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Behavior Problems: The Six Steps of Discipline Fortunately, most disciplinary opportunities unfold in a reliable series of steps for both you and your child. The following will help you know what to expect when your child exhibits behavior problems, and help guide your decision in how to handle it — regardless of what your child has done. 1. Continued Discipline Techniques.

What you choose may depend on the type of inappropriate behavior your child displays, your child’s ag. Rachel Wise is a certified school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist with a Master’s Degree in Education. She is also the head author and CEO at educationandbehavior.com, a site for parents, educators, and counselors to find effective, research-based strategies that work for children.Rachel has been working with individuals with academic and behavioral needs for over 20.

Some strategies can help you do just that. 7 Best Discipline Strategies for 4-Year-Old Kids. Discipline decides the character of a child, and you certainly want your child to grow up emotionally and mentally healthy.

Here are 7 discipline strategies for dealing with the behaviour problems. Create strategies that will help you and your child talk about behavior problems and solutions. For example, you can have a special place in the house where you and your child address important subjects.

You could also make it a house rule that conflicts and problems are discussed after a cool-off period when solutions can be better addressed. Discipline techniques that involve a physical or even emotional disconnection can actually cause major problems in the long run, says Vanessa Lapointe, Ph. D., author of Discipline Without Damage. This unhappiness can further result in tantrums.

On the other hand, some kids may want to be as independent, as they can and may respond rudely to you if you ask them to do something. How to Discipline a 5-Year-Old with Behavior Problems. Here are a few ways to deal with your child’s behaviour problem at this age. It is important to keep these tips in mind because one of the largest contributors to behavior problems is a breakdown in communication (Savage & Savage, 2010). “When misbehavior is minor, the best responses are those that are low profile and noncoercive,” (Savage & Savage, 2010, p. 157).

Classroom Discipline Problem Solver: Ready-to-Use Techniques & Materials for Managing All Kinds of Behavior Problems [Watson, George] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Classroom Discipline Problem Solver: Ready-to-Use Techniques & Materials for Managing All Kinds of Behavior Problems. Effective discipline techniques can help to encourage your child’s trust in you.

Your child needs rules and consequences, and perhaps acts out if there are too few or too many of them. If you lay out clearly how you expect your child’s behavior to be and ensure those expectations are enforced consistently, your child feels that he or she.

List of related literature:

Time-out, limit setting, clear communication, and frequent rewards and approval for positive behaviour are effective noncorporal techniques of discipline.

“Leifer's Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing in Canada E-Book” by Gloria Leifer, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay
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Time-out, limit setting, clear communication, and frequent rewards and approval for positive behavior are effective noncorporal techniques of discipline.

“Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book” by Gloria Leifer
from Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book
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The second technique, punishment, must be implemented judiciously, and parents should always remember that reinforcement results in more enduring behavior change.

“Encyclopedia of Counseling” by Frederick T. Leong
from Encyclopedia of Counseling
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The process is thought to begin with parents “training” a child to behave aggressively by relying on aversive behaviors in both punishment and negative reinforcement contingencies.

“Surviving Your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process” by Kjell Erik Rudestam, Rae R. Newton
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Discipline should be immediate, specific to the behavior, and time-limited.

“Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics E-Book” by Robert M. Kliegman, Bonita F. Stanton, Joseph St. Geme, Nina F Schor, Richard E. Behrman
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Another effective tool of behavioral parent training is timeout (see also chapter 7).

“Family Communication” by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
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Better forms of discipline include time-outs and clear explanations of appropriate behavior.

“Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion” by Elaine U Polan, Daphne R Taylor
from Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion
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Punishment strategies, such as systematic ignoring and time-out, may be used to decrease or weaken undesired behaviors such as whining and talking back.

“Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book” by William B. Carey, Allen C. Crocker, Ellen Roy Elias, Heidi M. Feldman, William L. Coleman
from Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book
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Much gentler punishment (e.g., a few minutes of time out from reinforcement) can be very effective.

“Parent Management Training: Treatment for Oppositional, Aggressive, and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents” by Alan E Kazdin
from Parent Management Training: Treatment for Oppositional, Aggressive, and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents
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When parents do not use positive reinforcement to help with behavior change, they still use other techniques; however, some of these may involve aversive parent-child interactions, such as parents’ using punishment to stop child behaviors they don’t like (e.g., eating candy).

