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Facts About Learning Disabilities All Teens Should Know Teens With Learning Disabilities Have Average or Higher IQ. Most teens’ learning disabilities were diagnosed using an Learning Disabilities Are Just Learning Differences. Every student has learning differences to some degree.

Some learn. Researchers have found that children and adolescents with learning disabilities have high rates of mental health and behavioral problems. Because, learning difficulties often result in low self-esteem, which is a root cause of depression, substance abuse, and other mental health issues. Having a learning disorder means that a child has difficulty in one or more areas of learning, even when overall intelligence or motivation is not affected.

Some of the symptoms of learning disorders are. Difficulty telling right from left. Reversing letters, words, or numbers, after first or second grade. Difficulties recognizing patterns or sorting items by size or shape. A learning disability can impact the way children of average to above average intelligence receive, process, or express information.

2. ADHD symptoms can be different in boys and girls. ADHD is now the generally accepted umbrella term for the three types of ADHD: Inattentive Type, Hyperactive/ Impulsive Type, and Combined Type. All learning impairments share one thing in common: deviations in processing in one or more locations of the brain.

Several studies employing sophisticated brain-imaging technology have been able to observe the workings of brains with learning problems. Learning disability in a person is seen when s/he has problems specific to learning. The person generally has difficulty in reading, reasoning, writing, speaking, listening, solving math problems etc.

The 10 Important Facts About Learning Disabilities Infographic states some facts about Learning Disabilities to help you understand them better. Facts About Learning Disabilities All Teens Should Know. By Ann Logsdon How Positive Reinforcement Improves Student Behavior. Fact checked by Sean Blackburn Learning Disabilities and Academic Underachievement.

By Ann Logsdon How to Manage Hyperactive Children in. Learning disorders: Know the signs, how to help. Learning disorders can make it hard for a child to read, write or do simple math.

Understand the signs and what you can do. By Mayo Clinic Staff. Many children with learning disorders, also called learning disabilities, struggle in school long before being diagnosed.

This can affect a child’s. Learning disabilities are due to genetic and/or neurobiological factors that alter brain functioning in a manner which affects one or more cognitive processes related to learning. These processing problems can interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing and/or math. Students with learning disabilities, no matter how they present, often feel lost, frightened, discouraged and frustrated.

Many have feelings of hopelessness about the future not only in school, but life. For twelve long years of school and after, he contends with a situation for which he can find no satisfactory solution.

List of related literature:

Five misconceptions about learning disabilities.

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Learning disabilities can affect areas such as listening, reading, speaking, writing, spelling, and mathematics (National Centre for Learning Disabilities 2014).

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For the most part, learning disabilities are detected rather late, most often identified between the ages of 11 and 17.

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table 9–1 lists common myths and corresponding facts about learning disabilities.

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Learning disabilities are manifested by consistent, significant difficulties in acquiring and using reading, writing, listening, speaking, reasoning, math, and social skills.

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To be gifted and learning disabled: Strategies for helping bright students with LD, ADHD, and more.

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learning disability A SYNDROME affecting school-age children of normal or above-normal intelligence characterized by specific difficulties in learning to read (dyslexia, word blindness), write (dysgraphia), and calculate (dyscalculia).

“Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry” by Donald W. Black, Nancy C. Andreasen
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Medical knowledge about learning disabilities can support with assessment and understanding the physical symptoms that accompany a learning disability.

“Child Sexual Exploitation: Why Theory Matters” by Pearce, Jenny
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    Me: but I’m popular with my friends you never let me go out with them…

  • I’m not positive if I have a learning disability but I’m really bad at math and spelling. I can barely do 5th grade math and I’m in 7th grade.

  • 15 I like Guns n Rose’s and other classic music, when I said I didn’t like rap music I was called racist lol. I dont see and do things like most teenagers, I’m called weird for it.

  • I have reading comprehension. And some other learning disability. I know how you feel. I hate when people ask me a math question like what’s 3 • 5 and I’m like uhhhh. Cause I have a learning math disability too. Another, disability is when One teacher asks the class a question in a weird way and I’m like can you explain the question, like in detail. I have and IEP.

