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It can be difficult, however, to find the right school. When the public school fails to meet the needs of a gifted child, parents can either homeschool or look for a private school. However, homeschooling is not the right choice, or even a possible choice, for every family looking for alternatives to public school. Whether a school is public or private really doesn’t matter.

What is important is whether the school and its teachers are willing to accommodate the needs of gifted children. To determine if the school is a good fit for your gifted child, you will want to check it out, but you need to know what to look for in a good gifted program. For example, a good gifted program will have.

Explore online schools offering gifted and talented courses online based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Online gifted schools can be some of the best schools for gifted students. Find GATE programs online. Flexibility.

A good school for gifted children isn’t the school with a canned gifted program. Instead, it’s the school that offers flexibility, an individualized program based on the needs of the child. In some states, that’s state law (but that doesn’t mean all schools. In choosing a private school for gifted kids, my boys and I found a supportive new community.

The headmaster often remarked that the students were not “normal,” compared to their age-peers, but their academic, social, and emotional quirks were delightfully normalized when they were part of a community of similarly wired children. By the time you have researched preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools for your child, you will most likely be an expert on finding the right school for your child. That really is the secret to success when it comes to educating your gifted child.

Not every school or every teacher is capable of dealing with a gifted child. Private schools for gifted children are typically highly specialized schools with well-qualified, experienced faculty who understand how to teach gifted children. Schools for gifted children usually base admissions on several criteria and tests, one of which is an IQ test with a minimum of 125-140 the norm. In conclusion, here are the steps to follow in finding a school that fits your child: Focus on your child’s specific traits, both strengths and weaknesses.

For each trait, what would be an ideal environment? Know your priorities. Be flexible and open-minded about other features of the school. Find people who can help.

Choosing the right school for your gifted child Parents today have more options than they once did: traditional public schools, magnet and charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling. There is little compelling evidence that children learn more in any one type of school. So choosing the right school requires asking the right questions.

As Fisher discovered, the gift of having a gifted child comes wrapped in challenges. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the right school for a gifted child, and programs vary depending on the state and district. And sometimes, idiosyncratic interests and adult conversation styles common to gifted kids can be socially isolating.

List of related literature:

There are those schools that focus on the population of highly to profoundly gifted children – see

“The SAGE Handbook of Gifted and Talented Education” by Belle Wallace, Dorothy A. Sisk, John Senior
from The SAGE Handbook of Gifted and Talented Education
by Belle Wallace, Dorothy A. Sisk, John Senior
SAGE Publications, 2018

One good place to start the search is The Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut (

“Introduction to Teaching: Making a Difference in Student Learning” by Gene E. Hall, Linda F. Quinn, Donna M. Gollnick
from Introduction to Teaching: Making a Difference in Student Learning
by Gene E. Hall, Linda F. Quinn, Donna M. Gollnick
SAGE Publications, 2015

The only ones that might qualify as “gifted” schools are the ones that specialize in the arts, because unless a child is interested in music or art or drama, she wouldn’t enroll there.

“Grandparents' Guide to Gifted Children” by James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore, A. Stephen McDaniel, Frances A. Karnes
from Grandparents’ Guide to Gifted Children
by James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore, et. al.
Great Potential Press, 2004

Special schools generally offer little, if any, opportunity for interaction with normal peers and deprive the child of valuable learning and socializing experiences.

“Human Exceptionality: School, Community, and Family” by Michael L. Hardman, Clifford J. Drew, M. Winston Egan
from Human Exceptionality: School, Community, and Family
by Michael L. Hardman, Clifford J. Drew, M. Winston Egan
Cengage Learning, 2010

Storrs, CT: National Center for Research on Gifted Education.

“The Math Teacher's Toolbox: Hundreds of Practical Ideas to Support Your Students” by Bobson Wong, Larisa Bukalov, Larry Ferlazzo, Katie Hull Sypnieski
from The Math Teacher’s Toolbox: Hundreds of Practical Ideas to Support Your Students
by Bobson Wong, Larisa Bukalov, et. al.
Wiley, 2020

Williamsburg, VA: William & Mary, Center for Gifted Education.

“Content-Based Curriculum for High-Ability Learners” by Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Catherine A. Little
from Content-Based Curriculum for High-Ability Learners
by Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Catherine A. Little
Sourcebooks, 2016

For example, in 1997, the Washington Post reported that a third of the students in an affluent Maryland County school district had been assigned to gifted classes: “In Howard, parents can bypass all other criteria by insisting their children be allowed into the more challenging classes.

“Teaching to Change the World” by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, Lauren Anderson, Jamy Stillman
from Teaching to Change the World
by Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2018

There’s plenty of informa‑tion at to help you and your child identify schools with the kinds of programs your child might want.

“Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy” by Jane Bryant Quinn
from Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy
by Jane Bryant Quinn
Simon & Schuster, 2009

My son goes to an expensive private prep school in upstate New York.

“A Moment of Silence: Midnight III” by Sister Souljah
from A Moment of Silence: Midnight III
by Sister Souljah
Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2016

There are wonderful public schools with special programs for gifted students, and I would have sent Ally to one if I couldn’t have afforded private school, but I was willing to go without “stuff” before I would

“Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Family, Real Love” by Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler, Gloria Kamen
from Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Family, Real Love
by Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler, Gloria Kamen
Penguin Publishing Group, 2011

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  • Excellent presentation thank you. It was very thought provoking. Tracking is something I hadn’t really considered and it is scary!

  • Seems like there are tons of these indigo kids/not kids anymore people so they don’t appear to be all that rare, they’re basically gingers, or albinos without the whole if you live in Africa, and are albino you can be abducted killed, and have your bones ground to dust for rituals, and no I am not kidding you can look that up. Point being these indigo people are all over it would seem.

  • all sociology is about is how black people is so disadvantaged and about removing all blame from them. don’t you think this is being too nitpicky already. when will it be that a black minority be accountable. is it only when one has achieved success? and everyone else at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder are only there because of the system?

  • Teachers “teaching to the test”. While he couldn’t deviate too much from the curriculum, I’m very glad that my Sixth Form chemistry teacher always used to say “This is what you need to pass the test. Now, if you want to be a good chemist, THIS is what you need to do.” The students who were there just to get a qualification would be satisfied with the first part, but the rest of us would be able to properly engage with the subject if we stuck around for the second half of the lesson.

  • USA tertiary education system is also another barrier to entry to high paying jobs e.g. legal and medicine. Poor students need to go through undergraduate and then work part time to fund their postgraduate which a hurdle that students from wealthy background don’t experienced. This is not the case in UK, Aus & NZ where hard-working and smart students can enter into undergraduates based on their high school results and the gov often subsidises their first bachelor degrees; hence lowering the social inequality for poorer students.

  • Read the story of Vijay Chokal-Ingam and tell me who are at the disadvantage and who are actually most privileged in education system.

  • Kids you are ADH are given caffeine pills cause it does the opposites affect so I can see how the sugar iced tea would do the same

  • Kinda reminds me of people that give trophies to kids for participating and then the kid grows up to think they are special but then they go out into the real world and realize that they are just average and that realization crushes them.

  • 2:41 you imply that the more money a school has, the better it performs. This is simply not true. New York City spends 20k a year on students a year and still has abysmal results.

  • Hello I want to file for a private school affidavit but I’m also scared of filing my paper work, do you mind elaborating more on how you were able to have the administrator help you?

  • Whoa!! So much information…..My mind is blown on all of these options…..I’m in VA…..We have to file a notice of intent to homeschool each year & turn in yearly progress test scores or assessments. Bless You!! I can’t imagine trying to figure all of this out & choosing an option.I’m sure this information is so helpful to CA parents.

  • I differently Don`t want to take over the world, I want to just leave the this planet, I`ve been imprisoned on Earth, All the governments on this planet tell us lie`s, totally disrespectful people, They make laws, then the government’s don`t follow them but expect the people to and jail the people for not following their law that the government`s don`t follow. How many other really feel that way? it not just me I`m shore of it.

  • This is awful…the relationship of clinical psychology to mechanistic ‘fix object outside of the norm’ is so detrimental. The effect of these drugs on young children have shown to have severe affects far into adulthood. This journalist’s (with a degree in journalism I say that with little conviction) ‘conlcusions’ and lines of questioning are incredibly biased if he was taking the concept of inidgo seriously he would have looked further into empirical research that substantiates the relationship to the unified conscious field that we all have ((of which there is a treasure trove Bohr, Feynman, Einstein, Foucault etc etc, Maharashi research 1979..not to mention solfeggio frequencies and electromagnetic absorption and reactivity and responsiveness of minerals to life)).. but that some people (enviromentally, genetically and eneregetically otherwise) may have greater perception of. Not to mention, this guys draws relationship between the mutually exclusive, wonder what indigo was doing to their health…medical marijuana prescriptions…come on now its 2020, everybody smokes weed. Inidgo is not only happening now..its an ever present expression of the universe expressing itself, it is contempory communication that attributes labels.

    No one is more than another, we are all energetic humans..and to my awareness no one proclaimed betterment or would as an ‘indigo’. Its a shame because this piece could have been very scientific, but this guys prejudgudical to spiritual woowoo made it shallow and baseless.

