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Discipline Mistakes Divorced Parents Often Make Competing to Be the Favorite Parent. After a separation or a divorce, it can be really tempting to want to be the good Not Being Honest About a Child’s Behavior. Sometimes, a parent will insist, “He always acts great at my house. But Talking.

Even parents who only have custody of their kids on the weekend should have and enforce rules. They sometimes let their children get away with too much because they feel guilty about breaking up the family. Let’s look at some other mistakes that divorced parents often make when it comes to discipline: Not being honest with your co-parent about.

Divorced parents make a lot of mistakes, but so does everyone. You are only human, which means you’re imperfect. Mistakes are okay as long as you learn a lesson from them and grow as a person.

It’s also helpful to remember that as divorced parents, you can avoid making these mistakes as you go through the most difficult trial of your life. Criticizing your ex spouse is one of the most common and destructive mistakes. Each divorced parent must realize – divorce is the separation of two people. The third one (your child) is to not stop loving one parent and even more so cannot be called a “traitor” just for their love and attachment to both parents.

Making Children Communicate For Parents Some parents are so frustrated and angry with one another that they go to the extreme of simply refusing to communicate with one another after the divorce. They make their children carry messages back and forth between them so they do not have to speak directly. Every divorce has unique characteristics making the experience different for each person.

That said, there are a handful of mistakes we find are common occurrences in a divorce. Sometimes parents avoid disciplining children because they feel bad after a divorce. However, stressed out kids need discipline more than ever.

Provide plenty of positive attention and reassurance. Keep your discipline consistent so your child knows what to expect at your house. Parents ask their children to respect them, but they sometimes forget that respect should be a two-way street.

One of the most common mistakes parents make when disciplining children is yelling, speaking in a harsh and angry tone, or even insulting their children. Giving and asking for respect in return is one of the cardinal tips to remember about disciplining children. 2. Whether you agree with your parents’ discipline-style or not, the choices you make today as a parent are due in part to how you were raised. Without new knowledge and outside influences, parents are often predisposed to repeat the same patterns of behavior as their parents.

The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce. Going through a divorce is an overwhelming experience. If you are going through divorce or have gone through it, I am sure you will agree that the initial sensation is of being flooded by emotions, things to handle and tough, very tough decisions to make. where parents are denied of their.

List of related literature:

It could be that marital conflict, maladapted parents, dysfunctional relationships, and inept parenting already have taken their toll on children’s adjustment before the divorce occurs, or that divorce may be, in part, a result of having to deal with a difficult child.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
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Furthermore, parent-adolescent conflict often increases following divorce, and parents’ discipline becomes less consistent.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
from Encyclopedia of Adolescence
by Roger J.R. Levesque
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Similarly, when children observe their parents’ divorce, they are likely to learn the if-then rule that goes “if you have problems in your marriage, then you get divorced.”

“Family Communication” by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
from Family Communication
by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
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Results such as these suggest that the effects of divorce on children’s conduct problems are robust, but there is also evidence indicating that family processes (such as parenting behaviors) associated with divorce also exert important influences on adolescent behavior.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
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Second, child-rearing disagreements in general, and disciplinary issues in particular, remain a source of continuing conflict between the divorced parents.

“Social Development: Relationships in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence” by Marion K. Underwood, Lisa H. Rosen
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Children who have good coping skills before the divorce are more likely to adjust favourably to it; effective coping skills allow children to accept the finality of the divorce, not blame themselves and remain hopeful about the future (Pedro-Carroll, 2005).

“Child Development and Education” by Teresa M. McDevitt, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, Glenn Cupit, Margaret Chandler, Valarie Aloa
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It is often only after the fact, when stress comes to the surface, that those in the child’s circle learn about the divorce and its repercussions.

“Child and Family Practice: A Relational Perspective” by Shelley Cohen Konrad
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A second key factor in minimizing the negative effects of separation and divorce on children is maintaining a low level of conflict between parents.

“The Sociology of Childhood” by William A. Corsaro
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This research suggests that behavioral problems are caused not by the divorce itself but by exposure to conflict between the parents both before and after the divorce (Stewart, Copeland, Chester, Malley, & Barenbaum, 1997).

“Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, Brief Edition” by David M. Newman
from Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, Brief Edition
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The parenting skills taught in this session (and reviewed and reinforced throughout therapy) stress the importance of the parents “not getting hooked” into the child’s attempts to manipulate, control, and compulsively replay prior dysfunctional relationship patterns.