  • I have
    Autism adhd dyslexia ocd mpd ptsd anxiety and depression with me im 14 and have only just been diagnosed with adhd and autism and mine is most likely throgh gene cuz my sis has adhd my 2 bros have autism and my mom has both so does my nan and my 2 uncle’s have autism as well soo yh but it could also be from me haveing a rather traumatic birth almost dyeing 2 times before i was fully born and almost being born at 10 weeks in the womb

  • Thirty-four year old woman and have auditory processing disorder(diagnosed) and I think I may possibly be autistic(not diagnosed). Thirteen year old me could have really used this video back when I was in school. Glad this video exists for kids with learning disabilities today.

  • It’s funny how every teenage generation gets a ‘change the world’ complex that somehow just leaves most adults when they grow up. My parents said that when they were younger they would say “look at all the mess my parents gen has made, let’s fix it” and my grandmother would say the same when she was younger. Just shows no generation is perfect and ‘has all the answers’ and that most people give up trying to help.

  • Me: listening to red alert hell march

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    Me in my mind: umm mom you can’t say it’s satanic just because it has hell in the title. It doesn’t even have lyrics. -_OOOF.

  • This is an awesome video!!!!!!!!!!! You did great, you put this topic in perspective for me. I have an eight year old daughter who has learning disabilities and this video has really help us move forward. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will make my version too, the one that I witness by myself, Girls will understand ��:
    Chat 13 guys in Instagram and Snapchat, Reject 40 guys in one week then Cry the night Listening to sad song or Listen to musics like BTS or Billie Eilish.

    �� I’ma guy btw

  • I was called retarded in the 4th grade. I have audio processing problems, ADD, and problems with being social. When I was in high-school I had to switch schools at the very beginning of my junior year. My new school was 2 hours away.

    Great… thanks public high school for doing absolutely crap at there job.

  • Nice clip! I give a virtual Teddy Talk to tweens/teens. The teen years are tough enough but during isolation it could be astronomically challenging Keep on keeping on and know that I am sending you a virtual hug Mr. Jay

  • Thank you for that very helpful perspective. Keep motivating and sharing your experiences with the world. We need more people like you.

  • I love this video. I have a learning disability and it is really hard to understand whats going on in the classroom. Math is hard for me and a lot of other stuff. But I love to help people out so I am becoming a nurse. It has been a very very bumpy road for me.

  • We’d learned different way some kids by seeing, touching, earing, talking. I just like to learn things my own way anything, some subject I’m just not interested to learn like the past, History, other languages just my mom language but society force us to learn things we don’t even use or need to live what a wasted so ashame for some countries.

  • Parents always think we’re mad at them, maybe we just want you to talk to us calmly and help us work this out, but nope, we’re just gonna skip this and ground you to make your life miserable, any teens out there who need some understanding, I’m here!

  • Thank you for this video. I shared your video with my daughter after I told her for the first time that she had a learning disability and it was very helpful to her.

  • I have a learning disability I can’t do math I struggle reading I can’t consatra I don’t have a job I can’t find myself I don’t know what to do no support I get kick out of jobs I can’t even learn how to drive ��

  • I have a leading disability I am in a special ED class at school and I suck at speech saying stuff spelling reading English and math and on Tuesday I have my IEP meeting

    -(like Genji Shimada said) “Because we’re treated like children and expected to behave like adults”
    -Sleep late, but getting woken up early by parents/younger siblings
    -(continue list below)

  • I have a mild learning disability i have problem with spelling and math i was sent to a special school were i got very angry i found out i aslo have temple lobe epilepsy and with tablets it helps i live a indepented life now thanks to my mum

  • I have a learning disability. I tend to struggle in math and ela but I actually understand the work but it gets jumbled up in my brain, but eventually I get through. Nice video.