  • My kids are currently at a hybrid charter and I always struggle to explain how it all works. This is such a helpful video! Thank you!

  • U.N., will be downed, Kim Clement 2007 Trump Prophecy, think the Stone he mentions could possibly refer to the Georgia Stones (see Sheila Holm re Georgia Stones.)

  • I’ve been following this series quietly from the beginning and I have to say, this is my favorite episode so far. When I went to college to become a teacher I read lots of books about the role of school in perpetuating social inequalities, and I believe you did a very good job succintly explaining the matter. It’s a shame to see the amount of downvotes and negative comments in this video, when most of it was a sequence of *assertion, backed by statistic*.

  • I hear that at the schools I went to “disabled” has started to mean “spanish-speaking household” due to no child left behind. It makes it really rough on the special ed teachers to have to both care for disabled children and teach ESL.

  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would love to meet an Indigio person. I live in phila pa. I’m working on starting a transitional homeless shelter. I think they would be very helpful to the residents. The Love Lady

  • Wealthy people tend to have higher IQ, and as a result make more money. They pass on their higher than average intellect onto their children. Similarly successful families usually live with other like families, and their combined children make great schools.. Isn’t REAL SCIENCE a wonderful thing

  • The bigger ones ego the more they are triggered by truth. ADHD,ADD etc are just labels that western doctors put on the spiritually gifted to feed their left brain rationality, and to prescribe toxic pharmaceuticals from big Pharma to dumb them down. The great awakening is here..human evolution. We are alchemizing carbon to crystalline…throw the fluoride out as it calcifies the pineal gland, which is the seat of our soul. Age of aquarius is here, thank you Jesus you are the way����������������

  • I am the first person in my family to actually attend college. My mother put herself through nursing school, but, at that time, it was a school of nursing separate from the college system.

  • We are thinking about moving to California. My son is already homeschooled by me. our son is mild autistic. what about the vaccination. He hasn’t gotten shots for 5 years now and hasn’t even gotten sick since.

  • This was soooo helpful! Thank you! My mind was spinning with all the options I was seeing online. We may be moving to CA in a few months and I’m currently homeschooling two of my four kids. Thanks again! ����

  • I think that if you are spiritually minded it is not something you announce it’s something you do, it is slight and invisible and is like breathing or walking, most of the time you don’t know you’ve done anything until someone tells you years later, you are just happy to be, except for extreme desires to plug in to people on a deeper level any people, but not seek people out, needing to be alone alot because you don’t understand anger, inpatients the inability to smile complaining, gossip, and how overwhelming it is to suddenly feel super protective over a stranger that you can’t go and talk to without feeling like a nutter, or having strangers pour their heart out to you when you have had a crappy day, and also these things don’t go away with ADHD medications, it just means you can focus on what you can control, and if humans look deep inside this is every human ����������️��.

  • May i just say, that the comments ive seen, people dont relly know, any thing about it, so i say do your own resurch first.and this vidio, was a p s take.

  • All children are special. Every child is unique in their own way. Unfortunately those special qualities sometimes remain latent because they are never developed. Everybody has a finger print, however, no two people have the same finger print. That alone makes us special. God gave us our own unique identity in just a finger print.

  • Wow that’s so true it’s good to be able to tell the true about what’s really happening with out be labelled crazy with mental diagnosis like in this country��

  • Wow! Thank you for the video. Very detailed explanation. Learned to much. I was getting confused about homeschooling, and this video cleared up the confusion.:-)

  • I remember watching a TV documentary that passed off a Cato institute tidbit that “throwing money at the problem” won’t work. It also asserted that paying kids to go to school works.

  • Jeez, who cares? All i hear from this serious is “Rich white people suck lol”
    Also race really doesn’t change anything in school. It’s all on the student’s performance, if a black/white kid doesn’t feel like doing work that’s on them.

  • “Indigos are a leaderless group… ” Wait a minute. Are you telling me that these alleged “indigo” people have to have or must have a “leader”? I honestly don’t know anything about “indigo” children (most of whom are all adults now), but I can tell you this, this video starts out immediately speaking as if already biased and even judgmental. I wonder why it is that the mainstream media feels the need to pass judgment on people who don’t (and even refuse, rightly so) subscribe to the propaganda that has been (and still is) fed to the population of this planet for decades.

    Uncontrolled capitalism is literally the deadliest dis-ease our species has ever experienced in its (not-that-long) history. Wouldn’t it be better to just produce a show WITH whomever it is that you are interested in making a show about, telling their story, or, letting THEM tell their story, and just let everyone else who’s watching to absorb it and let them decide for themselves how they interpret it, rather than immediately feeding your producer’s bias and personal opinions into the narrative?