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
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  • I taught in Title I public elementary schools for seven years, then went to law school and worked as a public defender for three years. I’m a VIPKID teacher now, so I don’t have these issues as much anymore, but I can remember when I learned each of the classroom management strategies that you talked about in this video. I completely agree with every single one of your tips. It doesn’t matter if other teachers disagree with your strategies. What matters is whether or not they are effective, and I know that they are. I would also like to point out that your strategies can be applied in other professions as well. Obviously, we wouldn’t use the same language with adults, but the basic premise is the same don’t freak out just because someone else is freaking out. We cannot be in control if we are not calm. I actually stumbled across your video when looking for one of VIPKID Teacher Kristen’s videos, but I’m going to subscribe to your channel too. There is always more to learn in this area, and I know I can learn from you. Thank you so much for sharing this video.

  • Awesome advice thank you very much hope you make more videos so we can get advantage of your knowledge and experience thank you Dr

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  • There’s a reason most highly-intelligent, pro-social animals cuff their young when they violate social mores. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the efficacy of a quick, non-emotionally fueled swat.

  • Okay, but look. I have a 7 year old who keeps stealing. She knows what she’s doing is wrong, she just doesn’t care. And its everything. I don’t know how to deal with this.

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  • Very sensible advice for parents. Staying positive and warm all the time is almost impossible though with your ADHD kid but that is an effort a parent has to put in I guess. You do what you gotta do.

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  • Thank God I found this! I’m one of the many Grandparents who is again raising a child due to an addiction issue in the family. I feel like my nerves are shot from trying to manage a 10 year old w/ODD & PTSD. I’m going into my 5th year. It has been very hard, even w/the support of Therapists & family. I’m feeling more hopeful since listening to a few of your videos. I’m also thinking I need to find someone to do DBT w/my granddaughter as her behaviours have gotten extreme the past year. Any thoughts? My goal is a more peaceful home and to be able to continue to raise her. Thank you. You have some really great ideas.

  • Disruptive students are for the most part capable individuals who may have had a situation happen at home before they came to school, or on the bus, or there is some underlying trauma that they are dealing with. Getting in the face of the disruptive student doesn’t do anything positive for either party. The best advice is to try to remain calm and not let that individual get under your skin with their actions.

  • Hi! Do you have any thoughts on how to implement these techniques in a classroom? My sister-in-law teaches third grade and she’s got a wild one in her class this year! She utilizes flexible seating for her students, one being the big exercise balls. This student would go around knocking the balls out from under students as they were sitting so she had to take them away. He is so disruptive that my sister-in-law sometimes has panic about even going to school. And he’s not her only issue student so if you’ve got tips for the classroom it would be great!

  • What about ODD in the classroom, do you have a video on that? or recommend videos and resources for high school classroom management to effectively work with students with ODD

  • i try to do all these things but my sons school can’t handle him if hes not medicated. hes been kicked out of after school programs before we had his medication balanced. I’m so frustrated because i feel likehes a ticking time bomb, when hes calm and can focus hes the sweetest kindest little boy, but off meds he has so many problems.

  • I used to babysit for a family of five. The three children were too much for me at the age I was at, so I stopped so someone more equipt could come in. The youngest had ODD, the middle child had a sensory disorder that caused any fabric but cotton to be unbearable, and the oldest had ADD and ADHD. It was frustrating, but also heartbreaking to see them struggle so much.

  • My brother is 10 and he is only kid in family with 5 adults and he is uncontrollable like he keep on picking fights like throwing away his pens yelling crying and he always force us to play with him and the moment you say ‘no don’t do this! He will do it even more… Like yesterday he was throwing powder on floor and I m allergic so I told him to stop which encouraged him and that was really messy outcome… How to make him stop doing those things? Help

  • I may just be slow but i cant figure out how to email you and if the email I found would even get to you so… in the off chance you see this, i would love to speak with you. Im 33, had adhd and over my life… ive acquired some questions/thoughts you may be able to elaborate on. I have a daughter who will be 2 on nov. 13 and am struggling with getting her attention. She is 100% into what shes focused on so i obviously have questions about that.
    Mark mason 86 at Yahoo dot con

  • I have ADHD ODD DEPRESSION ANXIETY I’m 13 and I’m trying to learn how to help myself because I lose my friendships and do poor in school but I’m rlly smart but I can’t help myself I’m trying so hard can someone help me anyone have anything to help

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  • Can a 4 yr old have ODD? My wife and I foster a young boy and over the last few months he has gotten extremely oppositional to us fighting with my kids and offending everyone.

  • Haven’t you just pointed out strategies that basically should be kept in mind for interaction with every child and actually most adults?

  • Hi my name is Julandie I’m struggling with my teenage boy 16years I really don’t know what to do.He is aggressive disrespectful and i really don’t know what to do.He is Grade 10drop out of school because he got issue with his teeth I take him to 2dentist and they find nothing wrong with his teeth they said he has the healthy and strongst teeth.He hit his little brother of 13years and little sister of 10years with meaning.He is always right and have the last say.Please is there anyone ho could help I’ll be great full.He is full of anger I can see that.Please help

  • Thank you, this will help a lot. I will try to apply it in the classroom. Though, as my student is always wanting to pick a fight and disrupt the peace in the classroom.

