Disciplining Your Kids Once They Steal


When Your Friend’s Child Misbehaves

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When A Child Steals

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Why Do Children Steal? | Child Psychology

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Disciplining Your Child

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what to do if your child steals

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What to Do When Your Child Steals

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What to do When a Child Steals

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But an isolated incident doesn’t mean your child is destined for a life of crime. A healthy response from you can prevent stealing from becoming a habit. If your child steals something, intervene right away. Use discipline strategies that teach your child stealing is wrong and deter him from taking things that don’t belong to him ever again.

How to Address Stealing 1. Understand why kids steal. Like lying, “stealing” is an adult term that may not mean anything to young children. 2. Practice attachment parenting.

Because connected children are more sensitive, they are better able to understand and 3. Lead them not into temptation. Often children steal because it is the only way they have to get what they want. Make sure your children have allowances that are realistic to cover their expenses while still fitting into the family budget. (Also, see Materialism.) Sometimes stealing occurs because money is laying out and is too tempting. Keep your money and valuables out of sight. When your child is caught stealing, try to emotionally separate yourself from the action.

The fact that your kid is stealing is not a reflection on your parenting skills. Take comfort in the fact that most kids who steal do it only occasionally, as a crime of opportunity. And most do it poorly (which is why they get caught).

If you cannot, and if the stealing goes on, you would probably be sensible to ask for professional help before your child reaches school age. It is very much easier for a child to acquire a label. Things to Avoid When Disciplining Your Children | It’s crucial to instil discipline among your children. They’re easier to teach Read more.

By staying calm, parents can better explain to a child why disciplinary action is being taken, what exactly they are disappointed about, and what a child can do in the future to avoid making the same mistake. ​Your child is beginning to get a sense of right and wrong. Talk about the choices they have in difficult situations, Talk about family expectations and reasonable consequences for not following family rules. Provide a balance of privileges and responsibility, giving children more privileges. If your child can’t stop stealing, you need to help level the playing field for him by finding out what’s causing this to happen over and over.

You also might want to secure items in your home and keep your wallet in a safe place at all times until your child can learn how to solve his problems more appropriately. If you find that your child has stolen something, the consequences need to do the following: Address the misbehavior – stealing Make amends to the person who was hurt For example, if your son is caught taking money from his sister, your conversation with your son should set a consequence for the stealing.

List of related literature:

If you suspect that your kid is continuing to steal, then monitor her behavior more closely.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
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This gives you time to calm down and to ensure you are applying natural and meaningful consequences, rather than overzealous punishments which will harm the child and your relationship, and certainly not decrease the stealing.

“The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting: Strategies and Solutions” by Sarah Naish
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Once it is clear that your child is going to continue to steal, explain that it is important for her to learn how bad she makes others feel by stealing from them.

“The Defiant Child: A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder” by Douglas A. Riley
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Usually our kids’ stealing cannot be cured by a direct frontal assault on the stealing itself.

“Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility” by Foster Cline, Jim Fay
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It almost goes without saying that authoritative parents need to be teaching the right rules – children of parents who teach them that stealing is right are, not surprisingly, more likely to steal.

“They F*** You Up” by Oliver James
from They F*** You Up
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And let them know it’s not right to go over there and steal or hit somebody in the head, like one of the kids has gotten by with it – I don’t uphold my kids in nothing they do.

“Raising Parents: Attachment, Representation, and Treatment” by Patricia M. Crittenden
from Raising Parents: Attachment, Representation, and Treatment
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In the latter scenario, the lesson learned, for the child, is that it’s “no big deal” to get caught stealing.

“Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference” by Charles A. Sennewald, John H. Christman
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In addition to this, there are many other things that may lead the child towards stealing behaviour.

PHI Learning, 2007

Stealing can be an indication that something is seriously wrong or lacking in the child’s life.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
from Maternal Child Nursing Care
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As a parent you may have taught your child that stealing, say, is wrong.

