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What Stay-at-Home Moms Do All Day. A stay-at-home mom works many jobs throughout the day. She’s a nurse, chauffeur, chef, teacher, playmate, housekeeper, laundry attendant, accountant, and babysitter all rolled into one. She has a brood to feed, so the stay-at-home mom spends a large chunk of her day in the kitchen. Preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks is no easy task for the variety of palates she tries to please, but she does her best to make the cuisine healthy and tasty.

She plans meals ahead and keeps the pantry stocked. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel like “maid” comes right after “caretaker” on my daily list of duties. Having a dust buster charging in our kitchen 24/7 has become a lifesaver in the clean-up department. It’s one of my all-time favorite hacks–it makes clean up 100x easier and faster. In the morning as a stay at home, it’s usually filled with making breakfast, feedings, pumping, maybe some laundry.

Most of the time my mornings are slower, just because Otis will eat, play for a while and after a couple of hours is ready for a nap. In addition, many women who call themselves stay-at-home moms also work for pay. What moms with their time depends a lot on their socioeconomic statuses.

While well-off moms spend their day socializing, exercising, and running errands, moms whose households don’t have large incomes end up doing large amounts of housework. So, what do stay-at-home moms do all day? Jennifer Pinarski believes that putting stay-at-home moms on a pedestal drives a wedge between working parents and those who have chosen to stay home.

By Jennifer Pinarski October 11, 2013. The more time a mother can spend raising her kids, the better. The better for them, the better for their souls, the better for the community, the better for humanity. Period. Finally, it’s probably true that stay at home moms have some down time.

People who work outside the home have down time, too. I am not a stay-at-home mom yet but once I have kids, its my dream! I love how real and honest you are with this post.

I think I tend to glamorize things (including being a stay-at-home mom) so this really helps give me perspective and sets me up to be able to rock the stay at home thing well eventually it sounds like 😉 Thank you for sharing!You could just play all day like a big kid with your kids – but they need to be nourished with good food, dressed in clean clothes and feel comfortable and stay healthy in a clean house. Other relationships need to be attended to and nurtured also. When it comes to the 2016 stay-at-home mom’s daily activity, there’s not a whole lot of sitting or staying at home, it seems.

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List of related literature:

Stay-at-home moms who don’t work [no longer] sit at home and watch television shows all day long.

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They wash clothes at the back of the house, sort beans in preparation for the main meal, and do piecework for the local hammock industry, while the children do homework, play checkers, cut out paper dolls, or read comic books on the floor.

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Mom did the cooking, house cleaning, and lots of sewing and crocheting as hobbies.

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She enjoys her family and friends, bike riding, walking her dogs, audiobooks, dance classes, sewing, do-it-yourself home improvement projects, playing the piano and violin, and simply spending time with her husband.

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Cleaning, doing laundry, sorting, and organizing aren«t rocket science.

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She or her husband walks him to his day care/preschool two blocks from their apartment, and then she puts in a full day at the home office.

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We both work and I help out by picking up our little boy from childcare each day, cooking dinner every night, doing the washing, folding the laundry etc.

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Much of their day is spent away from home: commuting and working, running errands, making social visits, picking up children at school, generally being busy and on the go.

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Once home for the evening she embarks on another set of routines, such as preparing dinner, showering, brushing teeth, reading a book, watching TV, etc.

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Cooking, cleaning, and all the other chores are divided up on a rota.

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  • If you don’t mind me asking, how do you get spending money? Are you allocated a certain amount? I only ask because I will be quitting my job after maternity leave and I am at a loss for how I will cope without a pay cheque.

  • Great video as always. I’ve been asked so many times what I do as a sahm. I’ve responded I sit on my butt, twiddle my thumbs and watch tv all day. That’s what you think i do right? The look on their face was priceless. Lol. My kids are both in school now and I still feel like I have a never ending day.

  • I am a new Vlogging mom and am also running a business on Etsy! At the end of your video you said “if you’d like to see a behind the scenes” of that you could share it with us… and I would LOVE to see that as well! Thank you!!!

  • I love how honest you are. I’ve been both a working mom and a sahm and I definitely think it’s WAY harder to be the latter. I love my kiddos and being able to be there for literally everything, but I have ZERO and I mean zero adult interaction. It’s quite a transition that you are going through and your kiddos are happy and well taken care of and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow for babies grow up we’ve learned from our sorrow, so quiet down cobwebs dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep!” You are doing great mama so please ease up on yourself ��

  • Here’s a thought. The system needs to make it so men also have support so they can stay home if need be. We can talk about being able to afford to do this but what if the mom makes the most money and it’s the dad that needs to stay home. It’s got to be a part of the plan as well. Single moms/dads just don’t have a choice period.