  • Awesome video… I just don’t know how to handle some of the things though… example. This morning my 8yr old would not get dressed for school. It’s below freezing here, she threw a fit to wear warm clothes. She picked out her sweatshirt and I said “Okay, good, now lets finish getting dressed, she then decides since that didn’t get a rile out of me she said she doesn’t like that sweatshirt and threw it into a pile to get rid of! Then I had to argue about putting something else on. Then she wouldn’t eat breakfast before school, so I just let her go without it then. But I did end up loosing my temper this morning and I hate it! This is a daily DAILY thing! She argues with me over eating, going to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, doing her homework! Basically anything I ask or tell her to do. I try to stay calm and she keeps pushing until I just snap!:( I will take things away… no playing with the neighbor or no watching tv, etc. I am just lost and so exhausted and also soooo worried about my daughter!!

  • not sure where I heard this….”the symptoms of ADHD mirrors the symptoms of Anxiety” that rings so true to me. so CHECK the ENVIRONMENT in which your child lives. Also see Gabor Mate and Gordon Neufeld

  • Getting a foster child from a drug addicted mother. Teeth rotten, 6 years old and talkes like a 14 year old. Can’t follow rules, and often acts out. Manipulative, mean spirited, and causing emotional stress for the rest of the family. Biting, bed wetting, and chronic lying. What fun for a father of 3. Yes, therapy is a must if you are thinking about being a foster parent. Hopefully, I can save this child from another generation of poverty, drugs, and jail. No easy solution….only time and devotion.

  • My 9 year old will do things unpurpose to upset me and get revenge on any punishment given for what she does.She pours water on her lil baby brother and me screams throws stuff pushes me.She will not do mostly anything we ask her.
    Yeah stay calm when I’m getting pushed down getting food and water thrown at me just because I asked het to pick up her room or put a dish away.

  • Yes, Dr. Craig, you know what you are talking. Thank you for this. A pity, you will be sanctioned by your peers if you quote studies of years ago referring to “Controlling a Hyperkinetic Child” or more
    “Reasonable parental chastisement” and “increased activity” worked well with my grandfather, my father, me and three of my daughters all of us “Hyperkenetic” My boys born after DSM IV are not “Hyperkenetic” they are ADHD and the treatment is different and does not work at all…. make you think….

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  • My son was having a meltdown in a store. I asked him if he heard anyone else screaming. It worked on a behavioral level where we did not have time for a psychodrama session. But helping a kid build a superego in the Freudian sense is beneficial to them. Having other people standing around would have changed the dynamic and the outcome, so don’t know if that would be always useful in a classroom.

    So much of what you’re talking about comes with acquiring skill and knowing which tool to use for the good of all involved in the moment.

  • How do you stay calm when your child is breaking your house apart when you try to discipline them? His father has passed away and I am raising him by myself and he is tearing holes in my wall and cussing me out every single day

  • Lately, I’ve looked at raising my son differently and it has helped me with the burden of being a single stay at home mom (while I’m going through a divorce). I tell myself that my child belongs to Jesus and I am here babysitting him since His Father hired me to raise him right. Thus, I am seeking wisdom through prayers or videos like these to help me raise God’s son better. Our child(ren) doesn’t belong to us. Once I changed my view of this, I don’t feel exhausted, frustrated and burden anymore.

  • Is it possible that my child has O.D.D. at home but not in school? In school is she just a little nice angel, at home is she totally crazy.

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  • I’m so glad I found your channel! I’ve been struggling with parenting a child who’s showing similar characteristics of ODD and ADHD. I’m not sure which doctor I should take her to��.

  • What if the parents have adhd too? Emotional regulation is a killer in this house. I can’t help feeling we should have been sterilised now we have spread this horrible affliction. It’s It’s a curse. I have found military style rules and disipline (with hugs) works, but I forget easily, it’s a struggle to stay consistent when you are a forgetful distractable mess

  • Haven’t been following yoyr videos like i used to because I am preparing for an exam. Will binge watch them all after my exam. Thanks for your help always

  • my daughter aged 9, drive me nuts at times. my son aged 4 is very sweet but due to her sister he also do the same. thank you for the video, i am learning.

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  • Thank you Dr Paul for inspiring me to be a better parent. It’s so hard but I realised it is not much to do with the child it’s about having the right tools and information as a parent.

