Dealing With the Sudden Dying of a kid


Dealing With Sudden Death

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Coping with the Sudden Death of your Child

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Sadhguru How to deal with grief and loss of a loved one

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Dealing with Sudden Death or the Loss of a Child

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How To Deal With The Loss Of A Child

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Overcoming Grief & PTSD From The Loss Of A Child I The Speakmans

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Out of Order: Dealing with the Death of a Child

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Coping With the Sudden Death of a Child Stick Together. Stick together as a family and lean on each other for help. While everyone in the family will need to Seek Professional Help.

However, since everyone grieves differently, facing the loss of a child. Common responses to a child’s death. Shock: After the death and loss of a child you may initially feel numb, which is your mind’s way of shielding you from the pain. Denial: Your child can’t be dead.

You expect to see your son or daughter walk through the door, or to hear a cry on the baby. Coping with the death of a child places a burden on the entire family. Posted Jul 10, 2017 You never expect to bury your children no matter how old or young they are at the time of death.

The death. First, it is critical to validate a parent’s grief—to recognize that the death of a child, regardless of age or circumstances, is always a horrendous event. Support is critical. Grieving the death of a child may be one of the most difficult experiences that a person can go through. Unlike the death of a parent or spouse, the loss of a child is often an unexpected and unnatural event that may require support from outside resources.

Learning how to grieve the death of your adult child is a painful, but cathartic process. Taking Care of Yourself 1. Be very gentle with yourself. While your impulse may be to blame yourself for what’s happened, resist the urge.

2. Get plenty of sleep. For some parents, all they want to do is to sleep. Others find themselves pacing the floors at 3. Remember to eat. Sometimes, in the.

The typical five stages of grief differ from the stages of mourning a death. The sudden death of a child creates disbelief, shock, sadness, anger and guilt. The shock can be so great the siblings. The trauma is often more intense, the memories and hopes harder to let go of. As such, the mourning process is longer and the potential for recurring or near-constant trauma is far greater. “The death of a child brings with it a range of different and ongoing challenges for the individual and the family.

For example: Be prepared. Anniversary reactions are normal. Knowing that you’re likely to experience anniversary reactions can help Plan a distraction. Schedule a gathering or a visit with friends or loved ones during times when you’re likely to feel Reminisce about your relationship. Focus on.

No one fully recovers from the sudden death of a loved one. We all are changed by such losses. But don’t give up the battle to go on.

A grief that is honored and processed fully frequently gives.

List of related literature:

It is common for them to experience feelings of guilt and they will need time to grieve for the emotional loss of the ‘normal’ child that they anticipated.

“An Introduction to Orthodontics” by Simon J. Littlewood, Laura Mitchell
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It is normal for intense sadness to recur for the child during special events, which would have been shared with a sibling, such as graduation or marriage.

“Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care” by Roger Jones (Prof.)
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When a baby dies through miscarriage or stillbirth, the parents’ reactions tend to be similar to those of other mourners: shock, numbness, disbelief, emotional and cognitive resistance to the reality of the death, anger, bewilderment, guilt, depression, yearning, and somatization (Hebert 1998; Rosenblatt 2000a).

“Living Through Loss: Interventions Across the Life Span” by Nancy R. Hooyman, Betty J. Kramer
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Parents often need to be reassured that showing their own feelings (e.g., disbelief, guilt, sadness, anger) is normal and helpful to children; sharing feelings about and memories of the family member who died is helpful as well.

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Newly bereaved SIDS parents need to know that all of these feelings and thoughts are normal, and they should decrease with time, especially with support.

“Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development” by Janette B. Benson
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By remembering the children through stories and pictures, she can let them know it’s okay to feel loss but also remind them that one day they will all be together again.

“Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation” by Michael Newton
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Even if your baby died later in infancy, you may feel as though you are expected to grieve minimally and be “back to normal” after the first few weeks or months have passed.

“Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby” by Deborah L. Davis
from Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby
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It is normal to feel sadness and depression following the death of a child; however, unlike the death of an older person, these feelings are often more profound.

“Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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Children do grieve differently from adults.

“Textbook of Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition” by Joanne Wolfe, Pamela Hinds, Barbara Sourkes
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Depending on the precise circumstances, the dynamics of the family, and the age of the child when bereaved, such children may be more vulnerable to depression, fears of attachment, and feelings of guilt and unworthiness; and as adults they may replicate the symptoms they observed in their chronically ill parent.