  • Hey Brianna, I think sometime we are harder on ourselves than anyone else could be. We as women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it all and do it right. I’m hear to tell you that just do the best you can and don’t think your not doing it good enough. I know I’m great at saying what I didn’t get done vs what I did. I’m trying to really work on that. I loved it when Landon busted him grandfather for going to McDonalds! So Funny! ����

  • You’re so good with teaching her!!!
    I’m a teacher so I know what I’m talking about ��
    Btw, their little brain is a sponge! And they learn so so fast! But neurologically their brain isn’t ready to learn letters and numbers (I mean the symbols)…they’re easily learn them but it takes away resources from their brain as they should be learning more things that include sensory and movements (gross and fine motor skills). It’s better to learn symbols after 2,5 yo….

    But I think a little bit of everything is best! I see you are not pushing her and not overload her!! And I think you are doing great!!

    I’m writing this mainly for other mommies who might push too hard (“because neighbor’s kid is reading at 3yo”) or for those who worried that their child can’t remember number at 2,5…. it’s okay!!))))


  • Which type of parent has it harder doesn’t have a general answer. You can’t even really compare the different types. Being a SAHM is exhausting and isolating. Being a work from home mom is hectic and time consuming. Being a work away from home (WAH) mom is stressful and tiring. Being any of these moms while single or solo is overwhelming because they have to do (almost) everything themselves most or all of the time.

    Every family’s dynamic and circumstances are different as well. Some families have 1 child while others have 4. Some make $100k while some make $30k. Some families have multiple special needs and/or neurodivergent kids. Some have kids with health issues. Some families have nannies, babysitters, or regular help from family. There’s no way to accurately compare a family with 2 chronically ill kids, a babysitter and 2 WAH parents making 70k to a family with 1 healthy kid, no outside help, a WAH parent and a SAH parent making 50k. Each family has plenty of blessings and obstacles.

    There shouldn’t be any comparisons, outside of people analyzing their PERSONAL journeys, of course.

  • Personally, I have been using these metal straws from Pampered Chef! I love how it’s dishwasher safe (I’m not a big fan of handwashing dishes) and it has it’s own bag so I can take it on-the-go with me and avoid Ziploc baggies. https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/averymitchell/shop/Entertaining/Barware%7CGlassware/Metal+Straws/100092

  • I am not sure if you were aware of it being bad to sit in the w shape for a little one. I noticed You corrected her,when she sat like that so I assume so. I never even realized how much my toddlers tries and sits like that until after I learned that Info. So I’m always correcting the way she sits. Lol

  • I totally agree with the never ending dishes! I feel like I’m constantly in the kitchen lol
    I like the spoon holder on the stove, I think may look a little big on the counter. It’s super cute though, and a great deal!
    What time does your husband get home from work? My husband usually works 6am- 2:30 pm. Sometimes he works overtime til about 6:30-7 pm and by that time I’m counting down the minutes until he gets home lol

  • Loved this one, again!! Suggestion/question; Is there any way to “turn down” the music while you’re speaking like while you were doing dishes?

  • I love that you bring your faith into this discussion! �� I recently transitioned from full time job to SAHM and the transition has required me to slow down on my YouTube channel. I did a video on my decision to stay at hind and quit my job. I agree that SAHM life is so rewarding but so much more draining than my previous office job. My baby girl just turned 11 months old today and my son is 10 years old. Thanks for being open about struggling through this transition in your life. Very encouraging to other moms and youtubers like myself. ��

  • Oh, it is hard to be a homemaker/housewife/stay at home mom. Sometimes it is so hard to get anything done.

    My name is Michelle Lynn Tackett. I am a full-time homemaker and mother. I love cooking, cleaning, reading, playing games, arts, entertainment, reading and fashion. I love writing blogs about homemaking and entertainment.

  • Sweetest video!! I cried at the end when you shared about “moms, you are doing a good job” ��❤️ needed to hear that! I loved seeing you cuddle your kids and eat popsicles. Sooo sweet!!

  • Just finished my masters degree and I want to be home with my son, making that choice and gonna figure the rest out. Being a mom is my most important job.

  • I spent the first year of my daughter’s life at home with her except the occasional weekend at work. I loved that time with her. I’m happy between my husband having a good job, our intentional decision to buy a house that was under budget, and a bit of money in savings allowed us to do that. After a year, I was done I could tell I had reached my limit. I went back to work and took a job that I did not like as much, but would give me more hours with my daughter now and when she’s in school. I still have lots of cuddles, tantrums, mismatched outfits, watching her try new foods… And yes, playing blocks:)

  • I can’t even hear what you’re saying on these videos when there is music playing over top of your voice! Love watching you both interact, it’s so adorable ��

  • If you’re trying to be a “good human” and not use single-use plastics then you should also stop using those plastic baggies for the kids’ sandwiches. Those things are impossible to recycle and they cause so much pollution.