  • Punishments are not the answer for ADHD. I can’t punish my son for not doing his school work when it isn’t his fault he can’t focus. I have been a child with attention deficit disorder and I don’t see how’s bunch of punishments will help. That is ruling with fear. Someone medication works. Sometimes the first meds aren’t the right ones, sometimes you need to try one or two before you find the right ones. I also think therapy should go with the meds. really like what this man has to say. He looks like he knows his stuff.

  • Really? They came up with a diagnosis/excuse for being defiant? You have got to be kidding me being defiant is not a disorder that’s bull

  • Thanks Dr Paul, parenting is in fact the biggest job that never ends, different responsibilities in different stages. Is it a possibility that children sometimes act defiantly to get their job done or are they testing their parents patience. I try to remain calm but sometimes I lose my mind. Will definitely try to take your valuable advice. Thank you

  • Subscribe to my chanel im talking about military school discipline in my next video. In my opinion. he needs to get a little discipline and made to live by a schedule. If he starts rebelling and causing to much trouble send him to military school. Ive seen children that take a handful of meds get of them and sleep normally. all they need is discipline and to be punished for what they do wrong (without hitting them)

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  • This video makes me feel so much better. I can relate to the scenarios you shared and fortunately I have responded the way you suggested. Makes me feel more confident knowing that my parenting style is being validated. I’ve had to reparent myself as well so I’m not always sure that I’m doing things the ‘right’ way.

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  • What about when you have a 4 year old who is plainly defiant, who gets into things at night and destroys them which leads to wasted food, money, and time? He’s literally in trouble more often than not.

  • Love all your insights and advice. My daughter defiant behaviour is coming from her past traumatic experience and our family issues, we are learning to be a family over again, and we have child services traumatizing her when they is it her school and she is in fear all the time of being taken from me again. She don’t want to go to school know thinks I have no parental control over her because of child services. It’s a fear in me and it trickles off to her fears

  • Hi Kristen. I’m amazed at your knowledge around these topics, because you’re still so young. Excellent. What do I do when a student does everything the opposite way and in a bad way and to top it all, goes home to tell lies on you about hurting them. I’ve mostly tried all the positive options and some negative.

  • Disciplining a child with adhd is not hard; well, it shouldn’t be. If parents would have been disciplining their children already, their children would not have been diagnosed with the fake disease/disorder of adhd. ADHD IS FAKE!

  • Thank You, for the short and very informative videos, I at 60 can’t seem to get and stay organized, I have a grand son that was diagnosed when he was younger stayed on the meds for sometime, he was premature but he’s 16 now now his mothe is coming back and trying to take over from my son who has had them all him and his sister’s life, and her new bad as highly manipulate husband. But like you are saying I think we didn’t give him enough special attention. I can see it even in my dad who is 85. I’m so glad I found your videos.

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  • +Kristen Bowen
    First off, Welcome back to Youtube.
    Second, If no one told you that you look beautiful may I be the first one?
    Third, back when I was an autistic student in elementary school in My City of Shelbyville Tennessee My Teachers ruled with a paddle that they’d swat on our behinds 3 times when I had My ” Misbehaving ” Occasions and today I look at teachers like you on here feeling like I have missed out on some things and some teachers that are available today that would have helped me cope better with school at a time when there was something interesting going on at home on the TV Screen outside of school.
    Let me put it like this. What happened to your clip chart? In your old videos, Your answer to defiance used to be ultimately clipping them down and out of that classroom and into the admin’s office ( in your case the office of the Dean ). By the way, NONE of the schools I was a student at in My City had a dean in them.
    The highest position in the schools was the principal or vice principal.
    With that said, big ups to you for adding onto your strategies and handling things more positive reinforcement style like a champ.
    Keep that up and you will bring them around to you always.
    Here is one more for you. Find out what they like regardless if it’s out of left field and speak with them on it to bring them back to positivity.
    Clue: I do have to say that I see a few Mickey Mouse designs in your classroom decorations.
    All that you would have needed to do is bring in the Disney to me and you would bring me back to positivity like good.
    Any teacher that would bring in the Disney would have had it made with me because I could stop them once they started teaching.:)
    I hope that the new school year will go well for you.

  • I’m a father of five boys and one girl. My biological children dont have any attention disorders, my three foster children do. What i can say has helped them is a combination of medication and therapy. I also have them on a strict daily routine. I’ve noticed that if they can fall into that routine, the day goes a lot smoother. Also, giving them enough mental and physical stimulation so they don’t get bored and have a need to bounce around doing more destructive behaviors. As the man said each child is different and all kids with ADHD/ADD can not be placed in a bubble as a one trick fix all situation. Find what works for them and build on it.

  • This almost brought me to tears! I have post-partum depression once again, and I know it is affecting my kids. I want them to be happy kids, but it is so hard to get my self together. I feel like such a failure as a mom (which could be the depression talking) but I still believe that I’m a crappy mom! I love my kids and want them to have a better childhood than I did (which was a fairly good one). But, unlike my mom, I’m angry all the time! Something needs to give, or I’ll screw them up forever!