  • i had a bad day at online school so i was pretty grumpy today and my mom came into my room and i was just mad and she started yelling at me and saying she missed the old me and now idk what to do

  • I am here in 2018, I just watched your video and I almost started crying! I only have a slight learning disability, I learn better audibly while looking at words. I am a very creative thinker and a lot of it is looked down upon because my thoughts and processes are not normal and it takes me longer than the average person to process information and write stuff down as well. I have always felt like I am stupid to even now (I am in college). it really is rough and i was happy to find that I was not the only person feeling this way.

  • I honestly don’t understand why other generations believe that we are so unusual. We are currently in the worst economy, in a horrible political situation, during one of the worst pandemics. We are super stressed because we can see news from around the world from different perspectives, meaning we know about some horrible stuff quite easily.

  • i have multi in everything almost thirty an my family didnt give a shit like they did back then so yes it is hard i whent to public college off and on teachers didnt care i do have a job and stay with my grandfather and my future is off the wagen wheel yes i have some what artist skills so my advice from someone that dont have much of a life and have been through diffrent walks of live,if a teacher wonts to stick you in a slower class ask why? if they even give you lip try to get there asses fired and if your a teacher reading this understand your student he or she is trying very hard cutting everything off in the house but the light to stay focus and help make a program that dont just push them along with lost connection so please help them before they try to take there own live suicide thoughts yes i was a very positive person but everyday an more depressed i was in love act one time stayed single for twelve years now im in a room trying to study in a GEDbook it hs got even hard (JUST DO YOUR BEST AND RAISE HELL WITH THEM IF THEY DONT WONT TO HELP YOU THEY ARE TEACHERS SO TEACH

  • I have learning difficulties but I just communicate do courses to improve and meditate to stay calm it help a lot. You just need to take steps to success do what you love. No need to rush think positive and go out.

  • You know what’s dunny? Im 17 and i get all of these and i undrestand but i haven’t done a single one of them and probably will never get to do and the credit for that goes to the country that i’m born in.

  • I have a learning disability in math, but they also looked at the way I read too and I went to a speech group, when I was younger. I was in the lower level classes for everything, which usually happened as soon as one class needed to be a lower level one at all my schools. I hate how much I can’t do math (and science with it). Someone once said math was easy and it really could have gotten me angry if I didn’t think about how different people excel in other classes.

  • I have a learning disability my handwriting is very poor I’ve had an IEP since I was little and I fidget a lot and a more visual learner. Oh yes I am on the high functioning end on the autism spectrum and I got frustrated because I learn differently but now I dealt with it I was afraid to ask questions now I know that everyone asks questions too!

  • a wonderful video thank you. I suffered problems with chemistry that banned me getting to faculty of fine arts, and I couldn’t start with the bored English literature mythodology. I started with Archeology and now working as a UNESCO translator, doing my own Masters in ancient Egyptian Sociology. I took a course for Autism treatment and making my own method to treat with Art Therapy. I can’t help to tell how great and helpful this video is for me.:)

  • Okay so as a teen i go to adult parties. I’m not stressed about college nor worried about prom, nor are my friends or anyone i know. We don’t want to be asked to prom nowadays it’s usually going with friendship groups. parents don’t try to be our friends they insult us, hurting us more than imaginable, pointing out our insecurities instead of praising our success. Nobody cares about trends anymore that’s a child thing. Friends that you fall out with don’t turn others against youagain, a child thing. Dating is basically just a guy best friend of a fling with no stress. What even is MTV? Tbf Netflix is frickin bomb!