“Values Education and Lifelong Learning: Principles, Policies, Programmes” by David N. Aspin, Judith D. Chapman
from Values Education and Lifelong Learning: Principles, Policies, Programmes
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  • The fact they apologised and offered to chip in shows me they are being raised right! I also think sometimes we punish things that we would call a mistake as we grow up. WITH THAT BEING SAID I would’ve grounded them till they were 30 foh ������

  • Funny story my older brother and sister when they were little were jumping from the desk to their bed and going back and forth and ended up breaking the desk and they put it back together (not very good but got it standing) and then when my mom went to go sit at the desk it all just fell apart and they acted like my mom was the one who broke the desk and she never found out it was them until they were older��������

  • I tell the mom if u don’t sort ur kid out I’ll do it myself and if they don’t then I’ll say something to the kid with my cousin Jeanie face

  • you must be out of your fucking mind to ignore a child that steals and not discipline him/her for it. you don’t wait, address it immediately!!!!!!!!!

  • If those were my children, I would have dumped dry ice all over them, then I would have grounded them for 257586470964325732478965436455 years.

  • It depends on the circumstances surround the situation. Not all situations are the same. And it would depend on what the “punishment” is, it should fit the crime.

  • If My kids were to break a wall and apologize, write a letter and offer to help pay for it, Mahn I would be emotional and actually cry and kiss them�� they’re sorry okay???and they took responsibility so it all good.

  • Jesus loves you all ❤️ spend time with him. He’s coming back soon


    If you’ve prayed this prayer and are confused about what to do next. Start by reading the New Testament and learn more about Jesus. John is a good chapter to start with. Talk to God daily, May he strengthen you as you walk with him

  • Really late to the party, but it depends… for instance, with my best friend’s kids?, yeah, I’ll tell them not to do it again, why and if the situation calls for it, even have them have consequences (i.e. if you’re mistreating my dog, go sit for a minute and no more playing with him), but if it was my cousin’s kids?, most likely I’ll be doing what Jeannie said. Mostly because of the relationship with their moms

  • I am super strict and was raised by a mother who whoopped my ass on a daily. But if this was done by mistake, mistakes happen. They apologised and gave her money towards it.
    I am clumsy as hell so that could happen to me too to be honest.

  • There are parents who don’t discipline. One little girl 11 years old swore at me. Knew what she was saying. Dad looked and just called her name. A simple stop it. Took the power within me not to knock the taste out of that little girls mouth. She learns it at home. Dad is so disrespectful to the wife. But she’s not gonna disrespect me. I would definitely have been ready for mom and dad. Teach your children manners ITS FREE

  • Imma need Jeannie to realize that just because its what her parents did to her doesn’t mean thats what she has to do to her own kids lol

  • Tamera is saying too much. If a FRIEND is over with their kid and their kid is messing the house up and your friend isnt stopping them, you dont need to say that much. Just say “girl, you need to stop your kid from messing my stuff up before I do”

  • Adrienne’s a punk lol and Jeannie is going to get her ass beat one of these days. If my child is doing.something you don’t like.especially in your house, tell me so I can handle them dont take it upon yourself to do something to my child because now we’re going to have an issue

  • Discipling your children is a preparation for adulthood. It gives them the foresight of when you commit or do something reckless or bad, there will be consequences. However, it is important to let your children know what they did wrong and how they should behave next time. Let them understand instead of focusing on the punishment.

    In Asian household, it is normal to discipline children even at the point of hitting their butts with flexible sticks. It enforces retention of what wrong was done and that such have punishments. However, there should be a balance of discipline and showing love or recognizing the good things they’ve done. Punishments for discipline, simple rewards for good behavior. Also make sure the hand that disciplines is a different hand that hugs, nurtures and show affection.