  • i have odd and it’s not that we want to piss you off. we can’t help it, we are so uncomfortable with being controlled or told what to do

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  • My biggest issue is the fact that I have no self control, and neither does anyone in my family. They bring in fast food every day, and even though it’s my job to say no, I feel left out and upset when I can’t eat it too… If I do eat it, then I’m reminded that it’s not even that good, and I feel guilty. Does anyone have any advice for how to convince myself I’m not missing anything?

  • Ugh made me cry at the end there with the emotions of the parent just being too much for the child so they have to brah connection with the parent… Wow.. Thank you

  • I value this video & so so much of your logical positive parenting insight.
    However, this addresses a scenario in which the parent(s) aren’t completely and utterly worn down by their child’s (or 17yr old, in my case) pathologically defiant behavior, though. We’ve been struggling literally for years. What advice would you give to help put all parent-child interactions into “pause” mode so that things can reset a bit? No body is perfect and in the past 4 or 5 years I’ve definitely fallen into “negative-Nancy mom mode”. Is there a video you’ve made on restoring a damaged parent-teen relationship? Thanks so much.

  • How can I remain calm Dr Paul if I can’t control the timing. My son usually starts being Oppositional/Defiant at the WORST times, like when he’s getting ready for school and I have to be at work, what could I do in that situation. Emotions always run high for both of us if his acting up will cause me to be late to work. It’s not easy to keep calm.

  • Thanks for the video! ADHD has been one of the hardest things to deal with as a child, more importantly when I was trying to learn how to read. I will never forget the first day of school, looking around and seeing everyone else beginning to grasp reading so quickly… Except me ��

    Never felt so alone before. Can anyone else relate?

    Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts about something regarding my kids. Have you heard the talk about ADHDSoldiers.com and their Reading Head Start program? It is an awesome one-off guide for teaching children with ADHD to read supposedly. I’ve heard some incredible things about it and I’m on the lookout for something just like this for my own children as they are set to begin school soon ��

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  • I started this job at an after school program about month ago and there’s this one student who gets in trouble everyday. I tried everything: time out, sitting out during play time, making him sit out for activities and nothing works. I’ve even heard stories from other teachers explaining how awful his behavior was. I couldn’t believe a kid was this bad. In the back of my mind I did assume ADHD but I didn’t just want to make that assumption without having the facts. Today his behavior was terrible and I had to tell his mom. She then told me he had ADHD. Then I knew my assumption was right. I’m currently trying to find a way to deal with him because I’m the past I have been hard on him sometimes. I’m glad I know now so I can have self control and try to understand him

  • I refuse to medicate my girl. 7yrs old. ADHD, ODD, Severe anger and Bipolar and violent at times all wrapped in on little kid. Very hard being a single mom dealing with this. Everyone I’ve brought this up to dismiss it all. To this child she makes it a game to upset everyone and laughs and giggles when shes gotten it accomplished. My other child is perfect and normal, happy and loving. There are behavior issues in some children then there is mental dissability. I wish I could find someone that can help instead of pass things off.

  • Hi Dr Paul if my child has odd (elementary age) and is oppositional and defiant toward teachers, coaches, etc. So the issues aren’t always in my control. Do you have tips to get o-d kids to listen to other authority figures?

  • I have a child who always gives my lead teacher and I a hard time, from knocking off his water bottle from the desk to yelling out random stuff.

    I don’t rise, in real life and my classroom. I tend to slightly ignore the bad behavior but let the student know we wont tolerate the behavior.

    The lead teacher rises all the time!! ugh..

  • If I had Sex in my life �� I wouldn’t be Stress to EAT! Or worry about money, they need to re Open the Gyms, walking I do a work, boring.

  • What to do when child what to to get into power struggle by pushing all poop from the toilet in the leaving room if you remail calm?

  • Great advice Dr Childress! I agree that it medication and therapy is much needed for ADHD children. My son was just diagnosed recently and it has been very hard. We have been in counseling for almost two years now and will continue to go. He was put on a medication and it helps but we are still looking for a better one. I agree with committing involvement. Our kids needs our time! Our positive tones also are so effective. I am working on being a more happy parent because i know that my son feel whenever i am stressed. I truly believe that our kids teach us so much about life. Stay strong parents!