  • I’m a 14 years old girl.The things that are PROBLEMS OF TEENAGER GIRL’S
    1 #periods
    2 #stomach pain
    3 #bad habit of using phone too much.
    4 #study
    5 #fat on body

  • I have a learning disability and the kids in my class make fun of the fact that I type everything on a computer that I bring and not a school one as well as my teacher coming over to where I sit in class after giving directions and gives me slightly different ones

  • This helped me so much I had an iep since elementary-high school and college. I want to go to the airforce I’m afraid because the asvab I’m not a good test taker

  • Teenage is the time when people start discovering and exploring who they really are. It’s a shame that adulthood is often when they give up:(

  • 1. School!!! Especially if it sucks and you don’t like the school (plus the amounts of work from pre ap or ap classes)

    2. Treated like kids but have to act like adults (teachers always wanna say “act like adults, that’s what you’ll be in like 1-5 years!” then say “you’re a child stay in your place!” ����)

    3. Puberty?? (Periods, cramps, development, mood swings, etc.)

    That’s all I could come up with, and why wasn’t school said?:/

  • This is what i keep telling my 9 year old. That he learns different and that he doesn’t learn the same as other kids. But i like your approaches and i want to use some of these strategies for my son. Thanks for breaking learning challenges down!

  • I don’t have instagram or any of that stuff (except YouTube). I don’t want a romantic relationship and I abhor drama. I believe that having a romance during our teen years is a complete waste of time, and that it is distracting from what’s actually important. I also don’t go out of my way to socialize. When I see other girls obsessing over social media and boyfriends, it drives me insane.

    So maybe I’m just a little different.

  • So true!!! Testify ��
    Better now than later, better late than NEVER
    Regardless knowledge is POWER, so whenever you find out…. please… don’t let label stick…use traits as factors of you in order to make what is good even BETTER.��
    You are right �� Use this time to get to know you, to love & accept
    yourself, b/c you rock & u-matter ��

  • I was searching YouTube to find something encouraging to show my son and I’m so happy I found this video. This is exactly what he needs to hear.
    Thank you

  • I’m different then most teens, the police think i killed someone even though i didn’t and I’m on probation, I can travel to what’s called a metaverse, I also saw a talking monster cat in the metaverse, and that cat follows me as a normal cat in the real world, I also have a “persona”, and I am able to change the hearts of corrupt adults, I’m also the leader of, “the phantom thieves”.

  • This video helped me more than you could ever know. Thank you so much I cried so much. I experience this everyday it had gotten so bad that my anxiety kicked in and now I’m homeschooled. I struggle still so much. I just want someone to understand me and I feel like you said everything I’ve ever felt. Thank you so much for your amazing words. your making a bigger difference in this world than you know. You have a voice for us thank you for using it ����

  • I have a mental health issue and ADHD I was in the school system in the special ed for 8years I did not anything in high school I have a Learning disability and the fucking teachers did give a fuck about me I always on the computer 24/7 I have been doing the same worked for 15years I have been doing first grade Reading math science and history by the time I finished high school the age 21 I fucking hate it I can’t even go to college I can’t even drive because of my fucking mental health illness I can’t even go to college because my reading level is fucking week in my opinion The schools don’t give a shit about us disable people there only care about the money I fucking hate my school I graduate at the age of 21 in 2014 and I have been staying home no one want to except me anywhere fuck this system. This is my take on special at department and the special at system The United States Government should help the disabled students after there finish high school my social workers is not doing anything my social workers are not even helping me I have no life

  • adults: WhY aRe YoU sO mOoDy??
    teens: we are expected to act like adults yet there is no freedom that adults have such as diving, voting, going by ourselves, ALWAYS being arround adults and the endless dumb stereotypes that we are always moody and disgusting.
    adults:*It’S tHaT dAmN pHoNe

  • I wish my son had a friend like you, my son has ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder and is now struggling with depression. I will show him this video.

  • American teenagers today: UGH I HAVE TO STUDY SO MUCH I WISH I WAS BORN IN 1950s!!!!

    Asian teenagers ever since 1900: heh… heh…. please.. help me… i dont want to live like this anymore….. heh..heh….

    Chinese: wait what happened to korea?
    suicided korean after too much forceful study

  • Periods,Smells,Hair ect. Isn’t that much of a challenge for me,Bc it has ways to fix, BUT WEIGHT GAIN AND VOICE CRACKS!? HELL NO I’M CRYING! R.I.P PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO SING AKA ME

  • I have a learning disability and struggled in elementary math but sucked at comprehension. Was a honor student in high school and no special education in private school. I had to teach myself to learn like other students, but it was a major struggle. If their were educational resources in catholic school for me, I wouldn’t have struggled as hard. Despite the struggles, I graduated with a Masters degree yet it wasn’t easy. We do learn differently but we can do anything.