  • I was washing and putting dishes away while watching this! I have a spoon holder that just has the spoon head and no handle so it only takes up the same space as your leaf. I keep it on the side of my oven and that way I can keep my candle on the oven too. I’d love to see your evening relaxing routine after the girls have gone to bed. ��

  • Thank you SO very much for what you said about being a SAHM being more challenging that you anticipated. You shed a little “grace” on the way I so often feel. To be perfectly transparent, sometimes I watch YouTube mamas and feel super inadequate. The days DO often feel like a blur! My “to-do list” has to stay pretty fluid! Lol! Thank you for making me feel a little more normal.

  • CCC JE SUIS UNE maroccaine qui te suis depuis une annee… j adore tes video tes routine tes vlog meme si je comprend pas la moitie:(

  • Loving the new series! You really are so motivating and I sincerely believe that you have helped me to become a better mommy to my little guy, the patience and love you always have for Sydney is so sweet to see and seeing the way you handle certain situations helps me when those hard to handle moments come along, thank you so much for being you and being an inspiring mom for me to look up to!

  • Awesome video. I’m a mum of a 3.5 yr old daughter and 3 month old son. I’m a working stay at home mum and it really a full day. No time to be bored and these video’s I watch on YouTube is usually while I’m doing another task like cleaning up my kitchen or house of an evening to get me through that last little bit of the day before I head to bed also.
    PS……I might be wrong but I think Dyson make an attachment safe enough to vacumm your dog. Sounds crazy but I have definitely seen it SOMEWHERE on the crazy wide web

  • One evening as I washed the dinner dishes it occurred to me that I had washed the same pan THREE times that day. Yes, I definitely feel like I spend all day cleaning the kitchen.

  • And when they get divorced the husband will have to kick up 50%+ a year in alimony, yet these same idiots want their wives to stay at home

  • Fathers do not “have to lend a hand”, they must be present as much as the mothers and also make those sacrifices that mothers had to make for decades.

  • i think all depends how much money your spouse is making no money no funny honey, in my country ( slovakia),in most marriages both parents are working because they have to one salary simply doesnt cover really decent life for whole family. BUT after birth, one spouse can stay /doesnt have to / with child until is 3 yrs old / some money are paid from goverment for that time / so most of parents use this 3 yrs parenting time.

  • I never had the choice to stay home with my children. I was a single Mom, not by choice, shortly after each of my sons were born. I was blessed because daycare wasn’t needed. My Mom is a stay at home Mom and at the time I had my oldest, my sister was only 8. She just took my oldest, her first grandson, and never gave it a 2nd thought. By the time my youngest came along 6 years later, he just joined his brother at Mom Moms. I am now 50 and I have found a career that is completely working remotely. What this has given me is the ability to be there to help my sons, who are both now fathers, with their own children. I am now the “stay at home Gma” as it were even though I am in my office every day supporting many school districts around the country. My grand kids come, I have 6 so far, when they need to. I look back and am honest with myself that even if I had a choice I likely would have choosen to work because what my children gained by spending full days at their Mom Mom and Pop Pops without me is completely invaluable to me. They learned things I couldn’t have taught them about how life used to be and the “old ways” of doing things. I feel my sons lives were enriched by having a relationship with my parents outside of just when I took them with me to visit. And now years later, I am doing that same thing with my own grand children. FYI #7 will be here in December 2020…Yep a COVID baby!

  • I would move the knife block over and put the spoon rest next to the stove closer to the backsplash. That’s how it looks in my kitchen.:)


  • I just have to say ur truly an amazing person….just the way u look at life…I couldn’t even imagine that 4 a day…I love ur channel…& how u dont follow the ○○YouTube crowd!!! I would love a vlog on how to start up a channel n have success!!��

  • I think most people aren’t worried about sacrificing a nicer car or vacation to have a parent stay at home. I personally feel like it’s not financially feasible for many to have a stay at home parent at all.

  • Thank you for your videos… they really motivate me in the morning ❤️ I’m a new mommy, my little one is 8 months and I’m 5 months pregnant with our second ❤️

  • Loved the Vlog. Landon and Presley are absolutely adorable. Landon is such a great big brother to Presley. Off the topic…. just wondering if you remember where you got your candle holders sitting above your fireplace.

  • Hi, my name is Lennyi am a dutch mom of 3 boys. I recently decided to share how we do things on youtube as well but you are so complete ��! Wish I found you before! I am a perfectionist too and it caused a serious burnout ( I am recovering now ). Love how you lay out the kids clothes. In our house we have a rule that the boys can only go downstairs when they are dressed… love the stores you go to. Want them in the Netherlands!!! Are those lash extentions? i am thinking about getting them but I feel like I am too old or something.( i turned 40 recently ������) Maybe I will look like a cheap dragqueen��. Lots of love ( and chaos) Lenny ��

  • Here from Argentina. Love you!!!That is my dilema since I got pregnant. Im an engineer and love to work and learn new stuff.Fortunatelly, in my job, they let me work 4 hours with same salary for a year after my son’s birth. Now thanks to quarantine Im doing home office. Its hard! Please answer me

  • I love seeing a genuinely real morning routine video! Most of the time, morning routines are from single, childless women that have all the time in the world to have a perfect morning routine! I have a 3 year old and I work from home, and I can relate so much better to your video than anyone else’s I’ve seen lately! Thank you so much!!