“Children in Colonial America” by Professor and Department Chair History Department James Marten, James Marten, Philip J. Greven
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  • I loss my 22 year old son 8/31/19
    I am dying everyday. I can’t find peace of mind. My heart is broken ��. No one understands this pain. I appreciate you guys sharing. I am mad at his father for moving on with life. I am mad at every one for still breathing sounds crazy yes it is.

  • So sorry for the pain you live with. We lost our youngest son 12-11-19 in a car accident. Brian’s mom, forever 26, forever loved ��

  • I disgree with Sadguru.. Its not just vaccum, its definitely more than vaccum. When we lose job we have hope that we can get another one but losing your loved ones is not comparable at all.

  • I am not at all convinced by the answer. I miss my mother every single second since last five years. It is a feeling which cannot be expressed. Like a lump in the throat, like a sunken feeling in heart, like a void.
    Also I feel jealous whenever I see anybody with their complete family members all alive and healthy.

  • Who the fuck is stupid enough to pay for this shit?
    Lol the audience that is loughing in the background
    And his other followers stupid stupid stupid people.

  • I lost my beautiful Ciera 3 years ago. Not a day goes by I wish to have her in my arms. I can so relate to these parents. I now can talk about her without crying, but it’s only been in the last 6 months. She has come to me through ritual awakening to reassure me she is always with me and she is happy. That has brought me comfort in the most devastating thing that can ever happen to a parent. I pray daily and God continues to carry me through. I look forward to the day we are reunited again. Thank you for sharing this video. When you lose a child to whatever the circumstance you feel alone and feel no-one understands. This video will help many parents feeling that very same thing.

  • My daughter left 5 months and 4 days ago. I try to keep it together and act normal for my son when he comes over on Saturdays. I’m not ok. Saturdays I live for him but the rest of the week I just breathe. I don’t know what to do about this emptiness that no one can fill but her. We were affectionate, now I can’t kiss or hug her, I don’t hear her noise and what was once a home is just a house I’m miserable in. My heart aches beyond words. I’m very jealous of women with their daughters. I want to run till I disappear but I have to be here for my son. My cousin asked me yesterday if it was getting better. It will never get better. My soul friend is gone. I don’t know what to do with this emptiness. I was never a crier. I cry day and night now. I didn’t believe in hell before but I’m living it now. It would be easy to go crazy with this lonely pain. If it wasn’t for my beloved son I don’t think I could handle this. My aunt said I lost a husband, you’ll get over it. You replace a husband but you can’t replace that child. It’s just deeper.

  • My sweet little boy was only 3 yesrs and 5 months old. He was battling cancer for a year and a half he was enduring so much pain, vomiting, diarrhea, blood from mouth and other parts, needles every day, operations, could not run or walk anymore, pain everiwhere, no sleeping, begging me to stop the pain. He was gentle and kind. Our neighbour boys were rude to him, ignoring him and hit him.
    People around do not understand the pain, the holidays are horrible. You are all alonein your pain. I think of killing myself many times but my daughter needs me,my partner and my parents could not endure another death. Even if I really wish to die so much.
    I feel anger towards people who were cold and rude to us when we needed just a kind words. Some family and people ignoring us.

    I feel so much anger. I loved life, was a positive and kind person, not anymore,….I feel lots of anger, unjustice and pain.

    Don’t talk to me about god, there is none I never beleived in one.

    This sadness is too big, too much…

  • I’m sad that I know one day I will lose my grandparents and mother, but I’m more sad that I won’t be around to see the kids of my family grow up. But I guess it would be sad if something happens to them. If you see this, I’ll miss you.

  • I’ve lost my son last January 20. I still can’t believe it and hard to accept it. But I’m trying to find my strength and my sanity back to God. I know there’s a reason and the purpose about all this things. I’m still praying and hoping this trauma will totally overcome me.

  • I lost my son 21 years ago and just started a You Tube Channel to dedicate to him. There are NO words but I felt I wanted to reach out and help people.

  • 1/2/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
    The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
    For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
    Thus says The Lord God: Let the truth be known regarding the innocent, My most precious gifts, My beloved little ones. When one of these little ones pass from your sight, grieve not, for they have returned home. Rather grieve for yourselves. For a precious gemstone has been taken; behold, a treasure which has no equal has been hidden before its time.[1] For The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to all such as these.[2] Thus these who have come forth from The Kingdom, who remain without blemish, whose lives were cut short, return to Him from whom they came. For the little ones need not sleep in death. For the penalty of sin is death,[3] yet they remain in their innocence… And oh how blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall surely behold My face.[4]…
    Excerpt from:

  • Doesn’t make sense… The question is loosing loved ones!! Thousand ways to get grief but nothing is comparable loosing the loved ones!!!