  • I think these kids are more disciplined than most kids. The fact they came clean and even suggested paying for it to get fixed. If it my bro and I, we’d say we didn’t know who did it ������ until our parents beat the truth out of us. We’d make a whole ass lie cuz we’re so afraid of being hit. I think being able to say the truth, and not being afraid of getting hit is better

  • Jeannie that is unhealthy. And also as a mom it really triggers me when non parents passionately discuss topics like this because you literally have no idea about children or parenting when you’ve never done it. You just do t get it

  • Sometimes the parents don’t give 2 fuucks what their kid is doing. My nieces toddler is destructive af and is always slapping people. And my niece just laughs about it, “oh he’s just being a kid”. Pretty sure my niece isn’t the only mother that doesn’t discipline her child

  • No need to punish your kids to the point that they develop trauma.
    Teaching discipline is needed, but if you make your children feel so unloved and abused that they don’t dare to be vulnerable towards you, you’re not raising stable adults, you’re raising slaves.

  • If it is just a mistake I don’t see the point of disciplining them. My mother use to rage about little things or little mistakes and because of that I became a really secretive child, I would berger ever talk about my problems, I would just be really quiet and stress. At 21 I still have this problem.

  • Back in the 90s we got yelled at and punished by our friends parents all the time! Children must learn to respect people and know their place.

  • When I was younger about 16 years old I broke my mom’s side table glass I tryed to fix it with super glue and tape. Then put a very large world globe on it. I cleaned that table everyday for 2 whole years just so my mom wouldn’t notice to my grace she found out 3 months after I moved out at 18
    I left my little brother in charge of cleaning it and one day she saw the table and got mad at my brother he told her it was actually me who broke it then, when she called me I had to fess up.

  • If you’re child is at my home they will be treated the same way my child is treated. If we’re out, I’ll let you handle it. That’s your business to be embarrassed by your child in public but I’ll be damned if your child is actin a fool in my house.

  • My sister and I would play fight and if we knocked a hole in the wall we’d just move a picture over it. We never got caught until he would move and then we were both dumb not knowing anything

  • If you don’t discipline your kids the world will discipline your kids. If your kid is ramming the shopping cart into my legs and you’re not doing anything about it, I will tell you 3 times before I knock the mf cart over. If we’re on a plane and your kid keeps pulling my hair or hitting me, you got three strikes to handle it before I yell at them to stop myself. You might let your kids run your house but in public they will act accordingly. ✌��

  • Destroying my house!! You is Junior gotta go…. I’m putting them out. And I’m sending you a bill for you to replace the stuff that Junior broke period

  • Now, I’ve always been respectful at my friends’ homes as a kid. In my opinion, if I dealt with one of my kids’ friends misbehaving, I would make sure I have the parent’s consent before, and give them a brief time-out, and inform the parents. If they continue to misbehave, then I’m calling the parents to come pick their kid up.

  • I swear! I’m not even Vietnamese but sure am Asian. Lol yeah I rember growing up and we would legit cry if we break something in the house. I honestly like the asian way. It’s not about abusive, it helps you learn and grow and realize how hard your parents work. After that, never once broke anything in the house

  • Yup i would be like idk who broke it. Or I would blame my sister or brother because I knew my parents don’t play around I would’ve gotten a beating

  • I don’t play with disrespect nor would tolerate anybody’s child tearing up my house. I remember my kids friend would hop in my car and slam my car door as hard as he could and look back and smile an evil malicious smile. One day I yolked his ass up in front of the school etc I don’t play games. If your kid is an ahole then you and your child can get it ��. Not about to play like it’s an after school special, this is life and if your child never experienced a firm hand then they’ll learn messing with me and mines.

  • I have neen stealing things like candy from my Mom and I can’t seem to find a way to stop. I tried slowly stealling less and less per day but I steal more when I think about it. I am never hungry but I do it anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help myself stop this without help?