  • okay i am from india and i cant relate even 1%. Forget about dating in our school we are warned there we shouldn’t talk to the opposite gender

  • I wish puberty wouldn’t exist, I know I’m gonna be ugly when it’s over. When I was a baby, I at least looked adorable, and baby face wasn’t a problem. Also, I am hopeless romantic, and when I crush, I crush hard af. But nobody never likes me or asks me out, because they think I am 10 or look like 10.

  • Am about to turn 13 and im already realizing my behavior is changing, im already realizing I’m gonna turn very moody against my parents…… Dang…

  • Huh! I seriously don’t know what do with my facial hair?
    Don’t how to convince parents I want get rid of these timy facial hair that makes me feel like “I’m so old”
    And my people around me talking about my facial hair. I hate this sooooo much

  • Not if you are in Special Ed my sister in middle school Had the same teacher for all her classes with the same kids Except for electives I ask them Can I put her in inclusion class and they Said no so I had to move to another district

  • You know how they say dads prevent their child from getting a bf well IT’S MY MOM she is literally doing everything in her power to prevent me from getting a bf or getting a crush

  • One thing I will say is that ADHD is not synonyms with Learning Disability. They are two different things that often times are associated with one another. This is coming from someone who has both ADHD and a Learning Disability and used them synonymsly until I entered University and started studying this stuff, so there is no judgement here. I just thought I would inform you on a common misconception that even people with the Disorders don’t realize because there is a lack of explanation as to what these diagnosese are. We also thought that I ‘grew out’ of my ADHD/Learning Disability when I reached high school because I was not asking for help because I did not want to be different, turns out that ‘growing out of’ a disorder not actually possible.

  • Creative, You did an excellent job! Very good job explaining yourself. I was in a very large school district and one of the first student diagnosed with a learning disability. I was told I probably will always live at home with parents, getting married would probably never be a good idea and defiantly should not have kids. Well I am in my 50s with wife of 28 years, kids and yes 3 And in my 12th year serving on our school board. Yes, school board. But I was always very open about my learning issues. Your right on. Makes it easier. I have a book coming out in about a year on how I did things for my self as well. I am successful. Main thing is, do not always listen to the pros. Or maybe take what they give you and add your own ways do doing things to their ideas. I did it all the time. Main thing is. Believe in yourself! Because everyone can do what I did.

  • Seriously, and my mother is wondering why I never go out of my room… we are not machines that can be controlled, and mostly we are only in a bad mood because we get treated like stupid little Kids!!���� Parents then also say something like “Oh puberty kicks” I could sometimes if they just say that Hit them in their face..

  • Idk why but my anger just pops out. Then i talk so aggressively for no reason. Sometimes i scream at the people im talking to because I’m annoyed at them. Idk why but I’m not like this before. Somethings really is changing.

  • I am waiting for grow up than only my sisters friend talk with me everything or else they will tell u are not crowed up still we are big girls

  • As a teen 0% of my sadness comes fron social media. I never felt really jealous for others online. I’ve never done something due to peer pressure. Social media has mever given me any sort of illness or disorder.

    Har to belive, bommers, innit?

  • “Mom can I go outside”
    2 years later..
    “Why are you so lazy go outside and play you lazy kid,and look how fat you have gotten”

  • As a 13 year old I prefer to be called a adolescent because everytime I hear the word teenager, the first thing that pops up in my head is moody CRINGY 13-19 year olds who stay on there phone all the time

  • Good lord…, why why did you give me the blessings of kids??? Can I just lock her up for a few years? Maybe even feed her?