  • I love the pictures above your bed! I’ve been wanting to add some pictures to our bedroom and wedding photos are such a great idea! And yes I’m clearly binge watching your channel today! Love your videos!

  • Love the video! I am also a stay at home mom and blogger and just started my channels! I’m excited to connect with other moms on here! I’ll be sharing all things about motherhood, my lifestyle and also home organizational tips and decor. I look forward to following you!

  • Looks like a full day to me. It’s funny how people think certain things. When I used to work from home, my neighbors thought I didn’t have a job, even though I told them I worked 2 jobs.

  • I appreciate the fact that you open up to the public. Hearing some words from a public figure is so touching and of course inspiring.

  • Thanks so much Bri!
    I have been watching many DITL vid from many vlogger and to me yours suit my preferences so so well!
    I love that you showed us we can have terrible cooking day! Haha. Sometimes when we’re trying to be very productive, and things as simple as the meal is a disaster can turn us upside down haha.
    I also super loveeee how you managed your me time (getting dressed, working out) to make sure that it doesn’t clash with your kids and family time.
    I am a working mom but have been staying home for 4 months now since the pandemic, working from home put pressure on me coz I have 2 bosses to entertain if u know what I mean. Ohh and I am also doing PG studies, so yeah that too. Please do more video of you being cool mom and wife while still keeping all your sanity with you hehe.
    Love from Malaysia.

  • You made some good choices. This made for great memories. I too stopped working when I had small children. It takes dedication. I had two, four years apart. Didn’t not begin volunteer work till they were able to take care of them selves.

  • Will someone write something for this woman where she just gets to be as fucking real, fully dimensional and brilliant as she truly is!!!!!?

  • Because Im supposed to for my old parents. I am comprimising what my choices are.

    Because I am female but the fertility is questionable after using Testosterone hrt for a year… And tbh Im only going to be with a male SOLELY for this. Im not into guys… I want to BE the guy. But God got some weird plan so now I might be donating eggs to lonely guy friends if thats possible and they will need a surrogate which I will pay for and help them with baby care. A guy friend really likes me too and wants kids for HIS old parents. I don’t like him that way but at least he’s a great caring guy with smarts.

  • Thank you for acknowledging one of many positive choices women can make and still be great parents. I never looked down on working mothers, yet I often was criticized for staying home and leaving a lucrative but demanding career. It is always nice to hear, even 18 years later, that I was not alone.

  • This video was awesome. You’re an amazing mommy! I love watching all of your videos and love the cleaning parts always makes me have the energy to get up and want to clean lol. What song is at 14:07 in the video I tried to figure it out and can’t it’s a good song:)

  • I feel like you missed all the chaos that comes with having young kids. If it was only a matter of cooking and cleaning, that’s fine. What makes it so much harder is the tantrums and the messy toys and the hands on together play and the outside time and the cleaning up after outside time, etc.

  • I totally agree with your parenting life style, I stopped college to raise my son, I was 23 years old, by this time I knew myself would enjoy my first maybe only child, I miss work adult interactions, but, I saw him walk the first time, talk and answered all his questions, were the best time of my life, I finish college learned English all after he was 5 years old, I’m a single mother in Brazil debit free, living my dream life with my son and mom, she is 73 years old (my daughter)

  • I’m a mum who works from home and my daughter goes to daycare 3 days a week. I find the two days she’s here hard because I am trying hard to work a full day while being a mum and then the days she’s gone I work so hard because I’m trying to get the most in. It’s a balancing act, so so so hard, but you do what you have to for your babies! Your doing a great job, also on your last video where you started your day with something fun in a trip to the park that was so helpful, I am trying now to do the same:)

  • Editing skills on point girl!!!!! And you’re looking super good lately, pep in your step and skinny AF, I need that skinny hot cocoa in my life! Lol

  • Both situations are tough for different reasons. I can see how working moms could be envious of SAHM’s because we are with our kids all day but tbh I get envious sometimes of my friends who don’t stay at home with their kids all day because when they come home they are excited to see their kids. Whereas I’m with my son literally 24-7 except 3 hours a week and this has been the case for 3 years. (I’ve had a few date nights with my hubs and gone to the dentist and when he was younger made some grocery trips alone). When I get to experience longing to see him I cherish it. Anyway he is crawling on me and asking for breakfast so I hope what I wrote makes sense but I gotta go lol.