  • I lost my 13 year old daughter to suicide. Just 31 days ago she was alive and well and happy. Or so I thought she too was hiding her pain. I feel the guilt of not saving her everyday. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  • I can’t say I know how you feel, it must be extremely hard. I hope my children outlive me because nobody deserves to burry their children. So sorry for your loss and everyone else that has lost a loved one.

  • You really are a good leader! I like your outlook on life and what you believe in and I’m so glad I found your videos at such a vital time in my life. I think it’s great how you can be a role model in somebodies life without being actually present, especially when so many people are not born with good role models. Thank you:)

  • Lost my 17yr old brother last yr and my dad June of this year the pain and suffering never is always there,whenever you see s photo or something that belonged to them.

  • My father passed a month ago and my mood is all over the place, it hurts like hell. I so would like this sad feeling to disappear, i dont like how i feel, i developed IBS 2 weeks ago and the doc gave me meds but i pray i get better and am scared i wouldnt move pass the crying stage and get to the acceptance stage.

  • This was very comforting for me to hear. I have no one to hear my grieving and facing the death of my child alone. She was only 37 and died from cancer in January this year. She died away from her family and we were in such shock to find out. I felt like a rag soaking in a can of pain. I felt swollen with pain. I could not function or even cry hard enough without my breathing blocking my sobs. I felt stung by a scorpion. The deafness of others, the trite meaningless words you have to endure from others while your mind is howling with grief and sorrow swirls around your heart like a yellow fog shutting out all the light. The anger, the guilt, the shame, the sorrow, the losing of all hope, its such a toxic mix. You feel Death riding on your shoulder the whole way mocking you. You want to blot out the sun for shining and strangle the birds for singing. And you want to curl up and die. Numb.
    No one understands your pain except the other person who fell out of the plane too and is free falling alongside you. Just like the video says. They are the only ones who get it. They just hold your hand and say nothing. There is nothing to say. You lost your life’s work, all you built, nurtured, fed, taught, laughed with, bathed, sang to, healed from sickness, financed, accompanied everywhere, and loved madly all gone in one stroke of the clock vanished forever. The clock that brought them in, and took them out. That clock. That clock is the only thing that will heal you in the end. Time.

  • I’m having suicidal thoughts & this time, I might actually do it-
    I’m 17, last year in High School and even before results I can confidently say that I falied in 2 of my subjects that mean I FAIL.

    I’m feeling like such a disappointment to my family, to my parents, their efforts, their luxury they provided me, also this phone. I failed the people who believes in me that I’ll pass with straight 70 above percent-

    I’m such a coward, hopeless, indecisive & a burden. I haven’t done anything for anyone, & with this low result & a year backlash Idk if I would ever be of someone’s help or comfort….

    Watchinv this video just to suppose to (maybe) not leave but stay

  • The pain is unbearable.  I wonder how I am still breathing.  I lost my beautiful 33 year old son a few months ago.  I cry every day. Each day is worse.  He fought for 33 years to stay alive because of his love for his family and careless doctors at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Weston Florida, took him from us.  We are devastated.  How does one get through this?

  • Oh My God!
    Its Unbearable!
    The pain is worse pain I’ve ever experienced.
    The sadness you live with everyday..
    God Bless Us Parents
    I love you all.
    Stay strong!!!

  • I don’t know what I’d do without these videos. My daughter went to heaven a month and a half ago. I understand now that what I’ve done is normal. I go in and kiss her pillow, I still talk to her. The first month was a blur and I expected her to walk in the room. Now I look around and realize she will never walk in, I will never kiss her soft hair, she will never put her glasses on again and I’m just having a real hard time. I know she’s well in heaven and what gets me through the moments of each day is faith that God is watching over us both. But my heart will never mend. I’m grateful for my son. He’s been so wonderful but I have to be careful not to cover him with my grief and let him try to handle his own. I watch her videos she made so I can see her and hear her again. But this is real hell.