  • Even though people tell me I’m a teenager and that’s why I’m so moody, it never makes me say “Oh yeah, well amazing it will be over soon then!” No, it makes me feel worse because it seems like this feeling will never leave me. Like I’m stuck and no one understands me, I feel worthless and like life is boring and I will never be happy.

  • I have learning disabilities and I get bullied at work bc I learn slow and this really helped.. I’ve been struggling with this for years and i feel ashamed of it.

  • Your an amazing girl! I wish more people would think this way. I have a disability as well and now I am going to an associates degree in broadcast news. I had the hardest time in school. Good for you for telling us about your life your super brave. FB me if you want at Matthew Jordan Schaerer

  • I have a learning disabilities and me my twin brother the suck part my parent think my sister more better then me my twin brother

  • Hi.I have specific learning disabilities. DCD,ADD, Auditory processing disorder, Dyscalculia. It’s real tough. Follow me on Twitter. @AbandonedUp

  • My life in five minutes, it’s annoying when they tell you when they tell you you are to old for that but to young for the other, I don’t have prom in my school but I’m worried I’m worried about boys ����and yeah it’s annoying but it’s annoying your parents ask about your love life my love its ��

  • I’m answering this a few years later (I’m 17) and this video made me cry.. Finally someone out there understands. Thank you so much for making this, I’m on my last year and with these tips I’ll feel better about my future.

  • Honestly the worst thing about being a teenager is when you have anxiety and don’t want to complain about stuff so no one knows if you are ok or not and you also have depression and try to fix it but too scared to ask for help. Also the idea of being the perfect child constantly feeling like a disappointment and when your mom is your best friend and you want to tell her everything but also know that nothing will change because in reality she doesn’t understand what you go through and you feel like she really doesn’t care. That’s what sucks about being a teen and there are always more demons in your closet just waiting for you

  • grandma:”you need to learn things on your own”
    Me: “okay so can I go to the store on my own”
    Grandma:”NO YOU MAY NOT”
    grandma:”I MEANT CHORES”

  • We teenagers,well some of us we think of life
    3.being cool and popular

    Please hit a like if u are a teen and if u agree with me

  • I miss my teenage years badly. I want to relive that time if I could replace my parents with better ones. My parents have literally destroyed my teenage years by making me a complete useless object. I regret wasting my teenage years that way. I shall make my children’s teenage life amazing!!!!

  • This might be a chance to put in a joke, but here it is… and it’s probably not original because there are 7.7 billion people.

    Normal kids: Peter Pan is Peter Pan.
    Normal Adults: Peter Pan???
    Teenage girls: pEtEr PaN iS nOw PeTeR pAnSeXuAl!

  • something parents dont understand or forgort is that we dont want you around while we are with friends and that when we screw up its better to say better luck next time instead of a 20 minute lecture and a month long grounding for going out with your friends and trying out drugs/alcohol… we just want to have fun with our friends and maybe get into or come close to some trouble for the adrenaline rush because it is fun and we crave it.

  • So I was in class and the teacher was expaning (yes I know I spelled that wrong lol) a math problem and I new the answer but then when she called on me I forgot everything and a girl that I don’t like said “pay attention” and I have a learning disability as well and idk what to do in Stautions like that cause it makes me feel bad and my axenity acts up so do yall have any advice?

  • IKR I hate when my Parents Lecture me it’s so Annoying I could be doing something so small then all the sudden they start complaining and attack me over the stupid reason when it’s not a big deal I just wont to do my own thing if I do something wrong why will they get so Overwhelmed and Dramatic Really? My Parents are so Annoying yes, I love them but still. It’s almost like they wont me to be Perfect like I can’t even be Walking Around the Neighborhood with my Friend without a Adult thAts so childish and Annoying. They don’t even let me go to walk on a Library that’s one Block away form my School. Like how stupid is that?! And I’m not even alone I’m with my friends They ARE SO OVERPROTECTIVE ITS UNREAL. It’s almost like I can have a normal life I swear.