“Attachment, Trauma, and Healing: Understanding and Treating Attachment Disorder in Children, Families and Adults” by Sumiko Hennessy, Michael Orlans, Terry M. Levy
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  • My parents got divorced when I was a teenager. It was messy and led to legal issues that I wont get into. My dad always bad talks my mom. My mom always does the opposite. But to this day, it always feels as if me and my siblings are the reason their marriage failed. That we caused the damage which lead to the bad mouthing. But now I know. It isnt and it took…so long for me to realize that.

  • Being a step father was the hardest thing in life I have ever done. I love her kids as much as I do my own which means I had high expectations of them along with that came not always being the fun parent. When it came to parenting people were always telling my wife that they weren’t my kids and that I was to hard on them which ultimately headed towards an unwanted divorce ��

  • Lmao, my dad would intentionally crush every dream I ever had by telling me I either wasn’t good enough at said things, or that it would leave me poor and unhappy in the end. All because he wanted me to go to college and do what he does. Now he wonders why I don’t tell him about my life.

  • My mum would always tell me the world was a nice shinny happy place and if I was nice to people they would always be nice to me and If anything bad did happen she would either tell me just to “pretend it didn’t happen” or ” I must of imagined it”.

  • My mom kinda does this, but i dont hate her because i’ve seen the things my dad has done and my DAD even CONFIRMs things my mom has said and i know….

    Deep down i know their relationship wont last, im the last tread in their relationship and i feel like if the pandemic wasnt here my parents wont be too….

  • I never got any positive feedback from my parents. They don’t express their feelings much. I used to daydream all the time that people would talk positively about me. That they are impressed. My self esteem is really bad and I have anxiety.

  • As a bonus mom who has taken on four bonus children this is the kind of message that I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • *Someone sneezes*
    Stranger: “God bless you”
    John: “Wow, this is beautiful! Lets break it. Tell us why you blessed him after he sneezed”

  • getting mad when they don’t understand something, instead of trying to understand me
    never allowing me to question anything, i got in trouble at school and work because i never ask questions so i seem disinterested
    not understanding or accepting anything they can’t personally relate tho, ”this is not how i experience this, so it can’t be how you experience it”
    always having to obey no matter what, i still cant say no to anyone no matter how much i don’t want to do something, or if it can hurt me or something
    making us believe they are all knowing and all powerful
    getting mad at me for not looking happy, i’m not happy, i’ve had depression for as long as i can remember, i don’t know what happy even feels like
    saying they support me, i have several physical and mental disabilities, but when any kind of symptom shows they get angry at me for not being normal
    excusing the way they treat us because ”when you have kids you can treat them like this too” neither me nor my brother even want kids
    screaming at us for doing / not doing something, but when they do the same it’s ok because they are parents
    always insulting our weight, half my life i was underweight and was constantly insulted about it, now i am overweight and the same happens, i’m never good enough
    giving impossible tasks like breaking metal with our bare hands or digging out treetrunks with giant roots, and when we ask for help because we just cant do it they say ”not my problem, get it done”
    always telling us to do things we don’t know how to, refusing to explain how to do the things, and then getting mad we did it wrong

    and there are many many more

  • Grade 6, across the school board IQ testing. Everyone in my school got their test results except my family.
    I overheard my parents talking about it.
    Dad-Well we don’t have any kids to be ashamed of
    Dad-what do we do about Denny’s score? (Me)
    Mom-we don’t tell anyone!
    Evesdroppers never hear any good of themselves, well I thought i was mentally handicapped and gave up on trying at school.
    When I was 36 I was in an accident, I was sent to see a bastard Dr.
    I demanded to be sent to a psychiatrist if my pain was in my head, sent for EQ testing, well to make a long story short I wasn’t mentally handicapped.
    Thanks parents!

  • I’m currently being ignored by my mother, I came out as non-binary. Her first rection was to invalidate me, she has done it everytime ive come out (panromantic asexual non binary). She has invalidate my anxiety and multiple other things. Shames me for picking, I have dermatillomania. If something’s wrong with my younger sister her first reaction is to help her, when something is wrong with me, nothing. All food is portion controlled and I get shamed for wanting to eat more Bc I’m hungry. She basically ignores me until she needs something done and dosent use my name and/or pronoun. She has fricked up my sister and i so bad that both of us are scared of her. My dad freaks out sometimes but nothing bad ever comes out of it and he apologizes after and is willing to help us. My mother didn’t even put down her book when I asked if I could talk to her. Thank you if you’ve gotten this far, you really didn’t have to read this it’s kinda messy. I hope you have/had a good day!