  • I stole money from my parents because they were constantly swearing at me being disrespectful all the time and another reason was because I got kicked out just for not doing well at school so I need money to survive

  • Kid’s going to be kid’s
    I am a mom of 7
    Trust me I wish my kid’s would of put money together to pay for the walls they kick in!
    When your kid’s do wrong thing’s you teach them n if they don’t get it there is always punishment different ways so
    Talk to them 1st if they don’t get it then it’s the holding can good up while you stand in the corner

  • Whenever we were at someone’s house my mom would always say “you have permission to whoop her ass if she acting dumb” and the same went when people were at my house, that’s why Hawai’i are usually extremely respectful when walking into someone else’s house ����

  • What if it’s a constant problem? Or when consequences are giving the child doesnt care? When do you start looking into professional help?

  • My mom didn’t play when it came to discipline. She would take away whatever she knew you loved most. For me it was going outside to play with my friends from my neighbourhood. She would ground me from going outside as a punishment��

  • My husband invited his friend over and his wife and kid, the minute that monster stepped foot in my house he leapt up on my couch I gave my husband a look like “handle it, or I will” guess he didn’t get the meaning because the monster did it again, so this time I looked at the mom, but she was too busy literally in the kitchen pouring her a glass of wine, so then I told the child, “dont pounce on my furniture please I dont want you making the springs come up” (I was very polite) then a few minutes later it was done again so this time I was like “your parents must not mind the fact that if you break my furniture they’ll be buying me a new one” then she had the nerve to look at me crazy. But still said nothing to her child then he was about to do it again and I was like “you will be sitting on the floor for the rest of the visit” I just couldn’t believe they wasn’t saying anything to him. Needless to say my husband knows not to invite them over to our house..EVER

  • Im non confrontational too. HOWEVER, if one of my friends kids is tearin sh** up in my house, id go over to the child and say “oh no. You could get hurt doing that…” then redirect them to non destructive play. ����

  • She sounds like a good parent. The fact that they were sincerely sorry and tried to pay for it speaks to how well she has raised her children. Make sure they fix it and that’s that on that.

  • why does she revert everything to going to a psychologist???

    oh, and hugo was a thief,

    and he was a bad ass clock making ma-CHINE!

  • My brother and I were fighting, and during the fight he threw me against the wall. Lol It was dry wall so yes there was a hole. We were yelled at, but there wasn’t any real punishment. We definitely got beatings, but my mom didn’t punish us for accidents. She punished us for intentional actions.

  • 8, 9, and 11 children know better. If I tell you not to, but u do it anyway, then your in trouble, why? Because I told you, and you know better.

  • This guy lost me the second he said don’t discipline them, what an idiot!
    You have to weigh up the situation but my nephew gets all the attention in the world so negative attention is exactly what he needs he never receives discipline and seriously needs it.
    Stealing is not ok and needs addressing and discipline shows the child there are consequences for their actions.
    At the very least the child should be made to give back whatever they steal and then depending on the age and severity have a consequence for it, something simple like no electronics for a day or something.

  • We had someone bring his son over to play with my son’s while he was over he destroyed their room and then left before helping to clean up a mess that he did,they keep their room clean so I told him not to bring him over no more until he learns that he can’t do that at someone else’s house

  • Oh and yes I hit other people kids if I’m babysitting. I don’t watch no kid I can’t discipline. My sister’s friends daughter was spitting on people. I was babysitting so I whooped her little ass. When the mom got back she said u whooped my daughter I said yes so now what do we have a problem cuz ill whoop yo ass to. Ijs

  • This isn’t really relevant but I took my son to the playground when he’s was just under 2. A 5 year old boy comes running out of nowhere and pushes my son and sends him flying backwards hitting his head on a part of the playground. Then the boy stands over my son like he was waiting for him to get back up to push him back down. I look over at the child’s mother and she’s watching it all happen and clearly could careless. I’m fuming �� I wanted to grab the kid and slam him into the ground. However I picked my son up, turned to the boy and told him “ don’t ever do that to someone, you never know what they might do to you in return.” He took off running and I turn and look at his mother and she’s just sitting there as if obvious to what just happened.. some people don’t deserve children, while others who do, can’t have them themselves. I wanted to rip that woman a new one