  • By reading the comments I realize how outdated some people’s beliefs or information most people kling to on this subject. Unfortunately even many people who are in the field are not keeping up with all the new findings, discoveries and developments. Because of autism, millions of dollars are poured into finding a “cure” which will never happen, because lately they’ve found out that there are two types of brains, the neuro typical (NT) which is the majority of human beings, and the neuro divergents (ND). The same like the NTs can have very smart, and not so smart people, so are the NDs, but people who are ill informed believe all NDs are mentally challenged, like Rainman. Not true. Many medical experts in the field are analyzing people of the past like Mozarts, Tesla, Einstein, to fund out, based on their own writings, or biographies, that these people may be NDs. If interested, like a true ND, one must become obsessed, and study ADHD, autism, and dyslexia or better yet, ND, and keep up with the latest findings, because what was said last year, most likely, isn’t true today.
    For instance, dive scientists believe that the ND brain is the next step in the human evolution. I’m not sure about that, I’m just saying what I’ve read. So, keep learning, and stay open minded!
    **Thanks for this talk!!!** ��

  • I mean the only time I’m ‘on my self’ is when I workout. At work and school I work together with others all the time
    Besides who tf has NINE hours of free time and spends all of it on social media, games, etc. I mean you have at least 6 hours a day of school, sleep at least 6 hours and work, do sports or do both about 2-4 hours a day

  • Who has 8hours to spend on social media I’m 17 and i have been working different jobs since I was 15 and even when i didn’t have a job i was still hustling for money. I’m not looking for a cookie but what really grinds my gears is kids born with a silver spoon in there mouth and don’t appreciate it.

  • Oh my GodI am 32 years old and I did not realize that me not being able to get my thoughts out or having a really really difficult time to do so was called nonverbal I didn’t know that cuz I get these great ideas in these thoughts in my head and I can’t ever seem to get them out when I feel like people understand what I mean so you my dear child just educated me on some stuff

  • I really struggle in school and I feel like I don’t really get the help I need from my teachers, yea I don’t know if it’s a learning disability but I do have an intervention but I feel like it doesn’t help me much. My teachers put some bad effort scores on my reports because “I don’t try.” Like I mean you could at least help me or put me in another intervention. I do struggle getting my voice or opinion heard because everyone always doubts me and I never get a chance. I am bullied by people in the years above me for this. Some people in my school have the same thing, my mate and I are pretty slow in lesson sometimes because of this. Sometimes we get extra homework and we get detention. That’s not the way to deal with people on the spectrum and/or learning disabilities. We get along so well me and my mate but we can get stressed because we are targeted by bullies and harm.

    Some neurotypical children don’t always understand non-verbal or anything under spectrum disorders because they are not in our shoes �� as I said earlier we have an intervention for speaking and communication and sometimes we play with Lego for a cool down time or just play a game in the support centre. Our school also does thing for a learning disability and autism awareness day for other people to understand what it’s like to have ASD, ADHD or a learning disability or sometimes to have low or no self esteem.Thank you if you read and maybe understood what it can be like with a learning disability. Have a nice day.��

  • This is hard and embarrassing to go thru at school in P.E class whenever we play hard games people would yell at me because I don’t get it very sad….. people without this is very lucky!

  • Adults be acting like stress,anxiety, and mental health issues are ALWAYS from the phone. Like No Karen have you ever heard of school?

  • I love eating. I dont give shit about gaining weight, i actually wanna gain some weight. But the real problem is, that you have to take shit 3 times a day

  • Being a teen isn’t easy, but it helps to read some comments and realize you’re not the only one going through this phase… Stay positive and enjoy this hard yet very exciting time in your life!

  • i have luning difficulties which means I find it herd to retain information so licke if I haft to read some thing on a text and write the answer its herd for me to write down the answer and I never had the same work as the uver kids at my school

  • After listening to your points, analyzing those points, listening to other’s opinions, I have came to down to one response.

    Ok boomer.

  • Well now days I get pissed because of how we get treated. Every time I go shopping I get people stopping me to check my bags and than say “just checking that your not stealing” and when I go out anywhere people are just rude and don’t stop staring and assuming. I know that most teens are shit heads but tbh where on,y like it because u make us like it.