  • Wow I didnt realize my mom ever do the same, I hate my dad for years, but now I think “well maybe my dad let me down, but let the hate go away””

  • My parents always told me to hit back if someone hits me. I didn’t understand why they were dissapointed when I had to go to detention instead of recess for punching a girl who hit me first.

  • Story of my life…������I’m crying right now ����������I was 12 years old when they finally seperated…..I had no friends to talk about it back then…or now…no one to talk to I used to cry so much every night….also because my dad’s sisters we not good with me at all…they used to say stuffs about mom alot in front of me and curse me everytime and when I was with mom..she used to talk trash about dad..
    I was hurt hopefully I’m 16 now stronger and matured than before

  • You know…I’m kind of in the same situation. My dad is bad mouthing my mom and my mom is bad mouthing my dad…but in my opinion my mom is really the bad guy here. She never does anything in the house she always cares for herself and herself only and buys expensive stuff with my dads money that he worked on all day and night. She buys dresses, shoes, jewelry and she already has all those kind of stuff! And the worst of all is that she’s cheating. My mom is kind of a spoiled brat, I can’t lie…my parents are going to divorce soon but I have a younger brother and sister and we still don’t know who will go with who…

  • My parents did this since I was 7 when they first split �� I haven’t watched it yet but I’m interested if anyone will step in. No one stepped in for me


  • My parents are in dire need of a divorce and blame me for their fighting. I take the heat of their tempers away from my younger siblings so they dont grow up depressed and suicidal like I have.
    This is why I ain’t ever having kids or having a relationship

    Also treat your kids with the respect you want them to give to you. No point screaming at them to show you respect if you’ve never shown them that respect. Same with house rules, follow the rules you set to ensure your kids know that your not being a hypocrite.

    Privacy needs to be valued for everyone. If you value your chikds privacy, they’ll value yours. (This only really applies to older kids)

    Also keep your opinions away from your child. They will have those opinions then for the majority of their life whether they like it or not. Let them choose their own opinions on topics and you can discuss it with them when they are heading into their mid to late teens as they are mature enough to have their own opinions. This goes on stuff such as homophobia, politics, the opinions on their other parent if you’re divorced or separated, or just keeping the kids out of arguments between you and your s/o

    I have rambled on enough so you get my points

  • This wasn’t malicious in any way, and wasn’t really even their fault. I was born two years before my sister, and less than three years after her I had another sister. Around that time I was diagnosed with high functionality autism(it was hilarious to see my moms face as she had flashbacks to all my quirks and complaints). Maybe another three years later my parents divorced, got shared custody, with my brother being born after(my mom was pregnant before the divorce.). My mom has always said her biggest regret raising us is that she didn’t space more time between having us so she could adjust to being a mother, let alone the mother of an autistic child.

  • Parents are divorced (when I was 1yo). My mother could not inspire me intellectually (I do not think it even occurred to her that I could be more until I was in my late teens) and my dad wanted me to be a physical power house so I could help him lift engine blocks and shit in his auto shop. Then my mother pushed me into college promising to help me every step of the way until I graduate only to crap out on me after the first quarter.

  • I will forever wonder what their long-term plan was but if I wanted to do something or go somewhere when I was a teen they’d tell me no because I “was too naive.” And then they did nothing to help my naivete.

  • I’m not against being honest with kids about the other parents character, but not with venom or in public. My best friend’s mom was abused and cheated on and she never said anything to him about it, so he blamed her for making his dad leave. They’ll never be as close as they could have been if she had been honest about his Dad’s heinous actions.

  • I have watched and studied along with several of these videos, I have become a better husband and step father through these videos. Thank you. I still have a long road but it is worth it all.

  • This is exactly what happens to me, my mom always told me that she paid my father 9,000 dollar and that my dad is never here for me but My dad has paid my mom around 3 MILLION DOLLARS! My mom is also super homophobic and Transphobic and I’m a Transgender AND I’m also a Pansexual and she tells me she’s my “Allie” but she tells me I’m wrong for being Pan and trans but my dad has always been there for me and when I came out he bought me a flag and told me “I’ll always love you” and he’s the person I go to when I need help.