  • No child everyone is so against whooping your kids but trust and believe I knew not to punch no hole in my mommas wall or play in a manner where I’ll break sum bc ion want that belt

  • Jesus loves you all ❤️ spend time with him. He’s coming back soon


  • I hate when kids being bad or tearing up something and parent say ” they gonna get you”. No! Ima get your momma for not doing her jo! Lol

  • My mom would get mad at me for spilling things by accident. I would be so scared when I spilled things because I obviously never did it on purpose. I was a very clumsy child and she knew that. That’s why I would always get hurt ��

  • Tamera thinks her kids are angels lol Tamera you know damn well they’re not perfect. AND IT’S OKAY. just don’t be blinded and in denial please!!

  • Had the same situation happen like Adrienne and I thought when the mom came to pick up her son she would discipline him but she let him jump on the counter and he broke the light fixture above it then continue to walk on the counter to heat his food in the microwave above the stove that the mom made for him and I pointed it out to the mother and she said it’s ok I let him do that at home. Was so relieved when they left and never agreed to watch her kid again.

  • Im the super fun auntie. However I let all parents know when they kids are with me, I WHIPS ASS IN MY HOUSE. I let it be my last resort, but I don’t play that disrespect or not behaving no no no. You can do/have whateeverrr you want from aunt TT all you have to do is mind. I’ll never hurt you or lead you wrong. But I DO NOT SPAR THE ROD ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • I honestly think it was Tamera”s son Aden destroying Adriene house, they have house parties together with alcoholic beverages, Tamera is the one with a child.

  • When you are disciplining kids you need to ask yourself. Are you teaching them empathy, remorse, and taking responsibility for their actions or are you just taking your aggression/anger out on them?!

  • I have 3 children. And I feel like am the mother of all the children so I should discipline them����. But yeah I just tell the parent what the child is doing and in most cases they get things straight.

  • Personal yes the child will give me the money and learn how to fix it as well so the next time this happened I would say you need to fix this.

  • People in the comments saying that’s why you should discipline when there younger but when it’s an accident such as knocking something over should there be a punishment for it. A lot of the time when kids know I things over it’s an accident. I’m an adult and I know I make mistakes all the time. As humans we all do. Should I be yelled at or screamed at or disciplined. No I should pay for it if I damaged something. How would that look if a grown ass adult accidentally bumped into a vase and it broke and they got yelled at like a kid. Adults still do make mistakes.

  • Me and my sister fought physically all the time. We chased each other around the house with sticks, lamps, shoes, etc and we made far too many holes in the walls. When we asked our parents why they never got mad they said that they would rather have us get out all of our angers to each other young and make up rather than it all building up. My sister and I are very close and even when we do fight we buy the other food and talk it out after like half an hour.

  • You can tell Tamera is the kind to not discipline her kids and get upset when someone else does! I’ll be damned if some little monster comes to my house and destroys it while you stand there and watch.

  • It’s sad because i just discover my 15 year niece took 1000 dollars from me she want tell the truth and my sister is making excuses for her so she want look bad im hurt and can’t believe she will do this to me i just let them back in my life with over a year of not seeing them why would she do this.

  • I think the fact that the kids took responsibility is a big deal. The only further “punishment” I would implement is having them help fix the wall as Amanda said. I don’t see the point of doing much more than that since punishment is supposed to be for the purpose of teaching. Punishment for punishment sake just to show who’s boss is stupid. Although, I am wondering were those kids got all that money… that could have been the real crime.

  • I know there ain’t about to be another persons child disrespecting me, I know that much. I don’t let my own kids talk crazy to me tf I look like letting another persons kid talk crazy to me. Folks better get their kids cause this is the real world and others my not be nice

  • Nah, watch yo damn kids! Period!! Other people don’t mind going to jail over someone’s kids either, Tam!! it can go both ways. Trust!