  • I lost my puppy.. I’ve spent hardly 10 days with him… But I m not able to overcome the grief… What should I do… Can’t believe I got attached so much

  • Words of Hope to parents after the terrible grief of the loss of a child… “That beloved child addresseth thee from the hidden world: ‘O thou kind Mother, thank divine Providence that I have been freed from a small and gloomy cage and, like the birds of the meadows, have soared to the divine world a world which is spacious, illumined, and ever gay and jubilant. Therefore, lament not, O Mother, and be not grieved; I am not of the lost, nor have I been obliterated and destroyed.” Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i Faith

  • Sadguru I lost my cat I’m in the greif now if I come to my room I feel I’m bounded and want to break this boundry I feel a lot suffocated so all I’m thinking is to travel sadguru and it had given birth to 3 kittens atleast mahakal had curtoisy by loving my cat till she could raise those kittens now they are searching for their mother what shall I tell to them������ but till they had not left drinking milk form her mother

  • Thank you for sharing your story with me. I lost my first born and only daughter Alicia. She committed suicide on Friday May 11, 2018, The Friday before Mother’s day. She has a son who was 8 at the time. And I’m still waiting for her…. I am lost in every way. I can’t even find myself. I have never blamed anyone for her death. Only myself… and the things I could have done different. She is not only my daughter, she’s my best friend.. my everything. I was able to talk to her like a sister and she rarely told me that I was wrong. She understood me. I love her and miss her. I don’t know where to go for help because.. I feel like running away…… Again, Thank you for sharing your story with me. I’m sure it will be of help.
    God Bless all of you,
    Lisa Lopez

  • Thank you for your words Sadhguru, I am losing my cat, a friend who I have had for 13 years, and even though it causes me such pain, those 13 years brought me so much joy.
    I will forever bring with me the happiness that Sammy brought me over those many years, and he has only made my life better.

  • We learn many things from the death of a loved one. How much we cherish them, uncondition love, all of our mistakes, failures and our happiness together. So much regret and sadness, knowing that we took our time together for granted. I learned to always cherish my family and be there for them. To be positive, overcome hardships and protect them. It hurts so much, we are left heartbroken, but we must have love for the ones who leave us in our hearts. Death is a part of life. Through it all though, I always want to do the best for the ones whom I love and want them to be at peace. I’ve also learned from experiencing the death of someone very dear to me that I must be positive, kind and respectful to everyone.

  • I came across to this book

    The author has lost his daughter to SIDS. I was in tears reading this book. The incredible pain the author shared.

  • Despite being a playful, joyful, confident 13 year old, I’ve been suffering through a lot of pain during the past 3 years.. Hope I will cope with these in coming years. ��

  • I dont know if this will be my parents reaction if I die. Seems like they wont be like this, I think they’d be happy. Alll of them. sighs

  • From my point of view, grief is one of the most cruel human experiences. Suffering a present grief from the loss of a beloved human being or animal, it is difficult to agree with the wisdom of sadhguru. I think i understand, that a “complete human being” cannot get in touch with grief. I definitely know now that I will never reach this state. Perhaps mind can explain and arrange with the loss of a beloved being after a period of time, but my heart will never learn to accept this. When waves of grief reach me, It hurts by every single beat.

  • I always thought about taking my own life and still do from time to time but I could never do it because my parents have done so much for me I don’t want to crush them.

  • I lost my son Tony 2 years ago. He was killed pulling out of a driveway when he was hit by a man fleeing from police that was drunk/high. They hit him at over 100 MPH. nothing left of him. I miss him so much.

  • Om Sai Ram

    “The lord gives with one hand and takes from the other. It is the sense of ownership that is the root cause of joy and sorrow”

    Sayings of Shirdi Sai Baba

  • A soft place to land….That’s what we need because dealing with the loss of our 25 year old son is just so damn HARD. He was a terrific young man.

  • My grandmother died and I had no pain and next month only my pet parrot died I’m still in pain n grief. My pet loss is more painful to me.

