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Review of the Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game This clever twist on Twister quickly became a favorite with my two young testers, ages 4 and 7. The game is inspired by the book Dr. Seuss’s ABC and features those two blue-haired scamps, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wonder Forge The Dr Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 5.0 out of 5 stars Super Stretchy game. Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2013.

My girls went nuts getting to play the ABC twister game. What a unique idea. In this silly game of physical challenges and alphabet fun, kids spin the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Tornado Tube to deal out letter-to-body-part challenges.

Then it’s time to get down on the colorful, oversized Dr. Seuss alphabet mat and stretch and turn and twist to put your body and brain to the test!The Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game is the twisty-turny game of super stretchy alphabet fun!

Get ready to twist, turn and s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Can you put your hand on the letter E-while placing your foot on the letter K-AND still put your ear on the letter Q? You’ve got to be super-stretchy to meet the challenge!I Dr.

Seuss Super Stretchy ABC-spelet är utmaningen att lägga händer, fötter och till och med öron på upp till fem bokstäver i taget. Barn sträcker sig, vrider, vrider och tar sig fram till en seger, men processen är viktigare och roligare än slutresultatet. Games has done it again with another zany and hilarious children’s game that keeps kids active and helps reinforce basic learning.

In Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs, kids will twist, turn and stretch as they try to touch spaces on an over-sized and colorful floor mat with their feet, hands and ears. In Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC besteht die Herausforderung darin, Hände, Füße und sogar Ohren auf bis zu fünf Buchstaben gleichzeitig zu legen.

Kinder strecken, drehen, drehen sich und erreichen ihren Weg zum Sieg, aber der Prozess ist wichtiger und macht mehr Spaß als das Endergebnis. Dr Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game Review Hierdie briefleer-speletjie is goed om van kop tot tone te gaan. Deur Catherine Holecko Opgedateer op 9 Augustus 2019 Wonder smee Meer in Raising Kids. Toerusting en produkte. aktiwiteite; vieringe; tegnologie. Wonder Forge Dr.

Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game Visit the Wonder Forge Store. Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

This Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game. Be the first to review this product. $19.99.

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Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game. Nickname. Summary.

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  • Lol tiki she. I first saw one of your vids I am like omg I love his vids(I have fortnite and have subscribes:3 ) lol

    my fortnite account: TaylorRenee9

  • Too bad I didn’t own this game for a very long time. I got it in my cinnamon toast crunch cereal box when I was 4 years old back in 2000 and only had it for 3 months then we had to throw it away because my mom said it was infecting her computer with viruses.

  • oh god i remember playing this when i was 4-5 ish years old!! My brother and I used to make fun of how he said “Player number 2…. IT’S YOUR TUUURN”
    And here I am, 23 years old… STILL saying it the way we used to. hahaha

  • You Write is Come the ps4 and ps Vita. Says the the ps vita version is deleted. That mean the ps vita game very later in the year?

  • Roasted there are some good things here for me to pick them up at home and pick ya up trash pick them up and then I pick ya kids ya know ya disced so hard they ran to japnt

  • Just randomly remembered this out of nowhere. Does anyone remember a company that had a logo of God/Jesus holding the world in his hands? They made some car game that I loved. Been trying to find it off and on for years with no luck.

  • I got this game in a cereal box back when I was a kid. It came on a disk advertising AOL Online, but I didn’t even care. I just liked playin g the game

  • On the classic board, it is possible to win the game in 5 moves by taking the 1st ladder and the 80-100 ladder. The odds of that happening is 1 in 7,776. Doing it twice in a row: 1 in 60.5 million, 5 times more likely than winning the lottery. I wonder if that ever happened to any children growing up with this game.

  • Oh man Chutes and Ladders is the best game I tell you what. I’ve been playing Chutes and Ladders every day of my life. All 72 years. Best game.

  • I made up that each edition of chutes and ladders had a policeman as the host. In this game I envision it as 3 nationalities 2 genders and 1 policeman. Is that a good thought?

  • Release 19th May 2020 PlayStation 4
    Vita version delayed!!
    Unforgettable 00:24
    Butch 00:51
    Happy Accident 00:56
    Who’s That Girl? 01:01
    Lend Me a Tenor 01:06
    I Am Root 01:11
    It’s Easy If You Try 01:16
    So Seuss Me 01:21
    The Whole Knuth and Nothing But the Knuth 01:26
    Yada, Yada, Yada 01:32
    A Star Is Born 01:37
    The Right Impression 01:42
    Current Affairs 01:47
    Tragedy! 01:52
    Lord of the Rings 01:57
    Ooh! Aah! 02:02
    Raven All Night Long 02:07
    Is This Anything? 02:12
    By Jeeves! 02:17
    Freak Out! 02:22
    What’s His Angle? 02:27
    Family Man 02:32
    Pasteur Bedtime 02:37
    The F Is To Pay Respects 02:42
    We Are Amused! 02:47
    Only Jung Once 02:52
    Compose Yourself 02:57
    Induhvidual 03:02
    Genius! 03:07
    Because He Tortoise 03:12
    General Knowledge 03:17
    You Get a Trophy! You Get a Trophy! You Get a Trophy! 03:22

  • Well its know been 3 weeks since this games has come out on both the PS VITA AND PS4 and we still can’t downloaded the ps vita version and WHATS with psn in the UK / EUROPE I can’t see my profile and I can’t send messages to my friends WTF is happening this new update is crap.

  • Ehi baddriver! I really wanna buy ps now but I don’t know which games are easy or not to platinum…i know that there are lots of games but why don’t you show us in a video which are the easiest ones? Or you already did in another video?

  • This was my favorite game as a child. I miss playing it sometimes. However, I forgot how annoying the voice can be. I guess things really do change as you get older… I still enjoyed the walkthrough, thank you

  • I swear I buy almost every game you do a review/guide for…I think 90% of my plat trophies are down to you dude, so thank you! ��