  • Oh my gosh! Thank you! I really needed to hear this! I lost my job when I delivered my twins (even working for a “women empowered/owned” company ) and was forced into being a SAHM. I will say it had always been a wish of mine but never thought it would happen, and especially under those circumstances. It.is.so.hard! It’s hard because my husband works so hard at his 2 jobs but I think he resents me sometimes and I hate to complain because it’s mostly amazing but sometimes hard! I just really needed to hear this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ btw you are amazing! I just started my channel and it’s so true what you say like it is so so fun it doesn’t even feel like work ����

  • I congratulate you for the decision that worked for your family. I wish I was able to do so… everyone has to make the decision of what’s best for their family. Love ❤️ this!

  • This would be a dream but I mean I don’t want to rely on my mans to always provide for me. You can be a great mom and make some cash to your name at the same time. Many more women would be stay at moms they simply can’t afford it

  • Loved the video! Trying to establish a routine with a 3.5 year old and 5 week old ������

    Also, what moisturizer was that in the video?

  • Where you have the candle holder i have a stand up spoon holder. I like it better then the ones you lay down… at night I move it to put the candle.

  • I’m 18 and I will have baby in 9 days (planned c-section) and I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna rely on his money. I haven’t graduated high school or anything.

  • You are doing such a great job raising your daughter. She is soooooooooo  smart!! Keep up the good work. By the way, your makeup looks great!!

  • I felt as if you hugged me so tight here omg. This is EXACTLY how I feel all my words everything I’ve ever felt you just said. Thank you so much for sharing I needed this.

  • Give yourself some grace! You’re doing great!! If you have time, you should grab the book “Grace not Perfection”. It’s so good and really helped me. Being a mom is so hard, regardless if you stay home or work outside of the home. But there is nothing more rewarding. Love your channel I’m a huge fan! Also, what program was that that you were using to edit your videos?

  • I worked part time for a year when I had my daughter. I worked three days a week and it was perfect. I have a high stressful, very fast paced job, and thrive on challenge and challenging work goals, so although I always dreamed of being a SAHM, I don’t know that I could have done it and stayed happy mentally. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work full time because I am the breadwinner, but if I had to pick and could find the right job that kept me challenged, part time would absolutely be my dream. I also think it’s good to get the kids out socializing with other kids so if no daycare, I’d definitely get them in early preschool or something, especially if they are shy. I stayed home with my mom and siblings and of course had neighbors, but I was super shy and feel like my social skills suffered because I never got out in a setting that had a lot of other kids.

  • As a feminist…Im all for your decision stay home with your children. I hate to see other women tearing down a mother who chooses to be home with her children vs a career. The last time I checked, raising children and being a domestic Goddess is one of the hardest and selfless jobs out there. Youre a Mother, a Wife, a Nurse, an Accountant, A Chef, An Interior Decorator, A Psychiatrist, A Chauffeur, A Personal Shopper, A Photographer amongst other things Ive forgotten to list. This job is exhausting, demanding and unpredictable but totally rewarding when you look at your babies everyday. Good Luck to all the Stay at Home Mamas and Papas. Keep up the good work.

  • I’m confused, you’re youngest son was born in 2008 and you were on Big Bang Theory from 2010-2019, is that right? So you were a stay at home mum for 2 years?

  • I’m loving this series! I finally started getting up before my girl and I feel so much better already! I also bumped her bedtime back a bit and now she’s happier when she gets up so thank you! Dance parties are life by the way. We totally had one today with the on hold music for my health insurance. ��������������‍♀️

  • Thanks for posting! I can never seem to do anything without my toddler screaming/crying the moment I walk away from her! How do you manage to keep them entertained while you do dishes, etc?

  • Mayim, God bless you. I was a stay at home father for 5.5 years from day one of both of our sons. I can truly appreciate your decision and the reasons for it. You made the right decision.

  • I enjoy your video so much! You are such an amazing mom/woman! You dont need make up or even changed clothes, you are beautiful all natural! I’m glad to see you spend time with your LO!! Keep up the awesome work! Tip: you should watch out for the way little Sydney sits, it could be bad for her knees long term! ��❤

  • I honestly think they’re both hard (albeit rewarding) in their own way I am a work-from-home mama and will now be homeschooling in addition to all of that and sometimes I step back and wonder what the heck I’m thinking, but other days I am so incredibly grateful get to experience this short phase in my children’s lives and remembering just how quickly their childhoods will be gone, makes all of the hard days and sacrificed “me” time outside of the home worth it! But I have so much respect for both the mamas who stay home and for the mamas who work outside of the home. We’re all just here trying to do our best <3

  • My girlfriend is making me watches this. Saying: “ You never watch my videos!” So here I am commenting; any other guys watching this?

  • Thank you so much I was struggling with this! I feel if I am a stay at mom then I am not successfulbeing a mom is important! I am planning on having a baby this year.