  • They diagnosed me with ADD as a kid in 4th grade. I couldn’t focus at school, math was like hieroglyphs to me. The school pushed the drug therapy and my parents told them to get fucked. Had me in basic skills for math. Got all As though in everything else. Truth be told I hated my school. Yhe kids were stuck up rich brats and picked on the ones that didn’t have $$, the teachers were nasty fat old bitches that hated kids and just collected a paycheck. You were taught the same things every year, no change in curriculum until the state stepped in years after I graduated

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  • Disorder I don’t think it’s a disorder.. it’s being a kid. they are trying to figure out their place in this world and it’s up to us to teach them and guide them.. that’s the hard part but that’s what it is..

  • When the doctor giving advice says 10,000 steps but studies show that 7500 is optimal and anything after that just levels off. the 10,000 thing just came from a Japanese advertisement trying to sell a pedometer and it only stuck because it’s catchy, simple, and easy to remember but has no scientific backing, 7500 does. However, you should also spend about 3500 of that walking /fast/ in order to reap the proper benefits. #Research

  • You right, I can relate to what you’re saying, kindness, warm tone, patience its absolutely the best way. It isnt always easy but much preferred.
    Love, and all the goodnesss that comes with is always best.

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  • My niece / sisters kid (she’s 33 my sister) niece is 6 and she would never act like that! My sister I gotta say as disciplined her very well she does spank like 1 spank with her hand and puts her in the corner and it works great on her because she’s the best kid I’ve every met

  • Soooo..? How long does this go on?? Till there adults then what?? My daughter just turned 6in December.. is there a purpose for this counter action?? Or is this a temporary bandaid?? Or over time is this a solution???

  • Thank you, Dr. Paul. I appreciate your advice and guidance. My son is four and a half, and I do wonder if he has ODD. I find my son struggles with: anger management, attention-seeking behaviour, impulsivity, ODD, and control issues. I don’t know how much of his behaviour is age-appropriate and how much is not. I know my reaction to his behaviour affects his behaviour. I hear your voice telling me, “Calm voice, calm body, calm mind,” when I am trying to deal with a situation. His behaviour often continues to be toddler-like. His language acquisition is advanced, so it is easy for me to forget that he doesn’t always respond to reason. Thank you for your videos. They do help me make it through the day. I also would by that t-shirt in a heartbeat.

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  • Idiots who claim there is a such sickness!! There is no ADHD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Active kid is not a seek kid!!!!! You corrupt piece of garbage trying to put kids on drugs and make billions for Pharma!!!!!!!!! Murderers!,, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/rethinking-mental-health/201701/adhd-fictitious-disease

  • well said the man in this video. i believe i have so called non hyper ADHD, and i hate it (I’m sorry for the expression:(, beeing really old and feels like a kid in side, is not fun. it’s like you have to act/be on your guard all the time, and thats not fun, i have to hide my self (it’s tiering and sad). and i talk so much i get tiered, but when i was a kid i didn’t know how to communicate, i didn’t know what to say, i was more like; oh! look! a bird! can’t finish this msg now, gotta go sleep, tiered, but i will nor comeback and finishing it, I’m tiered of my self lol.

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  • I have a 9 year old with ODD, infantile autism and ADHD, we have had professionel help since he was 2 years. He can`t learn from consequences and any behavier learnt, he has to learn again, when entering a new room. He has his own classroom and his own teacher/therapist.
    So to say that it is that simple to learn, is just completely wrong. I love my kid, but i do think that he will bring me to suacide at some point, i now have post traumatic stress disorder:(

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  • I ve had enough. This the time to discipline my brain into eating small meals and always listen to my body. I need to change my life.

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    There’s so much to weight release. All domains of life are not only affecting how you hold on to weight, but also can change dramatically when you start doing the work. There are no pills that work. You HAVE to do the inner work. The WORK of deep-diving into your emotional, spiritual, relational and nutritional world…THAT is how you release weight and never struggle with food and body again. I struggled for decades with food and body disdain….you can win your life back. It’s soooooo freeing. ����������

  • You mentioned it at the end of the video, but have you done any videos about how to enforce “fees” or consequences or limits? Especially if they throw a fit? Thanks!

  • I used to take medication for my ADHD, but it made me tired and depressed.
    So I stopped, and don’t know about other medications if they are different, but I don’t seem to like the idea of taking drugs to “help” with ADHD.

  • What if the child doesn’t participate in conversation? What if the child barely talks and only answers questions with “I don’t know.”

  • We are encountering more and more students who don’t respond when these techniques are used. They seemingly go from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds destroying classrooms, hurting peers and teachers and causing classrooms to evacuate. I’d love for you to speak to this.

  • I’m one of the few whose weight is not affected by not eating breakfast. But even thinking about eating at night and I will gain weight.

  • How to discipline a child…

    In South East Asia, we make harsh punishment for ’em to make ’em respect to us and the adults.