  • I am touched by the understanding and support I see here in both the video and the comments. I feel like I don’t have to explain myself or the uncomfortable details surrounding the loss of my child. I am grateful.
    (Group hug)

  • I lost my grandmother years ago. I don’t even remember when. I can’t ask my mother because we are not that close. My mother doesn’t evej know I still cry for my grandmother. When she first died I was an teenager and I kind of didn’t care. Years have passed and I’m 21 now and I still cry. I don’t know why because she lived in a different country. So she was far and died when I was little. Grief is interesting. As he said in a video. Maybe because I feel incomplete

  • It’s been almost 2 years… some days are better than others. Today was no good… searching the Internet cause I have no one to talk to about this hole in my heart… someone fix it… I can’t stop the tears, I can only cry out, loudly… wailing. This hurt is something I never felt before… there is no cure, but I know tomorrow will be better… after all… I have been dragging thru life without you for almost 2 years ��

  • I just lost my daughter 11/14/2019 to malpractice. She was only 20 yrs old! Her father and I are so angry! I have so many emotions and lack of emotion and idk what to do! I already dealt with depression before this and I even attempted scuicide after. But this pain is the worst pain I have felt in my life!

  • I lost my brother due to electric current he was 18 year old he died in my arms that happened in front of my father sisters and me he died in my arms

  • I just lost my dog in an accident…I just made him slept and he ran away out of Window, got accident.

    The feeling ” I could have saved him”, is painful.

  • Hi my name is Steven just turned 54yrs old, in 1992 my daughter Meghann died at Sick kid hospital in Toronto, the pain of losing her is still there, learning to live without her, yes still learning, life is good, and it can suck at times, I keep moving forward!
    Take care, Love Steven

  • I am so, so sorry for all the families who’ve lost children. One of my dearest friends lost her son 4 years ago and I know how deep the pain goes.

  • Namakaram Sadhguru, you have great insight and understanding in this grief and runan bandha thing. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge to us��.
    To the person who has asked this question, may your loved ones soul be rest in peace in spiritual geography.

    See yourself as a being living in this universe not just on Earth. Yes the truth is we are related to and living in this whole universe in physical form on small part of it called Earth. Your loved ones has just moved from physical body on earth but they are alive in other form of spiritual soul somewhere in this universe only.

    Yes You both are in the same universe, Yes you both are connected but in different forms, feel it, close your eyes, be gentle and cherish this eternal thing.

    Everything in the universe is energy.
    Everyone says light as the fastest thing in this universe. But one of my best friend told, in one form your thought is fastest than the light. Yes you imagine something and your thoughts can reach there fastest than light. No once can stop your energy of remembering and connecting with your loved ones in universe level.

    All these things are enternal and spiritual things, beyond our usual understandings. Hope you may all find peace in loss of loved ones by connecting with them through universal energy. More strength, power and love to all who lost their loved ones.

  • Thank you, to these parents for sharing their thoughts and feelings.
    Our children who pass ‘early,’ seem to have so much in common with each other. I always said my boy was ‘An Old Soul,’ right from his infancy. In retrospect, I see that I was right. He taught me so much.

  • I lost my daughter 1 month ago, I’m heart is broken and I cry everyday. I miss her so much. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. I’m crying as I write this and it’s 4:22 am. Thanks for listening

  • I lost my grampa last weekend in a quading accident climbing a hill and the quad spun out and it went from no traction to full traction and flipped on top of him snapping his neck and his neck chain tore up his neck instantly killing him.My Dad was the first one there and did C.P.R and he was already gone.����

  • I just came across this videothank you!…I, my husband and I lost our only child, our beloved son (Medic his self) to an auto accident in 07/2018. I am still at a loss of any purpose in this life anymore. The love and purpose of being a parent is unlike anything else in life. He was always so protective and loving of us and his friends that for him to be gone is so unthinkable that the pain is strong and his smile that would light up a room is gone forever is unthinkable as well. Continuing on in society is hard enough and the game of working and putting on that smile to others who want to do nothing more than brag about their children and grandchildren to you knowing your situation is hard for me to understand. With all of the terrible school shootings, child cancer and other ways of loss of children now in society, you would think there would be more common sense and compassion out there…. it is shocking. Especially when this tragedy could hit home to anyone even if they think not them. What gets me through a day is knowing my son is in a better place than here and he is the lucky chosen one as your children. There is a reason for this out of order; they were special and needed elsewhere. I can not wait to be with him again. Bless all of you for we all are the loving parents of these chosen ones. ������

  • I don’t know I guess it was pain and dismay after my daughter’s death funeral almost 3 years it was before I cried. Now 5 years since I have what’s called rage uncontrollable anger. Last night I asked myself have Iost my mind? Or is it just now that I’m missing it. Because there is no greater pain than a loss as this. I miss you baby girl ��

  • An old friend of mines son was murdered
    When I spoke to him he told me that his son had left that morning he told him he loved him
    His son never showed up for an interview for a job
    He was riding his bike
    The police later found his bike at a college nearby where I lived
    Then they found his body hidden in bushes
    The killer or killers have never been found
    It only takes one thing like this that can change your life forever

  • I lost my elijah maxwell on jan 16. He was shot and killed by my nephew. i have imagine pain of this magnitude but here i am. He was 9 years old. I was there when he took his last breathe..I scream i cry.i fill so lost at times. Pain is indescribable…. I have other younger children 13,9,8. They hurt tooo. Its very hard as mother to watch your children in pain.. Im only 30 years old. The only one in my family to lose a child this young. If are reading pray for me……i trust god and know hes in better place…..but sometimes i miss him so so so much….. Fly high my second born son. I will always love you…

  • My father died in November 2019…since then i feel like god will snatch my mother from me too…i feel insecure.. No confidence.. What should i do…i feel like i will be alone and everyone I love will leave me behind…

  • My 14 year old grand daughter Faith was found dead in bed from epilepsy 2 days ago. My daughter has fallen totally apart along with the 12, 6, 3 year old siblings. I am 76 all alone 30 minutes away. We are so destroyed we none of us want to go on. My God the pain.

  • It was a bit simplistic to me, and felt like alot of rehashing. Im here after my best friend’s suicide. Nevertheless he is charming and charismatic, like a good guru I suppose.

  • when I found out that my brother got into a bad car accident he was hospitalized for more than 2 weeks then he passed away from brain injury. the first day I found out that my brother passed away I started crying hysterically it made me want to jump up and down like a toddler I experienced grief I should’ve known grieve just before my beautiful big brother passed away. it’s been 5 days I’m just fine I’m glad i got my smile back so i can fill joy and love to everyone wlse. my brother loved me so much i was blessing I’m never forgetting him. my brother was a Marine

  • Wow, these stories are spot on. It’s been 11 years since I lost my only child, my beloved Julien. I remember that when the police came to my house the next day at 12 in the afternoon and we’d reported that he was missing when he didn’t come home or even go to school as his best friend told me. Like the first lady, my response too was to run into Julien’s room shrieking like never before as four cops held me down since it’s almost like they knew my next move was going for the front door to run into traffic so they called an ambulance. My husband said that I almost didn’t sound “human” as my very soul was screaming for him after the police told me after they’d asked for his dental records to confirm it was him that he’d been struck by a train. And it was so strange because he was always such a happy kid half of me didn’t just couldn’t believe that it was true. We were SO close he was my everything. Now I am being told that my 13 year old Son is gone forever and in such a horrible and violent way. They hauled me away like I mentioned before and shot me up with haloperidol once I was in the hospital. They let me out the next day under the supervision of my husband at the time. It took two days for me to stop waking up in the morning and tap on his door to make sure that he was up and ready to go to school. I was an utter mess I didn’t know that it was actually possible for a person to cry THAT many tears ��. He didn’t leave much of a note but he did write on a piece of paper “I love you Mom.” and “F*ck School” on another right in the pass through where we would leave notes to one another. I soon found out through his friends that he was a victim of some cruel kids at his school video taping the beginning of a fight where he was defending his best friend and he’d “lost” the first part of a fight with this kid. Anyway, I remember how horrible it was especially in the first two years I felt like an alien in a strange and very, very dark world that I no longer understood. I made it three whole months untill I felt like I could no longer live with the absolutely unbearable mantle of grief anymore so, I wound up overdosing on Xanax and very strong painkillers. My roommate came home early that day though ( my poor husband was still at work) and she found me and the note I had next to me just in the nick of time or I wouldn’t be here writing this. My heart stopped about three times for a few minutes at a time while the ER doctors were fighting to keep me alive. The last time my heart had stopped I DID see my Mother first (She’d passed away from cancer about a year and a half before Julien took his life) and then I got to see my Son. I remember being scolded by him for doing what I did. But at least I did see him in this glowing, timeless place. So, I do have some peace knowing that he is happy and that I will be with him again but I was firmly warned “NOT BY YOUR HAND.” So, even though I have been tempted to join him I was warned. I do NOT recommend ANYONE to try and do this. It hurts like hell as most everyone on here knows but I promise it DOES get easier… Just hang on no matter what…

  • 2 years I could not believe that our daughter died, 10 years I hoped I would see her again and then I realized that is not so. This insight has taken every hope away from me.