    I’m not sure why that guy couldn’t get any past life information on the host of the show, because I am a spiritual channeler and I always get some information on people’s past lives. Human beings don’t just have [a] past life, we have many, many past lives, and we will have many more future lives as well… at least, most of us extant on this planet right now will. The gentleman who is allegedly a self-prescribed “Indigo” who allegedly can channel past lives does seem to be a bit off during his interview. Once in a while, I will come up blank on someone, but it’s not because they don’t have past lives, it has more to do with my state of mind when someone asks me to do a channeling session for them. This is why daily meditation is so important, and there have been days where I didn’t knuckle down and meditate and clear my mind of all the clutter that can gather there. Personally, I suspect that this guy was nervous about having a camera crew there and production people. Not that I know how many folks work on these VICE videos, to begin with. As relaxed as I can make myself, I too, would probably be a bit nervous in an interview like that as well.

    Maybe I should start practicing doing channeling sessions on camera and then post them on my YouTube channel. I generally have not wanted to do something like that because there are so many judgmental people out there, who needs the ridicule? Right?

    I don’t charge people for my channeling sessions, but if they are inspired to give me a tip, I am always grateful. I have been channeling (professionally? Since I don’t charge, can I call myself a “professional”?) since the mid-1980s when my best friend started teaching me how to channel through tapping into my Higher Self. Anyone can learn to channel. Like anything else, it all comes down to true desire and practice, practice, practice.

    Just to make a note, I have felt that there is a slight arrogance with the founder/s of VICE that often times, when watching their videos (which I do like, by the way), makes me wonder what their motivations are behind why they are producing certain videos, to begin with. Not all of their videos can be judged in this way, but I have seen that arrogance and that bias and an agenda behind them.

    It’s interesting too, that I also worked as an Extended Duties Dental Assistant back in my mid-to-late teens. And, this lady dentist is right, Sodium Flouride IS a neurotoxin. The Nazis as well as Soviet Era Russia used Sodium Flouride in the water supplies of their prisons and gulags to chemically lobotomize, to dumb-down and make passive, their prisoners. The United States government somehow has passed (unconstitutionally and illegally, of course) a nationwide law that requires all municipalities to add deadly, poisonous, cancer-causing, and highly TOXIC Sodium Flouride to their water supplies. There is a long history of the use of this deadly, poisonous, and highly caustic chemical being used in water supplies and the obvious reason WHY the ruling class has chosen to create such a powerful karmic ribbon in their lives. What I find offensive in this video is how the host of the show makes fun of the tuning forks and comparing his experience with when he was a child looking up at a picture of Donald Duck on the ceiling. Honestly, how rude. He IS British, though, right? Hahaha! (Nipple twist!)

    Hey, speaking of Donald Duck, have any of you read the book How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart? An excellent book, speaking of the ruling class, it’s about maintaining the status quo of the multi-millionaire and multi-billionaire class, but originally written and published in 1971, it is now available here in the United States (where it was originally banned [by Disney, of course] because it uses Walter Elias Disney’s personal ideology in how he and his very wealthy corporation spread his and the U.S.’s imperialist agenda around the world through Disney’s comic books. I highly recommend reading this book, especially if you feel that you are being bombarded with so much imperialistic capitalism and you just want to tear your hair all out. You can just Google the title of the book since I don’t want my comment to be removed as some sort of advertising. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for a really good read. It’s very entertaining AND, eye-opening!

    “Holy?” water in a (PLASTIC???!!!) bottle? Really?! Hahaha! No WAY?! Who would hawk “holy?” water and sell it in PLASTIC bottles? I certainly wouldn’t buy it. Of course, I wouldn’t buy it anyway. But, that’s just me. Anyone can make their water “holy” wholly on their own. Hahaha! We are ALL spiritual beings, therefore, we are ALL capable of “blessing” our own water.

  • EFFORT is not distributed equally. Why should income be?

    Only 12% of U.S. adults scored in the highest literacy proficiency levels, and only 9% scored in the highest numeracy levels.

    While 52% of Americans score below the minimum literacy required for coping with the demands of everyday life and work in a complex, advanced society, and successful secondary school completion and college entry.

    Gone are the days of a high school dropout getting a job at the car plant making $25.00 an hour tightening lugnuts.

    People are not being left behind. They are falling behind. America is becoming an ever increasingly technologically driven society and some people are failing to put forth the efforts to keep up.

  • As a sub I get to see a lot of schools, and varations in behavior.

    Unfortunately the number one cause of poor student outcomes is a result of their home-life and whether their parents make enough and or were raised to support the intellectual life.