    I have the worst childhood ever at that years ago…

  • I don’t want my child on medication that is not meant for children. My brother was put on them and it didn’t do anything but harm him in the long run. I want to teach him how to handle his emotions and learn to bring himself back on point so he’s productive in life not just to get through school.

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  • my girl is 9 and has had high rate adhd since 6, however girls can be different to boys and instead of running up the walls shes fairly quiet but is now getting harder to parent as she now has odd symptoms, she has me and her wonderfull stepdad (make that clear hes a good kind dad) to guide her in life but her attitude is getting more colder every day-she wrote mum is evil on my mothers day card, killed her hamster because it bit her and is always expecting a yes to everything -when she sometimes gets no she hates me, next day nice again like she never said anything bad to hurt me!! yet i have always shown her love and her dad is always trying to explain things nicely,i dont smack ever.
    she acts different for the teachers like a kid whos been traumatised-let me tell u its an act,my girl has been protected and loved from day 1. shes a chamelion, very clever in wrong ways, yet struggles so much at school that i fought 2 years to get her extra help. ive noticed that when she was little she had love in her-lots of it-always saying i love u mum, but at 6 it changed, now she never says that ever really-worse still i notice she lacks compassion, she cant seem to understand how other people feel etc. she has become emotionless-oposit of myself-i have too much emotion at times. I pray she will be ok in life but i worry all the time, because she is an only child its magnified as she cant share easily. i will always love her-guide her etc but her odd symptoms make her hatefull at times, she dileberatly puts shoes on wrong feet! yikes its hard work at times:( her biological father killed himself and so did his father so i worry all time what future holds. my partner had heart attack from the stress of daily life with her she never gave a damm yet the man has loved her and been kind to her for 2 and half years!!adhd is wrong name its far more than that-serious mental issues for sum kids. good luck anyone with higher rate adhd kids i know u need it!!

  • i have adhd autism high deppresion and this stuff wont work with me what helps me is give me a controller and let me play fortite till i calm down bec we cant socialice well

  • Okay question that anyone can answer! How do you handle a child who refuses to sleep during nap time and screams when you try to get him to lay down and have quiet time?

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  • I am learning a lot this will help my dauther you just save my family thank you God bless you I will share on my group ��❤️I would also buy the stay calm t-shirt ��

  • California quack…I moved there and they immediately tried taking my son off Ritalin!!! He had just spent 7 weeks in a child psych ward in Florida and was discharged on 70 mgs of Rit a day. Without he hurt himself, me, his teachers, other kids. So yeah not a lot of respect for quack Cali doctors poo pooing medication therapy

  • I have a 9 year old that’s adhd and ADD. I’m having a lot of challenges with raising her. I had no idea that it would be this difficult to handle a child that way. There are days to where sometimes I wanna just give up but I know I can’t because she needs me and I love her very much.

  • myself i have adhd to a point where i cant stop moving and i see no reason to discipline or any of that cuz adhd is something we cant get rid of and people like in class well be like o u rock cuz i move i rock back in forward cuz that keeps me calm and uses my hyperness then i get tired but like i think people with adhd at my level and other people should never be put on meds it just hurts are feelings cuz then we dont feel normal or we dont fit i mean like if a doctor says your kid has adhd at that point just let them do what they want find what makes them calm cuz for me i found my fix for it rocking be doing when i was like 2 always non stop untill i get tired or comfy or i watch tv or whatever but puting kid teens on meds or yelling or even saying stuff makes them not feel like they fit in makes some teens make them run down the wrong road it can even ruin friendships

  • I totally agree, I also want the keep calm t-shirt. I love all your videos they help me so much.
    Please also give us tips and more examples on the fees.

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  • My grandson he act out in School he act out when something he doesn’t know is work or he put his head down on his deck. I had go get him out of school like twice and he got expelled for 3 days. In he get punched he can’t play games or phone.in what get me he focusing on videos games in the phone. I told him you could pay attention on the PlayStation and the phone but you can’t do it in school yes you can and he gets angry he has ADHD I need found away for him to focus in school at home he OK still he get mad about something.

  • Give the child praise and positive reinforcement when he shows flexibility or cooperation..Learn more from  https://www.pediatriconcall.com/articles/developmental-pediatrics/oppositional-defiant-disorder/oppositional-defiant-disorder-patient-education#116

  • Great tips! I have taught for 6 years. (Grades 1st, 4th, & 7th)
    I have noticed that power struggles are the worst with 1st and 7th.
    Excited to see your future videos ☺️

  • Wow I wish I had watched this when my son was much younger. I’ve stumbled onto basically this Doctor’s plan by trial and error. I found getting angry myself, trying to ‘force’ the behavior I expected with punishments, etc. just wasn’t effective. Obviously, you need to ensure the child understands there are just some behaviors (dangerous to themselves or others, ‘overly physical’, etc.) that are not acceptable and there are punishments for that behavior. The key is the punishment is communicated in advance and isn’t ‘variable’ or ‘negotiable’. Other than that I’ve found that just trying my hardest to put myself in my son’s shoes helps me ‘work the issue’ vs. ‘make him stop’ whatever behavior is causing disruption has lead to far greater improvement in his behavior and his success socially and academically.