  • I wish I could be a Perfectionist and motivated. I’m the opposite…. so frustrating. I have 5 kids and I cannot keep up with a clean everything like this. I keep watching with hope. You rock

  • SAHM is a more difficult job for me too. My mind is so focused on bringing them up to be the best person they can be. I do take my other responsibilities seriously, but I personally don’t think anything is harder than shaping another human into the person they will be.

  • I’ve done both and a working mom is much harder hands down. The stress a person endures all day and then having to come home to take care of the household is hard.

  • Hi from Slovakia we have 7 months of maternity (also for fathers) and than you can be stay at home mother to child´s three years ( first 7 mnth you have 75% of your previous salary, other months you are getting from 270 370 €/month if you are not a single mum, it is normal to stay at home cause with a working second parent and his salary it is enough to live normal (not superconsuming) life…really, and nobody tells about.. yes we are in EU…silly not? wish all mothers can do it…now I´m starting my 4th year at home (have two kids)

  • Hi Mayim,
    I’m a mom of six children and I worked through all my pregnancies. I felt like I was that “super mom” that could balance family and work life. I took my kids to practically all of their doctor’s appointments, showed up for every parent-teacher conferences, award ceremonies, and other school related activities. Took my kids to sports, music lessons, and don’t forget the beach. And as if this wasn’t enough, I opened my heart and our home to a Foster teen. All this while still holding down a career. Until last year (2019), my health caught up to me. My husband never supported the idea of me being a stay home mom, until now. With my health in bad shape and COVID hanging around, he finally allowed me to stay home. Now I’m homeschooling our younger kids and trying to grow my YouTube channel to help inspire other parents to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles life throws at them. I am so happy to have found your channel. Thank you for being real and brightening up my days! ❤️ Rae

  • My name is Chantel Bolen. Stay at home mom going on 3 years now. Left my $100k job
    Have a 7 year old and 3 year old. I suffer from depression bad and feel at times being stay at home mom makes my depression worse. Any advice

  • You need to revamp you expectations and your to do list. More important to take the time with the kids then doing big organization projects. Break down your projects into smaller obtainable goals. As the kids grow you will continue to hit milestones and transitions but this time is special but yes draining both physical and mentally. Doing outing and play dates with other kids and adults is very important to all of you.

  • You seem like such an amazing mother and person! Thank you for your tips, they’ve given me so many ideas for my 14 month old son ��

  • Birth control misstep resulted in my little one being born in the middle of my neuroscienc PhD journey. I also wanted to have a lot of kids, but kept pushing it off because I knew once I had kids, they’d have my undivided attention. I didn’t want to miss anything. So, I dropped out of my program and had a 2nd kid right away (I wanted siblings close together so they would be besties.) I’ve been nursing for 3 and half years. �� I love spending time with my babies, but I do want my boobs back, and my bed back. I barely slept before (when I was working on 2 science degrees in 4 years while working full time and jumping right into a PhD), but atleast the 4 hours a night I slept were SOLID. Lucky to get 2 solid hours now. I remind myself how much I’ll miss this stage as a method to get me through. I do feel worthless and panicked if I think about how I should be in a post doc right now. But I think I’d regret missing out on my kids’ development more than I’ll regret missing out my career development.

  • I have always been very structured, so when I had little ones and I worked, I knew what was expected and I did it…..when I stayed home with them for a short time (not outside working) I adjusted in time but I made it work…now I’m retired and it’s just my hubby & me and THIS is the hardest time…..there is no reason to structure my day and I don’t know how to relax in that non-structure. You’re an achiever, so you’ll figure it all out. You already know God has a plan for this time and that’s more than half of the battle. You are doing great!

  • You’re super sweet! I like watching your content I can completely relate to you! I have an MBA and I am a SAHM and I read an article that said being a SAHM is hard because its so under appreciated there is no monthly review of benchmarking your progess….it’s a daily struggle of trying to figure out if you are doing the whole thing right. Everyone always says if you are questioning it you are doing it right:) You’re doing a good job mama!

  • You are a great momma! This is so vain of me, I’m sorry, but I’ve watched several of your videos in the past that popped up as recommended and I was looking for the advice you were giving. But I couldn’t subscribe because you seemed like one of those “perfect” women/moms that I just can’t compare to. I’m one of those messy hair, messy house, never put together moms �� I thought I would have it together by now, my daughter is 14 months.. but I’m not even doing it alone. You’re incredible woman! I’m subscribing after this video for sure. You showed the realness, getting ready takes the entire day basically, and the kiddo is gonna have to wait sometimes! I thought you were a HUGE youtuber, I mean your editing, lighting, etc is so good!! I hope your channel blows UP because you are AWESOME!!
    Edited to add: I commend you for working to correct your little girl’s “M” sitting. Also, the lipstick thing! Omg yes! I miss lipglosses etc, but it would get everywhere all over our kid and their hands ��

  • I love that you made this video. Being a SAHM you’re basically still working and so many people don’t understand it. I always explain, I worked in a daycare before becoming a mom. I got PAID to play with other people’s kids. Now I stay at home and play with my only child, but that’s wrong to some people �� I’ll never get it. But I’m the same way with high expectations. You’ll figure out a schedule mama. Prolly just in time for you to go back to work ����‍♀️����

  • I love your mom voice… not annoying at all… Sydney is so bright, goodness you are an amazing mom! You are my inspiration! Thank you so much.