  • 1:40 at the right you can see my mom, me, my lil bro, and mom’s friend.
    Wait why don’t you be useful and make a nice vid about why people are moody in general? Just a constructive idea��

  • I can’t focus on anything if it has more steps then one at a time and it has to be told to me when I’m about to do it and I’ll do it great my teachers thought I was not willing to do the work but in gymnastics my mother watched me every day and figured it out that it was not easy for me but I found that out a long time ago.

  • 4:46 one should never judge the book by its cover but let’s debunk the title using gen z English.
    1) “less rebellious”, Bih WHU? just go watch the news
    2) “more tolerant” well tolerance in an ideal society shouldn’t even exist. Human beings should be able to breath without having to approve what their other fellows decide to do with their own personal life… but you know, considering this is reality: don’t you think that tolerance is much more better than ehm, DISCRIMINATION?
    3) “less happy”… coming from a psychologist, this is actually very worrying (again, I didn’t read the book and thank you next, you can keep it). Happiness is pretty much a myth. Of course it exist but it’s a journey, not something you should obsess on or you should already have owned.

  • Sorry Dude This Only My Last Age Is 11 From 2014 For That I Grown Only Age 12 From 2015 So Finally I Am 17 Years Old For The First Time

  • me to, I etreamly smart in my head, but I can’t get it out or even write it down! when I was a kid they pick me up in the little retart bus v12,and honk the horn when they were in my driveway!

  • I’m a teen but I don’t think I’m like the other teens. I’m not moody and I don’t let emotions control me. Also I don’t like to eat a lot (as I can see from the comments many teens do)

  • I teach middle school students with learning disabilities. When this school year began, they put each other down by calling each other “retarded”, and I was one of their only teachers that would tell them that it wasn’t true. I’m going to show them your video on Monday and comment again on how they responded. They just learn differently, like you said. Thank you for making this video.

  • Teenagers are perverted creatures who are typically nocturnal, rarely leaving their dishevelled and disorganised room. Their usual diet consists of coke and more coke of course, and they spend most of their time staring at a screen, thinking about girls and wanking.

  • lolol friendship, fun even studying ain’t allowed in my house. it used to be, come home from school, get yelled at. thanks to quarantine, now its wake up, get yelled at, have schoolwork confiscated. pretty great init.

  • and in yeah 3 2 girls came up to me and said whats 0 add 1and I said I don’t know and they whispered to each other she doesn’t evun know what 0 add 1 is and still mean to me because I am different to uver kids

  • Oh please!!!! this is just the western culture nonsesnse…prom?! Facebook?! Parents as friends?! Social rejection?!!lmao!! Just a disrespectful garbage culture…that’s why asians are way ahead…prioritize the k’s ya morons!!!..just sayin

  • Jean Twenge: Modern teens have poorer state of mental health in comparison with previous generations.

    Everyone: Why?

    Me, a teenager, in my head:
    Is it because our parents don’t let us out of the house,
    or because school make us sit half of the day and in the winter all day (2 hours after sunrise to sunset at around 4-5 p.m),
    or because it makes us get up early when our biology is to sleep later and wake up later,
    or because we have about almost nothing left from nature,
    or because we are stuck with less than 12 years to stop climate change or planet earth won’t be able to heal itself from this ever again when we are only teenagers after all,
    or because the food we eat is processed and changes the normal functions of our hormones?

    Preaching adults: No no no it’s because social media.

    Me: Oh well…

  • I don’t know why I’m watching this, I’m a teen and I don’t plan on having a kid, and they won’t be a teen till probably 25 years from now

  • is anyone else a teen that recognizes that they have an irrationally bleak outlook on life but just can’t help themselves? cause i am.

  • we are depressed because of our parents and environment. but we use the internet to connect to people our age who understand who we are

  • Best way to describe us, Sarcastic, don’t really care about stuff unless we do and don’t show it, believe we need to do something but usually cba��