  • I’d get that shirt! I start Common Sense Parenting today. I am fortunate enough to live in Omaha Nebraska, so I’m actually taking these classes AT Boystown! Between your videos and these classes, I really feel like I will be prepared to handle anything my 6 year old can throw at me this year ������
    Side note, I literally used your advice while I was watching this video. Thank you for everything that you do!!

  • All you spastic moms and dads out there. Dont turn your kid into a fucking pillpopper. The shit they prescribe your kid will fuck up their mind, Raise em like ya would any other kid without a crutch. that sargeant discipline guy has the right idea though i got my ass beat when i was a kid when i did something bad or cursed. Didnt turn me into a psycho. Is it wrong to have a strong willed child? Ever thing that commitment and inability to change their mind can pay off in the future? Dont dope em

  • I ate spaghetti, soup, chick fil a all in less than 20 min cause I just wanted to taste the food ( I’m skinny but gained 30 lbs during quarantine )

  • Thank you so much for these videos. My boyfriend has a 5 year old son that we are co-parenting. He was diagnosed as ODD 5 months ago and due to the coronavirus we are only able to video chat his therapist once a week which doesn’t seem to be as effective for the little man as speaking to her in person. These are definitely teaching me some new techniques to work with him.

  • I have ADHD and o used to take medicine it made me so drowsy and so out of it I would just stare at a wall and not talk not play or do anything and I always had a migraine so I would never bother to eat I would mainly just think and sleep. my mom hated that so she took me off of it and helped to guide me to behiaving with rewards and teaching me how to relieve stress and frustration a d she taught me to control myself. you don’t need medicine to get better from ADHD’ besides I had a family member use it and it caused permanent twitching so..yeah.

  • How do I handle the refusal to cooperate in a parking lot of store where he refuses to be near me but he only 4 and will get himself hit by a car not paying a attention

  • Straight to the point! I like it! Not like those stupid fucking fitness trainers who make their videos 1 hour just to say something simple.��

  • Legends story:
    If we exercise it makes our hunger more…… As it digests our foods and makes bowel movements smoother…. As a result, our digestion increases its speed, making the stomach empty and making us hungry ������

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  • Gladly you are addressing this topic. With the help of your videos and the ‘stage model’ I think in 80% of the critical situations we are acting positivily. Sadly there is still plenty of time left through the day, where teachers and after school advisors might act differently. If kids are not fitting into the norm it is always difficult. Thankfully after your help more for others than for us:)
    Thanks for the continuing video uploads!

  • Its still amaze me just how lots of people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets despite the fact that many people with it. Thanks to my pal who told me about this. I have lost a lot of weight.

  • thanx mam for the advice! its very helpful! I just teach because I have no other choice! if there is other job available I would not teach…

  • Hi Dr Paul, Thank you for this. My situation is so much more and I would love to speak with you. I respect your guidelines helpful, but different dynamics. I would like to speak to you and do hope you are well.

  • My son mostly wakes up in a bad mood most days, he’s constantly being negative on life & everything. He rarely wants to go anywhere! He’s constantly argumentative & if you try to ignore the situation he will definitely make his presence known for hours. He constantly messing/destroying his siblings personal things, or things in the home. You can’t have a regular conversation when he’s upset cause no one’s ever right but him, he will take you in circles for hours of why he got something taken away! And yes I do try to give options on receiving something back or recognition for good behavior. He’s about to be 16… HOPING FOR ANY STRATEGIES PLEASE!

  • It’s awful. I have it, and I’m positive my son does too. He isn’t quite 4 yet, and we feel like monsters yelling all the time. It pains me because I know exactly how that is too. The impulse control just is not there. He is way more hyper than I ever was, and following directions is almost impossible. It really takes patience, and I really wish I could get it together. Even since he was an infant, getting off of his normal routine makes things much more extreme.

  • Hard for the parents to be calm when they have had very very little sleep. Any solutions to get the child to sleep through the night?

  • I had a son that had ADHD, my son now 26years old. as a child the doctors first tried meds.
    with in two weeks, i told them NO more.. the meds just made him sleep.. I found “exactly” what you are saying to be the most effective method. “Positive reinforcment ” a key. as well as you say about a one on one and connections. I would recomend this video for every parent with a child with ADHD.now my son is now a foreman and a top employee at his workplace, To all Parents TAKE THE TIME.