  • I like to paint in watercolor; some of my favorite pigment mixtures are between blue and violet, which is the indigo spectrum. Spiritually uplifting color for me. I wish the best for those folks identified as spiritually indigo.

  • Great Video! We got into the topic of Charter Schools vs traditional homeschooling in this podcast with Cathy Duffy from 102 Homeschool Picks. I loved talking to her. Claudia Here is the link if you all are interested:

  • A majority of Indigos are under the control of the mass consciousness which is sad considering 80% of the human population calibrates below 200 when it comes to their level of consciousness. That makes them pathetic not special.

  • Amazing how she can just claim racism with every single gap and not consider any other factors that could lead to it. Thats the controversial part… some of you think shes providing this undeniable fact based breakdown, but in reality only provides half the story. Thats the “bubble” you guys live in as you like to say of us. Like how the public school systems of inner cities spends more per capita than anywhere else, yet yield the same awful results. no matter the aid amount. And of course lets ignore how the smallest minority in asians outdoes whites in education. even through all the racial stigma between imperial japan, communist china, korea, or vietnam.

  • I like how the psychiatrist States how ADHD isn’t taken care of it may lead to drug use… So hopping up American children with prescription methamphetamine like Ritalin Vyvanse Adderall is the key.. yeah right, that it self is bullshit

  • you are awesome for making this video! I use some of your points for my essay on illiteracy in America and all of who is affected (i.e. race/ gender/ lack of resources etc.)… P.S. you should make a video of how to solve illiteracy in America… based on social inequality.

  • Hey there! Thank you for making such informative videos on a regular basis. I know that you live in California but I was wondering if you are aware of any other states that offer instructional funding through public charter schools. I’ve been trying to do my research and so far it looks like this is an option unique to California. If I’m wrong about this, do you know where I might find a list of participating states? Thank you!

  • You guys seem to be confusing correlation and causation in parts of this video. There were several times you started out with the assumption that “yes, this negative thing is happening,” without really showing evidence that it was.

  • Questions:
    -This students from high/low income families who not enroll in college, do they actually wanted to enroll?
    -> there are actually a lot more choices if I think about the US education system like: Trade school, apperentice training, military schools etc.

    -Why should a standartized test be something “important” for gifted programs?
    I really do not think that a test, designed for normal students, is something what you consider the right parameter for finding gifted students.
    I would say there were more to consider if choosing.
    -> You mention 3 variables (race child/score/race teacher) and who of them got more gifted programs…without mention how much more they get chosen.
    Btw. there are maybe more variables which are more important to look at like economic class.

    I really dont know why this video is so inconsistent with informations for statements.
    On one part she shows a statistic and explains… fine.
    On the other part she is just making a statement without showing any numbers.

  • More intelligent parents will spend more time with their children because they were able to do better in school, got into college, and either started a business or got a good paying job.

    Its not about money.

    Its about IQ.

  • I don’t apologize for what I am going to say. I do not believe your so-called aura psychics are true. I do however believe in true psychics and mediums. If these children were real. They would not be speaking in a cheerful or for what I believe monotone cheerful mood they would be speaking in a serious as well as teenage speak. Therefore I believe you were videos are fake and nothing more but utter bullshit. If you want to be serious, get serious. There are supernatural beings and things in this world but please do not chip in it.

  • Nikola Tesla said and im paraphrasing…if you want to understand the world look at it in the perspective of energy, frequency, and vibration

  • Assuming the unnamed study is true and teachers recommend blacks less and discipline and suspend them more, let’s ask this, is it because they’re seen as lesser, or because they act out more? What if they act out more because they usually lack fathers in the home? Complex issue this is.
    Also, no mention of how great Asians are doing, how they outperform whites and everything. Their outlier proves it might be more about the cultural values than about discrimination. You can’t call it discrimination if each individual gets the proper and equal response to their actions.

  • My wife’s cousin goes to a public school. Her history teacher gives his student extremely hard homework, does confusingly short lectures and takes break often. The teacher was not fired until the end of semester. If this was a community college, students would quit his class after 1-2 lectures, leaving the guy broke like the dumb fuck he is.