  • But how is writing a formal apology and paying for the wall not discipline? Sure maybe not in the traditional sense, but isn’t discipline supposed to prepare you for adulthood? What they did is what would be expected if an adult made that kind of damage.

  • I’ll talk to someone’s child if they’re about to do something dangerous. I once pulled a swallow-size (choking size) object out of the mouth of an unsupervised toddler on a dance floor at a wedding… only afterward did I find out the mother was across the room watching the whole time, because she walked over and death glared me. Um, you’re welcome, bish. Sorry if you wanted to get rid of this one, but she gonna live another day!

  • Omg im Adrienne. I watched my friends daughter put her chicken greased up hands all over my flat screen tv and said nothing like the clown that I am. Lol

  • It sometimes does take a village and sometimes the very best lesson for a kid is to get told off by another person close to them. Especially if it’s from the person their behaviour is directed toward.

  • Personally, I’d excuse it if they were doing something that didn’t affect my child—they’re not my child, so it’s not my place to discipline. But if they were doing something that was (hitting, biting, throwing things, name-calling, etc.) I’d definitely intervene and tell them what they did wrong, why it’s wrong and what they can do instead.

  • It depends on situation, if it involves a serious issue and it a real friend of course you can have a conversation. Or if your kids is misbehaving or hurting my child. But if it has nothing to do with me or anything he’ll no, not my kid not my issue. I’m a mom of three

  • Question for y’all if your kid was four would you curse at your kid while you are disaplining them. Cause I would never do that cause that’s not ok and it’s rude and mean. But I had a friend who did to his four year old daughter and I sat in horror. Should I say something or what

  • Psychologically, a child may steal because they feel they lack something else, this is a way of showing this by the subconscious mind, which is why recurring stealing means a person needs to see a clinical psychologist

  • I honestly think what the mom did in this was good the kids took there own money to help fix it and I think that’s fair because in the real world if you break something you have to pay with your own money to fix it and this is a lesson that there already learning

  • Those kids put up their life savings down to the penny, apologized, and wrote a letter. I’m not sure what more they could’ve done at that point, I hope people keep the same energy when it comes to disciplining their men for doing dirt. ��

  • There are consequences even if you’re paying. At those ages I would just tell them “yes I’m accepting your money, and your grounded.” But if they were younger they’d probably just be in trouble for the day and we would talk to them about playing/fighting etc. older they’d have worse consequences.

  • This is why I dont like other people’s kids. I know how mine would be raised. If a disrespectful kid is in my house, best believe I’m checking the kid. Especially if the parent is sitting back allowing them to misbehave. You and your kid can exit my house expeditiously. Hate disrespectful children and the parent s that raised them even more

  • They didnt address what if a parent is acting like nothing happened id give a chance for them to parent their kid if not say it yourself. Your all seeing same thing

  • Give the parent a chance 1st then if they dont step in…say oh honey were not doing that or let’s not do that…hopefully cuing parent to step in then if they dont take what ever it is away

  • I have friends with kids and I have kids myself, if I see your kid doing something and you ain’t saying anything I’ll nicely tell your kid “honey don’t do that” because when it comes down to it if you’re hanging out with me and your kid is acting up and mine aren’t because they know better you better believe I won’t be embarrassed or looked at because of yours �� and I expect you as a friend to do the same if you catch them doing something they’re not supposed too when I don’t. But I will never hit a kid but I will and have spoken up.

  • Lol
    Once i was taking my daughter to see the dr..
    My daughter was crying she was 2 at that time.
    One old lady said to her
    (Shut up little b….h)

  • Sorry Tam, I am Asian and I am straight up scolding my nephews or nieces or someone’s else child. I don’t have time to sugar coating. But of course scolding properly, not cursing and humiliating.

  • If the kid won’t stop and it is affecting me or my child I will say something to the child if you are being an ignorant parent and not disciplining your child, because clearly someone has to. Fact!

