there in the first place. this would likely make it more likely that they were cheating in the first place. so overall most likely lower than we think.

  • Better Bachelor, and Sydney mgtow Channels say it’s up to 30%!
    I’m old, and we used to hear about husbands in early 1950s to be watching out for the “Milk man,” (milk was delivered in glass bottles), and the TV Repair man (unreliable vacuum tubes in early TV sets).

  • I’m 26 year old now and I can say that from looking back at my past experiences and the experiences of other men it is best to stay away from women.

  • That’s fuck up as a women myself I would never do that to someone. You took everything from this men you never knew just so you can get money from other ppl success. How feel boo. ��

  • France already ban paternity test and it’s crime with capital punishment. Just imagine how far women insanity gone in france society.

  • DNA testing is soooo cheap nowadays. Comprehensive down to the part of the planet you came from is like $59. There is ZERO EXCUSE for not having DNA tested at birth.

  • Men, STOP marrying! They want the police defunded. Your already see that Ammo is hard to get. So now what will these wymen do? No man, no legal protection and no ammo.
    “I don’t need no man”….???? Okay. I’ll get my popcorn ready.

  • Stopped paying Tax in 2013. I only work part time for cash. Why the fuck
    would I contribute to a system that see me as a second class citizen?

  • Contract fraud involves one signer being misled by the other party. Because one party expects a different result from the contract, there is no meeting of the minds, which justifies voiding of the contract. In order to void a contract for fraud, the signer must prove he signed the contract under false pretenses. For example, if a person purchases a vehicle through a contract indicating a 50,000 mile odometer reading, then learns that the mileage is higher, the contract may be voided for fraud. The American Bar Association states that fraud exists when any statements within a contract are substantially different from the truth. Contact a lawyer if you believe you signed a contract under fraudulent pretenses and show evidence to prove your case. Signing a birth certificate thinking you’re the biological father when you’re not is fraud. That a judge got it wrong isn’t a surprise. The 9th Circuit Court gets overturned by SCOTUS over 80% of the time it reaches their court. https://legalbeagle.com/8535089-ways-void-contract.html
    PS. None of this applies to France, only to the USA.

  • Go after that leeching, lying, thirsty, bitch, make her “PAY”, DNA proved the child wasn’t his. The state is stuck on stupid, the state is guilty as hell.

  • In California it’s the same unless your very rich also we have fun things like if a woman physically assaults or even sometimes just yells publicly at a man the man goes to jail. I watched one guy do nothing but keep his hands in his pockets, his head down, and politely ask please stop hitting me and let me leave repeatedly while a woman blocked him, repeatedly pushed him into corners, and was hitting him in the head. The police showed up 20 mins later and just arrested the guy. He now has domestic violence on his record.

  • Thank the creator I don’t have children. It’s a war on black men. This should be felony or federal. Emotional duress, loss of wages etc

  • So since he’s supposedly the father in the courts opinion doesn’t that mean he should get visitation rights?
    Or even sue the woman for custody of the kids?

  • To learn more about Paternity Fraud watch this free documentary.

    The Red Pill: A Feminist’s Journey Into The Men’s Rights Movement” is a
    2016 Documentary by Feminist Cassie Jaye and available for Free viewing
    on TubiTV which is a legitimate free movie & TV Show website.

  • 1 in 5 statistically low? Really? unless it’s rape. Then all of a sudden it would be called extremely high.

    Let’s keep the same standards across the board okay?

  • We need to fight these laws I’ve had it. If the child suffers because the man does not want to take care of it because he is not the Biological dad so be it. This is down right dirty.

  • Just googled this story and came across an article putting down the husband while not a single criticism of the ex wife. Amazing.

  • Those women should be forced to pay what ever amount they received or would of received in backed up child support x2, and get sent to prison on top

  • Some military hospitals do this automatically. Everyone needs to do this BEFORE a birth cert is signed. If she says no, DO NOT SIGN!!! If she throws a fit get a lawyer ASAP!

  • How is Child Support even Legal. If I can take care of my child whith what I have. Then who is the government to tell me how much and when to pay anything. Let alone to suspend your means of transportation. This needs to stop. We need a class action Lawsuits ASAP!

  • I was at a store hear in america and a woman was approaching men to please help her there were no takers but plenty of laughter and mockery this was in November she had 6 children and pregnant with twins I told her reap what you have sown, you made your bed �� lie in it and tell the father to deal with it then I walked away waving at that all I heard was blah blah blah oh yes and blah

  • My question is how can guys not know? Guys genetics are strong. If a kid comes out not like me, I know. I look just like my daddy as do my brothers.

  • I hady suspicions about my wife’s son, however I’m concerned about secretly obtaining DNA while they are asleep. The swab may be too intrusive as my wife is a very light sleeper, may I use a baseball bat to collect her DNA instead of the swab? ��

  • If they run it in courts does the no so father refuse to support children of their cheating wives? A new law must be made for this

  • That mother and the server should go to jail for lying and he get all his money back I’m a father of 14 children from 4 different relationship and not one day my name was up for child support cause I acknowledge them and take care of my kids the oldest 44 the youngest 9yrs

  • Good video buds, so I just had to like and sub to you, you touch on a very interesting and emotive topic, and sadly quite prevalent in this day and age ��, I always worry about the accuracy of these tests I mean 99.9999999% sounds accurate enough and the law courts stand by them in most countries, but how close to 100% is that exactly?, and what is the estimated room for error or is that even factored in to it, if it seems I am reading too much into accuracy well I think we should do, it isnt something you would ever want to be wrong about, but I agree they seem accurate enough, just thought I would pose a question, saying that the fact these tests are needed is a damning indictment of modern women, maybe they have always behaved this way, but nowadays cant evade it as in the past, me myself I dont trust women in general, most will say what they want thier fella to hear whilst doing the total opposite, maybe that is in womens nature, no saying that blokes dont conduct themselves this way either because some do, but women seem to be so good at it, anyways thanks for reading my rambles lol and hope your doing ok, take care

  • If men are as Alpha as they say they are, it should be no problem having that being mandatory in your own home, or getting your woman to waive spousal support, or having your son stay with you after he turns the age of 7 because he doesn’t need his mother as much according to psychologist. Men just rather complain about it than get their own house together. Man up.

  • “my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”

    Yours sincerely,

    Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook

    Proverbs 31:3
    Do not give your strength or energy or attention to women, your ways to those who destroy kings.
    Isaiah 3:12
    Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road

  • She would have had to sleep with those men in a short time frame if their up for paternity wooooow it’s sad and so disgusting at the same time