  • very good conclusion. it does seem to me that there are too many diagnoses of ADD in the past decades. creative people usualyy do have a different way if thought than, fir instance, a physicist or computer person. once i saw someone’s aura. i told him about it and it was a white aura. he told me that he’s been told that a number of times. it seems to me that there are some so far, unexplainable phenomena out there, but a lot of them are explainable scientifically. there’s also a lot of placebo effects with things like crystals, etc. i think Reiki healing is ridiculous, i have a friend who senses spirits. she sensed a man’s spirit one night and felt as if he were saying good bye. she found out later that the man had died. it eas someone she knew in New York City and she had moved way upstate some months before this happened to her. i think one has to be both open to scientific thinking and spiritual thought it’s not one or the other. very well done minidoc. thanks.:) ��✨����������

  • Holy crap I just found out what this it is I was thinking it was fake then i Thought about it and watch the real doctor and the indigo people and I i be doing things from both of them that’s crazy

  • If you really want to help inequality, you should enforce rules and standards in public schools and not be afraid to make kids repeat a year and not graduate them until they have met the requirements for graduation.

  • Hi, I left high school after 10th grade. Now I am 18 years old already. And I want finish my high school, and go directly 4 years university. What is going to be best for me. I am in California Los Angeles area. Please let me know

  • It is now more important than ever in america to receive a good education.
    This will enable you to fully comprehend and intelligently fill in the required forms for unemployment benefits, welfare, and the many applications for other available assistance programs after you graduate.
    And of course, two to four years of college results in a more professional looking and impressive application……..

  • I went to a private high school that was attentive to each students’ learning and had a fraction of the population of the average public high school in the same city, and I can definitely see the differences she mentioned. My school would prep my classmates and I extremely well for the province-wide exams we’d have to take every year, to the point that we’d find them easy compared to the work we did during the school year. Our average was always higher than the province’s, and the vast majority of us found it easy to get into the post-secondaries we wanted. I never really thought much about it until right now….:(

  • The thing I notice about it, is that they are always showing white kids as indigo as if they are the only ones that are able to have psychic type abilities and be gifted.

    These abilities know no race.

    So why show only one?

  • I would so like to leave a meaningfull comment about how this applies “in these here parts”, but it is to damn complex to demonstrate without leaving certain factors, and leaving out factors is the reason for all this. So I think i’m just going to move to the bush and shoot squirrels.

  • After I watched almost the entire playlist of their philosophy series. If definitely makes it easier, if you will, for me to understand these videos. I gotta say, crash course has turned my entire view for knowledge and learning how and why things may be into something i never thought it would get to. I have spent hours just watching these videos and that has been the highlight of a lot of my days. Hope this channel lasts for a long long time!

  • How do we fix deep social problems? Blame white people, check. Tell minority students they are not smart enough to take same tests as white students, then blame white people, check. Education system racist, blame white people, check. Your community is too wealth, racist hoarders, check. Teachers profiling black students for bad behavior, blame white teachers, check. Virtue signal and solve nothing……………inequality has allows existed, the true goal is equality of opportunity.

  • “How can you tell if a child is gifted or just has a disorder?” Well, of course, if it’s MY child, it’s the one thing and if it’s YOUR child… it’s the other.

  • Just watched the entire playlist before my intro to sociology final.. thanks so much! I feel more prepared with the visuals and my teacher is not nearly as good at lecturing as you are.:)

  • No mention that Asian students are put at a disadvantage because they’re too smart. Asians applying to Ivy League colleges in the USA require higher test scores/grades than white/black/Latin college applicants.

  • Indigo refers to the color of one’s aura. There is no “diagnosis.” ADHD is a manifestation of the indigo/crystal template in an inverted system. Its bullshit because we were never meant to sit in one spot for 8 hours a day. We are Divine beings of light wrapped in a suit of skin. If you are watching this to learn about Indigos or spirituality do yourself a favor and turn it off. VICE journalism is tilted leftist garbage. They’re all hacks that are sponsored by the paedophiles in power. ADHD is a spiritual sickness. Get in nature. Children need to be taught the value of deep breathing and meditation. That’s what is wrong here. The entire education system is externally focused because it is designed to control a child and break down their spirit so they will assume the role of sheep or slave to the corporation. The classroom hasn’t been redesigned in 200 years because the controllers don’t want free thought, they want children who don’t rock the boat so to speak. And that is precisely what the Indigos were sent here to do. Break the system so we can bring about a new system built with Divine inspiration and higher dimensional knowledge and wisdom. This VICE piece is a terrible joke meant to pigeonhole anyone who says they are an Indigo. I am not shocked or surprised since the CIA infiltrated every spiritual movement on Earth. VICE most certainly is a clown operation as well as the clowns own all the media companies. I really don’t know why I even clicked on this POS segment. I knew it was going to be ��

  • The teachers wanted my son to go on ADHD medicine, I said NO WAY! He can be a little scatter brained sometimes, but then again, AREN’T WE ALL! I don’t know if he is an Indigo, but he has shown psychic abilities, and seen spirits, as have I. So maybe he just inherited that from me.