  • Damn tamera is so wrong Adrienne needs to just tell em get out because them letting there lies tear up your home is disrespecting you

  • Yeah sorry if you bring your kids to someone else’s home they need to respect that persons home simple as that now that said accidents happen but still a child needs to be held accountable for anything they do and if the parent isn’t eating with them I will in my home and if the parent doesn’t like it they can leave and never come back simple as that

  • My sister I’m law dropped her kids off and told me her kids are grounded so no video games and and tv. So I followed the instructions. Kids told their parents and and they(parents) argued with me instead. Apparently I had no right to imply the grounding rules at my house.

  • When my friends child disrespects her or misbehaves in my house I speak up, period. The problem is parents getting sensitive when someone tries disciplining their kid when they refuse to.

  • I have a cousin who’s kid acts incredibly rude and trashes my grandparents house yet nobody will discipline him. I’ve actually had to yell at him for trying to hit someone (his parents have stupidly put this kid in karate) and his mother (my cousin) gave me the dirtiest look for it. Like if your not going to do something about it in our grandparents house then I will. Fight me about it bish.

  • What would you do if the parents tell you “next time hide / put the expensive things out of reach so that the kids can’t play with it.”

  • Can cousin jennie come over to my place I’ll let her scare my 3 monsters hhahahaha no they arnt that bad but I definitely dont take them to friends houses they are pretty clumsy

  • Ion agree we Adrienne at all ya kid fucking my house up I’m most definitely gone say something to that parent & if they don’t handle the situation then that parent & the bad ass kid can get tf out my house periodttt

  • I mean since a young age I’ve had kleptomania…. i never stole to ‘fit in‘ and I didn’t even need the things I stole, it was because of the rush I got while stealing, I’d always feel guilty afterwards but couldn’t stop.

  • scare the ever-loving crap out of them by calling the police and having a police officer talk to the child instead of arresting them. Problem solved

    Growing up I stole things. One time I was caught and instead of protect me from the consequences, my parents allowed the cops to be called.

    No reasonable officer is going to arrest an 8 year old for stealing a toy. Instead, they will likely turn it into an opportunity to teach owning up to your mistakes, taking responsibility for your actions, how taking something that doesn’t belong to you is stealing and lands you in jail.

    I’m sorry, but parents I’ve seen let their children do what they want and therefore the child isn’t equipped to handle taking responsibility for their actions and thinks it’s okay to disrespect their elders, talk back, blame others and lie.

  • I get where Tamara’s coming from, and I’m personally not one to say anything to strangers and their kids…but some parents do not parent their kids, and let them run wild in stores and public spaces and don’t say a word to their kids. Those parents often do need someone to say something (even if it’s not me) because they’ve obviously need some help. I mean, come on.

  • In my culture you will get your ass whooped, and by the time I was 8, 9, 10 and 11, I already knew better, I already knew right from wrong, and I knew how far I can go with my parents, even though I was still naughty, but to damage the house like that……nah fam,am with Jeannie on this one, this western way of raising children ain’t it, and today am a lawyer and working on getting a second degree.

  • How is that disrespectful to say something to a parent and it is not disrespectful to let a kid break your stuff in front of the owner. I was in a store a saw some kids running totally around the store and no parents around. When I paid out I mentioned it to the cashier. The cashier’s reaction was that it’s store policy to say anything. But if a kid was potentially breaking store or displays, ruining store property or worse hurting themselves how cannot someone say something?

  • I agree with Amanda. I wouldn’t punish them or get mad but this an opportunity to learn a new skill. An adult could accidentally damage drywall and guess what we would repair it afterwards. Jeannie that was toxic. Just cause your mom did it doesn’t mean it’s right lol.

  • 8,9,and 10 years old are old enough to understand their actions. I’m glad that they took responsibility for their action but parents should never wait until their children are 16 and 17 to get a proper punishment. 8,9 and 10 years of age is a better time to educate your children. Just saying

  • I volunteer in a school and those kids curse, hit and run so you gotta grab a kid or say something to keep from them hurting someone else’s kid. Most kids don’t act like that when their parents are in their faces