  • oh god when she was crying because she want you to read the book���� i have the same problem with my kid and i cant say no ☹️ i hope i can be like you some day

  • I don’t understand women who want to have a job. I’m a guy and I HATE having a career. I only do it to support my family. Like seriously, who wants to wake up early in the morning, put up with morning and after-office-hours traffic, spend the whole day doing paperwork, sending tons of emails, answering to people like a slave, potentially getting treated poorly, meeting deadlines, having long boring meetings, etc. you get the point, basically enslaving yourself to people who only see you as a cash cow everyday for 40 to 50 years till you retire. You are literally sacrificing your life for these people who don’t care about you AT ALL. I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to trade places with my wife if she wants to work so badly. In all honesty, who doesn’t wanna stay at home, chill, watch YouTube, nurture your children and watch them grow, cook delicious food for your family, and not worry about Monday blues at all? Sure you have to do house chores but it’s still WAY WAY BETTER than a job. At least those house chores I perform brings direct benefit to my family.

  • I just love this! I have always been a fan of yours (also told quite often that i looked like blossom) thank you for this video, when I was younger I felt more like a failure than a success because I chose not to pursue a career. I love being a stay at home mom, and always wanted to be one, but often felt I had to justify my decision and apologize for feeling that was best for my children. I no longer feel this way, but it is still so validating to see a smart, talented woman who unapologetically chose to be a mom above all else. ❤️

  • I know so many people who have kids, but looking for babysitters because they don’t want to give up the material stuff. In reality most people choose materials over family

  • Tough choice but parallels the choice my wife and I made. Our kids are now having kids. I as the workaholic missed all the things you got to enjoy as did my wife. My kids truly appreciated having my being there. You are so dead on about our culture stressing material nonsense. Still i sent my kids through Ohio State and they had no debt. I had a well paying job but it was still tight especially putting 4 kids through OSU. I just wish i could have seen more events like gymnastics baseball etc

  • Thank you so much for this video! I’m Preggo with baby #2 (SAHM) and my kids will have a 2 yr gap. This video gave a nice idea of what day to day will look like. Groundhog Day is SO true! ��❤️

  • I love this video and the message it sends to women, that it is okay to be a mom and raise your children. I stayed home with my children until all of them started school, and then only worked during the hours they were at school. I was off to pick them up, off all weekends, holidays, vacations, and during the summer. And no I did not have a teaching job. I just made it clear that my children having their mother came before their mother having a job. Having a husband who supports me staying with our children is a huge blessing. Financially staying home with my 4 children made way more sense than working just to give my whole check to someone else to take care of my children. So if you are able to stay home with your kids I urge you to try it, No on will love and care for your children the way that you will.

  • So glad you touched on the tougher parts of being at home 100% makes me feel better that I wasn’t the only one feeling the stress as well as the bliss! Love this video and you! ❤️

  • Great video! I’m just a small channel trying to grow, if you’d like to stop by and see if you like any of my content. New sub ��. https://youtu.be/kj7t0lmv9IM

  • I have kind of done it both ways. I have three older children who I was there for every moment of their very young years and am still homeschooling them. We also just adopted a set of triplets with special needs these three kiddos spend about 2-3 hours a day with a nanny while I work. Just being very honest, I think I am a better mom this time around, I have some time with other adults and still see “most” of my new little ones big moments. There has been a lot of sacrifice for my husband and I to make this schedule but I wouldnt change it for anything! To each their own though!

  • I think one of the biggest reasons you are such a good mom and Sydney is so smart and good at eating is because you use snacks like most moms use tv and I l o v e that

  • Woah!! Send me clips of your SAHM advice/tips THAT WOULD BE AMAZING ❤️ I’m a SAHM my daughter is a just a year, I used to be an infant toddler preschool teacher and I used to say “I’ve got this parenting thing in the bag” WAS I SO WRONG! Parenting is a HUGE learning curve and exactly how you say “how I imagined things would be in my head” so right, I did that too! Hugs from Canada ��������

  • Both are difficult. Staying home is a never ending job… Going to work you get a sanity break for 8 hours just to miss your baby and come home to more work. I worked from home with my child at home for 2 years and it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I would have mental breakdowns daily and it was almost impossible to juggle everything at once.