  • This is not true across the board. In my local district. The inner-city schools receive more funding than suburban schools. Yet the suburban schools do better. She fails to mention that high income neighborhoods often have smaller conservative governments that keep property taxes low while big city governments with poor neighborhoods are more likely to have huge public programs.

  • More intelligent parents will spend more time with their children because they were able to do better in school, got into college, and either started a business or got a good paying job.

    Its not about money.

    Its about IQ.

  • Those children were born for this time in history; the ending of this age and armageddon. This is for the collective consciousness movement, the light energy we will need to wake up the generations before them, many who are indoctrinated zombies. This is a critical part of moving us into the coming spiritual realm and Messianic age.
    Sadly, they are being mocked and exploited like everything else of God.

  • That dentist would be wise to consider keeping her tuning forks on a soft mat so they don’t make clanky noise when putting them down. Just a hunch…

    Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God

  • Amazing video!! The way you explained this makes it easy to understand. I can tell you’re a great mother and your kids will profit from your patience. Thank you so much for the video. Just subbed

  • I can see this was filmed awhile ago, so perhaps some people watching this have greater understanding now, but what is lacking in this information is a larger framework to put things in perspective. So let me add a bit of that…
    Indigos represent an advancement in the evolution of humans. There are now crystal and star children, who represent advancements beyond Indigos. Their chakra systems are different than those of us born earlier, which can make it easier for them to be in touch with info from other realms (e.g., “past” lives). The chakra system is important to know about because it’s a concept useful to understanding the human system as a spiritual being in a material body. Chakras mark areas of energy flow into and out of the system, and that flow can be disrupted. Our electromagnetic nature that this refers to is why colors (different frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum), sounds (a type of energy with different pitches representing different frequencies), and crystals (a form of matter that readily holds or can transmit different frequencies, which is why they were used in radios) can affect our bodies and our health. But the bigger issue is that we are spiritual beings, which is not about religion but about the notion of each of us having a spirit/soul at a higher (non-physical) level, embodying here at this time for a learning experience. Access to this level of ourselves is by going within, and so a primary part of our journey is to do that and follow that guidance to create in the world, rather than being guided by the external world. Indigos (and crystal and star children) find it more challenging to conform to the norms of modern society often do not honor our individual spirits or the rest of nature (many indigenous people are much more tuned in to honoring themselves and living in balance with nature, and our “progress” away from that has been detrimental to us individually). So they are teachers for the world, helping to point out its structures that need re-examination and re-formation to structures that support the magnificent being that each and every human is in spirit, and can be in the physical realm as well, working in balance and ultimately co-creation with nature.

  • There are people who see what we do not, know what we do not, and understand that which we cannot comprehend at very young ages. There is far more to life than we know. Follow your intuition and innermost feelings and they will lead you to places and people beyond your wildest imagination. Some of them are children. Were all special, but unlocking the doors to higher levels of consciousness and awareness by those of us whom have been programmed to death is the key to it all. After all if one person knows the truth it is a ripple in a pond… but if that truth spreads, it becomes the waves in an ocean….

  • The TENSION between these 2 kids and the mother! Gawwwwd! She is setting that kid up to fail and come crashing down HARD. Not to mention the resentment she’s building up between the 2 siblings.

  • In my experience, troublemakeing kids are FAR less likely to “act up” with a male teacher or male substitute. Boys are FAR more likely to act up than girls leading boys to receive more attention than girls. Meaning girls end up slipping through their classes un-noticed while the boy causes a scene and subsequently, a hidden talent is noticed and nurtured.

    Maybe we start thinking outside the box on how to deal with troublemakers with the goal being to redirect their troublemakeing energy instead of removing them from the class.

    Having teachers who’s main purpose is to focus on individual students who otherwise would go un-noticed. Figuring out what makes the student tick, and nurturing that aspect as much as possible and informing the parents and teachers about the aspect so they can nurture as well.

    Also get more GOOD men, “masculine” men in the classroom. The “man” part mixed with “masculine” part can be a really good fix for now and maybe even the long term. Or at least until we find a way to control social behavior better.

  • School needs reform and capitalism is the catalyst for that. KhanAcademy is a prime example of the market finding a method of education. The poverty of the parents has nothing to do with the children. Education is now free and we do not need an ultra expensive school system that is a glorified day care system. We need change and the public school system is itself apart of the problem. This includes public colleges as well. They stand in the way of progress because they are supported by the government. They are in fact the institution, or rather the establishment.

  • I ended up going to an ISP in 12th grade. We met for 8 hours a week. It was a long waiting list to get in. It was a lot of work. It’s amazing how some kids were learning by themselves Geometry and other subjects. Someone even ended up going to Caltech after graduation.