  • People we need to always pray for the proctetion of our children… Succide is an evil sprit of death that causes people to take their life… Praying for your children asking Jesus Christ to procte ur children from the evil one plead the blood of Jesus over your family… Jesus said sàtan is like a roaling lion looking to see whom he can devour destroy their life bring death he knows God dose not forgive suicied… It’s is why sàtan causes people to do harm to themselfs….knowing they will end up in hell…. I’m not trying to be mean by no means it is God honesty Turth…. Pray for ur children….

  • We lost our beautiful Daniel to covid19 last month. He was 34. I function as though I’m on auto pilot, the pain is excruciating. Sleeping is my only escape. I am so sorry that so many are experiencing such horrific pain. Love and hugs to you all.

  • Omg this hurts my stomach so bad my son 41 passed June 6 2020. I’m
    Here looking for how ppl dealt got through how can a body take so much pain ��

  • There is no pain worse than the pain of losing a child. After losing my son, Garrett, in a hunting accident, I found it so helpful to connect with other parents who had also lost children. Time does heal. Thank you for your video.

  • We lost our daughter peacefully, expectantly. God gave us 35 years with her. We were truly blessed but we will miss her forever. The pain is real, mental physical and spiritual. I cannot imagine the additional pain of losing a child senselessly. Bless you all. I hope we can all find the peace to move forward thru the pain until we see them again.

  • The day my baby died I just called my eyes out I remember puking after leaving the hospital. They encouraged me to spend time with his body but it’s not him.i just wanted to get this over. Leaving my perfect son to be cremated. I’m so sad. That was a year a ago. I did go to sleep. I woke up and as soon as I did I was realizing my situation. I was super panicked I threw my body around the bedroom I stayed in and screamed bloody murder. I am so messed up from losing my son. I just wish I would die I am better but that’s what I want except I don’t want my mommy to be without just really hurt.

  • I lost my wife to Ovarian cancer 5 years ago…I am just now beginning to mourn not so hard everyday and to not be so cruel to myself..We were together for 21 years and I stopped knowing how to function without her and blamed myself everyday for not being able to save her….So instead of crying my eyes out everyday like I did for 5 years sleeping all day in bed grieving..I am able now to take walks in the park and enjoy some of the things I used to share with my loved one for so many years…One of the huge things that helped me change was coming to a simple question and answer…”If this was reversed..would you want to see your wife grieving for your death and throwing the rest of her life away over something she could not control…and when I came to the quick answer..NO..I love her with all my heart..I would NOT want her to spend the rest of her life grieving for me sad,..I would want her to be happy and move on and make the best of her life….and when I realized this simple and powerful truth I changed….I still remember my precious wife everyday…and tear up sometimes…she will always be a part of me, and I will never marry again…but I cannot beat myself up with this grief everyday to this extreme level over something I cannot change…she would not want that for me and I do this for her to make her happy…she will always be my soul mate and I will want no other…Thankyou for loving me in this life we shared…I pray to be reunited with you in heaven someday…..For you my Deborah Denise

  • people forget their parents and there loved ones easily once they get bewildered by something outside for example maya…. but if they are really pure, i. e they are not affected by maya and have nothing to do with money, reputation, name, fame etc they will feel a lot of pain of there loved ones….

  • My son was taken from me 12/24/18. I believe him to have been murdered, directed by a man my son accused of attempted molestation/rape and by myself for domestic violence. Knowing that the person I chose could have directed this is equally as heart breaking. and the man was high powered and educated, so, in case you wonder what type of trash I had in my house, it was an educated man who presented like a gem on paper, but in his heart pure darkness.

  • I lost a grown son three years ago. He died right in front of my eyes. He was 36 years old. I have run the gambit of emotions. It’s been one of the hardest roads I’ve ever gone down. But God. But God. And maybe just maybe this video I post can help somebody I hope it can. If anyone has gone through this I need someone to talk to I will give you my phone number I will give you my email address I will do whatever it takes to talk to you. Just know that you’re not alone and there are people who care and God is a great comforter.

    I lost a grown son over 3 years ago. Maybe this video will help someone.

  • Thank you for being so open. My loss made me close up. I wish i had help like this. I pray time heals for you both. ����������������

  • My child isn’t dead he was just adopted without my permission and the ex put a restraining order on me so I can’t see him until he turns 18. I went ahead and had a funeral for him because the next time I see him he won’t be the same person. He will be a liar cheat thief because that’s what they taught him to be.