  • Thank u Jimmy Evans for this word. I am having so many problems in my marriage as my husband has 3 children. 2 are older they are nearly 30 yr old and one is 30 something yr old. He also has a daughter who is 13 yr old. And her mother is making sure I am not included in my husbands daughters life. She speaks negatively about me to her daughter. She always has done this every tine she saw me she had her daughter with her and she would speak negatively about me as soon as she saw me and their daughter heard. My husband is tasking his ex partners side and keeping me away from their daughter. His daughter knew me from age of 4yrs old and me and her had a close bond. Her mother didn’t like it from back then an caused a problem and stooped me being with him when he has her. She trying to control our marriage and what we do and my husband allows her to. Yet I ask him to do something and he doesn’t do it. He very rebellious to me yet he does what his ex wants. She includes their daughter in conversation that she shouldn’t even be involved in and now his daughter doesn’t like me and is causing problems now. I feel my husband sides with them and he is not standing duo for me at all. What can I do. He menst to share everyone in his life with me. And he is not doing this. He knew how I was with his daughter. N now he is very mean to me when I say I care about her. He is behaving wrong to me. I feel they are all coming against me and husband also. He is meant to be for me. Yet he is against me Cos of his ex. He very much influenced so easy by her. Why is this. Ache dictating what happens in our marriage

  • They always told me that they are so proud of my and told me I‘m so talented (I‘m not lol) which lead me to not give my best in school.. or it’s just laziness ����‍♀️

  • My dad was way overly supportive of my singing, to the point where it looped right back around to oppressive. Because I didn’t sound awful, he’d make me sing all the time to everyone at any place bc “you never know who knows someone”. In line at the grocery store? Sing for the cashier! Playing with friends? Sing for their parents! At a distant cousin’s FUNERAL? I’m sure her grieving mother would feel so much better if she just heard you sing Amazing Grace!

    The only times I ever wanted to sing was at karaoke, and he ruined that too when he called little 10-12-ish year old me “a selfish bitch” for finally refusing to sing some stupid duet with him that I’d always hated and found creepy (it was a love song. with my *father*. what the fuck made him think I’d find that fun?)

    Years later, I finally tried going to karaoke with him again and he stood in the middle of the dance floor while I was singing and went “louder!”

    So yeah, I don’t sing much anymore

  • My mom talks bad about my dad alllll the time. She thought it’s a joke but I honestly don’t feel good about it. There’s this one sentence my dad told me made me so much admiring him: your mom might not be the best wife but she’s definitely the best mom any child could ever have, so love her with all you can.

  • For me its my mom always tells me be positive or dont worry about it. Never will she acknowledge that what I’m struggling with is valid. Plus I’m very big into video games and I’ve been able to get extremely good to the point of reaching grand masters in a few games. But that doesnt matter cause its just a video game.

  • As someone with divorced parents, I can relate to this on some level. My parents never trash talked each other and are still on good terms. But parents don’t understand how much it hurts when they talk bad about their ex spouse in front of their kids. If you have ever done that or still do that, apologize and stop. That is still their parents and your kid still loves them.

  • Im leaving this situation. My life is misareble, terrible… only way we can to see is be divorce. My husbad does’nt Works together or looking for professional help.

  • I hid my bulimia for 2 years from my parents cause I was scared I was disappointing my parents but now my mum is helping me get into an autism psychologist to help with my bulimia I’m autistic

  • Heyy New Parents! What you believe makes a great parent?!
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  • My mum was/is a recovering alcoholic. Shes going through a relapse right now and its driving me insane. I’m an only child, she’s a single mum and shes been drinking all my life, until she went to rehab when I was 18. But now shes had a relapse and she’s the sort if drunk who rambles on about stupid shit, is messy and dirty and of course it’s my fault if I snap at her because I long got tired of her bullshit years ago. Then she blames for her stupid drunk assery and makes me feel depressed and worthless. But of course, I’m the one with the problem and I’m a vile terrible person because I’ve had to put up with her irresponsible neglectful and emotionally abusive bullshit for 20+ years. I’m doing a lot better now, I do martial arts and I’m working towards some GCSEs, but my mum still hurts me as I’m unable to connect to people properly bc I’ve long suspected I have Avoidant Personality Disorder due to the neglect. Fun.