  • Gender again ignored as it is inconvenient for the narrative. Issues surrounding boys in general are ignored and framed to serve your message. The odd thing is I doubt you are even aware of your bias.

    I can not listen to any more of this series, the gender agenda is suffocating. It all started so well as well. Adios, I am checking out.

  • Ok I think VICE is biased against spirituality…this is one of several “soft” hit-pieces on what is becoming widely known as “New Age.” Unfortunately, too much reporting is happening on the superficial level of this subject. People who ACTUALLY do their research will find a very different approach to this subject.

  • Social conflict theory
    Role in enforcing inequality
    1 meritocracy same hard work same results.
    Grade ( quality access )
    2 wealther kids better school
    3 better school in urban areas
    3 stage of development of state,country
    Capacity of state to fund school
    4 bourdiue cultural capital class difference
    5 self fulfilling prophecy
    6 lack of specialized knowledge
    7 parent time devotion to child education. 8 teachers are belong to certain section increase biases ness. 9 discipline higher risk of suspension and expulsion higher drop out rate less income. School to prison pipeline
    10 standard test score cultural biases in curriculum and testing
    11 funding proportion to passing
    12 tracking boys math contribute to gender pay gap

  • Amazing. Once you went into saying “blacks and whites” you completely lost credibility to me due to those statements being pure speculation and not taking into account that it is a socioeconomic problem that causes these disparatise. The fact that they are black or white is not the reason why they are treated differently.

  • I’ve noticed anytime someone states facts or anything that promotes the idea that white people have any form of advantage in american society the pop-corn gallery shows up in the comments and the pitch forks come out… lol

  • For those of you who don’t know: social-conflict theory is a marxist theory and marxism is a basis of communism (a social lie-based ideology that killed millions of people). I think it would be fair to point that fact out when using this theory to explain anything.

  • Currently my child is enrolled in a public charter homeschool. I want to go private next year (2019/2020) but schools here start mid August. Do I still withdraw her from school without filling the affidavit out until October 1st?

  • Crash course has become racist anti-white propaganda, teachers aren’t racist because blacks and Mexicans don’t do as well in school.

  • Why is it that after watching so many Crash course videos on different topics, I am concluding that everything in this word is flawed. Even the best of the Western world has problems.

  • 7:50 “being in school also keeps kids off the street. kids who are suspended or expelled are more likely to engage in risky behaviours like drug use or other criminal behaviour. this contributes to what is known as the school to prison pipeline”
    umm… what? the direction of causality seems reversed here. wouldn’t this be better stated as, “kids who use drugs or do other criminal behaviour are more likely to be expelled” just because someone is expelled does not mean they have to turn to crime lol

  • Treat them with narcotics and take them away from there parents

    I’m not anti meds, I’m on a antidepressant but because these kids are “hyper” because they cant stay seated all day doesnt make sense. Also they dont take them and they give them to friends. I KNOW THIS LOL

  • 9:02 This just angers me about schools. Some kids just don’t like sitting for 2 hours while listening to a boring lecture. These kids can be labeled as having ADHD or something like that, even when they’re perfectly normal.

    This is just one of the several reasons why the school system is messed up.

  • Esau/Caucasian ����, you don’t even now what Color you actually are, are you White�� or Red��? I’ll wait…��������������������������������

    Let God Speak:
    “Shall I not in that day, saith the Lord, even destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau?”
    ‭‭Obadiah‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • Funny thing is the Brooklyn indigo leader kept using the words “they” why not we and us because he’s supposedly an indigo….. no power azzz mofo decided the host was an indigo too lolzzz

  • Nothing like talking honestly about racial and social inequality in education and the myth of hard work to bring out droves of racists, apologists, Status Quo Warriors. LOL

  • Uuuummmm….this is fucking stupid…if I was an indigo before then I probably just got kicked out the indigo club for watching this….

  • 1985 my father said he a 10 or more student. Was not give their diplomas despite completing the classes. All he said was Mexican and black. He was missing half a Credit paper work show complete. Last page not fully signed,would not give. What him a others worked for. Same happened to his uncle. So what, imagine that happening to you.

  • I wish I had known something, anything. I was just “too sensitive”. Most of my life.. 50 years I took that as I was a big cry baby,, afraid of my own thoughts because I didn’t know which ones were getting ready to happen. Knowing or feeling when I could get messages from the other side. Weird stuff, that I had to keep inside.. �� shhh.. so they didn’t think I was crazy. Now I have a special needs daughter (an indigo?) that reads people and doesn’t even realize it. The world needs us desperately, raise the vibration, show the love ��☮️��