  • I’m loving this video so far! Very similar to how my day goes as a SAHM to two girls as well! I’m about to have my third! ���� you are so relatable!!!

  • You have an adorable daughter. My son is 17months I think me and him speak different languages I can’t get him to give me even a second i do everything trying to entertain him with no success everyday

  • Pray for me! I’m transitioning into being a single mom of a 2 year old and he’s use to having someone’s attention pretty much at all times, so I don’t know how I’m going to be getting anything done from now on ��

  • I love this video! It is so honest. I think especially with very young kids it is very tiring to be a stay at home mom. Remember that you have been dealing with a lot of stress, God may be wanting you to take this time to recover and rest so you will be ready for your new job. Scale back your to do list and don’t be so hard on yourself. Ten years from now no one will remember whether or not you got everything done on your list. The bonds you are strengthing with your kids are what really will matter in the end.

  • I used to be active duty Marines. Now I stay at home. Being on both sides of the fence.. SAHM is harder than full time working mom. This is just MY opinion! To each their own. I just feel like being at work is a break.

  • Good for you! Aren’t children’s values set by age five or six? Don’t you want them to have yours and your husbands “family value plan” set in them by you and only you? If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford raising your children you are a very lucky woman. Believe me YouTube will still be around.

  • Definitely relate to the expectations vs. reality of how much you get done! I used to teach first grade and alllllways said, we’ll if I was a sahm I would have closets organized, and my house spotless all the time because I wouldn’t be laminating, planning and grading after hours. Now that I’m staying home, I feel like I’m falling short and often times not having the motivation to do things at night because I’m still exhausted. It’s definitely not an easy job, but I for sure enjoy this short, valuable time with my kids (when they’re not being little shits)!

  • Thank you for sharing your successes AND failures!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has had to tell everyone, “Don’t eat it. It’s terrible. We’ll order pizza.” lol!!!!

  • Fascinating talk….after I had my son my husband was injured at work and ended up becoming a stay at home dad since I made more money. There are many times I wished I was home with him to see every moment but I’m glad one of his parents was with him so he could develop into the person we want him to be.

  • You’re doing a fantastic job in all that you do, and you have a really clear idea of what you need to do in order to move forward. You’re aware that you need to give yourself grace and time to adjust etc. I’ve only been a SAHM and not a working one, so I can only imagine the latter. However, I’m sure if I switched to a working mom it would be quite difficult as well just as an adjustment! On the flip side, I will say that being a SAHM to twins, ������‍♀️����‍♀️������������, has been THE hardest job I have ever had..and I was a preschool teacher! So, with all that being said, being a parent — especially a mom — is just fricken hard, so definitely go easy on yourself. Rest assured that you are doing your very best, and that is more than enough! Also, can’t wait for the upcoming Disneyland vlogs! We are a Disney family over here ����! Love your videos girl!

  • Thank you so much for this video. I love the content you put on your channel, keep being awesome!! Also, I really needed to hear what you put at the end of your video today, thank you for the empowerment!:)

  • Just one small thing let’s not forget that dads also have a role to play in parenting. I feel that too many people talk about stay-at-home parenting as if it’s only the mom’s prerogative and responsibility, so I would love to see content shifting from stay-at-home mom to stay-at-home parent so men can also start seeing themselves more in that role, and us women can accept it as a valid option more intuitively as well. Other than that, thanks Mayim for this perspective it’s always interesting to hear about the life choices of an accomplished professional.

  • Yes!! Groundhog Day for sure!!! How many times can a person dust or vacuum?!?! LOL but certainly not boring!!! �� I stay at home with six kids(that I homeschool), and I’m always shocked when people really think it must be boring! ��ha!

  • i liked your video and noticed i was 559th like so i logged into my other account to make that 560. Keep up the great work! love videos like this!

  • Being stay at home mom clesning hole intire house top to bottom getting boys bathed clothes on one at bus stop one running around house and strolling grocery store cooking breakfast lunch dinner sweeping moping laundry oince week brush teeth on top of that mini trips weekend and park then trying spot clean while cooking and maintaining family get along as for relationship as well worry about weight doing hair im on my feet at seven tile seven with kids depends on the parent u r not who works in a job being a mom is a big job which we don’t get appreciated for

  • Yes I agree the dog remnants are gross����. I think you should declutter the counters and take the Rae Dunn spoon rest back. I kind of miss the baby stage our youngest child is now 6. You do a great job cleaning and that’s commendable. Glad Holly likes to eat at 5 that’s a good time for dinner.

  • I LOVE hearing your thoughts on this!! I’m also a working mom and I’ve constantly gone back and forth about staying at home vs working! It seems like it’s a constant internal battle that a lot of moms have. Some days I want to be at work and some days I want to be at home! I don’t know what I want! Lol. I love working and my job but it’s also so hard to leave my daughter every single morning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ❤️