  • its funny because this is actually true for me and im the kid, but this is NOT what its like at all.. usually the kid doesn’t care about the rude comments..at least i don’t care

  • 22:28 THIS. I have proven to myself by now that I do indeed have a decent work ethic…at my job…but I wasn’t really exposed to a majority of chores until practically college so I abhor most of them

  • It feels really suck to be stuck in the middle. It’s especially getting worst when your parents aren’t divorce but they do bad mouthing about each other everyday.

  • Wow look at those African people how nice they are being I couldn’t imagine anyone being racial, I think people are not racial it just sometimes the attitude could cause a person to act racial

  • I understand what the kid is going through there. my parents fought all the time when they were married to the point where my older sister and I wanted them to get a divorce. my parents divorced when I was 13 because my dad cheated on my mum and of course that opened my eyes a lot because I’m a girl and little girls love to think that couples will be happy and live happily ever after but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen so I didn’t really understand why my parents were divorcing like I thought yeah they fought a lot but I thought they would work stuff out and make the marriage work but no.

    now that I’m 21 and more mature, looking back I can understand why my parents divorced in the first place and I’m actually glad they did because my dad used to punch me in the face when I was little if I ever made a little mistake with anything like if there was a little dirt on our refrigerator that I forgot to clean, he would lose his temper and either slap or punch me across the face and yell at me for it just ’cause that’s how his own dad treated my dad as a kid and honestly if my parents did stay married and never got divorced, I either would’ve begged my mum to sign me up for self-defence classes so I could defend myself and be less afraid of dad or I would’ve needed to see a school counsellor

  • Random person: walks down dairy isle
    Me: walks down same isle
    John: pops out of milk fridge Hi care to explain why you chose to walk down the same isle as this man?
    Me: ������

  • 6:25 the most glorious advice I’ve seen about dealing with someone who has an issue (especially a kid)is by first asking whether they want an answer, some help, or just an ear.

  • My dad and mom do the same thing all the time, and they don’t even live with each other and I wish we could live together and just stop arguing and when they talk bad abt each other to me I don’t know what to say

  • My parents divorced when I was around seven or eight years old.
    There were a few times when my brother and I would be visiting Dad for the weekend, and Dad would say bad things about our mom.
    But, I would always tell Mom how sad and uncomfortable it made me feel when Dad said those things about her behind her back.

  • They never took me in for an autism evaluation. Am now a terribly anxious, perfection seeking, sad, aussie with an anime profile picture.

  • I would say I’m grateful for not only how my parents raised me but how my family treats me. They help me when I need and put me into clubs to socialise and if I wanted to continue they let me and if I didn’t they didn’t push me. My mum let me choose my studies at school, college and now I’m going to a drama school and they are supportive of my choice.

    ( my mum said if I don’t get a career in theatre and end up working in a shop she would still be proud because I tried) ��

    I think a healthy balance of rules, punishment and encourage helps. Also love but also allowing your kids accept rejection x

  • coming from someone who had both parents who hated each other and talked nothing but ill will about each other while they were together I kinda wish they would have just got an divorce

  • My parents haven’t really done stuff with me and my brother. From the ages of 6-8, I can only remember a few times my parents did something with us but I remember the many times my grandma used to do stuff with us. For example we went to the school playground almost every day because there were swings and a sandbox etc. My parents have tried to compensate by spoiling me. I’m almost 16 now and I’ve trying to do my own stuff for a few years now by myself so I can learn how to do stuff without someone else doing it/most of it for me. It’s really hard sometimes but I’m getting there.

    I wish they hadn’t spoiled me when I was younger. Don’t do it to your kids, teach them to earn things. Also please spend time with your children. I’m not really close with my dad anymore because we rarely did stuff together when I was younger.

  • Teaching me at a young age that calling people dumb/stupid was a horrible thing to say to another human thing and you should never ever do it really messed with me later on in life, mostly when all of a sudden it was perfectly ok for friends and family to say it to me

  • What surprised me is the percentage of people who said they have gone through the same experience where they saw their parents splitting up. In my country back home divorce is absolutely not that popular. I think Islam succeeded in building strong families. My views. Hope the best to your families as well.

  • I can understand if one parent is abusive or mentally unwell, to genuinely protect the child from potential harm. But that being said keep the marital struggles private and be there for your child.

  • These words work all different ways words liek The stereotype SALLY WANTS TO GO WITH FRIENDS CHAD SAY NO HE’S BAD A BOYFRIEND but slowly as chad gives the growth saying I don’t liek how Ashley drinks so much or I don’t liek how Mike talks to girl little implants like that get peopel not to trust tehre friends or family now chad has full control over sally cause those implants. Implants into your child brain will make your child not love his own father..

  • What’s best is a marriage where parents work through issues, because life isn’t alwsys roses. But there are unfortunate times, like infidelity or abuses where divorce might be better….not best though. In such cases, it’s like curing a cancer through amputation. Much is lost in the process. Divorce hurts, especially children.

  • My mom and the multiple unstable father figures I had made my life pretty hard. It was a constant battle since she was so entitled and I was so stubborn.
    Here’s a great example of how fucked up my mom is:
    When I was 4-6, my mom sat me at the table and put a plate of toast with cheese whiz in the middle of the table (one of the only things I ate). She told me that it was for her because she was running late for work, and was VERY adamant that I NOT eat it. Of course, in my little child mind, I thought it’d be funny if I ate it since it felt like she was egging me on to actually do it. So I did and waited patiently for her to get out, expecting to have a funny moment with my mom. She came out, walked over and screamed at me. Lesson learned right? WRONG. About a year ago, I brought it up and she had the GULL to tell me SHE DIDN’T EVEN LIKE CHEESE WHIZ AND SHE DID IT TO MAKE ME EAT IT. So she yelled at me for literally doing what she wanted. Yeah. Try to wrap your head around that one.

  • My parents think that I get no say in any part of my life. Is I see that there’s an issue in something they tell me to shut up. I can’t argue my point and try to change their minds. They think I’m old enough to fucking drive but not old enough and responsible enough to I turn my phone (which i paid and pay for) at night

  • If I were them, it would make me very angry because I know that there are many divorces nowadays but we children are not to blame for the differences and arguments that parents have and most of the time we are emotionally affected.

  • I had this when I was 20 and it still hurts. Imagine as a child.
    I wanted to be there for both of them but it really brought me down hearing the hate. My big sis eventually said: tell them off. You are not to be their therapist. I did and it worked.

  • My fav is when they say “you’re just like your mother” and then in the same breath says “your cunt of a mother” like gee thanks for the insult I guess

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  • There’s difference between being honest with your kids and trash talking your ex in front of them. This video is trying to shame parents that tell their kids the reasons for the divorce and the real character of their other parents who might be the cause of the divorce.

  • It’s hard on the child but they fell out of love and they don’t want to be together but talkin down on the other parent nah epescially in front of the kid

  • This hurts as a single mom who tried to do the right thing and have her father in her life. Turns out he’s more insane than I thought he was. He’s not safe to have around her. I thought he had changed with marriage and more children. Now I have to try to explain why she can’t see her father while also not being the mom who talks badly about her child’s father. It’s hard. It is beyond hard.

  • To be honest, people would call my dad homophobic, but in reality, he just says it’s against his beliefs (Christian) and that other people will do it and he said he doesn’t care. As long as they aren’t messing up the world, he’s ok with it. I wish people would let people have their beliefs, as long as said beliefs weren’t demonizing others ( like how if you aren’t a feminist you’re a sexist kind of mentality)

  • My future husband needs to watch this because he does some of the don’ts, but he doesn’t care no matter how many times I explain to him.

  • I feel parents have a right to be honest with their children at an age appropriate level. If the father is late, he is late and you can say that. If the father cheated on you, you have a right to tell the kid that. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. I am a parent and my kids know I won’t mislead them or lie to them and that includes about family members. I am a child of divorce and I was lied to to “protect” me and it did not do me any favors. It just made me think my father was good when he was not and it was hard to find that out later in life as an adult

  • Never got any money as a child. Now i hav a job and am in highschool, but I can’t save my money at all bc I’m buying stuff left and right bc I’m not used to having so much

  • I hate being in a blended family, my step brother is spoiled rotten and puts garbage and stuff all over my room and doesn’t get punished for it! And he leaves his dirty clothes on my brother’s bed!

  • I first-handed knew this scenario. Let say divorce/ separation is for good of the couple, but if you love you children, suck it up and don’t bad mouth your ex. It hurts your children’s feeling.

  • Totally fake. This from a country where hundreds of racist incidents go unnoticed, yet here everyone wants to offer their views over something that does not concern them…

  • I love this. I am a proud step-Mother and grandmother. I love my children so much. Together we have 5 beautiful children and 4 grandchildren. We struggled so bad when child support was being paid, but God always provided and it was so worth it. We treat our 3 children that we have toger the same as the 2 older children he had previously. We are so blessed.